The Cookie Jar Elections of 2016

Cookie_Jar_Politics-300x200 The Cookie Jar Elections of 2016

“like cookies that must be substantial, instantly gratifying and abundant.”

The issues now being debated in the 2016 elections are framed as if the country revolved around a great big cookie jar. The benefits and promises candidates offer are like cookies that must be substantial, instantly gratifying and abundant.

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All the problems the nation faces seem to be reduced to who has access to the cookie jar. Ideally, everyone agrees that people should be entitled to as many cookies as they can get. However, the truth of the matter is that there are often not enough cookies to go around.

Thus, how cookies are distributed is up for debate. For some, those on the top always seem to take the best cookies, while the more disadvantaged must reach down for the crumbs. For others, expanding cookie production is the solution for everyone getting a fair share. There are yet those who question the right of illegal newcomers (or unborn babies) to have a hand in the cookie jar. Candidates in electoral debates seem to center only on what can be done to correct cookie injustice and bring America back to cookie greatness once again.

The cookie, of course, represents our American way of life whereby we enjoy the fruits of our vibrant economic system with its great dynamo of production.

This system has long churned out material comfort and a surface happiness. Thus, for some time now, candidates have framed the debate around filling the cookie jar so that all will be well with America again. The election is about who can better deliver the goods, in this case, the cookies.

The problem is that the system is no longer churning out material comfort and happiness. The goods aren’t being delivered. The nation is divided, the economy is stalled and nothing seems to put things back on track.

This impasse points to an even more serious problem that most people dare not address: Perhaps life is not one big cookie jar …

Let it be said that there is nothing wrong with enjoying cookies. But a person who just eats cookies becomes fat and sick. Cookies require restraint and discipline since they are the reward for a balanced diet not the main course. As every child knows, one cannot talk about cookies without first dealing with the meat and potatoes.

And that is what is missing in the present political debates. The meat and potatoes. Even when conservatives enter into the meat and potatoes moral issues, it is often as an appetizer for the cookie main course. The right issues are not really being addressed.

Everyone likes to talk about taxes and jobs for middle class American families, for example, but candidates should really be looking at the utter devastation of the family. It is time for candidates to admit that the sexual revolution is ruining the nation. It is tearing society and even the economy apart. It is eroding the faith of countless Americans. The real issue is the restoration of the family. America was only great when families were strong.

There is debate about freedom, rights and entitlements. Candidates should be talking against the frenetic intemperance of the present times, where everyone wants everything instantly, effortlessly and without restraint. What needs to be addressed is the lack of self-restraint that lies at the root of the destructive practices of abortion, drugs and pornography that are ruining the moral fiber of the country. What has happened to the sense of right and wrong? It is time to abandon the present moral relativism and call a spade a spade. America was only great when she feared God and followed His commandments.

Finally, the candidates spend so much time talking about restoring material prosperity to RTO-Audiobook-AD-medium-res-300x250 The Cookie Jar Elections of 2016the nation. Candidates should be talking about not only material, but also and above all spiritual matters. There needs to be a return to what Russell Kirk referred to as the “permanent things,” those norms of courage, duty, courtesy, justice, and charity that owe their existence and authority to a power higher than government officials, which is a transcendent God. Perhaps it is time to ask to look beyond self-interest and embrace great causes. America was only great when she had honor and fought for all those permanent things that really matter.

There will undoubtedly be those who smirk and claim that such a meat and potatoes program will hardly attract those reveling in a cookie culture. However, issues like these need to be raised to find a way out of the present disorder. Moreover, in this time of crisis, so many Americans want to see these issues raised. They long for a return to order.

As things get worse, more and more people are soul-searching, looking for order, honor and authenticity that they sense once existed and might yet return. What are needed are candidates who dare to defy our culture and say “Enough!” Until this happens, we will have cookie-cutter candidates who sugarcoat the issues and reduce the debate to a cookie jar.

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  • If this is a cookie jar election, then Donald Trump is the Cookie Monster.

    • jea2comments

      Donald Trump is a great candidate, with the right motives to
      get this country back on track. We need him, like a thirsty
      man in a desert needs water. Cruz and Carson are also
      good candidates. Lord willing, we will get him as prez, or
      one of the three.

      • Homesteading Heart

        Donald Trump is not a great candidate – he is a Godless man who only looks out for himself. He is mean, spiteful, and volatile, and the only reason he is resonating with a part of the people is that most are sick and tired of Obama’s weakness. So we would trade a Godless man from one side of pendulum swing for a Godless man from the other side? No thank you. We have already lost so many of our liberties – I shutter to think what would happen under a Trump presidency. God forbid it, please.

        • jea2comments

          I think the character traits you’ve listed above, describe obama actually, as obama is all those things and more. His actions have bore this out time and time again.
          How would you know that Trump is a godless man? Are you the Judge? As the bible says: Judge not, lest thou be judged. I’m praying for Trump, Cruz and Carson, and for their protection, and for this country to be restored.

          • Homesteading Heart

            Yes, I agree that Obama is all those things, and more. Which is why I didn’t vote for him. And why I won’t vote for Trump. As you stated, “his actions have bore (sic) this out time and time again.” I’m not judging (a favorite argument of the progressives). I just have eyes. We as a nation have lost our moral compass, and this is reflected in our candidates. The only hope for our country to be restored is for it to turn wholesale back to God, which will take nothing short of a miracle.

          • jea2comments

            I didn’t vote for obama in either election, as I could see that he was a liar from the start. Some object to Trump’s personality, but I see him as a savvy business man, and a man that does care about the U.S. Trump has some very good ideas, and he’s as sharp as a whip! It’s funny you should call me a progressive – as I’m the total opposite of a progessive. There aren’t many people as conservative as me, of that I can assure you. I can however agree with your comment that we as a country have lost our moral compass, that is true, and yes, it will take a miracle to get this country back on track. I see Trump, Cruz and Carson as decent candidates. If you don’t like Trump, that’s one thing, and you’re entitled to your opinion. But what’s wrong with Cruz and Carson? These two men have outwardly expressed many times that they are christians and I believe them. I’m not exactly sure if Trump is a christian or not, but I believe Trump is a sincere, and decent man, and he has spoken out against the treacherous acts of muslims and about the dangers of islam and about christians in the middle east being beheaded. Trump also has led the way on discussing the dangers of illegal immigration, a topic that no other candidate dared touch before him! Trump speaks the truth, the hard truth, that others either refuse to see or don’t want to see. Trump always calls a spade a spade, and that is why people like and respect him. Because Trump speaks the truth, he has struck a chord within America’s heart, something that no other political candidate has been able to do in history. Trump, Cruz and Carson, also have a willingness to do the hard work that is needed to help straighten out some very big problems in this country! We need a good leader, and we need the mighty, and I mean mighty help of the Lord to straighten this mess out. 2 Chronicles 7:14.
            P.S. Which candidate if any are you supporting?

          • Homesteading Heart

            Trump is honest, I will give him that. Probably the most honest of all the candidates. I think that’s part of his appeal. I didn’t say anything about Cruz, but I did mention in another post that some of Carson’s comments bother me. I’m not sure yet who I will be supporting. I have only eliminated people – Trump, Bush, and Kasich will not be receiving my support. I want to learn more about Fiorina. I might like Cruz or Rubio. I started off liking Carson and Paul, but my enthusiasm for them is waning. I actually really like Huckabee, but I know he has no chance. I have no opinion about Christie – I think he has personal appeal, but I’m not sure about his politics. I hear what you’re saying about Trump, and I understand where you’re coming from, I just truly believe that if Trump is president, we can kiss whatever shreds of liberty we have left in this country goodbye. I almost feel like it doesn’t really matter who gets elected this time. I can’t change the direction this country is going, but I CAN make a difference in my own life and those around me. I will just keep homesteading, teaching the faith, and praying. Oh, and by the way, I wasn’t calling you a progressive, just pointing out that you were using a favorite line of the progressives 🙂
            Peace, and a very blessed Christmas to you all. Come Lord Jesus.

          • jea2comments

            In addition to Trump, I like Ted Cruz. He’d be my second choice. But, oh… please I hope you don’t consider Rubio, as he is a Republican In Name Only = RINO. He is for NOT securing our borders, and will do nothing to stop illegals pouring into our country, which IS a really big problem and which has resulted in higher crime rates, human trafficking, drug smuggling, and other heinous acts. Rubio is also being backed by Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook along with other big financial backers, who want our borders to remain open. Like Trump said: “If we don’t have borders, we don’t have a country.” I too like Huckabee, but I also know he has no chance of winning. Santorum is also a good candidate with christian values as well, but again he has no chance of winning. I’d rather have seen Huckabee or Santorum on the stage, and Kasich OFF the stage. Christie has a “tough-stance” appeal, and would make a great Attorney General – DOJ in a Republican presidential cabinet. Oh well… all we can do is vote our conscience and pray for the best. I too pray for a mighty spiritual revival in this country, because we sure need it. The world needs a mighty spiritual revival. And yes, Amen come Lord Jesus. Merry Christmas and God Bless you and yours.

        • Amen to that HH! If Trump is the Republican nominee, I will vote for the Constitution Party candidate if allowed to.

  • Edward Koestner

    Well said.

  • DavidMacko

    The idea of giving any president of the United States, even Gary Johnson, Rand Paul, Donald Trump or Ron Paul, who would never accept it, power to alter our deliberately degraded spiritual status, is horrifying. One of the major causes of our decline is the surrender of personal responsibility to government. The restoration of morality is a job for the people and their spiritual leaders, priests, ministers and others, not the job of government, especially the kind that we have had in America since at least the retirement of Calvin Coolidge.

    • Paul

      Well said.
      But people will not do it on their own, they need to be led. For the most part, the spiritual leaders are not leading (except in the wrong direction -look at the recent Catholic synod for example), even if they were, the majority of people are no longer listening. So why shouldn’t a presidential candidate be the one to lead the way. It has to start with someone and if your standing for president, then that someone might as well be you.

      • DavidMacko

        I do not disagree with you that many people, perhaps most, need to be led. I do not even say that a president should not lead by example, if he has the ability to do so. However, I am totally opposed to the idea of any president, even Ron Paul or Gary Johnson, who would not want to do so, anyway, to use power or authority to do so. Furthermore, if we had a president who did not hate America and did love liberty, he will have enough to do to start restoring the Constitution and preventing race war here and World War III. Of course, this will necessitate a degree of personal courage and willingness to sacrifice which we have not seen for a very long time. That will be a very good example, hopefully for centuries.

        • Faustina11

          I didn’t understand the author to be advocating for a president who would enforce a moral restoration. Of course, what are laws if not an enforcement of morality? We are going to have someone’s morality. It’s just a question of whose.

        • isn’t Gary Johnson a pro-abort? If so, we certainly don’t need a baby killer as a leader.

    • I agree with you. However, I believe leaders have a role in setting the moral tone for their people, like a father and mother do for their children, a priest does for his parish, or a civic leader does for his or her town. Influence goes both ways.

  • Brad Bryant

    Dr. Carson stands head and shoulders over the rest and is a spirit lead Christian who would heal our divided Nation. Pray for him, since the media has lied about him and knocked him out of the lead position..

    • Cole

      And he is also a man that stated that using aborted baby parts was ok because something good came out of it in the form of advancements in science.

      • Brad Bryant

        Cole: Check your facts. It was tissue not sold body parts of whole fetuses!

        • Homesteading Heart

          Morally, what’s the difference? A dead baby is a dead baby. I liked Carson until he made that statement.

          • Brad Bryant

            If the baby was going to be thrown in the trash, why not use the tissue to possible save another life. Like people who choose to donate their organs upon their accidental death to someone else needing a transplant.

          • Homesteading Heart

            Organ donors must give specific consent before their organs can be harvested. Where is the baby’s consent? That’s like Josef Mengele saying, “We’re going to murder the Jews anyway, so we might as well do some experiments and get some scientific knowledge out of it.”

        • Cole

          What do you think tissue is? It is another word for body parts. Parts like the organs or the brain, etc….

          • Brad Bryant

            Cole. Get real and quit this nonsense to justify your distrust of the man that has saved thousands of lives with is skill as a pediatric neurosurgeon, like the boy with spina bifada who is whole and walking at 14 and praising God for Dr. Ben or the twins conjoined at the head who are now in their late teens and going to college

          • Cole

            Stop being so emotional and use some reason and logic. His skill as a pediatric neurosurgeon does not relate to how he could do as a president. He has a skill given to him by God that he has made use of. Like so many other people out there. And what about the story of his youth that can’t be verified, even by the people who knew him? Are they all lying? Making up lies about how you grew up makes me trust you even less than the countless ways politicians take the truth and spin it to suit them.

          • Brad Bryant

            Sorry Cole, but his “lying about his youth” has been refuted by several sources.
            His temper was verified by his Mother in a Parade magazine article.
            His relative would testify about the knife in the belt buckle incident, but Carson would not break his confidentiality to public Scrutiny.
            Every Werst Point cadet get a free ride “scholarship” by agreeing to serve for four years upon graduation. Despite the military encouraging him to apply, he never applied because he wanted to become a doctor. He would have been a first rate Military officer, since he had been the first black ROTC cadet to be the Executive Officer for the entire City of Detroit.
            As far as being the last student staying in the phony exam at Yale, it was verified in a Yale Student newspaper article.
            All of this ambushing by the media, was because he was soaring to the top, and he had to be stopped.
            And as far as Trump saying that his youthful paranoid anger, and equating it as the equivalent to child molestation, how typical of Trumps crude comments about all Muslims, Mexicans as rapists, and ugly women (Fiorino).
            And about his business experience:
            1. Managed budget, staff, and administration of a division (pediatric neurosurgery) of a major Medical facility, Johns Hopkins Hospital.
            2. Years of Board experience on Costco and Kelloggs.
            3. Fonder and manager of the Carson Scholarship Fund giving scholarship to thousands of young people across the country.
            Do your homework and don’t bother me with more of your nonsense! If you want to dialogue more about Dr. Carson, contact me directly.
            Vote for whoever you want but stop posting this crap against the most outstanding candidate for President that we have had.
            Dr. Brad Bryant
            Mesa, AZ

          • Elizabeth

            As a medical professional myself, earning the expertise of a Neurosurgeon, (which is the toughest residency to be accepted in requiring the top academic who is calm under extreme pressure) Dr. Benjamin Carson is quite capable to heal our nation. Every prominent Neurosurgeon picks his own surgical team and leads to save lives. Dr. Benjamin Carson will choose only the best for his team and together he will lead ‘We the People’ toward rejuvinating the pulse of our country!

            Dr. Benjamin Carson for President!

    • Rosech Levy

      Dr. Carson is a nice person but a poor candidate for the position of either president or VP. We need boldness, business and management skills and the VP with Cruz for our Constitution and Rights. They are strong. Dr. Carson is too low key which is a virtue in a fine surgeon but not for bringing back America and cleaning the vermin in administrations across this land, the Congress and the Supreme Court. We are facing communism and socialism rising daily in this country and since I lived and worked under socialism and my spouse escaped communism, we know it and we want it kicked out of where ever hidden, and knowledgeable enough to know Dr. Carson is not the man to do what needs to be done. Since the man in the Pope’s chair has shown he doesn’t understand our Constitution and Rights, and since he has been cozying up to Obama, my Catholic Church is down also going backwards and that means I cannot listen to the “social justice, social reform” garbage because that is communist speak!

      • Brad Bryant

        Sorry to learn of your prior experience with socialism and communism.
        Unfortunately, both Trump and Cruz are too brash, egotistical, and alienate so many groups. We need a quiet, thoughtful, man who won’t be a bully and alienate the world against us.

        • jea2comments

          We need boldness, and a tough president who is willing to roll up their sleeves to do the hard work of getting our country back on track. Dr. Carson is a fine man, and very intelligent, but does he have the intestinal fortitude to get the job done? Trump and Cruz are more vocal than Carson, and have more grit, something that is needed at this point in time. You gotta have some grit when the left-wing media slam you down, and when the radical Liberals start making a punching bag out of our conservative candidates. The Liberals and left-wing media are dirty players, so we need to have candidates that posess grit and are up to fighting back.

          • Brad Bryant

            What ever happened to “Walk softly but carry a big stick”. Obama has talked tough with red lines and all the bluster of Trump, but when push comes to shove, he caves. Trump would bully other word leaders and alienate half of the world.
            Dr. Carson has managed teams of medical folks in life and death procedures and achieved miracles. He has been a steady leader who does not fold!
            Do not be deceived by his outward calm and somewhat pensive posture as weakness. Far from it. He is resolute, strong, wise, and determined to turn our country around. He talks the same way to blacks, Hispanics, whites, rich and poor. He does not mince word nor tailor his speech to please the particular crowd. He is not politically correct and he frequently says that his speech may offend some of his listeners.
            Check him out on You Tube.

  • Ryan

    Great article, Mr. Horvat. I am not very optimistic about things getting much better morally quickly in the US, but we can attempt to make changes for the better and know that God is on the side of good. I don’t believe in the concept of separating Church and state. We need some politicians who espouse Catholic values when it comes to legislating laws. In the meantime, we citizens need to do what we can do individually, namely frequenting the sacraments and following all the Church’s teachings to the best of our abilities. All of our country’s problems are directly or indirectly due to sin.

  • Meticulous MalCom MurgaTroyd

    This is all nonsense….We have another Divine Document besides the Bible to guide us here in the USA: THE CONSTITUTION…..Our Leaders, Pols, Judges, etc. just need to follow it & get out of the way, but they can’t because the overwhelming majority are either New World Order Psychopaths who want a One-World Govt., or have sold their souls to them….As long as we keep electing these types of dark souls, nothing will change!!

    Ephesians 6:12-13King James Version (KJV)

    12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

    • jea2comments

      Amen to that!

    • Jacqueleen

      Can’t go wrong if you vote “God’s Way!” Take a long hard look at the candidates and you will find very little of God in them…Trump, many wives, pro-choice (politicians lie, remember) religion takes a back seat…Cruz, power and control is on his mind, affiliated with Henry Kissinger, Bilderberg Member and one of the powerful hidden elitists and wife affiliated with another elite ruler, Goldman Sachs, religion takes a back seat…….Carson, a nice guy but politically inexperienced, a Pro-Lifer as a result of his profession but not necessarily from his religion. Carson would make a good VP. Look for the one who has the most of God’s Commandments in his life… far, not one of the three truly qualify. Take a step back and really take a good look at each one and ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to see the truth behind each candidate….

  • jrj90620

    It has been said that citizens either worship God or govt.We are quickly moving towards govt worship.Europe,where few attend church or worship God, is what we are becoming.Socialism is just govt worship.Not good for our future.

  • Jacqueleen

    VOTE GOD’S WAY…..A TRUE PRO-LIFER….A MAN OF GOD…AND ONE WHO HONORS THE CONSTITUTION. I will write in a vote for Dr. Ron Paul, Constitutionalist, if need be, a true Pro-Lifer and one of the most intelligent men in the political arena today. Furthermore, he looks presidential! Trump says what the disgusted voter wants to hear but does not speak about his remedy for the issues..Cruz is a social climber and his wife..well she works for one of the hidden elite rulers, Goldman Sachs…..and Dr. Carson is just too nice. I hope and pray that Dr. Ron Paul runs on the new Constitutional Party ticket. We need a leader who can obtain results …not bribe, or bargain, or intimidate to obtain support, but one who will use the power of persuasion to sell his ideas, methods and solutions to Congress…..we need a true patriot to get this country out of this mess and on its way to be respected by all other nations of the world!

    • Homesteading Heart

      Agreed! I was always a supporter of Ron Paul, but he has stated publicly that he was leaving public office because he feels it is too late to prevent the inevitable economic collapse, the reason he got into politics in the first place. I don’t think there’s any hope of him running again. The choices before us are a result of our loss of morality and separation from our Creator. We reap what we sow.

      • Jacqueleen

        Amen to the state of this country….However, as St. Padre Pio says, PRAY, HOPE AND DON’T WORRY…. God’s will be done even if it means that another Obama takes office. This will just expedite the second coming of Jesus Christ.
        If Ron Paul does not run, I would write in Judge Roy Moore, Chief Justice of the State of Alabama…who refused to take the 10 Commandments out of the Courtroom and off the front lawn….More recently, he told every judge in Alabama to follow the State Constitution on Marriage between one man and one woman and not the federal law. He has what it takes to stand up to the ruling elite….God bless Judge Roy Moore and Dr. Ron Paul.

  • PatriciaFraide

    While I believe it is a moral obligation for everyone who can to vote, this time around I’m really having a problem deciding who I’m going to vote for. As a Catholic I’m truly stumped as to who I’m going to vote for. I know I cannot vote for Trump! Too many things he says tells me he is not who he sells himself to be. I haven’t seen one candidate try in any way to win a Catholic vote!

    I’m also disgusted at the Bishops in the American Church for the last few decades abdicating their voice in the public square, so to speak. By their silence and many times their approval, we have seen the breakdown of the family. This has come about by the acceptance of contraception, which of course led to the legalization of abortion on demand with the sexual revolution.

    Now we have a field of candidates and a whole new set of moral questions in front of us and again, our silent prelates! We have to decide where they stand not only on abortion, on same-sex marriage, illegal immigration, the refugee problem, ISIS, the economy! The list seems endless and many times all we hear from them are petty comments hurled at each other. Personally, I don’t want to see the establishment we’ve seen entrenched the way it is now. I sure know the country will not survive another democratic president!

    So I’m left with listening very hard to what each of the candidates are saying, studying what they have done and will make the best decision when the time is right. God help us all.

  • Miles Dahlby

    Now indeed politics is a trailing indicator and the spiritual reformation needs to come from the grassroots. However, The bully pulpit of the presidency can still set the tone or the nation. Member Ronald Reagan. This day and age now we have Dr. Ben Carson who is the man perfectly suited to do that for us. I hope God will give us one more chance as a nation and allow Dr Carson be our next president. Vote or caucus for Ben Carson if you are serious about saving America!