Learning about Christmas: Marvelous Stories and Reflections

See below the marvelous stories and reflections for Christmas.

Silent Night: The Origin of the Song

The Little Drummer Boy

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In Search of Christmas


Seeking the True Joy of Christmas

A Lesson in Innocence

A Christmas Meditation

The Christmas of a Chouan

The Story of the Christmas Tree

The Twelve Days of Christmas

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?

A Christmas Reflection

The First Christmas Crib


The Parol: A Filipino Catholic Tradition and Vocation

                May the stories here prepare you and your loved ones for the arrival of Our Lord Jesus Christ,  the Prince of Peace.

Merry Christmas!

  • GodsWork InProgress

    It is not a Silent Night

    In our Modern Age’s towns,

    With the tinsel on the trees,

    Twinkle lights hung all around;

    Plastic Santas in the yards,

    Christmas store sales every year,

    Buying, selling, marrying, drinking

    Mankind’s “Holiday cup of cheer”;

    Drunk with feasting the people sleep,

    With their Holiday lights so bright

    Unknown to them within their slumber,

    God’s stars shine in the night;

    The kids have cookies set aside

    For Santa Claus to snack on,

    And every television’s on

    With Holiday distraction,

    But the Christ Child waits out on the streets,

    For His head a place to lay,

    Just as His parents long ago

    Had sought a place to stay;

    For there wasn’t room at Mankind’s “Inn”,

    And yet again – no room for Him,

    Except in silent hearts who pray

    For Jesus Christ, their hearts to stay.♥♥♥

    ~Unknown author

    • Chela

      Jesus Christ is coming, and He needs a place to stay! Let’s put Him in a manger, and enclose it in our hearts! Be sure to keep Him warm, so wrap Him in our Love! It is the greatest gift we can give, nothing else will suffice.
      We do a little shopping, let’s have some little fun! Put some food on the table, the best that we can have. Jesus Christ is coming, will He too enjoy that? He doesn’t have the mouth to eat, nor hands to take our packs. He sends instead, the little ones, those who are deprived! “Love them as you would love Me… that’s all I ever want!”

    • Jameson

      It was a Silent Night when Christ was born— or was it?

  • Chris Sanders

    Merry Christmas…
    Christmas is a wondrous and beautiful time of the year. But most have gotten way way far from it’s true meaning. This is my belief…. God gave us the miracle of conception of Christ to Mary on this day we call Christmas, so he could be born and walk the lands of the earth and teach us what our heavenly father wants and expects of us. This is NOT the day Christ was born, that would be around September 29th.
    Conclusion: In any event, on the date Mary conceived, which was December 25, 5 B.C., the Word became flesh and that flesh was born on September 29 in the year of 4 B.C. and tabernacled, dwelt, or resided among man as the prophets had predicted. The Birth of Christ, as depicted above, along with the references to God promising to again tabernacle with His people, causes the gospel of John to make a little more sense when it states: “And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.” [12]
    blessings and grace to all this marvelous day.

    • Jameson

      You are aware that July and August did not exist when Chirist was born because those months were named for Julius and Augustus Ceasars after their deaths–so your theory does not work. The calendar was different. You may want to go look that up.

  • Robert Goercke

    In order to combat the moral, values and economic decline in our nation, we must first awake to what is really going on. We then need to unite simply because united we stand and divided we fall. Our opponent is to divide. Thirdly, we must not be afraid. Show no fear because no matter what the outcome, Christ is always with us because he went before us. Keep Christ in your hearts, minds, bodies and souls always not just during Christmas. Pray for those that persecute you in his name.
    Dear God we need you more now than ever.