Land Holdings in the Middle Ages

Landholdings_in_the_middle_ages Land Holdings in the Middle AgesThere is often the misconception that the medieval peasant had hardly any land upon which to make a living. Such a perception runs counter to the truth. The actual size of his holdings was rather large especially for the time.

Subscription8 Land Holdings in the Middle AgesAuthor P. Boissonade notes that these holdings varied according to the fertility of the land. He writes:

In Alsace it contained on an average 30 acres, in Germany 20 to 180 acres, in England 15 to 30 acres, and in exceptional cases 50 acres, which was the usual size in France and elsewhere. It must be added that the peasant had a share in the use of the heaths, pasturegrounds, and woods belonging to the village community and the lord. (P. Boissonnade, Life and Work in Medieval Europe, New York, Alfred A.Knopf, 1927, p. 141.)

  • Emanuel Kaluluma

    It is hard to imagine when you look at the population at that time and now, .and the fact that the size of land has remained the same. We have now what are known as subsistent group of population who are expected to produce enough for themselves and feed the population. and yet the land they have access to is less than an acre. LORD HAVE MERCY..