The Ideal Presidential Candidate Who Is Not Running

motion-899385_960_720-e1456006179915-300x203 The Ideal Presidential Candidate Who Is Not RunningPerhaps it is best to start by saying there is no ideal presidential candidate now running in the race in either party. None of them has all the qualities that are presently needed, although some candidates may have a few of them. No candidate is proportional to the crisis that is coming.

Part of the problem lies in the structure of the electoral game as it has evolved over the decades. Politics has come to reward only those who can deliver the greatest number of benefits to constituents. Candidates are asked to give voters the best value for their tax dollars in much the same way shareholders expect ROI from the corporations they invest in.

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As a result, economy dominates much of the debate. The moral qualities needed for the job are mentioned but pushed aside. The real bottom line is about money, jobs and prosperity. Depending on their orientation, candidates promise tax cuts or soak-the-rich tax increases to better the financial situation of the average voter. The candidates all sound off on important issues like healthcare, student loans or social security. But it all comes down to a “what’s-in-it-for-me” race that has come to define the election cycle.

Additionally, in order to attract the voter/consumer, elections have become all about impression and image. There are dazzling Hollywood-like spectacles where candidates put on road shows costing hundreds of millions of dollars. Campaign managers employ techniques of public polling and improving positive perception.

All candidates, even the so-called anti-establishment candidates, follow a populist narrative to hide their less-than-humble millionaire status. All candidates to a certain degree become entertainers and slaves to polling surveys. They are merchants of benefices and peddlers of promises.

And many voters are no better since they demand this great Mardi Gras of promises and spin. They become frustrated because no candidate can possibly deliver on so many promises, save by making even more (unfulfillable) promises.

The ideal candidate, who is not running, must be different. What is needed is an extraordinary leader. And by this is meant someone with a profound sense of the common good of the nation and the dangers it faces, one who is gifted with a keen perception of the opportunities to be pursued to bring the ship of State to safe harbor, and endowed with a strong will and fine sensibility with which to build a consensus and inspire all to follow willingly the direction indicated. This candidate must be a person whose moral courage grows in direct proportion with the perils the nation is facing.

But an extraordinary leader is not just focused on dangers. This person must also inspire true progress. And so, this ideal candidate, who is not running, must also be perceptive as to where the nation must go and not be guided by polls or pundits, but must boldly interpret what is best for the nation. This is what it means to be a leader.

Finding such leaders is not unreasonable. Sociologists recognize that in any society there are always those visionaries they call “representative characters” who rise above the crowd and point in the direction needed and desired by its members. Such figures have the unique ability to draw and fuse a society together.

“A representative character is a kind of symbol,” writes sociologist Robert N. Bellah. “It is a way by which we can bring together in one concentrated image the way people in a given social environment organize and give meaning and direction to their lives.” Philosopher Alasdair MacIntyrewrites, such characters “are, so to speak, the moral representatives of their culture.”

The ideal candidate, who is not running, should be a representative character that perceives the principles, moral qualities, and virtues desired and needed by the nation and dares to translate them into concrete programs of life and culture … and does so quickly.

This American leader would pursue a vision similar to that which propelled the nation to victory in the Cold War. This new vision must move a divided and polarized nation not to seek only after material benefits, however legitimate they might be. Rather this individual, by words and example, should convince and inspire people toward the most difficult of all tasks, which is to develop within them a willingness to sacrifice for what is good and right. Without this, nothing will be achieved in the crisis that is coming.

Finally, the ideal candidate, who is not running, must be authentic and strive to be the best that the nation can offer. Candidates should have the courage to be true elites in their pursuit of excellence. They should stand tall amid adversity, even to the point of braving unpopularity. They should have strong moral principles, be accessible to all, and be dignified in their demeanor. They should not be afraid to confront the majority when it is wrong, admit mistakes, or fall on their knees in supplication to God in times of affliction and need. All these are necessary virtues in the crisis that is coming.

Where is this ideal candidate, who is not running, to be found? Leaders of this type are notSubscription5.1-300x300 The Ideal Presidential Candidate Who Is Not Running found in the din and shouting of the spectacles that so characterize present-day elections. As candidates and voters engage in the campaign revelry full of insults, jokes and mudslinging, there is no place for the authentic leaders who are dismissed as killjoys, that ruin the party by their sober warnings.

The ideal candidate, who is not running, will only come when those who grieve for the nation start imagining, desiring and working toward a return to order, despite all difficulties and sufferings. In the great crisis that is coming, such leaders will emerge since that is when they normally emerge from their silent exile. When they are truly desired, they rise to the occasion. When they are most needed, they appear.

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  • Anthony John

    Thank you, Mr. Horvat, for your most insightful comments. There are/were two presidential candidates who, in my mind, stand out from the others in terms of moral fabric and integrity – Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. That being said, I think that Mrs. Fiorina is closest to that “ideal candidate” who possesses the qualities your gave above: strong moral principles, accessible to all and dignified in her/his demeanour. She had the courage to state publicly, many times, including during the debates, that the moral character of a nation is reflected in both (1) its willingess to defend its principles, e.g., the Constitution as well as (2) its willingness to defend life.

    Now is (correction, “yesterday was”) the time for every single person on this planet to get down on her/his knees and to pray to God for forgiveness and guidance. Thank you, Mr. Horvat, for your continued efforts to get at least some people to look towards the Truth.

    • Rosech Levy

      Well, I can tell you that here in Silicon Valley Fiorina’s name is not a nice word because she has no business managements skills having almost killed of HP and did actually kill off another company after HP. She is a greedy **** and HP had to pay her $20 million to get out! She has no morals or ethics and even dumped her first husband when he helped her to rise as a female in business. Now, that is real gratitude. She is one of our 5 witches: Pelosi/Boxer/Feinstein/Waters/Fiorina. You obviously thought her sweet narcissistic voice was great, but then so was Obama’s and look where that got us. I like Carson and would like to see him in Trump’s Cabinet, but not the material for the WH at this serious juncture in America’s history, unless of course you want the same old, same old or pure communism via Hillary and Sanders? In any case, no one and no thing is ideal – that is just a fantasy dream!

    • jrj90620

      Rand Paul would be my choice.Common sense,intelligent and great communicator.Of course he didn’t promise a lot of freebies so not going to be President.

    • Rosech Levy

      Well, since I lived and worked in Silicon Valley, Fiorina is a name of infamy for what she did to HP and then literally did completely destroy another company. Another Obama type narcissist. She is not worth the time to even type her name here. Phony, liar, cheat, etc. Could be a cousin to Hillary in many ways. In other words, we don’t like her in this area and why she didn’t win running against yucko Boxer either.

  • I think it would be only fair if the author had mentioned a few individuals whom he thought came close to being an “ideal candidate”. Surely he must have a few in mind. Perhaps Alan Keyes for example?

    • Bill Robins

      Curious, did you vote for Alan when he ran? I did!

      • MaryB435

        I voted for Alan Keys, too!

  • Rosech Levy

    Ideal? Nothing is ideal but always comes with defects! For most of America, Trump is the trumpeter to bring down the walls against we, the Americans. He is not owned, he has the skills needed, and I have the feeling that is why he finally chose to run is because God heard our prayers. Moses wasn’t ideal but he got the job done that God wanted!

    • Cole

      God heard our prayers and sent us a bigoted egotistical jerk whose only concern is winning the white house? This is a man that seriously needs to atone for his sins, only he is to blind. He is the man with the plank in his eye pointing out the specs in the eyes of others.

    • disqus_KXqeZMikzj

      Trump is a nightmare waiting to happen—-

      • Walter McKinley

        And, barring Hilary’s indictment, has virtually no chance of winning.

        • Ophelia

          It is public knowledge that Mrs Clinton practices witchcraft and other occult activities — yet some Christians feel justified in supporting her.

    • Bentley Hatchett II

      Rosech, Trump is in no way an answer to our prayers from God. He may have business savvy, but he’s totally lacking in moral fiber.

      • Rosech Levy

        Oh, really? And you are a perfect saint with no blots nor black marks on your life? Get real. He is more moral than many supposed Christians I know as a Catholic here in the USA and in other supposed “catholic” countries. He speaks from the heart and is well known for his charity, raising a fine family, has long term employees that respect, even his ex-wives like him. Too bad you didn’t run for the WH as you are morally perfect! NOT!

        • Bentley Hatchett II

          I never claimed to be morally perfect, but I’ve also never had three divorces.

    • Heather Fleming

      Nothing is ideal, true, and especially no one person. But someone who stops using the Executive Branch to replace congress and the Rule of Law would be a good beginning. As well as someone who not only upholds the Constitution, but the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God, as our Founding Fathers well knew, so that the Constitution is interpreted according to the Rule of that Law and not according to revisionist ‘values’ that promote greed and self interest.

    • Eskimo man

      Trump is just a delusion to make the American sheeple believe that Hillary was voted in when really she was placed as President by the Bilderberg Group. We already know that the Bilderberg Group has chosen Hillary at the last top secret Bilderberg meeting in August last year in Austria.

      • I am afraid to say that you might be right Sir. People tend to call us conspiracy theorists nuts or kooks but I believe there are evil, sinister forces in the world today that operate behind the scenes to oppress the common individual and advance themselves at our expense. Agenda 21 is alive and well and I think Hillary is going to be part of that. Voting for Trump would truly be the lesser of two evils but it might be necessary if we stand any chance at all of defeating Hillary. I voted for Ted Cruz on Virginia’s Super Tuesday but I really wanted to vote for Rand Paul. The bottom line for all of us is to do what it takes to be in God’s good graces; only then, with a prepared soul, can we be ready to face what life or death has to come at us with.

        • Eskimo man

          Conspiracy theory is their key word for mind control to keep the sheeple under their spell. Hillary Clinton has been pushing Agenda 21 for years now by vowing to provide abortion (The murder of unborn babies by ripping them apart alive in the womb) all over the world with no restrictions. If I was American I would vote for Trump because they say he is the only one that is not a member of these secret satanic societies, that is why even his own party hates him. Whether that is true or not does not matter because your vote does not count. To vote for someone like Hillary would be a mortal sin, and I can’t understand how anyone would like her, but I guess the forces of darkness are taking control of billions in these last days of history. God Bless you in Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. : )

    • Holy smokes

      Trump is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. His arrogant demeanor, ad populum, and ad hominem arguments are full of contempt. I would like to believe the man I have known as Trump for 30 years has become humble, pious, and a lover of God and neighbor but so far I’m not convinced. I see much more humility in Cruz, Rubio, and Carson than I ever saw in Trump. We are experiencing the brash arrogance of a president now who only represents first himself and then certain idealistic interest groups. We are on the edge of a cultural, financial, and political precipice and we need a leader of the stature of Lincoln, who understands that he is only a representative of the true leader of every nation, Jesus. That is right; we only have one King. When a leader serves the Lord, always cognizant of the state of his soul/conscience, he will lead with wisdom and love, and the nation will experience true growth and security.

      Think about this for second. Does Trump seem like the kind of man who has a deep prayer life, really loves the Lord? He has always had power, and dismisses anyone who doesn’t agree with him. This type of power is pretty scary in an office that is already too powerful. He has expressed his true philospophy when he stated that Planned Parenthood does some good things. By the way, Hitler did some “good things” too (rebuilt the German economy), but only in order to build power to do bad things. At this time, good is not nearly enough. We need a president who does the Right things. That may seem vague, but as long as the natural rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are secured in that order then the nation can recover from implosion.

      • Ophelia

        We’re going to vote for a president, not a pope! We are voting for a president, not a messiah. The ideal leader does not exist in reality, because all have sinned and none of us is perfect.

        • Holy smokes

          Both candidates are rotten but at least the platforms hold some relevance. I have to hope that Trump will honor the Republican Party platform but I have no doubt that Hillary will honor the Dems platform. By the way, Jesus commands us to be perfect like his Father in Heaven however daunting the task: even the president.

          Yes, but a good leader is possible, and good leadership starts by being a good person. For me the ideal leader would, first and foremost, be a good person, that is a person striving for the “common good” of the nation. Good does not mean never sinning, but it does mean knowing and understanding one’s sins and trying to avoid them at all costs. The constant hubris demonstrated by both candidates indicates a complete lack of humility which to me is a critical personal component for president (and goodness). So, I don’t expect good leadership from either candidate but the good news is that change is always possible, something for which we must pray.

    • Phil Stevens

      If Trump gets elected, it’ll be the first time the GOP sacrificed traditional marriage and abortion…in an election.

      • Rosech Levy

        Sorry, but you need to do history research on past presidents and how imperfect they were. Grow up!

    • Yoya

      Ideal?? Sure……Gabriel García Moreno would have been the ideal president. Too bad he was murdered for being just that….Ideal.

  • Katrinka Yobotz

    Take the time to listen to this.
    Doug and Joe Hagmann interview Tom Hoefling for President

  • Francisco Brenes

    Even tough in these circles, I was hoping not to hear covertly words referring to Mr Trump as:

    “All candidates, even the so-called anti-establishment candidates, follow a populist narrative to hide their less-than-humble millionaire status. All candidates to a certain degree become entertainers and slaves to polling surveys. They are merchants of benefices and peddlers of promises”

    However, rarely is mentioned the great harm done by others professionals politicians to our nation standing against:
    Moral values,our economy, National Defense, Christian faith, Abortion, homosexual “marriage” .

    Mr Trump or Mr Cruz may not be the ideals candidates, but represents what this country have been lacking for the last 70 years: Being Americans, truly Americans. People of family, people of faith, people of great sensitivity for our Constitution and Bill of Rights!

    I respectfully may say to you Mr Horvat II that I had a different conception of your Moral values but instead I see you falling, along with others, in the same destructive game despising the last hope for a free America on those two candidates or at least on the first one..


    Francisco J Brenes

    • Bentley Hatchett II

      I think it’s important to understand that Trump, although he has some qualities, is not at all a proponent of faith or family. He has been divorced three times, has made lewd comments about his daughter, is vulgar, taken soft stances on homosexual marriage, has donated to pro-abortion causes and candidates in the past etc.

      Candidates like Cruz and Rubio, are not ideal, they seem to be closer to the core American values. In their personal lives and campaigns, they are decently modest and somewhat moral.

      It’s important to truly make a distinction in between the person’s projected personality and what they’ve done concretely. If we want to make America great again, we (as you’ve said) have to return to the positive principles that used to have a place in this nation. Unfortunately, Trump does not seem legitimately committed to bringing back a return of morality.

      • Francisco J Brenes

        Whoever is free of sin to cast the first stone….

        • Heather Fleming

          Francisco, your advice is out of context for this discussion! Jesus said whoever has no sin can cast the first stone to those who would condemn a repentant adulteress – whose partner had not been held accountable at all. To vote in favour of someone who we will trust to represent what is good, we have to assess who they really are, going by a)what they declare and even more important b)what they actually do.

        • MaryB435

          Saying that there are good reasons to NOT VOTE FOR someone isn’t the same thing as “casting stones”.

    • John Ritchie

      I would pause and ponder before casting a vote for a candidate who fosters a culture that undermines moral values. Which candidate opened casinos with strip clubs, had several marriages, is divorced, re-married, would not bar partial birth abortion, and favors sodomy-based “marriage”? Just saying. Pray.

  • Edward Koestner

    Every nation gets the leader it deserves. Sobering. I like Horvat’s line: “The ideal candidate, who is not running, will only come when those who grieve for the nation start imagining, desiring and working toward a return to order, despite all difficulties and sufferings.” The aspirations of the people shape its leaders.

  • Mary C-J

    I would say that the perfect candidate that isn’t running does not exist. We are all flawed, yet what truly makes a great leader is someone who will rise to the occasion or problem at hand, and that can’t really be predicted these days when personal and moral integrity is unfashionable. We had a great candidate,a real Constitutionalist, yet media and elites set out to destroy him, can he recover… Who knows? How do you get an electorate to look beyond theatre and name calling. How do you re-educate people as to the worthiness of that Constitution? Only 3% of the population actually fought in the Revolutionary War. III percenters. What we could accomplish with that kind of will at all odds.

    • MaryB435

      What you say is accurate, but we must also remember that the ONLY reason that we prevailed THEN was with God’s help.
      Currently, our pornified, baby-killing nation has rejected God. We need to repent. A nation that refuses to WANT God’s help is “done”.

  • Francis Slobodnik

    I think several problems are taking place. People are genuinely frustrated at the lack of leadership our political leaders have shown. Along comes someone who promises them bread and circuses and they follow it seems, without using the use of reason. As Henry VIII stated in, “Man for All Seasons” some follow anything that moves. By bread and circuses I mean candidates who promise quick and easy fixes to complex problems using one liners.
    Also, the acceptance of a vulgar and crass candidate reflects the moral decline of America. The person who is vulgar and crass as a candidate will be the same as president. Those who tolerate such vulgarity and crassness are themselves vulgar and crass. Scary!
    Also, the moral and social issues have been placed aside by almost all candidates. We cannot expect God to bless us with a good economy if we don’t respect innocent life and traditional marriage.
    We need a Winston Churchill. Sadly, I do not see one anywhere.


      As you stated, Mr. Slobodnik – I couldn’t agree more. Please read this about Trump and there should be no more question:

    • Rosech Levy

      Sorry, but Trump is not crass and being vulgar from the Latin vulgate means speaking the language of the people, you know, us who have been ignored, ripped off, and sick and tired of the same old, same old betrayal and getting nothing done. I probably have been around a lot longer than you, so I have more experience of who and what we need in a candidate and for once we have Trump, God’s gift to us. If you have never used vulgarity in your life, you must be dead. He does not use profanity, but I bet you have used some in your lifetime as well. If you want a saint, he ain’t here and Jesus came only to save sinners in any case. In fact, many have thought Trump was our new Churchill for these new and very dangerous times. You can say what you want but think over what you are saying and understanding “language”. I had to study Greek and Latin in my university and it sure helps to understand the English language along with other languages I have have learned outside the US.

  • Mimi

    Donald Trump is the best prospect for today. The establishment folks have made an unholy mess out of our beloved country. They are responsible for taking God out of our schools – all of the laws that intrude on our lives – the gay agenda – abortion – and all that ails us at the moment. Before you unload on Mr. Trump’s morals, I suggest you read about David and Bathsheba. He was an adulterer and a murderer among other things, still God “favored” him. His words of repentance are in Psalm 51. At this moment in time, we need someone who will shake things up and reform them. The career politicians cannot expect us to go along with their ideas and lack of solutions, or “solutions” that only make matters worse. Also, remember how angry Jesus was when he chased the tax collectors from the temple grounds – and St. Paul was no piker in the area of bold speech either. You cannot be a “reformer” and be timid and mild-mannered. The times we are in call for “toughness” for sure. May God help us all. At this moment, Donald Trump is the only hope we have.

    • MaryB435

      But King David was repentant.
      We have no REASON to believe that a man who said he “never had to ask for forgiveness” understands that. We also have no REASON to trust anyone (no matter what party) who demonstrates himself to be untrustworthy.
      Actually, JESUS CHRIST is the only hope we have.

      • Mimi

        He is more trustworthy than the career politicians who steal from taxpayers every day and it is never enough. In my opinion. I do not like to judge anyone on their “sins” — but I think his family appears to have been raised right.

        • MaryB435

          What makes you think he’s more trustworthy? He has a pattern of behavior that shows repeated dishonesty. Dishonest businessmen are no more trustworthy than dishonest politicians, who are no more trustworthy than dishonest journalists, who are no more trustworthy than dishonest bureaucrats, who are no more trustworthy than dishonest lawyers, who are no more trustworthy than dishonest………
          When people (in their very understandable desperation) say that they’re sick of the lying “career politicians”, they are on to something. But let’s not get side-tracked, by attributing the problem to the wrong category. The problem with lying career politicians is NOT that they are “career politicians”; the problem is that they are LYING! This very understandable desperation and shallow thinking of the people wanting “something else” is about to lead America into another huge mistake.
          Remember, one of the meanings of the word “trump” is to win. Another one of the meanings of the word means “to deceive”. Just sayin’……….

    • Aaron Rider

      You have presented absolutely nothing factual to support your highly doubtful comparison of Donald Trump to King David. I suggest you read this article, which presents real facts in support of its conclusion:

      No serious Christian, of the Roman Catholic tradition or any other tradition, should even briefly consider voting for Trump. Nor should any other American citizen. He would be the worst Presidential candidate in the history of the Republican Party, and, probably, in the nation’s history.

      • Mimi

        How can you look at an economy that is 19 trillion dollars in debt, and think anybody but a business person could help that situation. The career politicians have put us in this position. The way Mexico will pay for the wall is – tariff on their exports to us and a reduction of the aid we give them. Makes sense to me. We cannot do anything in a proper manner until we get the economy under control. Who would be better – and if so, why haven’t they tried already? We cannot stick our heads in the sand, because Mr. Trump speaks in a bombastic manner. Look at how long this border business has been inflicting its havoc in this country. Check out what St. Thomas Aquinas has to say about that issue.

        • Aaron Rider

          Respectfully, you ain’t getting the horse you think you’re getting.

          You mean the same career politicians who gave Trump a 40 year tax abatement in the 1980s? The same career politicians who allowed into this country the illegal Polish workers who helped build the Trump Tower? The same politicians who enacted a massive expansion of the federal government into the health care realm (an expansion about which Trump has constantly shifted as he and his consultants try to figure out which position appeals best to voters)?

          You would do well, furthermore, to not fall victim to Trump’s overestimation of his money. It’s about time people start learning how Trump made his money. As a businessman, Donald Trump has made money most prominently through marketing. Marketing does not necessarily equate to substance. He has made money and made himself famous by being bombastic. That’s the root of his fame. That’s what has made him the front-runner of the Republican Party. Donald Trump himself is in large part responsible for the political problems facing the United States! And he expects us to believe that he’s somehow going to change things!

          Trump classifies himself as a “free trader”, yet this supposedly workable idea to pay for a border wall involves tariffs? Do you realize the utterly contradictory nature of calling oneself a “free trader” while demanding tariffs to pay for an unrealistic proposal?

          As for stopping illegal immigration, building a wall is hardly necessary anyway. Countless American voters have fallen prey to Trump’s clever Trojan horse. Do you realize how much of the American-Mexican border is *extremely* difficult to cross? Other Republican candidates know the truth: if E-Verify and other measures are used to deny employment, if criminal elements and certain other migrants are deported, and if border security is stepped up in populated areas, then two things will result: foreign nationals will have less reason to cross illegally, and, secondly, those who do still wish to cross illegally will have a hard time doing so since more populated and easier crossing areas will be denied to them. The desert itself will become the wall.

          And then maybe we can stop this flagrant nonsense about making Mexico pay for a wall (and Trump’s proposal is, typically, vague) we don’t even need. Where was Trump the anti-open borders crusader when Polish illegal aliens were building his tower?

          But who am I to suggest pragmatism? We need someone who pretends to support the conservative base’s ideological cravings while, on the other hand, giving money to Planned Parenthood! We need someone who is less a businessman, more a marketer. We need Trump!

          Republicans are falling prey to Trump’s demagoguery and to his utterly despicable pretensions of becoming the nation’s ultimate political leader while, supposedly, remaining outside the political system and doing things “like a businessman.” It’s a pipe dream with clever marketing. Just like Donald Trump’s whole public persona.

          Donald Trump has benefited from the collusion of big businesses with the federal government and from the collusion of big businesses with state and city governments. If you have a problem with America’s descent into kleptocracy, then you’re utterly irrational to think Trump – someone who has benefited from that kleptocracy – will have any motivation to change it.

          As much as Trump would fail in practical application of public policy, so he would almost assuredly fail as a moral beacon of the republic. We see this in his financial support of despicable Planned Parenthood, in his two divorces, and his willingness to “jokingly” talk about wanting to punch protesters and in his willingness to allow his supporters to call other Republicans by a vulgar and offensive word.

          Abraham Lincoln was the first great Republican, and he said that the key thing in public life is to trust the people and bring them the facts. Donald Trump is a narcissist who has never served the people and thinks the best way to become an elected official is to pretend that a) being an elected official is an inherently dishonorable thing and b) that the best way to win the people is to give them demagoguery in place of facts!

          Pray for us, O Holy Mother of God.


      Please read this if you think Trump is the best we have:

  • Eskimo man

    The President is not voted in by the people, the whole election process is designed to make the people think that they have a say when they do not.

  • Harry J Tucci Jr

    Way too much of a theoretical debate. Absolutely no names are given and doubtful any individual living or deceased short of George Washington fits the description. So why bother even discussing such pure hypotheticals. While we are at why don’t we create 535 new members of Congress and throw in a handful of Cabinet members for good measure.

    • Dale McNamee

      We should be voting for the the person’s described in the article in all elections for Senate, Congress, Governors, Mayors, City and County Executives and Council members…

      If thus is done on a consistent basis, we would become a more righteous nation…perhaps…

      Our leaders are representative of the electorate…

      Unrighteous people will not elect righteous politicians…

      • Harry J Tucci Jr

        Dale — You are absolutely right … the “down ticket” races are far more important to establishing the Christian ideal.


    People who are falling for Trump are doing so because he is saying what many of us think. However, he is just as narcissistic as Obama. He is a self-centered business man who just knows how to say the right things. I believe he is a very dangerous man and he is not what we need to bring America back from the brink. If you take a serious look at Trumps past, his many failed marriages, his view on life (he still supports Planned Parenthood), his stance on sodomite marriage, you can see that he does not have the moral values that our country needs. Someone mentioned that ‘Trump is not owned’ – that is true – he is not even owned by God, who he even admitted that he is not accountable even to God. Considering all of the abortion and so many other immoral things going on in our country, I am afraid that we people are still confused about what Mr. Horvat is talking about. Look back to when this country started. People had honor. They cared about what they said and the promises they made. Their character meant something to them. I am not so sure that people care about character. If they did, Hilary Clinton would be in jail and not running for the president of the United States of America.

    • Rosech Levy

      There is a difference between telling the truth about yourself and accomplishments vs. Obama, the narcissist who loves himself only and has accomplished nothing. I speak proudly of myself as well for my accomplishments and I admire Trump for speaking up for himself. I would suppose you naysayers think you are Christians but sure doesn’t sound like it because I am sure you have also complimented yourselves as well in your life time. What I am seeing here are whiny children who spout but don’t do waiting for someone to do it for them. You are part of America’s problem and none of its solution.

  • John Horvat II

    The article does not deny that there might be candidate that may have some of the qualities found in the ideal candidate, but none of them have the vision that will suffice for the crisis that is coming.
    Some candidates do mention moral issues but the debate is dominated by economic considerations, promises and rhetoric that will not be enough for the crisis that is coming.
    The ideal candidate needs to be truly a representative figure who embody what it means to be an American. That person needs to inspire America and unite the country in face of a grave moral crisis that most are not addressing. The present electoral system of image and hype makes this extremely difficult. I believe representative figures exist and will appear. This election is simply not calling them.`

    • Katrinka Yobotz

      Have you ever really looked into Tom Hoefling?

    • Rosech Levy

      Oh, but Trump is here and has all the qualities you mentioned, John. Sorry, but I am not prejudiced as so many are. I have lived and worked under socialism and my spouse under socialism and communism and we are voting for America and Trump.

  • Observant OsWald OosterHosen

    The ideal candidate, Dr. Ron Paul, ran in 2008 & 2012 & was ignored by voters & pundits & pols on both sides….His son, Rand, while not as ideal as Ron Paul, ran in 2016 & was by far the only man for the job!!!

    • jrj90620

      Rand much better speaker than his dad and not as radical to the mainstream.Agree,he would have been my choice.

  • Jim Sokola

    Where is he or she? It sounds like the “perfect” candidate. Do they even exist? Any names?

    • Rosech Levy

      No one is perfect and that is why Jesus came to save sinners, not saints. Get real.

  • Black Swan

    I read this fast, so maybe I missed it–does anyone besides me like Kasich, an electable, principled man who also happens to be a Catholic Christian? I voted for him on Super Tuesday, and would love to have an opportunity to vote for him in the general election also.

  • Dale McNamee

    The reason why we have Obama, Clinton, and Trump, along with a slimy, rotted government and culture is that we are Obama, Trump, Clinton, and the slimy, rotted, government and culture…

    • Deborah Olsen

      Yes, I had wished dearly that we deserved to have Mitt Romney when he ran 4 years ago! I do not know him personally, but, as a Mormon, myself, I do KNOW what he was taught in the Church all his life! To LOVE God! To LOVE Jesus Christ! To actually strive to live a life that would please our God! To keep his commandments and live them! To love, cherish, and honor family – the traditional family unit, and to treat family members well! To treat our fellow man in a way that would be pleasing to Christ! To love our country! To serve others with gladness! I know for a fact that Mitt Romney knew what was expected of him and he knew that “Where much (knowledge) is given, much is expected.” This is referring to the personal, daily conduct that he knew was expected of him, as taught by the Church, his parents, and all his grandparents before him! He came from a close-knit family that expected a lot from him, and had a lot of hope in him. I always sensed that Mitt wanted to be, and was, the kind of person who he was taught to be! The qualities above are taught and reinforced constantly in all Mormon families that are strong and successful! They are the very easy families to pick out! I’ve been surrounded by these kinds of families and those who follow the above for all of my life. These are the reasons that I had COMPLETE confidence in Mitt Romney as our next President!!! Plus, he is an intelligent person without even being raised in the above way. He had already proven himself as a leader many times. But, alas, we as a nation were too dumbed down by our society and the evils in it, to be wise enough to see that he was the very best candidate who would bring hope, dignity, and progress to our nation! The best one to make it great again! There is a reason that traditions endure…they make things work for the best! Instead, we chose Ovomit again! (My school-aged children innocently asked why that was his name, and after a good laugh from me and explaining to them that his name was really Obama, well…it just stuck! I think it is somewhat fitting. The kind of person and liar..oops – leader… that he is kind of makes me feel nauseous, anyway.) So 4 years ago, we were foolish enough for a little over half of us to choose him AGAIN!! So now we are in the position, heaven forbid…please…of having, of all choices, CLINTON for president! Trump is somewhat better than her. I feel hopeless…

      • Sheila T

        Deborah: I agree with you about Mitt Romney. He was a very decent man and I think he would have won only why he didn’t win was 14 millions people did not vote in 2012.

      • Rosech Levy

        Ah, but then Romney turned on the man who supported him in 2012 and that made many of us think his love of God went awry and in case he had no testicles to win in 2012 and even less now. Reid is also a Mormon and he is hate-filled, nasty, mean, etc. Just because they say they are Christian doesn’t mean they really are.

  • miguel prado

    The ideal candidate for this election is Mr. Trump , because he is a patriot. People are angry, angry their country is in decline and in danger of being stolen by communists and one world order types (same people really). Patriotism has been for so long banned, suppressed, that it is rising its glorious head again. For God and Country!

  • jrj90620

    Too late,There isn’t a mortal person alive who could bail out the Titanic,at this late stage.

  • DavidMacko

    I would settle for a president who will follow his oath to uphold the Constitution. We have not had anyone like that since Calvin Coolidge.

  • Mike

    In both government (all national governments) and Church “representative characters” that have tried to rise to the occasion, have all been successfully smear campaigned. Maybe what we really need to ask is how do we overcome smear campaigns?

  • mister malted

    The fact is there are many individuals ideally suited to be
    President. However, these individuals
    maintain a pride, a dignity and a concern for family and loved ones that stops
    them from running. They are unwilling to
    expose themselves and their loved ones to the lies, the innuendos and the attacks
    the current ego-driven crop of candidates are willing to accept. Given our media frenzy world, this is
    unlikely to change anytime soon.

  • Samuel DiMuzio

    Please take your analysis to a picnic…have good food and philosophical chit chat…and run away when the bears come.

    Your approach is fighting for an individual that you admit does not exist. This is 2016…not make believe.
    The media with all its gum chewing helped to create the current two candidates, the republican leaders have shown no courage to consolidate and fight for their candidate, the democrat party leaders openly manipulated the candidate of their choice.

    Leaders, with all their worts, are leaders…FD Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Ike Eisenhower…they did not talk and talk philosophy…they performed it. And there are other accomplished presidents. Feel-good presidents are suspect…too many of them lately.

  • David Campbell

    I thought long and hard on who would make a good choice for the present times. Clearly the selection process is badly broken! I came up with only one name. I wrote to him via email and asked that he consider stepping into the race, if he felt that at his age it made some sense to do so for the sake of the country. Considering the major problems the country is facing, that person is General Colin Powell.

  • Rosech Levy

    As far as I and many others have found God’s gift to us in Trump who has all the qualities, skills, acumen, intelligence, and love of America, and best of all he is not PC nor a politician, but speaks to We, The People. He may not be your choice and that is okay, but for all those Americans who have not been or would not be polled, he is the guiding light among the dark!