Mass Shootings: the “New Normal?”

Problems_bigness-300x200 Mass Shootings: the “New Normal?”America and much of the rest of the world are experiencing fatigue from all the bad news. Islamists shooting innocent civilians. Crazed individuals opening fire at theaters and military bases. A new school shooting every month, if not more often.

Things didn’t used to be this way. You would never hear of a young man shooting everyone in sight and then himself. Terrorist attacks in the headlines were few and far between. The only shots at school were the ones given by the school nurse.

Have we reached a new threshold when we should consider these occurrences to be ordinary? Has our country reached a turning point in which such events are now routine? Dare we label such tragedies as “the new normal?”

Interesting term, the word normal. It’s one that has some nuance, and one that is often misused in modern parlance.

Let’s suppose that cannibalism becomes fashionable. Top chefs begin incorporating recipes using human flesh in their menus. Videos of people describing their first time eating human meat go viral on social media. Advertising for the parts of our fellow men becomes as commonplace as for any other type of meat. Would cannibalism, as a result, be normal?

What if the same were to happen with pedophilia? Grown men begin marrying young boys. Web sites specializing in underage dating become widespread. Evening dramas with romantic storylines involving different generations populate cable channels. Does the widespread acceptance of pedophilia make it normal?

Most readers by this point would shout out, “Of course not!” But why is it not? Because being normal involves much more than simply being common.

In the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary entry for normal, we find the following: “according with, constituting, or not deviating from a standard, rule, or principle.” How does this line up with our previous examples? It is not upholding a standard to begin consuming human flesh, though the practice may become commonplace. It is not in accord with an upright rule or principle to engage in pedophilia, even if it gains cultural acceptance.

Mass shootings now seem so commonplace, especially compared with the past. Does that make them normal? Again, commonality does not equate to normality.

The standards, rules and principles of our society have been eroded. People no longer know what normal is supposed to be, and thus conclude that whatever is happening now must be the “new” one.

It’s high time we admit there is something fundamentally wrong with the course of events. All avenues must be pursued to counteract the problem. Such a task is not easy. It seems as if the tears from one tragedy aren’t yet dry when another follows right behind.

How do we get back on track? Based on the ideas outlined by John Horvat II in his book Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society–Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here and Where We Need to Go, we might pursue three solutions to restore some degree of normality to our culture:

  • 1. Raise the Standards
    For generations now, children have grown up without being challenged. Every child is born with defects that need to be controlled and talents that need to be fostered. Coddling our young people can make them act out to gain attention, and when those in authority fail to discipline such behavior, they send the message that it is acceptable. Mass shootings don’t take place in a vacuum. High moral standards once served as a barrier, making events filling today’s headlines unimaginable. We must once again challenge ourselves and our fellow Americans to lead lives of virtue worthy of the world’s emulation. Otherwise the malaise brought on by our anything goes culture will only worsen with time, leading to further tragedy.
  • 2. Restore the Rule of Honor
    Those who engage in mass shootings have no concept of what it means to be RTO-Audiobook-AD-medium-res-300x250 Mass Shootings: the “New Normal?”honorable. Fighting to defend goodness and virtue is honorable. Attacking the weak and defenseless not only dishonors oneself, but one’s family and country. No matter the reason given, mass shootings are always dishonorable acts. In order to properly honor those who were killed, we must pray, reflect and act in a way that their tragic loss will not be in vain. Part of this involves sacrifice — defending one’s own and uniting with others so that nothing of the sort happens again. Sacrificing for the common good means rejecting the culture of entitlement and rejecting false roll models who engage in dishonorable acts. We must make America a nation of heroes once again and strive to emulate the brave men and women who have made our country great.
  • 3. Return to Principles
    Whether impelled by selfishness, irrationality or extremist ideology, one can guarantee a killer will not be guided by principle. In a world ruled by relativism, Americans are constantly fed the falsehood that all beliefs are equal. As such, today students especially are taught that there is no right or wrong, no good or evil. Destroying the innocence of the youngest Americans amid the glamorization of evil makes the next mass shooting inevitable. The principled rejection of evil coupled with the sense of right and wrong wired into our very consciences must be fostered once again. Leading principled lives while rejecting a culture that rationalizes every aberration redirects our path toward a return to a properly ordered society.

In short, doing evil can never be normal. With high standards, a rule of honor, and a return to our guiding principles, we will go a long way to making mass shootings a thing of the past and getting America back to normal.

  • Dasgeiss

    Well we have taken God out of our schools and eliminated the ten commandments from our midst. It will only get worse until these things are restored.
    BTW I think that if President Trump gets impeached, this country will see a civil war more bloody that the original of 1861. Reading these articles in political pubs shows me that tempers are very high on both sides of the isle and it won’t take much to ignite the fire so to speak. Better take some knee power with the Lord this does not happen! I have read both books by Bill O’Reilly on the Civil War and the Revolutionary war. They depict in high detail just how incredibly bloody to the nth degree the killings and torture were and they were using weapons not even close to todays weapon capabilities. But I guess if that is what the people want that is probably what we will get. Oy!

  • A. Jesuthasan

    The frequent shootings and killings in the US is the symptom of a sick society that has relegated God and religion to the back seat and giving preference to fashion, sex and commercialism.

    • Chloesmom123

      & the death culture that is abortionism with Planned UN Parenthood in the lead

    • jrj90620

      Someone said that people either worship God or government.You can see the trend.We are following Europe and it’s not good.

      • feelingfeline

        Just pointing out that whatever its defects, mass shootings/school shootings etc are rare in Europe. Many European countries have unarmed police forces and unarmed civilian populations.

        • Michelle

          Not many gun attacks in Europe but the U.K. had numerous acid and knife attacks. What difference does it make on the weapon used? A violent attack is a violent attack. We should be looking at violent attacks and Europe has plenty of those.

    • RapistAndFalse ProphetMuhammed

      Atheist are always dangerous people . See historic facts .

    • Michelle

      Everyone has their theories that are based on their own prejudices whether it be the fault of liberal gun haters, lack of religion in schools, commercialism, whatever. None of these are correct. Human nature is human nature. And it has remained unchanged for thousands of years. Humans have an evil side and we display that daily. The culture of violence is part of American culture. It permeates out movies, TV, music, video games, sports,. We are addicted to violence and we don’t want to give it up. If you want to stop gun violence in America then ban the Y chromosome because 95+ percent of gun violence is committed by men. Well, we can’t do that now can we. Hum, so this issue is very tough to fix and doesn’t have a simple answer.

      • John F. Early

        Michelle, yours is the Best comment I’ve read so far today. Porn — incl. the violent and pedophilia variety — is a billion? dollar industry, and available 24/7 even w/o payment. Guns? Try telling a hunter to give up his gun. Hunter may or may not be fine, but member of family may go off the rails. A very very short list of people and institutions who helped mess up the earth are: Stalin, Hitler, Margaret Sanger, Hollywood. Now pedophiles are in the cross hairs. Will that change anything? For two weeks, maybe. Then there will be some other iPhone craze and we’ll conveniently forget pedophiles, who can go back to their dirty business of ruining lives. Almighty G-D is the answer, but many won’t ask the Question; “There are none so blind as those who will not see”. Prayer is one of the answers. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Margerita Horvath

      100 per cent. Correct. When God is no longer important, the devil steps in to fill the void

  • Old Man From Thailand

    I’m more of the belief that these shooting “events” were well planned, and manufactured in order to relief all – I mean ALL – firearms from ALL Americans with the exception of military and police….It’s exceedingly difficult to seize control of all facets of the American society as long as 300,000,000 firearms are still in the hands of citizens….That’s the purpose of the 2nd Amendment: So that citizens are armed for the eventual corruption of government just in the same way as the British Parliament and King George were abusive to British citizens in the American colonies. We, loyal subjects of the Crown, took up arms and fought against our own kinsmen in the British Army, and put an end to Parliament’s and King’s abuses thereby unshakkling overselves from overbearing “Central Government”. This is what THEY want.

  • kassa1

    I blame all these acts have aggression, there has been geared straight at the conservative people for the last year by the violent left, and then cheerleaders on by lies and deceit through communist a.k.a. Democrats in Congress and you know who they are, and there prostitutes in the media who are doing the same thing ! This does nothing but Gen up the mentally disturbed in the communist a.k.a. Democrat party, which I have created these acts of aggression against, cops, conservatives and conservative Congress people and Christians. The evil hails from the left in Congress and their allies in the corrupt media.

    • jrj90620

      Just read that Millennials favor Communism over free enterprise(AKA freedom).Their ignorance is scary.

      • kassa1

        That’s because they have no experience with life or no experience with American history!

        • Thomas L. Stafford

          They do not have a working knowledge of world history either. My disdain for communism/socialism comes from that knowledge.

  • Daniel Mount

    These mass shootings are orchestrated by the Democratic Deep state in order to have the opportunity to go after our 2nd Amendment rights to take our guns. If they succeeded in taking our self defense then we will all be defenseless and as slaves so they can do what so ever they want to us or with us. They want this New World Order to happen but they can’t carry out their plans because we are well armed and will fight them with our masses of people that will rise up and stop them only because we are all so well armed. Do you understand this analogy? Well it is all very true.

    • jrj90620

      The people elect our govt.If it’s bad,it’s because voters have made it so.Too many voters vote for whichever candidate promises them the most “something for nothing”.Not knowing or not caring that govt can’t give them something without taking it from someone else.Very divisive behavior.

      • Daniel Mount

        Yes, 100% Right. This is the give me generation.

    • Paranoid much? Fact is Democrats own guns too. Any proof these shootings are “orchestrated”? I didn’t think so other than another delusional conspiracy theory.

  • Daniel Mount

    The wealthy elites that are pushing the Democrats buttons with masses amounts of Money also have the UN on their side and are just waiting for the word for them to take over our Nation if we are all UN-Armed.

  • 6X6

    These tragedies are the price of Freedom.

    I offer this as the parent of a 13 year old Pacific Northwest hhomicide victim.

    • MaryB435

      I’m so sorry for your loss, and can only imagine how hard that must be. I will pray for you. Freedom, however, is not the cause of this. It is a false view of freedom, which rejects God and morality, that causes such tragedies.

    • disqus_eXiTt9z5RX

      Horrible happening that I could not imagine. My prayers are with you.

  • 1Bobby8

    This is the direct result of a society that has rejected God and religion and has accepted relativism, where ‘right and wrong’ and ‘good and evil’ are subjectively left up to each individual.

  • Liz Dorner

    The missing ingredient for attaining happiness is missing. Where is love? REAL love, not the movie and romantic novels kind which is NOT love. God loves us all, but do we love our Creator God? This loving relationship offers each of us, a greater love for others….which includes forgiveness. And that is missing, too. Time to spend some time each day with God, opening are hearts to receive love, and also then providing love to others – many ways to do that. Wherever Our Lady has appeared in the world, over many centuries, she has the same message : pray, pray, pray – (this is our encounter with God in loving him and receiving his love).

  • Joe (Case ID: 471577 )


    A Bird’s eye View of
    the “Communist Advance”

    The Communist conspiracy is deep-rooted. But much about its origin and early development remains in the historical shadows. We begin where the record becomes factual and clear.

    In 1917-1918, Lenin, Trostky, and a re3lative handful of ruthless criminals
    seized power in Russia.

    2. In 1922, after unlimited use of
    terror and torture in establishing their tyranny, this Communist gang
    consolidated Russia proper, Russian Armenia, Azerbaidzhan, Georgia,
    Byelorussia, and the Ukraine into the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics,-

    3. By 1929 Stalin had exiled Trostky,
    and established himself as the successor to Lenin. During the next ten years,
    through merciless massacres in the Ukraine and elsewhere, and then through a
    ruthless purge of most of his fellow revolutionaries, Stalin made himself the
    absolute boss of the Communist world..

    4. In 1933 President Franklin D.
    Roosevelt officially recognized the Soviet regime, thus saving it from
    financial collapse and at the same time opening our doors to an ever increasing
    army of Communist diplomats, agents and spies.

    By 1939 Stalin’s long an extensive plan for plunging the world into another war
    (through the Sorge spy ring and other worldwide diplomatic, espionage, and
    propaganda activities) were ready for fruition. He then precipitated the war by
    encouraging Hitler (through a temporary alliance) to invade Poland.

    By the end of 1941 the United States had entered the war. The alliance between
    Moscow and Washington was now official. For Americans, helping the Communist
    became fashionable, “patriotic”, and profitable. Communist infiltration into
    position of power in our government, our press, our educational system, our
    church organizations, our entertainment field, and every other division of our
    national life, had been steadily increasing since 1933, when Roosevelt became
    President. This infiltration was now given new impetus and greater
    opportunities by the Official pro-Communist attitude of the wartime

    7. At the end of the war many new
    manifestations of the fundamental Communist principle of exact reversal came
    into play, on a massive worldwide scale. To understand this fully it must be
    realized that everything about Communism is a part of one Big Lie.

    is the very purpose of those who control the Communist movement to turn all the
    World’s value upside down; to replace truth with falsehood, order with chaos,
    religious ideals with satanic amorality, freedom with slavery, compassion with
    cruelty, and love with hate. These are all ends in themselves. But they are also
    the means for achieving Communist power, and has been clearly spelled out in
    the Communists’ own literature for more than hundred years.

    In 1945, for instance, the Communism contrived a plan for the United States to
    finance a great deal of their world wide progress. The American “foreign aid”
    program was conceived by Communist, started and nourished along by Communists,
    and built eventually by Communist influences and propaganda into gigantic
    proportions, as a means of helping the Communists and their socialist
    forerunners everywhere in taking over their respective countries. But it was
    sold to the American people, of course, as exactly the opposite; as a means of
    preventing the Communist advance.

    Another manifestation of the same principle at work was the
    “establishment” in 1945 of the United Nations. This organization was conceived
    by Communist, founded by Communists, has always been controlled by Communist,
    and has been used increasingly and ever more brazenly to carry out Communist
    purposes. But it was sold by propaganda and pretense to the American people,
    and to most of the rest of the world, as a means of maintaining peace and
    preventing “Communist aggression.”

    Most important of all this gigantic reversals of the truth, however, has been
    the cruel pretense, all over the world and to the American people, that the
    United States was the one great enemy of Communism. The fact has been exactly
    the opposite. Since 1944 the most powerful single force in promoting Communism
    everywhere, and in turning one nation after another over to the Communism
    tyranny as in Czechoslovakia and China and Cuba and the Congo has been with the
    help of the United States Government to that end. The record to support this
    statement (and those in the section above) is absolutely clear to anybody who
    will give it objective study.

    11. During the period of 1944 through
    1950, with the constant help of various agencies and officials of our
    government, Stalin extended his European empire to include Estonia, Latvia,
    Lithuania, Poland, Albania, Bulgaria, Rumania, Yugoslavia, Hungary,
    Czechoslovakia, and East Germany. During the same period, and with the same
    help from Washington, Stalin extended his Asiatic empire to include Mongolia,
    Manchuria, North Korea, and all the mainland of China. The march of
    Soviet-Bolshevik imperialism towards complete global conquest was well

    12. One huge part of the Communist Big
    Lie is that Communism in an uprising of the downtrodden masses against bosses
    and rulers who exploit them. Again, the exact opposite is true. Communism is,
    in every country, the drive of a closely knit gang of megalomaniacal, criminals
    most of them in the very top social, financial, educational, and political circles
    of that country or any country in particular-to impose their brutal rule from
    the top down, and maintain it ever more rigidly and tyrannically, over the
    total population. Including the condition of the masses is always made worse,
    in every respect, by the success of these and dire conspirators.

    Acting on this strategy, and on a very
    important extension of it known as “anti-colonialism” and using every
    conceivable means of terror, deception, diplomacy, propaganda, and confusion to
    achieve their ends, the Communist overlords have now established their formal
    rule over almost half the peoples, and their informal but preponderant
    influence over practically all the governments of the whole earth. The
    exceptions include the governments, of Spain, Portugal, West- Germany, South
    Africa, Rhodesia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Nationalist China, New Zealand and
    Australia—but not the United States. Although at least ninety eight percent of
    all federal employees are, “we believe” entirely loyal and patriotic, the
    Communist now have full working control over our government because the
    prestige and position and influence of the other two percent.

    The one great final job for the
    Communism is subjugation of the people of the United States. Among the methods
    they are employing to achieve that result are: (A) The deliberate and
    insidious breaking down of all morality and every sound sense of values ; (B)
    The distortion and destruction of religious influence, especially on the
    lives the young; (C) The constant indoctrination of young and old alike,
    through our educational system, and through our communications and
    entertainment media, in a preference for “welfare” and “security” against
    responsibility and opportunity; (D) Making an ever larger and large
    percentage of America Industry, commerce, agriculture, education, and
    individuals accustomed to receiving, and dependent on government checks; (E)
    A constant increase in legislation, taxation, and bureaucracy, leading
    directly towards one hundred percent government; (F) The creation of
    riots and the semblance of revolution under the guise and excuse of promoting
    “civil rights”; (G) developing this “Negro Revolution” into a broader
    “proletarian revolution” of the “have-nots” against the “haves”;(H) Destroying
    the power of local police forces to preserve law and order; ( I ) Carrying
    on and steadily “escalating” a completely phony foreign war (because the
    “Communist” are actually running both sides of it) as an excuse for gradually
    establishing more and tighter government controls over every detail of our
    daily lives; (J) Therefore and eventually bringing about “peace” __a few
    years from now by surrendering all American sovereignty to the United

    Nations, and enabling that Communist One World Government to “police” our country with
    foreign troops and mercilessly suppress all opposition. If you cannot see all
    of these things happening right before your eyes, then you better start looking
    around you with some much needed realism, understanding and common sense.


    Belmont, Massachusetts 02178

  • Gloria Garcia

    Never accept these shootings as the new normal. There is nothing normal about crazy scumbag murderers. WE MUST NEVER GIVE IN TO THIS, BUT INSTEAD RAISE OUR STANDARDS AND STRATEGIZE HOW TO REPORT THINGS AT THE FIRST SIGNS. PLUS WE NEED BETTER VETTING OF GUN BUYERS. HOWEVER, SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO KILL WILL FIND A WAY NO MATTER WHAT GUN LAWS ARE. Don’t give in America. Strive for higher standards.

    • m-slovak79


      That sounds good on the surface but there is not much anyone can really do about these shootings because there is no way they can be reliably predicted and since we have a right to own guns here in the USA these shootings, because of the moral decay of society etc, is now a unfortunate side effect. so if you start restricting guns it will eventually get to a point were they will end up restricting guns to the legitimate users. I would rather have gun restrictions more lax than too strict. so about the only practical thing people can do is arm themselves in case they happen to get caught up in a shooting and maybe they got a chance of getting out there alive instead of being a sitting duck.

  • Freddie Dulay

    This article deserves the widest coverage; it’s not for Americans only. It’s for everyone.

  • Freddie Dulay

    Is there any reason why the author is anonymous?

  • Doug

    When will people understand that most of these shootings are False Flags orchestrated by the Shadow Government, paid for by multi Billionaires to promote their agenda of a New World Order. This is done by using mind control on the shooters who shoot themselves so the truth will never be known and the cover up will be easy to do. They want to keep people in Fear at all times in order to take away our freedoms in exchange for Safety, which is a big Lie. It’s all part of Agenda 21 which has to be accelerated now because they are running out of time since many people are waking up to their tactics and major world events are about to take place which they have no control over. The main groups in charge of planning the shootings, the fires and the elimination of witnesses are rouge elements of the CIA and the FBI corrupted by large sums of money are helped by the military industrial complex. The US Government we voted for are just puppets in a game they know nothing about and have no control over. When a government official learns what is really going on, they join in the corruption, keep quiet about it, or they are eliminated. Anyone who has paid close attention over the last 50 years knows all these things.

    • Gougas Ghougassian

      It was a time when possessing weapon at home could be justified. Now with our powerful and well spread police we are well protected. If we believe in the effectiveness of our Police we must feel well protected and no need to possess weapon. If we don’t believe in the power of our Police, it would be a dishonor to that great institution and the men protecting us. Weapon at home should be prohibited and people possessing them condemned. We can control weapon but not mentally disabled people. Sincerely, Gougas Ghougassian

      • Doug

        Where were the police when the Texas Church shooting took place?? It took a citizen with a gun to take down that shooter, police were no where around and could never get there in time to save anyone. I don’t know anyone who was Shot to death that ever had a Cop at their side to save them. That is why rich people have body guards with Guns. In today’s world everyone should be armed and trained to protect themself and their loved ones. Doesn’t anyone else notice that only unarmed defenceless people are being killed. If you study History, Governments always disarm the people before they murder them so there will be no resistance. What ever happened to common sense?? The only reason that America is a Free country is because our citizens are Armed. Passing more Laws is Useless since the Laws we have Now are Not Enforced, besides Criminals don’t care about Laws and don’t obey them, that is why they are called criminals. More Laws and Restrictions only affect Law abiding citizens while taking away more and more of our Rights and Freedoms. We the people are responsible for our own safety against All threats, Foreign and Domestic. Even a Liberal should understand these FACTS.

    • Michelle

      Just ban all those with the Y chromosome and the violence problems clear up fast.

      • Doug

        There are 2 types of people on Earth at this time. Level Zero and Level One. Level Zero people are Service to Self. Level One people are Service to Others. In the near future all Level Zero people will be Eliminated and the World will be a much better place to live.
        Not everyone will understand this!

  • Wilma

    Check out how many of the horrific incidents involved Psychotropic drugs. It is time to look at the Pharmaceutical Companies and Psychiatrists. Click link:

    Time for the Church to act now!
    Time to open Asylum’s to keep the danger contained.
    Time to put radical Islam in its place.
    Plus, whether people want to believe it or not occultic activity, etc. is on the rise which means demonic activity as well.
    We need to STAND not FEAR and fight evil of all kinds regardless what or who is behind it! The bible tells us these days would come.

  • Castellano

    We are a nation unlike other nations, we have it written into our constitution via the second amendment that we are allowed to own firearms for our own and our loved ones protection, ” being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” We as protectors of this right will never and should never give up this right. The problem lies partly in how our society has evolved. Though we were never perfect, our nation has fallen into decay. We used to be able to quote the ten commandments to our children. Most movies or TV shows portray and even glorify violence. I blame the people responsible for removing our ability to teach the commandments over the years, blame the people who produce violence and sell this to our children and in general those who have let our nation fall into this decay, as much as I blame the evil person who bought and used the gun for evil purposes.

  • Joe Right

    Well said. “Normal” is not to equal to “common”. Principles need to lived and followed. Thank you.

  • Ken Galica

    Yes AJ,I agree.

  • kcthomas

    Why gun cannot be controlled ? Because moneymaking business of gun manufacturers and sellers will be affected. Peace and non violence are not preferred to money. Where is morality be it Republicans orDemocrats ?

  • Joe (Case ID: 471577 )

    This is a very well organized “communist push” on every
    front of American society.

    Orquestrated by professionals and powerful politicians with a great deal of
    experience. Taking advance to the majority of people that don’t have the
    slightest idea what’s really going on.

    God have Mercy on USA.!

  • Máire Ní Bhroin

    We can & should contimue to pray for a positive solution but, “as the Lord helps those who helps themselves” the U.S. needs a common sense solution now, before any more innocents are senselessly slaughtered. Elect people who support tougher gun control for both mentally ill & violent people with prior convictions & insist on banning attachments like bump stocks, that would turn hand guns & rifles into machine guns.

  • Phil Alcoceli

    All the way from ultra-violent and semi-pornographic video games that are ultra-realistic and in very high definition, all the way to political rhetoric that emphasizes grievances, anger, hatred, envy, oppression obssesion and unforgiveness, there’s a tsunami push by the Anti-Christian/Anti-American forces to make every American but especially those emotionally disturbed, mentally unbalanced, chronically lonely and/or viciously entitled to become WEAPONIZED against law abiding and innocent citizens, especially those who stand against these Anti-Culture forces.

    The weaponizing of the mentally/emotionally ill or entitled is nothing new and even some particular criminal cases are clear about a more unstable/immature person being compelled, manipulated, used and programmed to commit a crime as a proxy tool of someone else. What is absolutely demonic and tragic is that this heinous tactic is now being used at a national level. We all need to be alert to this and a special investigative group formed with the assistance of today’s widespread social media, a real and better version of the “Wisdom Of The Crowd” TV series. Also, as everyone else is saying here, the best “wisdom of the crowd” is total repentance and surrender to Jesus Christ. Without this, crowds are blind and lethal.

  • Jimbo

    I never heard of a mass shooting until December 1974, when a 17 year old took his Dad’s hunting rifle to the top floor of a building, and started shooting. That’s about a year after the Supreme Court said it was OK for parents to kill their innocent unborn children. Since then, over 66 million babies have been murdered. What message has the slaughter of innocents sent to our society? Life is disposable! Not only that, but we have for decades seen erosion if the influence of religion in society, courtesy of the ACLU, and liberals. Even people who stayed in church, have been fed a constant diet of love, love, love, and have forgotten what sin is. As a result, people don’t fear God, or Hell. We have abortion on demand, divorce on demand, euthanasia on demand pornography on demand (internet). Broken marriages. Missing fathers.. Our children play violent video games for hours on end, in many cases taking the part of the “bad guys”. Is it any wonder that people with unstable, psychotic, or malicious personalities, don’t see anything wrong with slaughtering a bunch of scool children?