How the Police War Has Become a Battle of Symbols

Police-Badge How the Police War Has Become a Battle of Symbols

“The police must present themselves as the symbols that they truly are, and which naturally resonate with the population at large.”

For some time now, America has seen massive unrest in the wake of several tragic deaths of young black men at the hands of police officers. The most important part of the debate has been separating the facts from the media myths about what actually happened. There are those who claim these incidents involve arbitrary action and police brutality. Media have done much to dramatize the situation. However, the central point was always the facts. It fell upon the police and the judicial system to objectively discern the facts of what really took place and then deliver a verdict of justice to those involved.

With the horrifying assassination of policemen in Dallas and Baton Rouge, the center of the debate has shifted. The killing of policemen simply because they are policemen has escalated the controversy into a battle not of facts but of symbols.

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In a battle of symbols, the facts necessarily take on a secondary importance. This is because a symbol is a visual representation of an ideal that is not visible. The objective is to present the ideal in a form that transcends the concrete reality. The nation’s flag, for example, is a symbol that represents the highest ideal of the nation, which serves to inspire its citizens. It cannot represent the concrete state of the nation or highlight a nation’s defects.

Berks_County_Sheriff-300x200 How the Police War Has Become a Battle of Symbols

“In this case, those who shot the police become symbols of oppressed people who are driven to violence”

Historically, social revolutionaries have always used symbols in a contrary sense. They know that symbols are powerful weapons to move public opinion to their side. In this case, those who shot the police become symbols of oppressed people who are driven to violence by an entrenched system of injustice. Their personal defects and often-violent pasts are transcended and ignored. Even the facts surrounding the deaths of these killers of police and their victims are no longer the most important thing. What becomes important is the narrative that promotes the revolutionary symbol and how this symbol is used to catapult the revolutionary agenda forward.

That is why protesters are using symbolic gestures and slogans such as “Hands up, don’t shoot!” They know that the slogan has nothing to do with what actually happened in Ferguson, but this doesn’t matter. It serves to convey the notion of the oppression narrative.

In this battle, social revolutionaries also turn the policeman into a symbol. He is no longer considered as an individual, a father or member of his community. Rather, the policeman and his badge become dark and abstract symbols representing the very embodiment of “racism” and brutality. Thus, the facts surrounding their actions become immaterial. For these revolutionaries, the only important reality is the narrative that presents these symbols as the shock troops of a dying system that is inherently and irredeemably biased, unjust, and ripe for destruction.

black-lives-matter-1011597_960_720-300x225 How the Police War Has Become a Battle of Symbols

“The social revolutionaries take the high ground by presenting themselves as symbols,”

Symbols are powerful in the wrong hands. And that is the danger of the present phase of the controversy. The social revolutionaries take the high ground by presenting themselves as symbols, while the police and their defenders remain in the realm of facts. Over time, the facts may vindicate the police. But in such an uneven battle, the symbol usually wins.

That is why it is important to recognize the shift in the debate. The facts are very important and must be considered. However, if the police and their defenders only fight in the arena of the facts, every defect or mistake made will be amplified and deformed so as to become monstrous in the public eye. Every action is subject to the highest scrutiny. No quality or sacrifice on their part will ever be recognized or praised.

colorful-1237263_960_720-300x298 How the Police War Has Become a Battle of Symbols

“They know that symbols are powerful weapons to move public opinion to their side.”

When revolutionaries remain in the realm of symbols, their ideal shines and the defects are suppressed and their past records erased. There is no action on their part that is not looked upon with sympathy by a public enthralled with them as shining symbols of those fighting against oppression.

In a battle of symbols, the only effective weapon against a well-positioned symbol is a stronger symbol. The police must present themselves as the symbols that they truly are, and which naturally resonate with the population at large. If they are to be effective, they must become symbols of their ideal.

In times past, their ideal was simply the maintenance of order. However, in the new climate of hostility and terrorism, the police are now symbols of heroism that put themselves in the line of fire to preserve order. Whether responding to 9/11 or 9-1-1, the police are always there. They are the targets of the agents of disorder who seek to kill them, take innocent lives and terrorize communities.

And just as American soldiers are honored and thanked for their service, it is only right that the police be honored for their service that protects families and communities from harm. In a society where all the structures of order—family, community, political leadership and church—are rotting, the police are often the thin blue line that prevent society’s descent into chaos.

The battle of the symbols is raging. Americans need to answer the call to support these symbolic individuals who are defending the country from disorder.

Map-To-Support-Local-Police2 How the Police War Has Become a Battle of Symbols


17 thoughts on “How the Police War Has Become a Battle of Symbols

  1. These thoughts are ‘well weighed’, however, and let me be clear; I am not a: ‘Conspiracy Theorist’ but a believer in; ‘Corruption Facts’. It would seem that this slaughter against the Police was VERY WELL CONTRIVED. It was NOT a LONE BLACK MAN…but several snipers who cornered and killed the Police. It is well known that ‘Fema camps’ are and are being set up in order to ‘eliminate the masses’. The ongoing struggle to implement ‘Martial Law”, will not happen with ‘Good Men/Women’ in the ranks. These too, must be eliminated. Steve Quayle, ‘has been given’ a mandate from God to ‘lift the rocks’ and reveal the workings of corruption…which strive in darkness and putrescence. Steve Quayle is not a Roman Catholic, and therefore places his trust in God first and guns second. Romans use the rosary, as their sword and a scapular/miraculous medal, for their shield. God Bless you! Let us pray.

    • Marie, “Romans use the rosary as their sword, and a scapular/medal for their shield.” You are correct but YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT! You seem to say that Catholics put their FIRST TRUST in these SYMBOLS, and their SECOND TRUST in GOD.

      As a Roman Catholic, myself, and promoter of “prayer groups” I have NOT found the REAL “ROMAN CATHOLIC” who puts his FIRST trust in his “beads/rosaries/MEDALS, etc.–(OR IN GUNS) AND SECOND IN GOD! However, these “weapons of SPIRITUAL warfare” are merely SYMBOLS OR INSTRUMENTS to help them FOCUS or CONCENTRATE on their FIRST TRUST: “TRUST IN GOD”! It would be IDOLATRY to put your FIRST TRUST in material things. (Where are all these LIES about CATHOLICS starting?…possibly by a few misguided ROMANS who give a bad reputation to the REAL ONES!)…Marie, I do agree with: “God bless you. Let us pray.”

      • The Rosary is only a sword if it is prayed, as requested particularly by Our Lady of Fatima. She also said that in these times, only the Rosary and the Scapular would be our protection. One must be enrolled in the scapular by a traditional priest in order for its graces to be effective.
        The Rosary and the Scapular are two examples of SACRAMENTALS, not amulets or “symbols” as you inaccurately put it. They are blessed objects and sources of sanctifying grace. While they have physical properties, that is not what they are. They are used spiritually as a means of grace and a connection to God, in whom we have our trust. Both of these sacramentals were given to St. Simon Stock hundreds of years ago as ameans of combatting heresy.

        • Sacramentals can be the means of grace but they can never be the source. God, Himself, is the source of all grace.

  2. Thank you to all who are praying for our police officers! We have a son who’s an officer & the concern for his safety & that of all officers each day is crushing.

  3. God is the only one who can fix this horror in our country. Back in the 80’s these traitors started political correctness with changing Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays for those who were Jewish, I suppose. Most went along with it to some extent. Therefore, it started then and we had no way of knowing where it was leading. Now we are bombarded with nonsensical and dangerous laws which mainly effect those of us who are Catholic. I am quite sure it is being done in a way to destroy us, as our church was so strong at one time that they feared us. Now, our church has gone through so many changes through infiltration of Communists that they are seizing upon our weaknesses. They do not realize God will not let His church fall to these evil influences. We can become strong again and lead us out of evil but we must pray and fight for our lives. Our government is so filled with muslims that want to take over our country that they think they have the upper hand. I believe they are behind the mass murders and the murdering of police. The government does not want the public to be aware of this. That is a way to soften people who own weapons and ready them for confiscation. Then the takeover will be much easier. Just read of the confiscation in Australia and crime is up almost 50 % in some cases. It won’t work and we cannot let it happen.

  4. The strongest symbol to use: the CROSS. IN HOC SIGNO VINCES. “By this sign you shall conquer.” As the hymn, “Onward Christian Soldiers,” says, “With the cross of Jesus, going on before.” The so-called Peace Sign, if you will notice, is an upside down broken cross. It represents as a symbol the effort to destroy the cross replacing it with a false socialistic peace. As in Orwell’s classic: War is Peace. A true Christian is not afraid of the cross, but follows Jesus in taking up the cross as a symbol of ultimate victory. The Rosary is good as a private devotion to help one’s spiritual growth. There are other devotions, too, like the Jesus prayer of the Eastern Church. But if we are talking about using symbols, the elevation of the Holy Cross is the most powerful. Next to that, in the Western World, various phrases in Latin, such as IN HOC SIGNO VINCES, are symbolic and powerful. E PLURIBUS UNUM, another, etc. (There needs to be a revival of the study of Latin in our schools and use of certain Latin prayers in private devotions.) But getting back: AVE CRUX, SPES UNICA. “Hail to the Cross, our only hope.”

  5. I wear my Scapular and I pray the Rosary before Mass every morning for the safety of myself, those who asked for prayers, those who will die today for the sick and the elderly. We pray to God for the protection of all of our servicemen and women and for all those in blue who are protecting everyone. Symbolically, the Scapular and the beads are sacramentals to help remind us to enlist God to help us with our needs.

  6. Bear in mind that 2017 is the 100 year anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution and Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima where she stated that if Russia were not consecrated to her Immaculate Heart, it (the Bolsheviks were Zionists) would spread its errors throughout the world. That has happened. Western Europe and the uSA are in the zio/Commie/masonic cross hairs for extermination this year and the “refugees”/illegals are here for the wet ops.

    Black Lives Matter (IMHO Bolshevik Lynch Mob) is just one of the many fronts the Kingdom of Darkness uses. They will attack every American and Christian value they can until we are destroyed.

    So we can philosophize about symbols, propaganda and psy-ops, but the fact of the matter is that the the Kingdom of Darkness has its agents in place and, to put it terms of the Muslim Brotherhood documents found in Annandale, VA, in 2004, all Islamic organizations will be told it is Zero Hour to commence jihad which involves all Muslims in their war against non-Muslims.

    They have their jihadist training (since 1981 their camps have been on U.S. soil). Their mosques are full of weapons, food and other things to support their jihad in America. They have their shadow government in place which is supported by “our” government. (Remember what “our” government did to David Koresh and wonder why no jihadi training camp in the US has ever had the same treatment.) All Muslims are expected to kill non-Muslims. No exceptions. “Moderate” Muslim is a disinformation term to mollify the ignorant.

    If they can render the police impotent and disarm the law-abiding public, their jihad, as in Europe, will be like shooting fish in a barrel. We must support and work with the police while preparing to defend ourselves and our neighbors. There are more jihadists and neo-Bolsheviks than there are police.

    Recommended reading: “Raising a Jihadi Generation”by John Guandolo.

  7. As a Catholic mostly attending the Roman Rite am sick of the Catholics. They do not teach or practice the Scripture and are ready to mute any one who dares to correct them. I blame every wrong in society on the lukewarmness of the Catholics who so often are the wolves in sheep’s clothing, or rather lack of sheep clothing wanting to convince us regardless. People have no humility and support every sinful act for the sake of staying in their comfort zone even at the expense of those they call “brother”.

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