Cardinals, Bishops and 500,000 Faithful Ask Pope Francis to Reaffirm Church Teaching at Synod

king_kigeli_filial-petition-300x221 Cardinals, Bishops and 500,000 Faithful Ask Pope Francis to Reaffirm Church Teaching at Synod

“King Kigeli V signs the petition to Pope Francis — January 23, 2015.”

Hanover, Pennsylvania — August 21, 2015: Ahead of the upcoming Synod on the Family in Rome, dozens of organizations are collecting petitions to Pope Francis, asking him to reinforce Church teaching on marriage and family.  Today, the worldwide petition surpassed 500,000 signatures, including those of 5 cardinals, 117 bishops and hundreds of prominent civil leaders.

The ‘Filial Appeal’ to the Pope is available online:
“College students from coast to coast are asking Pope Francis to reaffirm Church teaching at the Synod,” said John Ritchie, director of Tradition Family Property Student Action, one of the pro-family groups gathering petitions.

“After Ireland and the U.S. Supreme Court both approved same-sex ‘marriage,’ a strong reaffirmation of Church teaching could save the sacred institution of marriage, strengthen the family and dispel the lies of the homosexual revolution,” Ritchie stated.  “Young Catholics — even non-Catholics — look to the Church as a beacon of morality and stability in our Godless culture, but some of our shepherds have issued confusing statements.”

According to, Bishop Johan Bonny, a delegate at the upcoming Synod, stated, “Inside the Church, we must look for a formal recognition of the relational dimension that is also present in many homosexual, lesbian and bisexual couples.”

Cardinal Walter Kasper of Germany, whose controversial statements have caused growing concern among the faithful, said, “… if the majority of the people wants such homosexual unions, the state has a duty to recognize such rights.”

Other media outlets report that Bishop Heiner Koch, another influential Church figure at the Synod, said, “Any bond that strengthens and holds people is in my eyes good; that applies also to same-sex relationships.”

“This prayerful petition asks Pope Francis to clear up the moral confusion that’s been Subscription12-300x300 Cardinals, Bishops and 500,000 Faithful Ask Pope Francis to Reaffirm Church Teaching at Synodspreading against Natural and Divine Law,” continued Ritchie.  “If the enemies of the family continue to chip away at holy matrimony, the future of the family and civilization itself will be in even more serious peril.”

The pro-family petition, Filial Appeal to His Holiness Pope Francis on the Future of the Family, will be hand delivered in Rome on September 29, the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel.

  • Mary O’Dea

    If the need has arisen for a petition to the present Pope to uphold the basic tenets of the Catholic Church then it would seem that many of the hierarchy are not Catholic believers but are the result of the infiltration into the seminaries of destroyers from the 1930’s on. It is unbelievable that this ? populist synod is taking place. Either we believe Christ’s teachings or we leave the Catholic Church. But it has been known since the French Revolution that a power has a will to dominate the world and to do so must destroy the Church as it was up to 1962. But ‘the gates of hell shall not prevail against it’. The true but diminished clergy and the laity of the Church will prevail.

  • barbaro70

    Francis is a cute Jesuit who simply cannot speak in plain English, or Italian, or even Spanish. It is very clear that Bonny, Kasper, and Koch, while not cute Jesuits, are flaming libs/leftists. We pray that what Mary O’Dea reminds us about in her post has not been altered in our Holy God’s Mind and that this synod will confirm what Scripture says about the family, OR, SSPX is looking very good.

  • Dr. Pradeep C Thomas

    I think, in the Catholic Church, decisions on spiritual and moral aspects are to be taken guided by the Holy Spirit, not by the no. of supporters. I am sure that a Pope acting according to God’s will will not be pressurized by the cry of the WORLD for homosexuality and nonsacramental marriage of Catholics; neither do I think that a memorandum is required to teach the Pope spirituality & morality. However uneducated H.H. may be, H.H. can be guided by the Holy Spirit to take the right decisions in spirituality & morality. How many Bishops and even Popes embraced martyrdom to protect Spiritual & moral truths from being distorted by influence of powerful rulers of the then world! But, I think, the sons & daughters of the Catholic Church can express their support to their Holy Father in defending the eternal truths regarding God’s plan of human marriage now and thus be drops soothing cool water when the world is hot with its unwise arguements which will not influenze a god-guided Pope but will definitely sadden him which can affect his health also. Let us pray for our Pope, Bishops Clergy, Religious & Laity. Even a lay sinner like me with very little knowledge of spirituality can easily distinguish the sacrament of matrimony from desirable friendship and sinful relationships. The latter is not love. A person who loves another person will never pose an obstacle in the way to heaven of the latter irrespective of whether the latter belongs to same or opposite or ambiguous or undeveloped sex.

    • lourdesmenezes

      Well said, just like a true Charismatic. Except that, H.H. is not listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, rather willingly giving in to the voices of the demons he has surrounded himself with.

      • Dr. Pradeep C Thomas

        Respected Sister/Brother, I am from India and am not an expert in English. I am not an active charismatic though I respect the Charismatic movement very much, because in my country, the movement has brought immense blessings. But what you have replied to my message may be correct if you have discerned it with the help of Holy Spirit. Anyone who is standing has the risk falling until the last breath is over. But the risk to fall by the flattery of the world and end as a compromising celebrity instead of being a truly spiritual man is more for us than for the religious and so I overlooked that possibility in the case of H.H. This is by worldly logic which cannot stand upto the discernment that Holy Spirit gifts. As our sister Mary has hinted, I read something in the malayalam translation of the diary of the antiapostle where autobiographical accounts of attempts by communist to destroy the holy Church by establishing false doctrines on morality by trespassing into its hierarchy in disguise are given. I wonder how the Holy Cardinal and the Holy Bishop can ignore the impurity and the war against God’s plan for humans inherent in the decisions to legitimize homosexuality or nonsacramental living together before or after divorce. Will we witness the plight of Sodome and Gomora during our times also? Mr. Pradeep C Thomas