Charlottesville: A Clash of False Alternatives

Sd_2-300x188 Charlottesville: A Clash of False AlternativesThe events in Charlottesville have shaken the nation, and many have rightly condemned the violence at the August 12 protest that resulted in one tragic death and many wounded.

Some were hesitant to make a sweeping condemnation pointing to the violence of the counter-protesters as a factor that must also be considered. Others feared that the public’s perception that the protesters were somehow conservative would be exploited to condemn anyone espousing conservative views.


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However, the violent nature and motives of the Charlottesville incident requires that such considerations be put aside and an unequivocal condemnation be made.

A Clash of False Alternatives

Such unequivocal condemnations should not obscure the real issues involved. In this case, America faces the horns of a dilemma as it is presented with two undesirable alternatives. What happened in Virginia was a clash of two false alternatives around the highly explosive issue of rewriting history by removing historic statues. This revisionist trend represents a dangerous new development in the moral and cultural decay of the nation.

This is no battle between two legitimate sides. Rather, these two clashing sides are nothing more than the two horns of a single anarchical false dilemma.

The positions opposing order, police and rule of law of the Antifa movement, Black Lives Matter movement and other groups are well-known. Also hostile to the remnants of Christian civilization within the rule of law and established political order are the alt-right movement’s Nazi, nationalist, socialist, racist and ultimately anarchical proclivities. Neither horn in this false dilemma represents America’s heritage and must, therefore, be rejected.

Above all, the notion that the alt-right represents a Christian or conservative perspective must be refuted. The alt-right has much more in common with the radical left’s utopian, nightmarish dreams than with Senator Barry Goldwater’s Conscience of a Conservative.

An Expression of Anarchy


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“It does not share the moral values of religious conservatives”

This can be seen in the movement’s literature and the declared views of its leaders. The alt-right is a movement that fundamentally rejects traditional conservativism. It does not share the moral values of religious conservatives since its adherents generally support abortion and the homosexual agenda. Economically, they exhibit a hostility toward the free market economics espoused by fiscal conservatives.

The alt-right notion of being Christian is often expressed by a vague cultural “Christendom,” that is associated much more with a white European cultural or even tribal identity than the worship of a Triune God and the loving and following of the Ten Commandments. That is why Richard Spencer, a key figure in the movement, calls himself both an atheist and “cultural Christian.” Even more disconcerting is the strong neo-pagan influence found in the movement. Neo-pagans see in past, pre-Christian, mythical religions the deep and dark roots of a supposedly glorious Nordic past that they idealized.

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Thus, people mistakenly think that the alt-right represents the extreme right end of the political spectrum. However, it might more accurately be said that it merely manifests markedly different expressions of the same anarchical movement that is tearing the nation apart. Charlottesville was a fight among anarchists. It was not a clash between left and right.

It should be remembered that Germany’s Third Reich National Socialists, Nazis for short, were no less socialist than the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics against which they violently fought. The Nazis simply manifested their equally atheistic, materialistic, socialist philosophy differently than Russia’s communists.

A Breakdown of the Moral Order

What happened at Charlottesville is a symptom of the breakdown of the moral order in America. When a moral order is rejected, it leads to a proliferation of subcultures. Outside the framework of an order, the imagination is free to create narratives that fragment society into different myths and lifestyles. When order is weak, anarchy is emboldened; resentments are resurrected; and groups feel empowered and entitled to overthrow the status quo.

These fragmented groups tend to use and even welcome violence. They do this not just because it attracts much media attention by its sensationalism, but because it expresses their struggle.

False Alternatives Not Shared by Most Americans

Fanned by the media, a climate of shock and tension has been fabricated around a narrative that does not reflect America, past or present. The fringe groups of anarchists that clashed in Charlottesville do not represent the majority of Americans.

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Their class-struggle revisions of history do not correspond to the nation’s social reality. Most Americans long to see at work again the common sense and can-do practical spirit that have united the nation in the past. They want out from this nightmare of false alternatives forced upon America that is streaming on their computer screens and social media.

Charlottesville presented Americans with a false dilemma: two expressions of the same anarchical spirit. Both options lead to ruin.

Charlottesville presented Americans with an indecent choice which must be categorically rejected and unequivocally condemned. Instead, America must embrace the true third option: The return to a moral order founded on the respect and love for God and his law.

  • David Macko

    Your article honed in on a vitally important consideration. There is no moral difference between national socialists (Nazis) and international socialists (Reds or communists). However, there is a moral difference between those who want to prevent the extermination of one of God’s creations, the White race, and those who wish to exterminate it. While it is unfortunate and, perhaps was planned, that the White preservationist group included socialists, supremacists and other enemies of liberty, how about the heavy communist infiltration and domination of the protestors, including the ethnic group which created and controlled “modern” Communism and still does?

    • jeddrich

      Would this be the ethnic or pseudo-religious group whose wealthy dynastic families own the Federal Reserve, much of the MSM, most of the entertainment industry, and whose lobbies dictate American foreign policy in the Mideast (including war-making) through their influence over both parties in Congress? Just askin’….

      • David Macko

        Some of us are old enough to remember the Groucho Marx Show. One of the schticks was to have a magic word. If a contestant or guest said the magic word a duck would come down from the ceiling. You came close enough to saying the magic word to have the duck come down.

  • Chris Lilly

    What happened in Charlottesville Virgina was a clash between fringe fanatic groups. Neither represents the American Way. The loss of life and violence was a result of a breakdown in public safety which the civil authorities must take blame for.

  • Patricia Ford de la Tejera

    An alternate to mainstream media is being promoted by some conservatives. One America News (OAN). I was told it can be found on Direct TV at 347. Has anyone tried it yet ?

    • monkbiker

      Yes. Once, while I was traveling. I liked it. All news-no opinions or spin. It’s not available where I live, however. But it is available on-line,

  • Minh

    To prevent anarchy and to preserve the peace we need no nonsense, SERIOUS law enforcement! Many crimes were committed at all these “protests”. Where was law enforcement? They need to make mass arrests and throw these lawbreakers in jail. We need severe PUNISHMENTS for these criminals.

  • RapistAndFalse ProphetMuhammed

    why these people did not think of breaking the statues in the past when obummer was president ? why only in 2017 they think it is important to bring down statues?

  • Laurence Coventry

    Quite right. However the history seems to be; 1) Permit application by the right refused and barriers put up in the vicinity of Emancipation Park. 2) Permit enforced by federal judge, barriers not removed.3) Right wing rally at park declared illegal before any speakers spoke and dispersal ordered.4) Barriers prevent any dispersal, but only debouchment of rightists straight into path of leftists without permit.5)Mayhem ensued , while police stood back and allowed it.6) Dual failure to maintain order and block off access roads giving rise to car murder.7) Situation requiring helicopter monitoring gave indirect cause of death of 2 patrollers.
    The whole thing smells of probable conspiracy to disorder by the Democrat hierarchy, led by Governor McAuliffe.

  • Mike Casey

    I hope that what you gave stated Mr. Horvat could some how be incorporated into the homilies during masses. If we hear it coming from our priests it might sink into the consciousness of our brothers and sister’s who spen ao much time in front of the television. God bless you.

  • Thank you for the good column, Mr. Horvat. Your observations and mine have much in common. If you don’t mind, here is the link to my own thoughts on the matter:

  • John Murphy

    When so many Americans are trying to make this a Socialist country they might consider that socialism is just one step away from tyranny. This was proved with Hitler and most recently again in Venezuela.

    The full name of Hitler’s political party was the “Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei” – In English: The National Socialist German Worker’s Party.

  • Dale McNamee

    Everyone should remember that in the case of the Neo-Nazis that the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” comes into play when dealing with the fascistic Antifa, BLM, anarchists…

    So many will tolerate them as long as the leftists support “their facists”…

    This is what happens when History and Civics aren’t taught and if they are taught… They are ignored…

    Welcome to mob rule…

  • Joseph Goltz

    Wow, there is a lot of missing the truth here. In Charlottesville, Nazis, and white supremacists wanted to march. They are violent hate groups. They hate Jews, Catholics, Blacks, and anyone who stands up for Jews, Blacks, and Catholics, Others of many stripes- Clergy, anarchists, regular college students, and others who are offended by violent hate groups, counterprotested. The police were either scared, outnumbered, or amused, and did not do enough to halt violence. If you cannot see where the difference is between these two groups, you are blind to many things. I do not equate these two groups, nor justify Nazis, and skin-color suprpremacists. Of course thewse should be protested. As for the statues, which mostly were put up in the 20th century, they were put up not to celebrate, but to protest- the new civil rights laws, voting rights, desegregation of the schools, etc. They were put up to “stick it” to the “Yankee” and his interference in southern tradition of keeping the blacks in their place. So, of course these “monuments to honor” need to be put where they belong. They represent oppression of a large segment of the U.S. population. Why do you think this a good?

  • Scipio Africanus

    Excellent article. Yes, it is simply one anarchy battling another that we are witnessing in our beloved country.

    May God have mercy on all of us. Let us repent and be restored to a true sense of justice and moral order.