Why Do the Liberals Rage?

05_C-L-300x225 Why Do the Liberals Rage?

“The violence of this forced acceptance is something unseen in American history.”

So many of the moral issues that polarize the nation are now having legal consequences. Liberal activists insist upon forcing acceptance down the throats of countless Americans who disagree.

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The violence of this forced acceptance is something unseen in American history.

Photographers, florists, bed & breakfast owners, and bakers who refused to service same-sex weddings are being fined and put out of business for simply following their consciences. Schools are being sued by angry plaintiffs who insist upon using bathrooms of the opposite sex. Employers who use the wrong pronoun for someone who self-identifies as something else than the sex given them by God face crippling fines. Satanists insist upon holding a sidewalk ceremony blaspheming and committing sacrilege in front of a Catholic Church.

In face of these acts, one has to ask: Why do these activists and their corresponding base rage over these cases? Why do they insist upon publicly forcing their opinions upon others?

After all, although morally wrong, one has to admit that all of the behaviors in question are legally permitted. In the case of the weddings, alternatives are plentiful. Indeed, there was nothing to stop “transgender” people from acting out their fantasies in the privacy of their home. Why do these activists resort to such intimidation tactics? Why do they not adopt a live-and-let-live attitude toward those who disagree?

It would certainly make all lives easier if they would abandon their rage. It hardly seems proportional that all society must change to accommodate someone’s demand to publicly sin.

The answer lies in that little word: sin. The nature of sin calls forth this rage. It also lies in the word “public.” The social nature of man will not allow a live-and-let-live attitude.

Of course, liberal activsts will not admit this. The very concept of sin “sins” against their worldview. Indeed, the only real sin for them is to affirm the existence of sin … and sinners.

This however does not change reality. Aristotle claims man is a social being made for society, which exists to facilitate virtuous life in common. The social nature of man craves a unity around this purpose. That is where the problem begins.

When one sins, one commits an anti-social act that breaks the bonds that unite the individual to society. A liar, for example, breaks the bonds of trust that must exist in relationships for society to function well. Persistence in lying causes others to avoid the person. The individual must repent and ask forgiveness to restore a social unity.

When a person is vitiated to sin, publicly manifests this vice, and will not change or repent, it has the effect of severing these bonds. It also awakens a sense of guilt that results in loneliness. By man’s social nature, this isolation creates an urgent and furious need for reconciliation to feel whole again.

Hence, the rage.

As Prof. J. Budziszewski explains in his masterful book, What We Can’t Not Know, the frantic need for reconciliation explains why activists “cannot be satisfied with toleration, but must propagandize, recruit, and convert.”

Their rage is not centered on the acts they insist upon practicing since there is now nothing to stop them from doing so. Rather it is caused by the social stigma that these acts trigger. They desire to belong to society but do not wish to change. The only way to resolve the problem is to force their position upon the whole society, which must”reconcile” to accommodate their fancies.

free-book-return-to-order-1-500x161 Why Do the Liberals Rage?In the case of sexuality, Prof. Budziszewski explains, “the shape of human life must be transformed. All of the assumptions of normal sexuality must be dissolved: marriage, family, innocence, purity, childhood — all must be called into question, even if it means pulling down the world around their ears.”

Indeed, these activists now seek to unleash social ostracism against those who affirm natural law and an objective morality. These nonconforming absolutist adversaries must be crushed. The media and liberal establishment are recruited to isolate, intimidate, and socially and legally browbeat opponents (including The Little Sisters of the Poor) into compliance.

That is why there can be no peace in the Culture War. That is why the liberal activists rage.

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11 thoughts on “Why Do the Liberals Rage?

  1. One has to understand Cultural Marxism to really be in tune to what is going on & has been for decades now…..The whole paradigm, like Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” is Tyrannical, Anti-Chrsitian, “The ends justify the means” type stuff & demonizing of any opposition as haters & bigots, etc…If you feel you are 100% right, no one else can speak, or be listened to, etc..

    This video is a great start to understanding the stifling of any true discourse by the Cultural Marxists!


  2. Faith overcomes deceit, whether it is subtle, vulgar, or eloquent. We Christians must repeat outloud what we know as truth: “Jesus…. the same yesterday, today, and forever!”

  3. It’s because of conservative injustice and the unrealistic expectation that everyone must be perfect because God and Jesus are.

    • Jesus picked imperfect uneducated men to start His Christian Church.

      Conservative injustice? Research the near 300 million Russian, Chinese, Cuban, Cambodian citizens “eliminated” by their own “governments” simply for seeking freedom, religion, or not following Karl Marx doctrines (source Univ. of Hawaii Research Dept.) Don’t chase the foolish academics!

  4. This is undoubtedly true–think of the crucifixion of Jesus: the Phaisees and the crowd, knowing full well that Jesus was innocent, raged and screamed until Pilate relented and let them have their way and crucified him. In fact, consider all the times Jesus made people angry–it was because their sin or their wrong thinking was exposed and they were unwilling to acknowledge it. So perhaps it is MORE than just sin, but it is the Cardinal sin of Pride (and unrepentant heart.)

  5. There was a discussion on a Catholic radio program recently discussing the Catholic vote. The guest made a profound observation. He stated that people should stop talking about the “Catholic vote”. The real demarcation is tied to churchgoers versus non-churchgoers. The stats indicate that people who attend Church once or twice a year or less typically align with the Democratic party. Those who attend Church at least once a week align with the Republican party. To make good moral decisions, one must have a well formed conscience. Where is the best place for food for a well formed conscience other than Church.

  6. From a philosophical perspective the crux of the problem is radical individualism and ultra liberalism. This results in viewing freedom as an end in itself. Hence any sort of restraint is considered a violation of personal freedom. This leads to false toleration where aberrational behavior, speech and thought are to be permitted in the name of freedom regardless of the consequences and its effects on others. Welcome to the mad new world of radical individualism and ultra liberalism where moral anarchy and social chaos reign!

  7. Satan goes about like a roaring lion seeking to devour (destroy). We are not fighting mere mortals, but principalities & powers. This is spiritual warfare, & the ONLY abiding solution is for enough faithful Christians to pray to God & fast & practice moral virtues. 2 Chronicles says it all, “If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves, pray & seek My Face, & turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from Heaven, & will forgive their sin & heal their land.”

  8. Good article. As a 60 year-old man, a traditionalist, and an Eastern Orthodox Christian (active member of an Antiochian Orthodox communion and serve at altar as an Alcolyte) I have become keenly aware of a shift in our culture, especially in the last 10-15 years. I see a culture war between traditionalists and/or Christians (not the more liberal mainline Protestants, but groups like evangelical Protestants, Eastern Orthodox, Eastern Rite Catholics, and pre-Vatican II Roman Catholic communions) vs the atheistic progressive left. Granted, this not necessarily a new phenomenon, but one has to be obtuse to not see and sense what is in play here. Hollywood and the entertainment industry, academia, the media

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