This Is the America I Celebrate on July 4th

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“I celebrate an America that sacrifices for values that are worth more than life itself.”

Looking at the state of the nation, I wonder which America we are celebrating this July 4th. The nation is clearly divided, and thus many Americas appear. Not all are to be celebrated.

This year has been particularly marked by disunity and vitriol. One image that particularly stands out in my mind is the shockingly bloody representation of a beheaded president that recently went viral on social media.

I do not celebrate this America. Indeed, there are many Americas I do not celebrate.

I do not celebrate an America which applauds such gruesome portrayals of those they disagree with. Some may claim such depictions are expressions of freedom. However, such violent portrayals represent a horrific abuse not a healthy expression of freedom. This action and others like it deliberately offend, divide and terrorize the nation by breaking all standards of decency and morality that are the foundation of our unity.

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I cannot celebrate an America that distorts the concept of freedom so as to give free reign to the most disordered and enslaving passions. I cannot applaud an attitude that installs immorality as the norm and has consequences everywhere. Thus, I cannot look on indifferently as this twisted abuse of freedom leads to the killing of the unborn, the destruction of countless families, and the shattering of so many communities. It is only logical that I oppose this attitude since it is leading to the self-destruction of the nation I love.

Finally, I cannot celebrate an America in which a deformed concept of freedom has come to mean a denial of reality itself. Political correctness rules over us with oppression and cruelty. People now self-identify as that which they are not and force all of society to conform to them. Such abuses lead to a dangerous regime that threatens to make reality whatever people fancy it to be with official sanction from government or Supreme Court.

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All of these Americas involve the abuse of freedom that impacts upon society as a whole. I cannot celebrate all these so-called freedoms because they soon become tyrannies. We have seen how those who cry out most against intolerance are also those who will not tolerate any opposition. They will not rest until they have triumphed over those who freely voice their objections. Indeed, we are already feeling this tyranny in cases in which people are forced to act against God’s law for failing to accept same-sex “marriage” or transgender bathrooms. The final goal of this America is a land of no restraints that punishes all dissent. Everything must be allowed, and all must not only accept but celebrate the fantasies of others. It is only prohibited to prohibit.

The America I and countless others celebrate, is different. It is an America of ordered liberty. This America recognizes that freedom is only maintained when enslaving passions are restrained by strong moral principles. Thus, I celebrate those “Ten Commandment” Americans who still uphold a moral law that says objective right and wrong exist. They believe correctly that America will only be great if she is good.

I celebrate an America that grieves for the nation because we are going down the path to ruin. I further celebrate those Americans who act upon their grief and have the courage to say no to the politically correct commissars who artificially rule from their media seats of power. This America defends those institutions of family and faith that are so vehemently attacked.

I celebrate an America that sacrifices for values that are worth more than life itself. For this America, heroism is not an empty word. It respects, admires and applauds Americans who have served, shed their blood and offered their lives so that truth, good, and true freedom might prevail.

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Marriage?

Finally, I celebrate an America that prays. It corresponds to those Americans who rise above the materialism of our day and turn to Heaven for aid. These recognize that natural solutions have failed and we must appeal to God if we are to survive.

In celebrating the America that represents these attitudes, I do not wish anyone harm. It is a principled stand devoid of all personal hatred or prejudices. It targets no one person but rather vigorously reaffirms those perennial values that never die and will ensure the survival of the nation.

I believe there is still much to celebrate in America today. We stand at a crucial fork in our history and the future will be decided by the answer to the question: Which America do you celebrate this July 4th?

  • Paula Boesch


  • Mary Carter

    I do agree with you on all points. We are no longer a moral country and one that civilized people would choose to live in. There are many of us older citizens that know what America was and we want it back. The family is broken and God, morality, respect and love have not been taught at home. This we know, but how to fix it is yet to be discovered. Prayer and faith are needed by all, but only God can give us the means to heal us. We have gone much to far to the other side, more so than any other country I believe.

    • Nancy Mogensen

      Amen, Amen!

    • FormerLiberalnowConservative

      What really bothers me is that this immoral actions were imposed by corrupt courts. Really? Did we as America really support false / counterfeit marriage? Our votes in the majority of states in marriage amendments says otherwise. We the people said no to this.

      There never was a great American civil rights counterfeit marriage movement by we the people, supported by we the people, and in the end the people prevailed. Those whole counterfeit marriage thing was all the result of corrupt judges. It was movement of the courts and not we the people.

    • 2Shadow2

      I would have to say there are still more people who want into this country than want out. And that is speaking of civilized people who want to work here and be American and those who are displeased with the goings on to the point that they want out. The cultural Marxism has been attacking this country since the early 1960’s and so the disease has been growing for a long time. It will not be undone overnight. I would say two 8 year terms of conservative administration would definitely show some great progress to what you ask. Look at the number of millennials who voted for Sanders and Clinton. We may have lost an entire generation and had better get it back before it is too late. “Liberal arts” sums up a great deal. Education has always been a target for Communist infiltration. It’s why Hitler and Stalin had Hitler Youth and Young Pioneers, respectively, which provided a pattern for Common Core. The introduction of PC is also a left wing movement that has caused incredible damage to this country. This first article is a good essay on the influence of Communism in the US. You can bet that it would never be taught even as an elective at most colleges. The second article gives you a look at where PC came from.

      • santa

        Thank you very much Mary Carter for “encapsulating” the current horrific brokenness of the U.S.A. I must agree with and repeat the statement of John Horvat: Our obvious recourse to BEGIN to repair our Nation MUST start with PRAYING for Divine Intervention….immediately !!

    • Evermyrtle

      I think we have gone too far, I believe that JESUS CHRIST will return soon and separate the good from the evil: Matthew 25:31-46 but the entire chapter needs to be included!!!

      We may turn our backs on these dire warnings but the bad part is that they will remain just as JESUS CHRIST spoke them!! HE is the ONE that can tell us anything that is true, and warn us so that we can change our ways!!

  • Loren Gonzalez

    Amen. I agree with you Mr. Horvat. Its not the America my Father and grand fathers fought for. The Shepherd men, believed in good morals, decency and an honest way of life. Work hard and respect others. Most of all to live by the good book.
    Im glad, that they didnt live long enough to see what has become of this America.

    • FormerLiberalnowConservative

      You have to ask yourself if your father or grandparents would have voted for someone like Obama. An anti Christian and anti God person running for office against our freedoms and liberties and actually winning. These are not your fathers Democrats. They in no way resemble the Democrats of FDR.

      • Pacman5

        Obama was a terrible President. The worst ever.

        • Gentillylace

          Worse than Buchanan or Harding?

          • Richard Mc Farlin

            way worse!

          • Pacman5

            Much, much worse. Obama doesn’t believe in America. All you have to do is look at the past 8 years and his total disdain for this country is glaring and I think borders on treason. He is a bad man and the American people put that bad man in office. Trump is the result of a bad man being President for 8 years. People were sick and tired of the filthy democrats and their anarchist idealisms and lawlessness.

          • Gentillylace

            Thank you for your statement. I voted for Obama in 2008 but not in 2012. I had come to realize that a practicing Catholic should not vote for candidates who approve of abortion rights, but I did not vote for Romney in 2012 or Trump in 2016: I voted a blank ballot in 2012 and voted for Mike Maturen of the American Solidarity Party in 2016.

            I disagree with you that Obama is a bad man — or rather, that he is not worse a man than most of his predecessors (for I suspect that being President of the United States is not a job that a saint could do). I agree with Obama probably about 2/3 of the time (in addition to abortion, I disapprove of his policy of using drones to kill people: I also think that single-payer health care would have been more efficient than the hybrid that is Obamacare). I do not think that Obama’s policies bordered on treason. I suspect that Obama may not think of the US as an exceptional country (perhaps because of his upbringing as a “third culture kid” in Indonesia: according to Wikipedia, a “third culture kid or third culture individual are terms used to refer to children raised in a culture other than their parents’ for a significant part of their early development years. They are exposed to a greater variety of cultural influences”), but I do not think that he has disdain for the US. In sum, I think that despite my disagreements with his stances on abortion, drones and Obamacare, as well as the difficulties he had with the GOP majority in Congress for most of his two terms, Obama was an above-average president.

            I do not necessarily think that Democratic politicians are filthier than Republican politicians: in my opinion, most politicians of the two major US parties are equally dirty. Also, I am more sick and tired of Trump in less than six months than I was of Obama in eight years.

          • Pacman5

            I respect your opinion but disagree vehemently. Obama is a bad man and his actions in office prove it. He hates the police and he is racist but he hides it fairly well. While you may be sick of Trump in six months I was sick of Obama in way less time than that. He rammed that terrible Obamacare package down the throats of all Americans while benefitting only a few. He had the large cities prosecuting police officers instead of criminals. His entire staff was criminal and he had a letch for a VP. While you say you had second thoughts about Obama your words speak otherwise. One more thing, if you think a single payer system would work in a country of over 300 million people you are pipe dreaming. If it ever gets to that you will find out. It will become sanctioned Euthanasia but they won’t call it that and I hope you are young because the elderly would suffer greatly under a single payer system.

      • DianeS

        My paternal grandfather was an old man when I was born! He was born in 1866, the oldest son of a CSA veteran, put himself through college and became a teacher; lawyer; banker, and when forced to return to the family farm to save it from his brother’s excess and unpaid taxes, a farmer. He then became a politician and perhaps lost some of his soul, but he was a God-fearing, hard drinking, successful man who put the fear of God into his 4 sons and 1 daughter (my father was his youngest son and happiest when he was in the capitol). He loved our country and all she stands (stood?) for, and was so very proud when my father, a brand new 19-yr-old graduate of the Univ of GA, became a Navy officer during WWII.
        While a life-long democrat – after all Lincoln was a Republican – I can assure you he would NOT have voted for any democrat since FDR and he thought he was a step too far to the left. Obama? Well, I will not go so far as to say what he would have done… but you can pretty well guess!

  • FrRichard Davidson Fsgg

    Jesus before Pilot said hat He came to witness to the truth. We must do the same. Political correctness is Satan’s gift to our country.

    • Rodzzz


  • George Adornato

    You are so right about the situation that this GOD GIVEN COUNTRY is in and I don’t see it getting better any time soon.I can picture our Lord seeing what’s happening and tears rolling down his blessed face. All I can say is that I’m glad I was born in 1945,grew up in the best years of my life but sadly watching THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA rapidly deteriating I right in front of me. MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US ALL WHO BELIEVE!

  • jrj90620

    Too many are worshipping the false God of govt.Govt is what they look to,as their savior.

  • Keith Rebar

    Focuses too much on the negative. We have more religious freedom than ever in history. In the American heartland, faith is strong. I celebrate Christ with thousands of fellow parishioners every weekend. I have many family and friends to share my faith with everyday. The world, and America, is what we make it. I choose to focus on the positive.

    • FormerLiberalnowConservative

      Religious freedom really? You have not been paying attention lately. It is being attacked. Sure you can celebrate Christ with fellow parishioners in your church but you better not exercise your faith and freedom of religion outside of the church building. In my church it says DEPART TO SERVE.

      Just ask the Christian wedding photographers, bakers, and caterers if they can exercise their faith in their own private businesses.

      • Annel Rodriguez

        Absolutely correct! And sadly its our new reality if we don’t wake up and smell he’ll! We are soldiers and as such we must be battle ready! Prayer, fasting, boldness in witnessing Christ and the truths of His church. God bless us all!

      • Keith Rebar

        Over the past 20 years, Christians have won “freedom of expression” lawsuits for religious activities in public schools. My school district sings “God Bless America” every year. I read about “chipping” away at our freedoms. Fortunately, most of those issues have been decided in favor of religious freedom. Little Sisters of the Poor is a good example.

  • Maureen

    Thank you for your profound thoughts, this I believe is your most passionate writing to date, Mr. Horvat . Every word is true, Satan is doing is work, and people do not see it. One cannot condemn transgender or gay without severe repercussions but God help us if we dare speak out against these false idols. No one will back us up ! This is not the America I support, my America has God first, family values, and support of the unborn ! We need to remember our faith, pray to Our Lady for conversion of these false idols , for she will lead us to true peace and contentment . We need to continue to keep John Horvat in our prayers as well, so he may continue to fight the good fight for humanity.

  • IdahoPete

    Blind Men See Not.
    ” How shall we describe this abandonment of universal principles, except to say that we are stricken with blindness such as it has been written will come upon all men before the end of time. Just as the light of faith can be extinguished so that men no longer see the world through the eyes of Christ, so too the light of reason can be snuffed out, so that men no longer see right from wrong.
    Fulton J. Sheen, For God and Country, 1941.

  • FormerLiberalnowConservative

    The term tolerance and the actions that go with it is very deceiving . Be wary when one says tolerance and their actions and speech says otherwise. The homosexuals and sodomites are a perfect example. Tolerance means putting up with or living with a reality that exists. So I tolerate the fact that consenting adults may engage in whatever sexual freedoms they want in their own homes. Government cannot go into our bedrooms. So I get it.

    TOLERANCE IS NOT THE SAME HOWEVER AS FORCED APPROVAL, ACCEPTANCE, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND ENDORSEMENT OF THESE SAME ACTIONS. My tolerance for happy Hank and smiling Sam sodomizing each other as consenting adults in the privacy of their bedrooms never meant that I must praise and celebrate this. When you demand a phony civil or Constitutional right of my forced approval of your immoral actions then you have violated my civil and Constitutional right to make my own personal judgement of what is moral and proper human behavior.

    The cries of tolerance advocates have stolen and hijacked the civil rights movement started by Dr. Martin Luther King. In the famous ” I have a Dream Speech ” he clearly stated that we could judge others on our moral character and content. This has now been forgotten by these tolerance advocates.

    The sodomites today through their actions are demanding our approval and endorsement of their sodomy or they will use the power of Wall Street, big business, and the government to punish those who refuse to give them the approval that they demand. This is not freedom but is tyranny.

    In regards to marriage the homosexuals went after it because marriage is not just tolerated in America but is encouraged, endorsed, and held in high esteem. By stealing marriage out goes the homosexual behavior is immoral argument. ” What do you mean it is immoral they will say, after all we can get married now they will say”.

    • 2Shadow2

      Nice review. Enough is never enough for the homosexual et al lobby. “Don’t ask. Don’t tell.” worked for a few years and then was not enough and the deviants wanted more. They want total acceptance of their lifestyle and I would bet that even that will not be enough. In 1974, when the American Psychiatric Association was forced to stop calling homosexuality a mental disorder and treat it as a routine lifestyle we really began a descent into hell. Immoral is an easy fight for the homosexuals to attack since it is not backed by mentally challenged. This almost unnoticed change in psychiatric classification has led us into 40 plus years ofthe increasing instability of the mental state of the left. How can such a minor percentage of the population manipulate the majority of Americans?? Well, for one there are a lot of people who just do not want to deal with it at all, and another group that is very afraid of being verbally and physically attacked by the crazies, and then an intermediate group that says we should all get along and be Kumbaya like Ghandi philosophized. The left does not want that. Islam does not want that either. The two ideologies are married to the same goals. Global domination and totalitarian rule. It is a murder suicide pact if ever there was one. People cannot wait until the sword of Damascus appears at their door. Why do you suppose the left wingnuts attack Christian bakeries but not Muslim bakeries?? Because it is easy and the courts have been packed with left wing judges for years but heavily under Obama. Trump is undoing that now but it will take time. And somebody slapping the insane perpetrators across the face might help too, since that is exactly what they are asking for and not getting.

      • FormerLiberalnowConservative

        Great response as I just now found these replies elsewhere in my inbox. I have asking myself two things.

        1. Like you how did a small percentage of the population get such power where now our freedoms and liberties are eroded. Forced acceptance and approval of ones immoral actions is in itself anti freedom and unconstitutional. When you advocate for a phony right of forced approval then you have violated my civil rights and Constitutional rights of making my own moral decisions.

        2. Where did we go wrong so quickly? It was not that long ago that everyone whether liberal or conservative agreed that sodomy was unhealthy, not normal, and immoral? It was like this in the last quarter of the 20th century. Now poof, this unhealthy way of life is now praised.

        • 2Shadow2

          Very good questions. It depends on what time frame you consider “so quickly”. Obama did in fact accelerate the Agenda 2030 mantra to exponential leaps. The DOC is not so far left as to be unrecognizable from the Communist Party of the USA, who endorsed Hillary by the way. The slow disease of Communism has been eating away at the great weakness of our democracy for decades. Our founding liberties have been transcribed into weakness and the Trojan horses have long ago been planted. This was never more clear when the most overtly corrupt administration I have ever witnessed did everything from sell information to attack the opposition at every angle. And I have been watching administrations since “I like Ike.” And how do these people who cannot pass the background check of the Secret Service that guards them go unpunished for any crime from grand treason to murder?? After Obama was elected I said that the only question I had was just how high the corruption had to be to allow him into office. And now I see it is all the way to the top. The CIA is totally NWO and the FBI destroyed the evidence against Hillary on every front. From her server to Seth Rich to stealing the primaries from Weekend at Bernies.. I could go on but I feel myself going in circles. This is a good article but the video lecture from Michael Walsh is extraordinary. Repeat extraordinary. Having lived through the 1960’s and been interviewed by Herbert Marcuse and Angela Davis at UC San Diego, I can relate to all Walsh is saying. A rather long video but really worth every minute. Take the time and you will be rewarded. I think it will explain some things that every true American needs to know.

    • VSCW

      That left wing movement is in the American “Catholic Church”. It is the movement that accuses everything as “intolerant” and “judgmental” the catholic terms for PC. I do not call anyone on anything, just those of my own. Catholics need to be “Catholic”.

      No one has a chance of “fixing” anything, until you fix your own. The problem is most are American first and catholic when convenient.

  • Vanessa Higdon

    I read your book a year or more ago. I do believe in what Dr. Plineo preached and advocated. I am saddened that the coalition he put together is not as powerful as he intended it to be today. I pray that the TFP will put an end to Communism in this country as it once did in South America. We cannot say the same today. As we know of what the South is going through now. I hope and pray that you will stand w/ the Church of Tradition with the likes of St. Pius X. If you so go back to the what the TFP once stood for back then. Then you would not have so much to be so sad about. Then we would surely overcome Communism. But, if we just keep going around doing rallies trying to stomp out the symptoms and not the main issue which is pushing this pope to Consecrate Russia we are fooling our selves. This is what the TFP should be shouting from the roof tops. Then the transgender,abortion and homosexual problems would be a thing of the past not the future. I feel that God has a sense of humor. He showed the devil that he is not in control. He proved once again that my little children’s prayers are heard. We have a chance right now and big one. It should not be squandered. What scares me is if the next dems ever gets in office. We are in for a very rude awakening. I feel America feels like home again. I feel America is whole again w/ patriotism and God. I am hopeful again. I feel that God has picked alot of very imperfect characters in our history to use as tools to overcome the evil one. They actually thought they had America in the bag. God said; “No not just yet.” You(the devil) are not in control. We need to Consecrate Russia for God’s Plan to be complete. We cannot be complacent.
    God Bless you Immensely and Happy 4th.
    I know we will. We have so much to celebrate.

  • Edward Koestner

    You are so right. This is what I think too.

    America has the potential to be such a great nation, as long as we live up to the standards of what God wants from us.

    That is what I pray for on this July 4th.

  • Mary Hitzemann

    Thank You for addressing all talking points.
    May we as a Nation Under God continue our Promise to our Blessed Mother , the mother of Jesus.
    Celebrate the Fourth of July with the Love of God in our hearts. Amen

  • Mary Carter

    Former liberal, I became an Independent during the Bill Clinton fiasco. Will never be a liberal again. It is the young people who are doing this to us. They have been taught this from day care to university. Just observe their behavior and it is easy to see where the problem lies. No, I am 79 years of age and we never voted for anyone such as Obama. Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, and even Johnson were good for this country and that is who we voted for or at least my parents and grandparents did. How are we going to fix what is broken, which is our country?

    • 2Shadow2

      I posted this earlier but will repost it for you as you are exactly right and I don’t want you to have to hunt for that post. Here is why we have so many millennials voting for Sanders and Hillary. The new generation has been convinced that college should be free and our borders opened to the philistines.
      “Liberal arts” sums up a great deal. Education has always been a target for Communist infiltration. It’s why Hitler and Stalin had Hitler Youth and Young Pioneers, respectively, which provided a pattern for Common Core. The introduction of PC is also a left wing movement that has caused incredible damage to this country. This first article is a good essay on the influence of Communism in the US. You can bet that it would never be taught even as an elective at most colleges. The second article gives you a look at where PC came from.

    • Richard Mc Farlin

      Mary, we have a start now in President Trump. He needs all of our support. The more people that get behind him, and support him, the easier it will be for him to accomplish the ‘Draining of the SWAMP!” Lets hear it for the “USA and PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP”

  • Pacman5

    Obama nearly ruined the country and started us down the slippery slope. Hillary would have finished the job. Thank God for Trump!

    • Richard Mc Farlin


  • Jerryb53

    This is a letter I sent to John about the Bayview Cross,

    I was appalled reading about the Bayview Cross. It’s time to take these decisions out of the courts and into the people’s hands. The courts are siding with the atheits every case. It time for Catholics to put on their shield. If they attempt to take the Cross down what is needed is to physically stop them. This is like Nazi Germany and Military Veterans, law Enforcement Officers and ordinary Catholic citizens need to make a stand. The Courts are loaded with Communist otherwise these decisions would not be made. I say if they attempt to take the Cross don’t let them. I’m tired of Catholics being discriminated and nothing is done. Where is the Pope. He’s silent. But talk about Global warming and you can’t shut him up. He never takes a stand on anything to to with Traditional Catholics. Where are the Cardinals and Bishops and Priest? Nowhere!! It’s people like you and other lay people that defend the faith when our clergy should be the ones. We need more Bishop Sheens in the Church, until then beat them back with clubs, knives guns whatever if they attempt to take the Cross down.

    Jesus died for all mankind. When are Catholics going to die for Him, our King.

    God Bless,

    Gerard H. Briggs

  • Frank Cicero

    Pray the rosary, the only weapon that defeats evil. We are living a spiritual deficient society and only God can fix the evil doers. Rely on his strength and March forward. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  • richardroland76

    I agree 100%. Well written and so true.

  • grampy1

    Let’s be the people we say we are. Celebrate the 4th, make it loud and clear we are celebrating our freedom and not the division that has been created. WE the people who believe in our constitution must stand with our president, to be able to turn things around.

  • Robert A Rowland


    Nothing our founders intended is left for our review.
    We must rebuild the great nation under God we once knew.
    Life is not a basic right for America’s unborn.
    Marriage and the family are being treated with scorn.

    Destroy our Christian heritage has been Obama’s goal.
    Hillary Clinton would have continued this killing role.
    Murder of an unborn child would remain a legal right.
    Moral values and Law and Order now still out of sight.

    If America remains lawless, wecannot survive.
    Only with God and Law and Order can it stay alive.
    We have a chance for Trump to make our nation great again.
    With Democrat protest of the election we can’t win.

    We need another Scalia to revive the Supreme Court.
    Give approval now to the choice Trump has given support.
    The Supreme Court must regain the stature our founders gave.
    If America,the nation we had, we plan to save.

    The Constitution and Bill of Rights are no longer used.
    Their noble designs have now been seriously abused.
    They must again become the presiding law of our land.
    America must be under direction of God’s hand!

    Bob Rowland

  • Keith Rebar

    Over the past 20 years, Christians have won “freedom of expression” lawsuits for religious activities in public schools. My school district sings “God Bless America” every year. I read about “chipping” away at our freedoms. Fortunately, most of those issues have been decided in favor of religious freedom. Little Sisters of the Poor is a good example. Liberals are assaulting our freedoms but are losing more than winning.