Real Ladies Counter Feminist ‘Day Without a Woman’

Lady_Day_1-e1489522848258 Real Ladies Counter Feminist ‘Day Without a Woman’On March 8 ladies across the nation dressed up and went about their duties in an especially ladylike manner in the spirit of the slogan “Pure Goodness at Work” to counter the radical feminist strike called “A Day Without a Woman.”

The counter-demonstration was dubbed “Lady Day” by Collette Zimmerman, a Catholic mother who writes about modesty, fashion and femininity at The Catholic Lady Blog. Mothers and daughters celebrated motherhood and Christian femininity by dressing up and meeting lady-friends in public for tea.

After the event, some ladies posted pictures at #LadyDay and on the Return to Order Facebook page showing ladies having tea or visiting together. “We went to lunch,” wrote Brenda Asso.  “We were asked twice why we were dressed so beautifully. I think wearing great-grandmother’s hats attracted much attention.  It was a wonderful afternoon out with my daughters and it turned into a special event.”

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Mary Franchini posted: “A group of about 25 ladies met for tea in Chardon, Ohio. We all Lady_Day_2 Real Ladies Counter Feminist ‘Day Without a Woman’enjoyed the conversations on family topics. Thank you so much for the privilege of participating in such a noble cause. The occasion and the purpose restored the dignity robbed from our sex by the atrocity of the women’s march.”

In honor of Lady Day, other ladies dressed up to go about their daily routine. “I wanted so much to be with you,” one lady wrote, “but work commitments prevented me.  I wore a skirt today in honor of Lady Day!”

A school girl, Virginia, who dressed nicely at school, wrote, “I was more feminine than the feminists I saw.”

Lady_Day_4-e1489523447431 Real Ladies Counter Feminist ‘Day Without a Woman’The radical feminists called a general strike and asked people to dress in red to observe “A Day Without a Woman” on March 8th, which is also International Women’s Day. This was the brain-child of socialist and communist thinkers in the early twentieth century.

Sadly, political and spiritual leaders joined in the spirit of the International Women’s Day. Members of Congress, for instance, dressed in red, while the Vatican shocked the Catholic world by having a pro-abortion nun speak at the Vatican.

In short, March 8 was a day when two very different and deeply conflicting notions of womanhood were on display.  The Lady Day ladies represented Christian motherhood and feminine dignity: goodness, purity and delicacy.  The feminists who celebrated International Women’s Day represent an anti-women version of womanhood that pretends to be liberated, but in truth is enslaved to vice: shrill, vulgar and immoral.

Next year, Return to Order will spread Lady Day to true ladies worldwide, to encourage them to be ladies for the betterment of society and flourishing of Christian virtue.

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For more information or to share your story of how you spent Lady Day, please go to Return to Order’s Facebook page:

  • Ruth Hammons

    All we have to do is ask ourselves what would Jesus think of the two groups and which would He
    know were standing with Him and which would He admonish?

  • Pam

    Sounds like both groups missed the mark.

    • JMJ

      How did each group miss the mark in your view?

      • Pam

        Both are a caricature of real womanhood. A real woman is neither the “nasty woman” of Elizabeth Warren fame who seek to kill their own child and do whatever they feel like nor are they superficial mannequins (sp?) who look pretty and drink tea. Real women are as varied as the flowers that bloom throughout the earth and they are nurturing, hardworking, multitasking executives that blend individuals into families, fill the roles needed by charities and keep workplaces on task and remembering the humanity of the worker and our need for love. They are usually too busy with the hard work of helping their families and too cognizant of the dead end it leads to, to feed agenda driven politics.

        • Ninni Vincenza Genovese-Lemus

          +JMJ hello Pam, though i well understand your very intelligent view and the true meaning of a woman’s life in this world of ours, it is also good to recognize the effort of these women who celebrated LADY Day, as i came to understand being also MARY’s Day, thus counteracting the senseless time wasting and meaningless efforts put by radical women’s groups to prove absolutely nothing of importance, except perhaps more destructiveness of those values,which we must continue to teach our progenie, no matter how insignificantly small they might seem – GOD bless you always

          • Pam

            We probably agree on most of the values we are passing on to our progeny, but butting heads with radicals in public displays of one upsmanship isn’t one of them and certainly not with a superficial show of femininity. Had they shown up en mass to help at a food pantry or hospital or nursing home or orphanage, I would applaud. But women together, eating and socializing with children in tow is what drives many men mad! You play while they work? And sitting around talking can be spiritual trouble. Sooner or later sin will occur. Nor is the requirement to wear a skirt what makes a woman. Truly, the women should not be divided. All Christians are called to be servants. Many men are struggling with that and are seeking domination and control, not love. Every woman experiences this at some point or throughout her life. Christ warned of this to the women weeping at His passion. We are not helping men be conformed to Christ by forgetting what their real purpose is. Or being less than who Christ created us to be. Our gifts are from Him. When men truly love their wives, women will not resent being home and men won’t resent working. When men truly love, they will have more on their mind than sex, food and pleasure. Women are rebelling because love is missing. Women need to take the lead and love first, since as nurturers it comes more naturally for most. But love is not weakness, it is what is best for the others eternal salvation. Many don’t want to do the hard work of that kind of loving or fear the crosses that come with it.

          • Pam

            jmj left post that isn’t showing here but came to my email. He quotes a part of Timothy where Timothy clearly states he is giving his own opinion of not allowing women to speak because he believes Adam was not deceived but the woman was. This is not God but Timothy showing and admitting “I do not allow…” yet Adam did eat the apple and was also deceived. He also was expelled from paradise. jmj also denies Paul is speaking God’s truth when in Galatians he says there is no male or female, slave or free. He believes this denies Genesis where God creates them make and female, but he is like the Scribes and Pharisees who look but do not see. No one is denying the two sexes exist and in the flesh they marry and procreate but their TRUE identity is Spiritual. They are one, whether born male or female, in the body of Christ. They have died to the flesh and live in the Spirit. They are in the world but not of the world. jmj also mentions 1Cor14, 34-37. Paul asks if women prophesy and seems to say “no”. Yet we hear Peter quote the prophets as the Spirit fell on men and women and they all spoke in tongues. “Yea, even on my handmade I will pour out a portion of my Spirit and they shall prophesy.” We have long seen the want of true love and bias against women and have known Christ listened to and took correction from Mary. He corrected men who dismissed or try to push away women and children. He called Joan of Arc to return France to its king. He has spoken through female doctors of the Church. The false teacher is the one who denies all this jmj. Should men lead? Yes. But God’s greatest saint is a woman. She is Queen of heaven and earth. Male pride that will not tolerate God’s wisdom or truth coming from a woman is battling pride, not for the true faith.

          • JMJ

            Pam-I note you don’t address Jesus & St. Paul stating no female or male in heaven (whose wife will she be of 7 brothers AFTER the Resurrection?), but again you pick and choose out of the Bible. Also it is a letter from St. Paul to Timothy, not Timothy stating his opinion. We are not to conform the Bible to agree w/our opinions, but we are to conform ourselves to Christ. Exceptions don’t make a rule and indeed for every mother superior there are how many non-mother superiors? This applies to men also: for every president of the U.S. how many non-presidents are there? By spreading feminist ideology and wanting to teach men and condemn male pride etc. etc. you will only condemn yourself to hell for your pride and for misleading others by your false witness. Would Mary (God’s greatest saint) have any part w/you? I’m told she’s always at the judgement of her children who go to heaven.

          • Pam

            JMJ, it appears you aren’t interested in truth but in argument. I am supporting my statements with ACCURATE quotes, not partial or misleading ones. Christ emphasized that men’s opinions of the woman who kissed His feet and showed great love, were totally off base. She had done more than the male host to make Him welcome. He had women and men together in the upper room. The Holy Spirit fell on both sexes. Paul named Priscilla a head of a church with her spouse and only God knows if she did no ministerial or teaching duties but regardless, Paul recognized her contribution. I am spreading the Truth of the law of love. You politicize it or try to cause division with it. Male pride is a deadly sin. God has made that clear. Pride in any form is. Mary is my spiritual mother. I sure hope she is watching and guiding this child of hers. It wouldn’t be for want of my asking. I would hope you would try to heal by starting with learning to love women and marveling at what God has done in this creation of His. In our current culture, men are raised to be adversaries of women which helps certain agendas. And by reading every day Jesus’ quote, “You know in the world those in authority love to Lord it over one another. It shall not be like that with you. Whoever would be greatest among you will be the servant of all.” Christ has servant disciples.

          • JMJ

            Dear “I am supporting my statements with ACCURATE quotes” Pam, please provide a source for your statement (and interpretation): “Paul named Priscilla a head of a church with her spouse.” Then interpret it in light of this quote from St. Paul: “Because the husband is the head of the wife, as Christ is the head of the church. He is the saviour of his body. Therefore as the church is subject to Christ, so also let the wives be to their husbands in all things.” (Eph 5:23) “But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.” (1 Cor 11:3). Someone could provide a place for a group (Church) to meet w/out being “the head.” (1 Cor 16:19).
            “Only God knows if she did no ministerial or teaching duties?” Really? St Paul directly contradicts you: “But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to use authority over the man: but to be in silence.” (1 Tim 2:12), “but regardless” you will obstinately cling to your opinions and scatter these bad seeds far and wide citing no sources and leading others to err and in turn lead others to err. You state you are spreading “the Truth of the law of love,” but what is that? Is it in accord w/what the Catholic Church taught prior to Vatican II? How could Mary who when God named her the Mother of God, said, “Behold, the handmaid of the Lord,” (Luke 1:38) and who said, “Whatsoever he shall say to you, do ye” (John 2:5) (not: “Listen to me I’m the one who taught him everything he knows. I’m His mother. I came first.”) be your spiritual mother? She wanted to do what God wanted her to do, not make up her own laws (of love!) and rewrite the Bible to make herself the head, the teacher, the minister while lambasting others’ pride. If you want to please God (and get to heaven), stop worrying about your brother (Martha, Peter, (Luke 12:13)) and listen to Jesus: “So I will have.. what is it to thee? follow thou me.” (John 21:22). P.S. I am a woman born in 1960. I strongly disagree that “men are raised to be adversaries of women,” but, in fact, can attest that I was encouraged in school, in movies, in books, etc. to compete with men—not do my thing, but their thing because “I am man’s equal.” When “sodomite marriage” became the Law of the country (if men and women are = then one can marry either one, i.e. they are interchangeable), I finally decided to believe the Holy Bible: Jesus Christ appointed Sts Peter & Paul. They died for the Faith. They love me and want me to get to heaven. Their teaching isn’t misleading you or me. I study it and want to know the truth about what God wants of me, not re-interpret it to match the garbage taught by the world that’s led to 60 million babies murdered in cold blood, $17 trillion debt, euthanasia and assisted suicide laws to murder the sick, the handicapped (veterans) and elderly, 50% divorce, 50% illegitimacy, sodomite marriage, and transgender bathrooms. When you attack men and try to usurp their role you do divide (men from women) and destroy the family.

          • lilly

            Pam it appears you’re a troll…

          • Pam

            Just want to add to my comment below that a lot of this division of sexes is fear based and competition based. Will the guy get the job or the girl? Will people feel someone is less of a man or woman because of their workplace position? Etc. Christians don’t think like that. God created you male or female for His purpose for you. To those who pray, they know nothing happens that He does not permit. They bear their disappointments and discern God’s will. They don’t turn on the other and seek to divide. No one can undermine your maleness or femaleness whether you meet a stereotype or not. There is a person of the opposite sex out there for you unless God has called you to a celibate or singles life.

          • Pam

            The fact that there is no marriage in heaven according to Jesus and Paul and Paul’s comment that even husbands and wives would do well to live as brothers and sisters so that they are more free for the Lord, should help you see the forest for the trees. You want to segregate and divide because you are focused on the flesh. Christ and His disciples have died to the flesh and are focused on things above. They see members of the body of Christ, not someone checking them out as possible tryst material. Their eyes are purer than that. They don’t think like that. And if they think they see something untoward, they go, in concern for the good of the others soul, to the person and speak with them. And if you read Paul, he clearly states it is his opinion, not something he received from Christ. You evidently don’t see that Paul telling the community to treat Phoebe like “the holy ones” means like the religious leaders, apostles and saints. It is saying she is worth listening to. God doesn’t conform to your narrow parameters. And I follow Him, not you. What exceptions are you talking about? Pride is a capital sin. Christ’s sons are humble, not pride -filled. They serve and lead by their example of humble service. You lead souls to hell if you fill men with “male pride”. I am spreading true Christian love and you are spreading sexist spin. You don’t sound Catholic to me. You see flesh. Christ sees hearts. Mary does have all of me and she blesses me. She will indeed look out for this child of hers at my death.

          • JMJ

            Dear Pam, If God didn’t want us to be men and women, he wouldn’t have created us as men and women. He is the one who created Adam and Eve. Mary conformed herself to God. You mention Phoebe, Prisicilla etc. Why don’t you conform yourself to Mary and the teachings of the Church b4 abortion, divorce, fornication, adultery, sodomy, sodomite marriage etc. all became prevalent. You insist that I am spreading sexist spin and you are spreading love, but I am spreading nothing that was not taught by the Roman Catholic Church until VC2. Mary herself said that she was exalted for her humility. And St Paul taught: “For let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus: Who being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God: But emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men, and in habit found as a man. He humbled himself, becoming obedient unto death, even to the death of the cross. For which cause God also hath exalted him, and hath given him a name which is above all names: That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth: And that every tongue should confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of God the Father.”

          • Pam

            There seems to be a great misunderstanding on your part of where I am coming from. God did create us male and female and He gave men and women distinct characteristics. Men will never bear a child, for instance. But a man can feed a baby and adopt a baby and care for a baby or child. Everything he does, he will do in a man’s way because he IS a man, but he CAN help or do those things despite his manhood. We know as Catholics that all children should have both a mother and a father. That is not in question, but there are men who do child care in their home. Many will say, “Not as well as a woman.” Yet we know, some will do as well or better than many women if they feel called to it and do it for love of Christ, even though, in general, women will do a better job. For a Christian, the question should be, if there is any question or if it is any of our business, “Why is he doing it?” – not deciding who can or can’t do something. Older than Vatican II is also the Talmud, Christ’s Jewish faith. It says, ” Be very careful if you make a woman cry because God counts her tears. The woman came out of a man’s rib. Not from his feet to be walked on, not from his head to be superior, but from his side to be equal, under his arm to be protected, and next to the heart to be loved.” You see your understanding of humility is askew, it seems. Mary’s humility was a complete recognition of her dependence on God and her littleness and nothingness in comparison. We obviously know of many incidents of Jesus childhood because Mary “taught” them to the Apostles. You quote Jesus’ humility and yet want women subservient to you. That is either hypocrisy or blindness. If GOD can become man, a worm, you can let a man or woman instruct you. Now saying that, I am not saying women can be priests. Christ chose to make that the work of men. Again if a woman did it, she would do it as a woman would, with a woman’s touch and that is not what Christ wanted because the person would be a symbol of Him, in His maleness. Few positions MUST be one or the other. Most can be done by either, with each sex accomplishing their tasks in the manner their biology leads them to accomplish it. Now aside from our humanity, with Christ we learned of an even higher calling and reality. We are members of the body of Christ. We are eternal souls. We are His instruments in the world and we will leave here either to join Him or be separated eternally. Our journey calls us to grow closer to God and further from the world and its allure, including lust, greed, envy, material attachments etc. In that journey Christ and Paul say those who can be celibate, do well to do so. We know not the day nor the hour and we should be working out our salvation and giving God more of ourselves. (He asks for ALL!) When one is preoccupied with the flesh, one is less open to His call and work and pulled between family and God so Paul advised those who COULD, to consider, even though they were married, living as brother and sister for God. It is not required but he felt it beneficial. You see, there is no marriage in heaven. Our hearts are all God’s and we begin working to that perfect love the moment we are baptized.

        • JMJ

          real woman
          nasty woman” of Elizabeth Warren fame who seek to kill their own child and do whatever they feel like
          superficial mannequins (sp?) who look pretty and drink tea.

          varied as the flowers (don’t flowers look pretty?)
          hardworking, multitasking executives that blend individuals into families,
          fill the roles needed by charities and
          keep workplaces on task and
          remembering the humanity of the worker and our need for love

          2 busy with the hard work of helping their families
          2 cognizant of the dead end it leads to,
          4 [to feed (nurture)] agenda driven politics

          This site was attempting to contrast “lady” w/ “woman” as in how used to be the Ladies Room vs the Woman’s Room (see book by Marilyn French). A lady doesn’t nurture agenda driven politics nor is she propagandized by other’s agendas nor when defeated/thwarted/doesn’t get her way throw a temper tantrum or slam her bedroom door and sulk, but does exert a civilizing affect on families & society so that those w/different views/temperaments can live together in peace, i.e. make the men and children sit around a table, wear a tie or a dress and shoes etc. and drink tea or eat a meal w/each other.

          Your definition of “real” women excludes the words “men,” “wife,” “mother” and “child” never occur. Do women blend individuals into families or do wives and husbands w/God create a family? Are women executives (chief executives?) vs submissive to their husbands (who is the head of the family), silent and covered in church, not teachers of men but their respectful help meets, and teachers of children? Even a nun who runs a hospital etc. is not so much an executive as a servant of God. You think you recognize agenda driven politics, but don’t seem to realize you’ve been propagandized/scandalized/embittered (“liberated”) from the Holy Bible (the Word/Commandment/Law of God) and to perhaps follow the pride of Satan. Do you believe God or Satan or Marilyn French lite?


          • Pam

            I disagree that the sight was contrasting “woman” with “lady”. The title states otherwise. And no, all flowers are not beautiful. The words men, mother, wife and child need not appear since the question is about womanhood and not just certain aspects that may be found in a woman’s life. God is very much part of my definition but may not be for other women. They are still women. Just women who don’t recognize God yet. Women are not in competition with men nor are they subservient to them. Husbands and wives ( a very specific category), are subject to each other AND a woman submits to her husband and he promises to lover her as himself within the family unit for order and peace and love. All Christians, male or female are servants and do all for God first and love everyone else for love of God. Mothers are usually THE teacher of the family raising sons AND daughters. Christ was clear that there is no male or female, just members of the body of Christ, each with gifts that are to be used to serve God and neighbor. You are the one who sounds embittered. Are you threatened by your sisters gifts? We are all one body. I follow orthodox Catholic teaching and Christ who loved His daughters and sisters. Don’t know Marilyn French. ——————————————–

          • JMJ

            “Christ was clear that there is no male or female:” God doesn’t contradict Himself: “He created them male and female; and blessed them” (Gen 5:2). When Jesus was asked whose wife the woman who had seven brothers’ for husbands would be in the resurrection, He stated that “When the dead rise, they will neither marry nor be given in marriage. Instead, they will be like the angels in heaven.…” (Mark 12:25). St Paul in the quote you cite (Gal 3:28) is definitely not stating that in this life there is no male or female, or slave or free, or pagan or Jew—because that would deny reality as well as contradict Holy Writ. To cite one verse of St. Paul while ignoring verses like these:“Let the woman learn in silence, with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to use authority over the man: but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed; then Eve. And Adam was not seduced; but the woman being seduced, was in the transgression. Yet she shall be saved through childbearing; if she continue in faith, and love, and sanctification, with sobriety.” (1 Tim 2:11-15) “Let women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted them to speak, but to be subject, as also the law saith. But if they would learn any thing, let them ask their husbands at home. For it is a shame for a woman to speak in the church. Or did the word of God come out from you? Or came it only unto you? If any seem to be a prophet, or spiritual, let him know the things that I write to you, that they are the commandments of the Lord.” (1Cor 14:34-37) It seems St. Paul believes that if a woman is not subject to her husband she is subject to her parents particularly her father (as was Jesus: and He was subject to them (Luke 2:51)): “But if any man think that he seemeth dishonoured, with regard to his virgin, for that she is above the age, and it must so be: let him do what he will; He sinneth not, if she marry… Therefore, both he that giveth his virgin in marriage, doth well; and he that giveth her not, doth better. A woman is bound by the law as long as her husband liveth; but if her husband die, she is at liberty: let her marry to whom she will; only in the Lord. But more blessed shall she be, if she so remain, according to my counsel; and I think that I also have the spirit of God.” (1 Cor 7:36-40). Also 1 Tim 5:2-16, especially: “Let a widow be chosen of no less than threescore years of age, who hath been the wife of one husband. Having testimony for her good works, if she have brought up children, if she have received to harbour, if she have washed the saints’ feet, if she have ministered to them that suffer tribulation, if she have diligently followed every good work. But the younger widows avoid. For when they have grown wanton in Christ, they will marry: Having damnation, because they have made void their first faith. And withal being idle they learn to go about from house to house: and are not only idle, but tattlers also, and busybodies, speaking things which they ought not. I will therefore that the younger should marry, bear children, be mistresses of families, give no occasion to the adversary to speak evil. For some are already turned aside after Satan.”
            You state you follow orthodox Catholic teaching, yet you indicate creatures recognize their creator (“Just women who don’t recognize God yet”) vs. the principal duty of parents being to teach their children the Faith (Prov 22:6). And seem to have a very cavalier attitude about the salvation of those souls. False teachers lead souls astray (better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea (Matt 18:6); held accountable for every idle word (Matt 12:36)). I don’t know if you have read “Revolution & Counter Revolution;” this site propagates the Counter Revolution. The Revolution is based on equality (pride) and liberalism (sensuality). I am threatened by my sisters’ “gifts” when they use them to destroy me, my family, the Catholic Church and Christendom (not to mention murdering and mutilating their own children & their own souls). Are you threatened by “superficial mannequins (sp?) who look pretty?” [I would console you with: “Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: the woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised.” (Prov 31:30). Some women are prettier than others (inequality), but beauty like riches may not be the blessing everyone thinks it is—in any event God has His reasons and one should trust Him.] “But women together, eating and socializing with children in tow is what drives many men mad!” You seem to believe this event was to show men—stuck in your head that you are to teach men (also don’t know what men you know who don’t like to see women w/their children socializing!). My view was designed that those who are normally at home to go out in society w/their families–not all downtrodden & frumpy, but wash your face & comb your hair when you are fasting. “Had they shown up en mass to help at a food pantry or hospital or nursing home or orphanage, I would applaud.” Again you act like you are not a participant (female), but an applauder/critic/judge; and seem to miss that the rebellion of these women is against the family and the family relationship (which makes children in tow being prime to these women who have exchanged the truth for a lie: career/job/power/status/idolizing self).

  • LindainPA

    It seems we need to remember that God created two distinct sexes. We do not have to be the same to be equal in dignity and merit. It is not possible to celebrate what makes us truly and uniquely female without also celebrating and honoring motherhood and life, as women bring EVERY life into the world!

  • Ninni Vincenza Genovese-Lemus

    While it’s shockingly ugly being forced to witness so much wrongdoing against GOD and HIS teachings in our country, it is even worse to hear that a pro-abortion nun was allowed/invited to speak at the Vatican – i came here from Rome, Italy and live in Santa Barbara county, California with my Catholic husband and close to our 2 sons, 7 grandchildren and 1 great-granddaughter- we have taught and continue to teach our family what JESUS teaches us through The Holy Book – there is no other life more worthy than one with The Catholic FAITH, because through Her we have so much to be thankful for, most especially the Holy Eucharist, and no matter what, we must stand together and be like these wonderful ladies who celebrated Lady Day, thus being an example of what good life is all about – thank you, and GOD bless you always

    • Emmanuel Akpobolokemi

      Thanks. For now the vatican is under siege, a babylonian captivity; it will be trampled upon by infidels for a time permitted by divine providence. Rome will become the seat of the anti-christ as some catholic prophecies reveal. This is the best way the devil wants to fight the last battle, so as to lead many astray. This could only happen because the one who prevents it is taken away; thus the present rebellion which may lead to the manifestation of the man of sin (2 Thess 2:1-12). But be of good courage, for the battle is God’s. Strive to do your best; God will give you the grace to conquer.

      • Ninni Vincenza Genovese-Lemus

        +JMJ Grazie Emmanuel – as Sainta Caterina da Siena said ” Faith of our Fathers, Holy Faith, we will be true to You till death”… and nothing and no one can/will deter us from striving here for the hope of gaining Heaven. GOD bless