Liberals Rejoice the Triumph of Unreality – The ‘Jennerization’ of America

600px-Tie-dye-300x300 Liberals Rejoice the Triumph of Unreality – The ‘Jennerization’ of America

“the Bruce Jennerization of law or the triumph of unreality.”

One thing is clear about the Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex “marriage.” It was not only about marriage. Rather it was about what might be called the Bruce Jennerization of law or the triumph of unreality.

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In the case of the Olympic superstar, a biological reality was turned into a legal fiction. While artificially made to look like a person of the opposite sex, the fact did not change the reality of his male biological makeup. However, that did not stop media from celebrating the fantasy by featuring the 65-year-old athlete’s sensual image on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

In the same way, the biological reality of the union of a man and woman which is the foundation of marriage was Jennerized into a legal fiction by the Supreme Court justices. There is no way one can equate an artificial and sterile union with the fruitful and complementary union of marriage. Nevertheless, the media pulled out all the stops in celebrating this new unreality railroaded into law by judicial fiat.

What happened with the Obergefell v. Hodges decision at the Supreme Court on that fateful June 26 morning was not a redefinition of marriage but rather a declaration that it can now be whatever one wants it to be. And it makes sense. Once marriage is reduced to mere affection and denied its primary function of natural procreation, there is no fantasy that cannot be labeled as marriage. Indeed, Justice Anthony Kennedy’s majority decision insinuated that same-sex “marriage” is but the latest manifestation of evolving liberty. As time progresses, new manifestations will appear that are presently unknown and future decisions will ratify.

No one has any illusions that the decision is the end of the process. Some giddy activists themselves are already mobilizing, asking why marriage must be limited to merely two. Others speak of incest and pedophilia. And while not all homosexual advocates support these claims, the door is open. The internal logic of the Court’s decision will usher in yet more claims as new “genders” already gather to add their own letters to the LGBTQ alphabet soup and demand justice. The final goal is to legalize and legitimize any consensual sexual relationship and destroy all notions of “sexual identity” which gender theorists see as a mere social construct that restricts personal freedom.

Such opinions would be harmless if they were to stay in the realm of opinions. Dissenting traditionalists might then think they could isolate themselves from the madness and adopt a live and let live attitude. However, that is not what happens. Some homosexual activists are already saying the decision will facilitate the beginning of new anti-discrimination and hate crime measures to force the acceptance and embracing of Jennerized marriage.

Such a perspective does not bode well for the nation. When nature, truth and reality no Subscription5.1-300x300 Liberals Rejoice the Triumph of Unreality – The ‘Jennerization’ of Americalonger are considered as basis for law, there can be no unified order for society to function and prosper. Each person becomes a law unto himself built upon any self-identified legal fiction. The only rule left will be that there can be no moral code or rules to restrict personal behavior, even when self-destructive. The only crime is to declare that another’s personal fantasy is wrong or sinful. When all live their own fantasies, there is only one position that cannot be tolerated and that is the position of those who defend reality and truth. These become the victims of vitriol, hatred and even persecution. And that is the danger of this new Jennerized era.

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  • Buck

    You’re part of the problem. Gender is a grammatical term. It’s nouns and pronouns, not people. Gender IS a construct, and it’s arbitrary depending on what language you speak. Sex is not a construct, it is a reality. Sex is sex in every language. Stop adopting the terms that the homosexualist have misappropriated and so tactically put in your mouth. If we stick to reality and articulate the truth, much of their propaganda and marketing can be turned back. We need to educate the younger generations going foward, so that they will be equiped to defend themselves and to take the fight to the homosexualist who currently dominate the legal, social and cultural arenas and are making heady gains in Christendom.

    Normal, healthy people are sexed male or female at conception. Nouns and pronouns are arbitrarily deemed masculine, feminine or neuter.

    • Sandra Lee Smith

      You got it BACKWARDS, fella: gender is fixed in your DNA at conception, sex is the “fluid” component here; it can be used interchangeably with gender, or it can refer to the act of intercourse. You’ve been listening to too many mind-benders, and they have you confused. Gender is determined as XX or XY, (female or male), by your chromosomes at conception. “Sexing”, borrowed from people who determine the gender of chicks early on, by identifying their genitalia, is where the ” sex” used in that context came from, and it’s a profession as old as humanity and prostitution.

  • SovereignAmerican

    Personally, I think a lot of this goes back to the liberalization of crime. The criminal is the victim; he needs more rights. The liquidity of the Constitution as envisioned by the progressives denies the concept that it is the “framework” of the nation. Similar to building your house on rock or sand. And instead of shoring up the framework we have been experiencing its dismantling. My comfort comes from knowing God wins so I keep fighting the battle.

    “Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing [a people] to slavery.” –Thomas Jefferson: Rights of British America, 1774.

  • Wally

    This article should be alarming as to what to expect in the future. The present “oppostition” of church and state will most likely produce a lot more fantasy and ellusion. Most people are not prepared for this battle.

  • Mike

    The media’s use of words is interesting, clever and dangerous. “Gay” meant happy, successful, fortunate lucky”. It also lacks responsibility. Homosexuality overcomes the “Problem” of pregnancy – hence “Gay” – irrepressible, happy – sex without consequences. Indifference is one of our greatest threats. How popular would a “Legalise Sodomy” referendum have been? “Gay Marriage” sounds inoffensive, but “Marriage Equality” sounds even fairer. Of the majority who allegedly support homosexual marriage, I think most simply couldn’t care less. A smaller proportion are in total support, just as a significant minority are totally opposed. Note too how “Pro Abortion” has become “Pro Choice”. Another play on words.

  • Sandra Lee Smith

    They aren’t ending discrimination and hate, just shifting it to Christians. Trampling on our rights and refusing to see that as realityas well.
    They’ve also removed all standing to protect women and children as well as straight men, from rape and molestation, since laws are meaningless withoutoral absolutes!

  • Clifford

    The Supreme Court has institutionalized hedonism. In same sex “marriage” sex is exclusively in the pursuit of pleasure. When there are children in the marriage and there is “divorce” other people’s children are the ones who suffer. This is wrong. We are now on the wrong side of history. Hedonism led to the fall of Rome.

  • Mary

    “You can’t fool ‘Mother Nature”! Regardless of clever science is, the male makeup cannot be suppressed. I see it coming forward with Bruce Jenner and other wanna-be women.

  • 441019

    When I was at my local library about a year ago, I saw a book on robots. It said that in the future, human beings will have romantic relationships with robots! By turning away from God and his moral code, we are losing our foothold on reality.