Why Conservatives Should Not Attack the “Establishment”


“Perhaps the word’s nebulousness makes it so susceptible to attack.”

In the 2016 presidential election cycle, no single group, not even President Obama, has been the object of more contempt than “the establishment.” Nearly every candidate of both parties has attacked his or her rivals for supposedly belonging to the “establishment” while vehemently denying ever having belonged to it themselves. Large numbers on the left, and increasingly the right, believe that the “establishment”—whatever that is—is sabotaging the country, and that the next President must fight to destroy its power and influence.

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Perhaps the word’s nebulousness makes it so susceptible to attack. When asked to explain what they mean by “establishment,” politicians typically respond with sound bites or campaign slogans about Wall Street, the “big banks,” “big government,” or “career politicians.”

A mere ten years ago, such populist attacks against the “establishment” would have quickly sank the prospects of a presidential candidate in the eyes of public opinion. Now, the most popular candidates are not those with the most money, largest super PAC, or the most endorsements, but the ones who give the shrillest tirades against this faceless nemesis.

The honesty of these attacks is questionable. Nearly all of the self-described enemies of the “establishment” are, even by their own hazy definition, members of it themselves. These self-proclaimed “outsiders” have spent their lives rubbing shoulders with the nation’s elite, boast an impressive rolodex of influential people, attended Ivy League or top-tier universities, and possess wealth far above the average American.

An emotional frenzy directed against an ill-defined enemy like the “establishment” is a dangerous thing. The use and abuse of certain words, especially when mixed with strong emotions, can draw people into adopting ideological positions they ordinarily would not. In the case of the word “establishment,” many conservatives, without their perceiving it, have been influenced to adopt ideological positions that, if not substantially leftist, have the flavor of the sixties.

This tactic of using carefully-chosen, emotionally-charged words is described in detail by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira in his 1965 book, Unperceived Ideological Transshipment and Dialogue. The left uses what he calls “talismanic words” as a tool of psychological warfare. Media personalities, writers, intellectuals, and other leftist sympathizers use the word in ever more exaggerated, deformed ways until it assumes a radically leftist meaning. The users of the word ascribe to it an almost magical power to solve all problems, hence the term “talisman.” The general public—ignorant of this leftist maneuver—slowly but surely uses the talismanic word in the newly-coined radically leftist sense. In a word, they are “transshipped” into a leftism without perceiving it.


“‘Wall Street’ has become the ‘talismanic word’ of the left, reducing all the world’s problems to its existence.”

The word “Dialogue,” for example, no longer means “a conversation between two or more people.” Rather, it usually implies the idea that any conflict between two opposing sides, no matter how justified or necessary, is always bad. “Tolerance,” another talismanic word, does not mean “to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own,” but rather full-fledged support for abortion and homosexual “marriage” (and persecution for those who disagree). “Wall Street” has become the “talismanic word” of the left, reducing all the world’s problems to its existence.

The left continuously manufactures these words. Recent examples include “diversity,” “undocumented,” “empowerment,” “safe space,” “racism,” “ecumenism,” “love,” “refugee,” and “the one percent.”

In like manner, “establishment” has assumed a populist, ideological meaning far beyond its original definition of “a group of social, economic, and political leaders who form a ruling class.” It carries with it a charge of resentment, even hatred, for those people in leadership positions. It holds all of America’s elites in contempt for the faults of a few.

The word unjustly loops together pseudo-elites—jet setters, media personalities, sports stars, Hollywood actors, self-serving politicians, and super businessmen—with true, authentic elites. Pseudo-elites, it is true, corrode traditional American culture and work to replace it with a global, artificial one. They set a bad example, hold a selfish worldview, and have a soft disdain for the “flyover” American heartland, alienating those social classes they should be leading. In short, they embrace the benefits of a true elite while shirking its responsibilities, inviting upon themselves the not-entirely-unjustified contempt of the rest of the country.

On the contrary, true elites are those real flesh and blood men and women found in every social class and who lead society, set the tone, and sacrifice for the common good. In spite of our moral decay, good elites can still be found interwoven in the fabric of America, leading businesses, teaching our youth, volunteering in service organizations, joining the clergy, and serving in the military.

It is within these true elites that one finds what author John Horvat calls “representative characters.” He writes:

“A representative character is a person who perceives the ideals, principles, and qualities that are desired and admired by a community or nation, and translates them into concrete programs of life and culture. We might point to famous figures like General George Patton or those lesser known people such as self-sacrificing clergy, devoted teachers, or selfless community leaders who draw and fuse society together and set the tone for their communities. Modern culture discourages the idea of representative characters and proposes false and unrepresentative characters that correspond to our mass society.”

America has been blessed with an abundance of these “Washingtonian” men and women, who have guided the country during her darkest days and her finest triumphs. A cursory glimpse through American history will quickly reveal a wealth of heroes—social, political, religious, and military. And it is these elites, painted with the label of “establishment,” that the left tries so hard to deride and destroy, not for their faults, but for the good they represent.

Indeed, the term “anti-establishment” was coined by the counter-cultural left of the sixties to summarize everything they hated about America’s political, social, and economic order. Leftist author Howard Zinn, in his book, A People’s History of the United States, defined the establishment as “Republicans, Democrats, newspapers [and] television…the huge military establishment…and that uneasy club of business executives, generals, and politicos.” For Zinn, the problem with America was not the existence of a corrupt leader or dishonest politician, but the very structures of society themselves.

President Reagan meeting with William F. Buckley, jr., in the oval office

President Reagan meeting with William F. Buckley, Jr. in the oval office

Beginning in the middle of the twentieth century, the American conservative movement arose largely as a reaction to this socialist onslaught. Although they were often the target of derision of the pseudo-elites, conservative intellectuals such as Russel Kirk and William F. Buckley, Jr., elites themselves, stood up to defend American institutions, social order, laws, and traditional institutions as indispensable to a free people.

Resentment for these structures, with their hierarchy and tradition, is a natural consequence of the egalitarianism of socialist ideology. Any institution that represented order, stability, harmony, and tradition was the enemy. Rather than attack these institutions directly, the sixties radicals made no distinction between the pseudo-elites and those true, authentic, “representative characters,” combining them into one single club, “the establishment.” In their quest to impose a socialist cultural revolution on America, they used the abuses of the former—real or imagined—as a weapon to tarnish the latter.

Moreover, this spirit of hatred toward a nation’s leadership bears faint echoes of the French Revolution. In spite of its faults, the Ancien Regime, the “establishment” of the time, was a profoundly Christian social order born of the virtue, vitality, energy, and Christian spirit of the Middle Ages. The revolutionaries of 1789 acted not to correct the problems of this “establishment,” but to violently overthrow it, leaving hundreds of thousands dead in their wake.

The American left, as the spiritual descendants of the French Revolutionaries, would like nothing better than to transform America into a giant Occupy Wall Street slum. Conservative Americans rightfully reject this nightmarish vision of the country. These Americans desire to restore the greatness, strength, and moral fiber that made America great. They would do well, however, not to inadvertently aid the left in overthrowing the very order they seek to restore.

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  • Edward Koestner

    Let’s see the firestorm this article will create ….

    • chet

      Very very true. But one thing that brings everyone together is that WE ARE SICK AND TIRED OF BEING LIED TO by our government (obama at State of the Union: this is the best economy ever) and the mainstream media on just about everyone (but really, it’s just spouting the govt. line).

      • Edward Koestner

        Because people in government have lied to the people not in government for so long, in the mind of the average person, the very notion of government has become synonymous with lying. The same thing takes places with the moral corruption inside the Church. Or, inside the traditional family, where father and mother don’t use their authority to care for the children properly. The tough balance to be achieved in this issue is how to weed out the corruption, and save the institution. To make things more difficult, the moral standards in the lives of the average person have fallen to terrible lows. If the average person lives a life of pristine morality, and only the “establishment” figures were corrupt, this issue would not be so tough. Moral corruption is permeating both to terrible levels. We need a complete renewal of moral standards, as Our Lord said in the Gospel, “be perfect as Your Heavenly feather is pefect.”

  • Rosech Levy

    Call it what you will, but most Americans relate to the word “establishment” and don’t understand that we who are populists are very different in our approach and why the two Parties are actually one today and against us, The People! As I have lived and worked under socialism and my spouse under Hitler and Stalin, this article is somewhat insulting. Yes, there have been good people, but we are living in today’s world and we The People are fed up with the lies, the betrayals, and we know we are at fault for allowing this but see the opportunity today to take back our Republic from those who are not those wonderful people doing wonderful things by attacking our Constitution, our rights, freedom and capitalism. Sorry, but the article is not right on on so many points!

    • Edward Koestner

      I thought the article was right on so many points, such as the need for true representative characters, true elites, who embody the ideals of the United States.

      The best paragraph is this one:

      An emotional frenzy directed against an ill-defined enemy like the “establishment” is a dangerous thing. The use and abuse of certain words, especially when mixed with strong emotions, can draw people into adopting ideological positions they ordinarily would not. In the case of the word “establishment,” many conservatives, without their perceiving it, have been influenced to adopt ideological positions that, if not substantially leftist, have the flavor of the sixties.

      The key sentence is this one:

      An emotional frenzy directed against an ill-defined enemy like the “establishment” is a dangerous thing.

      • Paul Bevillard

        Many of those that call themselves conservative, are not all that conservative.

        “An emotional frenzy directed against an ill-defined enemy like the “establishment” is a dangerous thing.”
        I would not call it an emotional frenzy. For those who support Hillary, yes. But Trump supporters are the the people who finally realized that whether one vote Republican or Democrat, the outcome is the same. Jobs continue to fly out of the country. The service economy isn’t doing a lot for many Americans.

        Why is it that a number of Republicans, especailly senators would rather give the race to Hillary than Donald Trump. Read Phyllis Schlafly, who wrote a recent column against the kingmakers. There is big money floating around the established in Washington, and they do not want to let it go.

        • Proof that Trump supporters are emotional is their utter denial of his extensive leftist past and their excuses for his vile comments that even Obama would never get away with.

          • Paul Bevillard

            “Proof that Trump supporters are emotional is their utter denial of his extensive leftist past”
            Offer me the proof that his supporters do not know anything about his past. His past is well documented, but unlike anyone else in the GOP, perhaps save Cruz Trump is willing to call a spade a spade. Look into Rubio’s past. There isn’t much to speak about and his comments were just as vile. I’ll also offer my support to Cruz despite his shortcomings. I offer my support in terms of defunding PP and backing the family. But I will not offer my support for anything to do with Israel. We have been fighting wars for them (as well as Saudi Arabia). We have big players in the field. The encroachment of China in the China seas taking territory and showing an ever aggressive stanch. Will this turn into another Pacific war? Who among the GOP (one could forget about Hillary. I will give Sanders credit for standing against the international trade), will repeal NAFTA, GATT, and the new trader deal? No one in the GOP. Both dems and republicans were too willing to sign allowing these deals to go through. Why is Detroit a crap hole? Why is it a once bustling city is decimated and a city like Hiroshima has turned into a stark contrast to what happened in 1945.

          • chet

            Cruz is big on the TPP and voted for fast-tracking it–that is, giving obama maximum power on marshaling this through.

            Forget about repealing GATT and NAFTA (which his wife helped write).

            The TPP will effectively end American sovereignty. This is the big game changer. It is anti-constitutional as it supercedes our court system.

            The “establishment” is giving our sovereignty away because it isn’t “our” establishment anymore.

            Remember Panetta telling Congress after obama decided to attack Libya without informing it tha the “United Nations and NATO have supreme authority over the actions of the United States military,”

            Congress has given away its authority to a would-be dictator president: fighting ISIS anytime anywhere with no oversight , trade deals constructed in secret, global “warming” provisions against the US but not polluting China etc., mass immigration and on and on.
            Oh, and when the ISIS gang is found on our shores thanks to the connivance of the DHS., which runs ICE and the Border Patrol as well (part of the executive branch–so gets marching orders from there) we’ll have martial law.
            Cruz is a big fat liar. Look what he did to Carson in Iowa and remember he said that if Trump (who packs heat and would like another pro-2nd amendment Scalia on the bench) becomes president you can kiss the 2nd amendment goodbye.


            Cruz is the establishment’s pick if it can’t have Rubio.

          • Edward Koestner

            Please define what “our” and “we” means. And what would “our” establishment be like?

          • chet

            nationalist rather than globalist (UN, NATO,WTO etc.

          • Paul Bevillard

            ty Chet. I was not aware about Cruz dealings with the TPP. I just did a little research. He was against it in 2015, but changed his mind when signing the deal. He did throw in his concerns and wanted provisions such as congress and people having a say and making the president accountable. Not saying I agree with him. Trump and Sanders were the only ones that said no to the TPP. If there are any links you would like to throw please feel free.

          • chet

            You are welcome, Paul. Thanks for reading.
            The only thing he changed his position on really was the trade promotion authority (TPA). He is still for the TPP.
            I think that is THE key legislation ont he globalists’ agenda.
            Read Phyllis Schlafly on TPP.
            Don’t feel bad if you didn’t hear so much about it. The less said the better and mum’s the word. But they really really want it.
            Check out infowars.com on this as well

          • chet

            You might want to check out henrymakow.com. That is an excellent website.
            And Cruz is a huge supporter of israel as is Rubio, which is why they’re being promoted.

          • Paul Bevillard

            “The GOP is essentially owned by a handful of billionaires*. Nobody can afford to win a seat in the House, Senate, or the White House without going through these king makers. They’ve been picking and playing candidates off each other for decades.”
            Thats is exactly the same thing Phyllis Schlafly said during an hour long interview with Breitbart News.

            Good to see that she is not the only one that sees through the veil.

          • chet

            <Phyllis Schlafly—unlike countless Members of Congress—needs no handler.
            91 years old!!! God has blessed us with her.
            Thank you!

          • Paul Bevillard

            “And Cruz is a huge supporter of israel as is Rubio, which is why they’re being promoted..
            Absolutely. We have been fighting their wars for both Israel and Saudi Arabia. I keep arguing with people that Israel can take care of itself. Also, they have sold our military secrets to China.

    • By using and attacking the “establishment,” we have let the left define the terms of the debate and the field of battle. We need to foster true elites while opposing pseudo-elites. Overthrowing the whole order, in our present circumstances, will help trigger a French Revolution in America. Such a position is virtually indistinguishable from that of the sixties radicals.

  • DavidMacko

    The current political, economic and media establishment, of which the Left is a major component, is an enemy of Jesus Christ, the American people, the rest of the human race, our God-given liberty and the Constitution of the United States which was designed to protect it. I believe that all decent human beings, especially Christians, have a moral obligation to oppose and destroy it, and replace it with an honest establishment of men who believe in liberty, such as the Founding Fathers created.

    • Jarhead

      And everyone else on the planet is depending on us to RIGHT the wrongs, destroy PC, and put the guilty “Quislings” in prison for a LONG, LONG, LONG time!.

      • DavidMacko

        We certainly need to do that if we are to avoid the future about which George Orwell warned, i.e. a boot stamping on the face and neck of humanity forever. In some instances I would favor short, suspended sentences so long as they were administered with hemp.

        • chet


          • DavidMacko

            Other materials also make good rope. Like all powers of government, the death penalty should be administered with great care, especially since it is irreversible. However, some people deserve it.

  • kmbold

    I personally have no difficulty in defining “the establishment” as used today. It is those in power who use that power for their own perceived good; hang the nation. Many of the current crop of Republicans (and Democrats-to-the-max) and their benefactors and hangers-on do not care a fig for the life of our nation. An elected office is just a (relatively) high-paying job and a step toward a cushy position later. They are in fact, traitors, by omission, refusing to use their legitimate power to put a halt to the assaults on the Constitution by Obama and the Supreme Court. Ryan, McConnell, McCarthy, McCain (a sad lot of Irishmen all), Boehner, et al, did not take advantage of the opportunities they had to set things right. Even now as the voters are making it clear that they are not going to endure their ilk any longer the Establishment is fighting them at ever level.
    I hope they and all the overstuffed bureaucrats will soon be looking for employment elsewhere, though they lack qualifications for real work.

    • texas123

      So if they were in private industry none of them would have a job. They would either be in prison due to their handling of finances or fired, due to their lack of results. They make politics their career instead of seeing it as temporary public service and then when they are finally shown the door by their consituents after 30 plus years they parachute into a lucrative lobbying gig making millions of dollars. Trent Lott, Eric Cantor, John Boehner to name a few.

      We need to pass a law stating that if you have served in Congress for more than 2 terms, you’re banned from lobbying positions where you go right back to your cronies in Washington to make deals at expense of American people on behalf of some special interest group with big pockets.

  • chet

    The establishment is the Rothschild Enterprise and Christians are targeted.

  • JS

    I am sure Mr. Bascom on an ACT or IQ test would leave me in the dust, but I would love to debate him on politics. The question of the “Establishment” is a closet subject in the U.S. Voltaire defined it correctly. “To learn who rules over you,simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” It is the Zionist Jews and Israel. They are the Establishment, the ruling Oligarchs.

    In a real debate you name names, you do not use code words to give the appearance you are struggling to find the answers and to teach and preach them to the world . I could give names,but I doubt you would print such a letter. (I’ve been dropped before)
    Proof: The Establishment speaks:

    Ariel Sharon: “Israel may have the right to put others on trial, no one has the right to put the Jews on trial and the state of Israel.

    Ariel Sharon: “We, the Jewish People control America, and the Americans know it”.
    Paul Warburg: Jewish Banker, testimony before the U.S. Senate. 2/17,50
    “We will have a world government whether you like it or not. The only question is whether that government will be achieved by conquest or consent.”Nathan Meyer Rothschild “Who controls the issuance of money controls the government”
    Mayer A. Rothschild”Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.”
    The Zionist Jews Own/control The Federal Reserve, the IMF and the Central Banks. These are not government entities, they are private businesses.

    The Zionist Jews own/control all the major medias, even Rupert Murdoch is Jewish because his mother is Jewish. The ZJ own/control all the major studios in Hollywood and the theaters. Of all the stars Marlon Brando really exposed them.

    Incidentally, we elect the Congress and president, they own them. Read ex Congressman Paul Finley’s book. Obama is just their puppet.

    All this has been research. It is not anti-semetic, it is truth. Look it up.

    I am not anti-semetic, I am pro-life, the Zionist are behind the population control movement for the world. We are the pawns in the Israel/Oligarchy war games.

    Dennis Prager (Jewish radio host) “If you don’t identify the enemy, you can’t win.”


    • chet

      God have mercy on us all. Truth is the ultimate weapon–but it needs to be wielded by a very strong person. Pray, pray, pray that we are up to the job! Because each must do his part.

  • Mario Aguero

    The classical meaning of the word “establishment” is used to describe an influential group of people within a country or society. Examined within the parameters that define an organic Christian society (as was the case with Christendom) the “establishment”, whether based on bloodline (nobility, aristocracy) or through education (societal elites) were a special group of people entrusted with the care and management of their country for the good and benefit of its subjects or citizens.

    Since 1789, in a slow but steady manner, the role of the “establishment” in Western Civilization metamorphosed from giver to taker, from protector to exploiter, from devout to agnostic, to such an extreme that it has become in Western nations (most certainly the US) a consortium of private circles one gets tapped to join, not the free and open ideal of yesteryear that could be reached by one’s own hard work and merit.

    At the heart of this brutal elite lies power, and the endless quest to gain absolute control; for example, a financial institution that provides loans to governments on a global scale so as to control a country’s economic future, or perhaps the members of a Central Committee in a Communist dictatorship. Political considerations do not matter.

    Therefore, in this day and age, when one fights the “establishment”, it could mean any number of things, and often it may very well be that the fighter is a hero that seeks justice, and the elite does not deserve its position of influence. Ironically, those whose membership swells within the established and exploitative elite were once those that decades ago described themselves as “anti-establishment”.

  • Bill_B

    When core institutions, such as the branches of government and the Federal Reserve, become corrupt, we must unite to return to order. The socialists/leftists are winning because the capitalist idea, the idea that wealth must be concentrated in an elite so that the great number of people can receive a career or a job, is fatally flawed. The natural law must become the basis for our establishment.