Suffering: The Appalling Benefactress, Part 1

The_Appalling_Benefactress_1_1 Suffering: The Appalling Benefactress, Part 1To attempt to understand the reason for the existence of sorrow, of this appalling Benefactress, one must go back to man’s beginnings, to Eden, where Sorrow was born the moment Adam became conscious of sin. She was the first-born of man’s work, and, ever since, she has pursued him upon earth, and, beyond the tomb, even to the very threshold of paradise.

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She was the atoning daughter of Disobedience; though baptism wipes out the original stain, Sorrow it is unable to check; to the water of the sacrament she adds the water of tears; she cleanses souls, as best she can, with two substances borrowed from man’s own body, water and blood.

Hateful, and hated by all, she penalized generation after generation; from father to son antiquity handed down hatred and fear of this torturer; paganism, unable to understand her, made of her an evil goddess whom prayers and gifts failed to appease.

For centuries she bore the burden of humanity’s curse, and, weary of seeing her work of reparation provoking only wrath and abuse, she too impatiently awaited the coming of the Messiah who should clear her reputation and remove the hateful stigma that was hers.

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She awaited Him as her Redeemer and also as her Betrothed, destined for her since the Fall; and for Him, accordingly, she reserved her passion, until then kept within bounds. For, from the time since her mission began, the tortures she had dealt out were comparatively tolerable. She had to curtail her grievous caresses to suit the proportions of mankind. She did not give free play to herself when dealing with those despairing ones who repulsed and reviled her, when they but felt her hovering near.

  • rulie haveman

    I belief in God our father and in Jesus Christ His Only Begotten Son . And none of that catholic hocus pocus made up by the old Romans and their so-called “Gods:


      There is no such thing as ‘Catholic hocus pocus’.

      • Rose Marie Doyle

        “Hoc est corpus meum” – “This is my body” in Latin – words of Christ at the Last Supper and of the apostles and of all his priests down the present, done as Christ commanded “in memory” of Him. (Derivation of expression hocus locus with its biblically false connotation)

    • Anon

      We Catholics believe in only 1 God. This article is personification to better understand and make a point.
      You seem to want to mock the Apostle’s Creed? It is a beautiful thing. Do not mock it. It is Scripturally secure and flowing with Truth.
      The Bible is also completely true. Do not mock it either, if that is your attempt.

      • Rose Marie Doyle

        What follows is a very good statement, but to say ” believing in One God” is personification is not true. God is a person, not an idea to which we have applied qualities of personhood. He is not a human person but a Divine Person, a spiritual person, but nevertheless a person.

        • Rosech Levy

          Or as said in Chinese, the chi (Qi) is our universal creator and that Qi creates us and everything in our universe. When I learned this in my Chinese medicine courses, it brought home again how peoples and tribes have always known there was a “creator” far above them. Anyone who denies this, denies their creation as a human being and that creation was not done by just wishing yourself to be here.

    • MJSoy

      So, if you do not believe in any “catholic hocus locus”, why are you reading and commenting upon this site?