Four Strategies Satan Uses Against Christian Order

stopping-satan-in-oklahoma-218x300 Four Strategies Satan Uses Against Christian Order

“he has sought to destroy… the idea of this fight between good and evil.”

A Christian order presupposes that we believe in Christ and His law. As a result, Christians organize all society in function of this law, and from this comes order and peace. A Christian society also presupposes a fight against evil and all those threats that attack the good order of society. When a society upholds the law of God and rejects evil in all its manifestations, there are all the elements for progress and sanctification.

In modern times, Satan’s great triumph has been to undermine this concept of society. Above all, he has sought to destroy in the minds of Christians the idea of this fight between good and evil. Thus, he employs several strategies to keep Christians out of the good fight.

First Strategy: Deprive Christians of an Enemy

He has sought by all means to cause mankind to disbelieve in him. He encourages a culture which spreads the idea that he does not exist or is not a threat. Once his existence is called into question, it is only a small step to convince mankind that moral evil in any form also does not exist.

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Hence, disbelief in Satan destroys the need to fight against evil and our vices. Evil becomes a kind of disease that can be cured by proper psychiatric or medical treatment. People are led to believe that bad things happen because people are ill-informed or uneducated. Others claim that evil deeds are the result of adverse circumstances or oppressive social structures.

Satan does everything possible to promote a society that denies the idea of a fight between good and evil, and therefore between God and himself. He promotes the defect of getting people to not hate evil.

Second Strategy: Deprive Christians of an Ally

To disbelieve in Satan is to be logically committed to a disbelief in God. By this strategy, the devil deprives us of our greatest and most powerful support in the fight against evil. He deprives us of the means for victory since God will always triumph over the devil.

By promoting disbelief in God, it is easy to convince Christians that moral good does not exist. Rather, any good is merely an emotional state without any real value. Good is a feel-good condition for weak individuals. “Good” people must not fight evil but must constantly make concessions and show “compassion” to evil. Above all, society must not promote a concept of a moral good since good is merely a matter of opinion.

Third Strategy: Disguise Evil by Making It Look Good

Even by destroying the notions of good and evil, the devil finds it difficult to get society to practice outright evil since it is so contrary to our nature and good order. Often the devil needs to disguise evil in order to lead Christians and all society to perdition.

Satan is an expert in determining the proper moment to attack. He watches society and understands its dispositions, needs, desires, and circumstances. He knows that he will be defeated if he suggests outright evil to an upright people. Thus, he will confuse his victims by disorganizing their feelings; he will suggest something seemingly praiseworthy as a means for deviating the person to an evil end. He will lead and confuse all society to perdition by proposing that men seek after things that appear helpful but really are not good. He will disguise the evil of abortion, for example, as an act of “compassion” for women.

Satan suggests to us that the satisfaction of our own needs, desires and ambitions (however legitimate they may be) is more important than doing the Will of God. He promotes a society where the rule of money prevails and God’s honor is put aside and forgotten.

Fourth Strategy: Change the Order of a Person’s Priorities

Finally, Satan seeks to change a people’s priorities by favoring a culture that encourages people to center upon themselves, even to the point of satisfying legitimate desires.

Indeed, Satan tried to do this with Christ Himself when He suffered hunger after fasting for forty days and nights. “And the tempter came and said to Him, ‘If Thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread’” (Matt. 4:3).

Saint Thomas Aquinas speaks of this action of the devil as a deordinatio, a perversion of the proper order of things. By Original Sin, we tend toward evil and disorder. Satan capitalizes on this tendency by turning things upside down. He suggests to us that the satisfaction of our own needs, desires and ambitions (however legitimate they may be) is more important than doing the Will of God. He promotes a society where the rule of money prevails and God’s honor is put aside and forgotten.

Fighting Back

To fight the action of Satan, we must be convinced that God “will not allow us to be RTO-Audiobook-AD-medium-res-300x250 Four Strategies Satan Uses Against Christian Ordertempted beyond our strength” (1Cor. 10:13). God allows temptation but He also checks and restrains the tempter. By suffering and resisting temptations with God’s help, we can be strengthened and increase our sanctity. When all society resists Satan, it leads to an order that is conducive to virtuous life in common.

When Satan employs these strategies against us, we should immediately have recourse to God and the Blessed Mother. We should engage in this cultural fight that Satan promotes. In so doing, we can humiliate the devil by showing him his powerlessness against the Grace of God. Saint Thomas teaches that God allows the just to be tempted to show them the greatness which grace bestows on them.

In other words, as long as we are engaged in the fight against evil, we can be assured of victory and a return to order. God controls the devil and will assure his defeat.

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  • Mary P. McGrath

    I keep urging my friends and relatives to pray the rosary, but the congregation in my church knows nothing about all this satanic activity. If the priests, bishops, cardinals and the Pope will not speak out about it, the road seems rockier and longer. Why are there no sermons or articles concerning this present activity by the evil satan and his followers?

    • CCIG

      If you are going to a Novus Ordo church, suggest you find one where piety is welcomed and where you will not be an obvious exception. Keep up the good work with the Rosary. Realize that at Fatima, Mary foretold that the Church would go through an apostasy that would begin at the top. This trend in our Church began with the election of John XXIII, a man not eligible because of his relationship (membership) with Freemasons (humanists). Since then we have not had a real pope (true Vicar of Christ). Please understand that I am not trashing those good men – they were, just not true to their calling. Like all of us. Suggest you find a traditional Latin Mass and attend it. We are the true remnant that Christ will find when He returns. I will pray for you and ask that you do the same for me. God Bless you and have a Merry Christmas knowing that God is, as He was and always will be, in control. It is just we who are not! 😉

      • Tim F

        Looks like CCIG has been drinking the kool-aid concerning our Popes. Pope Paul VI and Saint John Paul ll were true Vicars of Christ. I will be praying for you CCIG.

        • CCIG

          Example: 278 pronouncements of Francis’ “Saint” John Paul II were heretical. Look it up, carefully consider each of them, and then make a decision – be true to men or to God. Moses was a good guy, but offended God, as did David. I am Polish, but not blinded by pride. Pope JP II – good guy, but like all of us a sinner. Remember, Tim, Jesus said to us, “Watch”! So keep your eyes open, discern, and pray the rosary. The Kool-Aid I drink is the blood of Jesus Christ. Thanks for the prayers, I need all the help I can get. Same back at you! And, Merry Christmas!

          • PrayTheRosaryMomLoves

            @CCIG, I am a Jewish convert, practicing for ~17 yrs(all of it-especially adoration and confession). There are many types of communions that we have with others. One of the communions that the faithful have is with the Pope. Friendly advice: pray for the Pope everyday(love him like a brother) and read his homilies at Mass(during the week as well.). His spiritual direction is actually quite excellent! God Bless.

          • PrayTheRosaryMomLoves

            Mea culpa, I meant to say love Papa Francis like the spiritual father that he is.

          • CCIG

            😉 I do!

          • PrayTheRosaryMomLoves

            Thank you brother/sister. Yes, count on it. The evil one and his demons are dividers and Papa Francis has spoken on this a number of times. They are using the media to divide the faithful. Just FYI, Papa has said that daily he spends an hour in front of the Blessed Sacrament and also prays 3 mysteries of the Rosary. I have had similar conversations with others and I just want to say that one has to be very careful about what they read and how much time they spend on line. Prayer: “O holy, loving, merciful, gracious, blessed and most precious Trinity, I beg Thee, please cast out everything from me that is not of Thee. Please preserve and vouchsafe to protect my soul from every form of sin and evil and grant me the grace to constantly and deeply live in Thy most holy and blessed Divine Will and to trust ever so constantly and deeply in Thy most holy and blessed Divine Goodness and Mercy. I ask this in the most holy name of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Amen.”

          • CCIG

            It is good that the Pope prays. I deduce from what you say, that you feel that I am off base. Dear, do not be deceived. My education in Catholicism is full. I got my initiation into the Church in the old days. I was introduced to the faith by devout nuns and priests, who are in my daily prayers to this day. We have an obligation to compare what we see and hear against what we know. “When the blind led the blind, they both fall into the pit.” Jesus said, “Watch!” You and I have that same obligation. There is no obligation in Catholicism to treat anyone as a pop star or superhuman. Remember, the Pope and all clergy are especially under attack by Satan. The delusions he places before the Pope are very powerful. When he is thusly influenced, he needs to be corrected. When he errs, it is our obligation to recognize it and help him, through prayer and discussion, to regain the clarity he needs to be effective (save souls). When he fails to obey God, he needs to hear about it from us. If we are a loving family, this is the process by which we help one another stay on course. The Church is not entrusted entirely to the Pope. It is entrusted to all of us. We need to be active in regards to the defense of the faith. If there is division in the Church, who is doing the dividing? We are all obliged to hand down the faith that was handed down to us. We have the tools for mending division….the truth of Catholic Teaching of 2000 yrs versus novel ideas and heresies that have been discredited throughout her history. If we are faithful to the Church, if we are faithful to Jesus, there need be no division.

          • Eskimo man

            Ultimately, schismatic traditionalists encounter the same problem as do the Protestants: because they have separated themselves from the one, true Church founded by Jesus Christ on Peter and his successors, they will always find themselves in a state of spiritual chaos.
            The point, ultimately, is that the Church is governed by a living authority, and all appeals to Scripture, tradition, emotional attachment or personal preference (however sound and certain these appeals appear to those who make them) must ultimately bow to that living authority or cease to be Catholic.

          • CCIG

            Who ceases to be Catholic is he who does not follow the eternal teachings of the Church…..I am not schismatic because you (or even the pope) tell me I am, however, the pope is when he spouts apostasy and heresy. He is self-excommunicated and has no authority in the Church. He becomes a clown in a funny hat spreading erroneous teachings. Sorry about your luck on that one. In fact, our Church warns against following blind teachers. If you decide to follow men rather than God, that is on you! Now, that said, if I am outside the Church, then the Church is no longer. I am the Church.

          • Eskimo man

            You are a schismatic by your words, and the Pope has not spouted words of apostasy or heresy. He is not excommunicated and holds the position of the rock that the Church was built on, the Vicar of Christ, and the shepherd of Christ’s flock John 21:15-17. The Pope has not spread erroneous teachings because what he says off the cuff are not teachings, but what he teaches at the Vatican to Catholics is the word of God. I do not follow the Pope and he is not there to be followed, he is there to protect the word of God, and to keep Christ’s Holy Church as one. If you go against Christ’s Church that has a Pope, you are against Christ and will not be saved.

          • CCIG

            We can take a look at what Jesus had to say about wolves in sheep’s clothing or the blind leading the blind, or we can look at prophesies, including Jesus’ own and the whole book of Revelation. Judge for yourself whom you will follow. Jesus or the man, Francis….because they are not on the same page…. Example – even raising the question of those unrepentant receiving communion (homosexual and “remarried”, and now, even all unrepentant.). Questioning settled doctrine, dogma is non-papal, even dare I say, not Catholic, and even unchristian. Equating the Holy Bible with the Koran, and on and on and on. He is not the first….the late grate (sp on purpose) JPII made over 200 schismatic, heretical pronouncements. Started with John XXIII since he usurped the office, we haven’t had a pope since. He was about as “pope” as Obama is “president”. Yeah, for the world’s consumption; for the eyes of the blind! You have 2000 years of teaching to juxtapose against what the man says. You have the words of Jesus! Pick your God! But know that I forgive you and am praying for you and all who make false accusations….breeching His 8th commandment. Not to worry – He’ll be here soon! Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

          • Eskimo man

            You are speaking the same as Protestants do, and there is clearly something wrong in your brain as there is with Protestants. The last 6 Popes are not Masons, and you have no proof to suggest it, but you have rejected Christ by rejecting His Church that was built on the rock of the Papacy. You are actually attacking the Church of Christ and making it look worse to outsiders, you have no idea what the Pope is doing and now you have created your own religion. By the way I am a Latin Mass goer so I know what is going on. Schismatics will not be saved because they are outside of the Church of salvation.

          • CCIG

            I realize that, and I do. I hope I am not lacking “communion” with the Pope. I pray for him and certainly hope he is praying for me, too. But materially, he talks, I listen. I carefully listen, obediently adhering, to the best of my ability, to sound direction he has to give. He is a good man, for sure. He has a good heart. We always want to learn what Truth teaches. Popes have given us, His family, a world of Truth. So it is always worth getting as much as possible from a usually reliable source. So we tune in. All he says, automatically goes into the perspective of the truth I know. I understand it completely in the perspective of that truth, then discern in light of that truth, more often than not, fairly easy, a conclusion. It goes into one of the two out baskets: “follow” or “not follow”. As best God gives me, the Truth judges it. I much appreciate the ‘follows’. I love them as they find their way and you, too, brother/sister. I am very happy to have you in the family. Good practices, especially the Rosary. Remember me in your next one, as I will you! Pray for the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart. Merry Christmas and an abundantly spiritually fertile New Year! God Bless you, your family and friends.

          • Ramm397

            Pray for a Holy Pope and Holy Priest’s. I have seen no spiritual direction from Francis. Remember the world loves him..Not a great sign

          • Eskimo man

            The world does not love the Holy father, they love what the media makes people think that he is saying. If you read what he says to Catholics on a daily basis you will see that there is nothing wrong with him at all. As far as his heretical actions and statements are concerned, I hope for God’s sake that he is just buying time for the year of mercy, before he shows his true colours and has to flee Rome. You also have to consider that there are certain truths that the Pope cannot announce to the world because it is not hs job to cause friction and put the Holy Church at risk. It is the job of the Parish Priests to shepherd their flock, and make sure that no sheep drink poisoned water.

          • Tim F

            I don’t drink kool-aid. I drink the blood of the living Jesus Christ at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass almost daily. We are all sinners. Yes including you CCIG. And so were the Saints. Most were scoundrels before they became Saints.

          • CCIG

            That is true and, dear Tim, don’t feel I don’t appreciate the good in them. I am not judging them, I am just staing the facts of what they have and are doing. I know that like all of us, they are doing all they are capable. I pray for them to find in themselves the grace to do ever more good!

          • Paul Tran

            Correction , Mother Mary (aka Our Lady) was sinless.

        • DM Bungo

          I tuned them off when they stated that some Consecrations were not valid! And they wonder why people make fun of us! #PraiseJesus #ONEHolyCatholiccApostolic

      • Paul Bevillard

        Popes can do a lot of stupid things, but it is not up to us to say that the seat is/was vacant. We can certainly resist a pope if what he proposes is contrary to church teaching. There are measures laity can take to do that, but sedevacantism is not an appropriate answer. My father was at one point influenced by a very persuasive sedevacantist. I too was persuaded by their literature. It was over time that I realized the sedevacantists use circular logic, and as a lay person I did not need special permission to go to the latin mass. Eventually with the patience of my mother, my father realized this this so-called friend was not a friend at all, and my father changed his position two years before his death.

        • CCIG

          I recognize that Francis is the current head of the church, that he is sitting in the chair of Peter. I can see him sitting up there. No point in getting into the weeds on who came when, or how. It is history and we are left where we are. Much like Obama’s eligibility. I am just saying the Church would be much better served by a Pope who hands down the teachings of the Church from his predecessors, in the same way and in the same meaning. That is his solemn obligation. No pope has the right to do otherwise. So far, none of this string of apostate Popes have had the audacity to directly attack the teachings of their predecessors. It is just clear that they don’t believe them nor do they have as a priority to teach others the truth they received. So far, they have been satisfied to undermine it or just to leave what needs to be said unsaid. They are as truthful about our Church’s’ teachings as the mainstream media is about world events. What they say is not outright lies (except Dan Rather), but by omission, they fail in their jobs. VII changed or added no new doctrine. Nothing binding. So far, we have been spared that. However, by their words and actions, silence and inaction, they marginalized the teachings of Jesus and His Church from 33 AD through 1925 AD. To my point, just consider that the Pope a week or two ago was, like Obama, talking about the urgency of Global Warming. This week, he is warning us that this may be our last Christmas. Where is “Get right with God”?

          • Paul Bevillard

            I hear you, but I trust that God will set things right with a pontiff that doesn’t have worms in his thinking. Sister Lucia said that it will be up to the laity to reform themselves and not look to Rome for help. That’s a tough call, but it gives us the command to do so as is evidenced with this site, the SSPX, etc. What prolongs the restoration of the church from taking place is that many of the laity are either too afraid to make the effort and just listen to whatever comes down the grapevine, or they are oblivious. Either way, we have to fight the good fight. We have to tell whomever sits in Peter’s chair that enough is enough, but leave it to Rome to one day settle the matter whether this or that pope was not a pope. It’s beyond our jurisdiction, otherwise we become like Luther. He may have had good intentions and strong convictions, but look where it led many. And to this day we still experience the results of his actions. I believe this is what the devil wants … more disunity, and sedevacantism fits the bill. As I wrote earlier, been there, done that. Sedevacantism does not have a solution. Besides, with some of the sedevacantist priests, I am not so sure if their masses are valid. If one has an SSPX chapel, Christ the King, a chapel that offers the Roman rite, or Eastern rite (assuming not too much has changed in regards to the liturgy), then go. God speed.

          • CCIG

            I agree on the need for unity. Let’s just be sure we unify around the Truth. I go to a valid mass “that is in communion” with Rome. The ones offered in Novus Ordo for many years did not contain the proper words of consecration. (it said Christ died for “all” for many years and was only recently corrected to say Christ died for “many”) Where is the greater danger, to go along with Rome or stick to tradition and enjoy and pass down the teachings with the same meaning in the same way? Those who sought out traditional masses were blessed with valid communion and those who followed the crowd were not. That is the question that puts our feet to finding the right answer. To me, when the pope speaks the truth, it is worth listening, but often he speaks as an 80 year old mortal with all his own weaknesses on full display. Yes, we pray for him and for all who have power to influence souls. Their will be a heavy burden if their erroneous personal opinions were stronger in what they taught that the Truth. Yes, of course, pray much for them, even as they insult, marginalize and belittle us.

          • Paul Bevillard

            1st things first, Merry Christmas. What you just wrote is pretty much the same opinion shared on this site, or at least sheared by me.

            “Let’s just be sure we unify around the Truth.”
            That was one of the great difficulties expressed by Archbishop Lefebvre, how to keep unity with Rome when it was apostatizing. It was likened to father that was a complete drunk and abuser. The man would still be a father, but ceases to function as one. It’s the best analogy I can come up with early in the morning.

            “The ones offered in Novus Ordo for many years did not contain the proper words of consecration”
            The only times I go to a NO, is usually for a deceased member of a family or friend. My wife and I stay in the back and keep quiet. It goes beyond the consecration. It’s the whole liturgical song and dance as well.

            “That is the question that puts our feet to finding the right answer.”

            I agree. Many various opinions out there, and like you we/I have been in the desert for many years searching for the right answer. Sometimes it feels one has to grin and bear it when it comes to looked upon being different. “We believe the priest is not a president and should not reside as one during the mass.”, “We bury our dead. We do not incinerate them.”, “Protestants are not Christians. Only Catholics have exclusive right to that name.”, “Catholics and muslims do not pray to the same God. (The Nicene creed pretty much spells that out what we believe. Quite contrary to what they believe. I have heard of one NO bishop expressing that. Good for him). “, “Birth control is evil. (It can induce abortion due to not allowing the fertilized egg to implant in the uterine wall. Also, it goes against God’s plan to leave the sexual act open).” , etc.

            “Their will be a heavy burden if their erroneous personal opinions were stronger in what they taught that the Truth”

            Not clear what you wrote there.

          • CCIG

            Meant “than” rather than “that”. I corrected it above. I meant that if their own beliefs are stronger than submission to the message of God, and they teach it as gospel, they will bear the burdens of the sins that result, both in themselves and those who follow them down unknown paths. Thanks for the encouragement and Merry Christmas to you, as well. It is hard when we see the opportunities that a Holy Church offers the world for the salvation of souls and, instead, to see it marginalized by satanic influences surrounding Her and even, Heaven forbid, inside the Church as well. Even failing Popes can admit as much! So, that leaves it up to the remnant to be Holy – because, as Mother Teresa said, “You cannot give what you do not have.” Be sure, you are loved; you, your family and friends and all that you pray for is given. So, ask much! Good news is that this will not stand up for long. Hang in there, as I am. Come, Lord Jesus, Come!

    • Ramm397

      Find a Traditional Priest and Chapel.

    • Tony Loy

      Mary, Francis I, will not speak out against it because he is promoting it through the formation of the one world religion as spoken of in revelations. His latest task is to amend Catholic mass etc to suit the Lutheran and Anglican churches whom he is in dialogue with to bring them into the Catholic Church and it is being prepared for and will be presented to the church as a good thing, which will begin to unite all Christian faiths together. But this will not be the case. At this point in time there are preparations being made to change the Catholic Mass to suit the requirements of the Lutheran and Anglican churches so that they can join our church and yet not follow the formalities of the Catholic religion, the Catholic religion/faith will be amended to suit them not the other way around, it should be they who accept the Catholic faith in all it’s entirety. Then we also have the Muslim and Jewish celebrating their services in St Peters in Rome. Does this begin to make sense to you in what is being done to our church ? The Catholic faith has been watered down over the years since Vatican II, when there is no need to change, modernise or do anything else to bring our church into the 21st century. Jesus Christ himself handed down the faith to Peter and the rest of the apostles and disciples. He instructed them how the faith was to be passed on to everyone, He also instructed them how to prepare all the oils, unction, to celebrate the mass and all other services of the church and it’s Sacraments. What Jesus taught was handed down for centuries never to be changed or altered in any way or at the whim of anyone who thinks the church isn’t modern enough. It’s the same with the Church as it is with the Bible they were both never to be changed in any manner or fashion and to do so will bring down the wrath of God upon those who dare to alter what God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit has passed on to us, our faith, our mass, our sacraments. To change, amend or to add anything to what Jesus taught in favour of LGBT views, or giving the Eucharist to those living in adulterous marriages or relationships is to go against God’s Laws and against God himself who are we, or they to think we can do better or are better than God ? That is giving into the sin of Pride the very sin for which satan and his minions were cast down out of Heaven. We must remain steadfast in our faith, the faith that Jesus Christ passed down to us, and died on a cross for us. God bless you all who are doing their best to follow our Gods wishes and who honour God himself.

    • Emmanuel Akpobolokemi

      You can forward this article and the document on demonology in Vol. ii of the second vatican Council to your parishioners; share accounts of exorcisms and the encounters of the desert fathers with demons on the issue. Thanks for your concern. God bless you. The truth is that lots of us priests, bishops and theologians are suffering from ‘a diabolical disorientation.’

  • CCIG

    While obvious if that is what you are looking for, it is a good reminder to look out for it. Like walking along in an area with many pits and not watching your footing. Ever notice how when you open a drawer, you can spot what you are looking for immediately. But if you are not looking for the thing, you will not notice it.

    • darkay


  • Agfresh

    Pope John Paul II is a saint and a hero the greatest man of the 20th century. He championed divine mercy was a hero to the youth of the world look at the historic response to his death in which he suffered terribly.

    • KareemAbdul

      When questioned at the end of an exorcism why he loathed St. JPII so much the devil responded, Because he stole so many souls from us in hell.

      Paraphrasing, but that’s the gist.

      A house divided cannot stand.

  • lois

    The Scripture says that in the latter days, to control/destroy, satan/serpent seed will use EDUCATION – POLITICS – RELIGION – ECONOMICS.

    I see it happening!

  • Laura

    This tells us everything that’s wrong with world.

  • John Mascarenhas

    We pray the Rosary daily as a family asking God to protect us and our Church from the attacks of Satan. We wish more publicity be given to the activities of the followers of Satan.

  • Paul Tran

    Satan has taken on a different tact altogether in today’s secular society, words such as “choice” and “human/civil right” are used to promulgate his evil agenda where the life of an individual person is secondary to his/her desires.

  • Mike Orsini

    The West is in serious need of profound moral and spiritual conversion. Please consider going to Mass daily, praying the Rosary daily and going to confession at least once a month. Ask the Communion of the Saints to join you in prayer. Also, pray your way to Heaven with daily spiritual reading…there are many great books written by saints. Attend Eucharistic Adoration if possible. These spiritual practices are transformational if done consistently. Then pass this message on to others. We can’t be sources of conversion for others if we aren’t following an ongoing practice of moral and spiritual conversion ourselves.The battle for your soul is on my friends and there’s no time to lose!!!