Big Government Doesn’t Just Happen

United_States_Constitution Big Government Doesn’t Just HappenThere are many who complain that big government is the root of all our problems. If we could but rid ourselves of its intrusive presence in our lives, things would be much better. Everyone complains about the effects of big government but few look at its cause.


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Big government does not just happen…


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Big Government Doesn’t Just Happen



  • Richard

    Well written!

  • CesarFStoll

    If power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely!
    Big government can only mean power and absolute power because big government cannot be there to serve the people but to force the people to serve it in an increasingly desperate spiral that will always try to show its nonexistent ‘efficiency’ or its lack of productivity as a consequence of the people not ‘responding’ to their elitism.
    Constitutions are the law the people counts on to live in freedom. The constitution of the United States of America has been designed and written to serve the people while protecting the people from any potential abuse of power by the government.

    • Bruce

      Apparently the U.S. Constitution doesn’t work too well, because either it hasn’t been effective enough to be followed by people over time, or it is internally defective in ways that have brought us to where we are now, because we ARE being abused by the power of big government.

      • TR

        One could say that if the US Constitution has any flaw, it would be that the oversight of an activist judicial system. While we have separation of powers, these powers seem to be self serving and only increase in size and complication over time.

      • John

        I don’t remember who wrote it, but there is a comment that fits very well with what is going on now. As nearly as I can quote it, the Constitution was written for a moral and religious people, it is not sufficient for any other. So many government people take oaths to support and defend the Constitution, with the intension of violating their oaths and thereby proving their oaths mean nothing, their honor means nothing, integrity means nothing. By saying the Constitution is just a piece of paper or parchment, proves they hold a daily paper’s comic strip as more valuable than the Constitution. By saying the Constitution is a “living document”, proves they consider the Constitution to be not law, to be not obeyed as law, to be not enforced as law. The Constitution severely and strictly limits the power of the federal government to enumerated authorizations with everything else forbidden (article one, section one is blatantly obvious). Remember some politicians saying never let a crisis go to waste? That is almost a quote from the book “The Prince” by Niccolo Machiavelli, he discusses how to aggrandize power over other people to subjugate them by making use of crises or even creating crises to get people to give up rights and privileges for care and protection.

  • Ryan

    Perhaps the best way to have a Christian society with government on our side is for things to be more like medieval times in Europe when there was a monarchy which interacted closely with the Catholic hierarchy.

    • Lori

      HA! HA! HA! Look at the regal politicians in charge of our country…Pelosi, Biden, Cuomo. Look at Cardinal’s like Dolan and wonder why there is no morality. The Church is working with the gov’t. The Church has lobbied for universal healthcare and is working with and registering people on Obamacare. Ascension Health the largest Catholic hospital assoc. is providing their employees with abortion and birth control coverage. This is nothing new because NY and CAlifornia has been doing for their union employees for years!

      The Church has lobbied for all the various forms of amnesty and is now through their non profits and charities helping illegals find homes in America. The gov’t is paying them millions to do this.

      The Church has accepted Common Core in most of their schools because it is tied to vouchers.

      The Church gets billions from gov’t grants for their ‘charitable’ works so has bowed to gov’t themselves. I’d say the Church and our gov’t has been very cozy the past 40 years.

      Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The bishops and priests seem to wield a lot of power if they are the only ones who can give us Christ’s body, blood, soul and divinity. Corruption started in the Church. Their silence on birth control and also abortion. Just like they are now silent on homosexuality.

      So we’ve lost our moral anchor because the Church hasn’t been the Church of Christ but instead has been the whore of Babylon taking money from the kings of the world.

      • Gerry

        Thank you. Well said. Something I’ve been thinking for quite sometime but you really nailed it.

      • Magnanimous MarVin MunchHausen

        BINGO!!!!…..100% CORRECT!!!

      • bbarron2

        A little harsh but for the most part correct..
        But until the Protestant revolt things were mild or at least under a modicum of order. The Catholic Church will take credit for the first 1500 years.

  • JoeAllen

    Here’s the dirty little secret: Liberal politicians love big social problems, because the bigger the problem, the bigger the government program designed to solve the problem.

    Liberal politicians love high divorce rates and high crime rates and high unemployment rates, because these problems are an excuse for growing government’s size and power.

    • Leslie

      You have a good point. Never thought of it that way.

  • streams

    Part of the problem is that Catholic institutions left off
    practicing, fostering and teaching solid doctrine by the mid 1950’s, because
    they were heeding that which was being whispered into their left ear.
    Monasteries, convents, colleges and universities allowed the secular
    serpents to infiltrate their disciplined structure, fearing the critics who
    would accuse them of “not being middle of the road”. Parishioners
    suffered because the community fabric which previously fostered like minded cooperation between pastors, parents and teachers to ever focus on Jesus Christ,
    living with the convictions that kept before their eyes the primary
    vision of eternal salvation. Just take a look how the fabric of family
    life, the basic unit of society has deteriorated. It naturally follows
    that society in general and government in particular would become so
    disorientated that the general populace does not seem to “know whether they are
    coming or going.” I place a great part of the cause on failure of
    shepherds who have abdicated their duty to instruct from the pulpit on the
    virtues and admonitions found in the gospels, the encyclicals etc. The
    end result for our Catholic Church is that a great number of the shepherds have
    themselves lost the ability of right thinking and made judgments and policy on
    the fear of lawsuits. The barn door was left open in the 1950’s and
    closed fifty years later after the destruction. Now how long will it take
    to come back to proper formation and right thinking again? Prevention
    would definitely have been better than the cure. Rebuilding our society
    to Godly ways will take generations – in the meantime the just will suffer many

    As I see it from my own experience many church authorities did not cry out when
    government over stepped their bounds; they did not uphold and proclaim Catholic
    teaching to support, strengthen and instruct families . Now the seculars,
    “Big Government” are leading us around by the nose.

  • bbarron2

    Until the world recognizes the reign of the social Kingship of Christ then the world will continue on its present path. Ryan’s remark is correct.

  • messup

    No! The problem, historically, has it’s origins in 1629 Massachusetts Bay Colony.
    See, King James II colonial charter was designed for management of a corporation! But colonial government “political needs” did not always fit well into a “corporate” model. So, government began with a corporate organization:1) a governor, 2) deputy governor, 3) general court of shareholders ( “freemen”), and 4) a council of assistants similar to a board of directors. This morphed into. a governor, deputy governor, bicameral legislature with a representative lower house, and a body of freemen (composed of the colony’s adult inhabitants – authorized to vote in elections). The council of assistants sat as the upper house of the legislature and served as the judicial court of last appeal (here, one must reflect upon the term “APPELLATE COURTS”). Fast forward to 1776 and later 1781(separation of powers…Judicial, Legislature, and Executive). Later, in 1865, then President Lincoln, while Congress was in recess, skirted off to Delaware and Incorporated ALL of USA…as a Corporation. Aye, there’s the rub. So, American Bar Association(sensing an opportunity) immediately created body of Laws, Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures empowering its newly minted “NOBILITY!” Yes, Attorneys are Americas nobility. Thus, as squires of the state (read:P-K’s, Philosopher Kings), US Attorney’s have acquired special “status.” These same “rights of Nobles” appears in ALL US Government, Departments, Labor Unions, and quasi-private/government entities. That’s the nub of 21st Century America’s problem… morphing back to a “CORPORATE ORGANIZATION.” One Party system. And Newly minted US Constitution a la ARTICLEV CON-CON. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128.