Analyzing the Apple Watch Ad: “As individual as you are”

watch-916404_960_720-300x200 Analyzing the Apple Watch Ad: “As individual as you are”

“All of a sudden, the person is limited”

Appealing to man’s desire to be “individual,” Apple has released a new ad for their smart watch stating, “As individual as you are.” The ad continues, “everyone is different. So we designed Apple Watch to reflect a wide range of tastes and styles. And you can make it even more personal, to suit the occasion or your mood… Anytime you want.”

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What is the message conveyed by this ad? Ultimately, it is: This watch is for you. With our customizations and options, you will be able to “express” yourself with our watch.

All of a sudden, the person is limited to whatever the company provides. He is able to express his “individuality” insofar as the company is able or decides to produce multiple colors, materials or functions.

Although the ad states that one can change the cosmetics or interface when they want, anytime, this is not a true expression of freedom or individuality. True individuality is an expression of the soul, culture, and virtue of a person, not the multiple color wristband options on the smart watch he wears.

Subscription2-300x131 Analyzing the Apple Watch Ad: “As individual as you are”

  • Nathan Lineback

    Macs are nothing more than glorified IBM PC compatible Intel machines running a variant of NeXTSTEP. In my opinion they lost their uniqueness when they left PowerPC.
    That said, iPhones/iPads/Apple Watches are jokes. “Individual”. Ha! What happened to “Think different”? Apple has lost their innovation and is declining a la Microsoft. Honestly, Windows and OS X are getting worse and worse in the privacy, compatibility, and security department. With Tim Cook instead of Jobs, it’s only a matter of time before Apple falls. This ad is just the beginning. You’ll only be as individual as Apple wants you to be. They want a loyal consumer. So… how individual will you be if you’re only using Apple? Hmm…
    You won’t be.
    Individuality is not found in things of this world.
    By the way, if you’re looking to get away from the junk in the latest PCs and Macs, I’d recommend Linux. It can run most software that was designed for Windows (through Wine), and has plenty of exclusive software available. If you aren’t stuck on Windows or OS X, and you have researched Linux and like it, my two recommended versions (distros) of it are Ubuntu ( and Mint (