Winning the War on the Cross: Americans React to Secular Offensive

cross-106416_640-300x225 Winning the War on the Cross: Americans React to Secular Offensive

“The Port Neches attack against the Cross is one of many recent cases in America.”

A little while ago, I was traveling with a colleague in the small town of Port Neches, Texas. While driving, we kept seeing white crosses in people’s yards and in storefronts. Even the fast-food eatery Sonic had a big one. So, we asked the lady we were visiting why there were so many little white crosses all over the city. Her explanation was an encouraging example of the fighting spirit and conservatism in America.

Our friend explained that in the city’s Riverfront Park, there is a 45-year-old monument of a large white Cross. In November 2015, this Cross became the object of a great battle between right and wrong when the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation threatened the city with a court case if it did not remove the Cross. The locals reacted immediately. A church bought a twenty-by-twenty-foot plot of land containing the monument from the city for $100, thereby protecting it.

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In support of the Cross and as a reaction against the atheist organization, a group of locals made little white crosses for people to put in their yards or wherever they wanted. Literally, thousands were distributed. Even the local Chick-fil-A was giving them out for free.

The reaction of the locals was amazing. What the locals were saying to the outside atheist group was something like, “Bring it on! No matter what you do, we will stand up for what is right. Look at the cross in my front yard as proof.”

Not the First Nor Last Time

The Port Neches attack against the Cross is one of many recent cases in America. Such cases do not get major media coverage. However, there is definitely a pattern as can be seen by these examples.

The most shocking case of Cross removal attempts was the famed cross-shaped steel beams from 9/11. Despite its consoling symbolism for traumatized citizens, American Atheists Inc. tried to have it removed from the National September 11 Memorial and Museum. Fortunately, the atheists failed to take away this beautiful reminder from God that He is with those fighting against evil.

Another example did not turn out so well. A Cross, outside one of the Longview Texas fire department stations was challenged. The Cross was part of a Christmas display. In spite of protests from the locals, the Cross was removed because of complaints from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

Belle Plaine Threatened

In the Veterans Memorial Park of Belle Plaine, Minnesota, stands a very beautiful monument to American soldiers. It is a steel image of an infantryman from World War II, helmet doffed, rifle unslung, kneeling before the grave of a fallen comrade marked with a Cross. The Cross headstone was created by a local veteran.

Why the Cross in such a scene should concern the Freedom From Religion Foundation is unclear. But the outside group challenged just the Cross part of the scene. In January 2017, their protest and pressure convinced the city to remove the Cross from the monument.

Patriotic Americans of Belle Plaine pushed back on the city’s secularist decision. An article by a local newspaper The Star Tribune reported: “Almost overnight, dozens of wooden crosses popped up in private business windows, on mailboxes and in front yards. More than 1,200 people have signed an online petition in support of restoring the cross.”

The Star Tribune story quoted a local resident as saying, “A lot of people are turning in their graves. People are mad at that group. It’s not just us (the veterans club) but the whole city of Belle Plaine.”

Along with distributing crosses, the patriots of Belle Plaine arranged for a security detail composed of members of the veterans club and a motorcyclists club called the Second Brigade to stand guard day and night to protect what was left of the monument.

“Sometimes You Have to Fight”

On Feb. 6, 2017, the Belle Plaine City Hall was packed with people. All of them were there for a hearing on whether to return the Cross or not. Andy Parish, a strong advocate for returning the Cross, spoke his mind to the City Council members.

According to the Belle Plaine Herald Andy Parish delivered these fiery words: “We’re here tonight because of an out-of-state group, driven by extremism, has attacked our Veterans Park. We’re here tonight not by choice, but because the residents of this city feel a sense of duty. …[N]ot all fights involve money. Sometimes you have to fight for what’s right.”

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The remark drew loud applause from the audience. After long deliberation, the City Council voted 3-2 to pursue a limited public forum at Veterans Memorial Park. This allowed the Cross to be placed back on the monument. Just like in Port Neches, and so many other cases, the truly patriotic Americans of Belle Plaine proudly stood up for what is right and won!

The Need to Be Vigilant

The white-cross-episode in Port Neches is not the first nor the last time the symbol of Christianity will be attacked. Nationwide, Americans should be vigilant and look for similar occurrences and be ready to react because, as it is said, the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for the good to do nothing.

What lessons can be learned from the struggle over the Cross? The first lesson is one of hope. It shows that when good Americans stand up and do not give in on their principles, they can win. The second lesson is that it is a difficult fight in which they can also lose. Citizens must be prepared to go to the end as the people of Belle Plaine did to obtain final victory after losing the first round.

Finally, a small group of loud radicals are trying to destroy the symbol of the Cross in America. All it takes is a small group of dedicated Americans to counter their efforts. People need to stand up for the Cross of Christ because it is a symbol of victory. The feisty people of Port Neches, Belle Plaine, and so many others are beautiful examples of what can be done when good people do something.

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  • Former veteran

    If they tried that in my neighborhood, I would put up a cross higher than my home. That would be over 45 feet high.

    • Frances Nochera

      Totally agree with you!!

    • Lilian Josefina

      Bravo! I love your post. Praise God for these good people.

      • Former veteran

        God Bless you Lilian!

  • marie hayes

    Thank you Former Veteran. I would come and help you!!!

    • Former veteran

      Thank you for your blessed support!

  • Henry

    What ever happened or should I ask what is happening to our rights under the Constitution of the United States of America? It seems that to the left, diversity is a one way street – their way!!! No – diversity is a two way street. It takes in all people. If you do not believe in God, that is your decision. But do not tell others what they can do or believe in, nor how they can express it.

    • Legoge47

      One of the things that happened has the name “Barak Obama” written all over it

  • Jim Schrang

    I wear a small Cross with a crown of thorns on my Yankee baseball hat below my jump wings (101st. Airborne Division ‘Screaming Eagles’ Vietnam/Cambodia) lets see them TRY to take it from me. The real reasons they hate the Cross is two fold. First it represents the POWER and REALITY of Jesus Christ. Next, it represents TOTAL VICTORY OVER satan and his minions. The battle is already won and they just can not tolerate the truth. This last Presidential election was not so much about Republicans and Democrat as it was spiritual. It was a battle of those who believe in Jesus and those as demonstrated by the Democrats who are demonically against Him. This was really highlighted in the 2008 Convention when they actually booed God and removed Him from their platform. These people are a party of death murdering over 60 million unborn people claiming it is a woman’s right while neglecting the unborn persons right to life. Just read some of the WinkiLeaks on John Padesta the Chairman of the DNC. Between him and Hillary if one can not see satan behind both, then you are spiritually blind. So lift the Cross high and move out, victory; eternal life is ours.

    • Former veteran

      Jim, I would be right there to defend you. The squadron I was attached to would fly over Vietnam monitoring enemy troop movements.

  • Frank Cicero

    We are surrounded by evil but since Jesus won the battle on the cross we too will also prevail. God bless America

    • Jack

      Amen to that Frank

  • Bobbie

    Please keep us aware of any such struggle and I and others will be ready to stand with the victims of Christian discrimination. I had no idea there was a formal group going into other people home environments against physical religous expressions in the public. They must be very unhappy people. I will pray for them but will also do all I can to stand with you.

  • Huck Finn

    Diversity only works for the lefty liberals because they are out to destroy Freedom of Religion. They have had several years of appointments of activist judges to the bench by the likes of Bill Clinton,and Barrack Obama. Many of these appointments are called “Life Appointments and can only be changed by impeachment. These judges could care less about our constitutions whether Federal or State.

  • Chris Lilly

    Religious expression both public and private is legally protected by the first amendment of the United States Constitution. Religious disestablishment forbids the government from endorsing or enforcing a particular faith. This includes any form of irreligion. The American people have a constitutionally protected right to their respective religion whatever form that belief may take within the law.

  • The USA has never been, was never intended to be, and never will be a “Christian” nation. The cross is offensive to many, many, Americans, and should not be allowed to be placed on public lands, buildings or anywhere else public money is used. UNLESS, any religious symbol is allowed. For insurance, you want to see a cross somewhere, allow the same, in size and public funding for, the Menorrah, the upside down pentacle, the pentacle, along with the symbols for the many, many other religions that the USA recognizes as religions. We are only equal when we are all equal, in all aspects of life.

    • Jack

      I hope you are wrong Corey – because without Christ the nation is doomed. If you want the same mess here they have in Venezuela (yes I have been there) or in Europe (been there as well) keep trying to force the secular religion down our throat. Not all religions are equal. Islam for instance does not believe in the “golden rule”. Yet Muslims have the right to worship here – just not the right to impose their values via Sharia on the rest of us.
      As far as intentionality – the Founding fathers based the constitution on the teachings of John Locke who drew heavily from two Jesuit Catholic priests – Suarez and Bellarmine. George Washington based his guiding principles of morality on the teachings of the French Jesuits. So the connection between this country and the Catholic Church has always been very strong. (Go to Mt. Vernon some time and see what a good and brilliant man George Washington was).

      • People have been saying “without Christ the nation is doomed” since the Constitution was created

    • Joe

      Corey, to think like that, you are being influenced by demon spirits and don’t even know it. I pity you because that type of belief will only land you in a ” Hell” of a place.

      • Don’t pity me please, do something useful in life, volunteer.

    • Michele T Sisak

      Corey, perhaps you should be a student of American History. America was founded by Christians who were fleeing persecution in England and France. Those who held positions in the colonial governments were members of the Church of England, a requirement for office. Don’t believe it, visit the Church in Colonial Williamsburg. There you will see the names of many of our founding fathers. Look at the name of Maryland, founded by Catholics and named for the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. Look at the names of many of our cities, St. Augustine, St. Louis, San Antonio, San Francisco, Los Angeles, these are Catholic/Christian names, and there are many more. I wonder why so many find the cross “offensive.” Perhaps we’ve grown overly sensitive and are offended by too many things. Perhaps it’s time people grew up and really learned what the meaning of tolerance is. While America was not founded in the name of a particular religion, it was founded on Judeo-Christian principles. Our system of laws is solidly based upon Judeo-Christian scriptures. Christian Chaplains led the opening prayers of the Continental Congresses just as they lead our Congress today. What makes us different from other nations is that our Constitution, specifically the first amendment prohibits the government from establishing a religion, but it also prohibits the government from interfering with the free exercise thereof, a clause many people seem to have forgotten.

      • Yes the Puritans came and created a theocracy banishing and killing anyone who didn’t follow their brliefs. This was BEFORE America became America!!! It was anti-American