Did we become two nations after the election?

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ISSUE BEING DISCUSSED FOR Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

In the 2012 presidential elections, do you think that the get-along consensus in America was broken, and that we became not one nation but two? Also, would you say that a defining moment in this division was when God was thrice denied at the Democratic National Convention?

One thought on “Did we become two nations after the election?

  1. If you look at the election results:  a vast division of populace for Obama included primarily Hispanics, young women, majority of blacks, all moslems and welfare recipients, not to mention the homosexual vote, you see a great trend in that those lacking belief in God, not practicing the ten commandments, and having no desire to work to change their lives.  This says a lot about “two nations” where one side has some faith (probably not strong enough, and may not be exactly the faith God really wants) and the other has no faith in God and no desire to do anything but search for pleasure (which does not last).  However, when you look under the covers the side that was against Obama, are they really God fearing, God loving and practice true Faith, Hope and Charity or are they on their way to being against God due to greed and perverse activity.  Just look at public figures there are a ton that have two faces, one public and one perverse.
    Definitely when at the Democratic convention they denied God three times, it is for certain he denied them as Our Lord said.  The US is in for chastisement and putting the openly “evil one” in office is just the start.

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