How the Sixties Changed Us

individ_v_individualism How the Sixties Changed UsThe student revolts of 1968 failed to overthrow the university administrations they fought against or establish any kind of political movement. However, they did succeed in changing society profoundly.

Historian Fernand Braudel writes:

Herbert Marcuse who, without wishing to, became the guru of thisSubscription8.11 How the Sixties Changed Us revolution was quite justified in saying (23 March 1979) that ‘it is stupid to describe 1968 as a defeat.’ 1968 shook the foundation of society, broke habits and taboos, even destroyed apathy: the fabric of family and society was sufficiently torn for new life styles to be created at every level of society. It is in this sense that it really was a cultural revolution.” (Fernand Braudel, Civilization and Capitalism 15th-18th Century: The Perspective of the World, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1984, p. 625)

  • Alex

    The Catholic Church is the world’s thermostat. So it has been. So it will always be.

    What happened in the Sixties? Well, what happened with the Church in the Sixties…? and the world follows along – there’s a pattern here.

    Society will not return to order until the Church does so. The Church will not return to order until a pope follows Heaven’s mandate and consecrates Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. So pick up your rosary and pray it daily for the Consecration to happen.

    Otherwise, there will be no return to order.

    • Cass

      Couldn’t agree with your more, Alex. I was born and raised in the 60’s into the 70’s. What chaos, what disorder, our family life was terrible and it caused me much emotional and spiritual pain. It took the Blessed Mother herself to come to me and taker me to Jesus to straightened my life out. We need our Mother!!

    • Don

      We’ll it happened to society than the church. And it was society which pushed the church to be more Worldly but I think things have gotten better. And Russia was consecrated it’s been done both sister Lucia and the last two popes have said so and Russia has changed its a strong Christian country since it’s consecration it rebuild 10 of thousands of churches,closed casinos,banned homosexuals propaganda,initiated Christian teaching in schools and helped promote world peace not to mention many other things as we’ll. so yes the message of Fatima is complete. Russia is more Christian and morally good than almost every country in the world especially the USA.

  • lala

    This is someting most people who lived through those years have always sensed even if they did not consciously admit this fact. It was as if there was a end of an era. It was slow moving and subtle in ways but it was there. We are still feeling the effects of those days. The church dismissed its old rituals and took up ‘ecumenical’ activities. This was forced on the congragatoins. People who resisted were ridiculed and told they needed ADULT faith. But didn’t Jesus say we needed faith like that of a child? The people in authority expected that those new introductions would lead to a increase of converts – but it did the opposite. Today the churches are hardly ever filled, even on Christmas and Easter there are lots of available seats. I pray that Pope Francis is the one who will lead us back to that really matters. I think he is the man for the job. Let’s all pray for him. If he is the man for the job he will need our support – if he isn’t that man he will need our prayers too – maybe even more.