VIDEO: Saint Thomas and Immigration

thomas_aquinas-300x175 VIDEO: Saint Thomas and Immigration

Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor.

It seems that Saint Thomas Aquinas has an opinion on just about everything.

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In this video, author John Horvat discusses what the views of Saint Thomas are on immigration and the treatment of immigrants.

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One thought on “VIDEO: Saint Thomas and Immigration

  1. Mr. Horvat presents the most common sense approach to immigration that I have heard heretofore. St. Thomas’ approach protects both the immigrant and the country that will host him either permanently or temporarily. It is a stark contrast to the “frenetic intemperence” approach that the Obama administration currently is endorsing. The liberals say just open the gates and let everybody in who wants to come. Europe is now being overrun with hordes of so called refugees to the detriment of their own citizens. Some citizens of Germany are being ordered out of their homes so immigrants can take possession of their apartments. Gangs of young men who recently entered German towns are roaming the streets at night and young women are being raped in the temporary camps. Clearly the “common good” of the people is being greatly compromised and their safety is at risk. Good St. Thomas pray for us as the European problems may soon be coming to a town here in the U.S.

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