What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?In looking at the debate over immigration, it is almost automatically assumed that the Church’s position is one of unconditional charity toward those who enter the nation, legally or illegally.

However, is this the case? What does the Bible say about immigration? What do Church doctors and theologians say? Above all, what does the greatest of doctors, Saint Thomas Aquinas, say about immigration? Does his opinion offer some insights to the burning issues now shaking the nation and blurring the national borders?

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Immigration is a modern problem and so some might think that the medieval Saint Thomas would have no opinion about the problem. And yet, he does. One has only to look in his masterpiece, the Summa Theologica, in the first part of the second part, question 105, article 3 (I-II, Q. 105, Art. 3). There one finds his analysis based on biblical insights that can add to the national debate. They are entirely applicable to the present.

Saint Thomas: “Man’s relations with foreigners are twofold: peaceful, and hostile: and in directing both kinds of relation the Law contained suitable precepts.”

Commentary: In making this affirmation, Saint Thomas affirms that not all immigrants are equal. Every nation has the right to decide which immigrants are beneficial, that is, “peaceful,” to the common good. As a matter of self-defense, the State can reject those criminal elements, traitors, enemies and others who it deems harmful or “hostile” to its citizens.

The second thing he affirms is that the manner of dealing with immigration is determined by law in the cases of both beneficial and “hostile” immigration. The State has the right and duty to apply its law.

Saint Thomas: “For the Jews were offered three opportunities of peaceful relations with foreigners. First, when foreigners passed through their land as travelers. Secondly, when they came to dwell in their land as newcomers. And in both these respects the Law made kind provision in its precepts: for it is written (Exodus 22:21): ’Thou shalt not molest a stranger [advenam]’; and again (Exodus 22:9): ’Thou shalt not molest a stranger [peregrino].’”

Commentary: Here Saint Thomas acknowledges the fact that others will want to come to visit or even stay in the land for some time. Such foreigners deserved to be treated with charity, respect and courtesy, which is due to any human of good will. In these cases, the law can and should protect foreigners from being badly treated or molested.

Saint Thomas: “Thirdly, when any foreigners wished to be admitted entirely to their fellowship and mode of worship. With regard to these a certain order was observed. For they were not at once admitted to citizenship: just as it was law with some nations that no one was deemed a citizen except after two or three generations, as the Philosopher says (Polit. iii, 1).”

Commentary: Saint Thomas recognizes that there will be those who will want to stay and become citizens of the lands they visit. However, he sets as the first condition for acceptance a desire to integrate fully into what would today be considered the culture and life of the nation.

A second condition is that the granting of citizenship would not be immediate. The integration process takes time. People need to adapt themselves to the nation. He quotes the philosopher Aristotle as saying this process was once deemed to take two or three generations. Saint Thomas himself does not give a time frame for this integration, but he does admit that it can take a long time.

Saint Thomas: “The reason for this was that if foreigners were allowed to meddle with the affairs of a nation as soon as they settled down in its midst, many dangers might occur, since the foreigners not yet having the common good firmly at heart might attempt something hurtful to the people.”

Commentary: The common sense of Saint Thomas is certainly not politically correct but it is logical. The theologian notes that living in a nation is a complex thing. It takes time to know the issues affecting the nation. Those familiar with the long history of their nation are in the best position to make the long-term decisions about its future. It is harmful and unjust to put the future of a place in the hands of those recently arrived, who, although through no fault of their own, have little idea of what is happening or has happened in the nation. Such a policy could lead to the destruction of the nation.

As an illustration of this point, Saint Thomas later notes that the Jewish people did not treat all nations equally since those nations closer to them were more quickly integrated into the population than those who were not as close. Some hostile peoples were not to be admitted at all into full fellowship due to their enmity toward the Jewish people.

Saint Thomas: “Nevertheless it was possible by dispensation for a man to be admitted to citizenship on account of some act of virtue: thus it is related (Judith 14:6) that Achior, the captain of the children of Ammon, ‘was joined to the people of Israel, with all the succession of his kindred.’”

Commentary: That is to say, the rules were not rigid. There were exceptions that were granted based on the circumstances. However, such exceptions were not arbitrary but always had in mind the common good. The example of Achior describes the citizenship bestowed upon the captain and his children for the good services rendered to the nation.

* * *

These are some of the thoughts of Saint Thomas Aquinas on the matter of immigration based on biblical principles. It is clear that immigration must have two things in mind: the first is the nation’s unity; and the second is the common good.

Immigration should have as its goal integration, not disintegration or segregation. The immigrant should not only desire to assume the benefits but the responsibilities of joining into the full fellowship of the nation. By becoming a citizen, a person becomes part of a broad family over the long term and not a shareholder in a joint stock company seeking only short-term self-interest.

Secondly, Saint Thomas teaches that immigration must have in mind the common good; it cannot destroy or overwhelm a nation.

This explains why so many Americans experience uneasiness caused by massive and disproportional immigration. Such policy artificially introduces a situation that destroys common points of unity and overwhelms the ability of a society to absorb new elements organically into a unified culture. The common good is no longer considered.

A proportional immigration has always been a healthy development in a society since itSubscription11 injects new life and qualities into a social body. But when it loses that proportion and undermines the purpose of the State, it threatens the well-being of the nation.

When this happens, the nation would do well to follow the advice of Saint Thomas Aquinas and biblical principles. The nation must practice justice and charity towards all, including foreigners, but it must above all safeguard the common good and its unity, without which no country can long endure.

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  • Anna

    Very well said, I agree completely

  • Jerry from Colorado Springs

    This makes a lot of sense, I hope many Catholic leaders will read this – politicians too!

    • Amy

      Integration not segregation should be the end goal of immigration. If you migrate to a country where you decided & want to spend the rest of your life, you must be willing to learn & adapt to their culture , language & laws , without forgetting your origin. It’s not fair for the citizens in that country to adjust to your ways as you were not forced to live in that country . It was your choice or else if you can’t adapt , you are free to leave & get back to your country of origin . Host countries have the right to refuse any stranger / immigrant to be deported if immigrants posed a threat to peace & safety of the citizenry .

      • AZ-Ike

        It appears to me that ‘migration’ and ‘immigration’ are different terms: migration being the free movement between areas/States/countries and immigration being the permanent re-location to another country. Migration between countries with immigration laws is generally illegal because the ‘migrants’ ignore the laws of the country–whether the migrant are peaceful or hostile.
        Any ‘migrant’ who breaks a country’s immigration laws upon entering or staying in the country should be deported–again, whether they are a threat to the peace and safety of the citizenry, or not.
        St Thomas specifically stated “…the manner of dealing with immigration is determined by law in the cases of both beneficial and “hostile” immigration. The State has the right and duty to apply its law.”

        • Geoff

          Yes very good points. Usually visas only allow for a certain period such as 30 days before you must self-deport otherwise you end up breaking the immigration laws.

          • Flame

            But there are different kinds of visas. For example, a student or a work visa would have a term much longer than 30 days — usually at least a full year, often with provisions for renewal. Then there is also a form of application to become a permanent resident alien. This would be granted, for example, to the foreign-born spouse of an American and carries the suggestion that at some point, the immigrant would become naturalized.

            All these serve useful purposes. The ones we must be concerned with are those who feel they can just ignore all visa requirements and just enter.

            It’s exactly the same, on a smaller scale, as a visitor who knocks on your door and requests admittance and the burglar who just breaks in. One we welcome; the other we prosecute.

          • anAmericanByChoice

            It goes beyond “The ones we must be concerned with are those who feel they can just ignore all visa requirements and just enter[,]” because no visa carries a requirement that one must integrate, simply that one must respect local laws. Even legal residents who are not citizens do not have the right to participate in many aspects of public life, such as, for example, the presidential elections; because they are not citizens and have not yet proven to have the country’s best interests at heart they cannot take part in actions that may change the destiny of the country. This is obvious when one thinks of illegal immigrants voting for those who squander the countries public monies on inane welfare projects of all kinds. The sense of entitlement of most people is killing the USA (and many other countries.) Most immigrants 100, 200 years ago wanted to come to America for the opportunity; they were granted entry, and worked hard. Nowadays, immigrants and refugees are given a free pass and handed everything on a silver platter and still complain it’s not enough! Under the pretext of social justice, political correctness and even a sense of guilt from past history, many believe that it’s a duty to give these people anything and everything. It is not so. Even charitable feelings can be misplaced, and misunderstood. And then it goes beyond that: when certain groups of people immigrate, settle down, become citizens and yet, seek nothing else but take over the mechanisms that can change the laws, customs and destiny of the country (think Sharia being implemented in communities across the world, slowly and inexorably changing the fabric of society, in countries that are not Muslim…) There is intent. In my very humble opinion, evil intent when this happens. This should not be allowed to happen. So it is not only what the visa requirements are, but a matter of what is right and wrong, and Sharia is wrong, and Christ’s ways are right. One cannot serve God and mammon. One must chose this day the Master, or forever wander in darkness.

          • Flame

            You make very good points, ABC, and I have to agree with you. In fact, I was thinking along those lines just this morning as I watched news reports of all the protesters at airports this weekend after Trump’s stay-of-entry order. My pastor even touched on the charity issue in his sermon yesterday (well within the bounds of the Johnson Amendment). Yet I think all of them, including my pastor, are so focused on the “charity” of this matter with little or no regard for national security.

            One reason I don’t particularly want even the “peaceful” refugees from Syria or other predominantly muslim countries is that when the women come in, they have children, and we are currently under invasion — I can’t recall the term they are using for it, but as this particular culture breeds and increases their proportion of the population, they bring their culture with them. Once they reach a certain level of the population, they can be expected to rise up and say, in effect, okay, we’re now the majority, so we order you to obey our dictates.

            I personally can cite 2 or 3 (at least) religious sects with whose teachings I do not agree, but not a single one of them says that I MUST accept their teaching or die. There are some who, I’m sure, go away shaking their heads and telling themselves I am bound for the place “down below,” but none of them come at me to take my life because I choose to differ. Likewise, I shake my head at some of their teachings, but I then pray for them to accept Christ as their Savior and witness in such ways as I can — but I surely don’t threaten their lives.

            For the progressives and the protesters to damn Trump for what he is doing is to forget our fairly recent history. In the late 40s, 50s and into the 60s, we restricted entry by known communists because the commie way of life was to take over. We are faced with that now, because islam is a total political philosophy, but where communism denied the existence of any god, including God the Father, islam has a religious component that its adherents are exploiting to use our Bill of Rights against us.

            What we need is someone with the fortitude of Thomas Jefferson, who sent our Navy and Marines after the Barbary Pirates back in the early 1800s with nary a protest (at least I would not expect any). We may well have such a person in Donald Trump, and I am supporting what he is doing.

            What makes it so tragic is the distance to which the camel has reached his nose into the tent under the previous 3 or 4 presidents (including the ineligible usurper who just left), who did not enforce existing laws. If they had done their jobs, the current burdens on those seeking to come would not be as severe and cause as much upheaval as they are under the current order.

            But let’s say you maintain your car with regular care, when something eventually breaks down, it usually isn’t nearly as severe as if you neglect the care along the way. Then the breakdown is severe, worse than inconvenient, and extremely costly. That’s kind of what we’re facing today. This nation is under no obligation to admit people who want to impose an entirely different (and very medieval — or worse) culture upon us.

          • OMG

            Good points. The common good, the common sense, the natural law of St. Thomas rings with clarity for those who wish to hear.

            A pro-immigration stance without restriction will eventually lead to overwhelming anarchy. Some in recent history seem to have interpreted the U.S. constitution’s freedom of religion clause to prohibit any restriction to any proponent of any religion. The extreme stance seems to grant freedom to anyone to do anything, anytime, anywhere, if said acts are done in the name of religion. Is this why some progressive politicians have refused to call terror “Islamic;” ? Have they seen these acts in the name of Alluhu Akbar as somehow licit? Extreme, but somehow in line with what has happened.

          • FRLBJ

            ‘Charity begins at home’ is the guiding principle for Catholics and their bishops. The needs of America take priority over those of foreigners who wish to destroy our culture and our faith. We need security and freedom to practice our faith and live in peace and safety. Most Muslims believe that Sharia law trumps the Constitution. We need to stand up for America. America should indeed be first for us, not some alien and murderous ideology and culture. Look are history and current events to see the destruction wrought by Islam. Poland was pressured by Pope Francis to ‘welcome’ Muslim refugees from Syria. Poland refused citing the need to preserve their own culture. The Czech Republic is also not letting them in.
            People talk about America being a melting pot of various cultures, but that doe snot apply to Islam since they are not willing to obey the Constitution and be respectful and patriotic toward’s America. They should not be allowed in, if they do not respect our laws and culture and are unwilling to tolerate Christianity, the majority faith.

          • OMG

            I totally agree. I didn’t realize our Pope had weighed in on this. What the heck does he mean by ‘welcome’. Shall I give a wave? Send a gift? Seriously. What does he mean? I wonder if he has read Thomas on immigration. Or thought much about the character of interfaith mingling, etc.

            I worry at some of our Pope’s statements….He also has never clarified the Dubia of four cardinals on his own statements about Eucharist and Marriage–heck, any number of us probably could have reiterated church teaching in a blink. It has taken him how long to not answer the doubts? Reason suggests there is a reason for his delay, and reason suggests I may have difficulty accepting that reason.

            God help us all in our lack of charity for one another. May God lead his misled servants to His truth.

          • JoAnna Davignon

            For the most part I usually agree with our pope; yet his recent thoughts on immigration does concern me abit. I’m praying for him as well as for all of us!

          • Flame

            One has to wonder if the progressives (both politicians and citizens) have ever taken a serious look at the teachings of islam before declaring it a “religion of peace” or if they are refusing to call a shovel a shovel because they fear retribution from muslims. I think likely the greatest number of non-muslims who are supporting this invasion are merely ignorant of what this ideology teaches, i.e., “death to the infidel.” In other cases, I suspect that people are simply scared they’ll be targeted if they oppose the ideology.

          • eric mulvihill

            pope leo the something said just about that in the mid 19th. century. loved by racists for the wrong reason, hated by liberals for the wrong reason. what is this strange english expression “common sense”? from manchester, england, a happy irishman with my only currently valid passport from that republic.

          • Kristine L.

            You mention the restriction of allowing in immigrants, refugees in the 40’s. Do you know that Anne Frank’s family and other defenseless Jews were in that group? In 1940 -1941, Otto Frank tried so hard to find refuge over here. He could speak some English, and even knew an official in the Roosevelt administration. In addition, his brothers in law were here & could vouch for him. Still, it was not good enough, as the Jewish immigrant quotas were the all important thing, and also the overwrought paranoia and hysteria of the times that there might be Commies lurking amongst the Jews, the influx would destroy the economy, etc. . Then, Pearl Harbor Day happened & all applications, including Otto’s were tossed aside. Shameful. Also, there is the story of the St. Louis Manifest, a ship bearing German Jews that came into one of our harbors in 1939, but was forced to sail back to Europe. The boat’s occupants then perished at Auschwitz. Again, absolutely shameful. We do have a moral responsibility to atone for past sins. I for one, do not want to let Anne Frank down this time around.

          • Flame

            No, Kristine, I did not know that Anne Frank’s family sought refuge in the US in the early 40s. Thank you for enlightening me on that bit of history. I do recall the day my parents called me to the living room and told me we were at war, but I was young at the time. I can only assume that the surge of Jews and others who sought to come to the US was just so overwhelming we could not accommodate them all. This gives strong meaning to the adage “war is hell.”

            While I agree with your statement that you do not want to let Anne Frank down this time, what bothers me greatly is that we are not admitting Jews or Christians and other persecuted sects. I have before me an article in Citizen magazine (published by Focus on the Family) that quotes a US State Dept. report that 99% of the 13,210 Syrian refugees admitted to the US in 2016 were muslim and only 0.5% were Christian. Since there is much land in the Middle East where muslims could reside (such as that huge tent city in Saudi Arabia that has something like 1,000 air-conditioned tents sufficient to accommodate over 1 million people — but is only used during the Haj), we should be striving to admit refugees who are not merely trying to escape the ravages of war but those who are specifically threatened with death due to their faith, i.e., Jews, Christians, Yazidis, and several more sects.

            I have studied a good bit about islam, so I am aware of the tenet of that philosophy called “taqiyya” — that it is okay to lie to someone if the lie advances islam. That makes it very difficult for me to trust whether the muslim “refugees” (so many of whom are able-bodied young men — the same as most terrorists) are telling the truth, and it distresses me that we are not getting the persecuted non-muslims out.

          • Kristine L.

            Thanks for your reply, Flame. Good hearing back from you and listening to where you come from. I think it is commendable you have been researching the subject matter at hand. I didn’t know about Taqiya so thanks for enlightening me there. We all have our own ‘libraries’ of gathered information & knowledge, don’t we? The best scenario happens when we respectfully let each other have a turn to share a bit of what’s in our ‘library.’ Also, we have our unique stores of personal life circumstances & experiences which drive our passion for one thing or another. My 93 yr old Dad is a WWII veteran who took part in the DDay Invasion. The play or movie scene where Anne exclaims, “Friends are on the way!” has always had a special, personal effect on me as my dad was one of those ‘friends.’ I guess that’s why I’ve been led to read so much about her over the years. Well, anyway, thanks again for your nicely worded reply.

          • Flame

            Yes, Kristine, I agree totally that it is wonderful to share our “libraries” of info. When I was in HS, I had the great good fortune to be able to work after school a few hours a week in the county’s public library under a saint of a woman. One of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much in that work.

            My thanks to your dad for his service to the nation.

            Even when we occasionally disagree on a subject, it’s certainly much more pleasant to share facts, opinions and reasons why we hold them than to shout and call names as so many do on these blogs. A bit of courtesy and respect goes a long way toward enlightening the other person — or being enlightened — than the nastiness that abounds on the net.

            Good chatting with you.

          • anAmericanByChoice


          • anAmericanByChoice

            You can also move to a Muslim country and help change things there, Kristine. Or to a commie country and work to change things there. Just don’t let your desire and misguided “charity” and willingness to atone for past sins compromise the lives of your fellow Americans. And by the way, no one, and I mean NO ONE has the obligation to, or capacity, or even can atone for other people’s past sins; you have the obligation to repent and change your ways and sin no more, but only Christ – and that is the reason why He walked this earth and was lifted upon the cross and died for the sins of all mankind – did atone for other people’s sins. You can’t and you won’t, but your misguided good intentions will compromise the safety of this country and American people and those who come here to seek refuge from the likes of Muslim radicals, commie, socialist and fascist twisted souls; and it is because it is so, that the true refugees, the Anne Franks of the world will lose their chance of a better life, because often, the just will pay the price of the sinner, because in these days, confusion is leading many to believe that right is wrong and wrong is right. Be not one of them. Try not to do what you cannot do: atone for the sins of your ancestors. Christ alone is capable of that! Not you, not I, not anyone else. I know you mean well, but please try to see clearly.

          • anAmericanByChoice

            Flame, you are absolutely right: invasion is the right word. And there are numerous videos available on the internet, of Muslims stating that their ultimate objective is to take over the world in a few generations, by an increase in numbers, because in Europe, North America, etc., less and less children are being born of Christian families, and other non-Muslim families, so eventually, if immigrants keep invading non-Muslim countries, they will take over, using the democratic process as their ultimate weapon. There is a reason why the US of A is NOT a democracy but a REPUBLIC! Yes, the US of A is under NO OBLIGATION to admit anyone who wants not to integrate, and uphold Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, but take away lives, pervert Liberty, and for ever become an obstacle to the pursuit of happiness! So, I agree with you, even “peaceful” people can, with time, prove to be the domestic enemies all patriots must fight off to protect America.

          • Flame

            Amen, ABC.

        • Faith of Our Fathers

          Couldn’t agree more with you our Prisons are full to the brim with foreigners 11,000 alone in Jails in England and Wales at a cost per day of over £100 per prisoner per day . Most of them would have been deported only they claim its against their European Human Rights. Well now that we’re out of Europe their the first lot I would be deporting.

      • Faith of Our Fathers

        Sorry but am afraid what’s said here is really not in compliance with Muslims just ask their local Imans. Over here in the U.K . they run the show and Sharia Law is now part of all the Muslim Towns,and of course if we disagree we’re all called Islamophobic a word that was most definitely not in the English Dictionary a few years ago. In fact just a couple of years ago at our local Public Swimming Baths their Iman didn’t ask he demanded a Muslim only day . To tell you the truth between them and the Eastern Uropeans everyone knows that is why the Brexit vote won its just our Politicians will still not admit it.

        • 2egypt

          When I was last in the UK it looked like a Third World Country…very rare to see an authentic Englishman. I was so disappointed …and this is what Obama wants to do to the USA.

        • Rons Abhish

          I hope people in UK dont fall back

      • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

        Yes and will Muslims adapt to our country I think not so we must keep them out or they will form their own country within ours which we cannot and must not accept.

      • fernando orozco

        So then why didnt the white man adapt to native american culture when they came to this land (USA)?

        • Aleteia

          The Native Americans lived in the stone age, while the European settlers were far more advanced. The natives didn’t invent the wheel, so why asking the question that the White man should have adapted to native culture? Life goes forward, no backwards. Based on Jesus’ teachings, technology was developed, because we believe that God created the laws of nature and therefore we ought to know them. Christianity is the religion of possibilities, while Native Americans have never moved beyond their pagan creed. Such creed is limitative, superstitious, fatalist, and blocks development, not to mention that it summons demons.

      • Jacqueleen

        You are speaking about the legal immigration rules and regulations….We are invaded by refugees from the Middle East (being paid to come here) and by illegal migrants from south of the border. IMHO, THEY SHOULD ALL BE SENT BACK TO THEIR COUNTRY OF ORIGIN AND BORDERS CLOSED…They should do what our grandparents did. They saved their money and applied to come here and once here they assimilated into the American Culture. We must stop this insanity….and the church should be told. IT IS OUR DUTY TO CORRECT THE ERRORS OF THE CLERGY..

    • Elizabeth

      We can help them do that by sending via e-mail to every Priest and Deacon you know…..and….by posting this on social media and on the FB pages of leaders of the church! Help it go viral…!!!

      • ron44

        done..fb twitter

    • goodwater

      Jerry, I just copied the article and plan to sent it to my parish priest. How about you doing the same thing. In fact, I’ll also send it to my Bishop.

      This suggestion is also addressed to all the commenters below.

      • Lisa

        What good will that do?

        • Cerando

          It is the mustard seed that grows. Faith does not work on securities given. Refer the viral internet.

          • Lisa

            I’m sorry, I’m feeling a bit pessimistic these days. I do love the article. In fact I wrote most of it down,so as to remember it all. It’s fascinating. Good evening.

          • Cerando

            You are watching the waves. Look to Christ. At a very bad stage in my life, I learned to forgive. I made it the central activity of my spiritual guidance. I realize only now that one of the very best benefits I received was that my eyes returned to Christ.

            Simple forgiveness and release of all your problems into the hands of God releases you from all those distractions. But you have to diligently practice it daily and apply it to any and everything that enters your mind. The first thing I had to learn was to release my tightly held responsibility as I was taught. I had to freely accept God’s promise that He would take up my burden. The second was that I had to practice unrelenting honesty . . . with myself. This is the danger. Your conscience is going to nail you on every aspect for which you forgive others. Try it! It’s a very rough tide, it will rattle your cage, chatter your teeth and cleanse you like a scrubbing brush! It will also lock you into an extremely close relationship to God and Christ. Never again will you feel God is far away.

            Talk to God through Christ directly. He is the way and the life.

            What is the one thing in your life which has guided you in ALL aspects from a burnt finger to a moral dilemna?
            Your conscience. It works 24/7. Look very closely.

            Name one instance in which it has failed you, not including when you slapped it on the head, ignored it, rationalized it dead. That little voice; Liza!

            I don’t think you can. That means it is perfect. Only God is perfect. Ergo your conscience is the Spirit of God. It stands to reason. God, through His Word told us He blew his breath into our noses. We remain human and yet we may be in very close and direct communion with Him if we want to. We turn things like this into mysteries simply because we just cannot accept that God will speak to us directly. We are all admonished to have a close relationship with Him, yet how can it happen if He does not return that favour?

            Go Liza! Miracles await you.

          • Patsy Koenig

            You are right to feel pessimistic, Lisa. We are in the End Times; and things will get worse…before they get better. But take heart…things will get better after a few more years of tribulation…at the Second Coming, which will beginning the Reign of Peace, aka the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary foretold at Fatima in 1917.

          • Mike

            Patsy …
            It may be a lot less than a few years.
            The Catholic visionary (prophet) Charlie Johnson believes we are in the middle of a storm, and cultural civil war, which will get much worse during the coming year, culminating in a ‘rescue’ by The Immaculate Heart of Mary in late 2017.
            This will be the beginning of the period of peace foretold by Mary at Fatima.
            It is well worth visiting his website … Google: Charlie Johnson ‘The Next Right Step’

          • Stacy

            The Bible says the tribulation will last 3 1/2 years. I don’t believe the tribulation is almost over. It is just beginning.

          • Mike

            Stacy …
            Thanks for that.
            However, I have to say there is some confusion about this.
            The three and a half years tribulation, mentioned in the Bible, refers to the reign of Antichrist, which is followed by the return of Christ. No one knows when that will be.

            The present tribulation (which has been going on since 1917 and has included 2 world wars and many revolutions, plus growing secularism, unjust, anti-Christian laws, wholesale abortion, and cultural warfare, in the formerly, Christian nations) is that prophesied by Mary at Fatima, which she promised would be followed by a period of peace. This is the promised prevailing of Her Immaculate Heart over evil, it is not the return of Christ, or the end of the world.
            I would advise people to read what Charlie Johnson has to say about it, so we can be prepared for what is to come, which he thinks is very soon.

          • Donna Cummings

            I don’t know by what authority Charlie speaks but I would recommend going to mej.com to see what else Mary has to say, since she has been coming for 35 years giving us messages. More recent than Fatima.

          • Mike

            Donna …
            Fatima is officially approved by the Catholic Church. So, in loyalty to the Church we are obliged to accept it

          • RainingAgain

            Mike, I think that the rule is that one is not compelled or obliged to accept private prophesy(all the visions and revelations which have taken place since the completion of the New Testament), which is the category to which Fatima belongs, ‘officially approved by the Catholic Church’.

          • MA Bd

            Mike, according to Catholic teaching, we are not “obliged” to accept the Fatima apparitions, but the Church’s approval encourages us to do so.

          • Mike

            Hi MA Bd
            Yes, I think that is correct.
            And, as the prophesies made by Mary at Fatima, have proven to be true up to now, it would be quite foolish not to take the message of Fatima seriously.
            No one knows for sure when the period of peace fortold by Mary will take place, but we can be sure that it is still to happen before the end of the world.
            Many people are saying that this year (2017) will be especially significant. It is certainly something to consider, because this year several, relevant centenaries occur. It is the centenary of the apparitions at Fatima, and also the centenary of the Russian revolution, which was the beginning of Russia spreading the errors (of atheistic communism) around the world, as prophesied by Mary at Fatima.
            Also significant is the fact that this year is the fifth centenary of the protestant Reformation begun by Martin Luther which divided Christianity.
            World events in the last 12 months have exposed the serious divisions in society. Especially the culture war of Christian values versus secular humanist/atheist, situational ethics and moral relativism, This is surely is the culmination of the errors spread around the world since the Russian revolution.

          • Rons Abhish

            Mike could be true mother mary told if countries follow US &US being a country for christian values God for sure will give us peaceful time &Europe will follow his master,let us pray.

          • OMG

            Hi Mike,
            Do you by any chance have the scriptural reference for the three-and-a-half-year idea? Do you take that literally? Could it be figurative also, as in God created everything in seven days while the objectivity of science suggests it took much longer? I’m thinking of that other scriptural idea that one day to man is like a thousand years to God, or something like that (I don’t have the exact words since I don’t know the reference here either.) And Jesus saying we are not to know the day hour. Thanks.

          • Mike

            Hi OMG, thanks for your comment and question.
            There are several references in scripture of three and a half years for the reign of Antichrist.
            In Dan. 7:25 it says that; after the ceasation of the perpetual sacrifice (the Holy Eucharist) they shall be delivered into his hands for ‘a time and times and half a time’. A ‘time’ is interpreted by St. Jerome and others, as a year, and ‘times’ is interpreted as two years.
            This is repeated in Rev. 12:14 referring to the woman (the church) fleeing to the desert to be nourished for a time and times and half a time from the face of the serpent.
            Furthermore, Rev: 11:2 removes all doubt about the timescale “the holy city they shall tread underfoot two and forty months” i.e. three and a half years.
            Finally, Daniel actually gives the exact number of days for the “abomination of desolation” … “1290 days”, which is just a few days over three and a half years (Dan. 12:11).

          • Rons Abhish

            thanks to your isdom

      • FedUp2

        I’ve done this to my very liberal pastor and bishops and got NO reply, as expected. The truth be told, all churches are in on this. Don’t believe me, Google “Refugee Resettlement Watch” and find out the main churches being paid big money to sponsor all these refugees, and then dump them on our communities, all for the sake of money. They have all sold their souls to the highest bidder.

        • Jacqueleen

          His name is Lucifer…don’t be afraid to say it! Truth be known!

        • Jacqueleen

          There will be a schism in the church…no doubt, simply for the way this Pope is handling things. Just paying attention to what he does is enough to know that he is a Communist/Liberation Theology and in bed with the New World Order Evil doers, for example, the reduction of the penalty for pedophile priests and re-instating the Italian priest that Pope Benedict XVI, Emeritus laicized and more recently his involvement with the Pontifical conference on depopulation. Then, the obvious way he is on the prowl to defrock Raymond Cardinal Burke. The list goes on. The Pope must resign.

          At the risk of sounding like Pope Francis, “There is no such thing as a refugee! These people are being sent here with an ulterior motive and we are the fools for accepting this invasion. ISIS was created and is funded partly by the USA and Saudi Arabia. First, we were invaded by the Hispanics from Mexico and South America and now it is from the Middle East….Things happen in 3’s so the next will probably be from Africa or China. This strategy is priming us for the New World Order..open borders…one government..one central bank…and one religion, run by the UN!

          As for the money, I agree that it has a lot to do with the whole situation. Perhaps you are unaware that George Soros has donated approx. $1,000,000 to the Catholic Church….Money talks even in Godly places!
          Again, this pope should resign and many of the Bishops who kiss A— should too.

          • Rons Abhish

            Hi Jacqueleen,I can not believe catholic church took money from George soros,this is the 30 silver coins,are we as catholic taking the place of Scariot,Judas?
            I wish we all either pay attention to Medjugorje messages or messages at Holy love ministry,mother Mary is our refuge,she will not abandon us,her messages are sweet to our mouth
            and the balm for our aches.

          • Jacqueleen

            Please pray for Our Lady of America to be enshrined in the National Basilica in Washington, DC as she requested of Sr. Mary Ephrem in an apparition. Our Lady of America promised if she is enshrined that she will protect this country from war on its soil and from catastrophic events. Furthermore, she promised that there will be more miracles from Pilgrimages to her shrine here in Washington, DC than in Fatima and Lourdes put together. The devotion to OLA was in litigation for several years, but went as high as the Supreme Court and the USCCB has been granted ownership of the devotion….However, some months ago, we signed a petition to the Bishops because they have been dragging their feet enshrining Our Lady of America. Litigation was won about a year ago…The Bishops now claim that they formed a committee to make it happen. Pray that it does soon…before a catastrophe happens. Thank you. http://www.ourladyofamerica.org.

      • Jacqueleen

        Please send it to Pope Francis. Thank you. I’m sick of the open borders kick and the humanitarian thing! Aren’t you?

        • Aleteia

          Me too!

    • msueh

      Not only Catholic leaders, but ALL leaders and ALL politicians whatever their church of choice.

    • Jacqueleen

      There is an ulterior motive for all of this invasion coming from the Middle East and from south of the border…And when the church and the government turn their heads the other way…you can be assured that they are in agreement with this mess which will eventually cause us to lose our identity, our sovereignty and become the one world order…open borders, etc. Oh, what money can buy! This and the pope’s nonsense are enough to make one think about another religion! This new Catholicism is making me question, what happened to the religion that I was baptized into as an infant? I want it back along with my country!

  • albertbryson

    Quite frankly we have allowed to many illegals immigrants in who are not really interested in integrating into our American society. They are not interested in learning to speak English and learning the true history of our country and are taking advantage of the various welfare programs without paying their fair share. While I am compassionate for those who fled their nation because of persecution. Most of those are coming into the United States believe that they will be allowed to stay which is wrong. We need to deport those who are criminals and not allowed them back in.

    • AZ-Ike

      In order to fairly apply our immigration laws, we need to deport anyone who enters (or stays in) the country illegally.

      • albertbryson

        Remember we the taxpayers will pay to deport them and we have over 11 million here illegally. In fact, we may need to create an incentive for these people not to come here. In fact, some of those who we have deported several times have come back.

        • msueh

          No readily-accessible work and no welfare should be a good enough incentive for them to return to the home of their nativity.

        • DavidMacko

          In 1954 president Eisenhower initiated the program, Operation Wetback, which motivated almost two million illegal aliens to self deport after a small portion of them was apprehended and effectively expelled. If we had a president and Congress which was not intent on destroying us and upheld their oaths before God to defend the Constitution, we could do the same now with the 12, 20 or 30 million, especially with advances in technology in the last 60 years. For more information about how this program, one of the last successful activities by the fedgov, worked see http://www.csmonitor.com/2006/0706/p09s01-coop.html

        • Rosech Levy

          More like 30 million,albertbryson!

        • Flame

          Revocation of the granting of driver licenses and welfare payments would force a number of them to self-deport.

          Those who keep coming back after deportation are generally the bad ones. We may have to create a special “deportation” prison (say on a distant island with few boats) or, after a certain amount of crime, a death penalty.

        • Flame

          And to create incentives for them to self-deport, which costs us nothing.

      • Flame

        Which in the US may require some redefinition of laws. I’m so tired of the immigrant movements wailing about “breaking up families” because the child mom plotted to have born on US soil now claims citizenship. Doesn’t sending a criminal to prison “break up a family”? Aren’t those who enter illegally commiting a crime? Take the kids back home with you. Let them apply to the US when they come of age.

        We need to do as some other nations (Canada and Australia come to mind) and revoke the notion of “birthright” citizenship.

        • Ameripat

          Amen to that! Birthright citizenship should have been ended years ago!

    • the1maverick

      I agree with your thoughts. As stated I see no evidence of the majority of the current immigrants, of latem either adapting to our way of life, of wanting inclusion but rather just the opposite having no desire or intent to speak our language, become one of us etc., nor do I see any evidence of
      their working for the common good. There are always exceptions, but they do not act in accordance for the common good nor the unity of their host nation. If we fail to cease immigration for a length of time in which we deport all illegal immigrants to their origin, we as a great nation are shortly doomed for we gave away our country a feat we have no right exercising, for it does not belong to us, but rather those who fought and died for our country who gave their blood, limbs and lives so we might live in Freedom, Liberty and in a Democracy.

      • Ophelia

        Worse… many immigrants practice uncharitable EXclusion of others — their engineered segregation. Maybe they fear embarrassment by language barriers, but is that an excuse for snobbery? Such oppression is often enabled by “charitable organizations”.

    • gaeliclass

      absolutely.. how come thousands of young able bodied men show up in all those news reports..–
      why aren’t they helping their nation, why aren’t they helping their families !

      • FedUp2

        Or fighting for their own country?? We send our boys there and we get their men here – doesn’t sound like a good deal for us or them. We shed enough blood defending our own country, they have to do the same if they want to preserve their own country – or not.

  • Ron

    The Bible has several references to being kind to foreigners and reminds people that they were once foreigners too. It makes special mention of widows, orphans and foreigners as groups to be treated with kindness and generosity.

    • Lucia826

      Yes, Ron–but as you can see in Thomas’s comments from the translations the Law referred to TWO TYPES (advenam and peregrino). This means the one coming for a bit of a visit and the other sort of a pilgrim — neither refers to permanence. Further on we note that immigration often requires 2 or 3 generations, and so forth. It also wisely cautions that NO ONE molest (disturb) the visitor. In the case of our U.S. inundation with Salvadorans and Guatemalans, the molestation and abuse was perpetrated by the “coyotes” and others once their families sent them off to an uncertain fate.

      • AZ-Ike

        I would like to add the abuse was also perpetrated by Mexico who passed laws by-passing their own immigration laws in order to facilitate the movement through Mexico of foreigners for the sole purpose of entering the U.S. illegally.
        In my book, Mexico’s actions were an ‘Act of War.’

        • Grace del Tabor

          They are escaping from an unjust government ! Do you not feel compassion on them ?

          • Nate

            Why don’t we do what we did in Iraq train them to fight for themselves and take their homeland back. We need to let them win a war against enemies instead of just giving everyone a place to run without background checks.

          • Sc Wi

            Put a time limit on the training….. either “get” the training to defend yourself or stay there and deal with it; eliminate “refusal to learn” in order to prolong the trainers. Also attach a writ of payment that will be due upon their taking their homeland back to pay for the trainers.

          • Rosech Levy

            Holland requires anyone coming there MUST speak their language or no entry allowed. I haven’t heard Holland taking any “outsiders” in, have you?

          • Cole

            Train them? Hahahaha! If they actually cared about their country they wouldn’t have ISIS.

          • ranger01

            Fix the unjust government. Yes, they will have to pay a price for their freedom.
            So has it been through the centuries.
            If you are so concerned about them..sponser one, be financially and legally responsible for one. But don’t ask others to pay for your half-harted sympathies.
            And don’t demonize those who disagree with you…which is exactly what the Catholic Church and its best friend, the Democrat Party, love to do.

          • Grace del Tabor

            Sorry to tel you I´m Rep !

          • ranger01

            Nobody cares about your voting preferences.

          • Grace del Tabor

            I do.

          • Rosech Levy

            Then vote for Trump so we can deport all muslims and all invaders on our soil and take care of our own, which is what we must and should do. To bad our Catholic Church has forgotten that charity begins at home first and foremost! If any Catholic I know votes Democrat, they are no longer a fellow traveler.

          • Capt_J@sea

            Do you not feel compassion for their compatriots still there, living under an unjust government? Do you not feel compassion for the hundreds of millions of people all over the world, living under corrupt and cruel governments and/or conditions of abject poverty? Are we to take them all in? We’d end up worse off than they are.
            If refugees come here legally, O.K. – when they sneak across our borders, they are CRIMINALS. Use your head and give your heart a rest.

          • Grace del Tabor

            Using my head and hearing my heart without any rest.

          • Rosech Levy

            Our Founding Fathers fought for our Republic and yet these young men coming in could not do that? No, if from the Mid-East, it is to overtake a country for the caliphate. If invaders from other countries it isn’t because of long ongoing conditions but the fact that our taxes are taking care of them without their owning no allegiance to America.

          • Cerando

            Catch a man a fish and you fed him for a day, teach him to catch fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Christ said; “Get up, pick up your bed and walk”. Alms enslave beggars in that condition. The problem of unjust governments is the real issue to be addressed. Tyrants and despots should be arrested on suspicion of probable cause, not ten years after destroying a country.

          • Grace del Tabor

            Tyrants and despots are foreign Natios and powers fighting for petroleum and selling weapons just to be richer. Let East World people live calmty with their own governments !

          • Ophelia

            …from one unjust government to another one?

          • Sunni

            Legal yes, otherwise NO !!!

          • Rosech Levy

            Having lived several years in Mexico, they are not escaping nothing new because nothing has changed in 100+ years in Mexico. No, they want the freebies, don’t really want to be legal citizens and outright said they don’t want to pay taxes, learn English and meld, and are stealing items left and right so that many stores must have security guards checking purchases! Most legal Mexicans here are doing exactly the opposite and are proud to be an American citizen. I have many in my business and others as friends and they are sick and tired of illegal invaders on our soil being treated better than they and even us.

          • Thomas L. Stafford

            No Grace, I do not. Stay and change your government.

  • Lucia826

    Someone please send this to Pope Francis and those who think that immigration is “at will” by the one migrating.

  • Felice

    Are we sounding like st. Pelosi now to justify helping the poor. Propotionaly we’ve had less than in the immigration waves of decades past. To Whom much is given much is asked. No state exited in the early 1200s of s. Thomas.

  • Roy

    St. Thomas sets as the first condition for acceptance a desire to integrate fully into what would today be considered the culture and life of the nation. Where does that leave the Muslims?

    • AZ-Ike

      There are three reasons why Islamic Muslims should never be permitted to live in the U.S.

      First, Sharia Law is an integral part of Islam. Sharia Law is the antithesis of U.S. Constitutional Law. And, according to St. Thomas, “…he sets as the first condition for acceptance a desire to integrate fully into what would today be considered the culture and life of the nation.” It has been obvious both in the U.S. and other countries that Muslims will not integrate or accept constitutional law.

      Second, the religion of Islam allows is adherents to lie in order to advance the growth of Islam, and REQUIRES its adherents to subjugate other religions and peoples who do not follow Islam. God gave humans free will. Nothing in the Bible indicates that those who believe in God and practice Christian faith based on the teachings of Christ, should force others to our belief. Teaching and influence by example appears to be the accepted actions.

      Constitutionally, Our freedom to practice the faith of our choice is considered an ‘unalienable right endowed by our Creator,’ as stated in the Declaration of Independence. No one has the right to take away the rights God has given to humanity. The supreme and federal Courts are violating the First Amendment’s guarantees of freedom of religious practice when they remove our guaranteed freedom to give privileges and protections to minority groups (atheists, Islamists, homosexuals, women’s ‘ (un)constitutional ‘right’ to abortion, etc.

      Third, the combination of Islam and Sharia Law must redefine it as a totalitarian ideology governed by a theocracy. Any totalitarian ideology (government without consent of the governed) is an enemy of a country governed by Law that guarantees the individual rights of its citizens.

      • Geoff

        Very well put.
        The trouble with most modern liberal ideas is that they often speak in terms of absolutes – unless it about conservatives/republicans/or other persons they generally oppose.
        That is why many can not see that their should be any rational or reasonable limits on immigration. They see immigration in terms of absolutes.
        Yet I’m sure many are adherents to the environmental movement and would have no issue with keeping invasive animal species from spreading to different parts of the globe.

      • Kathy Rheinfrank

        I know neighbors as Muslims and worked for him …. He treated me terribly and has NO RESPECT FOR OUR COUNTRY AND who started this country . He’s a jerk and treated me terribly

      • Jorge Figueroa

        Speaking as a nationalized citizen, I could not agree more with almost every opinion here. As a matter of fact I decided to become a citizen after most of my life in the country about 30 yrs. when I saw the attack on the towers (it felt wrenching so painful) was personal was my country. So my idea on immigration is that the employer should be punished and fined if employs an illegal, pretty soon nobody would do it anymore and people would not come and stay illegally because the lack of work and access to opportunities.

    • Sc Wi

      Leaves them with 2 choices: integrate/learn the laws-culture-language-work of the nation or stay where you are without asking anything of that nation.

      • Lukas Lumbantobing

        And it includes Muslims. If a muslim want to learn to be an American and respecting it’s way of life, he or she should be accepted. Especially in case of student abroad who studied in American universities.

        Greetings from a Muslim majority country (Indonesia; I’m Christian by the way)

        • Rosech Levy

          And we were amazed at how many and beautiful Catholic Churches in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! A pleasure to attend Mass there, and always in Hong Kong and China as well. They have not been paid to do the wrong thing as the Catholic Church here.

  • SmilingAssassin27

    Sadly, Aquinas could never account for the utter incompetence and debilitating corruption that plagues the immigration process. History proves Hayek right over and over–the government is utterly incapable of making immigration work because it has no competence about this issue, and it is too susceptible to the winds of political antagonism and entitlement.

    • jascott

      Another Catholic website is reporting that 3 dioceses in TX have gotten millions of $ in Fed grant money over the past 4 years (perhaps) to repair for the future influx of illegals(?) I was suspicious at the time of that border Mass Card. O’Malley celebrated last Spring. Just when you think the Church can’t look any cozier with the Dems something like this comes out. Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help, pray for us.

    • Rosech Levy

      And even our Founding Father fought against the muslims!

      • salesgirl

        Precisely! That’s why Marines are called leather necks and their fight song mentions the Shores of Tripoli. That’s the real reason our third president Thomas Jefferson owned a Koran, to “know thy enemy,” not to be politically correct and embrace all religions, as the liars in the DC try to tell everyone.

        • oldtimered

          Your right salesgirl.
          It is sad our students today are so uneducated that any secular or leftist teacher ruins their minds.
          Pray for the USA and the world.

        • Flame

          Right on. Just one more reason why TJ is probably my favorite president!

  • Susan

    Clear. I will post and speak of. Could you – or your aid – adapt this for several papers and journals Letters to the Editor? I usually send out 5 copies an effort. God bless you, your friend in sunny California, Susan C Tikalsky. Thank you, again.

  • Mishu

    So, are you saying then that first generation politicians should not be allowed to meddle in the affairs of the U.S.? You might want to sort out the elements in the Tea Party. A good number of them are “first-generation” immigrants. For example: Nicki Haley, Piyush Jindal, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz (not really a citizen, just relinquished his Canadian citizenship), Darrel Issa….I can go on. What about the elements that are married to “immigrant” spouses. Mitch McConnell, Grover Norquist, Bachman. What are you talking about here.

    • CL

      Hi Mishu, Did you miss the part in the article that speaks of special dispensation for those of virtuous intent? While I would never call politicians ‘virtuous’, it can be said that if they come to this nation with the full intention of becoming as one with the nation… in other words they seek to build up, not tear down, and demonstrate acceptance of the laws of the constitution therein to uphold them… to become one with the nation, and not to change its character…

    • AZ-Ike

      Ted Cruz is a citizen of the United States because he inherited his mother’s U.S. citizenship. He is NOT a ‘natural born’ citizen because he also inherited his father’s Cuban citizenship, AND he received automatic Canadian citizenship as a result of being born in Canada. Therefore, at birth, he owed citizen allegiance to three countries.
      This is a perfect example of why ‘natural born’ citizenship requires being born IN the country of parents who are BOTH citizens OF the country. A ‘natural born’ citizen owes allegiance to no other country than his birth country. No ‘law’ is needed to affirm ‘natural born’ citizenship because by birth inheritance (blood) and by country of birth (soil) the child can be a subject/citizen of no other country.

    • AZ-Ike

      Unfortunately, the Constitution did not require ‘natural born’ citizenship for the States’ Congressional Representatives and Senators, as it did for President/Vice-President. It merely requires a certain number of years of citizenship, age and residence. Even those who were ‘naturalized’ citizens at a very young age are likely influenced by their parents’ foreign cultures and beliefs.
      Everyone jumped on the bandwagon for a Rubio vice-presidency on Romney’s ticket because Rubio seemed an ardent supporter of the Constitution–as does Ted Cruz. However, when immigration reform became the issue of the day, Rubio sided with anti-constitutional Senators and approved a bill that would protect immigrants at the expense of U.S. citizens.
      Even if the Constitution does not limit Congressional (or State government) representation to ‘natural born’ citizens, U.S. citizen voters should automatically exercise their patriotism for the United States by refusing support to first (and possibly second) generation immigrants in public office.

  • Barbra

    This is all I have ever asked … if you are coming to our country, do it legal … adapt to our cultures, learn our language, abide by our laws! Do not come with your hand out expecting everyone to bow down and cater to you and give you monies and benefits that many Americans who worked and paid for tgese benefits cannot even get! You expect change everything under the sun to change to accommodate your language and cultures and customs! And WE the Government (not the people) did just that! All the many years America has been a Country … we have never changed forms, rules, laws and languages to accommodate any other nationality until Hispanics came here! Now we the Americans have to learn their language and change many things we do to accommodate their lives, not the other way around! We have a serious problem in this Country and in this World! If the powers that be do not wake up and stop taking bribes or serving special causes, etc … there will NOT be an America! God bless the USA!

    • Elizabeth

      I was born & raised in the state of Texas which has a history, My ancestors where already here before Cortez & Columbus ever “discovered the new world”, My parents were both born in the valley of south texas, and lived in Mexico & went to school there, as for their parents they were full-blooded Apache, Aztex & Maya indians who married Spaniards & Italians, once they settled to save money to buy a house in the valley, get their citizenship,& due to traveling because of being farmers all across northern parts of certain states, they were just hard workers trying to make ends met without complaining or being bitter, but were willing to do the work with pride & with gratitude, they were very appreicated for their jobs, house, clothes on their backs, was able to provide food on the table, say our prayers, be respectful to their bosses & elders, my parents
      saw prejudices ” no Mexicans allowed in certain areas” & so forth, since my parents went to school in Mexico ( which their grandparents paid for them to attend ), when they went to school in the US, the teachers where shocked( which they did not like to admit nor did they like the fact that a red/brown color skin where better educated) that they knew more about the the basic R’s then the american kids at that grade level, my parents never took advantage of what this country nor the state had given them but took every opportunity to advance for a better life for their kids to be
      self sufficient, citizen, voter, and to give back into the communities, …I saw not by words but by actions the Love God showed us & how humility is truly a treasure in our lives

  • Jacqueleen

    I’m sure that St. Thomas was speaking about legal immigration and not illegal immigration prompted by the evil leadership that does not respect the laws of the land. (Romans 13:1-2) I wonder what he would have said if he lived in present?

  • Churchill4President

    Excellent analysis! Sadly, the leaders of the Roman Catholic Church here in America do not share these views. They are for open borders and amnesty. I believe this is because they want more Hispanics in the pews, to cover their failure of growing the Catholic Church here in America.

    • Rosech Levy

      Well, whoever they want more just isn’t happening and numbers attending and donations made aren’t happening either. Amazing how priests have been brainwashed to this incredible disaster.

    • Flame

      It’s not just Roman Catholics. A lot of clergymen have a mistaken notion of charity and are too willing to interpret a broad smile and outstretched hand as “someone in need” without ever seeing the evil behind that. I’m sure it’s going to rattle some folks, but I have to say, they need to be more discriminating — in the positive sense of that word.

  • Rosa Carmen Morales

    I agree, all leaders they need reading this Catholic and non Catholic it is a Universal wisdom

  • Grace del Tabor

    What about mexican and cuban immigration ? They´re people who need help! They are running away from their own nations because of segregation !

  • John D Dique

    People will carry their own “database”, language, habits bad and good, methods of cooking cleaning belief because all these they inherit. It takes decades before they learn to navigate the new surrounds and become part of the new country. Irish will intermarry easily, but lose their mother culture more readily than Scots. It depends on how many of the migrants and if they form “New York”, “New Hampshire”, “New this or that”, and carry into it their deep seated beliefs. Multiculturalism will not work for Islam, as Islam wants a global caliphate. Islam will not accept multiculturalism. Common sense must prevail if the host country is to remain democratic, or else it must succumb as other countries have. History has proved this. Spain had much warfare and only a male win over the arrivals assured Spain of Catholic Spain.

  • Leonard Churilla

    The past two prime ministers of Australia hit the nail right on the head. In essence they said that if you want to be citizens of their country you have to adhere to their laws and customs and not try to impose your own upon them, in reference to Shariya Law which many moslems were proposing. When you migrate to another place you should try to fit into their ways and learn their language. My ancestors did this so their children and grandchildren would have a better life. If you don’t like the country where you are migrating to then go back to your own.

  • Annabelle Arceo Almado

    The sudden influx of immigrants had it’s great toll on the nation, since it is not balance the demand and the supply for workforce and work being generated.

  • SovereignAmerican

    These points were obviously ignored by Ted Kennedy when his legislation opened the flood gates in ’65!

  • albertbryson

    I am glad that St. Thomas agreed with me about the immigrants must assimilate and learn the language and culture of their new land. Unfortunately for us many of the immigrants coming into the United States have refuse to assimilate, but take all kinds of assistance given to them by our governments and charitable agencies. We can’t afford to continue this.

    • Belle

      90% of immigrants are on welfare–the Boston Marathon bombers, for example.

  • Gilbert

    We need to strengthen our borders not just for our own protection but for those people who are being abused and taken advantage of by those who profit from illegally bringing people into this country. Our present system is not one that can be called a humanitarian way of handling those who seek to come to our country. Those people who help the importation of humans illegally are guilty of prolonging a situation where people are being subjugated to abuse that conforms to the most inhuman humanism the world has seen.

  • doomsdae

    What is happening is that the liberal churches masquerading as Christians but in fact, believe in Socialism, are the ones not only backing Obama, but also receiving money from the Government to provide a safe haven for these illegal immigrants most of whom are coming from the Middle East via Mexico and Canada. How to I know? I was told this by a Muslim ten years ago when I went to Granada Spain that they (Islam) were coming in through Mexico and Canada for the main purpose of conquering the world and establishing Sharia law by force. Muslims can speak Spanish and can pass for Latin American people. They are here America, when are you going to wake up!!

    • Rosech Levy

      And it amazed me that Isabel and Ferdinand fought hard to rid Spain of the muslims and now let them in? Where were their brains. The EU is merely a global/communist group of elites to aid in a country’s takeover and so proud of Britains to have cut those strings and now have freedom again!

  • Thetruthhurts:(

    Unless the leaders of our country heed what most Americans are thinking, sooner or later there will be a revolution in our country. Donald Trump is leading because he blatantly speaks the truth, and what most Americans are concerned about. I hope we can reach wise decisions in correcting the many problems we face in our country through our government. Saint Thomas was spot on in his Summa Theologica!
    James Lankford was also spot on when he said:
    Our nation stands at the
    crossroads of liberty. Crushing national debt, rampant illegal
    immigration, insane business regulations and staggering national
    unemployment are pushing our nation into unchartered territory.

  • Ron

    It’s the first part of the second part not the second part of the first part that you are abusing.

    In his response to Question 105 Aquinas offers that there are two conditions between relations with foreigners, Peaceful and Hostile and that Jewish Law makes suitable provision for both conditions.

    First it addresses three peaceful conditions. Foreigners passing thru your land. Foreigners who come to your land as newcomers and thirdly foreigners who come to your land and want to be assimilated into it. And yes, he explained the Jewish law and why it was reasonable, and how it resembled other societal laws (those other laws having been cited by Aristotle) were the ones that imposed the 3 generation rule but Aquinas doesn’t claim that other legal systems are also not reasonable and just.

    The second condition of hostility deals with applications of the just war theory, not with undocumented aliens.

    That being said, Aquinas himself came to realize (with the help of revelation) that all he had written was but straw.

  • gaeliclass

    Wonderful and said by a Saint! God gives us pure logic and pure reason and when we follow Him we find that logic and reason just as the great St. Thomas describes here regarding immigrants. And it all makes so much sense.
    This is why to assume thousands of people into an unprepared nation is wrong.
    This does not mean we do nothing for these people – that is against Christ and His Laws –
    but it means doing what we have to do with intelligence and effort.

  • SJoseph

    God bless the Spanish people(Big Mary and Jesus pictures at their entrances)(and bless all other cultures) for I was invited to their homes for dinner at different times of my life for they have found in me a love of them and a powerful trust to share me with their loved ones. The look of trust in someone’s eyes toward me is so, well almost is instantly tear jerking to me and I thank Father for this feeling I get when this happens. What a present to me that others sense this powerful love to them. Yes, I would die for anyone anytime always, its just the way it is. I don’t get it myself. Maybe because of pain that I suffered from injustices of myself during my early youth. Although at age 6-7-8ish, not exactly sure, I heard this “I AM WITH YOU” booming throughout my body not just my ears. Was this Jesus or Farther? But to see an act of kindness towards others, especially from a third party, me standing off afar and witnessing it from others to others, I get this total love feeling.
    But getting back to immigration as you see I’m not ignorant to others. I do not like this, ” push 1 for English, push 2 for Spanish!!! This gets my goat every time! What about “push 3 for Polish? ” “What about push 4 for Ukranian? 5 for Italian, 6 for African, 7 for Irish, 8 for Susquahanok, or Nikomas, local Indian i think? I almost feel that this country or a behind the scenes thing cater to Spanish. No offense meant. But are not my Grandfather’s people who came through Ellis Island and had to assimilate to this country, give up their own language, learn English, have a sponsor family etc., and followed all the rules good enough to have a button to push??? Well why cater to one and not another? I don’t know about you but to me this shows extreme predjudism if you have one foriegn country and their people native language and not include all the others. Everybody’s forefathers that died for this country are rolling over in their graves! “We had to learn English and died for that opportunity! Isn’t our voice good enough? For a button?”

  • Toni

    Muslims bring their faith with them and build Mosques here. How many churches are in the Middle Eastern countries? How many Christians are murdered in those countries for practicing their faith? Muslims only want to dominate all people.

  • Elizabeth

    This is fantastic!!! I will be sharing it with my almost 1,000 Facebook Friends and with all the Priests and Deacons I know! THANK YOU!

  • Sam Ferraro

    I would like to forward this to Pope Francis, President Obama, Mayor Emanuel, Archbishop Cupich and all of the other American bishops that favor unfettered immigration policies.

    • Auntjenjen Churro

      Obama does not care! He ‘loves’ (lusts) this!

  • Andy Sloan
  • ronedee

    This is why “Legal” is a necessity! If there are no rules/laws, or consequences for breaking them, there are no loyalties or respect for the host nation. None.

  • Edward Koestner

    Several Catholic writers are using this same vein of Saint Thomas’ thinking to counter the unnatural concept that the United States is somehow obliged to accept the very immigrants who want to destroy us. “Charity starts at home!” The issue would get less complicated, however, if we were willing to distinguish between good and bad immigrants. Accept those who are good, and reject those who are bad.

    • AZ-Ike

      Who will determine if an immigrant is ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Isn’t Obama already doing that at OUR expense? How about the Muslim Brotherhood in the top posts of Homeland Security? Should they be the final word on who is a good or bad immigrant?

      Immigration requires 5 principles stated clearly since old Testament biblical times and throughout the ages into current Catholic catechism.

      1. It must, first and foremost, be for the common good and benefit of existing citizens.
      2. It must be according to the laws of the host nation.
      3. The immigrant must be willing AND ABLE to assimilate into the host country–its beliefs and principles, its culture and society (and language), and its laws under which its society must live.
      4. Assimilation takes a long time–at least two to three generations–before immigrants can be trusted with lawmaking in the host country–including voting for or against potential laws
      5. Enemies must NEVER be admitted for immigration (or even unrestrained visits) into the country. Enemies are not only those individuals who would shoot, behead, bomb, or otherwise physically harm our citizens. Enemies are also those whose beliefs and principles are intent on changing or diluting our own beliefs, principles, culture and society–and the laws by which we live in a relatively peaceful society.

      Islam, whether practiced by Muslims or Africans, Middle Easterners, Indonesians, or Americans is the antithesis of American Christian beliefs, our Judeo-Christian Laws, and the principles of Liberty and Justice on which we base our laws, culture and society. Unlike God’s Commandments, followed by most of America, Islam encourages its members to lie if it benefits Islam. Why should the practice of Islam ever exist in the United States?

      The First Amendment freedom of religion clause works only if all religions respect the freedom of other religions. Obviously, this is not true of Islam.

      The First Amendment does not allow any and all religions the freedom to practice their own religions in the United States. The U.S. was developed as a country by Christians, primarily for the freedom to practice Christianity without government interference. That is why our laws are primarily based on Judeo-Christian Laws–so that secular laws would not violate God’s law. Every time the federal (or State) government tells us we cannot criticize anything about Islam, and/or restricts our religious practices in public and government, they are violating the First Amendment. How can we respect a government that allows Islam to kneel in our streets and on our sidewalks to pray to Allah five times a day and doesn’t allow prayers or the mention of God or the appearance of a Bible in schools and public?

      If the current immigration and refugee programs authorized by Congressional Law, or unconstitutionally authorized by Obama’s Executive Orders violate any of the five Principles of Immigration, then our own government is intent on destroying America–our beliefs and principles, our culture and society, our Constitution…and our citizens. That, my friends, is the very definition of treason!

      • Lukas Lumbantobing

        Do you really think all Islamic students currently studying in American universities should be expelled and deported only because they are Muslims? I’m not living in the USA, mind you. I’m an Indonesian Christian.

        Good to hear your explanation about this case.

  • Martin Wilhelmy

    I learned this week from friends in Germany that when refugees in camps are being served meals by German volunteers, these refugees shocked the volunteers by saying they didn’t want to be seated and served as families…rather, the refugees demanded that the men sit separately from the women and children. This is causing some dismay in Germany since this clearly shows the refusal by the refugees to respect and integrate themselves into the Western view of the family.

    • Geoff

      What it should also highlight is that they do not believe in an egalitarian society. They will transform it to their Sharia based system as soon as they have the numbers and powers to do so as has historically been done in other parts of the world.
      It will put an end to women’s rights and the plethora of other rights as soon if Islamists are allowed to take power.

      • Patsy Koenig

        Yes, that is why Islamic immigration should be banned. Their religion, as officially taught and practiced, is inimical to American and European society. For a few decades, in the early 1900’s Islamic immigration to USA was banned….then allowed in the 1960’s. Islam is anti-Christian and anti-non-Muslims.

        • Rosech Levy

          Not a religion but a cult philosophy from Mohamed and the aim is to kill all infidels and even those muslims who leave. That is not a religion, just a word they know we will relate to as nice when it is anything but.

          • Patsy Koenig

            I totally agree. It is not a true religion.

          • lukas tobing

            How about Malaysian or Indonesian? Should Western educational institutes barring them (I mean muslims) for scholarship even without any criminal record? Or an Indonesian Muslim who married an American?

          • Flame

            With respect to your last sentence, Iva Toguri, the woman known to most of the world as “Tokyo Rose,” married a Filippino while she was still in Japan during WW2. Rather than being the traitor she was accused of being, she was actually a true American patriot (born on the 4th of July — no kidding, look it up). Once she had returned to the US, her husband was declared “persona non grata” and not allowed to come to the US. Terrified that if she ever left US shores again, she would not be allowed to return, she never left the country to visit him. So they never saw each other again.

            As for the question you pose, I think it would be up to the immigration authorities to question this muslim spouse — whether from Indonesia or anywhere else — and ask if he/she was prepared to acknowledge and accept American law and to swear an oath of loyalty to the US. If the answer is yes, let them in. If no, keep them out. Once such a declaration is made under oath, if the immigrant breaks the oath, he/she can be charged with perjury and deported. Yes, I know islam has the doctrine of taqiyya — that to lie is okay if it advances islam. So we take some chances with this, but far less than just admitting unvetted hordes of so-called “refugees.”

          • lukas tobing

            I definitely agree with your statement about vetting immigrants from non Christian countries.

            N.B. I’m Indonesian.

          • Mayanja

            Many people are forced to free their beloved countries by wars which are created by the greedy wicked men and women.So before condenming President Trump, the servant of Jesus Christ who have been chosen to fight and stop the Satanic agents from destroying our earthly planet, condenmon these wicked men and wome and denounce their evil actions.You all know that George Soros through his network is the one causing the refugees problem.Why can’t you ask his arrestetion instead of condenming the one who has been chosen to bring things in order ?

          • Kristine L.

            President Trump the servant of Jesus Christ? Please get real. This Pres.Trump you speak of is the same man who made a mockery of the recent National Prayer Breakfast by using it as an occasion to brag on himself and flippantly pray about Arnold Schwarzenegger and a silly TV show’s ratings, as an awkward silence filled the room. Oh, and I guess you don’t remember him saying on the campaign trail that he’s never had to pray for forgiveness as he’s never done anything wrong? No, I’m not making it up, it’s out there on tape somewhere. People with self absorbed, narcissistic egos like his are not to be trusted.

          • lukas tobing

            I like to see Soros just die, either. He is one of the reason people hate Jews (as a fuel of a certain conspiracy theory).

          • KAH

            Maybe an easy test would be to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. That is strangely accused of idol worship in their minds and forbidden.

          • Marie Halligan

            As I remember reading,I think it might have been Aayan Hirsi Ali,an ex-Muslim woman who is an anti-Islam speaker,Islam is..” ..a totalitarian POLITICAL ideaology with a religious component!” This has stuck with me and sums up why Islam has it’s own system of law,Sharia,dictates on every aspect of human life and commands its members, Muslims,to turn the entire planet Islamic, by Jihad.Jihad can be either violent,or non-violent,which is what mass immigration and having more children than the natives is about. So,you are correct.Islam is really about POWER,and the religious component is not much more than a ” beard”! No pun intended- or maybe it was?? If I didn’t laugh, sure I’d cry. Let’s pray for the conversion of Muslims to Catholic Christianity.God bless.

          • Flame

            I’m pretty certain you are correct in citing Aayan Hirsi Ali for that statement. Alas, they hide under our First Amendment to protest against any attempt to have them conform to our laws and our culture.

            Personally, I suspect Satan himself is the one who dictated the koran to Mohammad.

          • Flame

            It’s a full-blown political philosophy of life with a small religious component. Alas, they are hiding under our First Amendment to allow them to get away with all kinds of crime.

    • Rosech Levy

      And as my spouse is German and speaks with family twice a week (thanks to Skype), the invited invaders are complaining about the language and why Germans don’t speak Arabic (Duh!), about the food, about how little money they are given (what happened to the $1500 they had in pockets on arrival?), rape is exponentially growing and women advised not to go out at night in their own country and if go out at all, go in groups, crimes of many sorts on the rise. However, the globalists/communists want this to make countries weak and easily taken over, which we are seeing in this country with the 1963 published DNC Communist Manifesto and they are close to the last or almost last step and are pushing to get Hillary in the WH and will find a way to get voter fraud any way they can. The muslims here do not respect our flag nor Constitution nor laws, but want their no go zones (Minnesota, Wisconsin) and sharia and honor killing. St. Thomas had it right, remove them all back to wherever as they are a growing and ongoing danger to our country.

      And, yes, it angers me that our Catholic Church has taken OUR money via Obama to do this to America and then they wonder why the churches are emptying. Duh!

    • Jacqueleen

      The world deserves whatever violence and chaos that the refugees will bring because they refuse to believe that there is no such thing as a peaceful Muslim. The ones that appear to be peaceful (even though they do not assimilate) are on a mission to multiply like rabbits to speed up being in the majority in the country that they are in….then they will infiltrate all departments and systems including the government and ultimately will take over the country without firing a shot.
      ALL MUSLIMS MUST BE EVICTED AND BANNED FROM RE-ENTRY. What country in it’s right mind invites their arch enemy to live in their back yards?
      There is plenty wrong with this picture….Queen Isabella had the right idea when she evicted the Muslims to save her country, Spain!….AND WE SHOULD FOLLOW HER LEAD! (Not screaming…just emphasizing! .

  • Islamic immigrants have a whole other agenda in mind. They do not assimilate, they conquer. If they can’t conquer by the sword, and those days a long behind them, then they will attempt to conquer by multiplying.

    • Lukas Lumbantobing

      Not all of them, but yes, massive Islamic immigration to the west is a grave concern.

  • Nobody

    Seems reasonable to me.

  • mountainguy

    Do all inmigrants need to “adapt” and “adopt” the culture of the new country? I will not attack this idea (which I partially share), but it seems it doesnt apply to all groups. For example the amish: they do not adapt, yet are likely one of the most peaceful and hardworking groups in the USA (at least far more peaceful than the rest of white anglosaxons).

    • Rosech Levy

      The Amish are true Americans, altho a different faith traveler. And, yes, I have adapted to living in other countries and my spouse here because that is what should be done out of respect to the country where you are working and/or living.

  • ranger01

    Isn’t it amazing how the current bishop of Rome and the USCCB cannot hold
    a candle to the razor sharp mind of holy Aquinas?

  • Lodrone

    Saint Thomas: “The reason for this was that if foreigners were allowed to meddle with the affairs of a nation as soon as they settled down in its midst, many dangers might occur, since the foreigners not yet having the common good firmly at heart might attempt something hurtful to the people.

    St. Thomas Aquinas on Islam:

    “He (Mohammed) seduced the people by promises of carnal pleasure to which the concupiscence of the flesh urges us. His teaching also contained precepts that were in conformity with his promises, and he gave free rein to carnal pleasure. In all this, as is not unexpected; he was obeyed by carnal men. As for proofs of the truth of his doctrine, he brought forward only such as could be grasped by the natural ability of anyone with a very modest wisdom. Indeed, the truths that he taught he mingled with many fables and with doctrines of the greatest falsity.

    He did not bring forth any signs produced in a supernatural way, which alone fittingly gives witness to divine inspiration; for a visible action that can be only divine reveals an invisibly inspired teacher of truth. On the Contrary, Mohammed said that he was sent in the power of his arms – which are signs not lacking even to robbers and tyrants. What is more, no wise men, men trained in things divine and human, believed in him from the beginning (1). Those who believed in him were brutal men and desert wanderers, utterly ignorant of all divine teaching, through whose numbers Mohammed forced others to become his follower’s by the violence of his arms. Nor do divine pronouncements on part of preceding prophets offer him any witness. On the contrary, he perverts almost all the testimony of the Old and the New Testaments by making them into a fabrication of his own, as can be seen by anyone who examines his law. It was, therefore, a shrewd decision on his part to forbid his followers to read the Old and New Testaments, lest these books convict him of falsity. It is thus clear that those who place faith in his words believe foolishly.”- Summa Contra Gentiles, Book 1, Chapter 16, Art. 4. Footnote: 1. Sura 21:5, Sura 44:14; Sura 16:103, Sura 37:36

    I would say that this would be the danger he was writing about.

  • PlanetJuggler

    I’m sending this to my pastor and deacons. They need to understand authentic Catholic teaching on this (and not just the pablum and progressive garbage coming from Wuerl and the USCCB).

  • Bernie

    I do not have a problem with those who come here and want to become real Americans as we are all from immigrants except American Indians. My anger and sometimes hatred is when the people that come here move 30 people into a 3 bedroom house in upscale neighborhoods. They set up 5 gallon containers for the kids to go to the bathroom outside with toilet on steel rods. Come home to that after a day of work and have to smell what has been cooking in the heat of the sun all day. It sucks and the fighting, the guns, the drugs, the disease because none of these people have had any immunizations. My kids schools are over run with chicken pox, lice, and a whole slew of other diseases we have not seen in San Diego for years. When the American taxpayers have given countless illegal immigrants 4 year educations at some of the greatest Universities in the world while we Americans pay through the teeth ourselves for the same education is ridiculous. These graduates reward America by walking across the podium waiving the Mexico flag instead of the USA Flag in gratitude. I am sorry I want these people out of here, especially the ones that hate Americans and want to turn America into the middle east or Tijuana.

  • Marilyn Krocheski

    And also some priests, bishops, cardinals and popes also should read this….

  • Lynn McCrann

    I would hope my Catholic Bishops and my pastor in particular would ascribe to St. Thomas’ teaching.

  • Lynn McCrann

    I would hope my Catholic Bishops and my pastor in particular would ascribe to St. Thomas’ teaching.

  • Bruce1314

    This article should be sent to every Government ,and leaders of Catholic Clergy and every Christian Denomination in Europe

  • Gary Scarrabelotti

    Great work, author. I will order a copy.

  • Katy F, Rochester, NY

    Let’s get back to 9/11. Remember? These people do not assimilate, any more than the thousands of Hispanics who are here and a good majority of them are illegals. We are not a Muslim country – it is an entirely different culture. I don’t know how you would determine who would be a good immigrant and who would be a bad immigrant. Surely the government doesn’t know – it has failed miserably. I think Dr. Ben Carson had a very good idea in that he said these Syrians in flight could be relocated within the borders of their own country where they can practice their own traditions (northeast Syria I believe, where there is no conflict) and the Kurds be given more munitions and US military support to assist them in their fight to gain freedom. After what has happened on our own American soil, I do not at all feel comfortable in allowing these people to come to America. Sorry, Pope Francis, I don’t want them. In fact, they have threatened your life and you want them here? Why?

  • FedUp2

    In my church, we get fliers in the bulletin saying that it’s “our Christian duty” to take in ALL immigrants and give them shelter & food, then declare from the pulpit that they’re democratics. So much for separation of church & state. ALL churches have gone to the dark side and I’m not supporting any of them anymore.

  • faithandhonor

    I just ordered your book, Mr. Horvat. I only recently found your blog, but find it to be a refreshing oasis of peace and grace in this confused and rapidly degenerating society of ours.

    While I am Protestant and a little suspicious of Catholic-oriented publications, I am a big fan of Russell Kirk, and will continue to visit here and listen to the voice of sweet reason. I DO find order in your writings! Bless you.

  • Julia

    It is a common sense that people who are coming as immigrants they should adjust to the laws of the countries and respect them .. contrary to many immigrant people coming from different regions of the world they do not respect those laws and they come agressivily demanding all the rights and support as any citizen who are born in those countries.. this is absolutely abusive as many citizens who are paying taxes and all the govermental requirments our entire lives. We do
    feel infiltriated by those immigrants who are so agressive demanding the same rights when they never paid any support for the country and any taxes..this is very demoralizing how the liberal goverments support all this people with the only interest that in the future they get their votes it is a merely political interest it’s sick to the stomach.
    Many of this immigrants they become criminals if they don’t get the support they demand from the goverment.

  • DavidMacko

    Your commentary is very valuable for Catholics but also for Orthodox Christians such as myself, Protestant Christians and all others who do not want the United States to be destroyed by the invasion which is being coordinated by the communist Moslem traitor in our former White House and his henchmen (and women) including the crooked communist five letter synonym for female dog who is running for president.

  • Annette Fee

    Isn’t the Catholic leader of the world our most holy Pope? As Catholics, shouldn’t we seek to follow his thoughts, wishes, and ideas on immigration

    • Mike

      The Catholic rule of faith is scripture and tradition, when the Holy Fathers, thoughts, wishes, and ideas are contrary to his predecessors, they are not infallible, and our rule of faith becomes the popes thoughts, wishes, and ideas. Traditional Catholics who follow dogma and infallible doctrine still have scripture and tradition as their rule of faith. While immigration as a doctrine has not been dogmatized, the current Holy Fathers thoughts, wishes, and ideas are contrary to tradition as St. Thomas’ writings prove. If anything, what St. Thomas says on immigration could be an infallible Church doctrine on immigration because it is an established 2,000 plus year tradition.

  • Augustine Madanu

    The article is very good. I fully agree with the views of the writer. Augustine Madanu

  • lighthouse333

    The rulers, leaders of this world must know that all human laws must make based on the DIVINE LAW and NATURE LAW that GOD HAS SETUP. When men try to apply perverted laws on the people, the hell will break loose as we see right now all over the whole world. That’s simple, that’s common senses, folks.

  • Mark

    Actually, The Founders/Framers must have read about St. Thomas because they say the same thing. I think Jefferson and Madison addressed this. Check out http://www.abbevilleinstitute.com for the article.

  • FedUp2

    This whole immigration problem has been planned for a very long time, all is going according to plan. Break down the culture and language of a country and it splinters it for generations. To think that “diversity” is the key to unity is a lie and has been spoon fed to us for a very long time. Time to wake up and admit it is NOT working, will never work, and cannot work for us to stay united in common thought.

  • the1maverick

    One need look no further than Ancient Rome, the once great Nation State. It was not brought down
    By warring troops but rather it had conquered so much land and so many varying people’s that the
    Conflicting cultures conflicted with each other, language, histories, cultures etc. not to mention the
    Overinflated cost of welfare. It was best to death by Welfare programs, then inter culture warfare, finally it went belly up.

    It serves us as an example which we must acknowledge and learn from, which is quite simple.
    No nation can exist with more than one Culture. Without borders you have no single Culture, with
    No Stated culture you can have no Country.

  • Anthony Rader

    How then does dual citizenship work in the light of St. Thomas’s thoughts on these matters? How does it serve those countries that allow it?

    • Simple: don’t allow it. Dual citizenship = Dual loyalties = Internment Camps. In America, the Moslem infidels and Talmudic Judaics (Spain and England expelled them for a legit reason — to protect the Faith) are a danger to the remaining (?) Christian belief system here. Cannot really say there is any Christianity left when gutless men still permit mothers and “doctors” to murder babies; men and their apostate clergy stand by and allow Sodomites to “marry” and “Christians” finance it all every April 15th. (Fyi, I stopped 20 years ago and I’m running for U.S. House to get everyone else to stop b/c there is no law). See my Landholt for Congress page on FB.

      Of course, dual loyalties can be said of protestants and evangelicals as well since they are their own pope. Their “religion” is “USA USA USA” and allegiances are to a flag. In the case of evangelicals, their allegiance is to a self-worshiping, racist antichrist country called Israel.

      Kyrie eleison.

      #Texit #Landholt2016 #TaxationIsTheft #Usury

  • I suspect that in order to follow the true Christian teaching on immigration, We the People will need to regain control of WDC by use of 50 State Militias. See my Landholt for Congress page on FB. #Texit #TaxationIsTheft #Usury @HoffmanMichaelA

  • Sr.Athens

    A nice article. Prudence, discernment and charity as guide in the issue of immigration.

  • Emanuele Bracco

    My criticism to this that “mass immigration” is not only policy, but also the result of history, e.g. the development of middle-income countries, the falling transport costs, the connectedness of countries through the internet… all things that decrease the cost of emigrating.
    So at least partially this increase in immigration is something we need to accept, and be educated to live with.

  • James

    St Thomas was a racist!

  • John DiStefano

    The Hillary camp says Aquinas and all orthodox Catholics are ‘backwards’. Why do so few priests and bishops admonish pro abortion pols and parishioners? Because they follow the failed $ and ‘butts in the seats’ dilution of faith, morals and doctrine espoused by the sissified post Vatican II “church.”

  • EAlberto

    Interesting article.and it makes sense, however I would like to mention that for some reason a lot of the examples are based in the Old testament in a society relatively closed with preference for endogamy and with exceptional acceptance to foreigners. Once we read the Gospel (New Testament), there is an opening to compassion and more acceptance to the other, the foreigner, the refugee (Samarians, greeks, syrians, etc)

  • Kathy Rheinfrank

    You haven’t worked for a Muslim yet and they treat women like crap . I bustedmy you know what and never a thank you . He threatened me on my last pay if I didn’t give him the keys he would change the locks and use my money . He’s a bully and well I can’t stand Muslims … Try working for them as a women

  • Kathy Rheinfrank

    They come in our country and don’t care anything about our ancestors and only about money

  • Anna



    ISLAM – PHASE 1:






    ISLAM – PHASE 3.








  • PatriciaFraide

    So relevant to the immigration crisis we see in the U.S. and around the world today. I would hope both political and Church leaders would take note of this great Doctor of the Church and stop the chaos taking place today.

  • dmikee

    So the pharoah should have expelled all the Jews who emigrated under Joseph from barren land to the riches of the Nile Valley.

  • Carl

    The nation is made up of each of us–what is the right thing for each of us to do. Each of us cannot unilaterally control the nation, but we can control how we live out our call as Christians . Each Christian will face the final judgement. Perhaps a comprehensive study of all of Thomas Aquinas’ writings insofar as how does a Christian respond to the Gospel passages such as the rich man with Lazarus begging at his gate (Luke 16), and “I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in…” (Matthew 25). Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s (Mathew 12). Perhaps one solution is to raise taxes to pay for all the immigrants that we should let in if we are to truly live out the Beatitudes and be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect (Matthew 5). Are we first Christian or American. What will God ask of us? There is neither Jew nor Gentile… (Galatians 3). Do we analyze immigration through the lens of I am a conservative American, or I am Christian, or I am Catholic and part of the Universal Church, …?

  • Johann du Toit

    Good proposals. Immigration should be neither closed and xenophobic nor unrestricted open door, but a properly managed system designed to serve the common good and promote the host country’s best interests.

  • Dodie from Minnesota

    St. Thomas of Aquinas, a Doctor of the Church, was a very wise and prudent man. We tend to forget
    that the problems and also the benefits of allowing foreigners to enter, live and become citizens of and integrate into another nation/culture has been problematic for centuries. It is something that individual nations have had to deal with long before Jesus Christ was born and was here on earth, and after he was gone as well. The wisdom and teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas are as relevant today as they were when he wrote them.

  • fred from CT

    unfortunately our culture has become secular to the extent that even philosophers who are religious ( since most from the middle ages were such) are considered out of touch with modern times and bigots. God help us if this continues

  • jack

    The Democrats Are against controlled immigration. Either legal or illegal.

    why haven’t the Catholic Bishops opened the rectories and Convents to the poor and immigrants instead of putting the burden on the backs of the middle class?

  • Flame

    I would hope that the pastors of many churches, especially in the “leftist” parts of nation, would read this before deciding to create “sanctuary” parishes or cooperate with the law-breaking cities that are declaring themselves sanctuaries. This nation is truly a nation of immigrants, but most of those who came during the periods of great immigration came with the intention of fully assimilating into American culture. Typical were the parents and grandparents who told their offspring, “We speak English now.”

    Today we see whole communities where it’s nearly impossible to communicate with the residents because they haven’t learned the language — let alone the founding documents or history or laws of the nation. And worse, we see those who simply cannot be defined as “immigrants” but must be called “invaders” who specifically seek to overthrow. That’s precisely why immigration laws are enacted and why all who seek to offer “charity” to “immigrants” must learn the distinctions between those who are here to contribute to the nation (while bolstering their own well-being) and those who are here either to suck the life-blood of the nation or to overthrow.

  • To integrate peacefully and not disrupt the common good, their religion and beliefs must not be at odds with Christianity, upon which our law, society and common good rests. They must not seek to supplant, oppose or destroy it. So some foreigners must be met with hostility and not allowed in. Others, such as Buddhists, may be encouraged to stay or visit but must not have full citizen rights until they fully integrate- ie. become Christian or at least have sympathetic, pro-Christian views. This excludes Moslems from entering countries at the moment for starters- even on visas or as tourists. Makes good sense

  • Mary

    So happy to read this. I totally agree with St. Thomas Aquinas. In addition, I, always, thought that no one should be working in our government that isn’t, at least, two or three generations.

  • Jameson

    So, why aren’t many of our Catholic priests and Catholic Charities abiding by St Thomas’ words instead of chasing after government monies and undermining our country and our faith in the process. The behavior of many catholics is obviously the result of following the principles of secular humanism not Catholicism, reason and logic.

  • Jacqueleen

    In the USA, it is a question of enforcing our good Immigration Laws that appear to follow what St. Thomas Aquinas suggests relative to the treatment of Immigrants. Borders and the security at borders have been in existence for many centuries including when Our Lord and the Apostles walked the land. (Jesus walked within 100 miles of Jerusalem.) St. Paul advised his disciples to honor the laws of the country that they entered indicating that they must abide by those laws. Open borders is a huge mistake. The Catholic Hierarchy have confused mercy with permissiveness and we all know what happens when parents are permissive with their children. The results are spoiled brats! My God is a God of Justice and Mercy……which does not include permissiveness. It is a known fact that the Bible cannot be added to or deleted or changed in any way. God is faithful and steadfast. He does not change…We do. Permissiveness is from the devil and leads to the wide road to hell. God’s Mercy is not permissiveness!

  • Mary George

    Muslims come to our country to change us.That is why they should be deported and not allowed in.

  • anAmericanByChoice

    The main principle is integration. One leaves behind one country and immigrates to another in search of a better life, liberty, opportunities, etc. If one has no desire to integrate and abide by the laws of the land, in this case, the Supreme Law of the Land, the original Constitution and BoR, and if one wants to continue to exclusively speak the language of his ancestors, then one should not enter the US of A with the intent of immigrate. If settling down in the USA respect for local law, culture, language is essential. If immigrants and refugees want to enter the USA with the purpose of living in ghettos/closed communities, and maintain their for ways, then they should go back to their own countries.

  • Tom woods

    There is only one thing I don’t like about immigration, those who come here illegally. I will never accept and never understand why any American does not agree with that.

  • albertbryson

    I wonder about immigrants coming into our country and are not assimilating. We have to provide translations services because they are not interested in speaking English. Most immigrants that come from Mexico and Latin America are violating our immigration laws and are staying. We should deport those that commit real crimes. I don’t mind illegals who come and stay and learn English. What I object to is that are getting all kinds of benefits and assistance that properly should be given to citizens only.

  • Fleur

    Good points. Fine if people come wwith good intentions. NOT fine if THEY ARE COMING TO RAPE, KILL, OVERTURN OUR CONSTITUTION, CHANGE OUR LAWS, DIET, LANGUAGE




  • PBHayes

    If Aquinas were alive today he would take the obvious position that Islam in its present form is incompatible with modern civilized societies and thus should not be allowed to spread to those nations. The left would call him a fascist and call for his death.

  • Janet

    This is good. However, I am not sure if you understand the system today. Today’s immigration policy doesn’t allow you to assimilate into the society. You first must apply for your green card or citizenship. This takes a few years and thousands of dollars. Then once you are approved for the waiting list for the green card number, you have to wait another 5-8 (or even longer) for a number to become available and then you can apply (more money) for your green card. You are not allowed to wait in the country while you wait for your number, you have to wait outside. If your sponsor (your US citizen parent, or sibling) dies while you are waiting, you lose your approval. So, there is no preparation like in early times, for being a citizen within a country. Once you get your green card, then you can move to the US. Then you wait another 5 years, apply for naturalization and then wait another 3-5 to apply for citizenship.
    And this is for countries like Canada. If you are from another country like the Phillipines, then you are waiting 20-30 years before you can come to the US.
    So, the system is meant to keep people out. And assimilation is probably difficult after waiting for so long to get into the country.
    I am in complete agreement with vetting who should be able to come and be a citizen, but in my opinion, the way the system is set up now, it encourages people to become illegal.

  • Tom

    Thank you. Very well stated

  • Tom Qualey

    Does anyone know if the US Bishops have addressed these insights from St. Thomas?

  • MichaelCro


  • Dasgeiss

    There are 196 countries in this world. What makes every immigrant want to come to the United States? Many countries require that an immigrant have a job or means of self subsistence before entering their country as an immigrant. The main draw to the United States is “Freebees”! They come here for a better life but where is it written that we must provide the “better life” for them? This is nuts!

  • PatriciaFraide

    Makes so much sense! Would that those whining about Trumps temporary ban could understand this!

  • Dasgeiss

    Mexican immigrants and the Mexican Oligopoly are always complaining about our Immigration policy. What if we adopted their immigration policy? What would they say then?

  • Publius

    Senators Dick Durbin, Ed Markey, Jeff Merkley, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and all those other Catholics in name only need to read and understand the harm that they do to the followers and the Catholic Church.

  • LEP

    It is mostly liberal democrats who are pushing for liberal immigration policies. Their purpose is to turn immigrants into voters, whether legal or illegally. They give them welfare, food stamps, social security benefits, etc. to buy their loyalty to the democratic party. They will do anything, whether legal or not, to perpetuate themselves in power. But, immigration is only one of their tactics to acquire and maintain their political hegemony. Another is to create social unrest, like race riots. Their aim is to get the whole society in upheaval and chaos in order to give them an excuse to step in with marshal law and take over the entire country. Their ultimate goal is to overthrow the established government and take over the country. They have learned a lot from the communist who took over Russia, eastern Europe and China by low level tactics. You think in can’t happen here? Don’t kid yourself. Hopefully, the good people in America will wake up and see what is going on, as they partially did in the last election, got their asses to the poles on election day and voted for men of integrity to manage our government. If we are going to be a nation of the people then the people must take their responsibility seriously. Another tactic that is going on in a big way is the corruption of the educational system corrupting impressionable minds and making them subservient to the state.

  • Terrence tran

    This is also my view.

  • E.R. from Tulsa OK

    I cannot believe I am hearing all this comments from Christians, like “I am sick of hearing about humanitarian reasons.” So you are quoting Thomas, how about quoting the Bible “faith, hope and love, the three of them; and the greatest of them is love” (1 Cor 13,13). When we forget charity then we are not been Christians, plain and simple. I do agree with many of the comments, and definitely agree with St. Thomas, about respecting the laws, and taking care of people who enter illegally, by following the law. The security of our country is a major concern, but Jesus never said it was secure, or easy to be a Christian, if you doubt that just look at the martyrs. We cannot make laws, that do not put the love and mercy of God first, that is what a not Christian person would do. In the same manner, that we defend the defenseless unborn children that are been murdered before they are born, we must be careful not to send the defenseless refugees, etc. back to a sure death by acting without charity and love. In addition, as Americans not too many years ago we though the wall in another part of the world that divided places was wrong and cheered when it came down, thanks to mostly one of our popes, but now we talk against our current pope for talking against the building of a wall in our own country, I call that hypocrisy.

  • JMC

    I see only two issues in this article: when immigrants should be granted citizenship, and whether some people should be turned away. But, St Thomas did not argue for massive deportation, nor would he do such a thing, nor did he argue for allowing people to live in the shadows. It is also important to note that the Church as a whole has more authority than St. Thomas Aquinas, even he would agree to that. The principles that the Church has established are as follows:

    – People have the right to migrate to sustain their lives and the lives of their families.
    – A country has the right to regulate its borders and to control immigration.
    – A country must regulate its borders with justice and mercy.

  • bkeyes71@yahoo.com

    Very interesting, sounds a lot like president Trump’s aims about immigration. Common sense for the common good of the country, we must keep the terrorists out no matter what the Demonrats say they are so for getting votes they don’t give a dam if the country gets destroyed in there process of letting in immigrants from terrorist nations.

  • William Richter

    The problem isn’t immigration, the problem is illegal immigration. We lock our doors because we don’t want criminals entering our homes unannounced with evil intent. We protect our homes, lives, goods,and children. The same goes for a nation. We have legal immigration for the same reasons. Illegal immigration is occurring by the thousands, by the millions. Drugs and criminals are flowing into the country. Only a fool would equate what’s happening in our country with what ST. Thomas I talking about.

  • Besstercera

    Seems to me that the Bible refers to aliens in the singular for a reason (Do not molest ‘a stranger,’ not Do not molest ‘throngs of strangers’). Not that this needs explanation, but…First, the very way the language is set tells a great deal. ‘A stranger’ is vulnerable, isolated, needy. We are moved to show charity. ‘Hoards of strangers,’ on the other hand, suggests a threat, and in such case, we hardly need to be counselled not to bother them. Seems we’d be too busy trying to avoid being bothered ourselves. Of course, what we have in the U.S. situation is ‘throngs of strangers’ pouring over the border of a sovereign country, molesting/bothering us by the sheer number, let alone what any criminals bring with them. There are more than a few problems with that, but I will specify two: First, as the article scratches at, let such an inorganic situation thrive unchecked, and the country that is so appealing to the stranger will cease to be. Second, a country acting as a relief valve for 2nd and 3rd world messes will only aid in perpetuating the mess in the mother land. I would be very interested to see human ingenuity flow again when ‘must do’ becomes the master of an otherwise fleeing people, sponsored by an actually secure southern U.S. border.

  • Jimmy Chonga

    One of the worse things to ever happen to the church was the betrayal of REALISM for Kantianism. What a massive mistake.

  • Jesus is God

    The Book of Nehemiah records how Nehemiah, a Jew living in Babylon, was granted permission to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem. The first thing Nehemiah did when he got there was to rebuild the wall to keep out any that should not be there.

  • Elizabeth Schmeidler

    Send your video to Trump and Pence. They are going to need sound sources backing them up and reassurance at times.

  • Excellent point.Thanks for the Article.

  • fernando orozco

    I dont know about st thomas. But i know what Jesus said in the sermon on the mount. Do not oppress outsiders, for you were once oppressed in the land of Egypt. Seems to me that this story about st thomas is being used to rationalize discriminatory behavior. If you come to do bad, get out, plain and simple. If you come in peace, welcome. But of course there will be some that will say “violation of our immigration laws is bad, so they came to do bad, thus they should leave.” More rationalization to be able to oppress. Reminds me of some of the readings from the civil rights movement. People would bust out there bible and twist the words around to rationalize treating blacks and other non whites as inferior to them.

  • 1LT Los

    First no law can see into the future especially immigration law. Second very simply our law; Title 8 US Code Setion 1325 is clear, it is neither peaceful nor hostile – simply to the point that no person crossing into the United States anywhere than at an official point of entry is here illegally. Ms Fiensteins unaccompanied child act of 2007 acts only to undermine us Code section 1325 and in the spirit of attempting to nullify a law that is of national societal agreement, her ‘act’ is malicious and contrived. Moreover, government induced recruiting of foreigners into our borders is not immigration. That is recruitment. They are here illegally and must leave. No matter what Thomas Equnas thought. Borders were porous back in the day. Today nations are defined by borders. Politicians are defined by their stupidity and my goodness that last ‘president’ really demonstrated that.
    Thank you

  • Paul

    St. Thomas lived 700 years ago when the world was divided into kingdoms. Kingdoms have since gone away….and acceded to nation-states – the system of rule we have now….and this too will pass away…for the world is too small for us to continue the façade of division. God calls us to be unified – and I have yet to see a picture of the earth from space that showed any boundaries at all….In Christ we are all one…and if we do not live in the city of our birth, all of us are migrants and immigrants – whether it is from city to city as it was in the time of St. Thomas Aquinas or nation to nation as it is now….Jesus, Mary and Joseph were refuges and immigrants and were all of our ancestors…May God bless all of them and may God bless all those who received them…

  • Slim

    So if all the decent people flee a country like El Salvadore, only evil people will be left behind. That country will likely self-destruct. (Granted, that may take a long time.) Then good people will again be free to migrate back. If many would pray thru St. Thomas, this may speed up the devastation.

  • LiamTheDream

    Thank you Patsy Koenig. May God, his Blessed Mother and Saint Padre Pio look after you now and in to eternity.

  • sunburstmike

    I wish to give a scenario as an analogy. Let’s say you were going to have a family (friends or extended family…makes no difference) come to stay for a certain period…e.g. 2 weeks. Two of your invited guests are confirmed smokers but your family are all non-smokers. You may say to your guests that you understand their addiction and desire to smoke and pass no judgement on their lifestyle. You may also kindly invite them to smoke only in a designated area, such as the garage or backyard. Now, let’s say they come for their visit and agree to your terms…but….after a few days they can’t take the rules and decide to treat your home as their own and smoke freely in every room and in front of everybody (small children included). They also do not accept your rebuff or rebuke and so continue in defiance. Now, tell me what your guests have become. They have become INVADERS! They have decided that you, your family, your desires, your needs, and your happiness matter not…only their willful conquest matters and that it decides the rule of the day. Seeing any difference from this and from Muslims immigrating and demanding Sharia law means one is not paying attention or is incompetent to make critical judgments and/or grown-up decisions. Good horse sense says that there is no difference between the two, except in circumstance or severity. Even the Good Samaritan only paid for a certain number of days and not for a lifetime hotel stay!

  • Bea Zienkosky

    I wish everyone who is so against our wanting to stop some immigration , not all, would read this. I was so glad to read that what happens to our country may well depend on our stopping so much immigration of those who feel this is the Promised Land. I love my church but disagree with some of their soft heartedness because they are not looking at the big picture as we all are. That our country is in danger of being not what it was originally to be. I think that we should immediatelly stop all immigration for a while until we see what we have here. I wish President Trump could read this too because this is basically what he is saying. Also , to have St. Thomas Aquinas write about immigration so eloquently, and how it will eventually take over the country’s true reason for being, such as no communism or laws changed to accomodate these foreigners way of thinking, would be a boost in his,, President Trump’s thinking as well.
    As for the protestors, they are mainly pro liberal people. They are not even thinking about the future of their country and they may be sorry for what they wish for or they will get it. Takeover by foreigners who are about destroying America. Bea


    Il Papa and American Bishops and Cardinals need to reread the Summa and St Thomas’s thoughts and teaching as spelled out in this article. Their stand on open migration and immigration will in the end destroying the nation.

  • Rons Abhish

    In the recent context wh,ether we are aware or blind to the fact
    Two utmost important thngs needs to come into consideration.

    1 The dissolution of boarders
    2 The one world order

    before making any favorable or unfavorable comments pls educate yourself on the two topics.
    Mother mary herself mentioned about the harms of this century migration in many messages

  • Barbaracvm

    Pope needs to study St. Thomas Aquinas He would not be able to make the outrageous and wrong comments about illegal immigrants

  • adolfocosta123

    Immigration without order and legitimacy does not generate more rights than those basic human rights of each person all over the world.