5 Things That Have Turned Us Into a Nation of Whiners

blue-1127967_960_720-300x200 5 Things That Have Turned Us Into a Nation of Whiners

“The list is very helpful to see where society has gone wrong and where it needs to go.”

On campuses nationwide, students have whined about what they call “micro-aggressions.”

People suffering from “micro-aggressions” are offended by tiny acts that might in some slight way, point to politically incorrect behavior. The offended student then feels free to demand changes from college administrators in a very macro-aggressive way. Such an attitude is an example of what has turned the country into a nation of whiners.

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To understand the problem of how society has come to this point, a well-known philosopher wrote a commentary some time ago that describes five things that lead people to become so hypersensitive. The list is very helpful to see where society has gone wrong and where it needs to go.

1. Treat Your Children As Equals and Fear Them

The list begins with the father who “accustoms himself to become like his child and to fear his sons.” This refers to parents who not only pamper but also put themselves in a position of equality with their children. It creates a situation where parents fear doing anything that might offend the children, who become very sensitive to being refused anything.

2. Teachers Flatter Your Pupils

The second item on the list is that of the school teacher “who fears and flatters his pupils.” Like the pampered son or daughter, this pupil is helped along and saved every effort lest the child feel overshadowed by the better students or made to feel the shame of failure. In schools with these teachers, there should be no winners in games or honor roll for studies as they safeguard tender sensibilities, now made ever more sensitive.

3. Elders and Youth Dress and Act Like Each Other

The next attitude involves the differences of age. This happens when “the young act like their seniors, and compete with them in speech [or] in action.” On their part, the old “condescend to the young and become triumphs of versatility and wit, imitating their juniors in order to avoid the appearance of being sour or despotic.” This also describes the modern illness of living out fantasies especially that of eternal youth. Everyone is encouraged to appear, act and dress like youth, even when one is old. Moreover it includes any other disorder and fantasy that people live out, and who become extremely sensitive when others do not play along.

4. Make Laws to Equalize Everything

And then there is the “wonderful equality of law” that seeks to equalize all that are not equal. Such laws reward the indolent and penalize those who make more effort as might be seen, for example, in punitive taxation.

5. Equalize All Difference Between Men and Women

Finally, there is that liberty, which “prevails in the mutual relations of men and women.” This can be seen in the sexual revolution that makes all promiscuous relationships equal to those of marriage and family. This attitude leads to bitter complaints against those who would be so insensitive as to prevent them from total free love or oppose abortion, its natural consequence.

Result: A Nation of Whiners

The conclusion rings so true for the present times. It reads: “The main result of all these things, taken together, is that it makes the soul of the citizens so sensitive that they take offense and will not put up with the faintest suspicion” of a strong authority which is likened to “slavery.”

In this way, so many have become part of a nation of whiners who cannot bear the burden of contradiction from those around them. To those who whine, freedom consists only in the absence of opposition to whatever one wants to do. When opposition appears, it must be exterminated or silenced. They especially target the restraining influence of Christian morality, which they see as a strong authority similar to slavery.

Little do such people realize that they are the least free of men since they are tyrannized by their shifting passions and appetites. In a similar way, a society of whiners is hardly free because when one does not exercise interior restraint, then exterior restraint becomes ever more necessary to keep order.

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?

Actually, no modern scholar wrote this commentary. The school of human behavior changes little over the ages. This ancient observer shares wisdom valid for all times and places. His name is Plato and this particular passage can be found in his famous work, “The Republic.”

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  • John Horvat is absolutely correct regarding these five points. Our society ignores these ideas at its peril, but then, has any society lasted forever? In 1914, for example, who would have dreamed that all those “rock solid” European monarchies, a whole way of life, would disappear in less than five years?

  • Bruce Lacillade

    I am currently writing a book on a similar topic. My belief is that we are not forming our youth during their formative years. We seem to have forgotten the wisdom that comes with age and appear to discard our so called ‘tribal elders’.

  • Karen Stickney

    Discriminate against liberals by refusing to nominate a liberal judge because you don’t like their political views. Think that conservatives are so perfect when you are human like everyone else is. Treat LGBT people like they’re diseases to be avoided and alien monsters.

    • IBM PC 5150

      What do you mean? Are you criticizing us, trolling us, or supporting us? That comment makes no sense.

  • mister malted

    How well said. I too am an admirer of the “Greatest Generation’. My parents were part of it.
    Heaven knows what so many of that generation went through, a Great Depression,
    a World War, perhaps they were interned in concentration camps. I seldom heard them complain. They were always grateful for whatever they had. And while they did their best to better their lives and the lives of their families, they did make one mistake which may be understandable. I often heard them say “My children will never have to go through what I went through” forgetting the life lessons
    that adversary brings. And so they coddled the next generation, the Baby Boomers, who in turn coddled their millennium children.

    Thank you for this article. You place the blame where it belongs, with the parents. While we can complain about successive generations, we must remember they are our children. We raised them. I pray they
    will wake up and do a better job than we did.

    • Delores Cooper

      I do not think he was placing the blame with the parents. Each decade brings changes that our children are exposed to and especially in the teens that can undermine everything the parents have taught and once they’re 18 you have less authority or influence than the University they attend or wherever they may be. All you can do is pray and hope they will return to the basic moral and ethical mores you have taught them. So basically what I an saying is you cannot say that the “blame” is with the parents. At least not all parents.

  • Karen Stickney

    I mean, those are the real things that are making the United States a country of whiners. Also, when liberals obey the Constitution, play politics.

  • Chris Lilly

    If this trend is not checked and corrected radical egalitarianism will turn the United States of America into the Collectivist States of America. This type of social levelling wants to treat all people as complete equals which is abnormal and unnatural. It will also require a monster state to form and enforce such laws. The end result will be that human society will become an animal society like a beehive or ant colony.

    • Thab Lynch

      It’s too bad establishment Republicans are a bunch of collectivists too!

  • William Domenicp

    Aside from parents or guardians who are derelict in disciplining their children, any child who grows up without a sense of God, a sense of family, and a sense of country cannot develop a sense of self or self worth. The onus for ensuring proper development of children who are not whiners rests with the parents or guardians during the formative years. This is essential because of the pressures imposed by media outlets and peers.

  • Thab Lynch

    Here is what I do know. The USA, essentially, had a balanced budget at the end of Bubba Clinton’s presidency. The Republican establishment, then, single-handedly pisssed it all away.

    Let’s see, social engineering project in Iraq, nation building in Afghanistan, pork barrel spending explosion, No Child Left Behind, ethanol mandates, Medicare Prescription, Faith Based Initiatives, airline bailout, auto bailout, insurance company bailout, Wall Street bailout, federally regulated bank bailout and federally non-regulated bank bailout. And all paid for with our precious George W. Bush tax cut. Who said “when the Iraqis stand up, we can stand down”? And when did he say it?

  • Matheus Cunha Duarte Silva

    The five steps toward to the Brave New World (Aldous Huxley)!!!

  • Rosech Levy

    Simple. We do not have parents but procreators who think children should be spoiled and not at home and no discipline or manners taught. A parent teaches the child what they need to do from the first day of birth (my mother told me that and we were a family of 10!) and grow them to be real adults, that is responsible for themselves and others and not wusses and wimps. You have a fight with someone, then let’s see how you resolve it. You don’t get the grade you thought you would, well are you doing your homework (which as a past teacher no parent should be doing any more than checking to see that studying and homework done but not doing it!) and studying to progress. Are you disrespectful to the teacher and authority, then you better be prepared to be punished on coming home because you have not been taught that. All this and more were taught to us by real parents and we have not indulged our children either with toys galore, TV, Nintendo, etc., but how to study, be a Christian, good manners, no backtalk, and above all a good American! You can’t buy love but today’s progenitors think you must spoil the child and the rod and look what they have – primitives who hate them and disrespect them.

  • A Republic—if we can keep it

    Here’s a fascinating take on the nation of whiners concept:


  • Jennifer Marasco Mann

    Excellent article!