Where Is Pokémon Go Going?

pokemon-1543353_1920-300x200 Where Is Pokémon Go Going?

“this game is negatively affecting people and society”

Within the first weeks of its release, the new smartphone game, Pokémon Go has become the latest craze worldwide. It gives the appearance of an innocent game, great social medium and fantastic way to get people off the couch. A different conclusion is reached when one delves into how this game is negatively affecting people and society.

The game is a location-based augmented reality mobile game. It uses the camera on the smartphone to project an image of a Pokémon, a virtual creature in the game. The objective is to capture as many of these creatures as possible, and battle other people’s Pokémon monsters. The playing field for the game is one’s own location and surroundings.

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What could possibly go wrong with traveling across the city, glued to a phone, looking for fictitious creatures? Within the first few days of the release, problems already began to arise.

Many accounts have been reported whereby people have twisted their ankles, busted their shins, cut up their hands and sustained other injuries because they were more concerned with finding Pokémon than watching where they were going.[1]

But the problem doesn’t stop at sprained ankles and bruised shins, criminals have taken to using the game to lure victims to be robbed. In Saint Louis County, Mo., for example, three teenage criminals sent out a beacon alerting players in the area of a possible monster to catch. Instead of finding monsters, players found armed robbers.[2]

All of these cases are cause for concern. However, there are even deeper problems festering.

pokemon-1553977_640-300x234 Where Is Pokémon Go Going?

“players were seen stampeding through the streets glued to their phones”

Pokémon Go is causing disturbances by mobilizing crowds of players seeking out what are considered rare virtual monsters. Cases have been recorded in DeKalb, Ill. and in New York City.

In Illinois, crowds gathered at one o’clock in the morning and searched frantically for a “Snorlax” monster.[3] Additionally, at Central Park in New York City, hundreds of players were seen stampeding through the streets glued to their phones searching for another rare Pokémon. This caused traffic jams with people abandoning their cars in the middle of the street and following the masses on their phones.[4] All for a virtual monster.

The fact that such a game is gaining so much worldwide attention is baffling. World events do not generate nearly the excitement as this little game. What about the multiple police shootings in Dallas and Baton Rouge? How about the recent terrorist attack from ISIS in Nice, France, let alone the numerous and constant attacks on American soil? Why is this game consuming the minds and actions of so many people, young and old, more than these historical and devastating events? Pokémon Go seems to anesthetize people and prevent them from thinking about these serious public events.

Could anyone imagine hundreds of people stampeding through the streets at a moment’s notice, in a show of solidarity for our police? Or to protest the thousands of Christians being killed for their Faith? Or stand up for the innocent unborn?

Rather than an innocent game filled with “cute” little monsters, Pokémon Go is a very serious and profound problem affecting our society today. The game is leading society into a type of cyber-tribalism, whereby the phone/game is the shaman, and the players are the willing and obsessed subjects, hanging on every word and command.

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21 thoughts on “Where Is Pokémon Go Going?

  1. Trends come and trends go. Can’t get excited by them. Remember when Elvis was supposed to lead to the demise of western civilization. Pokemon will have it’s day and be replaced by an equally stupid pastime. Our morally depraved society will continue on in its march to oblivion and neither Elvis or Pokemon will be held to blame.

  2. Actually I see it more as a method of mass mind control. It’s an experiment to see how many people will fall in line and follow orders, no matter who they are given by, even a stupid electronic device. And of course like a bunch of lemmings, the masses fall in line and obey.

  3. This is not just a trend but it will evolve into a more serious problem. I don’t even want to look at this game or other video games let alone to play.
    Try to blame on players doesn’t solve the problem. When they get hooked on it and that’s it. Very hard to get out until they run to serious problem then they may stop.
    Just like trying to tell people be moderate on watching porn or engaging on promiscuous sexual activities. It doesn’t work until they run into serous health or legal problem or ultimately burn themselves out. I guess the developers of this game already put out a disclaimer on it. I don’t know if anybody sue them for the damages it cause ?

    • I agree with you. How sad that people see this kind of activity as to have fun. They have abandoned so many activities to have real fun that brings wholesome balanced health of mind and body.

      • Like it or not, video games are a part of this generation. Pokemon go is not a violent game compared to some of the games being played. The groups of people are probably the non-violent groups I have ever seen. The two examples in Illinois and New Yor are rare and not
        common. These kids could be doing a lot worse things. I believe in moderation of all aspects in life. What were people saying about the Beatles craze when they cam to the US . Let’s not blow this out of proportion.

        • Go look up the grown men crying about what they don’t like in “Pokemon Go”; so effeminate; abomination. I see a problem with it, but where it is as a Christian priority, the modern day Church “Father” cannot blame their error on video games.

        • The Beatles are agents of the devil. Their so-called “music” should be prohibited. If you think this isn’t so you should read Plato’s thoughts on music and the power it has to effect changes in morals and in the general mentality. Fr. Ripperger, a good and holy priest and exorcist has spoken of the deleterious influence of evil music in several sermons which can be listened to on youtube. This “innocent game” has uses far beyond what is apparent.

      • When Catholic women start wearing veils and the priest are not acting effeminate, maybe a child will listen to hear if there is wisdom in such words.
        How many people thinking they are spiritual or knowledgeable and would tell somebody not to play a game, but not instruct their son or daughter to dress appropriately while being immodest in their own attire.

        The truth be told, Corinthians 11 really is commandment. Why? because it is not from man, but from God.

  4. I don’t see any problem with this game. It’s not at all like the violent shooter video games that numb people to violence. It’s a kind of geocaching experience with cute critters. It’s made my walks to the mailbox a little more interesting. (:
    I think the biggest difference with his game is it’s so popular, it kind of puts a single face on the mass of phone games. But it is such an innocent game. I’d rather see hoards of people looking for a charizard than looking at nude pictures!

  5. Actually the founder have violent conceptions and the name and the game of and with these little monsters is very aggressive too: Pokemon – pocket monsters and consiste in hunting and killing them. The cruelty with the mask of tendresse and game…

  6. Once I walked through a casino. No one I observed looked happy as they sat in front of a thousand electronic contraptions trying to beat the house. It is quite a luxury to have that kind of time to kill and money to throw down a rat hole. The thing that is different about Pokemon is that is seems to be free… but does it make anyone truly happy (not just amused).
    Children should be too busy doing things outside to play such idiotic games.

  7. Pokémon itself is a dangerous entity. It encourages collecting cards and calling on spirits or power of the character cards to defeat other cards, or something similar. It has always been occult-ish and dangerous for children. The fact that someone is collecting information from whoever uses this and selling it indicates just another reason to deny your children the ability to play this game.

  8. Being older over 65, I pay little attention to electronic games. The imbalanced reactions to this mobile game is hard to believe. We are being led on an electronic journey from sanity to chaos. We, as a people, need to put the phones/games to rest a bit. What to do while your phone/game is napping? Try thinking, reflecting on the current events related to past history, and see where we are heading as a people.

  9. This seemingly “innocent game” is an exercise in mind control. It is a test by which those who run things can determine exactly how enervated their slaves minds have become. Will they make utter fools of themselves on command? Yes! The next phase will now commence and the unthinking herd will be drawn farther and farther down the road to becoming easily programmed automatons. Look up Dr. Jose Delgado and his research into controlling the emotional states of animals via the implantation of electrodes into the limbic systems of their brains. He succeeded in causing an enraged bull to break off a charge and walk calmly away. This was in the 1970’s. It was filmed and can be watched on youtube. Nick Begich, the son of the late congressman for Alaska of the same name has written extensively on this and related subjects and given several interviews which were recorded and uploaded to youtube. He has demonstrated that the implantation of electrodes is no longer necessary, the same and even greater effects can now be accomplished by other means which he explains far better than I am capable of doing. Needless to say the day is coming wherein the conditioned and stupefied masses will be herded to and fro like cattle, their every act directed by their all-important phone, their minds absolutely free of thought of any kind. Their state will be nearer to that of the brutes than any of the generations that have preceded them. To paraphrase Bertrand Russell, their resisting the tyranny of those who run things will be as probable as sheep rising in revolt against the practice of eating mutton. What a dismal state the people of the apostate west have reduced themselves to by their sensualism and depravity, their hatred of the true the good and the beautiful and their mindless worship of pleasure. They will learn too late that God is not mocked. He Whom they despise will give them into the hands of their enemies who will reduce them to a slavery so abject that they will suffer and not even understand whence comes their suffering, who has inflicted it on them and why. They will be like beasts caught in a trap howling with rage and pain, but unable to understand what has happened to them or to do anything about it as they will have freely given up that which heretofore distinguished them from the brute creation, namely the God-given faculty of reason. May it be a lesson to those who are to come, God willing, as to the poisonous fruits of apostasy.

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