When People Don’t Believe in the Soul…

20141011_191700-300x225 When People Don’t Believe in the Soul…Perhaps one of the most harmful practices of today’s secular society is its turning away from concerns for the soul. The focus has shifted to this world and not the next.

When people believed in the immortal soul, they sought after moral virtues and transcendental values whereby they might satisfy spiritual desires, and reach the goal of sanctity and salvation.


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But when secular materialism came to dominate society, the spiritual side of man was effectively neglected and all efforts were concentrated on acquiring material happiness.

This change of focus merely took spiritual desires and applied them to material objects. Indeed, when people cease to believe in the soul or its equivalent, they turn to the perfection of the body as a substitute. That is why people have an obsession for the body and the image they wish it to convey.

It is, however, a futile search for perfection, since the body is mortal and progressively Subscription14-233x300 When People Don’t Believe in the Soul…decays. Materialism itself promotes unhealthy habits and a wide range of products that work against the discipline of maintaining the body in shape. The inevitable failure to reach perfect bodily satisfaction helps explain the sadness and depression of many whose expectations for bodily perfection are frustrated. It is one more sign that men have abandoned the soul to their own peril.

  • Tom

    I concur.

  • dishalo

    Good article but….something is missing. What caused this? Could it be believing in evolution? If we believe in evolution that discounts the Bible and even in God’s very existence.
    We need to believe that sin/death entered the world through one man Adam and he was formed from the slime of the earth and God breathed life into Adam. We have to believe the Bible in Its entirety if we don’t we believe in ourselves not God.
    If we have to believe, in this infallible truth, because it was written on each of our hearts when God made us in the wombs of our mothers/conception.

    • Crankshaft101

      Although it is true that because of the fall of Adam and Eve, every man is born into original sin but we do live in a very materialistic world and (as the author says) many people choose to ignore their spiritual well being. While there are over 40k different denominations or sects with each claiming their own authority to interpret the Bible as they choose. It’s no wonder there is so much confusion, even among Christians.

    • 441019

      My three children, who are now adults in their early forties, were raised as Catholics, but apparently because they went to secular colleges and were taught to believe in evolution, they no longer have any religious beliefs. My granddaughters are being raised with no religious beliefs. Many people think that the theory of evolution is a scientific fact. But there are many questions that are unanswered by the theory of evolution, and the fossil evidence does not support evolution–evidence has not been found of creatures that are in between or transitioning from one species to another, and the evidence is that the mammals appeared on earth all at once. That there is great intelligence behind Nature is evident, not to mention the order in the cosmos, and the fact that the conditions on earth had to be exactly right in order for life to exist.

      • sandraleesmith46

        It’s less the species level than the kingdom, phyllum, family and genus levels where zero evidence of transitions exist. Species’ do adaptively evolve according to environmental needs, and that’s the ONLY form of demonstrable “evolution” that exists. Our so called -races are an example of that form of evolution, we were all 1 race : human, at the beginning, and still are, but now with 3 major subgroups and blends of those 3.

    • sandraleesmith46

      In a word,: sin, and the sin nature in which we’re all born. Evolution, along with many other so-called “enlightened” belies passed off as ” settled fact” or “science” are but symptoms of man’s efforts to fill God’s place in their lives with anything and everything but Him, for Whom the space exists.

  • seymoure

    Many of todays “values” were taught to People by Hollywood, and the U.S. Gov’t.–
    and NOT guardians, or Parents. Movies rated R; the Federal Gov’t eliminating Prayer;
    and Lawyers fighting for “rights” of women seeking Abortion—assisted in the Immoral
    “values” we see throughout America, today…Parents allowing Common Law (shacking
    up), marriages, and NOT fulfilling their obligation as a true Parent, by Counseling their
    Kids, and informing them of a man & woman’s commitment through Marriage, and
    The Children, who will BENEFIT morally in a 2-parent Family. It is Proven, that kids
    brought up with 1-Parent, have more difficulties in Life, thus, end up with illigitimate
    Kids, Multiple Fathers, Run in’s with the Law, and Poor Family Relationships.

    • sandraleesmith46

      It’s also proving true about children raised in homosexual households that they fare even less well than single parent families.

  • Kory C. Trebbin

    When the soul cry’s out for attention, it will get it either from a priest or a doctor.

  • Julia Grana Navia

    I do like this article and it is so much truth in it. Someone ask what caused this .. the answer is very simple people left God and spirituality and focus merely in the god of the body as I can read above. Our modern society tried very hard to replace material evolution and scientific proves that God does not exist and we don’t need God , that sin is an invented story and immorality is welcome and man has needs. The liberalism tries to replace God with all kind of vices telling us that it is fine to nourish our physical needs and there is no shame on it. Everything has consequences. We cannot live a life of liberalism without morality and ethics and expect that this kind of behaviour has no consequences. It is very demoralizing to live in a society merely focus on a physical level in the schools I mean public they try to sexualized our children from very young age that my husband and I had to fight for the rights of our own kids with the teacher that they should not teach our children about sex without moral and ethical views , we had to fight for the rights that we were responsible for this education and we did took part on that personally since we consider ourselves moral parents . We had to keep our kids at home when we knew that the teacher was planning to show porno videos to our kids to learn about sex what a disgusting thing they do kill the innocence of our children and many parents don’t mind and are happy about the job of the public schools they do.The goverment still our children and they take away the rights of the parent with all kind of ideas and telling them that their parents are nothing and should not interfere in their lives. what an irony they want to indoctrinice the children with all kinds of evil liberalism without taking responsability of those kids. When they need help we are the parents who take care and when they are sick or in need we are the parents who are there for them , but the goverment neglect our responsability taking our children away with their political indoctrianations , no wonder that the youth today don’t really have the right orientation and they are so confused with values and moral standards. The media is perverse as the music as many series the youth watch no wonder if our children become more stupid watching such nonsense series . they don’t teach the young generation values and become responsible rather parasits and stupid in many ways. That’s the liberalism. No God no values no moral standards.
    Best Regards

  • Mary Anne Mallon

    The soul is our life force. When the soul leaves the body, it dies. The soul records all our doings and we all start off with a beautiful soul and as we live, it can become tainted and loses its original beauty. Divine grace and prayer will help restore the soul and satisfy its cravings. When we go to Purgatory, it is the soul that will be purified not the body. We definitely do have a soul which lives forever and reflects God’s light in us. There are so many mysteries in life that we cannot explain but by faith and trust we will believe in the soul. Adam and Eve did give into temptation and as a consequence, we all have original sin. When we are baptized, the light of God is placed in our soul. We start our journey on earth and our soul records our life. In the book of Dorian Grey his portrait shows the state of his soul even though his physical self looks young.