Has Religion Caved In to the Cultural Revolution?

church-574086_960_720-225x300 Has Religion Caved In to the Cultural Revolution?

“Saint Augustine writes with great eloquence of the benefits the Church bestows upon society.”

Among the writing of Church Fathers, Saint Augustine writes with great eloquence of the benefits the Church bestows upon society. Contrary to those in our days who see Christians as threats and intruders in the public square, Saint Augustine claims that those who live up to the standards of Christ’s teachings are society’s greatest benefactors and defenders.

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He asks us to imagine “governors, husbands and wives, parents and children, masters and servants, kings, judges, taxpayers and tax collectors” who take Christian teachings to heart and live by the Ten Commandments. An institution that encourages its members to behave in such a manner performs a great service to society.

And it only makes sense. A Church that compels everyone from government to the lowest member of society not to lie, steal or kill greatly fosters the common good. A teaching that encourages people to control those disordered passions that consume and ruin lives will necessarily be a guardian of order, well-being and true freedom.

Such an observation might be applied in reverse today. Such is the cultural pressure to cave in to the passions of the day that people are encouraged to act contrary to Christian teachings. Key sectors of the Church have jumped on the bandwagon of a cultural revolution where everything goes. They have renounced any moral order to avoid being unpopular, and thus abandoned their high mission of guardians and defenders. They have become agents of disorder.

One cannot help but think about this great surrender when observing the present state of the Church in our days. Problems in the Church are nothing new for there have always been those in the Church in America with radical liberal views who have maintained a loud presence on the fringe.

But what we are now seeing in the present cultural climate is a surrender of much greater proportions. Many Church institutions and members no longer seem to care about what people think or do. They seem to go out of their way to assault aggressively Church teachings. There is not even an attempt to hide or explain the discord. We see this exemplified in incidents like:

  • The selection of pro-abortion Vice President Joe Biden for the University of Notre Dame’s prestigious Laetare Medal.
  • The Jesuit Georgetown University’s extending a speaking invitation to Cecile Richards of scandal-ridden Planned Parenthood who received a standing ovation at the talk.
  • Major Catholic universities, key figures and publications openly embrace the full agenda of the present sexual revolution, including abortion, without fear of reprisal.

Such egregious acts have not elicited proportional reaction from Church authority.

The temptation to go with the times always fails to gain the acceptance of the world and only leads one down the slope of further concessions. Far from protecting the faithful from the rage of those who oppose a moral law, such a policy only fuels intolerant cries for yet more surrender. No one, not even the Little Sisters of the Poor, can escape from those who feel threatened by any manifestation of fidelity to the natural moral law.

What those who cave in to the Cultural Revolution fail to grasp is what Saint Augustine realized in the twilight of the decadent Roman Empire. The teachings of the Church are the greatest safeguard of society when faithfully observed. The Church has an ordering and hallowing influence upon everyone and every thing, including the economy. She protects the weak and prevents the State from abusing its authority.

That is why the future belongs to those who remain faithful to a higher moral law. Those who pander to the fickle trends of the times are always swept away in history. When key elements inside religion cave in to the cultural revolution, the only response is a renewed fidelity and resolve by those who trust in God and His everlasting promise that the Church will prevail.

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  • Catholics voting for a wealthy Northeastern liberal racist celebrity with a history of lying and no real successes, who supports socialized medicine, same sex marriage and Planned Parenthood. Springs to mind today.

    • marbo

      agree on most except the racist label, nothing to really indicate him to be a person who discriminates…This liberal pretty much demeans anyone who might thwart his ambitions!!

      • Not that you are qrong, but who said I was talking about a HE? You might be 1/3rd right, but even I am not sure, given the intended nature of the original comment, to which you are refering.

        • marbo

          LOL!! Sorry to assume!! Guess they are somewhat interchangeable!! The HE spoke from both sides of his mouth on these issues…

          • In that case, still guessing a bit, then I would point to a distinct lack if willingness to hire American for lower paid positions.

          • marbo

            about that immigration plan……as he said..” I’m changing, I’m changing! ” (Those H-B1 Visas sure come in handy.!) …..

          • Yeah, but his construction crews still use plenty of zero-skilled undocumented workers, who would never qualify for the much-overused H-1B (which, statistically, if it was beeing used correctly, would issue less than 800 a year- the original use of the H-1B was to attract one-in-a-billion geniuses to America).

            Not to mention all those darker skinned janitors in Trump Tower.

            Eastern liberals have this racist blind spot that they don’t think is racism because they’re providing jobs for minorities; when in reality, they are racist against the majority, and they’re often mistreating the minorities with low wages. Unpaid wages is, after all, one of the four sins that cry out to heaven for vengance.

    • Eskimo man

      Voting for Trump is the only way Catholics should go because he is the only one that is not a member of an occult secret society. That is why they all hate him. But it is more than that of course, Trump is just a patsy to make people believe that Hillary got voted in. The Bilderberg Group decided last August that she gets the job.

      • If a Northeastern Liberal like Trump who owns casinos, strip joints, and supports contraception and abortion in cases of rape or disability is the best we can do, then truly he’s just a patsy for Hillary.

        And there is no hope left for America.

        • Eskimo man

          There has been no hope for America since the beggining, it has always been a nation of the occult hiding behind the false front of Christianity. If they ever got a true Christian President he would be assassinated like JFK. Every other nomination that has been going for President ARE all worse than Trump, and connected to the previous Presidents of the Masonic Cartel.

    • William Domenico

      Trump has nothing to gain if he wins the Presidency. He has the money, he has the fame, he has the power. He truly wants to remake the America we all once knew..He doesn’t need all of the aggravation that he’s confronting. Converting a million dollars into billions would qualify him as a worldly success. With no political or personal obligations toward any benefactors, why not give him a chance ? Can he not deal with our deficit? Can he not deal with your agenda? After all, he wrote “The Art of the Deal”!

      • Because I’ve read “The Art of the Deal”. From that book, I’ve seen what passes for ethics in his world; it is not recognizable from mine. The Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy are unknown to this man. And because yes, He truly wants to remake America- in His own Image, for the only God Donald Trump seems to know is Donald Trump.

        Replace man with woman, He with She, and Donald Trump with Hillary Clinton in that last two sentences, and it is still true. Because nothing, nothing, is more atheist than the Stock Market and the United States Federal Government at this point.

        A vote for either of these bozos is a vote for atheism and the power of money to destroy the power of God. But when they have the cities burning and starving, we’ll still be here out in the hinterlands, raising food and living off the grid and away from your genocide. Empire after Empire has fallen, and the Roman Catholic Church is still here. The American Empire is falling- it is time for Throne and Altar, not Banker and Casino Owner.

  • William Domenico

    Unfortunately, Catholicism in the local parishes has acquiesced to modern culture in that there is no longer any instruction from the pulpit at Holy Mass on vital current issues that affect everyone. Homilies no longer address issues of grave importance that confront Catholics in everyday life. Many need to receive guidance at Mass, and they are not. That is perhaps the reason why there are so many lapsed Catholics and those who are straying over to Evangelical services. We need to educate the masses at Mass so that we don’t grieve when they leave!

    • Fernanda

      I teach theology to adults at my parish, and I agree with you in principle, but… what I would most want from my pastor is for him to encourage parishioners to attend my classes. Honestly, there is so much in Church teaching that it would be hard to cover in 15 minute homilies. Twenty-four two hour weekly classes seems to barely scratch the surface. It seems to me that Mass would be a good place to encourage parishioners to attend classes or Bible study groups and/or read books and do their own study to take greater ownership of their faith and learn and practice how the Catholic faith intersects with real life in today’s world. But while homilies during Mass are wonderful, I think it would be hard to try to cover an entire systematic theology in 12-15 minute segments. But absolutely, priests should not shy away from preaching about current issues and so forth, especially when directly related to Mass readings or when there are immoral legislative bills up for debate, etc. I’m fortunate to be part of a parish where the pastor stays on top of at least some of that stuff and is very clear on where the Church stands on the various issues of the day. The bishop also sends pastoral letters out from time to time covering those concerns. Even with that, though, I know that just hearing a five minute spiel on a current issue during a homily is not enough. It takes much more time to go into depth about how the Church’s position on say, the latest assisted suicide bill, connects deeply to the Church’s theology, particularly about the sacramental nature of the human body, and how it is meant to make God sacramentally present to the world. That is the part that really convinces people, and that part takes more time to teach as well as for people to process. That’s why I say that a really great way a pastor can help is to support and promote classes and other types of activities within his parish where Church teaching is taught, discussed, studied, and in other ways handed on to others.

      • William Domenico

        I agree Fernanda, well said. Bless you for your role of instructing the faithful. I just think that whenever some issue of vital importance to Christians occurs in this country, parishioners who attend weekly services should be reminded of their proper responses to those issues in everyday interaction with others. Most people no longer have the tine to read anymore. But I am in total agreement with your suggestion.

        • John

          William and Fernanda. Both of you have made very good points. There is so much going on in this secular world we live in and our pastors need to point out the pitfalls we face in our
          daily lives.

  • SheilaF

    Thanks for saying it like it is:
    That is why the future belongs to those who remain faithful to a higher
    moral law. Those who pander to the fickle trends of the times are always
    swept away in history. When key elements inside religion cave in to the
    cultural revolution, the only response is a renewed fidelity and
    resolve by those who trust in God and His everlasting promise that the
    Church will prevail.

  • Eskimo man

    Was the Holy Spirit at Vatican II? If so, why has there been nothing but bad fruit since Vatican II? Bad fruit = Communion in the hand, Priest facing the people not God, no more Communion rails for kneeling etc.

    • William Domenico

      Great question, Eskimo man! I believe Satan was present at Vatican II as forecast in Third Fatima secret. When one considers how life in America has changed since Vatican II, which coincided with the arrival of the drug culture, is there any wonder we are at a point in our history when we see direct evidence that some people don’t even know what gender they are! God forbid, we better be ready for His response!

      • Eskimo man

        I agree with you that Satan was present within the Masons that have infiltrated the Church. I’m Aussie by the way, and isn’t it a big coincidence that sexual abuse of minors began not long after Vatican II. We know they are imposters because there is no way that a well intentioned Seminarian can turn into a child molesting homosexual Priest. See if you can get your hands on a little booklet called “The Permanent Instruction of the ALTA VENDITA a Masonic Blueprint for the Subversion of The Catholic Church” God Bless in J+M+J

  • Dorothy Farish

    You are doing a wonderful service by providing such wise, common sense pieces that can be read and pondered over by those of us fortunate enough to be on your website. Many of us Catholics that are older remember when priests gave sermons that were filled with good Catholic teaching that was clearly presented. This is seldom done any more, except in rare instances. Thank you.