The Bottom Line on Marriage

the_bottom_line_on_marriageThere are those who claim that the notion of traditional marriage should be “redefined.” In fact, the Supreme Court is now considering the future of marriage in this country. Those who advocate “redefining” marriage fail to understand that we do so at great risk.


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The Bottom Line on Marriage


  • Lou Soileau

    Well written and thoughtful. However, such rational, morality based arguments will not deter the courts nor those interested in only a secular definition of socially acceptable behavior. As to the economic arguments, I can just hear the same-sex couples responding that they would do society an economic service by adopting unwanted children and raising them in a loving home. We will vote, given the chance, for confirmation of heterosexual marriage as the only legitimate form of marriage just like we vote against abortion on the grounds that it is murder. But, those who live for their own sake’s constitute the active majority in the US and we are unlikely to prevail.

  • ART

    If homosexuality was a normal or an acceptable lifestyle, then Jesus Christ would have said so. Case closed.

  • sakti

    God has created man in pairs, male and female,
    to participate with God creating man. God did not directly create a new man,
    but by a husband and wife. It’s a law of nature. If people want to rebel
    against the laws of nature, he did a stupid act, as previously done by the Jewish
    man who asked Moses to divorce his wife. Do not act against the laws of nature,
    the law of God.

  • Marriage is a blood covenant that God created. It creates new people. We as a society do not have the authority to change that.

  • Greg Groebner

    A good article.

    However, I think the cultural war was largely already lost some time ago when “nuclear family” came to mean “traditional family”; as if “dad, mom, and children” are capable of carrying on civilization when they are cut-off from the extended ancestral family.

  • Carol S.

    I think we also need to consider the fact that one major reason that homosexuality is flourishing is the warped morality that underlies it. For the woman, she is desperately in need of a mother figure in her life and is willing to trade sex to get it. For men, they are desperate for a father in their lives and also are willing to use sex to get it. These people wouldn’t be so desperate for a parent in their lives if they had HAD parents in their lives and had those basic needs fulfilled as children.
    Remember, God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and steve! We all should take the hint! But it is beyond sad to see these horrible consequences of the 1960’s. People were to busy engaging in sex to love their families. We now reap the consequences.

  • Aptitude

    The civil rights movement immensely changed this country and for the betterment of us all. Currently laws that disabled discrimination then, apply now as well. Equality is the nature of our constitution. The laws of “god”, “nature”, blood covenants” and creation are personal indeed. Individual restraints or convictions are ones’ own. To keep, have and to hold as your own. No one has to believe in
    one god or the god of anothers choice. We are free to choose religion or no religion at all. Free to
    make the decisions as participants of our constitution~ and now free to marry whom ever we love and
    adore. ~Will celebrate 36 yrs of marriage this summer. A man, a woman. The love of my life. All love deserves this time in life, in this courtry and it’s happening. Finally everyone can marry!!!

  • Paul Bachmeyer

    I have been reading your book, and I am quite impressed with it. One thing I notice about this post is that you say that much of our current problems have “largely happened because the family, that ideal school of temperance, is no longer functioning as it should”. People have pointed to divorce and homosexual “marriage” as examples of this dysfunction. However, there are not many who point to what might be a deeper sign of familial dysfunction: the absence of that order given by Scripture, and past Church teaching, of what the duty of a husband and a wife is in marriage.

    Most significantly: the duties of a husband to love his wife and the wife to be subordinate to her husband (defined primarily in Ephesians 5), and then the duty of a husband to work to provide for his family and the duty of the wife to keep her priorities home-based, taking care of the needs of the home (defined primarily in the Catechism of the Council of Trent).

    As unpopular as all this may sound, these principles truly do have a significant impact on culture, societal well-being, and even economy, and moreover they were very much more active in the medieval Christian times that are referenced frequently in the book. In my opinion, we would be foolish to ignore them in our analysis.