Five Ways the Same-Sex “Marriage” Movement Has Failed

Can-You-Force-People-to-Sin-300x300 Five Ways the Same-Sex "Marriage" Movement Has Failed

“despite the narrow 5-4 victory, the issue is far from settled.”

The Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex “marriage” took place with predictable media fanfare. There were endless scenes of jubilant promoters, doting commentators and kowtowing politicians. Everything was done to give the impression that the issue is finally settled.

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However, despite the narrow 5-4 victory, the issue is far from settled. People across the country are upset not only because of the actual decision itself but also because of the strong-armed manner in which it was carried out. As it now stands, the ruling leaves the country more divided than ever.

The ideal for the movement would have been if all America had been on board. In this sense, the same-sex “marriage” movement has failed in five important ways.

Liberals Do Not Value the Votes of Americans
It became evident that votes no longer matter to liberals in America. The movement unmasked itself by abandoning any pretense that acceptance was in any way democratic. Instead, the matter was put in the hands of all powerful courts to get the “right” decisions. Federal court rulings prepared the ground by trampling upon state constitutional amendments and nullifying the votes of tens of millions of Americans. After railroading same-sex “marriage” upon states that had successfully apposed it, the Supreme Court finished the job with its ruling.

Failed to Frame as Civil Rights Issue
The failure was particularly evident in the African-American community which largely opposed any efforts to equate the homosexual movement with the civil rights movement of the sixties. Moreover, the African-American community, especially its religious leaders, opposed same-sex “marriage” on a grand scale on moral grounds.

Forced From The Top
There was evident use of enormous pressure to force through the same-sex marriage agenda. Every stop was pulled out to belittle those who oppose same-sex marriage. Far from being a movement of the “people,” this was a top-down campaign that counted on the full weight of big government, big media and big business to push its agenda forward.

Alienated Supporters
The movement failed yet again by disenchanting countless Americans by its forced Subscription11 Five Ways the Same-Sex "Marriage" Movement Has Failedpoliticization of everything from chicken sandwiches to Facebook posts to pizza weddings. Everything had to have a homosexual angle attached to it and those who did not conform to politically correct norms could face harassment or boycotts. Pro-marriage advocates soon found that tolerance was a one way street.

However, such strong-arm tactics often resulted in spectacular failures as when Chick-fil-A’s pro-family position led to record sales in support. Other times however, florist shops and bakeries have been fined and shut down—something rarely seen on America’s shores.

Strengthening The Opposition
Perhaps the movement’s biggest failure was its inability to discourage its opposition by the overwhelming magnitude of its massive propaganda machine. Ironically, it has only strengthened the resolve of pro-family activists who now see they cannot depend on human solutions but need now confide only in God. Indeed, two weeks before the Supreme Court decision, for example, Americans nationwide gathered for 3,265 prayer rallies in the public square calling upon God’s aid in defense of traditional marriage.

The bottom line is that the pro-homosexual movement has managed to win an important battle with the Supreme Court decision, but it has failed to win the hearts and souls of all Americans. To the contrary, the brutal ram rodding of same-sex marriage upon the nation has only alienated many who feel completely disregarded by the political process and has put them in the hands of a powerful and almighty God. Like Roe v. Wade before it, Obergefell v. Hodges is an unsettling law.

  • bettys4Va

    Never in my 71 years have I felt so unwelcome in my country of birth. Mainstream churches have legalized sin now??? Does that mean that if I change churches I can now be free to commit adultery? You mean I have been celebate since my civil divorce for nothing? What does this tell our children?

    How can they revise God’s words. Jesus did not stutter when describing exactly what marriage meant.

    • Cole

      Because less and less people want to believe in God, and those that do either take the Bible and twist it to their favor or disregard the bible as some ancient text that can’t apply in today’s world. In the end, God will have his justice upon them though.

      • Jacqueleen

        Yes, indeed. God will grant mercy only if one asks for it with a contrite heart, but if one expects that God’s mercy is automatic, they will be shocked when they receive His JUSTICE! Further, Our Lord will say, “I don’t know you!”

        • Bert Alvarado

          As G. K. Chesterton put it, “In the end God will either say ‘My will be done’ or He will say ‘your will be done’.”

        • Joseph Michael Wasik

          When we die, we will stand before God by ourselves. Our accounting is already known to Him. He will mete out His justice

          • Jacqueleen

            Have you ever died to know this to be fact? Sandra Abrahams died ( a near death experience) and found herself in the presence of Jesus. He asked her if she was sorry for her sins and then He asked her if she loved Him. Now we know that Jesus already knows the answers and He alone can read hearts. He showed her hell, purgatory and heaven and told her that she had to come back to earth for He had work for her to do. The point of the story is, we do not know for sure what will happen and if we will have a chance to say we are sorry and that we love Him. Sandra Abrahams is on You Tube. All we can do is make every effort to be ready….remain in a state of grace…

    • Bert Alvarado

      To the best of my knowledge, only the Episcopal and the Church of Christ have caved in to their
      liberal members. Sadly, the income of many Protestant pastors depends on satisfying the views
      of deep pocketed pockets within their “flock!”

  • marybernadette

    ‘If you don’t already know I would suggest getting a copy of Ralph Martin’s booklet titled ‘The final confrontation.’ He is the president of Renewal Ministries——– It is based
    on the words of St. Pope John Paul II’s address to the American Bishops when he was a Cardinal.
    Please go to the website where you will obtained more info.’

  • Gilbert

    I warned friends in 1973 that the Supreme Court ruling on abortion was just the beginning of our loss of freedom. In my lifetime we were called the heroic generation for surviving the depression without having a civil war and for the tremendous way we responded in fighting world war 2. To call Jenner a hero is an insult to all the men who served in our many wars. The Supreme court is now so confused it thinks freedom and license are the same word. As C.S. Lewis predicted when words no longer have meaning there will be resulting chaos.

    • Cindy Garcia

      It isn’t a loss of your freedom.

      • Sheila

        When a small group of powerful people push through their ideal or adgenda (through judicial system ) discounting the views of the majority or even the active minority (voting process) then we have all lost our voice and our vote. Look at the history of slavery, Jim Crow laws and true civil rights in the US, That is was a lack of freedom looks like. This is ALL about loss of freedom for the majority.

      • Magnanimous MarVin MunchHausen

        Tell that to the Christian bakers & florists who might lose their businesses because GOVT. crushed their Freedom of Religion, Conscience & Association!!

    • SheilaF

      The Supreme Court is not even thinking far enough ahead to envision the chaos it is creating in the medical professions that deal with reproductive health – once a noble calling, now playing God in genetic engineering experimentation on the human race. With their Supreme Court sanction and no use for God, those who wish to impose their behavior on the rest of us cannot imagine why anyone would have a problem with it, especially the well-indoctrinated young. God have mercy on us for allowing this to happen!


    BETTER TO FOLLOW GOD THAN man—-thank you and may the HOLY SPIRIT LIGHT YOUR PATH—for this we pray======AMEN=====

  • If all the baptized Catholics who sit on the Supreme Court had voted based on the natural law, God’s law and well-formed Catholic consciences the ruling would have gone the other way.

    But, even the 12 first Apostles were not immune from having a traitor in their group.

    • Jack Greer

      so whats has that got to do with 5 judges being Judas Iscariot?
      obama and these judges should not be making laws.

      • “5 judges being Judas Iscariot?”

        No, not 5; only two.

        The two Catholic judges who failed to live up to their baptismal promises are Kennedy and Sotomayor.

        100% of the judges who voted against the so-called ‘same-sex’ marriage ruling are all Catholic (Roberts, Scalia, Thomas and Alito).

        “obama and these judges should not be making laws.”

        That statement is correct. obama gets around the ‘not making laws’ issue by having his subordinates come up with ‘departmental regulations’ that in effect end up acting like laws.

        The judges do not have the authority to make laws and the dissenting judges were clear about that in their dissenting opinions.

      • Joseph Michael Wasik

        What do you think will be their eternal destinies? No place for them to hide.

  • Jacqueleen

    Satan is working over time to destroy souls…He has whispered in the ears of the evil doers in high places who are the evil masterminds of the destruction of the USA and the Catholic Church. Our Faith and Trust is in Jesus Christ, who knows all and sees all. He will bring down His Justice upon the evil doers. They will not be able to run or hide. God’s Judgement will be upon them. Alleluia!

  • JC

    This ruling means that following God is more important than ever. It is another cog in the wheel of people trying to force a top down bottom up revolution in the USA. Mainstream religious and family values are being pushed to the limits. We must pray, go to Church, and live our lives in accordance with God who is truth.

  • steve

    We MUST nullify this & Roe v. Wade or the future of the USA is very bleak.

  • jascott

    So true. We cannot depend on human solutions but “need now confide only in God.” I saw a C-span broadcast of a town hall meeting in Iowa with Mike Huckabee. He went on at length about his concern for his 5 grandkids, none of whom were born yet during his first presidential bid. I was waiting for someone to ask him what he would do, as president, to protect those precious children from the lies and sickness that will now spread quickly over this nation. Not a word was uttered on the subject.
    And if those stomach-turning videos don’t shut down Planned Parenthood, nothing will. Frankly, that’s just what I’m afraid of.

  • Randy Schuch

    I’ve read the comments. To those who believe the Bible is Gods Word, what is happening should come as no surprise. Read 1 Timothy 3:1-5. As far as any country being Gods favored country, remember when Satan tempted Jesus, one of those tempts was the offer of ALL the kingdoms of the world by Satan to Jesus for one act of worship. 1John 5:19 says that ‘the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one’. Remember also when Jesus comes to destroy the wicked as described in Revelation, he battles against ALL THE NATIONS. So true Christians need to pay attention the prophecy of Jesus at Matthew 24. Noteworthy of that prophecy was that ‘this good news of the Kingdom will be preached for a witness to ALL the nations, and then the end will come.’ Something to think about isn’t it?

  • Rose Marie Doyle

    Through Roe v. Wade Satan has gained immeasurable power – over 52 million innocent blood sacrifices offered to the god of this world! Following birth control distribution and legalized abortion, sexual morality became seemingly unnecessary and therefore “obsolete.” The only way to recover from this damning condition, is ardent uniting of our prayers and sacrifices with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass to the true God and repentance on a national scale. We have been taken down according to the advice of Balaam to Balak to corrupt the morals of the Israelites in order to defeat them. (Rev 2:14)

  • potu12

    Let’s pray, pray,pray. In GOD we trust. Even in the miniscule penny, it so reads. AMERICA, wake up to the sense a cent makes. No to god obama, god planned parenthood, and all other strange gods this very disordered country has become.

  • Bert Alvarado

    Having befriended a “couple” both male, who lived in the same Cul-de-Sac brought it clearer than hype.
    Both talented in their field of work. But we also learn that life is very short in this “lifestyle” as ‘Jeff’ passed away last year in his late 40’s of H.I.V. related causes.

  • SovereignAmerican

    “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery.” –Thomas Jefferson: Rights of British America, 1774.

    Stop, Drop, and Roll won’t work in Hell.

  • frrapper

    It can’t be marriage; marriage generates, sodomy doesn’t; marriage is natural, sodomy is unnatural. Therefore, sodomy is perverted and degenerate, and not marriage.