Ten Maxims for Carrying Your Cross

good_lent Ten Maxims for Carrying Your CrossIn Return to Order, there is special mention of what is called “a Way of the Cross society.” This concept affirms that when men carry the crosses and sufferings that come their way, this leads to a society that is balanced, ordered and rich in culture.

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Below are ten maxims for carrying life’s crosses.

1. The character of a person is determined by how well one knows how to carry one’s Cross.

2. Understand your cross and that of others.

3. Love the cross you have and admire all the ones you don’t have.

4. Have always before you that part of your cross you do not have the courage to face.

5. Understand the two sides of the Cross: the sufferings and consolations.

6. Suffering is not mathematical and does not apply to all equally.

7. God allows us to fall sick but also prepares the bed.

8. Look at suffering frontally; expect unexpected help.

9. Accept the sufferings but also the joys that come your way.

10. The Way of the Cross is a way of resignation to suffering with light.

(Based on a meeting of Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira)

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  • PPTA

    The Lord Jesus is my Savior, he has been for many years. I am not going to mention the things I have faced, however, a Father who loves his son gives him strong disipline. I praise my Father for the strong Disipline he has given me, the Trials, Temptations, Hardships, Sorrows, Loss of close family members, which I endured. It brought me more faith suffering these things. The loss of a young wife I loved very much, her death was extremely hard. Rising four small children alone. The loss of two grown sons, parents are suppose to go first, not the children. I was holding one son’s hand when he passed away. Twice because of doctor bills, I lost everything I had made. But I still praise my Father, and love him. Are the hard times over? no, they haven’t really started yet. Not the really hard times coming.

  • rafaelmarie

    The more you try to do God’s will, the lighter he cross will be.

  • Carol S.

    No way Rafaelmarie! The closer to the Lord that we are, the harder and more numerous they will be! If they would crucify the innocent Lord, what more will they do to us! Carrying our cross is the first and foremost way we can atone for our sins and save others.

    • Jim

      Carol — Matthew 11:29-30, Jesus speaking: “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am meek and humble of heart; and you will find rest for your selves. For my yoke is easy, and my burden light.”
      I do agree that, objectively, the closer we get to the Lord, the heavier the burden. But, subjectively, our Lord provides the grace to carry our cross, actually making the yoke “easy” and the burden “light.”