The Three Crucial Issues at the Pope-Trump Meeting

The_Three_Crucial_Issues_at_the_Pope_Trump_Meeting The Three Crucial Issues at the Pope-Trump Meeting

The Three Crucial Issues at the Pope-Trump Meeting in Rome.

The upcoming meeting in Rome between Pope Francis and President Trump is fast approaching. It is an opportune occasion to share some thoughts and concerns about the future.

The two figures could not be more different. The Pope is the head of the greatest spiritual power on Earth. The President is the elected leader of the world’s only superpower. They will speak about a world in turmoil. From a purely human perspective, the situation looks dire. Thus, there is so much that could be discussed at this meeting since they both have vast resources at their disposal.

The Church has Her moral teachings, and wisdom garnered over the ages that is essential to any debate about the future. Completely different in nature, America has vast material resources that have often been channeled to help humanity.

RTO-mini2 The Three Crucial Issues at the Pope-Trump MeetingFree Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go

Conflict or Cooperation?

Progressives are rooting that this meeting turns into a conflict. Liberal media will do everything possible to accentuate the differences between the Pope and the President. They will try to fit their meeting into a false and exaggerated narrative that would have one defending the poor and the other representing those who supposedly oppress them through their wealth and lifestyles.

There is no doubt that Pope Francis and President Trump are indeed different and disagree on many things. However, inside the realm of Catholic social doctrine, there is much about which they might and should agree.

Both the Pope and the President are known for their outspokenness. Thus, they need to speak out and denounce the world’s true evils. Both have broken conventions. They must now break the typical agendas put before them. In light of the centennial year of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima, they urgently need to address the core problems that have caused men to go awry.

For this reason, it would be helpful if Pope and President were to talk about three things upon which they might agree and which few can deny.

Addressing the Causes, Not the Effects

We pray that, with God’s help, they would focus on the causes of the present crisis. It is easy to see that they might disagree on the means to deal with the dangerous effects of the world crisis. Let them at least agree on its causes.

Without addressing causes, it is impossible to solve problems. No amount of money can fill the void when problems perpetuate themselves and grow ever larger due to causes that are allowed to fester. Yet this outlook is typically absent from today’s postmodern world that prefers to deal with the sensational and immediate symptoms.

Thus, when discussing the problem of countless refugees that seek asylum in the West, for example, the two should explore and denounce the causes that induce the refugees to flee.

It should be easy to agree that immigrants will cease to migrate if they no longer want to leave their home country. The goal should not be to settle people in foreign lands but to give priority to restoring conditions for them to live in their native lands, whether this be Syria, Venezuela, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya or Cuba, which these immigrants love and where they desire to live in peace.

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?

It is evident that they might disagree on the means of alleviating the effects of poverty. Let them at least agree on the causes. It is easy to agree that much of today’s poverty finds its origin in failed communist, socialist, or Islamist regimes with their shattered economies, broken families, uprooted communities and empty churches. The goals should be to favor the moral restoration of society so that healthy families build vigorous communities that allow them to flourish and prosper.

A Restoration of Order

The second thing the Pope and the President can agree on is the need for order. They may not agree on the means to reach this order, but it is evident to all that the world is in disorder. An order is needed.

As Russell Kirk affirmed, order is the first need of the soul and society. Without it, there can be no justice, peace, law or freedom.

Order calls for things to work in function of their nature and final end. Thus there is disorder in a society in which human life is mercilessly killed and marriage is undermined. There is disorder in the frenetic intemperance of the times in which people at all levels must have everything instantly and effortless as an entitlement. There is above all disorder in sin that severs one’s peace with God.

To Make America Great, Turn Back to God

And thus Pope and President might agree there must be a moral order that will restore balance and unity to society. There must be notions of right and wrong that will stop the sinful killing of the unborn and elderly. These are basic concepts long lost to a relativistic society that denies the need for an order, which it labels oppressive. However, these are things the two leaders can agree on and address when they meet.

Getting it Right with God

The third thing the Pope and the President might agree on is the need to turn to God at this crucial period of history. All the efforts of men might appear great but they are nothing in the face of an almighty and infinitely benevolent God who desires the eternal salvation of sinful man.

How much good can be done if they would proclaim that the ultimate solutions to the world’s problems lie in getting it right with God, and then put action to their words. Again, this is an obvious conclusion since the complexity, gridlock and disproportion associated with the present crises far exceed the capacity of world leaders to resolve them.

Nor would such a declaration depart from tradition. From time immemorial, American presidents have called upon God to bless America. In this special Fatima year, it would be especially appropriate to do so again, formally, in such a privileged forum.

An Excellent Starting Point

When Pope and President meet in Rome, action on these three points will make the encounter stand out in history. Correctly defining causes and the need for order would be an excellent starting point toward solutions. A contrite and humble admission of the world’s two leaders of God’s indispensable role could not but impress a suffering world…and, more importantly, a just and merciful God.

America’s Fatima Future: How a Return to Order Can Make It Happen

And as happened in Fatima a hundred years ago, it will also impress and even shake the certainties of those in the liberal establishment who habitually banish God from His rightful place in society and who disregard and even ridicule His fundamental role in history and the lives of men.

282 thoughts on “The Three Crucial Issues at the Pope-Trump Meeting

  1. Trump and the Pope will get along just fine. If Trump is true to form, he’ll agree with everything the Pope says, he’ll smile, be friendly and charming, and then completely forget everything the moment he leaves the Vatican.

    • Perhaps, but as praying Christians (if we are) we have the confidence that the authority given to us to pray in Jesus’ name are powerful and effective to produce a meeting that has some more meaningful results.

      If we truly believe what the Word says about His redeemed, that is.

      Don’t lose heart. We have been given more power in His Spirit than we often realize.

      Father bless,

      “I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people, for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” 1 Tim 2:1-2

      “God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God.” 2 Cor 5:21

      ” The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5:16

        • I see your point, but let’s not forget his father gave him a “small loan” of $1million. He’s not exactly a self-made made. He graduated from one of the finest universities in the country. His background has allowed him to bully others throughout his entire life. He never needed connections, never had to care if he was offensive or even harming anyone. His financial safety net had him covered. He could be as abusive as he pleases.

          • fhc, your jealousy is showing again. His father could have given him a great deal more. More rich kids spend it all, but Trump worked to build it to 10 billion. And you? He is not a bully and has never bullied. He has some 32K employees and most are long term because they respect him. He was the first or near first businessman to encourage and help women to rise to officer level in his business long before some who are still not empowering women. He makes connections as all with business or businesses do so we can have more business. Just read the Art of the Deal and learn how to connect to others, which is obvious here that you do not have that skill but it can be learned. He has never been offensive or harmed anyone, but Obama and Soros and Pelosi and others are and have been. Regret you don’t like him, but that is your problem and ranting or telling lies about him do not engage others to like you.

          • read it when it was first published. you are drunk on trump…no reasoning with you. good luck when he’s forced to resign and end up in prison! which lately seems is going to be just around the corner. just out of curiosity – how old are you? i find that older, less educated people adore him.

      • Trump is charming and does well with the Art of the Deal. You don’t like him and that’s fine but he is very charming and that is why so far his trip to these countries has been so effective. Not offensive nor insulting as was Obama, but courteous and interested in the other man and/or woman. Something very, very new for any President we have had before. I agree with Sisi, Trump can do the impossible!

  2. Robert you cannot use true to form for a man who is not been given the freedom to fall on his face or make it great. he’s been three months at a job and for three months he has not been able to have all the capable staff he needs to function one way or the other. We can stay true to form about Obama because we had eight years of him. You can say true to form about The bushes and the Clintons because we have grown to know them. If the masses who voted him in again become disenchanted with America and the way we are going without giving them a chance to be part of the decision-making for this nation, then we as a nation have lost all hope. Because this fracture will never heal. That is why we have suggestion boxes in corporations even though no one looks at the suggestions at least the coworkers can feel that they were able to make some contribution to the future of the company. Not all suggestions he has made are poor reflections of our founding fathers opinions and dreams. The same can be said from the other side. So give the man a chance to do his job pray for him and hope for the best for America. Unlike what some liberals professors believe. It is not always anti-progressive to say whoops we miss the intersection back there let’s go back and take the right road

      • Many were, but many weren’t. Many Freemasons are also Christians. I think there are some down here in Louisiana that are even Roman Catholics. The Masons have no quarrel with their member’s religions. They do have a belief in God. It may be somewhat heretical but, the only substantive problem with them is their refusal to accept Magisterial and Papal infallibility. Especially if we are talking about toleration of, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, Protestants, and many others that do not accept Magisterial and Papal infallibility.

    • resistance from the other side of the aisle is always expected, but the way they’ve gone at trump has been way, way over the top. it’s obviously motivated by their rage at his overturning the apple cart and making a fool of them by pulling off the “yugest” upset in presidential election history–overcoming the clinton political juggernaut & the entire msm propaganda machine in one fell swoop. they’re attacking him with inconsequential, meaningless, unsubstantiated, imaginary wrongdoing–it’s positively insane. i’m starting to see red over it.

      • We must continue to pray for him. There is suppose to be a bunch of riots again but they are to be violent and I read that we need to start a novena again because of “witches” going to cast a spell on Trump. I am tired of it. Let the man do his job. The U.S. is so sad.

  3. They both are virtuous in their own way. Each of them have a different sense/ set of challenges. If the recent Manchester massacre was ISIS derived, then presumably both men will acknowledge this as intrinsically disordered; the origins of which are from a distorted ideology. Yet, despite all this, still not outside the eventual reach of grace and mercy. Surely both men have been faced with people and things incapable of being ordered to God, and must be handled accordingly. I believe he used the words :evil losers” for a reason. Time will tell, and we shall see if this represents a just cause for war referenced in the Bible. Scott

  4. Let’s pray for fruitful discussions that our Holy Father may influence the President in a positive Christian way for the betterment of all mankind.

    • Wow! My only prayer for Francis is to repent his heresies and turn away from leading souls to destruction.

          • Heresies? Really? He’s just a Jesuit, not a heretic. Perhaps I wandered into an ultra-right site here. Last I checked Jesus was forgiving, tolerant and accepting – hence “who am I to judge?” Mary Magdalen was a nun? I believe she was a working girl before she repented and changed her ways.

        • is one of those pre Vatican 2, , cismatic, arrogant, protestant “catholic” fundamentalist, most likely an infiltrated mason or a follower of this Masonic lodge or perhaps a confused catholic by the RECENT MASONIC TREND SET UP AGAINST OUR POPE FRANCIS…..REITERATING…. a growing trend against Pope Francis that THESE FOLKS believes is not a legitimate pope because pope Benedict was removed in purpose to elect Francis instead…..something of that sort…..let’s pray for this simple, humble man Pope Francis so this meeting is a total success as the Jewish, Arab & USA meeting was recently. ,

        • fhcgsps, There are more than a few things that the Pope and the rest of the leadership of the Church have wrong. 1. They dismiss subsidiarity. They instead focus on state welfare. State welfare is neither just, responsible, or charitable. The pervasive power and activity of the government(s) diminish the role of the churches. 2. They are totally missing the importance of security as a foundation for peace. The situation in Europe is dire. The continent is losing any semblance of Christianity. They are also being subsumed by violence at the hands of the “refugees” they are trying to help. 3. The Church is giving aid and comfort to the abortionists, purveyors of sin, and perversion by supporting the socialists ostensibly because of government assistance programs supported by them. 4. They are also participating in the destruction of religious freedom by the same actions. BTW I do not remember Jesus ever saying give your money to the Temple or the Romans in expectation of it getting to the poor. He seemed to be much more interested in direct person to person aid.

          • Unless either of us is an expert in Roman history and law, we probably won’t come to a conclusion about what Caesar did with all that money he collected. God chose to send us his son at one of the most barbaric points in the history of the human race. Hopefully, we’ll take his teachings to heart and practice compassion for those in need. If the most efficient way to give people a hand up is through a social program, I’m all for it.

          • Good charities are the most efficient way to help people. Government wastes a huge percent of taxes before the remainder gets to people in need. Government overhead eats a large percent of money earmarked for social programs.

          • I agree with you about charities. However, they can be just as irresponsible and wasteful as governments. It seems money and scandals are inseparable. It is possible for governments to manage social programs responsibly. I think our biggest challenge will always be our size. Most countries are the size of one of our states. That alone makes it easier for them to manage. They also have a history of social program whereas we continue to struggle with the issues of more or fewer benefits. It is definitely a tough nut to crack. In the end, we will evolve and it won’t be an extreme.

          • With charities it is easy to research to see the percent of their donations that get to the poor, allowing us to give our money wisely. With the government administrating the money, we know that a small percent gets to the people in need. Some charities use about 6%, giving over 90% where it’s needed. Government often does the exact opposite.

        • fhcg, if you have even listened to Francis you would know he wants open borders, let everybody in, obviously does not believe in closed borders, but as many have said, why doesn’t he have invaders on the soil in Italy living on his (really our) property in Vatican City? He a great friend of Obama as well and that says a lot about this Francis. I can only say we have had a lot of evil, nasty popes, so one more won’t hurt because gave us our Church and it has survived 2000 years in spite of popes not being real Catholic and living our faith. Hope this explains a wee bit about why we have to pray for a pope and hopefully a far better one soon as there are some cardinals contending to remove him.

          • Unfortunately for this discussion, I agree with Francis. I imagine he was influenced in large part by surviving a difficult period in Argentina’s history, when 30,000 went missing – tortured and killed in the late 70’s and early 80’s. He lost close friends in Argentina’s dirty war, and that has to have colored his views on politics and tolerance.

            I am also an enormous fan of Obama. I’m not sharing that to provoke more discussion. I respect that not everyone shares my admiration for his intellect and ability to navigate us out of the worst financial debacle since the 20’s. But I do not understand the rancor for a man who has done so much good for the country. These are points we will obviously not agree on, but that is what makes this country strong.

          • “When President Barack Obama signed an update to U.S. law protecting
            religious freedom late last week, one provision drew special attention:
            U.S. law now recognizes non-believers as, in essence, a religious group.”

            I’m sorry, I don’t get your point.

          • I don’t see it as disdain for religious freedom. I suppose anyone working for them can leave their positions of employment if they cannot have access to contraception or other health services. That is the issue, correct?

          • No. Obama did not allow for religious freedom in his Affordable Care Act. The Little Sisters of the Poor had to appeal to the US Supreme Court for attempting to assert their inalienable right to not violate their religious beliefs.

          • Slowest recovery in the lifetime of anyone under 80. His stimulus certainly didn’t bring us out of the recession. Instead of bailing out GM, they should have reorganized under our bankruptcy laws and would have come back even stronger. Reagan inherited a country with 20% interest rates, double digit inflation, and many other problems at least as bad as what BHO got, yet RR fixed things much faster, and he did it with policies that verifiably worked. In the meantime, he precipitated the end of the cold war, which I fear BHO may have restarted.

        • Telling us we sin if we don’t recycle is not the job of a Pope, and backing the global warming/climate change idea shows he has no faith that God is in charge. Remember that the same kind of scientists that claim climate change is caused by humans, are too stupid to recognize that a fetus in a woman is human life.

    • Amen.

      The Body of Christ needs to come into unity and seek Father’s heart and pray for
      Those in govt that we may continue to share the gospel.

    • I would not count on Francis doing that, but I can see Trump doing this, Frances. One is for freedom and liberty, and Francis is not!

      • OH GOD , you’re defending Steve Bigot Bannon ? To use Hell here as in what is wrong with you , what is wrong with you ? This isn’t being Catholic or Christian you atheist in “religious” clothing. SHAME, SHAME ON YOU. Get your Catholic bible out some time and actually read it, though even then it might not sink in.

        • People need to OBEY God’s word not simply read it.

          Jesus said, NOT EVERYONE WHO SAYS TO ME , ‘LORD, LORD,’

          I guess according to what Jesus said people are to do the will of His
          Father who is in heaven.

          The New American Standard Bible is quoted; is that different from a
          Catholic bible?

        • That is not a charitable opinion. How about ” forgive us our trespasses as WE forgive those ………”. OR ” let those Without sin cast the first stone”.

        • You’ve swallowed the leftist propaganda. They malign him because they know he is their most formidable adversary & sees right through their pretenses. Substantiate your claim that Bannon is racist without resorting to hearsay & innuendo. Go ahead – I’ll wait.

          • That is what you get when you do not check your facts. Made sounds self righteous.

          • Steve Bannon is the Prophet Nathan to President Trump’s King David. The slander against him is without merit.

          • The slander is completely with merit and therefore isn’t even slander. Trump and his cronies are evil men that worship at the alter of money.

          • The MSM nose-ring you wear suits you perfectly. Glad you enjoy being fed what to think.

          • I’m guessing you watch Fox news which has been caught blatantly lying about the facts. But you don’t have the ability to question what you are told by them.

          • You guess wrong. Just keep choking down the fake news swill the MMS dishes out. You seem to relish it.

          • I don’t need the MSM. All I need is Trump’s tweets and the words out of his own mouth.

          • They’re refreshingly bold & candid. I prefer that over the pretentious posturing & pontificating of his ball-less predecessor.

          • They are candid, but they are horrifying. They flat out make America look bad to the rest of the world. Trump is a flat out narcissist who only cares about himself and how others perceive him. This is a quality that makes a person unqualified to lead anything. You are clearly unable to see this and buy right into his posturing and deceit. And even when the so called msm clearly uses Trump’s own words that he promised one thing and now he is doing something else, you still claim they are being biased.

            One more thing that I’m guessing you don’t understand is that the founding fathers of this nation envisioned an adversarial press to keep the powers of government in check. You however seem to think if they don’t go along with the president that they are just pushing some liberal agenda. Without the msm, our constitutional liberty would be trampled all over. We do however need to ask questions and not blindly accept what we are told because media outlets are biased both left and right. And we must do the same of politicians who lie, cheat, and spin things so we accept them.

          • O please – the press was anything but adversarial towards Obama. They’re nothing but the propagandist arm of the Democratic party. The fourth estate has sold out, utterly abandoning the laudable principles of journalistic objectivity & integrity. They have failed in their duties & deserve to be razed to the ground & the soil sown with salt.

          • You clearly show your own bias. The level of adversary was less, but it was still there. The AHA got tons of bad press. The deal with Iran, bailouts of the banks and automakers, use of tax money to spend on infrastructure to pull us out of the recession were among the things I saw routinely criticized in the press as much as it was praised.

          • now, if you substituted “øvømit” everywhere you wrote “Trump”, you’d be on the right track…

        • Well then tell “Pope is a Dope” to read his, you to for that matter!! The Bible states man shall NOT lay with man, ERGO the Bible/ God banned homosexuality as a sin!! Pope is a Dope says come on down and join the church.

  5. Dear Mr Horvat,
    Your article was truly well written. I am praying for these two men to make a difference in our world. The true “Force” is with Pope Francis. Our U.S. force is with Pres. Trump, who has called upon God many, many times on his trip to the Middle East. How refreshing and important is that?!
    But more than these two men, is the Trust I have in Him. May the Holy Spirit descend upon them as they discuss the issues relevant in our lives. May our Blessed Mother reach them on this centennial of her apparition to the shepherd children of Fatima. May these two men be united in returning this world to HIm.
    God Bless You for all you do for Him.

    • Trump calls on God for scoring points with various religious voters . I was raised Catholic and am a practicing Catholic. His budget & healthcare debacle Punishes the poor, elderly and sick plus cuts tbe tax credit for charitable donations too so don’t preach about how saintly this con s like one of those dubious tele-evangelists living in mansions does. Actions speak loudly. Trump tbe man who said in an interview he didn’t believe he had to ask God for forgiveness if he does wrong, why bring God into sinning ? WRONG ! You also sin against God when you do wrong to others. “What so ever you do to the least of my brothers that you do unto me” , get it. ?

        • Crickets!!…

          Leftists only care about social justice and global warming. THEY COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT MORAL VALUES!

          • That’s right, Geo. We’re all a big bunch of drunken, gambling, intellectual whores. Damn us!

          • Our entire house is on FIRE and you care about the air conditioning unit working and turning off the lights to save energy!!.. Wake up sir!!

        • Read some of her other threads and you will see she is a ‘reporter catholic’ beware wolves in sheep clothing….

        • absolutely….killing innocent babies or killing old people, or children. ect…is still the greatest sin…nothing should be given to those killing factories.

        • Very good point. Same with Mexico City Policy, SCOTUS judge, religious rights ES,… and all those things that would have happened but they did not and will not because DT and not HC is the POTUS.
          Every day, I remind myself… HC is not the Prez… that is enough.

      • God said homosexuality is a “SIN”!! What Bible do you and “Pope is a Dope” read?????
        The Pope has basically sanctioned homosexuality!! Really following and obeying the Scriptures, the Bible. NOT!!!!

      • how can you be sure about anything in the healthcare bill or the budget when all the info is coming from a hostile press & hysterically overreacting democrats still butt-sore from trump triumphing over her highness hillary?

    • Absolutely Janet!! Thank you. On her wedding day, Melanie Trump carried – not a bouquet of flowers – but THE HOLY ROSARY in her hands! Our Blessed Mother was in charge of the election – not Russia. She set angels at every voting booth to stop fraud. Many prophets, including Catholic prophets, gave prophecies since 1980s that Trump would be president. God doesn’t always give us times, we have to discern and trust. God knows what He is about but “who has the mind of Christ”? and “His ways are not our ways (Thank you Jesus) and His thoughts are FAR ABOVE our thoughts. There are so many wanna-be Catholics, it’s frustrating! There are over a million people who have signed up for praying the 54-Day Rosary Novena for our Nation and our President. Prayers and Trust in the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, just as at Fatima, will save this Nation. Either pray the rosary, or bemoan your self-made fate. Mr Horvat, you have some good ideas — -but are they God’s ideas? Shut up and pray people, and donate where the Holy Spirit leads you.

  6. You wrote: “Liberal media will do everything possible to accentuate the differences between the Pope and the President. They will try to fit their meeting into a FALSE and exaggerated narrative…” (my caps)

    Both liberal and conservative media have an agenda all their own including your web site. Agenda is not truth. Agenda is opinion, innuendo and manipulation to report what fits the agenda. It is difficult to witness any truth through the filter of agenda. What needs to happen is obedience to the 4th commandment to our world leaders both religious and secular. How can either one of these men complete God’s Purpose for them if they are constantly being attacked by personal and political agendas?

    Please stop providing random links on your site with criticisms about the Pope’s actions and words. These sound very much like SSPX and the SSPXX (the second X is for Xtreme referring to their online frontal assault of Vatican II and derogatory statements they have to say about all the Popes since Vatican II).

    Your book, Return to Order is a masterpiece of logic and provides people hope to include in our prayer. The more people pray for a rational order of life, the stronger combined faith becomes and “faith moves mountains.” Your book’s ideas provide direction. Please don’t let your “other” agenda taint the value and power of the grace you were given to write your book.

    The fact that you practically give this book away speaks volumes about the source of your material. Consider writing another book on the practical value of being obedient to our superiors in our lives that is until we are ordered to sin. Then and only then do we have the right to disobey those superiors that God has placed in our lives whether they are parents, bosses, teachers…presidents or popes. I’m not aware of either of those last two doling out any orders for us to sin.

    The immigration issue does not have a absolutely defined “best answer.” Sometimes trial and error is the best choice. Support our president to make a decision and act on it and the rest can be tweaked as we go. Grid lock of no action can be and has been deadlier than any of the other alternatives. Our Pope needs to be able to do the same thing regarding ecumenicism. How do we bring more people to Christ if we don’t give them the opportunity to taste TRUE Love of Jesus coming from the leader of the Catholic Church?

    In Matthew, Jesus tells us, “You shall know them by their fruits.” Saint Paul describes the Fruits of the Holy Spirit. Kindness, Charity, Goodness, Peace, Patience and Generosity are included in those Fruits.

    Let’s all practice more Fruits of the Holy Spirit and less fruits of our personal and political agendas.

  7. Dear Mr Horvat,

    Thanks for your assiduous work for Jesus and Mary. May I point out that the USA is not the only superpower – Russia and China are also,though feigning benignity. Our Lord and Our Lady revealed to Bl.Elena Aiello the truth about Russia and also here is an excellent article about the fact that Russia REMAINS communist. God bless.

  8. To mitigate the immigration crisis, how about the simple remedy of stopping wars that drive people from their lands?

  9. Pray that God will guide these 2 heads of state. We need God for peace. Let’s all pray that the two men will act in Godly manner.

  10. The Pope is liberal… He suggests opening OUR border.. Open HIS border if he thinks Islam is friendly..NO walls. ? Well take down YOUR wall Pope Francis.. St. Thomas probably did not have to deal with thousands of hostile immigration; people who set out to kill Christians.; setting bombs, blowing up planes, hating gays, beheading Christians.. THIS is what the world is dealing with..OUR world — not the one protected by the Vatican walls. .. . Are we going to support Jesus, Our Lord and his teachings — or are we going to allow ISIS to demand Sharia Law – and death to all who are not Muslim?? It IS coming — IT is on our shores.. Orderly and moral is not something ISIS lives with.. I disagree with Pope Francis.. and I am allowed to..

  11. You are spot on, Mr. Horvat II, I totally agree with your three crucial points. If both will focus on these, then politics and bad journalism will not distract the anticipated good outcome of their meeting. God bless Pope Francis; God bless President trump.

  12. You are so right Mr. Horvat! Also we need to take our ‘word’ of Liberalism back. We are Liberal, freedom loving. ‘They’ are not and we need to take back ownership of this word…

  13. The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church and president Trump is the leader of the free world. Trump wants a wall…..the Vatican has a wall…….America owes a huge amount of money to China ……….the Vatican is thee richest city in the world……..the Pope wants America to welcome illegals and refugees and to support them…….the Pope and the Vatican do nothing to support or feed the illegals and the refugees, because they have a wall and guards and the minute a church can no longer support itself and/or it’s school the Pope and the Vatican shut them down…….America sends supplies to feed people after a devastation of nature………the Pope and the Vatican do nothing.
    The Pope preaches that others must help and they collect money at the masses but to take from the Vatican never happens. And yes, I am a Catholic and I believe the Pope has no right to preach when he does nothing but talk about everyone else helping but him and his bank accounts.
    The Pope does not have his dwellers being killed, his city has 24 – 7 security while the Americans are on their own. So I strongly suggest that the Pope shut up until he is the example for everyone else. And Trump ALWAYS asks for God to Bless America and all the while he is trying to protect all Americans and every democrat is against America being protected.

    • Carol, you are really wrong! The church through all if it’s dioceses have sponsored and paid for many refugee families all over the world! Also, if you take a close look you will see many papal charities that help the poor all over the world, one of theses being CNEWA, Canadian Near East Welfare Association, which helps many people including the forgotten such as in Ukraine.

      • You are wrong and just said it yourself. Yes things are done thru “special collections” not because the Vatican opens ITS purse!

        • The Vatican DOES open its purse, but sounds like you won’t accept the truth, so best you just go to bed and weep for being ignorant.

    • Carol, did you forget about all the saved souls, schools, colleges, hospitals, charitable organization, etc. the Catholic church has created in all these 2000 years since Christ first established it.
      I figure the wall is to protect all the valuable art and religious articles stored and protected there in the Vatican.

      • Try it again, Joe. Tell us all what money was given to Mother Teresa from the Vatican? Did they “support” her? Please, things are founded under different religions but that has nothing to do with their money coming from the Vatican.

        • Mother Teresa was the founder of the Order of the Missionaries of Charity, a Roman Catholic congregation of women dedicated to helping the poor. Considered one of the greatest humanitarians of the 20th century, she was canonized as Saint Teresa of Calcutta in 2016.
          Her organization raises its own money to help those in need. That is what charitable organizations do to help those in need. Her being a Catholic nun gave her credibility which proved she was working from the heart. I don’t believe the Vatican publicizes what amount of monetary help Mother Teresa got at the beginning of our mission.
          We all have jobs to do for the church there is much work to be done. The most important is to bring people to Christ by evangelizing. Unfortunately most Christian don’t do that. Some find it easier to criticize .

        • We Catholics donate monies for many, many causes and, yes, the Vatican does send money where needed. Time you all grew up and got a clue about who we are as Catholics and where the pope lives and what has been saved in Vatican City for all to visit and enjoy.

      • Joe, Carol probably has not, but, yes, we Catholic has the most hospitals, clinics, schools, care for the aged, poor and ill than any other faith belief or the government. Why? Because it is a God given right to be educated and return God’s goodness to and for others. The Vatican City is not as rich as you would believe, altho it has a huge number of wealth in paintings, statues, etc. that you can visit and see. Might want to do that one day. Money is spent largely on the poor everywhere in the world. We Catholics are not tithed as other churches do but give what we can and freely. We pay tuition and also can give extra to support other students who cannot afford the tuition, books, uniforms, etc. because most Catholics are not rich as so many think. We give to keep up the church, the grounds, the schools, and reach out to help others with our compassion centers, food giving, helping in cases of fires or accidents, etc. This is spreading God’s love for all His children. I remember my visit to Vatican City and we see the Pieta and then later it was vandalized and is now encased in protective glass, etc. We don’t do that because we respect what the statues represent. We don’t adore them or worship them, but respect them and try to see how we can emulate them in this life. Thanks to the Vatican there is much art that is no longer available any where else because of robberies, vandalism, fires, etc. Could it be sold? Probably but would be very difficult to get the money to buy it as it is so precious.

  14. America seems to be more concerned about its advancement than real peace and democracy. It is evident in Afghanistan,Iraq,Pakistan etc.
    Why the causes that make people flee from their own country are not tackled ?
    Pope is liberal and may be good, but cause of confusion in the minds of faithful. He should listen to people like Cardinal Burke and discipline German Cardinals to bring them to obey Christ and Church

    • The biggest problem in the countries that the “refugees” is corrupt or non existent governments. The aid that is sent does not get to those who need it. Our government gives the Palestinian Authority a lot of money. Does it build schools, hospitals, power grids, and roads? No, it builds tunnels under the border to attack Israel, buys missiles to fire at Israeli citizens, pays pensions to families of bombers, and some goes into the leadership’s personal numbered accounts.

      • Thomas, did you listen to Trump’s speech in Palestine? Clear as water as it was in Saudi Arabia, and meanwhile Abbas goes on ranting as the Palestinians usually do. They invaded Israel’s land but think it is their and they want to be a state. No other ME country will take them and neither should Israel. You give the Palestinians an inch and now they want Jerusalem, etc., etc.

  15. Francis is the false pope. He has only the moral authority of a priest, not the Catholic Church. He is a man without any sense of reality. President Trump will give him the respect he is due, but Francis is not a representative of Jesus.

  16. Masonic one worldism – which in reality divides – is the main issue. It is all set out in the anti-Christ song, Imagine – no Heaven, Hell, countries, religion, a brotherhood of man.
    Multiculturalism divides, not unites.

    • That is goofy. The Masons may be for the eventual unity of man but not the New World Order of domination that the Socialists, Communists, Crony Capitalists, Statists of every stripe seem to desire.

  17. Mary was a humble Jewish gal who obeyed God. She is alive in heaven, grieved by this attention and elevated status

  18. So true, Mr Horvat–we need to start addressing causes of our social disintegration, not just try to deal with all the damage downstream. For that, we need to advocate for God’s loving plan for order, starting with the relationship between men and women. So politically incorrect!

  19. penance,fasting and with rosary in hand in front of the blessed Sacrament tomorrow for 1/2 hr for a fruitful meeting may the Holy Spirit be among them….so be it amen…

  20. WARNING: A press release on April 19, 2017 pointed to the danger that asteroid impacts on Earth are: [1] Far more of a risk than what most space scientists assume, primarily because of their belief in old Earth ages and evolution of all life from a common ancestor – the mythology of academia [2] Asteroid 2012-TC-4 is due to just barely miss the Earth on the 100 year anniversary of the Public Miracle of the Sun which occurred in Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917. The close fly-by is on October 12, 2017 Universal time or October 13, 2017 in many nations west of the Tonga Islands, like New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, China etc.

    So what’s the point? Mary, the Mother of Jesus told the three children in Fatima Portugal that a second war, WWII would be upon us if we didn’t keep to high moral standards and pray. Well, enough of us didn’t and we got WWII with 50,000,000 humans killed vs. 5,000,000 during WWI. Now we have sunk to a new low by allowing abortion, homosexuality and gay marriage to run rampant which is destroying the family, the very foundation of humanity. Will God allow a chastisement on the100th anniversary of the Fatima public miracle or just another warning? Like Chelyabinsk, Russia on February 15, 2013 will there be an asteroid that NASA etc. can’t detect that will impact Earth in some manner before 2012-TC-4 allegedly flies-by?

    What do we do to avoid God’s just wrath as noted in the warning of our Lady of Akita, Japan in 1973? We had better pray hard that President Trump & Pope Francis issue a joint statement promoting the Culture of Life and an agreement on how that is to be done. As impossible as it may sound pray that Pope Francis will consecrate Russia by name with all the bishops of the world as God originally demanded and as Cardinal Burke just recently reemphasized. Both Putin and Trump have become far more religious and Putin is aware of Fatima and hopefully Trump is also.

    • Let us pray that they promote a culture of compassion and respect for all people, regardless of race, creed or gender. Let us pray that Trump is moved by our good pope’s compassion for the poor and takes his example rather than providing his billionaire buddies with tax cuts they don’t need. Let us pray he releases his taxes so we can rest assured he is loyal to the US and not to Russia.

      Let us pray that Americans finally learn that trickle down economics is a hoax and that it is necessary to have compassion for the poor – and that corporations need to pay their taxes along with billionaires and millionaires who have been gaming the tax code for the past 3 decades.

      Let us pray that our secretary of education in enlightened about the plight of public schools in our large cities. And let us pray that we invest in our public education system instead of war.

      Let us pray.

      • I have read several of your posts and have come to the conclusion… You are just plain stupid. Let us pray God enlightens you!

          • That explains your problem then. Brainwashed by the secular, anti-God academia. I know plenty of over educated stupid people. And btw…. liberal = stupid

          • That means nothing and it doesn’t surprise me. Most Catholic Universities lost their Catholic identities years ago. It wouldn’t surprise me if you said you graduated from Notre Dame. God save us from the “catholics” who graduated from the ‘catholic” universities who spread blasphemy and try to pass it off as catholic teaching.

            As far as your citing from the above source. I could find another study which would claim the exact opposite. Your sources are liberal and biased. Pure liberal propaganda. Nice try.

            Well, I would love to continue replying to your nonsense, but I have to be up early tomorrow. I need to clean up my office as the major university in which I am employed is moving me to a larger office for the next academic year.

          • Hahaha! No. Not Notre Dame. Judging from your comments, my guess is it’s a southern university. And we’ve all seen those academic offices. Many are in basements and most are the size of broom closets. Congratulations on the bigger office.

          • BTW, conservative = stupid based on a study conducted in the US and the UK:

            “Analyses of large representative samples, from both the United States
            and the United Kingdom, confirm this prediction. In both countries,
            more intelligent children are more likely to grow up to be liberals than
            less intelligent children. For example, among the American sample,
            those who identify themselves as “very liberal” in early adulthood have a
            mean childhood IQ of 106.4, whereas those who identify themselves as “very conservative” in early adulthood have a mean childhood IQ of 94.8.”

            Now I suppose you’re going to argue that IQ tests are stupid.

      • The plight of public schools in America is secularism, alias the hypothesis, taught as a fact that we are descendants of a common ancestor zillions of years ago. The principal error of Russian communism was that it spread this atheistic evolutionism world-wide. The Nazis used this same false unproven hypothesis and 50,000,000 folks lost their lives in WWII, predicted by our Lady of Fatima in 1917. These maniacs all loved Darwin’s racism – survival of the fittest as they declared they were the fittest.

        Just for laughs at this disastrous mythological baloney consider that 21st century science from fields of biology, geology, archaeology, sedimentology and C-14 dating of dinosaur bones, fossil wood, amber and coal, have shown that there is NO 65 million years between dinosaurs and man and therefore no evolution. Search for dinosaur C-14 ages and dinosaur depictions.

        Our children are still being brainwashed in both Catholic and public education and our Catholic faith has been undermined by modernism, alias evolutionism within our church. Pray that the Pope reexamines Genesis 1-11 in light of 21st science & consecrates Russia to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart to end this hoax. Hopefully, the new US Secretary of Education will have the fortitude to do what she can to end the indoctrination of our children with a mythological paradigm of origins.

  21. Donald Trump is the most engaged pro-life president ever. Hoorah for a president who fights abortion and reverently proclaims America is one nation under God; the complete opposite of abortion worshipping, God allergic, former president Obama. Unfortunately pope Francis is in Obama’s camp. Its plain to see that doesn’t consider the pro-life movement a priority. In fact when he came to America, he said not a word about the evil institution of abortion when addressing congress or any other group. Instead, he grandstanded on the issue of illegal immigration rights and the evils of capitalism. It’s a sad state of affairs in the Church of Rome, when black is white and white is black. I’ll take a God fearing pro-life president over a socialist, mum on abortion pope any day of the week.

    • Michael, Trump has been married 3 times now. He’s not be faithful to any of his wives. God only knows how many abortions he’s funded for his mistresses. Just because the fool utters what ultra-conservative voters want to hear does not make him a spiritually sound, caring individual. He has no compassion as evidenced by the fact that he just wrote a budget giving billionaires tax cuts while cutting Medicaid for the neediest Americans. Jesus preached compassion. You speak of pro-life…you’re actually pro-abortion. Pro-life is taking care of all of those children who are born to mothers who were not permitted abortions. Who is going to raise those children? Who is going to support those women who did not have access to birth control because the GOP is cutting funding for birth control. What about women who may have been raped by spouses or family members? Are you volunteering to support those families financially? God love you if you are or already do. But for many in under-served areas, consider what is more compassionate.

      • Compassion is “to suffer with,” not avoid the suffering. As Christians, we are called to serve one another in both corporal and spiritual works of mercy. It is never compassionate to assist a mother in the murder of her unborn child no matter the circumstances of the conception. I think this is the point Mr. Horvat is making. We must address the causes of our societal ills instead of only seeking solutions to the effects.

        • agree about addressing the root cause of our society’s ills…and to suffer with is not avoiding suffering. to suffer with is recognizing and having empathy – putting yourself in the other persons position, imaging, feeling what they are experiencing instead of judging based on your personal circumstances, which are very likely to be different than the other person’s circumstances.

          • We must all judge and choose between good and evil actions, and act according to our intellect and will, not our emotions. We may not condemn–that is for God alone. When we cooperate with evil (abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide) in the name of compassion, we risk eternal separation from God for ourselves and the other.
            By your comments, you have judged and condemned Donald Trump as an unrepentant adulterer. He may or may not be–only he and God know his heart.

          • Repentant is not a being a serial adulterer. Hypocrites say they’re sorry and continue to commit the same sins and crimes. Repentance involves behavior change. Nothing he has said or done leaves the impression he’s had a change of heart or is repentant. Sorry. We have to agree to disagree on Trump. He’s not my kind of leader.

          • So you would agree that active homosexuals professing to be Christians are all hypocrites? Or are they poor sinners in need of the spiritual work of mercy, “admonish the sinner?”
            I am not defending or supporting Trump’s personal and public life. If you say we are not to judge a person for his or her sins, but must have compassion for them, then why do you not have compassion for Trump?
            Most women who choose abortion, choose it for convenience. Stop using the small percentage of poor victims as a justification for a culture of death.
            Pray for all women who find themselves trapped or abused, do what we can to help them in their need, but don’t justify the multi-billion-dollar abortion industry out of misguided compassion.
            Pray for Trump and all of us sinners that we constantly turn our hearts to Jesus for conversion.

          • I agree with you. Trump won because people prayed. Thank you for your posts.

          • Well , with tbe Russians help. Here’s a little tidbit for you but abortion is legal with few restrictions in Russia. Some more controls were added but not because of morality but because of a dropping birthrate. Just aims by the government to increase the birthrate there especially among white slavic Russians which is why they had that state sponsored “love fest” day off holiday a couple of years ago, plus they also provide for unwed mothers. Wait a minute maybe they are holier than here for helping out unwed mothers , even if they have legal no questions asked abortion ?

          • Me too – I prayed – my family prayed – our prayers were answered. Now Let the Holy Spirit guide Trump. We all need continue to pray!!

          • can you please explain what you see in this man as a leader? he abuses women, he’s undiplomatic, he has a limited vocabulary, uses slang in diplomatic settings (the Manchester bomber is “a loser” – what leader of a powerful nation resorts to name calling?) – what exactly do you like about this guy?

          • Your stupidity is expanding. Did you even read why he used the word loser? You libs probably want to call him a martyr.

          • Are you really that young? So people in law enforcement have to be criminals to know who the criminals are?

          • oh, and by the way…guess who instituted the EPA! None other than Richard M. Nixon! Yep! A Republican! One of the smartest things he did. Stupidest thing he did? Watergate, of course. It will forever overshadow all the great things he did in his presidency.

          • Why did you ignore my statement and question above? Noticing the posts that you ignore shows me the areas where you have no answer.

          • His policies/agenda – that’s what he was elected for. It’s time we had a President who’s a man of action, not a posturing, pontificating, ball-less figurehead.

          • I suppose those without sin throw the first stone!! That’s what you are doing, Or maybe several stones. Let’s just pray for this wonderful country and our New leader and know the Lord is with him and his short comings which we all have. Yes, our Lord answered our prayers.
            Limited vocabulary…I never knew that was a requirement for us to judge? Yes, I wish he spoke using more refined vocabulary….but I don’t care if he does the right thing for this GREAT Country. He loves America. We all have short comings or we would be perfect and serving with God. Try being happy and praying. That’s the Catholic, Christian way. I’m very surprised by some of this very mean language. I thank God, I haven’t met this in our church before. We are a blessed people! Quit bringing up the past. This reminds me of a time when I was bringing up my sons, who are probably older than some of you now and kind, they would bring up the past and I would tell them it’s up to the Lord who can forgive the past. It’s not our job to judge but to help. Please help our new President it will end up helping all of us. JMJ and the Holy Spirit.

          • You are right. We need to pray that he is guided and that Pence helps him if he starts to drift. Thank you for praying.

          • So many people prayed!! I believe it was a MIRACLE!! The Leftist Media was doing all they can to get the pro abortion, pro Sodomy, and reprobate elected!!

          • I believe it was a miracle too. Yes Trump has screwed up but I believe he is trying. Hillary would have thrown God out completely. Has no problems with 9th month abortion or selling of baby body parts. America has become a divided country and it will take a miracle to bring us back together. There is so much evil and undermining going on that people need to wake up to reality before our country is not a free country. God please help our country and the world.

          • Actually abortion rates have gone down except among lower income women whom Planned
            Parenthood services and not defending them but tax dollars haven’t been used for abortions since the early 80’s when it was changed (I was also a nursing student then) and the Democrats controlled Congress then too. The overseas stuff is because of the laws overseas .

          • Interesting how when you confront the troll about deviant homosexual behavior, they go away…..

          • Did you vote for Bill Clinton twice? Just wondering if you have selective outrage.

          • I didn’t like Bill’s personal behavior when it was exposed and wasn’t crazy about many of his right leaning policies either, though GOP was a failure in more areas.No one said Bill Clinton was a saint or “messiah” figure like this crap (because that is it , dung) here that also the kooky greedy tele-evangelists are pedaling about Trump.

          • Well he did have his Mistress Marla while married to the mother of 3 of his children, Ivana. I remember the whole blow up on the ski slope & ensuing divorce. He peddled that story around for attention !

          • Mare Walsh! NEWSFLASH! We are ALL sinners!! Not just Trump. Sinners need to repent and ASK God’s forgiveness. How do YOU KNOW Trump did not ask for God’s forgiveness? WHY are you judging Trump – “Judge not, lest ye be judged”.

          • we can ask for forgiveness, but I’m pretty sure God is assuming we’re not going to repeat the same sin over and over again. Would you put up with that from your child? betting not. Trump is a pathological liar who is the most ill-equipped person for the oval office. he has no diplomatic experience and while he might not intentionally put us in danger, his naivete in matters of governing, espionage and diplomacy has made the country a sitting duck. thank you, everyone who voted for him.

          • A Hillary fan pretending to care about lies.

            Lies to Congress Hillary should be charged with:
            · Clinton’s claim that nothing was marked classified on her email server.
            · Clinton’s claim that her lawyers looked at each email before deleting more than 30,000 that were deemed personal.
            · Clinton’s claim that she gave the Department of State copies of all work-related emails.
            · Clinton’s claim that she used one email server while she worked in the State Department.
            Those are just some of her CRIMINAL lies. There are many, many more verifiable lies.

          • And Comey was her shill to shield her from discovery of all that. He’s about to get his. I only pray that it is the first step to the Clintons (both of them) getting theirs. And what of the bombshell just today that Slick Willy fathered a son with Monica, which boy is now 28 YO? But he’s not paying the settlement that was agreed upon.

          • God knows us better than we do ourselves, you are preempting God’s doings. This is sin in itself.
            If one’s child repeats the same errors or sins, should we reject the child or should we continue to try to forgive and guide the individual person to righteousness ?

          • Right. I believe the Bible (Matthew?) speaks of forgiving one’s “brother” seven times and then seventy times seven. How much more should we forgive a child — after a proper parental chastisement.

          • Quite ! That’s exactly my point. Moreover, with regards to Trump’s weaknesses we have to understand that we ALL have weaknesses and ALL have sinned (with the exception of Mary Mother of God). Hence we ALL need forgiveness & pastoral guidance toward the path of righteousness.

          • Frankly, I’ll take Trump’s bluntness and business acumen over politicians and “diplomats” any day. Look at the stuff HRC did — like signing off on sale of 20% of US uranium reserves to Russia! And we’re worried about a few conversations with Putin?

          • “I’m pretty sure God is assuming we’re not going to repeat the same sin over and over again”….don’t you remember reading in the Bible that when asked how many times we should forgive our neighbor, Jesus said, “Seven times seven times”? You don’t think God knows we are weak? Of course he knows we have a tendency towards sin (a condition we inherited due to the Fall), which is why He is so merciful with us, as long as there is a firm amendment to try not to commit that sin again. But he knows we are not perfect. To think that God doesn’t know our nature is to deny His Omnipotence.

          • Yes, indeed. Even King David sent out to have Bathsheba’s husband killed on the battlefield to satisfy his adulterous lust for Uriah’s wife. Yet David repented, tho not before God took their first son, and went on to become ancestor to our Savior Himself.

            Trump may have cheated on the first two wives, but he seems to have turned himself around with Melania. Further, he has done many generous things in secret that are only coming to light now — such as paying off a mortgage for an elderly couple who helped him with a stalled car late at night. He is showing himself to be vastly more God-centered and Christian in his behavior than Hillary ever was, and we all know that Obummer lied about being Christian at all.

          • Well, we each choose our station in life because in America we have the right to squander ourselves or work and study and advance. That is what our parents taught us and we all had businesses or worked at job that they loved. No one has the same circumstance because each human being is different, raised differently, educated differently or just plain doesn’t give a damn. We make our own choices, good or bad.

          • Give me a break and stop with the nonsensical clap trap. People don’t choose the circumstances they are born into and America has become less & less an upwardly mobile or opportunity based society. What have you been asleep for at least two decades ? Plenty of rich idiots like Trump that bungle through life depending upon their family’s wealth to clean up their messes or as in Trump’s case besides his Dad others like his creditors or lawyers to clean up his mess ups. Obviously you have never had anything negative happen to you in your life or at least were fortunate to have a great support system to help you if you did. You simplistically & naively think you control everything and people make bad choices & that’s why say they are poor etc. Guess what , many people aren’t as lucky as you may be. Catholic charities in many places can not meet tbe demands for their services either ! You are not a Catholic or a true tollower of Jesus.

          • WHY is the US less upwardly mobile? Because government handouts have removed any incentive? Used to be that private charities provided better help at the local level, but the government has been restrictions them increasingly over the years…and why is that? BECAUSE THEY REFUSE TO PROVIDE ABORTIONS AND BIRTH CONTROL! Yet you cite that as a necessarily solution, which the government has rendered a non-negotiable for aid, and in the very next breath complain about upward mobility? How about the dearth of nuclear families in the more impoverished neighborhoods? Might that have some bearing? Also directly attributable to all three of these. Instead of making fathers recognize their responsibilities, it has allowed them to completely wash their hands, because the government will raise them. Don’t forget the lack of morality on the part of the mothers. There is more, so much more. And very little of it has to do with a limited cash flow.

      • Would you rather see HC in the office now?

        Also, if the reason for legal abortion is cost management of child upbringing, why don’t we just be honest to ourselves and recognize the legality of infanticide beyond the 9 months of human development. Why can’t a parent just shoot a child that costs too much?
        Why can’t we just have government run stations when people could bring their “unwanted” children or children they cannot support and they would be “humanly” disposed of?
        We cull elephants, don’t we? … regardless of age.

        Just bring you stance to a logical conclusion… and now you understand.

        • Actually, yes, I do prefer Hillary. She was the most qualified candidate for the office.

          Do you really believe that everyone who bares children cares for them? Why do you think we have the crime rates we do? Because everyone was born to Ozzie and Harriet Nelson? Every day of the week, 52 weeks a year, children are abused emotionally, physically and worse – they are murdered by family members or strangers because they’ve been neglected.

          The GOP can’t have it both ways. If they’re pro-life, then they have to be pro-life, not just anti-abortion. Pro-life requires social programs to help those in need.

          Greed will destroy this country, which is in dire need of social values and social infrastructure. Share holder value my rear.

          • How do you define “qualified”? Personally, I prefer people that have been successful at things besides avoiding arrest and conviction. Hillary has a very long list of failures, and no political successes other than being elected to Congress.

          • Hillary is a flat-out criminal. In my book that’s the biggest disqualification she could have. I won’t go into the rest of what I know about her.

          • Hillary and her husband are most likely pedaphiles. The Island of Little St. James is proof of the disgusting things that go on with that group.

          • Please read the whole response first.
            We have to do both, stop the abortions and support the families in need. We have a colder, hardened, and violent society with minimal social trust because of the grave national sin of legalized abortion. There are more applications for adoption than abortions every year in the US so the children are totally wanted, although a person’s worth is never contingent on someone else’s fleeting desire. The concept of “want” is utilitarian and not a Christ centric personalism. Likewise, we need to fix the economic system and put the person at the center of exchanges rather than the market, which is reality not some ambiguous “invisible hand.” (The book to read is Mueller’s “Redeeming Economics”). Trump seems to making some positive changes in both areas by restricting the corruption laden abortion and fetal distribution chain and providing more federal asssitance to real family and maternal health care organizations that care for both family and child. Meanwhile, as you alluded to above, the real change begins with each one of us to stop our apathy, defend the defenseless and the weakest members first and provide material aid from our scarce resources as gifts considering the parable of the Good Samaritan as our example. Regnum Dei intra vos est.

          • If you believe as you write, then you should be adamantly against these gov’t programs as so much of the money does not reach the cause intended and is cold, heartless and is designed to give power to politicians. You should be screaming for all the gov’t to get out of distributing our monies and to fund social programs through private charities. Why do you feel the gov’t should be able to coerce me to contribute to all types of programs I may not want to? Why do you support this stealing from us so that we don’t have those funds to contribute on our own? Your argument about bc pills is ridiculous; they will still be available. Why do you want to remove personal responsibility from so many others, and put that burden on the taxpayer without any say or discussion?

          • I’d love to get into this debate with you, but I know it’s impossible to persuade you to at least be open to another point of view. You’re more interested in convincing me that I’m wrong and frankly, I just don’t have time for that today.

            The government doesn’t coerce you to contribute to “all types of programs I may not want to”. You may have a misunderstanding of the definition of coercion. You elect officials who represent your values and send them to DC to vote on your behalf – for the greater good.

            The greater good. Think about that. There are about 321 million people in the US. It’s a pretty safe bet that not all of them live, have lived or even want to live the same life you enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with your life. It’s just not for everyone. It’s also not the life everyone else was handed. Why should we be forced to live according to your values?Even if we wanted to, it might not be possible based on what has occurred in one’s life.

            I’m left with the impression that you live and have lived in what most people might consider a place that lacks diversity and embraces intolerance. It’s been my experience that when people live in highly diverse environments, they’re more tolerant – because they learn quickly that we’re all more alike than we are different.

            To me, people who express views like yours sound angry and uncharitable. The thing with being angry and uncharitable is you never know what life has in store for you. You don’t know if, when and how you might need help in the future. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a system to help you if you were in need?

            In the big scheme of things, the taxes you pay would not change your life. What you’ve contributed in taxes would not make you a billionaire or millionaire. And what you might buy at Walmart with that tax money you’ve contributed would not be life changing either. You wouldn’t be any happier.

            I’d love nothing more than for all the people who think the way you do to congregate in a few states. Pick them. I don’t even care which ones you choose as long as they’re contiguous. Then I’d build a wall around those states and make it as difficult as possible – if not impossible for you to cross those borders.
            Life your life as you wish. Live in your intolerance, your vitriol and whatever else floats around in your heads. You can spend your life being small-minded, shop at Walmart until you drop, buy your guns and whatever else you believe you’re being kept from doing that you’re entitled to. Just don’t leave or ask for assistance when life deals you an unfair hand. You’re on your own.

          • Only those with ears can hear. only those with eyes can see…I pray that you will get both.

          • Seems to me if we saw more Sunday school, restored acknowledgment of God in our public schools and public life, and demanded more responsibility in ALL areas (like keeping our skin free of ink – forbidden in Leviticus, preparing for careers, which a lot of today’s kids don’t, and being taught manners, respect, many of our families would less dysfunctional. What’s wrong with gathering in those kids who are abused emotionally and physically into learning programs that teach them all is not lost and how and why they should strive to have better lives once they are emancipated? All of those kinds of programs are just as “pro-life” in the sense of preserving existing life as what I perceive you to want — let the gubm’nt fund murder of “unwanted” children and keep on paying welfare to the sloths.

          • fhcgsps, you decry the fact that 52 weeks a year, every day children are murdered by their family members. Do you not realize the irony of your comment? If this upsets you, why shouldn’t you be upset by the 1.3 MILLION children (3,562 children EACH DAY) that are murdered in the womb by family members????? This statistic comes right out of the New England Journal of Medicine. And pro-lifers don’t offer help to those in need? Are you kidding me?? There are thousands of crisis pregnancy centers across the land that offer counseling, maternity and baby clothes, food, diapers, set up the mothers with job opportunities and housing, free ultrasounds and medical care, etc. How about the the non-profit homes around the country that offer safe havens for mother and baby for up to a year, complete with baby-sitting while mom is at work or school? You really need to do your research. Pro-lifers care about mom and baby and do tons to help them out, as opposed to abortion clinics who are reaping millions across the country, marching girls in like an assembly line, and then no longer caring about them once they’ve made their money…..until the next time she is pregnant again. Then she is most welcome back. And how many girls die each day from botched abortions???? Do your research, you may be shocked. Abortion is not a “safe” procedure.

          • There are many programs available. But if there was dignity for life from conception to natural death, what a difference it would make in the lives of all people! Greed is a disrespect of life of others – Listen to Mother Teresa’s speech. She is spot-on. Love of neighbor and dignity for life is needed for a nation to prosper (spiritually as well as economically)

          • As far as your statement about Hillary….
            Seth Rich
            John Ashe
            Victor Thorn
            Shawn Lucas

            4 mysterious deaths connected to the Hillary campaign.

            For those who claim this is a conspiracy theory, please name 4 mysterious deaths connected to the Trump campaign.

            My friend was assigned to Hillary in the 90’s and refused to serve her in the second election, she is evil, corrupt, and devoid of humanity to those who are there to protect her….so how do you think she would do with the whole nation as pres??? The Lord blessed us now let’s stop the division and work together as a country.

        • The comment was pointing out the irony in how these “Conservatives” preach against abortion and then do everything they can to make sure that these babies that women were forced to give birth to don’t have a chance at a life. They do not want to provide them medical care or food and do nothing to help make sure there is an adoption system that doesn’t cost a couple 5 figures.

          • This is nonsense on many levels.
            But even if one were to allow this to stand – what is your solution? Kill them off?
            The taking of innocent human life is intrinsically evil and cannot be justified in a society.

            Now about the care for others… please read about the subsidiarity.

            Do you believe that using the coercive hand of the government to take from some to give others is the solution?

          • If private charities were enough, social welfare programs wouldn’t exist. I do support taking a small amount of tax money to “give to others” (many of whom have paid into it already) because it benefits us all. Growing up I received such help, and now I’m a contributing tax payer who has undoubtedly paid back whatever I received and then some. Stop focusing on the small percent that mooch off the system and be more upset at all the corporate welfare that goes on today. As a nation, we should want to take care of each other because we all benefit when we do. So no, my solution is not kill them off. Your twisted mind came up with that because you don’t see government help as legitimate. You cannot see that a little bit of money upfront can make for a productive citizen later on. You want the government to support the family unit, but don’t spend any money to do it. If you fall on hard times, please do not collect unemployment, food stamps, Medicaid, section 8, or go to an emergency room you can’t afford. And when you retire, don’t collect social security or Medicare.

          • well, for certain liberals do not want to support these women and babies-off with their heads (the babies), and keep women from having counseling related to abortion.

          • No argument there. I’m not defending liberals either. Neither political party truly has our backs and neither follows a Christian way.

      • Again, fhc, you have no clues nor facts. Yes, this is his 3rd marriage but I know others who have several divorces and mistresses, and at least his former spouses still respect him and speak with him. He loves his children and they reflect that love back to him as well as to their mothers. Most divorced parents have children pulled one way or the other. Abortions? Where are your facts before spouting nonsense. Sounds like you are a real democrat who wouldn’t know truths if they hit you in the face but will spread lies, insinuations, and all without facts. We, in America, protect those who are raped by outsiders or incest and save the mother life if in danger in giving birth. We have always done this and nothing has changed that. No need to support any of these families because the families should have a parent that works, as did my parents with a large family and we were poor too boot. Compassion is one thing, and stupidity is something quite different and you apparently don’t understand the difference. Your life experiences or education have stunted your mind and thinking and I feel sorry for you in your mental misery. You may not like this, but I will pray for you.

        • A friend of mine was an associate of Trump’s for over a decade. And, yes, I am a democrat. Nothing wrong with being a democrat. I do find judgemental conservatives who overlook the transgressions of their party leaders so easily interesting, however. For example, I found it interesting that while every republican in DC was preoccupied with Bill Clinton’s transgressions, they were involved in their own. As I recall Newt’s wife was hospitalized for cancer and he showed up with divorce papers for her to sign while she was still recovering from surgery. He had been involved with Callista and was itching to get hitched. And then there was Dennis Hastert…Mr. 2 heartbeats away from the presidency. Where’s Denny now? Finishing his prison sentence for breaking a law he wrote all in the name of covering up his habit of fondling young boys on his wrestling team – just couldn’t quit them. (Nothing good ever comes from uttering wrestling coach and hush money in the same breath.) Get your head wrapped around that one…a sexual predator in the oval office.

          As for single parent households, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a 2 parent household…and some households shouldn’t be 2 parent households. In cases where one partner is physically or emotionally abusive and can do irreparable harm to a spouse or children, separation and/or divorce seems like the healthier choice.

          God, how I wish I lived with you in 1932-land. It must be a romantic little town.

          • Found at least two egregious statements early on so didn’t bother reading the rest. Do more research. Newt DID NOT serve divorce papers to his wife in the hospital. As for “Nothing wrong with being a democrat”, there is a LOT wrong with it. It shows you are incapable of logic, common sense, and an ability to see that democrat/socialist policies don’t work, and conservative ideas and actions do improve the country. Democrats like the idea of giving a man a fish and he eats for a day – that way the people are held hostage for their votes in order to continue getting their fish. Republicans want to teach people to fish so they can eat for life.
            You avoid answering my questions to you, you obviously are OK with Bill Clintons antics and Hillary’s lies to protect him.

          • Just because he denies it doesn’t mean it’s a lie:

            Jackie had undergone surgery for cancer of the uterus during the 1978
            campaign, a fact Gingrich was not loath to use in conversations or
            speeches that year. After the separation in 1980, she had to be operated
            on again, to remove another tumor While she was still in the hospital,
            according to Howell, “Newt came up there with his yellow legal pad, and
            he had a list of things on how the divorce was going to be handled. He
            wanted her to sign it. She was still recovering from surgery, still sort
            of out of it, and he comes in with a yellow sheet of paper,
            handwritten, and wants her to sign it.

            The source was Lee Howell, a former Gingrich campaign press secretary
            who had been the editor of the student newspaper at West Georgia
            College, where Gingrich was a history professor. As Osborne told me this
            week: “Most Gingrich staff people felt burned by the time they left.
            Howell was one of those people. But I also got [the story] from Jackie.”

            the hospital bed visit was hardly the most salacious detail in the
            piece — though some of the other material was based on anonymous
            sources: One former aide describes approaching a car
            with Gingrich’s daughters in hand, only to find the candidate with a
            woman, her head buried in his lap. The aide quickly turned and led the
            girls away. Another former friend maintains that Gingrich repeatedly
            made sexual advances to her when her husband was out of town. On one
            occasion, he visited under the guise of comforting her after the death
            of a relative, and instead tried to seduce her. In certain circles in
            the mid-1970s, Gingrich was developing a reputation as a ladies’ man.

            That same Post profile quoted Jackie herself giving a slightly
            different version of the story (one that doesn’t mention any legal pad):

            “He can say that we had been talking about [a divorce] for 10 years, but
            the truth is that it came as a complete surprise,” says Jackie Gingrich,
            in a telephone interview from Carrollton. “He’s a great wordsmith … He
            walked out in the spring of 1980 and I returned to Georgia. By
            September, I went into the hospital for my third surgery. The two girls
            came to see me, and said Daddy is downstairs and could he come up? When
            he got there, he wanted to discuss the terms of the divorce while I was
            recovering from the surgery … To say I gave up a lot for the marriage is
            the understatement of the year.”


          • Instead of taking the word of a third party, research what the wife in the hospital bed said.

          • they quoted her…did you read what i posted? these are professional journalists not 16 year old bloggers.

          • Find video of her actual words on the subject. Recent events have shown how trustworthy “professional” journalists are.

          • What doesn’t work is “trickle down economics”. Republican policies have never worked and never will. Even Bush referred to it as voodoo economics.

          • The tax cuts of JFK and RR worked. The tax and spend policies of democrats DON’T work.

          • 1. Reagan was a serial tax raiser. As governor of California, Reagan “signed into law the largest tax increase in the history of any state up till then.” Meanwhile, state spending nearly doubled. As president, Reagan “raised taxes in seven of his eight years in office,”
            including four times in just two years. As former GOP Senator Alan
            Simpson, who called Reagan “a dear friend,” told NPR, “Ronald Reagan raised taxes 11 times in his administration — I was there.” “Reagan was never afraid to raise taxes,” said historian Douglas Brinkley, who edited Reagan’s memoir. Reagan the anti-tax zealot is “false mythology,” Brinkley said.2. Reagan nearly tripled the federal budget deficit. During the Reagan years, the debt increased to nearly $3 trillion, “roughly three times
            as much as the first 80 years of the century had done altogether.”
            Reagan enacted a major tax cut his first year in office and government
            revenue dropped off precipitously. Despite the conservative myth that tax cuts somehow increase revenue,
            the government went deeper into debt and Reagan had to raise taxes just a
            year after he enacted his tax cut. Despite ten more tax hikes on
            everything from gasoline to corporate income, Reagan was never able to get the deficit under control.

          • Can’t read it all now, but I was in CA when RR was president. Sacramento is infested with liberals and RR did all he could do to prevent tax increases. When he was president, his first tax cut was HUGE. As the economy recovered, he made small adjustments, but basically EVERYONE in the country had lower taxes at the end of his eight years than what they were paying when he took office. But you used the phony democrat talking points. EVERY AMERICAN working taxpayer was better off because of RR policies. Even median and lower income taxpayers were paying less.

          • Do you remember Black Monday? When the stock market dropped 500 points- one of the largest drops in history? i was in a smith barney office that day, watching brokers get sick in their wastepaper baskets because they had no idea what to do. I watched their clients walk in like zombies and old people panic at the thought of another depression. Ronnie Reagan was president. He also let Ollie North take the fall for him when he sold arms to Iraq…not exactly the squeaky clean Ronnie from the movies. Oh…and Nancy had a little bun in oven when she married Ronnie…it’s how she got him to pop the question. Is that thumping sound I hear a bible by any chance?

          • I just did some research and couldn’t find anyone making a direct correlation between anything Reagan did and Black Monday. There were a lot of things wrong, like timing of events in the market, which the administration had nothing to do with. Stock markets quickly recovered a majority of their Black Monday losses. In just two trading sessions, the DJIA gained back 288 points, or 57 percent, of the total Black Monday downturn. Less than two years later, US stock markets surpassed their pre-crash highs.
            More than half gained back in only TWO TRADING SESSIONS, and then changes were made in the rules and timing so it can’t happen again.
            Ollie North and the boys intentionally left Reagan out of the loop so he could TRUTHFULLY deny prior knowledge. (They were as smart as the crooks in the democrat party).
            What the heII does your last sentence have to do with ANYTHING?

          • Even you should be able to do enough research to see that everyone with a brain credits the tax and spend cuts of JFK and RR spurred the economy. Granted, JFK was a democrat at the time, but he would be far right compared to the socialists in your party now.

          • Copy and paste and I’ll read it tomorrow. Meanwhile, get a job, or at least a life.

          • that’s what i love about you conservatives. when you start losing you resort to name calling and nasty comments. it’s how we know you’re losing the argument.

          • I don’t need some “economic committee” to tell me how a time that I lived through was. Things were TERRIBLE with Carter as president. Things turned around and got much better with Reagan, and we had about 25 years of good times. The only reason things were good with Clinton had to do with Reagan building up the military that Carter had decimated, ending the cold war so Clinton had that much less he had to spend money on. Then he was fortunate enough to be president during the “dot com” boom which brought in much more revenue. To top it off, the first republican House led by Newt forced him into signing welfare reform and a balanced budget. Then we got Obama who raised taxes during a recession (incredibly stupid) and spent trillions with no measurable good results, giving us the slowest recovery anyone alive has seen. You notice I didn’t mention the Bushes as they were wishy-washy republicans.
            You libs like to ignore all the times republican presidents had to operate with the entire Congress from the other party. Finally we will get to see how things go with democrats sitting on their thumbs crying.
            Does name calling cause you to melt, little snowflake?

          • It has often been suggested that Republicans are better at overseeing
            the economy than Democrats. However, an analysis of economic performance
            since World War II under Democratic versus Republican presidents shows
            that claims that Republicans are better at managing the economy are
            simply not true. data show that the economy has performed much better during Democratic
            administrations. Economic growth, job creation and industrial production
            have all been stronger.

          • Whose analysis, yours? Things were great with IKE. JFK & LBJ got us into war, Nixon got us out. Elsewhere I have mentioned the disaster of Carter, how Reagan precipitated 25 years of growth, and how Newt forced Clinton into welfare reform and a balanced budget. The Bushes made the mistake of going along with democrat ideas, and Obama was unable to do anything to get us out of the recession- in fact his policies prolonged the recovery.

          • BULL!!!! Your attempt to turn this into a socialist country failed last November. Maybe now you should just move to your favorite socialist country.

        • His wives & kids speak to him for the dough , give me a break. How naive are you ? Obviously you didn’t see the latest video in Isreal of Melania swatting his hand away when he tried to hold her hand while walking . Melania holed away in NY costing taxpayers millions and don’t give me about Baron either when every Presidential kid his age made the move midterm to a new school. Ivana wrote a tell all book on Don until he sued her. Mr. Lawsuit.

        • I believe God says not to murder – there is a difference. But of course I believe abortion is murder, unfortunately it’s currently legal murder.

          • God gave the 10 Commandments to Moses. The 5th Commandment is Thou Shall Not Kill. Abortion is killing an innocent human being.

          • If you research the original language, it translates to “murder”, not “kill”. Abortion is the unjust killing of an innocent – therefore it’s murder. I’m far from a Bible expert, but didn’t the Bible allow for governments to kill and the Bible has plenty of references to wars where God helped one side.

          • The 5th Commandment that I learned is Thou Shalt Not Kill. I believe God is the creator of heaven and earth. Therefore, God can do what He wants. I also believe God is just and merciful. Because God gave all human beings a free will, God allows things to happen in societies, but that doesn’t mean He thinks it’s ok.

          • why? because it’s not what you agree with? what is your point of view on capital punishment? are you an eye for an eye person? what if your judgement is wrong? what if someone is killed unjustly?

          • You can’t be serious? OVER 216,000 innocent BABIES killed thru abortion in California in one year (2013)… as opposed to 10 murderer’s put to death since 1975 in California. DO THE MATH?

          • Conservatives are OK with capital punishment for the worst of the worst murders, while you libs want to keep them alive and kill the totally innocent – BY THE MILLIONS. And you folks are all too stupid to see what is wrong and totally backwards about it.

          • Capital punishment should be very rare, when a murderer remains a threat to society even after incarceration. The individual may very well be insane but that doesn’t mitigate the threat in all cases. It would be better for him and us if he is kept from killing when that is an overpowering inclination. I would try to exorcize the individual first as a last resort before execution but that probably wouldn’t float. No one is big on captital punishment.

      • Oh, gee, I get it. If I save a person’s life, then I am not to be thanked but rather be lectured on why I am not also SUPPORTING, not only the person whose life I saved, but also the mother who was so magnanimous she was going to kill her own child? By the way, children conceived by both rape and incest account for far less than 1% of abortions in the US annually.

        By the way, in case you have not noticed, we have been awash in every type of government-provided birth control device for almost 50 years, and we still have over a million abortions annually. I know. We simply need even more of those abortifacients distributed. Read Humanae Vitae and you will realize Pope Paul VI predicated that abortions would rise in almost direct proportion to the availability of contraception and premarital and extramarital sex. It all arises from a sex-obsessed society which wishes to live without responsibility, while awash in the blood of millions.

        Please try to make sense absent the mass-murder Democrat talking points.

        • I agree with you completely that we live in a global society that objectifies women as sexual beings. The last I heard, no woman has ever become pregnant without being inseminated by a male. I could be wrong, though. So maybe, just maybe, a large part of the problem lies with men who just can’t control their manly urges and who won’t spill their seed. That would be a sin – pleasuring yourself. Better to find a woman and demand services or take advantage of her. I happen to agree with you on the your point about sex. Many women manipulate men for financial security using sex to trap them into marrying them. Both genders use sex as a social weapon. It would be great if there was a universal social code for sexual conduct, but unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world.

      • Oh wow FINALLY a compassionate sensible person on this thread, I thought I was alone. Pro Life forgets about you once you are born so I quit donating to them. I give o my church & Catholic charities. Prolife also does nothing to help poor women or babies so they missed the boat. Poverty also encourages abortion and the majority of abortions at planned parenthood are poor minority women and if unwed there can be many reasons for the pregnancy too. This is very antiCatholic talk in this thread and article. It sounds like just the stupid fundamentalist Protestant stuff I hear.

        • Thank you, Mare…sometimes those who have not experienced extreme social conditions even second or third hand have a difficult time imaging what life is like for those who are less fortunate than they are. No one strives to be unemployed or ill enough to find oneself destitute. It’s a little easier to judge others when one hasn’t been in those situations. A lot of incorrect assumptions are made. Empathy is a good quality. I don’t understand those who are missing that gene.

        • Agree…but so many people lack morals and self-control. We are only human. We can strive to be the best version of what God has created, but in the end, we are merely human.

      • “Pro-life is taking care of all of those children who are born to mothers who were not permitted abortions.” So, being pro-life is “permitting abortions”? Wow.

        • no, Jim. I’m saying if you’re (vous not “you”) pro-life it doesn’t stop when the baby pops out of the birth canal. there seems to be a distorted focus on the baby up until birth and then there’s little regard for how to support and raise the child. i hear our GOP leaders are busy cutting funding for lower income families…what happens to all those babies y’all saved? well, chances are, with little education a a precarious family life, they’re going to find themselves self-employed in a pharmaceutical business or some other dangerous occupation. the one thing i’ll say for your conservatives – you’ll argue with a wall. you’re really good at it.

          • How is public education going to be affected by his funding cuts? You don’t hear about how pro-lifers help take care of these kids. I know a lady that took in two kids, from OTHER COUNTRIES because there aren’t enough babies available for adoption here. Why is it easier for a woman to kill her baby, but she can’t bear to give it up for adoption?

          • no shortage of babies to adopt here, evidently:

            so your friend didn’t need to go to another country to adopt unless she doesn’t fit the requirements here – age could be a factor.

            no woman takes abortion lightly. pro-lifers make it sound like women who need to abort or choose to abort treat the decision like it’s spitting out a wad of gum. nothing could be further from the truth.

            “The administration’s new “America First” budget, released Thursday, follows through on this promise by slashing funds for the Education Department by 13.5 percent, or $9.2 billion.”

            To start, Trump’s budget plan would remove $2.4 billion in grants for
            teacher training and $1.2 billion in funding for summer- and
            after-school programs. It also curtails or eliminates funding for around
            20 departmental programs “that are not effective, that duplicate other
            efforts, or that do not serve national needs.”

            what do you conservatives read?

          • evidently, when Trump said “American first” he meant American billionaires first. i’m so fascinated by americans who vote against themselves.

          • Did you go by a different name before the election? I was not a Trump fan, but I had so many factual reasons for not voting for Hillary, I was wondering if you ever saw them. Maybe tomorrow, goodnight.

          • The Feds should tax the people less and let the States handle education- IN COMPLIANCE WITH THE CONSTITUTION. Education is not the business of the Feds.
            I don’t go to websites recommended by posters on these sites. You libs are likely to send me to a porn site. If you have a point to make, feel free to copy and paste it. I have also spend hours reading garbage on sites without ever being able to figure out what I was supposed to see.
            But being a conservative, I will be going to bed soon because I have work to do in the morning. Arguing with liberal idiots (that’s redundant) is a total waste of time, as liberals are incapable of logic and reason.

          • “no woman takes abortion lightly. (So you admit Hillary isn’t a woman?) pro-lifers make it sound like women who need to abort or choose to abort treat the decision like it’s spitting out a wad of gum. nothing could be further from the truth.” Professional baby killers and liberals had people convinced from 1973 until ultrasounds came along, that it was “just a blob of tissue” – you weren’t really killing anything. Now we can see pictures and know that the baby has it’s OWN, UNIQUE DNA, separate from the mother.

          • He should totally ELIMINATE the education department. Hopefully this is just a start at getting us back to having the Feds ONLY do what is spelled out in The Constitution.

      • Why can’t people exercise a little self-control and responsibility? No one ever paid for birth control for me — it came out of my pocket! And I never got pregnant with an unwanted child because I took responsibility. Murdering the child that your lack of self-control or responsibility conceived is NOT the answer.

        As for all those children born because Uncle Sam isn’t paying for BC, I read some years ago that the adoption “industry” (I hate to use that word in this context) was having trouble finding children for parents who wanted them.

        The only ones truly deserving of compassion (and special circumstances) are those who have been raped — whether by spouses, family members or violent criminals on the streets.

      • Remove yourself from your bandwagon! Listen to what Mother Teresa said when she was here and big-shot baby-killer was sitting there behind her! She spoke the Truth in Love. Killing babies is destroying our nation – it erases morals and permits satan to intestate hearts.

  22. Excellent article John. People need to realize that when God is banished from the public square, human rights inevitably will be under attack. If there is no God, there is no sanctity of human life to protect…we are now seeing the devastating effects of political atheism in western culture.

  23. Well, since many of us do not accept Francis as our pope because of what he states which is even worse than socialism, we do hope that Trump and he will find a lot of common ground. Trump is the one to find it and has proven it time and again. Hopefully, Francis will hop on that train. We cannot accept muslims as a religion nor honorable, but business is business so they want to work with Trump. Can Francis? We can only pray that it be so.

  24. Communism and socialism are Masonic creations. They hide in full view. eg The masonic triangular roads of Washington and Canberra, and the triangular glass façade of the new One World Trade Center.
    See youtube Newt Gingrich confirms Trump not part of secret society, and,
    the site, Images of Masonic handshakes – they are all there, from royalty to politicians to popes to Hitler and Himmler. The handshake is made by thumb on knuckle, as the Queen mostly does. She is the Patroness of World Freemasonry.
    when Diana’s butler Paul Burrell was about to spill the beans on her murder, Queenie said to him, “Be careful, Paul, there are forces in this country of which we know nothing.” In other words, she does know. Burrell submitted, most likely due to exposing he and his family to murder.
    The Duke of Kent is Grand Master of English Freemasonry. Notice the Masonic triangular arches above the fronts of Buck Palace, the Vatican and the White House, not to mention many large buildings worldwide.

  25. When this nation turned it’s head away from God in every way this world began to crumble and continues to destruction. If we keep opening up to the Devils Ways he will take over.

  26. The pope will likely snub President Trump or belittle him by giving him little time and attention.
    But seriously, who cares? I am so proud of our president and so peeved by our pope and I have never in my life criticized our popes. I have admired every one of them… till now. This Marxist leaning pope has no understanding of Islam and its threat to those who follow Christ and, lets face it, Trump speaks out for pro life in a way that this pope does not. The pope has loads to say about open borders and global warming but little to say about contraception, gay marriage and abortion. To better understand the pope, get a copy of Neumeyer’s “The Political Pope”. God bless our courageous president and may He protect him from those who wish him ill in these increasingly dangerous times.

  27. John have to disagree with you on poverty there. Poverty comes from greed & selfishness , an emphasis on materialism and r
    profits over human beings. Stop with the Ayn Rand talk (she was an atheist by tbe way) and blaming it on socialism or communism. Everyone wants refugees to be able to live in their homeland peacefully but they’re refugees because they can’t currently live there safely. Fine, help work towards correcting the problems in their countries, but in the meantime they need a safe place to go too. This piece of yours sounds like antiCatholic hob goblin talk that offers no solutions, just empty feel good small talk. Are you sure you’re Catholic and not an atheist (and I’ve met some of them that are way more community minded and charitable than you are being here) because you sound like Ayn Rand.

    • Governments (like ours) should be working to establish safe zones in and around countries so the people don’t have to flee. It would be cheaper, the people would most likely prefer to stay in their own country, and they would be there to help win back control and vote eventually.

  28. Thank you Jesus for this beautiful movement of unity and light in leadership showing strength through bonds of love for all life and human potential.
    Continue to bless and raise up men of spiritual strength and wisdom so order is soon restored to our nation and peace may reign in glorious beauty throughout the whole world.
    My God, we believe, we adore, we hope and we love you and ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore and do not love you.

  29. Excuse me. There are things that I do not understand. I agree that Trump is doing well regarding pro-life issues. But what regarding wars? His administration is continuing what the previous administrations had done to destroy Syria (just as one example), and for this purpose is protecting and supporting mercenary terrorists (with the so-called anti-Isil coalition, which instead of fighting Isil drops bombs on the regular Syrian soldiers that are defending their country from Isil and similar terrorist groups), is selling weapons to Saudi Arabia (for 110 billions of dollars), which is one of the countries that more is spreading terrorism in the world. So, why do you never say anything about this? Being pro-life does not only means fighting against abortion, which obviously is enormously important, but it should imply as well stopping the wars and the related destructions and genocides against innocent populations. War is an horror like abortion. It must not be forgotten just because these US-made wars are very far from your nice houses and peaceful gardens where you live. Thanks.

    • Our biggest war threats are from countries where BHO made mistakes. Was it Clinton or Obama or Carter that trusted No. Korea, I forget. The Iran deal left us totally vulnerable, and the “Russian Reset” was worse than worthless.
      Maybe if Obama had honored his “red line” with Syria, they wouldn’t have killed more people with gas. What Trump bombed was the right choice, and applauded by most world leaders.

      • so you are sure who really used the gas against innocents. Isn’it? You were just there observing with your eyes who perpetrated this and other crimes against innocents? Or you faithfully trust everything is reported by those mass-media that must respond to their owner? Ok, this is another big problem.

        • Sure Tobi, just comment on one item and ignore the rest. I’m not sure what happened to my reply from last night, but you seem sure that Syria DIDN’T do it. “You were just there observing with your eyes who perpetrated this and other crimes against innocents?” How did you arrive at your idea or belief? The internet or MSNBC?

  30. Thank you so much Mr. Horvat, for your very eloquent and truthful analysis of the Trump/Pope meeting. Every word is spot on to me. May God bless you, America, and us all.

  31. Bannon defended and stood up for Jewish people, worked for a Jewish publication. As usual, the media spreads misinformation about him. I suggest you read Denis Praeger’s explanation of how this label became associated w. Steve.

  32. How is our church teaching sacramental marriage, saving sex for marriage, one man one woman for life, natural family planning, no IVF and frozen embryos, and abortion, tubal ligations and vasectomies? Early, casual sex sets girls up for welfare and poverty and disease. The world cries for the truth!

  33. As far as health care costs-it has risen astronomically because of government involvement. Get the federal government out of health care.

  34. ~Pope John Paul II

    moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in
    the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life,
    the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy
    and the handicapped. ”
    ~Last Speech of Hubert H. Humphrey

    society must make it right and possible for old people not to fear the
    young or be deserted by them, for the test of a civilization is the way
    that it cares for its helpless members”.
    ~Pearl S. Buck

    “Any society, any nation, is judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members — the last, the least, the littlest.”
    ~Cardinal Roger Mahony, In a 1998 letter, Creating a Culture of Life

    “A decent provision for the poor is the true test of civilization.”
    ~Samuel Johnson, Boswell: Life of Johnson

    moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in
    the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life,
    the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy
    and the handicapped. ” ~ Last Speech of Hubert H. Humphrey
    “A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”
    ~ Mahatma Ghandi

    measure of a society is found in how they treat their weakest and most
    helpless citizens. As Americans, we are blessed with circumstances that
    protect our human rights and our religious freedom, but for many people
    around the world, deprivation and persecution have become a way of
    ~James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, Jr.

  35. A Return to Order will require patient, bold, Good-for-nothing leadership. Pope Francis seems qualified. I pray that President Trump is.

  36. J.M.J.

    Our earthly test is to see if we will or will not align our wills to that of God.

    Everything that we do is for the greater honor and glory of God.

    May the Pope and the President do all for the greater honor and glory of God.

  37. We are all sinners and we are not to judge anyone. That is up to God. We will all meet our Maker when He is finished with us here on earth.

  38. What is the Roman Catholic teaching on private property? Does it belong to the State or individuals as in our Constitution? Many in government authority want to replace our Constitution with a UN constitution.

  39. What about Venezuela humanitarian crisis point? the Vatican accepted to intervine and only did blessed Maduro ! In Venezuela are dying more kids than in Siria, assesinaiting hundred dayly and Pope Fracias turned his face, and suggest to sit and dialogue between a leftish dictator and unarmed and hungry people.

  40. Mr. Horvats’ missive is based on solid reason, and yet many comments as seen here point to the great difficulty our world faces – absolute divide in the basic philosophy people demand the other side accept. Somewhere we have turned from deep personal beliefs to strident unyielding intolerance for all who disagree. There needs to be a starting point where we find common points and then move to solve, rather than just spout off. Prayers are needed to have God tamp down the anger and elevate solutions – only He can do this!

  41. Mare Walsh, people like you, who are always labeling and judging people and trusting the liberal left news media to form your opinion are really starting to wear thin with me. How do you know what people like Steve Bannon are thinking? Can you give an example that proves he is bigot? Your SHAME, SHAME bit reminds me of the bitter, gossiping women who were, many times, the same group that were at the church for social events, or to knit mittens, etc. After attending a couple of those “social outings”, I knew one thing….that it was not for me. Boy, you sure sound a lot like that “church gossip group”. You also attacked the man that confronted you, saying he is neither a Christian or Catholic, but an atheist in “religious clothing”. Just how do you know that? What is it supposed to mean? I guess you must consider yourself some kind of prophet, since you say all this with such great authority. I doubt that you have even met these people, let alone spoken to them, yet you have all of this deep personal knowledge about them. Wow, I’m really impressed. Maybe you should get out your Bible. I believe Jesus said “judge not, lest ye be judged”. Also the 10 commandments, the 8th one states “do not bear false witness against thy neighbor”. Maybe you can let these “sink in”.

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