When People Have No Anchors In Society

solemn-863667_960_720From our earliest days, we are taught to reject anything that remotely relies upon some kind of religious authority or distant tradition. No such guild posts are allowed since they make judgments, which all must follow.

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The modern mentality is the belief that all must form their own judgment about absolutely everything. Such a formidable task is considered the essence of self-realization and self-sufficiency.

The only problem with such an ambitious project is that we are not competent to judge everything for ourselves. We know and feel this because we all eventually sense the fallibility of our ways. We make mistakes in judgment; we often follow the wrong paths. We need guidance.

The defect of our ways of establishing certainties is that when we do fail, we cannot look to tradition or some established authority for direction. Doing this would indicate a failure to determine one’s destiny. Everyone would see such an attitude as a lack of individuality and freedom.

Since such individuals have no social anchors upon which to secure themselves, they lookSubscription1.1 around to see what everyone else thinks. Ironically, the individual that so values individuality, finds security in conformity. The person becomes a slave of public opinion and the plaything of those who know how to manipulate the modern day masses. So many of the fashions where youth claimed they did their own thing were merely fads where all did their own (same) things together.