New York Clerk Refuses Same-Sex Marriage License

NY_clerk_ New York Clerk Refuses Same-Sex Marriage LicenseImagine reading the following article:

Jefferson Center — Joan MacIntryre and Jane Andrews have dreamed of a wedding with all the trappings. Joan has pulled out all the stops to bring it all together. Jane is taking care of the flowers. Relatives are coming in from all over. The event is planned for late October, but now it seems it is not going to happen.

At least not in Jefferson Center. Even though same-sex marriage has been legal in New York State since 2011, county clerk Mary MacDonald has refused to issue a license.

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New York Clerk Refuses Same-Sex Marriage License

  • Betty Crook

    I love you and return to order is great but these kinds of oh but it could be true stories do not do the powerful good you and I wish for. Tell it straight. For us idiots to understand. Attention span not long, can’t cope with tricks. Even if it’s to make a great point.

  • InNeedOfGrace

    I agree with Ms Crook. I have read 2 of these articles recently, and in both instances I felt an extreme let down when I read that the scenario was fiction. Those of us whose eyes are open can see the double standard. Free speech is a right … until it’s someone else who’s speaking.

  • mike

    Good way to make what should be an obvious point, but otherwise seems not to be who want it all one way.

  • Ann

    No tricks here but a simple illustration of what we can expect. Remember Jesus’ fictional stories – parables? Remember Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984? Fiction often reflects reality and warns of what is coming if we do nothing.