Should We Stop Opposing the Ruling Legalizing Same-Sex “Marriage”? Bishop Robert Barron’s Surprising Statements

El_Greco_050-223x300 Should We Stop Opposing the Ruling Legalizing Same-Sex “Marriage”? Bishop Robert Barron’s Surprising Statements

Pope Saint Pius V moved a victorious crusade against the Turks.

The recent (January 30) statements by the Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles, Robert Barron, that he will not fight for the abolition of the same-sex “marriage” ruling has scandalized even his admirers. He contends that revoking that decision “would probably cause much more problems and dissension and difficulty if we keep pressing it.” He doubles down: “I wouldn’t want to get on a crusader’s tank and try to reverse that.”1

Is Homosexual Tendency Intrinsically Disordered?

This statement by a bishop known for his writings, videos, homilies and cultural comments is even more serious because he made them to David Rubin, a homosexual journalist living in a same-sex “marriage.”2

For Bishop Barron, “if the only thing a gay person hears from the Catholic Church is, ‘you’re intrinsically disordered,’ we’ve got a very serious problem, if that’s what the message has become.”

RTO-mini2 Should We Stop Opposing the Ruling Legalizing Same-Sex “Marriage”? Bishop Robert Barron’s Surprising StatementsFree Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go

Contrary to the above statement, the Church has never taught that a person with same-sex attraction is “intrinsically disordered,” but rather his homosexual tendency. To say that someone is “intrinsically” disordered, that is, in their very nature, would mean that God created a disordered nature, which is absurd.

Taking a Principled not a Personal Stand


As practicing Catholics, we are filled with compassion and pray for those who struggle against violent temptation to sin, be it toward homosexual sin or otherwise.

We are conscious of the enormous difference between these individuals who struggle with their weaknesses and strive to overcome them and others who transform their sin into a reason for pride, and try to impose their lifestyle on society as a whole, in flagrant opposition to traditional Christian morality and natural law. However, we pray for them too.

According to the expression attributed to Saint Augustine, we “hate the sin but love the sinner.” And to love the sinner, as the same Doctor of the Church explains, is to wish for him the best we can possibly desire for ourselves, namely, “that he may love God with a perfect affection.” (St. Augustine, Of the Morals of the Catholic Church, no. 49,

In What Sense Is a Sinner a Child of God?

The Auxiliary Bishop of Los Angeles added, “The first thing a gay person, like any person, should hear is ‘You’re a beloved child of God.”

In the context in which this statement was made—that is, on a pro-homosexual program—it takes on a dangerous ambiguity. For it does not make clear whether the bishop is referring to a person with a disorderly tendency who resists and does not sin, or to one who actually practices the act against nature.

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?

There is no doubt that all men are children of God. But the sinner is a son in revolt against his Creator, whom he offends by despising His Law. In this state of revolt, he loses divine friendship, sanctifying grace, and is on his way to Hell should he die in such a state.3

A True “Son of God” Is One Who Keeps the Commandments

The words of the Savior are clear and unequivocal: to love Him as a son loves his father, one must keep His words—that is Faith—and His commandments:

“If you love me, keep my commandments.”

“He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them; he it is that loveth me.”

“If any one love me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him, and will make our abode with him. He that loveth me not, keepeth not my words” (John 14:15, 21, 2324).

Does Concern With Morals Hinder Evangelization?

Bishop Barron, apparently angered by the protests caused by his statements, posted a response on his blog titled “Dave Rubin, the Pelvic Issues, and Larry David.”

Referring to Catholic sexual morality in a derogatory fashion as “the pelvic issues” is really shocking. In his view, people who care about moral issues hurt evangelization.

He says, “[T]his preoccupation with ‘the pelvic issues’ has served to undermine the work of evangelization.”

With the qualification that he does not scorn morality, he adds, “But I fear that for so many people in the secular world today, religion is reduced to the policing of sexual behavior, and this is massively unfortunate.”

As far as he is concerned, the Sacred Scriptures are not concerned with sexual morality:

“When you read the great evangelizing texts of the New Testament—the Gospels, the Epistles of Paul, the book of Revelation, etc.—you don’t get the impression that what their authors wanted you primarily to understand is sexual morality.”

Now, in his Epistle to the Corinthians, Saint Paul makes it clear that he is talking sexual morality:

“Do not err: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers. Nor the effeminate, nor liers with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor railers, nor extortioners, shall possess the kingdom of God” (1 Cor. 6:9-10).

Silence on Morality, a Triumph of the Sexual Revolution

Has the silence of the clergy on sexual morals (save for well-deserving exceptions) favored evangelization? On the contrary, one should consider the empty churches and the closure of convents and seminaries for lack of vocations.

This silence has only favored the Sexual Revolution, which keeps advancing and destroying the very foundations and remnants of morality, modesty, and human dignity.

Sexual pleasure is more and more idolized, with ominous consequences: destruction of marriage and the family, exaltation of free love, normalization of all forms of sexual aberration; sexual frenzy no longer respects barriers of age, sex and even species, with an increase in zoophilia.

Modesty—that flower of chastity that at the same time embellishes and protects it—has become virtually unknown. The human body is exposed and exploited by all means through fashion, movies, pictures, in an erotic exhibitionism opposed not only to morality but even to human dignity.

Is Christian Perfection Impossible?

Even more surprisingly, Bishop Barron declares that the Bible is ironical and skeptical in relation to “any claim to human perfectibility.” If that were the case, every effort man makes to sanctify himself with the help of grace would be useless. Nor would it make any sense for the Church to have canonized the saints for having practiced virtue to a heroic degree.

Sympathy for an Advocate of Same-Sex “Marriage”

Bishop Barron is entirely at ease with, and praises a journalist who advocates same-sex “marriage”:

“Dave is a stand-up comedian, political satirist” he says, though recognizing that “He is also an advocate of gay marriage.” He adds that “I am very grateful to Dave Rubin for the interview and the opportunity to explore a number of issues related to faith and society.”

The bishop again refers in a derogatory fashion to those concerned with sexual morality:

“I just hope that his viewers can appreciate that there is a lot more to Christianity than the ‘pelvic issues.’

Hell Is Supposedly Empty…

It is scandalous for a bishop to employ the crude and unworthy “pelvic issues” formula to refer to the divine and natural moral laws that condemn all sexual practice outside marriage, and especially those contrary to nature.

But Bishop Barron’s moral stance is related to his optimistic theory about Hell. Although he is obliged to reject Origen’s theory, condemned by the Church, that at the end of time the reprobates and even demons will be forgiven,4 he adopts its veiled form, espoused by Hans Urs von Balthasar:

“My own conviction is that Balthasar has this more or less right. Catholic doctrine is that Hell exists, but yet the Church has never claimed to know if any human being is actually in Hell.”

For Bishop Barron, “Hell” or “Gehenna” are “spatial metaphors.” He concludes with a formula very close to Origen’s heresy:

“The divine love, freely rejected, results in suffering. And yet, we may, indeed we should, hope that God’s grace will, in the end, wear down even the most recalcitrant sinner.”

Now, if Hell is purely metaphorical and “in the end” all sinners will be saved by grace no matter what state they die in, why worry about what he contemptuously calls “pelvic issues”?

Morality loses all its meaning, as does the notion of sin and offense to God.

Unfortunately, with his statements, the popular apologist has discouraged those opposed to same-sex “marriage” and created confusion about the very foundations of morality.

If a Catholic Politician Has to Resist Same-Sex “Marriage” Why not a Bishop?


In June 3, 2003, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith published the document CONSIDERATIONS REGARDING PROPOSALS TO GIVE LEGAL RECOGNITION TO UNIONS BETWEEN HOMOSEXUAL PERSONS, signed by then-Cardinal Ratzinger.

The document is emphatic in the necessity to oppose same-sex “marriage” laws.

In n. 5, Section II it states:

“In those situations where homosexual unions have been legally recognized or have been given the legal status and rights belonging to marriage, clear and emphatic opposition is a duty.”

And in Section IV of the document, with guidance for Catholic Politicians, the document insists:

“When legislation in favour of the recognition of homosexual unions is already in force, the Catholic politician must oppose it in the ways that are possible for him and make his opposition known; it is his duty to witness to the truth.”

If that is the obligation of a layman, a Catholic politician, what to say of the obligation of a Bishop that, by his own office is a guardian of the faith and morals?


Updated February 9, 2017.


  • Lisadenise

    An excellent article emphasizing the need for the Church to encourage adherence to moral law. If the salt loses it’s saltiness, wherein is it useful? The Bible teaches that watered down, relativistic morality is a truly dangerous slippery slope. Please remember that you are an overshepherd, Bishop Barron, and as such are doubly accountable before God. I humbly request that you take your position on homosexual behavior and sexual license to prayer. May the Holy Spirit grant you a Rhema word in due season. I pray for a spirit of wisdom to come upon you, as King Solomon requested of God in Bible times. Peace be with you.

    • Bil Carter

      Wow. Another person with a lot to say but no desire to listen. The fact that you are leveling this attack at a bishop such as this one is a clear indication that you didn’t watch the interview, you have never read anything Bishop Barron has written, and you have no idea what his positions are with regard to Church teaching.

      Bishop Barron is a thorough Thomist and as traditional as they come. The only difference is that he sees fertile ground for evangelization *outside* the walls of the Church among the pagans, and he meets those people on their terms before beating down their doors with doctrine and dogma that they don’t yet accept. Throughout the history of Christianity, effective missionaries used the local culture to their advantage to preach the Gospel. Bishop Barron is doing the same thing. His website is already posting some very positive comments form self-described atheists about their perception of the Church.

  • brenda

    The church should not change its teachings to suit individuals or groups,Church teaching is the Sacrament of Matrimony is between a Man and a Woman,I would be more upset at knowingly offend God than I would of upsetting anyone who wants to change church teaching

  • Edward Koestner

    Catholic leadership has approved efforts to overturn Roe v Wade; why not make the same efforts to overturn same-sex “marriage”? If the Catholic Bishops would have led a spiritual and cultural crusade against abortion in the 60s and 70s, we might not have had a Roe v Wade decision. We might not have had the legalization of the mortal sin of same-sex “marriage” if the Catholic hierarchy would have led a consistent and intelligent spiritual and cultural crusade against the sin of homosexuality.

    • Bil Carter

      Because Roe v. Wade is a much more serious sin than gay marriage. Roe v. Wade devalues human life and makes those of us who produce less become disposable. It tells us that our human worth directly corresponds to how useful we are to others. It makes our convenience a pagan God. And we sacrifice our very children by the millions to that false deity. It lies to women and causes them immense grief. It denies men of the gift of fatherhood. It murders babies.

      Gay marriage is also a sin, but I think the sense of urgency is not quite the same.

      • amaimbourg

        A sin is a sin, period!

        • Bil Carter

          Really? You place abortion on a par with profanity? Is armed robbery the same as rudeness?

          No, a “sin is not a sin”. There are varying degrees of sin, and if you want to examine your own conscience as publicly as you’d like to condemn someone else’s I don’t see what separates you from the Pharisees.

          The issue we face today is not deciding if we Catholics should change the rules. I think we are all in agreement that our 2000 year-old set is working just fine. But we do have to change how we engage an increasingly hostile pagan culture as we defend those rules. We have to find ways to make them respect rules in the first place before we tell them that ours are the ones they should follow.

          Ask yourself how many souls you won for Christ today. Then ask yourself how many lost souls you drove away.

          • Jameson

            The obvious concern regarding Bishop Baron’s remarks is the casual way he dismisses the significance of morality of the human person which encompasses how we treat others in every situation most especially as Catholics raising children in a debauched pagan society with no sexual morals and no conception of truth except in a relativistic mindset and the derision he uses to refer to pelvic issues to make it appear that they should be the least of our concerns leafs the faithful into a state of confusion and teenagers into thinking that the Church is in agreement with all of society’s
            Relativistic approach to self first– which is what you seem to espouse by couching Christianitu’s true teachings into bite size morsels to sloy bring in sinners or the lost souls while losing the faithful who you confuse when you say how many lost souls did you drive away. How many of our children are being lost,, their faith destroyed, their firm foundation rent in confusion when a Catholic Bishop does not stand up for them when they are out in the world defending their Church and Christ and you and the Bishop think its more worthwhile to chase sinner and let the wolves eat the lambs alive.

          • Barbara Wells

            Great commentary and so true. So sad to think that Robert Barron is now a Bishop leading ‘his’ flock astray. Remember we were warned there would be wolves among us.

          • Jameson

            Thanks. It’s truly a blessing to be able to see so clearly.
            Speaking of wolves, have you seen Fr. Pacwa’sdocumentary about Saul Alinsky? Well worth watching as it discusses how the Catholic Church became involved, backed off and then some embraced it–EWTN’s : “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.”

          • Barbara Wells

            Yes, I have–and that is what is happening in our country right now. There are none so blind as those who will not see what is happening to our great country and the Catholic church in particular.

          • Jameson

            Well, it’s all over now. Our prayers have been answered–Thank God.

          • Tziggy

            No, that is not just a fact. Faithful Catholics should know where to go to get their questions answered if something sounds ambiguous. Bishop Barron’s interview was masterful at drawing in a hostile crowd without contradicting the faith. This article is misleading. You may want to ponder the role of Pharisee’s.

          • st

            you should reflect on what was written in the bible long before you were born…Evil shall never conquer in the end. GOD never allows disordered minds of satans followers win because in the end, they shall all inherit the unending fire of hell.. read the bible and know the truth…in the end, you too shall see the real wrath of God just like the ten commandments.. GOD punishes the wicked! and bishop baron is among them…………………….

          • Tziggy

            You realize only God can judge souls right? Ponder that.
            What I find ironic is that I’d label myself about as conservative as they come. This gay ‘marriage’ thing chaps me to no end. It can’t and won’t end well for our society. That however has no bearing on what Bishop Barron said in his interview. The same interview that this article so adeptly misleads readers into thinking Bishop Barron is throwing church teaching away. Go view the video’s st. Then come back and tell me where my soul and that of Bishop Barron’s will reside for all eternity.

          • florida1

            NOPE. We have , will and ARE NOT ”’winning souls”’ by TELLING this kee rap about ”mercy”’ and the rest of the hogwash this so called false pope is spouting. ”Mercy”’ comes from God who will give it when the SINNER calls out in acknowledgement of their sins, intends to NOT repeat it and ASKS for that Mercy. Homosexuals, Sodomites—if you will have ZERO INTENTION of asking for ANY kind of Forgiveness. THEY CLAIM what they are doing is NOT WRONG. I have SEEN them physically rubbing, kissing, feeling each other up out in the Parking Lot and handing out Communion and participating in Mass just like it is ALL OK!!…NO. It is NOT!! Same for all you Catholic MEN who think HAVING SEX WITH A WOMAN who is NOT your wife is jut FINE. NO. It is NOT!! THESE SINS WERE PAID FOR BY A TERRIBLE PRICE; the Blood nd the Body of our Savior. There are indeed I feel levels of SIN. But the Saints reminds us of PHYSICAL–FLESH sins are the worst as they can and will lead us to hell.

      • Richard Weissflog

        Culturally same-sex marriage is having a far more negative impact on the nation than legalized abortion.

        No one breaks the law if they speak out against killing the unborn. Refuse to service a homosexual marriage and the state will put you out of business.

        • Bil Carter

          Believe me, the negative impact of gay marriage on our culture is no lost on me. I’m as much against it as anyone else, but the fact that over 1800 babies will be murdered tomorrow in this country alone and another 1800 every day after that is a far more pressing than gay marriage.

          However, your point about Christian businesses being persecuted for voicing their beliefs is well-taken. As damaging as it is, I still have to say that a daily slaughter of babies is far worse.

          • Eileen Burke Miller

            Barron said it himself – Do you realize homosexuality reduces a person to focus on their “pelvic issues?” Do you realize how dangerous to ones health the homosexual act is between males? It degrades ones body as it says in Romans 1. It is like two people assaulting each other even though they perceive it differently. It is a sickness that must be controlled with discipline and learning to avoid at all costs. Barron knows they want to teach children that it is normal. Just knowing this should cause him to protect his flock better.

          • Barbara Wells

            Amen to that!

          • MoonRiver

            Do you realise how dangerous it is for that hubby of yours to do you doggy style, or when you’re in the mood for Rodeo Night Raunchy Ride Bukaroo – or swinging from the lights, Eileen – imagining him Tarzan and you Jane. All thong things and strapons. ? Kinky woooo. Yeeeee haaaaa !!

            Or getting down and at it on the oral front – those mouths dripping and tongues salivating.

            ‘Oh DH you big stud, gimme a piece of that nice pork pie. Mmmmmm. I love you honey. Let’s make another baby as we show our everlastin’ love for one another’.

            Damned ignorant woman. If anyone is a danger to children, missy – YOU are – to your own.

            Should be reported to social services. Good ol’ Barb keeps the DH satisfied in the garden shed too, I bet. Eh Barbara ? No dental dams for you luvvie.

          • Tziggy

            Did you watch both the video’s? Bishop Barron does an absolutely BEAUTIFUL job of bringing those decidedly hostile viewers into a conversation that explains well the beauty of the Catholic Church’s teaching without beating them over the head with it.

          • Carol Grady

            Eileen Miller
            Your sentence that homosexuality is an illness is the crux of the subject. It needs to be scientifically explained as such. It is a serious violation of the natural order which can only result in disease and broken lives. Needless to mention, of course, that homosexuality transgresses and disregards the warnings and censure contained in both the Old and New Testaments. Bishop Barron certainly is aware of this, and should be courageous enough to explain the facts to his flock and to the public.

        • Susan Smith

          Abortion is murder. This murder is leading to the decimation of the human race. Just think, quite possibly, someone even in your own family. (Negative impact ???????????)

          Homosexuality. Do you know your biology? These people simply don’t “fit”. Homosexuality is quite harmful the wrong way-ask a surgeon. Walk into a V.D. clinic-find out the truth. Why would God approve homosexual practices-and cause his children harm.

      • Pam

        Boyh sins devalue human life. Neither is worse and both are great sins that kill a part of the soul.

      • FAM22

        They are opposite sides of the same coin. Gay marriage, and its damage to the fabric of society and to the integrity of the family, is a natural and predictable outgrowth and by-product of abortion and the culture of death that it imposes upon us. The two are inextricably bound together.

  • Barbara Vollick

    My priest once told me, “The road to hell is paved with the skulls of priests and the floor of hell with the skulls of bishops!” There have been many bishops leading their flocks astray into the land of liberalish: promoting the acceptance of homosexuality and some even accepting abortion. Bishop Barron is so wrong, as he is encouraging sin. It is his job to bring people to our Lord, Jesus, not lead them astray and further into sin. If someone finds the Commandments uncomfortable or “not fitting their lifestyle,” do we abolish them? No! The laws of God are just and pure, and they are His laws! Bishop Barron seems to forget – or ignores – the fact that throughout the Bible, the sins of fornication and homosexuality are punished abundantly. Did he forget about Sodom and Gomorrah? The words of Jesus speaks volumes and very simply, “And lead us not into temptation but deliver us FROM evil.” Bishop Barron’s statements are leading people INTO evil and into sin. My prayers are with him, and may the bishops around us stop their liberal tendencies and return to the one and only true word of God.

    • Bil Carter

      Did you even watch the interview? I doubt it. It was pretty clear what Bishop Barron was saying throughout. He is absolutely against gay marriage and has never promoted it at all. What he said he was against was a current strategy of putting additional effort into overturning the law, simply because at this particular time it would not serve the Church well. His point was that conversions are made through encounters based on common ground, not adversarial confrontation.

      I have read his books and heard him speak. He is by no means ambiguous on this topic. He completely adheres to the Catholic teaching on marriage, but he is also a skillful user of modern media. He knows that you have to play the long game to win souls. You can’t just brow beat them into accepting Christ. You have to eat with the tax collectors and the prostitutes. (Mk 2:15-17)

      Preaching the Gospel does NOT mean beating someone over the head with it. Bishop Barron also speaks often about the “transcendentals”; the true, the good and the beautiful. We are at a point in our culture where the other side simply will not listen when we preach truth. They see it as false. So we try to preach the good. The other side won’t listen to that, either. They see it as evil. So we are left with a tactic that has been very fruitful in modern evangelization. You preach the beautiful. Show the other side the mercy that God offers. Show them that even sinners have a place at God’s table. Show them the things that are indisputably beautiful. Eventually, they will come to you and ask about the true and the good.

      • amaimbourg

        God doesn’t condone “playing the game” to win souls.

        • Bil Carter

          When you use quotes, you have to include the exact thing a person said. Please, read my entire comment in the proper context, exactly as I asked you to hear Bishop Barron’s comments in their proper context.

          You seem driven more by emotion and self-righteousness than you are by mercy, forgiveness and love for your enemies.

          • Jameson

            Explain to me why Christ turned the tables over at the temple and said do not make a mockery of my father’s house. You think he had those
            Guys over for dinner?
            What about the time he said preach the good new and if they refuse to listen or you ate not welcome dust the sand off your shoes and move on— he dod not say to change or dilute the message of truth to see if they’d like it better.
            Doing that is self righteous.
            God gives no man license to sin.

          • Tziggy

            He turnes the tables over because they were self righteous prigs foisting heavy burdons on others, making a business out of Gods Temple. Ironically, YOU bring up the fact that he said ‘preach the good news’. Bishop Barron did. Some of Rubins audience heard the good news. Some in the ‘Catholic’ church are acting the the prodigal brother.

          • Jameson

            Christ turned the tables of the money changers over in the temple because they were ripping off the people buying their animals for sacrifice three times. Once in changing the money from Greek or Egyptian into Shekels. Then, from Shekels in Temple money. Then in overcharging for the animal.
            They worked for the Pharisees at the temple and He saw the corruption right down to taking advantage of the faithful trying to follow the laws of Moses.
            There is no such thing as the Prodigal brother. Maybe you mean the brother of the prodigal son. The prodigal son took his share and blew it, hit bottom and returned home to beg his father’s forgiveness and offered to work as a servant. The father did not leave the home, the land, his other son, the family and neglect them by traipsing around following the prodigal son. The father did not change his rules, did not make it easier or harder for the boy to return— he was always there and had the same love for the boy. It was the boy’ s act of recognition of his own sin and asking for forgiveness that is the point of the story. He, of his own free will, chose to go home. The brother was naturally upset that his bratty, arrogant brother gets a party– but as the father explains, he celebrates because his son that was dead in sin and lost in selfishness and self indulgence has realized he is eating the food his father gives his pigs and has become animal like and does not want to be a low life animal anymore and returns home to make amends.
            He changed– not the message.
            So, the good news is that the scriptures have been fulfilled, God sent his only son into the world to sacrifice himself so that all mankind is no longer judged as one human race based on the original sin of Adam and Eve, but will now be judged individually based on their own free will to choose the water or the fire.

          • Tziggy

            Jameson, thank you for your wisdom. I now see the light. You and all like you in this comm box are right. It is right and just that we excoriate Bishops for reaching out to sinners. When statements are made we feel are ambiguous, we need to attack and defame. It is every Christian’s duty to pull individual comments out of the larger context and point out how orthodox we are while belittling our shepards. I was wrong.

          • Jameson

            What’s a sinner?

          • Barbara Wells

            And you seem intent on impressing everyone with your GREATER knowledge about everything. No wonder you think the way you do. Your ego won’t allow you to see the Truth.

          • GoldenRudy

            The use of quotation marks is for special emphasis, not relating a specific verbal statement. Baron is “playing the game” with ambiguity and not standing strong for Catholic Doctrine. In fact, he “scandalizes” both Catholics and non-Cathoilics that look to people in his position for leadership. Baron should read Matthew 18:6 and contemplate his future.

        • Tziggy

          “Let those without sin cast the first stone”. Yup, God doesn’t condone ‘playing the game’.

          • Jameson

            I wonder when did the Jews stop killing people by stoning.
            Do you know?

          • Jameson

            It is those without sin that are casting the stones.

      • MJ Moreland

        “Show them that even sinners have a place at God’s table.” Those who commit mortal sin need repent and make a firm purpose of amending their lives (change their sinful ways) before coming to God’s table.

        • Bil Carter

          Yes. My point exactly. Christ didn’t eat with sinners to tell them to keep sinning. He ate with them to tell them he loved them too much to let them persist in sin.

          • MJ Moreland

            Your “point” doesn’t agree with what you said. Mortal sinners (those in mortal sin) do not have a place at God’s table.

          • Bil Carter

            I’m not sure where you studied theology, but the only thing we withhold from those in mortal sin is the Eucharist, but not a place at His table. To use a different metaphor, the Church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum for saints.

          • MJ Moreland

            “God’s table” or “His table”, mean the feast of the Lamb of God – the altar of sacrifice on which the Lamb of God – the Eucharist – is spread before us – of which we are fed. We can not partake of the Eucharist in mortal sin. We can not partake of the feast of the Table of God in mortal sin. We can not come to the Table of God in mortal sin. “His table” is from where we are fed the Eucharist. Christ invites sinners to His table, but we need to be made clean first.

          • Doug Lais

            Christ shared meals with sinners, but that was not the Eucharist. Let’s not be confused by the word “table”. There’s the Eucharist, then there’s just plain eating.

          • Jameson

            No one can treat a person in a hospital unless that person has a wound he wants healed and goes to get it fixed.
            If one denies sin exists, denies God exists, the Church will remaon open but no one can do anything but pray they come in.

          • Mark Rigoglioso

            Unfortunately it is true, this generation wants more to taunt Christians than to admit sin. They call the very word ‘repent’ as a personal offense, even with legal implications. At some point the specter of hell is all you have left to speak to them. We Christians have to be clear that we will not compromise our lives, because getting their approval is not our goal; saving their souls is our goal. We are living on the days Jesus spoke of on the way to Calvary – the wood is dry and the barren womb is considered blessed. Warning people about hell also has a saving effect on us preaching Christians as it helps us to maintain the right relationship with the world and not be friends with it. Denying its existence and the possibility we could go their weakens our witness and is not true to the words of Christ, who spoke about Gehenna.

          • Jameson

            ” . . . this generation?” It has always been this way for Christians. Atheists have always been around as the devil’s minions.

          • Louis Boo

            Actually that is not true. The sacrament of confirmation, marriage, holy orders, etc. can all be withheld if you are in a state of mortal sin. Also, absolution can be withheld in confession if you are not sincere in your desire to sin no more. I know priests who have done this for habitual sins.

          • Tziggy

            And Jesus came to save sinners

          • Jameson

            Right. But most people are not sinners and could care less about Jesus.
            So, did he come to save those who are not sinners too?

          • Tziggy

            That comment is sad and untrue. Jesus came to save sinners.

        • Barbara Wells

          You must be dreaming. “Sinners” as you call them have always known that they CAN have a place at God’s table. They just don’t WANT to unless you will come around to accepting their lifestyle CHOICES. They don’t CARE that they are sinning–they just want you to tell them it is okay in your book and then to follow them into Hell–which they don’t believe in anyway.

      • This is exactly correct. He is talking about a tactical strategy. A new evangelization .

        • Jameson

          That is the exact strategy one needs to drive out the few faithful left in the pews.
          Those faithful are not grounded and will never be if you guys keep up this insane strategy and neglect the constant and consistent formation and certitude in everything you do directed at the faithful.
          What did Christ say to Peter three times? Feed my sheep.
          Your strategy is similar to the 1960-1970 strategy– social justice, don’t talk about hell or consequences and God is love and Godspell–which was so sacreligious and made Christ into a complete buffoon that every teenager walked out of church.
          Looking back, the Church was in panic mode and sought out the lost at the expense of losing the saved by preaching a watered down unbelievable soft religion with no worries, misplaced compassion, and a new type of preaching– one full of fear and indefensible because it was trying to market an appealing product– just like you’re doing now–totally removed from the truth.
          The reason they think it’s evil is because the strategy is an agenda and it is far removed from the truth. And when you finally get to the truth, they see the convoluted strategy and that is not good.
          In the meantime, half the Church gives one answer to a question, and the other half gives the opposite answer–that hardly grounds anyone with any authority grounded in
          2, 000 years of guarding the truth.
          You think Aquinas would’ve thought this was a good strategy? Or Fulton Sheen?
          No. Sheen grounded us in faith deeper and deeper with every lecture. He explained modernity, relativism, abnormal psychology and while he grounded us in faith he gave US the tools WE needed to defend the faith intelligently and speak to the culture’ s flaws– that was the problem, not our religion.
          You guys have dropped the ball.

          • Barbara Wells

            Once again, you have got it right. I’m sickened by all this “kumbaya” that is being spread around while “Rome burns.” Some are offering pablum to reach the sinners instead of Truth. That is not going to help anyone except away from Christ’s teachings.

          • No one is saying not to talk about hell, right and wrong and sin. There is not a one size fits all, correct all the time, approach to evangelization, some people are better lead people slowly.

            I agree though once they are in the pews they need to hear the truth, regretfully few Priests offer that . Instead they are fed a steady diet of hand holding and Jesus loves everyone theology which of course is half the truth

          • Jameson

            “I agree though once they are in the pews they need to hear the truth”

            Once who are in the pews?

            I’m talking about the ones in the pews that are leaving because the Church is chasing after the Prodigal son and leaving those at home wandering, unmoored and confused.

            When the Church gets back, they’ll be no CHURCH, no people in the pews.

      • John Chan

        “In those situations where homosexual unions have been legally recognized or have been given the legal status and rights belonging to marriage, clear and emphatic opposition is a duty.” So, is the CDF wrong on the strategy? Should the document have said “avoid adversarial confrontation”? We hear so often of the claim that Jesus would be pro-gay or pro-choice. How did we get to this point? Isn’t this the fruit of being unclear and lax as opposed to “emphatic opposition”?

        • Barbara Wells

          You are exactly right. This is why we are in the position we are right now–the blind leading the blind.

      • Jameson

        Beimg against the current strategy of overturning Obergefell means that Bishop Barron thinks it’s perfectly fine that we be forced by law to LIE to our children about what marriage is. Does he realize that? Do you?
        That is exactly what Roe did too. For 40 years the Churches were basically silent on abortion while scientism and the greater culture taught us that a pregnant mother was not pregnant with a child–just a blob of cells that could be removed like tumor.
        And the nuns! Supporting abortion, pushing feminism, screaming about a patriarchal society—marching in that psycho pagan woman parade.
        Well no one will evet force me to lie to my children about the fact that God gave woman the ability to bring forth human life; that she was the last and finest creation; and that marriage– matrimonio–the ceremony of motherhood–was ordained by God between one man and one woman becoming one flesh and bringing into existence a new human life and soul.

        • Phil19034

          No. It’s not the same. His point is that we need to teach our children what marriage really is if we are going to have a chance at changing it. Because right now, we don’t have the moral capital to fix the culture because the Sexual Revolution and the Hollywood culture have devastated it.

          The only way to fight back is with evangelization and Christians of all denominations understanding what marriage is supposed to be.

          Remember, all Christian denominations (except the Catholic Church of course) think divorce is ok. And almost all of them think birth control is fine, and a number of them have already introduced gay marriage blessings, if they don’t do gay marriage outright.

          We have to pick out battle strategies, and the best way to win the gay marriage fight is to raise an army of young, evangelized and catechized youth to fight this battle because the Generation X will make things worse, not better.

          • Jameson

            It is exactly the same. The Church is afraid.
            We are teaching iour children–the problem is we never hear reinforcements rom the pulpiy.

      • dadismyhero

        Well said.

      • Barbara Wells

        You are so wrong. We are in a war right now in America for souls. Immorality is being preached all around us now by every mass media and you must be asleep most of the time if you can’t (or won’t) see it. This not a time for playing patty-cake with the false prophets among us. Wake up!

        • GoldenRudy

          Acceptance of homosexual marriage today; acceptance of polygamy tomorrow. Removal of homosexuality from the list of physiatric abnormalities 30 years ago; removal of pedophilia from the list … when?

      • FAM22

        Chamberlain probably thought the same thing…

      • Scott

        Hi Bill, I have bene trying to find a transcript or the actual video interview and cannot find it anywhere, can you point me to it? Thanks

  • Peter Shafton

    An excellent article. It just highlights the fact that todays Catholics must depend more and more on the promptings of the Holy Spirit. These days, many bishops don’t seem to have what we come to expect them to have – faith in Jesus’s Church. May God help us.

    • Barbara Wells

      So true. Anyone who has eyes to see must acknowledge that this great nation is under the spell of paganism. It is everywhere on TV, Netflix, movies, etc. All glorifying immorality and portraying it as desirable and the norm. There is the suggestion that this is all completely right and there must be something wrong with you if you don’t get with the program. I, too, am ashamed that our Church did not come out with strong words against this agenda. Only the Protestant evangelists have stood up to it. We Catholics must follow Christ and the Apostles now more than ever and ignore the wolves such as Bishop Barron who would lead us astray. This is not the time for kumbaya. We must take a stand for the Holy Spirit and Christ’s teachings.

      • Rebecca Landrum

        AMEN! You are so correct and I find it disgraceful that the Catholic Church has been so silent on this. Anyone who knows the first thing about God Almighty and Jesus Christ knows that this is WRONG in any sense of the imagination. WHY are you not standing with the Protestant evangelists against this abomination to our Most Holy Father in Heaven???????? The Bishop has a heart filled, not with the love of Jesus Christ but with Satan himself. He is one, where are the remainder of you?????

        • Doug Lais

          Seems like you’ve gone way past the “discerning and evaluating” part of judgement, and are well into the “passing sentence” part.

    • whawell

      This seems to be true of many liberal bishops. They would rather side with the world than face scorn and ridicule for upholding the gospel. They seek the applause from men rather than God’s approval. They reason and think like men instead of seeking God’s will for them through the Holy Spirit.

      • johnnyjj

        “Liberal Bishops” should be an oxymoron. The fact that the Catholic Church tolerates liberal bishops is a disgrace. Wow, I remember the days when there were no liberal priests in the Catholic Church. Now, it seems that there are more liberal priests than conservative. And, it may be many more. The Catholic Church has lost its mission. And, it is the reason why, after a life time of being a Catholic (73 years), I am no longer in the church.

        • whawell

          There have always been liberal bishops even when we were growing up as children (I’m actually not much younger than you). Beginning with Judas, the betrayer, the Church has always had leaders who were not loyal to it. But Christ founded only one church, one based on Peter and his successors. None of them were perfect, not even Peter who denied his master when his master needed him the most. Yet in spite of the Church’s very flawed human element Christ promised that He would always be with it until the end of time: “And know that I am with you (obviously referring to the Church) always, until the end of the world” (Matt 28: 20). As Catholics we have to trust Christ at his word no matter in what situation we find ourselves or the Church. You indicated you left the Church presumably not long ago. My question to you is this: where will you go from here (no need for you to respond to me here)? I would suggest you read the biblical passage In John 6; 60-69 where we learn many of Christ’s disciples decided to leave him after hearing an incredible claim from him. Here we learn Christ turned to “the Twelve” and said, “Do you want to leave me too?” And Peter answered him, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life. We have come to believe: we are convinced that you are God’s holy one.” I know that what goes on in the Church can be very frustrating at times. It’s really a test of our personal faith, as I see it. With that, I hope you will reconsider going back to the Church and being reconciled with it. After all, it’s our only hope in these very tragic times we live in.

          • Rebecca Landrum

            This is a very modern pat answer as to why Christians sit back and let things happen that should not be happening. Let God take care of it. Christ’s love will overcome all. Well, folks, if you will read the rest of His Word, you will plainly see that He holds US responsible for leading against this sort of stuff. He said He will always be with us to give us strength, He DID NOT say He would fight all of our battles for us and for us to just sit back, relax and let Him do all the nasty work, Wake up people, this is a sorry way of not blaming ourselves for what we have NOT done Holy Father and Jesus Christ needs us to FIGHT for them. If someone told you tomorrow that you must burn your Bible and that you will never be allowed to have another one, would you sit back and wait for God to take care of it??? Think about this people, we are turning our backs on our Lord Jesus Christ and our Holy Father. Now is the time to change this, NOW!

        • Tziggy

          This article is a masterful deception. Did you watch the videos? Bishop Barron does an absolutely BEAUTIFUL job of bringing those decidedly hostile viewers into a conversation that explains well the beauty of the Catholic Church’s teaching without beating them over the head with it. Articles like this are disgusting.

          Johnny please come home. Sinners abound in every church. That’s why Christ came.

          • John L Chiogna

            They are not convicted of their sin, why should they come home? Bishop Barron believes 99% are saved and it shows in much of what he says. I have Bishop Barron sycophantic Catholic friends yelling at me now, all because I hold to what most of the saints held to: wide is the path to perdition…….Apparently, the only ones that are not to be tolerated are those who question the new BULLSHIT NARRATIVE.

          • Tziggy

            Very Christain John. Thank you for your vulgarity. It speaks volumes. It seems both you and this author are comfortable speading untruths about Bishop Barrons comments. The narrative on hell isn’t about “how many ” as it a philisophical discussion on Gods Mercy. There is a reason the Church declares saints and doesn’t declare someone condememned; Not because people dont go there, but because we don’t know the depths of Gods mercy. It’s an age old conversation

          • JMJ

            That’s how Jesus preached it, Tziggy–the population of hell as an age old philosophical mental exercise! Seems you’ve been so twisted round by the pervert N.O. sodomites that you don’t know up from down anymore or even what the original questions were: “Lord, ARE THEY FEW THAT ARE SAVED? But he said to them: Strive to enter by the narrow gate; for MANY, I say to you, shall seek to enter, and SHALL NOT BE ABLE.” Luke 13:23-24

            “And they that heard it, said: Who then can be saved? He said to them: The things that are impossible with men, are possible with God.” Luke 18:26-27

            Are you even seeking and striving to enter heaven anymore, Tziggy, or are you just swimming around in the mire and vomit w/the dogs and the pigs–because heaven is full and hell is empty (fairy robber barren told you so)?

            “Blessed are they that wash their robes in the blood of the Lamb: that they may have a right to the tree of life, and may enter in by the gates into the city. Without are dogs, and sorcerers, and unchaste, and murderers, and servers of idols, and every one that loveth and maketh a lie.” Apoc 22:14-15

          • Tziggy

            The anger accusation and vitriol in your reply is telling. You twist my words just as the author of this article twists Bishop Barrons. I would assume by your zeal we are brothers in faith, yet you feel the need to attack someone who watched the videos in question and point out this article is a divisive lie. It attacks one of our Shepard for both defending the faith AND reaching out to sinners. Very sad.

          • JMJ

            Sorry, Tziggy, but if the man who “interviewed” Barron is in a state of mortal sin and far, far worse advocating mortal sin in his magazine then Barron had no business even being interviewed especially when he was going to announce that’s it too much trouble for him to work to enact God’s Law-God’s law is being over-run by sodomites like Barron who call themselves Catholic while working to enact Satan’s laws. Why doesn’t he go get interviewed for Playboy? I am sick and tired of sodomites trying to mainstream perversion. Why don’t you publicize the nude marching on Valentine’s Day in San Francisco? Why don’t you publicize the public defecation and urination in San Francisco? We are sick and tired of supporting a church that claims to be preaching the teachings of the Bible which is that sodomy is a mortal sin that condemns to hell for all eternity and also cries to heaven for vengeance. God hates sodomy! But Barron wasn’t there to convert his interviewer or preach the gospel message of Jesus Christ– he was there to sodomize God’s children A pox on both your houses! Because of s/h/its like you two children are being taught sodomy from the time they go to nursery school. Barron doesn’t want to fight that, then he can stop collecting a pay check from the Catholic Church. STOP USING THE CATHOLIC CHURCH TO SPREAD SODOMY!!!!!

          • Tziggy

            You my friend just called both myself and Bishop Barron sodomites, publicly. That is Calumny, a mortal sin. Don’t reply until you can tell me you’ve watched the video and you can refrain from hurling epithet’s

          • JMJ

            I’m not watching Barron’s propaganda for sodomy and for me to go to hell because hell is empty so no one goes there even if you commit sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance. I have the words of Jesus Christ, St. Paul, St. John, St. Peter & St. Moses as to what happens to those who commit sins that cry out to heaven for vengeance and those who condone them (they are destroyed in this world–only 8 escaped the flood; only 4 escaped Sodom–and burn for all eternity in the next). If you don’t condemn sodomy and work to make it illegal, but allow sodomites to propagate sin to your children and other people’s children, then you are condoning and participating in it. “Ziggy became an omnisexual alien rock star, sent to Earth as a messenger.” Is that the ‘sain’t’ you’re named after? Or is that your (and Barron’s) Messiah? If so, I repeat, go start your own church & stop using Jesus Christ to preach perversion.

          • Rebecca Landrum

            AMEN to that! There is a LOT of that garbage going on in the world today. If we Christians do not stand up for the Holy Father and Jesus Christ who will.. He stands up for us every day of our lives. Where are we when it is our turn to do the standing. We should be fighting tooth and nail against all of this EVIL stuff that they are trying to cram down our throats .If these people “spitting in God’s face” do not make you fighting mad and willing to stand up for what is right, according to His Word, then you need to ask yourself just what am I. Thank you again JMJ, The Protestant Evangelists are fighting for Him. I suggest we join them. What do you think?

          • JMJ

            Unfortunately, Rebecca, Evangelists are fighting for Him on sodomite marriage, but on adultery (i.e. divorce & remarriage), which is one of the ten commandments, not so–i.e. Kim Davis gives out marriage licenses to those who divorce and remarry. Also the purpose of food is to nourish one’s body. The purpose of sex is to give life. First command God gave Adam and Eve was to be fruitful and multiply–yet all Evangelicals teach that using birth control is okay, i.e. marrying and having no children is fine w/God. To me the sterile Christian marriages, i.e. sex for pleasure is what has given rise to plague of sodomy. I would argue that when St. Paul in Romans 1 speaks of the unnatural use of a woman’s body, he is speaking of pregnancy prevention/birth control, i.e. purpose of woman’s body is to bear children [also 1 Tim 2:15]. Many evangelical friends tell me teaching of the New Testament on women only applies to Jesus’ time, but all the other teachings (excluding divorce & remarriage etc.] apply for all time. There are MANY other problems w/Evangelicals. I have gone the other way to Traditional Catholicism, especially due to love for the priesthood and the sacraments (not sure how evangelicals live w/out Confession and Holy Communion).

          • Rebecca Landrum

            Typical response of these who support this descent from the Holy Father, Jesus Christ and what The Word really says about this such if thing. They run away. You were brave enough to make the argument, you should be brave enough to admit you are wrong.

          • Rebecca Landrum

            AMEN JMJ. This is what “these people” do every time, they attempt to turn your righteous statement into something against what you are standing for. This is Satan’s work, pure and simple. I am with you 100 %.

          • John L Chiogna

            I didn’t even know I got a response.My vulgarity does speak volumes. Looks like I’m in good company.It’s seems to be the first thing to catch your attention.Why did you even mention it? In regards to me being in good company:

            Here’s what Saint Paul says:

            “But indeed I also regard everything to be loss on account of the surpassing knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord, on account of whom I have suffered the loss of all things; and I consider them shit so that I may gain Christ…”

            Yep – σκύβαλα (skubala) = shit.

            Not the nice excrement, dung, or poop. In Saint Paul’s day, σκύβαλα/shit was used in polite conversation about as much as we use it now. He is being very vulgar. So I repeat, the new paradigm is shit.

            In regards to Bishop Barron. He was questioned on what percentage he believed was saved and stated 99%. That’s not in keeping with the majority of Saints down through the ages. This is a minority position in the Tradition of the Church, the fruit of which is obvious to see for those that have eyes to see with.Our evangelization in the West is pitiful and the missions overall are severally suffering as has been addressed by St John Paul and Pope Benedict Emeritus.

            The sad thing about what I’ve just said is that by stating publicly what I believe I risk losing friends and my job in a Catholic institution, but like St Paul, I don’t give a shit. Wake up.

          • Tziggy

            Believe me John, the saddest thing about what you said has nothing to do with you losing your job.

        • Paul Bojorquez

          Sadly, you are correct. I too was once a practicing Catholic and now belong to a non-denominational church of 1,200+ people, where a full 2/3 are ex-Catholics. The Bible says “let God be true and every man a liar” and it also admonishes us not to add or take away one tittle of Scripture. The Church should be able to condemn the sin and love the sinner at the same time! Coddling someone in their sin does nothing to help them. The church’s job is to preach the Gospel and ALL Scripture as it is written and never even consider the PC of what they are saying! We are all sinners, saved by God’s immeasurable grace; however, Jesus repeatedly stated “if you love me, you will keep my commandments”. 1 John makes it very clear that if we confess to know Christ and continue to walk in darkness (intentionally sin), we are a liar! I do not; however, believe that homosexuality should be singled out, but that ALL sins should be called what they are and equally cautioned against. This Bishop is walking into very dangerous territory and should be far more concerned with pleasing God than pleasing men and tickling their ears. Conviction is required before true Salvation can occur!

          • Jerry Krause

            Exactly, and if you ever need material to further support your position, well…, you might want to visit the Institute of Marriage Research & Studies website. See my comment above.

          • Paul Bojorquez

            Thank you for the comment and the link. It looks to have a lot of informative and useful information and I have bookmarked it. God Bless.

          • Jerry Krause

            That is great. Glad the information is useful to you. Amen!

        • Rebecca Landrum

          I do not consider them liberal and conservative. These are political descriptions. Not Biblical descriptions, WHY are we even concerned with this except for the MONEY the Church might lose if we speak up against this abomination and these False Teachers? People we had all better wake up before it is too late. You either stand for something or you stand for nothing! It is time for the people of the Church, who truly stand for the Holy Father and Jesus Christ to stand up for them in this evil world These who do not need to be removed from the Church entirely– what do you think our youngsters are learning from your actions or lack of actions??????

          • johnnyjj

            “Liberal” and “conservative” are good words and are used many times outside of politics, but let’s not get technical. The liberals of this country finally got tired and too embarrassed by being labeled “liberal” so they changed the word to “progressive”. What a laugh. Just like the homosexuals didn’t like that word so they grabbed the word “gay”, another joke. I think too many people are arguing about our religion without a bible in their hands.

      • Tziggy

        Watch the video’s before you judge. This article is full of contextual innuendo’s and misleading half truth’s. Bishop Barron does an absolutely BEAUTIFUL job of bringing those decidedly hostile viewers into a conversation that explains well the beauty of our Church’s teaching without beating them over the head with it. Articles like this are disgusting.

        • Andrea

          Tziggy, you are 100% correct- I was so disturbed by this article- after hearing the interview, I agree with u 100%- do not judge Bishop Barron until u hear the interview

      • Rebecca Landrum

        And, what are the rest of you doing about this. At the least they are “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. At the worst they are anti-Christ. WHY are you tolerating this? Don’t you think that by allowing these priests to mislead God’s children that you are not as guilty as they are? If you do then you are mistaken. All of us Christians should be screaming at the top of our voices against this abomination. It should be shouted from every pulpit in the world that this is WRONG. And we should be in every State House in the nation demanding that our political representatives STOP this NOW. God blesses us all day everyday, when do we begin to bless HIM??????

    • Tziggy

      Did you watch the interviews in question? This article is intentionally misleading. in fact, i would go so far as to say it was written to intentionally steer people away from listening to Bishop Barron. Watch the video’s (part I and II), then start questioning who it is you are following. Rubin’s audience is very pro-homosexual/anti-Christian. Bishop Barron does an absolutely BEAUTIFUL job of bringing those decidedly hostile viewers into a conversation that explains well the beauty of our Church’s teaching without beating them over the head with it. Articles like this are disgusting.

      • whawell

        First of all, the bishop should have declined an interview with a host and his audience that are decidedly and ostensibly pro-homosexual and anti-Christian. Their only purpose is to twist words and find fault with the bishop and the Church they openly despise. And find fault and twist words is exactly what they are doing right now! The Bishop has no choice now but to issue clarifications in order to ensure people are not being misled about the Catholic position on sexuality. He is in an unmanageable situation of having to put the toothpaste back into the tube. So how should one dialogue with intractable folks whose only purpose is to exploit? Above all, I would say, do not dialogue on uneven turf under any circumstances. It’s a recipe for disaster. Instead, if you are well versed on a topic advanced for discussion, invite the host to submit questions in writing.

        • Tziggy

          I completely disagee. Bishop Barron did a great job. He was articulate, precise, orthodox and compassionate. Because of him, those in darkness saw light. Ironically, I didn’t see Rubins audience taking him out of context. This article is a great example of how the great divider is working from within. Did you even watch the video’s?

          • John L Chiogna

            There was much accommodation not light. The divider is making us into cowards and cowards will not enter the kingdom of God.

          • Tziggy

            Yes John, it was cowardly of Bishop Barron to be interviewed by Rubin and adeptly portray the truth of our faith kin a way unbelievers would listen… You never answered my question. Did you watch the videos in question?

          • whawell

            No matter how articulate and accurate the Bishop Barron was, he played and got burnt with fire. No prelate should go before a hostile audience to defend the Church without expecting a negative reaction. This is especially true with an audience that takes pride in and promotes sin. The Pope does that as well on occasion and gets burned as well. Every time this happens the Church gets a black eye.

          • Tziggy

            First – Evangelization by it’s very nature is reaching out to, if not a hostile audience, an unwilling one. Ever hear of the collusium? The blood of martyrs is the seed of the church.
            Second – The only negative reaction he’s gotten is from Catholics who I’m guessing didn’t actually watch his video or they’d know the Holy Spirit was working through him.
            Whawell, what frustrates me most is this pious attitude I see here that there are sinners (to be shunned) and US. WE are the Christs hands, feet, and mouth. WE are called to be hope for the hopeless. I don’t see much of that here. Bishop Robert Barron is not teaching anything contrary to our faith. He nuanced his message masterfully to fit his audience AND beautifully portray our Holy Churches teaching . Period.

          • whawell

            Yes, discerning the Holy Spirit is very important. If one keeps giving the Church a black eye as the Pope has on occasion, one should not wait to hear a voice from heaven to stop what he his doing. The Holy Spirit does not tell us to ignore reason and common sense when these suggest a different course of action is warranted. I realize Bishop Barron is a gifted leader, but so is the Pope. They do however make mistakes. That’s why St. Paul admonishes Christians to be wise in their decision making.

          • Rebecca Landrum

            Just because Christ said something about loving everybody all the time, under any circumstances does not mean that is all He said. You need to read the whole Bible instead of just picking out the part that suits your purpose.. No one can discount 99% of God’s Word and stand on 1 % of His Word. That is NOT the way it works.

          • Doug Lais

            You have the confidence of an absolutist about things that are not easy to judge. Your measuring stick seems to be used exclusively in measuring others. It seems so easy for you to know how things should have been done better.

        • Rebecca Landrum

          We should NEVER invite the Devil himself nor his followers into our private chambers.

      • John L Chiogna

        The article is not misleading.There will be no conversions after listeners ponder Bishop Barron’s word. They will not be convicted of their sin but comforted in it.

        • Tziggy

          Again. I ask: Did you watch the video?

    • Michael

      Catholics should try forcing the church to release the documents related to them covering up the crimes of child molestation for decades. They still protect documents to this day. Rumor is the cover-up was orchestrated all the way from the top. Catholics view their reputation above raped children.

  • eccela

    The problem is that sin of all types is wrong. By acting like this sin is the same or no different shows a lack of scholarship on his part. The societal sins are those that changes the functioning of society. Abortion is a prime example. Prior to legalizing there were relatively few abortions now there are millions. This holds true with divorce also, the damage to children and society is massive and destructive to all. Many seem to believe if it is legal it is okay. This thinking damages everyone especially those who do not understand that wrongs damage themselves whether legal or not. We have it in our hearts what is right and wrong. The devil uses this type of lie of legal is moral and fine. The homosexual law also affects the raising of children as this godless society then deems it acceptable to leave children in the care of or being adopted by same sex partners. The rights of religious freedom to not condone this comes into play in not wanting to rent a room to those living the way you do not believe, you are now breaking the anti-discrimination laws, the same applies in business.

    • EnemyoftheState

      Because something is legal does not make it moral.

  • Dale McNamee

    Regarding hell… The Lake of Fire is unihabited since the final Judgment has not happened yet and the unrepentant sinners sent there for eternity…

    Before that, they reside in Hell or Hades, depending on the Bible translation, which will also be thrown into the Lake of Fire, along with Death according to the Book of Revelation…

    If anyone really cares for and “loves” those in same-sex relationships and “marriage”, they should warn them !

  • Alexandra

    Same sex marriage is a sin, homosexuals live in sin, God created a man and a woman to procreate, animals to procreate, birds to procreate, HE did it to keep the species going. Nowhere in the Bible I can find such abhorration.

    • EnemyoftheState

      Sure you can – Genesis 19:24 – Luke 17:29 Revelation 21:8

  • EnemyoftheState

    All men are not the children of God.

    John 8
    44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    • Bil Carter

      I think you need a refresher in Christian anthropology. We are ALL children of God since we all have a soul, given to us at the moment of our conception. That is completely distinct from our baptism, which frees us of sin and makes us partakers in His divine life.

      • MJ Moreland

        We are all children of God in the sense that He created us. Our first birth is through water. However, in order to be His – a true child of God, we must be born again of water and the Spirit. This is God adopting us, and this takes place at our baptism.

      • Jameson

        And Lucifer was an achangel and the angel of light. He had free will.
        Did God go chasing after him to bring him back?

        We have free will. We choose water or fire. The laws of God are written on every human heart.
        People know they are choosing desires of the flesh over the laws of morality– they aren’t stupid.
        It’s not like they’ve never heard of God or the gospels or Moses.
        They reject God and justify.
        Missionaries were going amongst tribal people who didn’t have a deep hatred for them.
        When Paul went among the gentiles, not all of them were engaged in debauchry; most were open, honest hard working family people. No one was targeting Nero and his ilk for a conversion.

        • EnemyoftheState

          ACTS 26

          27 King Agrippa, believest thou the prophets? I know that thou believest. 28 Then Agrippa said unto Paul, Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian. 29 And
          Paul said, I would to God, that not only thou, but also all that hear
          me this day, were both almost, and altogether such as I am, except these

          • Jameson

            Paul certainly did not seel out Agrippa to convert him. Paul was brought to the king on charges and spoke to him in his own defense.

      • veritasetgratia

        We become a child of God at Baptism. God the Father has only one (child) who is His Son. We become partakers in Jesus’ Sonship once we have His spirit living in us. This happens at Baptism. What you have raised regarding “children of God” is a very important foundational concept. Without a proper understanding of this point, the point of Baptism is lost, the point of being Catholic over another denomination is lost. It’s a very good thing you have raised it.

        • EnemyoftheState

          Baptism has no salvific properties at all. It is a statement of faith enacted by the believer. Sorry I do not believe that Baptism saves – it is the outworking of regeneration.
          Also Bill your comment was taken away so I could not reply so I will reply here. We are all God’s creatures I will grant you that but all men are not the children of God.

          Ephesians 1:
          5 having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will,

          1 John 3:10 In this the children of God and the children of the devil are manifest: Whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is he who does not love his brother.

          • veritasetgratia

            “Baptism has no salvific properties at all. It is a statement of faith enacted by the believer.” We are baptised because Jesus told the apostles to ‘go into all nations…….baptising in the name of the…………. He who believes and is baptised will be saved. He who does not believe will be condemned”.Mark 16:16.
            Jesus says baptism is salvific when it occurs as a result of a person expressing Faith. Jesus connects baptism and faith as essential, but He puts Faith first. For Catholics, having “Faith” means a Catholic is to accept and believe everything that Jesus said because they believe He is God’s Son and does not lie. Jesus told Nicodemus (see gosp John) that “unless a man is born again of water and the Holy Spirit he will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven”. Therefore Baptism gives the Holy Spirit to indwell the baptised person. That is the distinguishing feature of Christians. They have the Holy Spirit in them as a result of Baptism.

          • EnemyoftheState

            He who believes and is baptised – yes exactly so no infant Baptism. By the very confession of the Creed “I believe..” the Salvation is evidenced and the Baptism is the believers obedience to the command.

            Faith PRECEDES baptism it doesn’t follow it.

          • veritasetgratia

            Jesus preached to adults and adults would not request baptism without choosing to embrace what He taught.. The point is that early Christians had their entire “household” baptised – see St. Peter baptising Cornelius (a gentile) in Acts and his household. The Holy Spirit’s indwelling of our soul includes supernatural gifts all referred to often in O.T. as well as N.T. These gifts are not so dominant that they wipe out a person’s free will to choose to do good, to embrace Faith or reject it. So a baptised person can walk away from true Faith by accepting a bit and rejecting another bit. We cant cherrypick what Jesus said. We do all of it.

          • EnemyoftheState

            Your point is well taken. I am not a paedo-Baptist but I am most certainly not going to make it a point of disfellowship with those who are – Paul even tells us not to argue about it. You make the point clearly that Baptism is obedience but not salvific per se of those who are below the age of comprehension. Therefore they can deny the Lord later but this is not the same as falling away from the faith, is it? Or is it?

          • veritasetgratia

            You say “You
            make the point clearly that Baptism is obedience but not salvific per se of
            those who are below the age of comprehension”. My point is everything that Jesus says is salvific, and everything He says to do is salvific. To personally decide to not comply with any one of His ‘commands’ is to judge the value of what Jesus has instructed us to do. Peter baptised Cornelius’ household because even if Gospel writer Mark has not recorded it for us, it is certain that Peter “knew” to baptise the whole household. Therefore the household from that time began their salvation. Began. When the babies and little kids who were baptised that day, reached the age of reason and began listening to folks all round them, who knows? It’s possible that some may have walked away from Faith, from belief as the Apostles had always taught it.

    • Doug Lais

      Right, but have you never had a gay or lesbian friend? Your love for them as a person needs to be genuine. There may be a time when they trust you enough to actually want to hear the truth. But, it may take a long time. Don’t loose them because you are impatient.

      • Jameson

        Lesbians I know are Catholics and active lesbians and believe that love is all approved by God and their Jesuit pastor approves.
        They love Sister Chittester and that crowd and all march with their catholic church for women’s rights.

        • Phil19034

          Well, if the Catholic Church can’t fix the heretical nuns (like Chittester) and Jesuits (who I strongly believe those groups are over run by homosexuals) then we are not going to win the culture war against same sex marriage.

          Every time the Nuns on the Bus, and some professor at Georgetown University speaks in favor of gay marriage, it sets us 2 steps back.

          We need to wheel the heretics in or prune them off first.

          • Barbara Wells

            True that! But more than 2 steps back.

          • Jameson

            This Pope ended the Nuns on the Bus investigation.

            He also removed Cardinal Burke and has now appointed a slew of progressive Cardinals.

        • EnemyoftheState

          Then they are deceived and marching to hell. Do we see adulterer’s pride marches? No. Saturday night special marches? No. Read the Bible – these false teachers are clearly marked out for us in Jude.

          • Jameson

            I know.

      • EnemyoftheState

        Only one. Nice guy – big struggles but he knew it was sin, he didn’t wear a rainbow coat and try and pretend it wasn’t.

  • EnemyoftheState

    And if you want intrinsically disordered try this:

    How about inherently wicked.

  • steve abril

    It appears that the second great Reformation is beginning, thanks to Bishops like Barron and some of the German Bishops who control Pope Francis’ ear. Hence, before 2020 the Sacrament of Confession will be trampled on. Morality will become nominal and God not Bible will be the final conclusion. The slippery slope is picking-up speed and a great schism is on the horizon. Let’s pray, that’s all that matters now.

  • J. Douglas

    Could it be true that the Catholic Church is so concerned about the dwindling numbers of frequent practicing Catholics that they are willing to sacrifice some of their principled teachings and take a liberal accepting view of human behavior such as gay marriage that was once condemned by them in order to maintain the number of followers they need to economically survive.

  • Gary Legault

    The problem with liberal Bishops is that liberal=corrupt. Liberals suffer from a condition called moral relativism, a grave sin.

  • Concord_Mike

    The apostle Paul did not run in to every city first thing and destroy the idols and curse the non believers. He announced the Gospel as Good News, inviting sinners into a relationship with Christ. Once converted, they could begin their journey toward the full Christian life, wherein chastity is the answer to all pelvic issues. Bishop Barron is proclaiming good news.

    • Barbara Wells


  • josvinco

    Catholic Church does not need liberal Bishops like Barron.

  • Irma

    for evangelization to occur there must be dialogue … “listen” to each other, maybe just maybe by not being “anti” and dialoguing some massive evangelizing can occur! go Bishop Barron go!!!

  • JMJ

    “There is no doubt that all men are children of God.” Doesn’t that contradict Holy Scripture? “He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many as received him, he gave them power to be made the sons of God, to them that believe in his name. Who are born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.” John 1:11-12

    All men are God’s CREATURES.

    “would probably cause much more problems and dissension and difficulty if we keep pressing it.” He doubles down: “I wouldn’t want to get on a crusader’s tank and try to reverse that.”

    Many were saying Barren was pro-life in this interview, but has anyone seen ANY bishop (let alone Barren, not to mention the pope) getting on a crusader’s tank and trying to reverse abortion? The pope called for a moratorium on executions during his “Year of Mercy,” but I guess he was too busy trying to impress baby murderers and sodomites to call for a moratorium on abortion. Or maybe he is too sissy like Barren (dolly and wuerl) and to avoid problems and dissensions has stopped “pressing it”–while THREE THOUSAND PLUS babies are murdered a day in the U.S. and ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND a day worldwide. One can’t help but guess most of the problems these sissy sodomites would face is being outed by the opposition (supposedly) –not that their flock would necessarily be shocked or call for their dismissal–look at how McCarrick sports around despite the scandal surrounding him. What is the worst that could happen–retirement like Keith O’Brien or Rembert Weakland in a church paid for mansion? The rot in the church is sickening–and ALL are complicit .

    Back in 2009 Weakland had hoped to move to St. Mary’s Abbey in Morristown, N.J. At the same time his autobiography, “A Pilgrim in a Pilgrim’s Church: Memoirs of a Catholic Archbishop,” was published in which he discussed his homosexuality and the sex abuse crisis in the diocese he had once run. It included such remarkable revelations as Weakland’s contention that he had been unaware sex with a minor was a crime. The publicity surrounding Weakland’s revelations brought concerns his presence might harm the abbey and the preparatory school it runs, so he withdrew his acceptance of the offer to live with the monks.

    So, it’s back to the apartment at Wilson Commons, on the site of the former De Paul Rehabilitation Hospital, where Weakland has lived since 2006. His building, the Chopin, has 151 units, ranging from the 1,200 square foot 2-bedroom 2-bath Beethoven to the 630 square foot 1-bedroom 1-bath Crescendo. Other units in the musically themed development include the 17 unit Chopin Ranch and the 71 unit Polonaise. The Polonaise is valued at $6,425,000 and is taxed at $197,938.71. The Chopin Ranch is valued at $1,820,000 and the Chopin at $10,692,000, taxes $327,651. The development is all owned by the “Tarantino Family of Companies” under the Capri Communities umbrella. It is one of 12 complexes the firm owns and manages in southeast Wisconsin. Its 1113 units (as of 2013) ranked it 80th largest among such firms in the United States.

  • Little t
  • realist

    A case where Bishop Barron would have best just kept his mouth shut or said something like love the sinner hate the sin.

  • Max

    the devil is a life and well ???? even the elite will be lead a stray. Only prayer will save us a ROSARY DAILY the same with abortion that is the most Haynes sin.

  • X101st

    The Church, by supporting people who claim to be Catholic but act otherwise is having a negative and discouraging effect on spirituality. For example, Catholic institutions, such as Notre Dame and Georgetown Universities, and individuals, such as Cardinal Dolan and other Catholic “leaders”, by not opposing politicians with evil tendencies, and instead partying at Al Smith type events with these corrupt politicians, represent the Church unfavorably and indicate to Catholics that abortion is acceptable, and that defense of marriage and certain other select laws could be ignored or traded for “social justice”. Catholics have been indirectly told by these “holy men” they trust that it is OK to vote for a Marxist/Socialist/Abortionist.
    If The Church is serious about ways of acting which are exemplary, it would publicly denounce these anti-Christian policies after a few attempts to reform the perpetrators. By not denouncing this behavior or excommunicating the people who promote anti-Christian positions in the name of tolerance or social justice, the Church gives the impression that its principals are weak and are more of a public persona than a foundation of faith.

    “Catholics” such as Pelosi, Biden, Kerry, California’s Governor Brown, and any Catholic on the Supreme Court who ignores God’s laws in his official decisions should be shown to be in violation of Church teachings and not a true Catholic. By not speaking out firmly, the Church shows the rest of us that it does not really represent God’s laws, and we can do as we please without adverse consequences.

  • William Domenico

    If he-ing and a he-ing and a she-Ing and a she-Ing does not exist in the animal world, how on earth can it exist in the human world which has been endowed with an intellect? There are many in need of Enlightenment!

  • Robert Half
  • haggis95

    There’s 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. Bishop Barron is saying that in the midst of a highly secular and increasingly anti-Catholic society you have to pick your battles, and spend your energy wisely. He said that the Church’s energy is better spent evangelizing than focusing on certain issues.

    That’s it. that was his message. Period.

    • veritasetgratia

      The only problem with that is God punishes us when we choose to remain in habitual sin. He lowers the intellect. If we continue, in the end He blinds the mind to see spiritual truth. That’s scary.

      • CJHansen

        Indeed as in Paul to the Romans, he speaks of God abandoning the idolaters to they lustful inclinations and even the women abandoned their natural inclinations for the unnatural, and the men lusted after one another. Here he is strongly suggesting the homosexuality is as much the punishment for idolatry as it is the sin. Degenerate societies’ sin of idolatry. Our society spends millions on sports heroes and movie stars. Is that not what we are worshiping along with money, pleasure and fame. We even kill our unborn children so we can have unfettered access to money and pleasure. As promised by Paul we now see the consequences. The first of the punishments.

        Next he may even give the world over to the Muslims for the tribulation. He can turn those Muslims into his followers later after we have paid the price. Like the Baptist said, “Take no comfort in being sons of Abraham. I tell you, God can raise sons of Abraham from these very stones. Did he gesture at the stones on the ground when he said that or perhaps at the Roman soldiers on the hill. Faith is a blessing by the grace of God and that lamp can be taken away and given to another.

  • Charles Martel

    By referring to human relations as “the pelvic issues” Bishop Barron makes the same mistake that apologists for homosexual “marriage” make — he reduces our humanity to our sexuality. He of all people should recognize that it is the obsession with the “pelvic issues” that lies at the heart of our problems as a society. If people spent less time trying to define themselves by our sexuality, they would have more time to contemplate what is really important — our relationship with God and fulfilling that relationship through our thoughts, words and deeds. It is not the Church that is obsessed with these issues. It is society — skip through the dial during any random hour of television and tell me that we don’t live in a sin-soaked world where deviancy is continuously defined down.

    I understand Bishop Barron’s attempt to connect with an influential member of the media (my own ignorance of him notwithstanding) in order to reach his audience, but we don’t win by diminishing our own side. We can say strongly that we love and welcome homosexuals into our Church as our brothers and sisters. We cannot say we will give up our beliefs in the wrongness of those actions, however. Love the sinner but hate the sin.

  • Philip Tummarello

    I cannot imagine what he is thinking. There is no homsexual marriage it is the product of the arrogance of men. Pray for him.

  • John Chan

    Faithful catholics follow Cardinal Ratzinger’s instruction and do their duty in opposing same sex “marriage” whenever the topic comes up. More often than not, we get accused of ‘forcing’ our belief on others, even if we were merely joining in a discussion topic started by another. You can’t avoid explaining that it isn’t catholics doing the forcing, but the lgbt lobby that is forcing an affirmation out of everyone. The capitulation of Bishop Barron is a betrayal to faithful catholics who perform their duty. We should be supported by our shepherds, not be sabotaged by them.

  • CJHansen

    People who are sexually attracted to people of the same sex are not sinners because they have that attraction. Sin is is an action it is never a person. An action that is condemned by God according the Bible hurts the sinner, the sinner’s associates in the church, or society as a whole, and the distancing from God that sin causes weakens the progress of societies spiritual growth. A spiritually weak society will fall as they always have historically.
    We may not chose what sins we may indulge in and what sins we may not. All sin hurts and the sin of indulging in homosexual practice is a sin the same as any other – no better and no worse. However homosexual sin is a sin which brings others down to sin along with it in a way that is not as obvious as with other sins. If we come to think we are better then that sinner because we don’t have that same temptation or worse we try to degrade or dehumanize that sinner we are also committing sin – the sin of hate. Equally, however, if we rationalize that sin, we sin by removing that sinner from Gods mercy – His forgiveness and we may be condemning that sinner to hell. With God’s love we can have the grace to help any sinner find God’s forgiveness and help avoid sin. The power is in God’s grace. How can one ask God’s forgiveness if he has rationalized his sin and forgiven himself without God’s intervention? The Holy Spirit tells us what is wrong but we harden ourselves to his saving grace? Is this not what is meant when Jesus Christ said all sins can be forgiven except sins against the Holy Spirit? The reason sins against the Holy Spirit can not be forgiven is because once we reject the Holy Spirit we lose the grace to ask for forgiveness?
    Perhaps in the phenomena of homosexuality we can see a powerful tool of Satan – Yes, but is it not also a powerful teaching tool for directing our path concerning any sin, God, love for each other, and forgiveness?

    • veritasetgratia

      We may not chose what sins we may indulge in and what sins we may not.
      There are no sins we may indulge in.

      • CJHansen

        You only clarify one of my points. Thank you.

        • Jameson

          No one can clarify your opinion.

          • CJHansen

            May God Heal your troubled heart. Hate sin not people. Love the Lord and hear the Holy Spirit. There are many mortal sins. You can’t get a little bit pregnant. When we don’t acknowledge our sin no matter how minor we take ourselves out of God’s saving grace.
            The point is there is a lot of pressure to rationalize the sin of homosexual practice. It is that rationalization that destroys the chance of the sinner to repent and those who accept and even promote that thinking as our current media does are doing great harm. From the other side we have the self righteous haters pushing the sinners into the welcoming arms of Satan. There they feel comfortable with the sweet lies of our Progressives. They reject God partly because of our self appointed right-hand-men of Jesus Christ.
            If we feel that a sinner has no place in our community, let us please, just step out of the way and let Jesus hug the one struggling with homosexual demons the same as he hugged the lepers. He will also be healed. Remember it was the humble tax collector who was healed in the temple not the Pharisee who believed himself to be without sin.
            May God Bless your thinking as you read it over.

          • Jameson

            Looks like your confusing the leper with the Pharisee who believed himself to be without sin.

    • veritasetgratia

      You have heaps of deep reflection in what you say. The men I have met who have come out of the homosexual lifestyle have only been able to through undergoing a deep spiritual/ psychological examination and renewal. Any grave sin we are caught up in, is so depressing that we experience being enslaved and that is frightening. Likewise, when we are looking for radical help/rescue and we are open to all the ways Jesus chooses to rescue us, what we find out about ourselves in that process is so enlightening and as life-changing as was Saul falling off his horse. We can end up as evangelisers, the best, because we simply understand it all at a deeper level. Sins involving sexual habits are not like habitual theft or lying. These are debitating, life changing filling the sinner with despair and desperation. So not all sins are equal. But likewise, God uses everything. Nothing gets wasted. A reformed homosexual is a much more powerful evangelist than a converted petty theft!

    • Jameson

      “All sin hurts and the sin of indulging in homosexual practice is a sin the same as any other – no better and no worse.”

      No, there are degrees of sin. Indulging in Homosexuality is a mortal sin.

      The rest of your “opinion” is not really Catholic as much as it is modern day Cafeteria Catholic made up nonsense.

      I don’t even know what this means:

      “If we come to think we are better then that sinner because we don’t have that same temptation or worse we try to degrade or dehumanize that sinner we are also committing sin – the sin of hate.”

      Sounds more like secular humanism’s explanation of Christianity as opposed to actual Christianity.

  • 1ndependentOne

    Bishop Barron’s decision makes me so sad. I was such a big fan, but all of these changes make me wonder if his “celebrity” has gone to his head? I pray that JPII , his hero and encourager, will invoke the Holy Spirit — for either Bp. Barron or me to see the light. One of us is very wrong.

  • For all of those so quick to condemn Fr. Barron I would simply ask this. Have you followed him? Read his books? Viewed his many YouTube Videos? You have to take the breath of a mans work in context before you can understand where he is coming from. You can not come into the a ball game in the 5th inning see the score and understand the entirety of the game.

    As someone who does apologetics I can tell you that beating someone over the head with the Bible and using the “We love the sinner but hate the sin” mentality does not work…

    Fr, Barron is talking about a strategy here and while there are different approaches to reaching people no one particular strategy works all the time. He is largely correct. Get off the pelvic issues for now show them love, mercy, and compassion those issues will fall in place by themselves

    The man he is talking to is gay and married as the author pointed out, you are not going to get him back with a KO you have to backdoor him in.

    Fr. Barron is not going after the low hanging fruit and he is responsible for many conversions keep praying for him

  • Robert Half
  • Something should be said about starving an issue. This is what Christianity is all about. Dealing with a moral problem indirectly is more effective than trying to control it without God. If more people rely on God for their inner peace and strength, they will rely less on drugs, alcohol, and sex, among other things.

  • Carlos Fernando Padilla Rodríg

    As a Catholic, I believe we must have at least the minimum of mercy which is the beneffit of doubt.
    Then, I want to think that bishop Barron, just like all priests, should be covered by our prayers.
    Please refer to Zachary 13:2-9
    I still believe bishop Barron is wrong and need of our prayers.

  • Ann M Owens

    Bishop Baron’s comments of acceptance of same sex marriage is a prime example of a church adjusting teachings to fit the mores of the societal culture and not the will of God for us, i.e., the Ten Commandments and Church Doctrine. Only God has the final say over one’s disposition after this life. How arrogant and prideful for any one of us to assume that God will look the other way if we live our everyday life seeking that which makes us feel good, or garners the support and approval of those around us. If we are called, as Disciples of Jesus Christ, to, with compassion love one another, are we not to bring light on the sin and lovingly guide the sinner to reconciliation with the Father. If I. as a Catholic Lay Woman, strive to be like Christ in that way why not every member of the Clergy?

    • Jameson

      If only.

  • Phil19034

    I think Bishop Barron’s point is that overturning same sex “marriage” is going to be very difficult in today’s current climate.

    The fight against Roe v Wade has been a long one, and we are getting closer to winning this battle because science is on our side, and because people from other religions and even atheists are starting to become pro-life. You don’t have to be religious to be pro-life.

    However, the same-sex marriage argument is more of a religious one. Yes, natural law is on our side, but it’s not as easy of an argument as abortion is.

    In order to win the same-sex marriage argument, we need to first start by fixing hetrosexual marriages and most importantly Catholic marriage by re-evangelizing Catholics and other Christians.

    As long as the majority of the “mainline” Protestants are ok with gay marriage, it makes the argument that gay marriage isn’t anti-Christian, just anti-Catholic.

    So we need to re-evangelize and teach all Christians what Christian Marriage is supposed to look like.

    Because if the divorce rate continues to be as high as it is, and co-habitation percentages continue to increase, we don’t have a shot against same sex “marriage.”

    And this is what I got out of Bishop Barron’s comments, esp after he clarified later.

    God Bless

    • Jameson

      Oh brother. Science was always on our side with Roe v. Wade. Do you think scientists actually had no clue when life began in 1973?
      C’mon. Wake up!

      We are in a religious war: Secular Humanism (Atheism and Communism) v. Judeo Christianity.


      All our laws in the U.S. are based on the laws of Almighty God. The Church has dropped the ball since Vatican II–when it appears, in practice if not in fact, that Catholicism’s teachings were watered down by politically left leaning clerics and they were especially by nuns and priests caught up in the ridiculous feminist propaganda.

  • jle

    Re: Bishop Barron’s comment: “The first thing a gay person, like any person, should hear is ‘You’re a beloved child of God” – I agree with him. Romans 5: 6-8 makes it clear God loves each one of us regardless of our sinful state, else wise NONE of us would be loved by God! There is nothing wrong with wanting all people to know they are beloved by God! This doesn’t mean He loves our sin – but He loves US. “6 While we were still weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly. 7 Why, one will hardly die for a righteous man–though perhaps for a good man one will dare even to die. 8 But God shows his love for us in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us.”

    • Jameson

      Those letters were directed to the faithful.

      Explain God’s love in the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

      Explain God’s love in the context of Moses throwing down the tablets on those sinning while he was up on Sinai and then God’s opening the earth and swallowing them up–this, after they had witnessed the plagues, the Passover of the Angel of Death, the Red Sea parting, the tower of fire and the manna.

      Explain God’s love in the Passover story.

      Explain God’s love for Lucifer’s disobedience.

      Explain Christ turning over the tables in the Temple.

      God’s love is there for all who seek it but for those who reject it and willfully disobey, justice is swift, my dear.

      • jle

        Jameson please reread Romans 5:8. God bless you.

        • Jameson

          God’s love is there for all who seek it but for those who reject it and willfully disobey, justice is swift, my dear.

          • jle

            Is this why Jesus counsels us to forgive seventy times seven, because God is so swift to bring justice (in your opinion)? Is this why, in Jesus’ story of the Prodigal son, the Father runs up to his errant son and forgives him immediately, even throwing a party for him to welcome him Home?

          • Robert Halny

            jle – 70×7 means always. I dont have a problem with that. I do have a problem with unrepented souls being rewarded with Body And Blood Soul and Divinity of Our Lord Who Gave His Life For US and for M A N Y – not for ALL like today’s Vatican seems to propose.

          • jle

            Yes, I could not support that either (someone in a state of mortal sin receiving the Precious Body and Blood of our Lord) and I’m sure Bishop Barron wouldn’t support that, but that is not the issue being contested. What Jameson appears to be contesting is the fact that God pours His Merciful Love upon all sinners.

          • Robert Halny

            jle – B.Baron made clear what he thinks and what he woud do. And he lives in California and in LA. You don’t think Francis put him there to combat the devil??? and wide spread sodomy??? Children have pelvics too and they are the first victims of the intrinsically disordered mind. We are all sinners, but only few of us care to take it seriously.

  • Paul Revere

    Christianity in general and the a Holy Catholic Church in particular seem to be the last bastion of morality & truth in our increasingly decadent society. Bishop Barron may have thought himself well intended, but in so doing did he raise the white flag of moral surrender? Perhaps. Regardless, we should pray for him and others like him in influential & leadership positions of the church & its liberal educational institutions that have also shown signs of moral decay.

  • Rose

    We as a church must remain firm and not water down the truth to suit any one. There will be no truth and no need for Christ teaching. What do we believe? Are we afraid ? Come on people face it.

  • Eileen Burke Miller

    Bishop Barron is wrong. Lust and sins of the flesh are one of the main sins to avoid and one that is very common in sacred scripture. Therefore, it is a sin that must be talked about and avoided. The Church has been too silent on these issues. He is using a liberal trick by labeling it “pelvic issues.” Like labeling pro-abortion to be pro-choice. No wonder there are so many aborted babies: people are letting the “pelvic issues” get the best of them because the Church is silent on it. Indeed they may be “pelvic issues” which must be controlled with discipline and learning. The children at Fatima were shown a vision of hell. Hopefully the clergy who won’t fight the evils of homosexuality won’t end up there. Man created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve. From the beginning of time, man and woman were the only ones destined for the beauty of the family unit! Shame on Barron!

  • Jean Alva

    Friends, I get the impression that some of us sympathize with the hard-working brother in the parable of the prodigal son! The fathers love for his wayward son surpasses our human sense of justice. Lets us thus be grateful that this overwhelming love of God was presented to a new public by Bishop Barron. Given the circumstances he did his utmost to handle these issues with charity without already in the first encounter stipulating every last letter in the commandments. Trust that Gods’ unconditional love can open hearts & minds.

    • Jameson

      The PRODIGAL SON returned home to beg his Father’s forgiveness for his sins that he himself finally REALIZED. The FATHER was not traipsing around the world neglecting the good son or his land, home and servants in search of the arrogant one pretending that he was more important than doing right by those who were in the palm of God’s hand.
      Big difference, Lady.
      I’m sure he prayed for him. His prayers were answered.

  • Eileen Burke Miller
  • florida1

    God stated over FIFTY TIMES, BOTH BOOKS that Same Sex affairs are; Wrong, Evil, Mortal Sin, Offense against Nature that God created, Offense against GOD himself. He -God caused the land to VOMIT (His words not mine) the same sexers out of the land He would give to Israel. He told us repeatedly not to do this grave evil for ALL who do and ALL who even OK it —NO place will be found for them in Heaven. Period. BTW….DON’T GET COMFORTABLE..God ALSO said NINETY TWO TIMES, BOTH BOOKS THAT THERE IS TO BE NO SEX. Repeat. No SEX outside, B4 marriage —MEN…(AND nowdays women too). STOP. Acting and saying You are a Christian and or a Catholic if YOU think it is ‘OK’ to have some kind of sex b4 or outside of marriage. YOU will burn just as much and fast as the homosexuals will. THE RCC HAD BETTER START PREACHING AGAINST SIN!!!

  • Pam

    Bishop Barren’s comments appear to say he doesn’t understand the nature of sin. We know that sin affects the whole man and the whole body of Christ. There is no sin one keeps to himself. We know sin is either overcome or confessed or it grows. We know his thinking will lead to the destruction of innocence and truth. We also know the Church has many homosexual men who hide their sin. We know that his comments oppose what is good for society and children. First the Church must face its own sinfulness and remove active homosexuals or those who do not see the sin as the enemy of the soul that it is, until they are converted. It has no credibility on this issue and is actively promoting the acceptance of grave sin in its midst. IF a homosexual does not believe the act IS intrinsically disordered, they are denying a clear and obvious reality. Love does not leave one in delusion or grave sin. Christ is hurt by our sin and He is light with no darkness. He sees the misguided compassion that holds His children in sin. He let the sinner be, but He clearly said they were apart from Him and they needed to change to be with Him. The Bishop is ignoring this basic first step.

  • Pam

    The Bishop’s concern it could cause a Crusade is no reason to deny Christ’s Truth. Take up the cross and stop pretending you can be Catholic without it.

    • Jameson

      What “caused” the Crusades, were the Muslims raping, pillaging, chopping off Christian heads and overrunning Europe and Israel. Sound familiar?

      • Pam

        And what causes heresy is fear of speaking the truth because someone won’t like it. The bishop cannot seem to recognize the devil as long as the devil says, “But hey, I have a lot of good qualities! I am smart and clever and am a great leader!” Sorry. It has never been enough that we have some good traits. His blindness to the uncompromising resistance of the interviewer to calling the sin a sin, is a blindness to God telling him, “he is not with me.” Plant the seed of truth so that maybe some day he will be.

  • Wolemai

    I wish some people would stop trying to defend Bishop Barron. He is a disgrace. He betrays the Church’s most basic teachings about the reality of Hell and the absolute evil of the homosexual life.

  • Barbara Wells

    I am really upset about this stance that Bishop Robert Barron has taken. Appalled is more like it. I used to really respect him for what I had heard him teach in the past but NO MORE. Surely, he should be censured about his statements but I wonder if this will come about due to Pope Francis’ liberal proclivities nowadays in the Vatican. These are hard times indeed to be in the world. We don’t need more wishy-washy statements from our Bishops to confound us further.

  • Anthony Cangemi

    The Cardinals, Bishops and even the Pope seem to be able to mount more disagreement and outrage about the morals and sexual lives of Catholic persons who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances such as the divorced/remarried than they do about those people who chose a life of sexual deviancy. They make all kind of pronouncements about the d/r while seemingly excusing the behavior of homosexuals. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “SAME SEX MARRIAGE”! There IS such a thing as a deviant relationship between two people of the same sex but that relationship is NOT marriage.
    The Leftists have coopted the language to make the practices they approve of (or excuse) acceptable or less jarring to a segment of the people. Using groupthink, they support one another in promulgating and pushing forward each others favorite corruption. The Church in the form of prelates such as Bishop Barron has become complicit in these heresies.

    • Eileen Burke Miller

      I think now is the time to ask the Catholic clergy and bishops if they are willing to perform same sex marriages.

  • Jack Haynes

    I think the article is taken out of context from what the Bishop actually said and actually meant. His comments come from this interview that is on the internet.
    The first part is on the existence of God and Bishop Barren really did a great job. The second is on abortion and gay marriage which begins at the 10 minute mark of the second interview.
    I have no problem with what he said. In fact if our group is out on the street evangelizing and we come across a gay person that says the Catholic Church hates him because he is gay, we say the same thing the bishop said. We can’t start out by saying, “yes you are disordered and homosexuality comes from Satan” . If we did that we would lose him forever. There is no chance he would ever listen to our point of view. That’s what the bishop is saying. There is a better was to win the gay person over. Trying to legislate a new law banning gay marriage isn’t going to work just like trying to ban abortion hasn’t worked for over 40 years. The best think to do, like we see with abortion, is convince them that the Church is right, it’s not something that is good and is going to bring a person happiness. That’s what will bring change. winning over their hearts and minds.
    In the interview, the bishop clearly states that homosexuality is contrary to the bible, he says that sex is for procreation, he said that procreation is the proper form of sexuality (which would exclude gays) he says that the Church says “no to that imperfection” which includes not only gay sex but adultery as well. He said the Church says “no” to what it sees as an inadequate expression of sex because the Church “keeps its bar high.” He says gay marriage was the wrong ruling by the court. He said gay marriage has a negative impact on society. He said he would never tell a gay person it’s “ok” but he doesn’t see fighting in court the way to go either. He said it would be better to “oppose it through witness and education”. He clearly said he “opposed” it. Of course through witness I think he means through those who have left the gay life style because it was killing them, those gays who find celibacy as a better alternative and by educating people about how destructive it is physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    • TobiasRaphael1

      Have you ever tried telling someone “yes, you are disordered and homosexuality is from Satan”?
      I think too often human ‘prudence’ is a cover for cowardliness when needing to tell people the hard truths of the Faith. (Traditionally, this type of cowardliness is called the sin of human respect).
      Like in anything in life, when someone tells you the truth, straight up, you respect them for doing so, because truth is something owed to everyone out of justice.
      Compassion, or more importantly, charity, and bluntly telling someone the truth is not mutually exclusive. If you need proof of this, pick any book in Holy Scriture and start reading.

      • Gene Tobola

        Yes, I have taken that approach and it doesn’t work. I actually go out on the street and evangelize with a group of Catholics and we encounter people from all walks of life. If the first words out of your mouth to a person with same sex attraction is, “you are disordered and homosexuality is from Satan’, that person is either going to walk away or simply block out everything you say.
        A better approach is to do what Jesus did with the woman at the well. Samaritans were despised by the Jews yet Jesus spoke to her out of love. He drank water from her jar which under Jewish customs made Him unclean. He never condemned her for living in adultery. His method was to develop a relationship and through kindness Jesus was able to not only speak to her but spoke with others in her village for two days. Can anyone doubt that after encountering Jesus she repented of her lifestyle? Had he, as you said, not been a coward and told her the “hard truths of the faith” the woman would have never responded to Him.
        Bishop Barrens point in his interview was to show that there are other ways to convince people that their life style is contrary to the will of God and standing on a soapbox telling people they are going to hell doesn’t always accomplish that goal. In most cases its going to do just the opposite. Instead of softening their heart to the hear the truth, it hardens their heart and you end up losing a soul.

        • TobiasRaphael1

          Hello Gene,

          I have done street evangelization too. I found things to be just the opposite of what you say. I had been tempted to try the soft sell approach too. It didn’t work. People got annoyed with me and cut me off before I could get to my point. I became frustrated and resolved to just speak the truths of the Faith bluntly. At least that way I could finish my point so that they had the clear picture of what I was trying to get across to them. What I discovered was that it produced a fruitful conversation. People did not get annoyed but appreciated the candor and reciprocated in kind. I even had ‘homosexuals’ thank me when I spoke to them bluntly and would not give room to their false, defensive arguments.

          As far as Our Lord’s dealing with the women at the well, re-read the account of it. Jesus was very blunt with her. He went right to her sin, in their first meeting, and got her to acknowledge it by asking her to call her husband, to come here (to the well). She replied she had no husband. Jesus said she has said well, that she has no husband. He then said to her she has had five husbands and the one she is with now is not her husband.
          Our Lord also corrected her on her religion saying ‘You adore that which you know not, we adore that which we know; for salvation is of the Jews’.

          She did repent and was martyred for the Faith in Carthage in Africa and was thrown into a well. Martyred with her were her two sons St. Victor and St. Joseph. Her name is St. Photina. Her feast day is March 20th.
          Saints Photina, Victor and Joseph- pray for us!

    • JMJ

      Why is Barren even talking to this degenerate (imagine a bishop doing this even in 2000) except to make his audience (YOU!) accept Sodomy? Maybe you need to be re-educated yourself that sodomy is a SIN that cries out to heaven for vengeance (and automatically condemns the nice interviewer to hell if for instance an atom bomb were to explode during the interview). Barren is evil. He’s never been on a soapbox crusading against abortion. In fact, if anything, he is one of those men who have been ordained and risen high in the Bernardin corporation that promotes young men based on their willingness to have sex w/men between 50 and 100 to feather their own nest. BARREN is an ADVOCATE and CRUSADER for SODOMY–and he’s sure gotten you to go along w/him.

      “In his profile, the young cleric expressed a preference for men aged between 50 and 90.”

      “I first met Fr. Andrew Greeley on a cold January day in Chicago in 1988. We were brought together by our mutual friend, Msgr. Bill Quinn, who had been a mentor to Greeley many years before and who had begun to play the same role in my life. Andy walked into the restaurant wearing a beautiful parka with a great hood and carrying loads of his books, which he offered to Bill and me as gifts. I was twenty-eight at the time, and I will confess to being a little star-struck. For the next couple of hours we talked and talked about all sorts of things: the church, of course, but also literature, poetry, sociology, theology, Chicago sports, and politics. As Fr. Greeley talked, his eyes darted back and forth and a little grin always threatened to spread across his face.

      “Being with him was intoxicating. About a week after this initial meeting, Greeley’s secretary called and invited me to join Andy and Fr. David Tracy, one of the leading Catholic theologians in the world then and now, for lunch at the Quadrangle Club at the University of Chicago. Needless to say, I dropped whatever else I had on my schedule. That summer, and every summer afterward for many years, Andy had and Bill Quinn and me to his home in Grand Beach, Michigan for a wonderful two days of swimming, barbequeing, and endless conversation.

      Quinn b1915 – in 1988 =73
      Greeley b1928 – in 1988 60
      Barron b 1959 – in 1988 28

      “Throughout his life, Father Quinn took young priests under his counsel. One was Rev. Andrew Greeley, who first received a phone call from Father Quinn in the mid-1950s inviting him to lunch.”

      Of course, Robber Barren got to be rector of Mundelein seminary and now bishop. Bully for the sodomites.See p 67-68

      People like you who think you’re winning a war when 60 million babies are dead and 3,000 more are being murdered a day will probably think you’re in heaven when you’re burning in hell. I hope so because how terrible if you don’t wake up until it’s too late.

      • Gene Tobola

        I’m glad you weren’t around during the time of Christ. You would have condemned Jesus, the Creator of the universe, for associating with sinners. You would have demanded that Jesus stone the woman caught in adultery!

        • JMJ

          If Jesus were here, Gene, he would tell you and your sodomite ‘bishops’ that those who love Me and My Father are those who hear the word of God and do it. Jesus Christ dwells with those who keep His commandments. We had a Christian nation, with Christian laws, but people like you have voted with the VC2 sodomites to de-Christianize our nation. Pelosi, Biden, Kennedy (the supreme court justice), even Scalia (who said nothing wrong w/legalizing abortion and pranced around w/Ginsburg (Jews) who believe abortion should be legal til the child goes home from the hospital), Ryan, Boehner, Jerry Brown, Andy Cuomo, Marty O’Malley — all are Catholics and Catholic-educated.

          Take St. Louis that has just declared itself a sanctuary city for ABORTION! The filthy rotten catholic educated Francis SlayER is for the measure and sodomite perversion!

          “Catholic Mayor Francis Slay (who, as far is publicly known, is not excommunicated) showed great disregard for the law and his oath to uphold it, er, I mean great disdain for the law of God and the teachings of the Church to which he belongs, er, I mean great heroism (yes, that’s it!)for making a very popular move which will garner him near universal acclaim.

          “How? He has courageously stood up to the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, not to mention the Constitution of the State of Missouri, and supported the issuance by his administration of “marriage” licenses to eight persons wishing to pretend to be married by engaging in a formalized type of long-term, consensual sodomy. Not content with that, he enthusiastically hosted some pretend weddings in his office.”

          Francis Slay: Education: St. Mary’s High School, Saint Louis University School of Law, Quincy University
          “The aldermen said they plan to introduce the legislation when the board returns from its winter break. They also said St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay appears to support the measures.”

          What do you think Jesus says to murderers? To those who engage in sodomy and to those, like you, who let it be taught to little children instead of preaching to the NATIONS the laws of God? Will Jesus say thank you good and faithful servant to Bishop Barron who sat on his jolly ass jawing with sodomite perverts while 3000 babies were murdered a day? Who’s going to avenge those babies, Gene? Who’s going to avenge the children and youth raped of their lives by the sodomite perverts? Who’s going to avenge the photographers & bakers & faithful priests who go to jail while jolly barron jaw bones that hell is empty? When it comes time to divide the sheep from the goats, Gene, what do you think God is going to say to you? Were you on the side of the goats or the sheep?

  • Charles Gaiennie

    No doubt the pope will be silent if not nod approvingly towards the stance of this bishop so completely in error that he should not be an altar boy much less a bishop. The sin of homosexuality proclaims loudly “I am god” “I will decide” Wasn’t that the sin of Adam? Isn’t that exactly what God says not to do in the first commandment?

    • Jameson

      I didn’t want to believe it, but Pope Francis is a PC (Progressive Communist.) He even supports the globalist climate change agenda and is having Paul Ehrlich speak at the Vatican.

      “The Vatican has invited the most notorious population alarmist in recent history to speak at an upcoming Vatican-run conference titled ‘Biological Extinction.”
      The conference, sponsored jointly by the Pontifical Academy of Science and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, will address issues of biodiversity, “great extinctions” of history, population and demographics.

      “Dr. Paul R. Ehrlich—who has defended mass sterilization, sex-selective abortion and infanticide—will speak on “Causes and Pathways of Biodiversity Losses: Consumption Preferences, Population Numbers, Technology, Ecosystem Productivity.”


  • Loretta Biggers Davi

    the Catholic Church is in trouble, morally, theologically, they the leaders do not and have not preached the Word for over 50 years and have led their flock down the path, not up the path to our Salvation. I am so glad that I have found the Way, the Light, and the Truth. the leaders from the Vatican on down have invited satan in, they will answer to God someday. Unfortunately they will take a lot of souls with them,

  • Adam

    Hmm. This article is very misleading about the Bishop’s views. It’s one thing to disagree with his stance but another to blanketely condemn him using quotes taken out of context.

    In no way shape or form was Bishop Barron condoning gay marriage. He cited St. Thomas Aquinas’ own views on certain sins as his approach to the current situation with gay marriage. For example, St Thomas thought that prostitution was a grave sin but that it should not be illegal. Then the Bishop gave the example of masturbation. It’s another grave sin, but it shouldn’t be illegal. Given those two perspectives he still didn’t say definitively that gay marriage should always remain legal. He’s said that a more effective means of converting people away from gay marriage at this juncture may be with the heart. To use the strong arm of the law to repeal it may cause even more division among people and the church. The whole reason it became law was because it is widely accepted by our culture.

    We have to change the heart to change the culture. I don’t like the law any more than any other faithful Catholic, but that doesn’t mean that we subjugate the hard work of evangelizing to the executive and judicial branches of government. That responsibility has always been with the people of the church to lead the culture towards the church. Not to use government to lead people to the church.

    Another thing this article is misleading about is the Bishop’s view of how the church should treat those who are gay. Again, the Bishop was not saying that the church is wrong in her doctrine on marriage and needs to alter it. He is advocating for treating people with love and dignity. Are we not all sinners? Do we not all fall short of perfection? Of course. So should the church judge us by our sins? Or should we recognize people as equally sinful and in need of redemption and mercy.

    The first step to becoming Catholic is recognizing your loved by God. If people don’t see that, a law enforced upon them by government certainly isn’t going to lead them there. The early church found itself in a similar situation to where we are headed. The Roman empire did not have favorable laws towards christianity at the time the 12 Apostles were spreading the teachings of Jesus. Was their focus on changing Roman law or was it changing the hearts of man? We have to start introducing people to Christ before we do anything else. We have to trust that God is the one doing the work after we bring someone to him through his son.

    • Jameson

      “Another thing this article is misleading about is the Bishop’s view of how the church should treat those who are gay.”

      I think we’ve already crossed that bridge. Homosexuals were allowed to enter the priesthood as an act of mercy only to betray their office and molest teenage boys.

      Besides, whatever gays or greater society does is not the point anyone here is making. The point is that our shepherds have lost focus and have stopped feeding the sheep –the foundation of the Church–and devised a strategy to water down the Gospel to make it more appealing for those who reject it at the expense of sowing chaos in their own house.

      • Adam

        I agree that there is a general lack of intent when it comes to preaching the gospel in a lot of our churches. The misunderstanding of Vatican II and the complete loss of our Catholic academia to secularism has led a whole flock of Catholics off base with our faith.

        However, I completely disagree that Bishop Barron is guilty of not feeding the sheep. He is one of the best evangelists we have. Especially given the large breadth of work he’s created (books, articles, podcasts, videos) that dig deep into the richness of the tradition of the church and her saints. To imply that Bishop Barron is a mediocre evangelist who waters down the faith to suit an agenda reveals your lack of exposure to his work. This is why this article is so grossly wrong in its condemnation of the Bishop. It’s not even accurately portraying the interview or considering what the Bishop has said in his follow up commentaries on this issue.

        • Jameson

          Oh, but I have watched a great deal of Bishop Barron’s videos and productions, including Catholicism as well as lectures on youtube. I was cheering when he was elevated to Bishop.
          However, since the reason I sought out such videos and lectures to fill in the blanks of my post Vatican II poor 12 years of Catholic school formation in the faith in the 1960s and 1970s, I wanted concrete answers to fully understand my Catholic faith and our positions based on thousands of years of doctors of the church, tradition, councils, and scripture.
          Whenever I had a question, I’ d google Fulton Sheen and watch his lectures that were filled with certainty– it was on youtube while watching Sheen that I fist found Barron, whom I thought was a modern day Sheen.
          I noticed after a while though, that there was a certain underlying capitulation or a we don’ t know type of message that made me freeze. I had the same reaction in a parish bible study class that started talking about Q theory and that we didn’ t know if the Blessed Mother was a virgin or if this or that in the gospels and acts really happened. My reaction was: WHAT?
          It turned out that the progressive liberal retired professors were teaching the class using Raymond E. Brown’s biblical historical scholarship which they informed me was to be unquestionable. My response was that if Fr. Brown hets to question 2,000 years of Catholic teaching, the gospels, Our Lady’s words at Lourdes and Fatima and all the saints and doctors of the Church, then we have every right to question Brown.
          I was even told that my certainty about my faith was like the sin of pride and that our faith should be deeper because did it really matter if different things stated in the gospels weren’t really true–that if I really had faith that wouldn’t matter.
          What they do neieve, even though they say scripture is not “reliably” true, is that Christ doubted God, in the garden, on the cross, and that is what we are to embrace– doubt.
          So, I said: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Paul, Moses, Aquinas, Augustine, Sheen, Sheed, all the saints, Corpus Christi, the Shroud of Turin, the real presence, Pentecost, the Rosary, are all basically mythological tales collected that are not verifiable or factual and we are supposed to jave faith regardless of the fact that you’ re saying everything anyone has ever said before Raymond E. Brown is merely a fiction and he is really the only one with the Truth– that Truth being that we are to assume Brown began with a complete and utter knowledge of all OT and NT parallels, all Jewish history and tradition, a thorough understanding of all the writings of all the Church fathers and from thete he asked questions with
          ” courage” and found that everything written before his scholarship was doubtful, including that Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
          So, when I hear that one of our priests says we don’ t really know if there’ s a Hell or if manma came from heaven to Moses’ crew, or if the Red Sea actually parted or if Passover actually happened or of Adam and Eve were just a mythical metaphor, aside from the fact that Mary’s geneology goes back to Seth, son of Adam, I wonder about the depth of the study our preachers that doubt get in their preparation for the priesthood.
          As you well know, many of the faithful are watcjing the great divide happening before our eyes with Pope Francis throwing around his weight snd politically pushing traditional Catholic doctrinal priests under the bus and even interceding in the sovereignty of the Knights of Malta to advance an apparently relativistic interpretation of Catholicism and to promote an air of

          • Adam

            Again, I agree with just about everything you are saying, except the fact that Bishop Barron is part of these problems.

            There is nothing wrong with Catholics disagreeing on the uncertainties that exist in our faith – the things of which the church has never definitively ruled. Often Bishop Barron comments on these very things and the major players that have contributed to the theories. Take the topic of hell. The Bishop has said that he subscribe to the Hans Von Balthazar theory that one may reasonably hope that hell is empty but we cannot say for certain. He’s never said that hell didn’t exist or that its not real. Quite to the contrary, he’s said given God’s love and human freedom, you have to accept hell as a possibility.

            Now what happens is someone takes as piece of what the Bishop said and ties it to the Protestant theology of all men are saved and condemns the Bishop as going against Catholic teaching. Just like in this article, Mr Horvat jumps to a conclusion that Bishop Barron thinks that those who care about moral issues are harming evangelization. Well that’s not what he said. The Bishop said that people who obsess over controlling other people’s sexual lives are doing a disservice to evangelization. Obsession implies an overly amount of focus on one single issue.

          • Jameson

            “Take the topic of hell. The Bishop has said that he subscribe to the Hans Von Balthazar theory that one may reasonably hope that hell is empty but we cannot say for certain.”

            So, where is Lucifer and his minions?

            What do the Blessed Mother show the childeren an apparition of?

            “There is nothing wrong with Catholics disagreeing on the uncertainties that exist in our faith – the things of which the church has never definitively ruled.”

            The Church did not have to definitively “rule” on anything unless it was a heresy. Christ, in the Apostle’s Creed, DESCENDED into Hell–why would he do that if no one were there?

            What vision of Hell did our Lady reveal to the children? Hell was not empty.

            “The Bishop said that people who obsess over controlling other people’s sexual lives are doing a disservice to evangelization. Obsession implies an overly amount of focus on one single issue.”

            It is we whose lives are being imposed upon by a society obsessed with sex and which seeks to imprison us should we profess our faith
            which is diametrically opposed to their secular humanistic view of licentiousness. without judgement or consequence except for those that voice disagreement.

            The Truth does not change–they are obsessing about us.

            The fact is that we do know there is a Hell and that it is filled with people as in the story of the rich man and Lazarus.

            So, here’s the name of Sheen’s book–“God and Intelligence in Modern Philosophy.” It should be required reading as should Frank Sheed’s “Theology and Sanity.”

            It may be a good idea to do a full review of who Balthsar studied in philosophy that shaped his views–it’s the philosophy that is causing the originating infection which is now becoming part of the fabric.

            Dig deeper.

          • Adam

            “So, where is Lucifer and his minions?

            What did the Blessed Mother show the childeren an apparition of? Were they imagining things or our Lady was making stuff up?”

            Lucifer and the demons are in hell. Bishop Barron is not referring to demonic entities but human souls. Also, note the use of the word “hope.” He did not say hell “is” empty but one may “hope” that it is. In fact, Jesus himself, our Blessed Mother, and many saints have instructed us to offer sacrifice for not just those we love but those who are our enemies as well – those who are in most need of mercy. That is a hope that our prayers and sacrifice are saving many souls from damnation to hell.

            As to the visions of hell from saints, we will never truly know what the meaning of these visions are until we are face to face with our Lord and are imparted with the knowledge of heaven, God willing. Could they be souls in hell? Certainly. Could it be souls in purgatory? Certainly. Could it be part of a warning message that more prayer and sacrifice are needed or this is what will become of these souls? Certainly. The truth is, we don’t know. We do know hell is real and Bishop Barron affirmed that over and over again. You keep asserting that Bishop Barron and now I am denying the existence of hell. Neither I or the Bishop have said this. This is some old commentary on the Bishops video about this topic, but I think he hits on some key points that were completely left out in Mr Horvat’s article:

            “It is we whose lives are being imposed upon by a society obsessed with sex and which seeks to imprison us should we profess our faith…”

            What did our Lord tell us about this life? That we would face no resistance to being his followers? Of course we are being imposed upon. We always have been. Would it be a quick fix to reverse the marriage ruling? Sure. Would it win us more souls? I don’t know. In this highly sensitive political environment, I venture to guess that it would just add fuel to the fire against the church. We still have the ability to save souls through sacrifice. We still have the ability to change hearts through our witness. How many times in salvation history has God raised up great saints during times of great persecution? God can always makes good out of bad. I’m not saying I agree with the Bishop’s stance on this issue but I’m certainly not condemning him as a heretic for it.

            “So, here’s the name of Sheen’s book–“God and Intelligence in Modern Philosophy.” It should be required reading as should Frank Sheed’s “Theology and Sanity.”

            I’m a huge fan of Bishop Sheen. I listen and watch life is worth living on a regular basis. I haven’t read the book you mention yet, but it’s on my list. “Theology and Sanity” I have read and it’s one of my favorite books on the faith.

            I’m also a huge fan of cardinal Burke, cardinal Sarah, and many others of the same ilk. They are true heroes of the church and I think they will be vindicated in the future. But to me, that doesn’t mean that Bishop Barron is their enemy or even their opposite. I think he is right in line with them on many things.

            I’m sorry you feel this way towards Bishop Barron but that is certainly your right. Articles like this one certainly don’t help spread truth. They simply sow more seeds of division by being dishonest in the representation of the Bishop.

          • Jameson

            Well, if we can spend our time hoping that no one is in Hell, then why worry about Heaven–it’s obviously a piece of cake getting there. Forget all that nonsense about the narrow gate:

            Matthew 7: 12-29

            “In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

            The Narrow and Wide Gates

            “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it. “For the gate is small and the way is narrow that leads to life, and there are few who find it.

            A Tree and Its Fruit

            “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. “You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? “So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. “A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. “So then, you will know them by their fruits.

            “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter. “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’

            The Two Foundations

            “Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock. “And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and yet it did not fall, for it had been founded on the rock. “Everyone who hears these words of Mine and does not act on them, will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. “The rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and slammed against that house; and it fell—and great was its fall.”

            When Jesus had finished these words, the crowds were amazed at His teaching; for He was teaching them as one having authority, and not as their scribes.

  • Edward Koestner

    The context is very clear. The Bishop was giving an interview to an avowed homosexual who lives “married” to another man and who showed the Bishop his “ring” during the interview. The larger context is that of the public debate about the sin of homosexuality and the sin of same-sex “marriage”. According to the 2003 Vatican Document Consideration”, in Section IV of that document, we read this guidance for Catholic Politicians:

    “When legislation in favour of the recognition of homosexual unions is already in force, the Catholic politician must oppose it in the ways that are possible for him and make his opposition known; it is his duty to witness to the truth.”

    If that is the obligation of a layman, a Catholic politician, what to say of the obligation of a Bishop that, by his own office is a guardian of the faith and morals?

  • Jerry Michael Fay DMin

    The acts are intrinsically disordered (CCC 2357). Contrary to the natural law and they close the sexual act to the gift of life. Under no circumstances can they be approved. CCC 2333 says everyone should acknowledge and accept his/her sexual identity.

  • c.m.s.

    man who governs his passions is master of his world. We must either command
    them or be enslaved by them. It is better to be a hammer than an anvil.”

    — St. Dominic said, “A man who governs his passions is master of his world. We must either command them or be enslaved by them. It is better to be a hammer than an anvil.”

    of us must come to the evening of life. Each of us must enter on eternity. Each
    of us must come to that quiet, awful time, when we will appear before the Lord
    of the vineyard, and answer for the deeds done in the body, whether they be
    good or bad. That, my dear brethren, you will have to undergo. … It will be
    the dread moment of expectation when your fate for eternity is in the balance,
    and when you are about to be sent forth as the companion of either saints or
    devils, without possibility of change. There can be no change; there can be no
    reversal. As that judgment decides it, so it will be for ever and ever. Such is
    the particular judgment. … when we find ourselves by ourselves, one by one,
    in his presence, and have brought before us most vividly all the thoughts,
    words, and deeds of this past life. Who will be able to bear the sight of
    himself? And yet we shall be obliged steadily to confront ourselves and to see
    ourselves. In this life we shrink from knowing our real selves. We do not like
    to know how sinful we are. We love those who prophecy smooth things to us, and
    we are angry with those who tell us of our faults. But on that day, not one
    fault only, but all the secret, as well as evident, defects of our character
    will be clearly brought out. We shall see what we feared to see here, and much
    more. And then, when the full sight of ourselves comes to us, who will not wish
    that he had known more of himself here, rather than leaving it for the
    inevitable day to reveal it all to him!”

    Blessed John Henry Newman, p.101

    There is a place called hell, it does exist and the surest
    way to get there is to turn your back on God – this means not doing His will
    which includes Natural Law – His law! It
    is the act not the person which is
    the “intrinsic evil”, of which there are many in OUR COUNTRY… Abortion (let us
    call it what it is – murder of babies), sexually active
    homosexuals, re-defining marriage act, cohabitation (no matter what age), the
    selling of and abuse of human life (babies, & elderly), euthanasia… just to
    name a few. These acts tear down the order of their purpose and the dignity of
    humanity – Body and Soul! Where do you
    want to spend eternity? Heaven (full of Peace & Love) or Hell (Forever and Ever in Misery,
    Agony, Hate, Fear, Lies (you will be among the best here) and Discontent –
    putting it mildly). GOD will win in the
    end – Whose team will you be on? God’s
    or Satan’s??

    † – C.M.S.

  • Jose Lee

    It is disgusting to hear from a bIshop who is supposedly a guardian of faith but rationalizing evil. He definitely created confusion and discouraged those who live fully for God. We do hate sins and love the sinners but certainly do not want to encourage them to live in sin by praising them. We have to pray hard to be able to recognize the wolves clothed nicely with satin robes and appear like real shepherds of God’s flock. We’ll pray for our bishops to be guided by Light.

    • Tziggy

      Pleas watch the video interviews this article refers to. This author is misleading you. Bishop Barron did a masterful job of evangelizing AND explaining church teaching to a hostile audience

  • Brig

    Everybody who has a comment about Bishop Barron’s interview needs to watch Part 1 & 2 of his full interview. He is amazing & true understanding of what he said & the Churches teachings are seen very clearly. My only problem with Spirit Daily for running this article is that it does not include links for people to watch the interview. If you read Bishops Barron’s blog about the interview he has included part 1 & 2 of the interview or you can go straight to YouTube to view. Unless the interview is viewed in its entirety I see no reason for anyone to comment. Bishop Barron is always shining the light of Christ & is never compromising the teachings of Christ & his church.

    • Tziggy

      I completely agree! This article is totally without merit.

  • TX

    What the What ? This is the kind of person who gets made BISHOP. ‘ He contends that revoking that decision “would probably cause much more problems and dissension and difficulty if we keep pressing it.” ‘ I’m glad pro-lifers haven’t quit trying to revoke Roe, in as many ways as possible. If not outright by overturning it — and there are continual efforts to do just that — by circumventing it.

    • Tziggy

      I watched the entire interview referred to in this article. The article is trash. Its disingenuous at best. Calumny at worst. Most quotes are taken out of context of Bishop Robert Barrons large body of teaching. This article represents what is wrong with our church. Bishop Barron verbalizes an opinion on a PASTORAL approach which he further expounds on clarifying church teaching. He tows the church line while reaching out to Rubins viewers in a way that is compelling. He was masterful at evangelization and I’d encourage you to watch the video before following someone intent on dividing Christs church.


    First, I’m SURPRISED Barron made this public statement. He’s the “auxiliary” bishop. Second, was he speaking about the “legal aspects” of the law, or the “moral” aspects? Remember, when the Pharisees were trying to trap Jesus in sedition or blasphemy, He said, “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s”. Is it possible for a person to be “homosexual” and not practice fornication? The Catholic Church does NOT recognize “same-sex (homosexual) marriage”. It doesn’t exist. It is blasphemous in itself, and will not be recognized by God. He invented and blessed “marriage” as it is intended: Heterosexual. The Church sees Marriage as a Sacrament, “An outward sign, instituted by Christ to GIVE GRACE”. This ‘Grace” is the God Blessing needed to fortify the total union of this MAN and WOMAN. Bishop Barron knows this. And he’s not stupid — he IS a really good teacher! His views about “Hell” notwithstanding, he is obliged to teach in conformance with the Pope and the Doctrine of the Catholic Church, given to us over the millennia from Jesus Himself. It’ll be interesting what comes of this teapot tempest. Meanwhile, it’s OUR job as children of The Creator to learn as much as we can about Him, accept His love and love Him and our fellows as result. Only God knows the human soul.

    • Tziggy

      watch the video. this article is a hit job. Bishop Barron did a great job of explaining church teaching!

  • Faustina

    What sad news about Fr. Barron. Interestingly, I’m reminded of saints and others, a priest among them, who have been graced with the vision of Hell, in which apparently, there have been seen priests and bishops wearing their Mitres….Dear God, please grant all Catholics the strength to be martyrs for you, even to stand in the face of tanks or friends for you…..St.John Vianney, pray for us.

    • Tziggy

      I watched the entire interview referred to in this article. The article is trash. Its disingenuous at best. Calumny at worst. Most quotes are taken out of context of Bishop Robert Barrons large body of teaching. This article represents what is wrong with our church. Bishop Barron verbalizes an opinion on a PASTORAL approach which he further expounds on clarifying church teaching. He tows the church line while reaching out to Rubins viewers in a way that is compelling. He was masterful at evangelization and I’d encourage you to watch the video before following someone intent on dividing Christs church.

  • Robert Halny

    Bishop Baron, like Mr. Corapi AKA Fr. Corapi, has joined the ever growing group of Catholic dissenters, charlatans, and liars, who only cause grief, and disappointment. What is this man thinking? Doesn’t he see, that most Catholics sense sulfur coming from the Vatican? That only the liberals are enamored with Pope Francis? That people don’t fall for the so called papal mercy that is false and dangerous? I suppose that being a Catholic bishop in a liberal city and state, one has tread very carefully so as not to alienate the population and push the evangelization – but at that big a cost? The cost of the Truth? I think the man has lost it. He went beyond Jesus and the Cross. And there is nothing but darkness. In this interview he also said that I’d anything, the Church should call itself disordered! What a bunch of nonsense. The Church today speaks like the delusional Commies in their time – no substance just pure hallucinations. I just waited for Bishop Baron to embrace Rubin on the camera and kiss each other the French way. Rubin was clearly hitting on Baron. It’s sickening and repulsive for a Catholic Bishop to let himself off guard so easily. What’s next? Is Baron a gay too? Is it why he has been assigned to LA? Very disappointing and sad!

    • Tziggy

      Do your homework before jumping on this church bashing band wagon!
      I watched the entire interview referred to in this article. The article is trash. Its disingenuous at best. Calumny at worst. Most quotes are taken out of context of Bishop Robert Barrons large body of teaching. This article represents what is wrong with our church. Bishop Barron verbalizes an opinion on a PASTORAL approach which he further expounds on clarifying church teaching. He tows the church line while reaching out to Rubins viewers in a way that is compelling. He was masterful at evangelization and I’d encourage you to watch the video before following someone intent on dividing Christs church.

  • FAM22

    It has always been the job of the laity to hold their shepherds accountable. At no time in Church history has this been more necessary than now. The Church Militant needs strong foot soldiers who understand their orders, who know where the battle lies, and who know ultimately Who they fight for. Even when our leaders in this battle fail us, and we can see this all around us every day, we need not fear nor stumble, for we always have Christ and His Magisterium to guide us. Besides, it has always fallen to the foot-soldier to carry on with the dirty work of war. It is no different here. There is no sense worrying or fussing about it. Let’s just get it on.

    St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

    • Tziggy

      I watched the entire interview referred to in this article. The article is trash. Its disingenuous at best. Calumny at worst. Most quotes are taken out of context of Bishop Robert Barrons large body of teaching. This article represents what is wrong with our church. Bishop Barron verbalizes an opinion on a PASTORAL approach which he further expounds on clarifying church teaching. He tows the church line while reaching out to Rubins viewers in a way that is compelling. He was masterful at evangelization and I’d encourage you to watch the video before following someone intent on dividing Christs church.

  • Ernest Geroge

    This is very, very disappointing. A church leader that promotes sin is no church leader at all. No wonder it is said that the path to hell is lined with the skulls of bishops.

    • protracted

      It’s like he just gave into the pressure of society.

    • Tziggy

      I watched the entire interview referred to in this article. The article is trash. Its disingenuous at best. Calumny at worst. Most quotes are taken out of context of Bishop Robert Barrons large body of teaching. This article represents what is wrong with our church. Bishop Barron verbalizes an opinion on a PASTORAL approach which he further expounds on clarifying church teaching. He tows the church line while reaching out to Rubins viewers in a way that is compelling. He was masterful at evangelization and I’d encourage you to watch the video before following someone intent on dividing Christs church.

  • Harry

    Bishop Barron needs to read the story of Quo Vadis. Peter, leaving Rome, meets Jesus, and asks, “Quo Vadis, Domine?”. Where are you going, Lord? The Lord replied, “I am going to Rome to be persecuted.” Which is what you are supposed to be doing.

  • Cole

    This bishop has gone way too far. We need to be clarifying our stance on homosexuality, not sweeping it under the rug. At this point, I do not support changing the laws on gay “marriage” and abortion, and I feel like instead we should be focusing on reaching out the hearts of others. In this way, we make it become unacceptable in the hearts of our fellow man that currently supports these acts that are offensive in the eyes of God.

  • Jameson

    You know, Catholic Schools are doing the right thing oftentimes either.

  • RosannaMarie3

    Disappointed in Bishop Barron. I will not finish his recent book that I bought. It was fluff anyway.

    • Tziggy

      I watched the entire interview referred to in this article. The article is trash. Its disingenuous at best. Calumny at worst. Most quotes are taken out of context of Bishop Robert Barrons large body of teaching. This article represents what is wrong with our church. Bishop Barron verbalizes an opinion on a PASTORAL approach which he further expounds on clarifying church teaching. He tows the church line while reaching out to Rubins viewers in a way that is compelling. He was masterful at evangelization and I’d encourage you to watch the video before following someone intent on dividing Christs church.

  • Anthony Rader

    I too am against gay marriage. I have not read or viewed Bishop Baron’s interview with a gay reporter saying that the church would not oppose gay marriages. He has spoken on the subject at other times though and I have viewed some of these talks. In those he has in no way spoken against or contradicted church teaching on the matter. In the world we live in today, as Catholic Christians, we find ourselves more and more out of sorts with the prevailing secular view which in many cases is downright pagan. Whether it is prolife issues such as abortion and euthanasia or gay rights issues, we as Christian are left out of the mainstream left leaning liberal thinking. Even fellow Christians and Catholics are divided on these issues. Society in general has embarked on its own course in thought and literally left us behind. The question then becomes how to get people to return to their Christian roots. Are we to go out or down like a sword swinging knight riding a horse of righteousness against an uncouth, immoral barbarian horde or should we woo them back through gentle discussion? As I see it there isn’t too much of the latter left. The battle lines are cast and Robert Baron’s course of not opposing gay marriage has it’s good points. He is not saying that gay marriage is okay in the eyes of the church, he is simply ruling out confrontation as a way for the church to get it’s message across. The old saying about winning more flies with a teaspoon of honey than a barrel of vinegar is appropriate here. Certainly, pointing out the immoral lifestyle of the gay so far has not turned back the tide, in fact it may have just sped things up in their favour. Confrontation, frankly, hasn’t worked and we should look at other options. Also, Bishop Baron is just that, a bishop in Christ’s church. As such he is given a certain authority from our founder, Jesus Christ, and deserves the respect that goes with that. Sending harassing petitions to bishops and popes that we don’t agree with is disrespectful and uncatholic. There have always been bad bishops and popes, but they still had the authority invested in them from Christ who also gave the church the Holy Spirit for wisdom and guidance. Neither Christ or the Holy Spirit have led the Church afoul. If you don’t trust bishops and popes, pray and trust in Christ.

  • Deker71

    Because Hilliary lost and Trump won, it does not mean that the threat from the radical liberals is over. There are still radicals in government positions that are trying to overthrow Trump. They’ve even made threats against Trump’s life. Obama is trying to setup a shadow government.

    Keep praying and fasting now more than ever. Daily rosaries.

  • Chris L

    “If we are not in hot pursuit of the One, we are frantically chasing the many.” Fr. Thonmas Dubay
    Looks like Bishop Barron has succumbed to “people pleasing” that many enablers are in bondage to.

  • Paul

    We’re in a post-Christian world. Not only is paganism on the rise, but a real hatred ‘of’ God. We see it every day in how people conduct themselves in conversations.

    Civility is all but a thing of the past. Christianity gave us a moral conscious and construct of how to interact with others. Our faith gave us compassion within reason. And our stewards of faith, the magisterium, a firm footing.

    Bishop Baron has unfortunately capitulated. My profound disappointment in his lack of staying with truth saddens me to no end.

    He has given away objective truth to advance his career and become intoxicated with power for personal gain. St Thomas More is not smiling down upon you Bishop.

  • Tziggy

    A disingenuous article at best. Calumny at worst. Most quotes taken out of context of Bishop Robert Barrons large body of teaching. This article represents what is wrong with our church. Bishop Barron verbalizes an opinion on a PASTORAL approach which he further expounds on clarifying church teaching. He tows the church line while reaching out to Rubins viewers in a way that is compelling. Your article is disappointing.

  • TedM

    I respected Bishop Barron for his teachings, lectures, sense of humor and so on… Now, I shall revise my respect. It is so sad.

  • Ernesto

    I saw the entire interview and I don’t think Bishop Barron ever said something like “I will not fight against gay marriage” but instead he implied with responsibility that he will not judge and also he doesn’t consider that’s the main concern for the US, but there’s biggest concerns that definitively should be fight first like abortion.

    I personally think Bishop Barron was too brave for standing up in a show like that, he said many times during the interview that not because people think some way our doctrine of the Church will change, he even pointed John chapter 6 when a lot people left Jesus.

    This is the second time you polarized Catholics, the first one was about something Pope Francis said and now this one. Bishop Barron did a lot for evangelization in our times, I am a preacher in my parish here in my country (Bolivia) and I studied a lot of Bishop Barron teachings to teach and I will continue using them, I don’t think there has been a so influential catholic bishop since the invention of the Internet, I am a millennial (kind of, I am 33) and Bishop Barron just like Mother Angelica, Jorge Loring and St. John Paul II saved my catholic faith.

    Please do not polarize Catholics, you are good people, you make a wonderful job but I don’t think Our Lord Jesus would evangelize our times by polarizing Catholics, there must be some other ways, I am not an expert, I am not a theologian, I am just a witness of the Love of Jesus.

    Bless in Jesus and Mary.

    • Mark

      Dear Ernesto,

      When you suggest that Return to Order is “polarizing Catholics”, you are simply wrong. Our Blessed Dominus Deus Sabbaoth and Savior, Jesus the Christ, said this: “You think that I came to bring peace. I came to bring the sword.”, as it is in division that the truth springs forth and is plainly seen. The Father of Lies is the great deceiver. It is most important that the truth be plainly stated with no sugar coating, which is deception, leading souls to hell. The “Love of Jesus”, as you refer, must as it only can, require pure truth with not one iota of deception. Caritas, the Love that God Is, in the Blessed Trinity as Himself, requires justice, as without justice, mercy has no meaning. For justice cannot exist without truth and truth is hard, as Truth is a Person, and His name is Jesus the Christ. In caritas.

      • Tziggy

        Ernesto didn’t suggest that ‘Return to Order’ was polarizing Catholics. He politely pointed out that articles telling 1/2 truths with the intent to divide was polarizing. Anyone who listened to the entire interview would know this article is a hit job. It’s intentionally misleading and a total misrepresentation of Bishop Barrons message. This article is disgusting.

    • Edward Koestner

      Is there a way to evangelize without polarizing?

      • Jameson

        Not unless you water down our religion which the leftist Catholics do.

  • Robert Belken

    “More souls go to Hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason.”- Our Lady of Fatima

  • remnantarmy3

    I liked this man when they showed his Catholicism video series at my church…then I saw his youtube ramblings – Adam and Eve are not real people, hell is empty, everyone is saved etc….I knew he was on the wrong path, leading people astray with deceptive teaching that is totally out of line with the Truth of the Bible/Gospels. (I have no interest in listening to people defend his views or defend the False Prophet – yes the false prophet of the Book of Revelation sits in our midst in the Chair of Peter, whose mission is to destroy souls, the Catholic Church and everyone else. He “promoted” Barron to a bishop – I don’t think that is any coincidence…….)

  • italylover2004

    there needs to be a complete schism in the Church – let the liberals go their way and leave us conservatives the hell alone

  • polaris670

    Lead a good life, love your fellow man, follow the scripture that you believe in. But allow others to follow the scripture that is important to them. Your doctrine does not supersede mine, the authority of your scripture lies with you and you alone. When 2 consenting adults love each other, the world is a better place. Period.
    Same-sex marriage is a legal contract, not a religious sacrament. worry about yourself, stop worrying about others.

    • Edwin Hansen

      Amen. Stop worrying about same-sex marriage. I agree with Bishop Barron. He shows much more intelligence in studying this complex issue. I am an organist and have played for same-sex weddings before. Spend more time with ending the attack on the unborn.
      Edwin Hansen, Idyllwild CA 92549

      • Robert Halny

        What IS “Normal” in California today, is being expected from the rest of the Church everywhere else. You play for gay weddings at our Churches? Congratulations! I’m sure the gays were thrilled but I’m not so sure God was. What Bishop Baron did, was to give green light for the whole gay and gender agenda to continue on their assault on our school children and youth. This is the problem – their diabolical expansion to every part of our lives, their tolerance “policing” of our laws, churches, and schools, their idiotic ideas regarding our military and intelligence services, their ever present propaganda and the stupefied and awkward behavior of regular folks who are scared to death of saying “Enough”!

        Also, keep in mind that children have pelvics too. The issue is not limited to consensual adult homosexual acts and is only going to get worse and worse and the Church, once again, thanks to Bishops like Baron, will be bombarded with the “why’s” of broken down and betrayed folks, families, and kids. If you want proof, look what’s coming from the hell office on earth that is the UN.
        You people are sick, disillusioned, and lost. California is on the verge of a cataclysmic disaster. Just watch and see – that will be God’s Amen.

    • Robert Halny

      GOSPEL ACCORDING TO ANUS – that’s what you preach. But religion aside ( because obviously you have nothing to say in that quarter) what people do in the privacy of their bedroom, or tent, or igloo, or basement, or fox hole is none of my business – they’ve been doing this for ages in their respective places. What IS my business is when they swat storm our schools and churches and workplaces and hang their rainbow flags everywhere and tell people to put up or shut up. And To help them make the world a better place we have rising stars like Bishop Baron who with his refined, cultured, and gentle ways tells us all “it’s fine!”, “don’t panic”, “God loves the sinner and we all masturbate”. Seriously!!! This is Evengelization through Manipulation and has nothing to do Christ. We are the deviants and disordered, the Church! Finally! Freedom! The Church is no more! Not so fast. You have your 5 minutes in history and your time is up. I don’t know how, or when, or where but you have made the air so thick and stinking with your rethoric and perversions that it starts to smell of sulfur and rotten bodies. I worry about myself ever since that idiot Obama lit the White House in rainbow and all the stupid people, including clergy, went all gaga! What a filth and a lie! I worry alright because I don’t wear pink glasses and have actually real brain in my skull that tells me THIS IS VERY BAD! VERY WRONG! VERY INSULTING! PERIOD.

    • Tziggy

      That’s relativistic garbage. It’s not my scripture or your scripture. Authority to interpret lies with no man, and if you want a ‘contract’ call it something other than marriage, because marriage IS a sacrament.

    • Jameson

      “Same-sex marriage is a legal contract . . .”

      That’s funny, because I thought that unfair or deceptive acts or practices misrepresenting, expressly or impliedly, a material fact and that the misrepresentation likely would mislead the public was called fraud.

  • John Horvat II

    The article’s author, Mr. Luiz Solimeo, prepared the response to those who had questions about his article. John Horvat
    Thank you for commenting on my article, “Should We Stop Opposing the Ruling Legalizing Same-Sex ‘Marriage’? Bishop Robert Barron’s Surprising Statements.”
    Some claim that I took the Bishop’s words out of context, because he clearly stated his opposition to same-sex “marriage.” The subject of my article, however, was another, and was expressed in its title: “Should We Stop Opposing the RULING LEGALIZING Same-Sex ‘Marriage’? Bishop Robert Barron’s Surprising Statements.” (caps for emphasis.)
    My article addressed his statements on efforts to reverse the Supreme Court’s legalization of same-sex “marriage” “I think it would probably cause much more problems and dissension and difficulty if we keep pressing it.” (Video 13:52 minutes, And “I wouldn’t want to get on a crusader’s tank and try to reverse that.” (Video 15:22 minutes,
    We must consider the circumstances in which the statements were made. It was not a private conversation of a shepherd of souls with someone he is trying to help, but a public declaration on a TV show watched by over 100,000 people. And this at a time when the homosexual movement is gaining momentum and is persecuting Christians who do not accept to cooperate with the sin of same-sex “marriage,” be it by issuing a marriage certificate, baking the wedding cake, taking photos, preparing flower arrangements, providing banquet rooms, lodging, and so forth. This persecution has jailed (Kim Davis), fined, boycotted, harmed the reputation, fired, and put conscience-faithful opponents out of business.
    For Catholics following the Holy See’s instructions—“In those situations where homosexual unions have been legally recognized or have been given the legal status and rights belonging to marriage, clear and emphatic opposition is a duty” (CONSIDERATIONS REGARDING PROPOSALS TO GIVE LEGAL RECOGNITION TO UNIONS BETWEEN HOMOSEXUAL PERSONS, n. 5, Section II)—signed by then-Cardinal Ratzinger, Bishop Barron’s remarks were deeply discouraging.
    Plus, the Bishop’s statements came on the cusp of President Trump nominating someone to replace Justice Antonin Scalia. Other Supreme Court justices seem likely during this administration, and with them, the possibility of reversing Obergefell.
    The purpose of my article wasn’t to polemicize with Bishop Barron. Rather, I wanted to encourage those fighting the good fight to soldier on and, as Sir Winston Churchill famously said, to “never, never, never give up.”

    • Tziggy

      Maybe Mr. Solimeo wasn’t looking to polemicize with Bishop Barron. Here’s what I would like all who feel the need to criticize our clergy to think about with this article. Mr. Solimeo is a very adept writer with what seems to be a keen mind and above average ability to string thoughts together. Being an author, he seems to understand words have meaning. It escapes me frankly how one looking to avoid polemics would misunderstand the quote below. I can easily pluck more examples of polemics out of this article if need be, but let’s just take this one comment and juxtapose that with Bishop Barron’s comment (as quoted in the article), and dissect it.
      Bishop Barron:
      “if the only thing a gay person HEARS from the Catholic Church is, ‘YOU’RE intrinsically disordered,’ we’ve got a very serious problem, IF THAT IS WHAT THE MESSAGE HAS BECOME.” (caps not yelling, but used for emphasis)
      Mr. Solimeo:
      Contrary to the above statement, the Church has never taught that a person with same-sex attraction is “intrinsically disordered,” but rather his homosexual tendency. To say that someone is “intrinsically” disordered, that is, in their very nature, would mean that God created a disordered nature, which is absurd.

      Bishop Barron never said the Church taught that a person with same sex attraction is “intrinsically disordered”. On the contrary, he makes a distinction using the words “if that’s what a person HEARS”. He makes complete sense in the context of his discussion. To put a fine point on it, when we who understand Catholic teaching speak, we understand the difference between a disordered desire and calling someone disordered. What those outside the church HEAR can be quite different which is exactly why Bishop Barron made the distinction. There really is no ambiguity in that exchange and I fail to understand how someone with Mr. Solimeo’s intelligence would make such a basic mistake.

      The response calling Bishop Barron’s comment ‘absurd’ seems for all the world like polemics in that light.

      It would take hours to dissect this article and refute every injustice one by one. Only Mr. Solimeo knows his heart and why he chose to write this article the way he did. I will leave him with two questions:
      1.) Take a look at how many folks in this comm box jumped on the “Bash the Bishop” bandwagon and ask yourself if those are fruits you want to hand our Lord when you see him face to face.
      2.) What have YOU done to ensure religious liberty and support our clergy as they reach out to those on the fringes like Mr. Rubin.

      I agree we Catholics need to take a stand. I completely disagree with this article.

      • Edward Koestner

        If you wish to attain holy recollection, you will do so not by approving but by denying.
        – Saint John of the Cross

  • Bill D

    In the lower animal world, I have not yet seen or heard of he-ing and a he-Ing or a she-ing and a she-ing as a conjugal relationship. It seems that our pets have more common sense than their liberal masters!

  • Jennifer Marasco Mann

    Wow!!!! All I can say is WOW!!!! Very sad indeed!!!

  • LM

    I have heard one – only one – homily against the promotion of same-sex “marriage”, and it was beautifully given by a newly-ordained priest at his first Mass at our church where he had been a deacon prior to his ordination into the priesthood. This young priest had the faith and courage to speak out against this immorality and to uphold God’s design for human sexuality between one man and one women in marriage. Otherwise, in the last two years since the Supreme Court’s ruling, I have never heard any priest speak about it from the ambo, They won’t teach God’s law on it, yet, we are told at t he beginning of each Mass to reflect upon our sins. Priests are the shepherd of our souls who must guide us when issues arise which could separate our souls from God. Yet, there is silence from the clergy who seem to cede to the secular world’s view, or at the minimum, ignore it. I think priests may be afraid of driving people out of the pews. If that might be be the case, what good are people in the pews who are there without the foundation of truth?

  • LHC Catholic

    From the March 2017 issue of the Magnificat, Saturday 11th, Meditation of the Day entitled “Loving our Enemies” by Ronda Chervin.
    “Thus, as an example, Christ teaches us that to hate our neighbor is contrary to the love of God. This seems obvious enough in the abstract: but what about a man whose life has been ruined by the unjust actions of his neighbor? His heart is filled with righteous anger. He makes plans for revenge. So just does his cause appear to be that he is ready to contemplate the most violent acts. At this moment it does not seem obvious at all to him that the actions he is contemplating are sins. This is because he is not acting out of the bond of love to Christ, but out of his own wounds. It is then that he should remember that the hate in his heart is sinful – that it is the most basic low of love that anyone whose soul is filled with hate cannot be Christ’s friend. If he nurses these emotions instead of struggling against them, then he can only come back to Christ’s presence through the gate of repentance. He must not come to the Eucharist with the kiss of Judas.
    The more holy a person becomes, the more his life exemplifies love, and the more he will shudder at the thought of anything which destroys his love of God”
    “Because the knowledge of love progresses with experience, an intelligent person will understand the unlikelihood that all the thoughts of wise men about love will make sense to him right away. Nevertheless, he will extend to a person whose general views have been proven to be correct a certain trusting confidence. If this is a sensible procedure with respect to a purely human guide, how much more so should this trust be extended to the Holy Spirit, the great Counselor. Who can possible know more about what is capable of transforming a man in the spirit of love than God?”

  • Jerry Krause

    Are you actually asking whether we should stop opposing same-sex marriage? It is obvious you have not visited the Institute of Marriage Research & Studies ( website. It starts with simply calling something a marriage does not make it a marriage, and works up to prove “marriage” is a religious term. Thank you.

  • Knowledge Transfer

    Barron is likely a homosexual himself. So the more he can make that grave evil seems just like any other sin the easier and more comfortable he thinks he will be. In any event he is not a priest or a prelate nor a prince of the church. He inhales with vigor and glee the Smoke of Satan whose noxious fumes are like smoking weed or cocaine that has in all too many ways and in all too many places [especially under the reign of Pope Pandemonium Jorge Bergoglio] has been intoxicating the church of God during the superfluous and infamous Vatican II when confusion and convolution were wedded.