The Church Has Always Supported Prosperity

San_Carlos_Borromeo_Repartiendo_Limosna_al_Pueblo_by_Jose_Salome_Pina_-_1853-copy-216x300 The Church Has Always Supported ProsperityThere is the prevailing myth that the Church is opposed to prosperity and that poverty is considered an ideal to be sought after. Such a perspective ignores the reality of Church history which shows that the Church encouraged a healthy and balanced economy based on virtue and the need for profit.

In this respect, historian Harold Berman writes: “Although many historians have shown that Western commercial capitalism originated not in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, as is commonly supposed, but in the eleventh and twelfth centuries—in the heyday of the manorial mode of production and of feudal class relations—nevertheless many of the same historians have continued to perpetuate the view that Christian teaching prior to the Reformation remained fundamentally opposed to the profit motive.” Harold J. Berman, Law and Revolution: The Formation of the Western Legal Tradition, Harvard University Press, Cambridge, Mass., 1983, p. 336.

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  • TrendyT

    Just what church is this article about? Do you think we are fools to believe that all Christian Churches follow this doctrine? Catholic Church follows the dollar as their doctrine while most other real Christian Churches follow Jesus and Jesus was always interested in our prosperity.

    • JRB

      He obviously means the Catholic Church. Protestant Churches are man made and have no unchanging body of doctrine.

      The Church has always and everywhere defended the right of private property, and for that reason she is the biggest obstacle to socialism.

      • Robin

        Your pride for your manmade organization and its teachings will be your doom.

    • Robin

      This website is a tarned branch of the TFP: A catholic sect that wants to abolish democracy and establish a monarchic dictatorship. It is closely linked to the Portuguese and Brazilian aristocracy. It’s Guru Plinio di Oliveira used to make jokes about aid projects for poor people which offered them free glasses. Why don’t rich people get free glasses since their work is worth more, was his “argumentation”. He was a spoiled child of a rich family… Remember what Jesus said: It is more likely for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to go to heaven…

  • Frank

    I would like to reply to Robin’s reply to JRB (which I do not see below) wherein she says, “Your pride for your manmade organization and its teachings will be your doom”. Did not Jesus build His Church upon the Rock that was Peter and his successors as bishops of Rome? Unless you believe that Jesus was not the Christ, then the Church was surely not made by man.

    • Robin

      Jesus build his church which consists of all people that believe in him as our saviour. It does not only consist of the catholic church which teachings contain errors like the ones of other churches as well since they all are manmade. The one thing that the catholic church has exlusively – like sects like the Mormons btw – is that it excludes Christians who have other opinions on theological issues and that it – full of pride and arrogance – claims to hold the truth of god in its hands and to be some kind of body of him while other Christian communities had no right to exist at all. Fortunately most Christians don’t care about these stupid teachings in days in which catholic, Arabic and orthodox Christians are fighting and dying side by side in the middle east.