Liberals Are in Trouble – and They Know It

Liberals Are in Trouble – and They Know It

“many liberals now admit that they have no vision. Their ranks are full of aging militants who lack dynamism.”

Conservatives often complain about the lamentable state of their movement. They would do well to look left. Liberals are in greater trouble, and they know it.

The recent special elections for vacant House seats made this evident. The thrashing liberals received in the 2016 elections were also a sign of an inability to communicate their message. Gone are the days in which liberals worked inside a consensus and engaged in debate with others. Everywhere, liberal democracy seems to be endangered by the breakdown of political discourse.

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This is due to a great crisis inside the left worldwide. It is no longer a movement of ideas. Liberals have no new ideas because they have adopted such an extreme relativism that they no longer strongly believe in anything. Everything is fluid and undefined. In this way, they have undermined their own foundation of logic and authority that is essential to the functioning of any political movement.

As a result, the old days of rational debate are over. The left exploits emotions and resentments, but can no longer be held to the logic of ideas.

The left also has little passion. Passion requires strong beliefs worth fighting for. To be effective, it must be focused and directed by vision. However, many liberals now admit that they have no vision. Their ranks are full of aging militants who lack dynamism. More often than not, its most ardent activists, like those of “the resistance” or Black Lives Matter engage in erratic and irrational behavior that alienates the population as a whole.

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In the absence of great ideas and passion, the left congeals around tired ideas of the past. Liberals resort to socialist class struggle narratives that have long grown old and irrelevant. The fragility of these ideas makes them brittle to the point that they would seem to break if opposed and compromised. Safety lies in not changing, and just repeating slogans of the past.

This explains the liberals’ stubborn attachment to political correctness that has so isolated itself from common sense and reality. It explains their willingness to suppress opposition even by sacrificing freedom of expression on university campuses. That is why the new liberals avoid debate and set themselves up as commissars to condemn those who oppose them on feminism, abortion, same-sex “marriage,” or global warming.

They know that all this causes intense polarization. However, the left lives upon this polarization. They only survive by hardening in their positions. It has reached a point where the more radical core does not wish to live in consensus with the right. It realizes that the minute it reaches a consensus, it is lost.

Thus, to advance, the left is restricted to looking to the right. Indeed, the only way the left can be saved is by exaggerating or distorting the right’s positions. It exploits any vulnerable point that might further liberal orthodoxy. It calls for media to create firestorms around minor issues that hide its weaknesses. The left creates myths about itself to make it seem more powerful than it is.

The weakness of the conservative cause is its failure to rise above the noise from the left as its shifts the debate to secondary issues. Conservatives are also weak when they fail to adhere firmly to the ideas and principles that are their cause. They are vulnerable to the extent that they timidly believe liberal myths and fear what they imagine to be the disapproval of the masses.

The strong point of the conservative cause is the fact that it retains the logic and discourse that support great ideas and strong principles. By nature, conservatives tend to buttress the structures of logic and authority that make movements vibrant.

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Conservatives also tend to crystallize around ideas of the past. However, these ideas do not resemble the hackneyed slogans of the left. These ideas involve the joyful rediscovery of what Russell Kirk referred to as those “permanent things” that never grow old. These values of courage, duty, courtesy, justice, and charity are forever ancient, forever new, since they owe their existence and authority to a transcendent God. Amid the present chaos, they attract people in search of certainties. They have the capacity of regenerating cultures in decay.

If unmasked, the left is vulnerable. Indeed , conservatives have their own problems, but they should exploit the weaknesses of the left and capitalize on its strong points.

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  • Richard Hennessy

    I’m not so sure that liberals are in trouble. They have three turncoat women Senators who are helping the liberal cause by preventing the repeal of Obamacare. With friends like these, who need enemies?

    • Sheila

      Of course the left is in trouble, they’re fighting against God and His army. We cannot go by what we see but what we know is right and true and just. It takes guts to stand up for our beliefs and to continue to stand and do something if the opportunity presents itself. We must put on the whole armor of God and be ready to fight with rosary in hand. I pray that God exposes the evil in the world so we can see it and act against it as we fight in Our Lady’s army with her in the lead. Let us remember the battle has already been put in motion and is victorious as Our Blessed Mother steps on the serpent’s head.

    • Phil Alcoceli

      Richard, I’ve been discouraged and very angry at the so called LIberal victories so many times that I can’t count them and I don’t care to do it. Like Cardinal Sarah says in his masterful and VERY powerful book: “The Power Of Silence” I found that prayer in the presence of God’s Almighty, All-Loving, Silent Presence is enough to soothe my soul and open my eyes to the REALITY of God’s Power and Victory. Read that book and and put it into practice.

      This is like when the prophet Elisha told his servant, who was desperate at the threat they were facing, to look at the hills and suddenly he saw a huge army of angels and chariots of fire and the threat was gone. Prayer opened his eyes to victory. Our eyes need to be opened and that happens in prayer so deep that it never neglects action. We are too obssesed with appearances.

      Satan is a Master Hollywood special effects technician and always portrays himself as all powerful, absolutely invincible and total evil as absolutely inevitable. It’s the Wizard of Oz all over again. Remember that!! Jesus Victory is absolute but you must pray DEEP and have strong devotion to the Sweet, Immaculate Heart of Mary, terror of demons!!

      • Dora Cividino

        Agree. Have started the “Power of Silence” by Cardinal Sarah. It’s captivating from the very beginning.

      • Sean

        A lot of truth in your comment sir, but I find your last sentence contradicts itself.

        • Phil Alcoceli

          Are you Protestant? If that’s the case, first, welcome to this forum. Second, I understand because I was a hard line Protestant myself and I was indoctrinated to see Mary as mostly irrelevant because, through misguided theology, any attention to her was supposed to be a threat to Jesus Exclusive Divinity, Absolute Supremacy and Supreme Intercession, things that are totally intact in Catholic Tradition and Church, whoever may say what they may say.

          You and I could engage in the very tiresome same-old-same-old-repeated-to-total-nausea arguments against any respectful DEVOTION to Mary, Mother of Jesus, who is (Mary) as human as you and me, but whose womb contained God made man (do you know anybody else like that?) which made her a living Ark of The Covenant. The Church has more than answered those arguments extremely well and the answers are available in the Internet for those seeking the Truth and not stagnated in their Jesus seeking lifestyle.

          I’ll simply say this: True Devotion to Mary is the most powerful instrument for total connection with and total submission to our Lord and God Jesus and His Holy Will. Anything else is not true devotion to Mary because Mary’s ONLY job is to lead us to Jesus and His Salvation and Redemption. Where do you think I got that “lot of truth” you just complimented me for? Delusional people and idolaters (a small part of the blind name-calling against Catholics) do not get close to Jesus and his Absolute Truth and do not live it and proclaim it.

        • Phil Alcoceli

          (Note: I am responding here to your reply comment that started with : “I am Protestant” given that it only appears in my email but not here, computer glitch or whatever it is).

          When I say “whoever may say what they may say” I refer to Protestant indoctrination, which you say you don’t share, but that is obviously basically identical to the one I received. Your comments just bring clear memories of that all over again. Protestant indoctrination is what it is but I’ll still answer you.

          As far as devotion, I explained that already. Indeed, it is an absolute lie that it was the Catholic Church who “exalted” Mary. She didn’t need anything at all from the Church as she was supremely exalted (human as she is and always will be) BY GOD, who could have so easily sent Jesus to Earth without using any Mother at all. She is the True Living Ark of The Covenant UNLESS you believe Jesus was just a mere prophet. If the Jews showed so much respect, reverence, devotion and prayers to the physical box known as the Ark of the Covenant, how MUCH, much more to The Living Ark of the Covenant. GOD used her to incarnate His Very Son in the flesh and He didn’t borrow human flesh from anyone but from Mary so she was infinitely more than just any devout Jew or even Moses and all Bible charcaters combined. She lived with Jesus for thirty years, shared in His ministry, his Cross and His outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Your assertion that: “The same can be said of all God’s people” is BIBLICALLY LUDICROUS.

          I also believe that it’s Mary’s God-given intercession that has attracted Protestants like me and many friends, and also many solid Protestant Pastors like Scott Hahn, Jason Stewart, Norman McCrummen, Ulf Ekman (the most influential Pastor in Sweeden), and 50 other Pastors (check the Coming Home Network) and several Protestant seminaries that converted and expressed that it was their Biblical expertise that brought them to the Catholic Church and, yes, devotion to Mary. Devotion to Mary is not a weakness or falsity you need to help correct but just the TOTAL opposite.

  • Daniel Meegan

    Wipe them off the face of this planet a life without law and order is chaos period God be with you all

  • Evermyrtle

    Until Revelation 20:10 comes to pass liberals will be working at full speed, therefore, don’t get your hopes up, too high!! We must pray without ceasing and striving to keep GOD’S commandments!!

  • Bob

    “That is why the new liberals avoid debate and set themselves up as commissars to condemn those who oppose them on feminism, abortion, same-sex “marriage”, or GLOBAL WARMING.
    The grass IS green! The sky IS blue. We ARE experiencing climate change. Don’t discredit all your other arguments by shouting, “The world is flat.”
    The Catholic Church is the birthplace of modern science. We take a bad rap for Galileo’s house arrest. Ironically, he was in trouble for examining the theories of Copernicus, a Polish Catholic monk. Another Catholic monk, Mendel was the Father of Genetics. God said, “Let there be light.” There was a Big Bang and the universe came into being and began expanding.
    In the past, people tried to justify slavery using the “science” of eugenics. The same “science” that Margaret Sanger used to promote birth control for poor people and minorities.
    Real science relies on logic and research and testing of theories. How can people take you seriously on the subjects about which you are correct if you insist upon using just plain old denial as your argument against climate change?

    • Phil Alcoceli

      Bob, climate change is obviously your concern even as you agree with everything else and the very solid fact that the Church is not anti-science, a Liberal straw-man argument. Good for you! Regarding the whole climate change issue, like everything else you mention and agree with, it has to dealt with in non-emotional, non-sentimental, non-fanatical approach. Truth is not an emotional thing or Jesus would have never freely chosen to die on the gruesome Cross for us.

      God gave us good emotions but it is Satan who turns them up to its very loudest to mask the Truth and squash the search for all Truth. Every virtue taken to the extreme becomes a vice.

      Climate change has happened since the Creation began and the issue is whether the one happening now is man-caused or not. That should be an issue for CALM intelligent dialogue, not turned into a dictatorial fanatical cult or blind false religion all by itself.

  • messup

    Interesting point of view, would care to disagree for the following four reasons: 1) Religion – decimation of Judeo Christian Heritage in ALL USA and Christian societies; 2) Education – Indoctrination vs. education. A slant towards “collective” mantras vs. “Individual” is widespread. 3) Finance – a visibly “redistribution of income” based economy vs. a “market based” one. and lastly, 4)Governance – a decidedly economical/political structure vs. a “constitutional republic.” Three fundaments to any “constitutional republic” are: 1) An INDIVIDUAL and their GOD; 2) FAMILY union of one man and one woman procreating having siblings and 3) COMMUNITY these first two forming a community of like minded Individuals and Families self determining and freedom of LIfe, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness…ALL of which are absent in a tyrannical form of governance. Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128.