An Unforgettable Holy Week in Seville

MAG_3040-X2 An Unforgettable Holy Week in SevilleIn 2013, I visited Seville, Spain during its famous Holy Week, when a magnificent, centuries-old reenactment of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ takes to the streets.

Passion Week in Seville is a ray of hope for Christianity in a world that has become a Babel of dissenting ideas and beliefs. What a wonderful experience to see people of faith, multitudes prayerfully following mile-long candle processions through the night, and three-ton floats with life-like representations of the Passion of Christ and the Suffering Virgin.

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For the Catholic Spaniard, nothing but the best is used for the Lord and His Mother. So the floats are artistically covered in silver and gold, and the various statues of the Dolorous Madonna wear mantles of embroidered beauty, thought only possible in heaven.

More than seventy confraternities, some several centuries old, process through the streets of charming Seville during Holy Week. An authentically popular movement, the confraternities are composed entirely of laity. Thus, what I witnessed was genuine devotion and piety rising to heaven like incense in this age of the iPod.

MAG_3299-X2 An Unforgettable Holy Week in SevilleI saw an entire city put aside earthly concerns, and, for a full week follow its Redeemer and its heavenly Mother, day and night through the streets of ancient Seville. If ever I felt Catholicity, it was in the middle of the night, pressed on all sides by a crowd waiting for Christ and the Mater Dolorosa to pass. But you had to have been there.

Love and sorrow, life and death, blood and tears, flesh and spirit, earth and eternity, were there at dawn under the moonlight as all waited for the long procession of Jesus del Gran Poder to pass. It is an amazing Faith that gives the title “Of the Great Power” to one condemned to die. As all eyes focus on the end of the street, first the shadow of a figure bent under a cross appeared around the corner, then the holy Face and bearing. A superbly carved statue of a virile Man, his expression is heart-grabbing. Preceded by a musical band that played a tune at once solemn and strong, He slowly passed through a profoundly respectful crowd.

Suddenly a “saeta,” an improvised song, broke out, a man singing from a balcony with all the passion his heart and lungs could muster: “. . .because Christ lives. . . I have seen Him, I have seen Him walking through the streets of Seville. . .”

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Half an hour later a second float approached covered in decorative gold. One hundred lit candles only allowed viewers a glimpse of the outline of a Mater Dolorosa. As the float passed, the blaze made it difficult to focus on the beautiful, tear-stained face of the suffering mother, a sword plunged into her heart.

MAG_2867-X3 An Unforgettable Holy Week in Seville“Why so many candles in front of her,” I asked of the person next to me.

“So she can’t see the suffering of her Son, who goes ahead,” is the simple, love-filled answer.

As I flew back to the States, thinking of the great loss that it is for the world to have abandoned the true Faith, I felt as if an angel whispered a thought: world powers come and go, each convinced that it can do away with God, but, in the end, Truth remains and Christian Civilization, sublime and sacred, will once again reign supreme.

Never doubt it.

  • Mary McMahon

    Beautiful ,they have similar processions in Italy.

  • Kathryn C. Geiger

    Amen. We who know Christ know the end that is in store for all mankind, good or evil, and we who believe are the most blessed.

  • Darmo

    It is sad today that the secular west no longer care to go to church for whatever reason. Many times when were were in Spain last month we saw empty churches for mass, but for a handful of seniors. It was different in Asia; for example in Indonesia the churches were filled to capacity by young and old alike during masses.

    • Rons Abhish

      You may watch ,this coming years will be for Europe,people will grow more Godly,Holy spirit will enkindle the people.

    • Rosech Levy

      Darmo, ditto in Hong Kong and mainland China – the churches actually over-filled and the people hummed with their love of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Energy and faith and when I am there, no way will I miss Mass even in the city of Hangzhou that has only one Catholic Church which is so stuffed with attendees that there was outside TV and mic, as well as building new additions to the Church. Or as on Asian told me in the USA, the China want God and it shows. The Catholic Cathedral in Kuala Lumpur another example of being Catholic and in huge attendance from locals as well from tourists. It is wonderful, awe inspiring and makes me sad that our church here in the USA has fewer and fewer attendees because it is preaching for invaders no our soil and ignoring the need of American Catholics.

  • Rons Abhish

    True world powers will come and go but each make so much destruction and think it can overcome God,