Norma Leah McCorvey: Believing God’s Promises

Supreme_Court-300x200 Norma Leah McCorvey: Believing God’s Promises

“She declared that everything about the case was a lie put at the service of the sexual liberation cause.”

The news of the death of Norma Leah McCorvey has spread through the pro-life and conservative world. The 69-year-old lady was well-known as the plaintiff in the infamous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision striking down all abortion laws in the United States. Although she never did have the abortion made legally possible by the ruling, she became a poster child of the Woman’s Liberation Movement. She later came to regret her pivotal role in the decision and joined the pro-life cause.

Upon her change of heart, she said:“I am dedicated to spending the rest of my life undoing the law that bears my name.”

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Many have commented on her life and heroic turnaround. Indeed, her courage needs to be recognized. It was no small thing to challenge the whole liberal establishment.

The drama of her life was similar to that of many of her generation who were victims of the empty promises of the sixties.

Indeed, Norma was a child when the explosion of sexual liberation first appeared everywhere. A radical change came upon society already prepared by rumblings in the fifties. Through music, fashions and drugs, all society was shaken by the loosening of moral codes, the introduction of contraception and the acceptance of free love. The new world created by this paradigm shift was to be one governed by love and peace.

Like so many at the time, Norma was taken up by this wave of social change. Everyone was told that to “do your own thing” was the way to obtain happiness. However, this happiness denied the reality of life’s sufferings and responsibilities. When she became pregnant with her second child, she found herself not knowing what to do. For the first time, she felt the empty promises of the sixties. It was not to be the last.

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Her case was taken by Sarah Weddington, a pro-abortion feminist attorney who would use her case to challenge the laws prohibiting abortion in Texas. Norma later said she lied about the circumstances of her pregnancy, claiming it was due to rape, to increase the emotional charge. She declared that everything about the case was a lie put at the service of the sexual liberation cause.

Her case dragged on, and the child was born and put up for adoption. The feminists nevertheless continued pressing the case and were euphoric when her case helped overturn the nation’s abortion laws and made the infamous and unnatural practice available on demand.

Norma then experienced the second empty promise of the sixties. Instead of being made a heroine of the feminist movement, she was gradually discarded. After an initial period as a celebrity, she was forgotten. Typically, revolutionary causes make use of figures they create which they later toss aside when their usefulness is no longer needed. Norma was one.such figure.

But God did not abandon Norma. In her appearances at pro-abortion events, she was often approached by pro-life activists who showed her kindness and charity. The sharp contrasts between the two treatments convinced Norma to disavow the false promises of “liberation” and embrace the pro-life cause.

She never looked back. She made the crusade for the unborn the purpose of her life. She asked the Supreme Court to reconsider the case and was refused. She provided constant testimony of the false promises and lies of the sexual revolution. On August 17, 1998, Norma was received into the Catholic Church at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church in Dallas.

Until the end, she never wavered in her good resolution. She endured the insults of the other side who considered her an embarrassment. The pro-life movement rightfully honors the death of a person who was mugged by the cruel reality and had the courage to stand up to the pro-death establishment.

Norma was not the only one to take this tragic trajectory. So many Americans who survived the sixties traveled similar paths. They swallowed the empty promises of the sexual liberation movement. They adopted promiscuous lifestyles, made tragic mistakes and suffered the consequences of their acts.

But God had other plans for them. Like Norma, many came to realize the errors of their ways. Through God’s graces, they took those giant steps to start making their way home. Not only did they change, but these Americans embraced the Church and became ardent defenders of that which they had once rejected. The words of Saint Remigius at the conversion of Clovis, King of the Franks, in 498, ring so true in these postmodern times: “Adore what you have burned and burn what you adored.”

The death of Norma Leah McCorvey is a reminder that unlike the Sexual Revolution’s empty promises, God’s promises are never empty. God never lies.

  • marilyn mccormick

    I enjoyed learning more about Norma. I think it shows how powerful one person can be in influencing others, and how one person’s story can benefit others. One person can influence others to make good or bad choices. We can help others by sharing our struggles, mistakes, or life story. Norma was willing to speak out and share her story and it must have been difficult to admit “who” she was. Rest in Peace Norma knowing God loves you.

    • whawell

      I met Norma personally at a state pro-life convention where she gave a talk. Admittedly not eloquent, after her conversion to the pro-life movement she kept pushing to restore legal protection for the unborn. In a private setting at a table I found her to be a straight forward person who spoke simply without any sort of pretension and not seeming to attract attention to herself.

  • Johann du Toit

    Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord.

    • whawell


  • PeJosé Carlos

    Hello my dear friend John Horvat II , i enjoyed learning more about Norma, think you right, and we must fight against our enemies, world, flesh and the enemy, hope you keep on doing your great work, and wayt to receive your emails, God loves you as if you were His only child its not easy but we need to try being a saint ourdays .

  • claudio ponte

    How merciful God is and how much difference does the caring and respectful attitude of a Christian before a worldly person. This is the orginality of Christianity; There is nothing in the world that compares to Christ, the Truth.

  • I find this synopsis from the book “Memory and Identity” by Pope John Paul II to be very relevant to the essence of this article – “They [anti-evangelical currents] strike at the very foundations of human morality, influencing the family and promoting a morally permissive outlook: divorce, free love, abortion, contraception, the fight against life in its initial phases and in its final phase, the manipulation of life. This program is supported by enormous financial resources, not only in individual countries, but also on a worldwide scale. It has great centers of economic power at its disposal, through which it attempts to impose its own conditions on developing countries. Faced with all this, one may legitimately ask whether this is not another form of totalitarianism, subtly concealed under the appearances of democracy.”

    • Michael Ezzo

      That’s exactly what it is, T.J. : the paradoxical way in which the left wing powers force us to accept and countenance their “freedom.” Mr. Horvat has written of this before in his article “A Solution For a Fragmented America,” about how freedom is turned into a license to subvert all
      moral responsibility. I remember a journalist named Samuel Francis, now deceased, who called this paradox “Anarcho-tyranny,” which pretty much sums it up. Anarchy in morality; tyranny in the method by which they demand we accept it. Pope Benedict called it the dictatorship of relativity, but it’s pretty much the same phenomenon. Another great analysis by John Horvat. Thanks for the enlightenment!

      • historian

        Yes, “Tyranny of Relativism” and fashionable societal rejection of God and His Commandments are taking over the world, slowly, insidiously – through first “dumbing-down society” into non-thinkers and enticing them to accept all manner of intellectual laziness. Logic and discernment are no longer fashionable. They manipulate even the young – through (so-called) Safe-Schools Programmes in which they promote acceptance of homosexuality as normal (even though geneticists tell us there is no such thing as a “gay gene”); promote cross-dressing (“if you feel like a girl on any day, then dress like a girl and use the girls bathrooms as well”);promote all manner of sexual mis-conduct and
        reject the very aspects of self-restraint which form a very important part of the solid foundations of a civilized culture and which protect for every human genuine equality, genuine liberty and genuine fraternity.

        Instead we now have a world-wide disease of MORAL INDIFFERENCE which preceded the totalitarian regimes of eg Nazism, Communism. Historians tell us that the world slept-walked into both World Wars and stumbled into a number of totalitarian regimes. The world is now sleep-walking into yet another of Satan;s traps – yet another horror of social tyranny.

        • historian

          BUT the most DANGEROUS aspect of all this is that this “tyranny of relativism” leads to … eventual DENIAL of FREEDOM OF SPEECH!

  • Ary

    I’m praying for her, just now. May God led her into heaven.