The Hidden Causes of Obesity: Looking at the Whole Picture

The_Hidden_Causes_of_Obesity_Looking_at_the_Whole_Picture The Hidden Causes of Obesity: Looking at the Whole Picture

The Hidden Causes of Obesity: Looking at the Whole Picture

Any understanding of the obesity crisis in America must look at society as a whole. It does no good to simplify the matter as a problem of overeating.

Beneath the surface of the obesity epidemic, there is a societal crisis of great significance. With population weight gain, there is a concomitant increase in sexually transmitted infections (STIs), family breakups, and depression.

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From the start, health officials prescribed diet restrictions, thinking that if patients just ate less, they would lose weight and their health would improve. They simply did not address the matter of what was driving the overeating.

A Need to See the Whole Picture

However, this is the core of the matter especially at a societal level. It is here that we stand before a reality that is so disturbing and overwhelming, that if we don’t stop and rethink our medical strategies, everything will collapse.

Why don’t people and health care professionals see this link between obesity and all the other epidemics? The answer is found in Ernest Becker’s The Structure of Evil. It can be traced way back to the consequences of the fragmentation of knowledge that came with the arrival of Newtonian science. Becker writes: “The ideas of system, unity, interrelatedness, academies, were very much in the air a few hundred years ago, and formed a vital part of the strictly scientific preoccupation.”

Indeed, the goal of this unity of science was to “answer intellectual problems only in order to come to grips with moral and social problems.”

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Fragmenting Reality

However, Becker writes that what happened was essentially an overestimation of the value of physical science. As science and medicine advanced during the Enlightenment, the population easily became mesmerized by this progress. Intellectuals like Rousseau saw Newtonian precepts as a means to promote knowledge for the sake of science.

Under this new scientific perspective, knowledge was catalogued, classified and ultimately fragmented. The great critics of science at the time found fault with this new perspective because they felt that science only had true meaning and value if it “subserved virtue and morality” (Becker, 1968, p 16).

The_Hidden_Causes_of_Obesity_Looking_at_the_Whole_Picture_2 The Hidden Causes of Obesity: Looking at the Whole Picture

The Hidden Causes of Obesity: Looking at the Whole Picture

However, the new scientists claimed a great new nineteenth century morality would supposedly come out of science after Church dominance and teachings were extirpated from French society, Europe and the world. Unfortunately, the new morality never did crystalize. Becker writes: “…since the Enlightenment we have gradually drifted into a position of what amounts to calculated self-abasement by actively forfeiting what the human animal needs most: a unitary critical worldview, infused by continuing moral awareness.”

Our disillusionment, as a society, got unfortunately turned toward the service of what Becker called “the new cynicism, blind to both spiritual and human values.”

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A Fragmented Vision Everywhere

This fragmented vision of the world became universal. We have fragmented medicine, the social sciences, philosophy and theology into specialties that rarely talk to each other.

Thus, professionals cannot see that obesity is in a true sense a social problem culminating from a society that has lost sight of the virtue of temperance. At its root, obesity is not a medical issue. We will continue to battle the growing girth of the American people so long as we put off looking deeper into the true hunger that drives this eating frenzy.

Soon, we can hope, social scientists, not medical doctors, will uncover that the breakup of the family as a cause. They will especially point to the weakening of the father, through feminism, as protector of the family and the defender of virtue as the single, most important factor in the obesity crisis. The hunger is for truth, clarity, authority and order.

The Denial of Death and Obesity

To look at the obesity crisis through this lens invariably means looking at our vulnerabilities and what we crave for the most but cannot achieve.

Going deeper into the problem, we see that it is order that we desire, but death and its meaning brings disorder to our lives. The absurdity of life eventually stares us all in the face and so, to remain sane, writes the aforementioned Becker, we must refuse to acknowledge that we die. This of course flies in the face of reality because (some soon, others later) the undeniable truth is that we all will die.

For an irreligious person, this conclusion is pure insanity. Although certain, we spend very little time thinking about death, and yet death is one thing we should make sure to get right, because there is no second chance. However, our culture discourages such conversations since it is viewed as kind of dark and not uplifting.

There are two major arguments supporting death as an important conversation for dealing with reality and even with obesity. First, the denial of death shapes the way we live and has led us to a hatred of children and life. This taints our entire society.

Making Sense Out of Our Mortality

Indeed, neglecting to talk about death, trivializes life, making it glow with absurdity. The practice has invariably led our culture towards a more pragmatic understanding of death by embracing contraception, abortion, infanticide, and finally euthanasia. In the face of these evils, the human heart hungers for a relief from the tensions that build up between the desire to do good and the consequences of committing grievous sin. Overeating and promiscuous sexual encounters become expressions of this insatiable and misplaced deep hunger. But, alas, they do not fulfill.

Second, a conversation about death becomes essential in a culture wrapped up in extreme self-absorbance that rejects sacrifice, and avoids altruism. Dying for another or dying for a cause is no longer part of the social script. The consequence of this spiritual dryness has driven our culture and youth, insatiably looking for meaning, to embrace suicide as an escape from hopelessness.

For indeed, if we stand for nothing, then the question interiorly becomes: what do we stand for? What have we become? In the fight for health, these are some of the uncommon questions that need to become common.

Dr. David Bissonnette is an Associate Professor of Nutrition at Minnesota State University, Mankato where he does obesity research. He advances that obesity is a mere symptom of a much greater social malaise which medical science has failed to address. He is author of two textbooks: It’s All About Nutrition and Nutrition for Healthcare Professionals. He has produced documentaries and manages the web site

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  • Adrienne

    This article is upsetting to me. I feel it oversimplifies a complex issue. To imply obesity is caused by broken homes or moral failings does a great disservice to many people who struggle with their weight problem.

    • mike s

      Is that kinda like, “the truth hurts” ?

    • disqus_A7ZiD14I8W

      yes, I think a lot of people who are over weight have social, money, relationship problems. and so many are unhappy.

    • Darren

      How is having a broken home simple?

      Broken homes have caused a lot more than contribute to obesity. Industrialization has broken the family and that’s led to all sorts of problems.

      First the father was taken out of the home and the. The mother felt overwhelmed and the state started saying that the career was more important and that we will give you daycare and raise your children.

      Well, they are raising children in their image and that image is grim and cruel. Teaching children that sexual deviancy is okay, that one can be the opposite sex. This is psychological torture.

      Strong families, strong society, stronge nation.

      Is this nation strong or divided?

      The article is the beginning of What’s Wrong with the World.

      God bless.

    • I hear you! My Christian mother was hypothyroid for years. Once she weighed in and found she had indeed gained weight while fasting–not just from one specific food, but from all solid food. It was a real medical problem; in her case the cause was the celiac gene she passed on to me from her maternal-line Irish ancestors. And looking less pretty is the least of a hypothyroid patient’s worries; they’re physically ill, mentally impaired, and emotionally depressed.

      Then again, the good news was that Mother’s hypothyroidism was partly curable by discipline (not just diet and exercise, but exercise before breakfast; not just low calories, but low fat, and so on) and turned out to be almost completely cured by a gluten-free diet. Prayer alone didn’t solve the problem, but when she did find a solution, discipline was still valuable.

      I don’t think the author was saying that broken homes or moral failings are the sole cause of obesity, which obviously is not true. That lack of discipline contributes to broken homes, to moral failings, and to obesity is true.

      I agree with you that the article could have taken into account the medical factors that, until they’re resolved, can cause people who generally eat and behave “right” to remain obese.

  • Liberty

    There is truth in the article in that I, too, have experienced a breakup of my family that ultimately caused my battle of the bulge. Too much time on my hands puts too much food in my mouth. My best friend and worst enemy, the refrigerator, does its best to fill loneliness caused by empty nesting at the same time my “liberated” husband presented me with a painful divorce after 20 years of marriage. But then, I also like to eat!

  • Helen

    I think that the problem of obesity is deeper than simply how much we eat or exercise. I have noticed that some people who are overweight look terribly unhappy. I think that obesity and social isolation are related. I believe that we need stronger communities and healthy families. This is a good article.

  • “Second, a conversation about death becomes essential in a culture wrapped up in extreme self-absorbance that rejects sacrifice, and avoids altruism. Dying for another or dying for a cause is no longer part of the social script.”

    This was nowhere more apparent than in George W. Bush’s way of selling the Afghanistan and Iraq wars to the American people. Instead of telling us this was a necessary commitment that would require common sacrifice from all Americans, he told us to proceed with our self-indulgent lives as usual, working and consuming for ourselves, while our volunteer military bore the sacrifice for us. Our politicians no longer think they can ask ordinary American citizens to sacrifice for the good of our country.

    • Suzanne Smith

      I totally agree with you. I think everybody After High School graduation should have to serve their country in some capacity for 2 years

      • SovereignAmerican

        This was put forth by myself and a group of Vietnam era veterans in 1972. Our consideration was due to the implementation of the volunteer armed services and the fact that most college students didn’t have a clear idea of their individual career. A lot were getting BA’s in psychology which put them into the over-educated category when job hunting. But the #1 benefit we saw was that they would be exposed to the school of life, or as some would say, reality. Which led us to the following.
        We also realized the inadequacies of Social Security and the deception called the war on poverty, both of which are gov’t theft.

        IMHO, had that been done, we wouldn’t be in the straits we are today.

  • Caroline Ritter

    What if I became obese after a Catholic priest sexually abused me? How would that fit in, because that is my story. I wanted to keep him away by losing my mind and gluttony. It worked. The fallen Father was the source of my disorder and I am only now, decades later facing the reality. It was not feminism that caused his disorder nor mine. It was the Father of Lies who came through him as a wolf in shepherd’s clothing. The only real solution for me has been the holy rosary.

    • Godslove

      I am sorry for that. my heart goes out to you. Prayers for healing and for healing and repentance amongst those doing the abusing. Praying that the abuses stop.

      • Caroline Ritter

        Thank you very much for caring and especially for your prayers. May the Lord hear our prayers!

    • mike s

      Thank you Caroline, for your strength and honesty; may God bless you for relying on prayer for the grace to help you keep your faith, and your sanity.

      • Caroline Ritter

        Thank you so very much. I hope and pray that others may know of the power of the most holy rosary to heal…

    • Jill Ishkanian

      I am so sorry this happened to you Caroline. My heart goes out to you. You are in
      my prayers for healing.

      • Caroline Ritter

        Thank you very, very much for your prayers! I appreciate them more than I can say. God bless you always…

    • Schultz Schultzkopf

      Caroline, I can certainly empathize with your unfortunate experience and I know that those trysts involving molestation was through no fault of yours. We are not responsible for what someone did to us however, we ARE responsible for the recovery of our woundedness. When we continue to indulge in behaviors which add to our unhappiness it is like giving that sick priest permission to abuse us again and again. I really like your recommendation of the Rosary. You are on the right track in allowing Our Lady to help and guide you. Peace and Goodness to you.

      • Caroline Ritter

        Thank you very much! I only hope that others less fortunate than I learn of the power of the holy rosary to heal all woundedness and that is why I wrote about it here. Very few who have gone through this kind of situation still have any faith at all and I want them to know that healing can come through the rosary, even if they cannot face a priest for some time.

      • Thomas L. Stafford

        Shultz, I believe it is worse than that. “Permission” was not granted when the abuse occurred. Continuing to resent (re-feel) the actions of the Priest is placing herself in the positon of being abused again and again. It is almost the same as inviting the recurrence. Forgiveness and if possible forgetfulness is best. Forgiveness is of much more benefit to us than it is to those we forgive. That is the point of Christ’s admonition to forgive seven times seven transgressions of others. It is also the reason that God states “Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord”.

    • Jerry

      What is true is that we, each of us is totally responsible for the condition we are in. To blame the priest or the devil is to put yourself at effect. To be spiritual. That means make a situation right. Set it right. All these people running around commuting violence are irresponsible. Don’t listen to death talkers. Improve the conditions around you. Turn off the negative. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

      • Schultz Schultzkopf

        Thank you for your opinion, but that is all it is – an opinion It reminds me of the old adage that “a little knowledge can be dangerous”.

      • Andrew St-James

        Remember dear friend in Christ, that the age of empowerment has not created fulfilled individuals but narcissistic monsters. Remember Saint Paul: I am strong when I am weak. Jean Pierre de Caussade captures the importance of dis-empowerment or rather of selflessness and perhaps of weakness best when he writes: “When the Lord approaches he does not strengthen but rather He weakens” this is so that God’s power and glory may be better seen. This poor gently soul who has been wounded by life and evil, is weakened by the event. Do not ask her to be empowered but rather to submit her weakness to Jesus who is a King, great and merciful. It is so easy to get caught up in the senseless modern propaganda of empowerment, and self-sufficiency. My poor Caroline…pay no attention but submit to deep, silent and reverent prayer.

        • Caroline Ritter

          Thank you very much! I found a wonderful novena of surrender to the Sacred Heart which I have been giving. “O Jesus, I surrender myself to You. Take care of everything.”

      • Caroline Ritter

        To deny that evil is at work puts us all at risk. I do blame the darkness working through and as the priest because that is factual. What I do with that reality is indeed up to me. Sometimes things happen to us that happen because a dark force has attacked us. What we do with that is up to us, I agree. When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, it includes, “deliver us from evil” and is the best most powerful prayer of deliverance there is. I had a priest from Ireland who is authorized to do exorcisms, pray over me. He did not know me at all. I had walked into a conference where he was praying and he began to pray about someone who was in the room who had suffered severe trauma and he went into detail about what happened but he did not know me. Afterwards, I said to him I think you were referencing me. He is a charismatic Catholic and has a powerful anointing, I can attest. When I had a private audience with him later he said that there are spirits of possession and spirits of oppression and I had spirits of oppression. I went to the conference because I knew he had the ability to exorcise people. What I was told was that what that priest did was vex me with his spirits which oppressed me, causing me to become mentally ill. Now you can believe that or not, but all I know is that that priest knew my situation without ever knowing me and he gave me more of true Christian love and healing than i have ever experienced from another person. I now know what “caritas” means because he showed it to me. He told me to report the abusing priest and to write. Since then I have become re-baptized and confirmed as a Catholic. I was raised in no religion and am Jewish. I do not ask for your sympathy or others, I am writing because people need to know that there are reasons behind addictions, including overeating. Many compulsive eaters I know personally have had sexual abuse. I did not intend to take up this thread with my personal story, but I want to witness to the fact that the holy rosary is a great healing prayer and can help with obesity as well. I am 105 pounds lighter than I was and I am grateful for that fact and the power of the holy rosary. This is my way of “improving conditions around me:” to bring awareness of the healing power of the holy rosary and I can best do that by addressing what I am being healed from. I wish you the best, Jerry…

    • proudmomoffive

      I am so very sorry for what happened to you and unfortunately you are not alone in the church. We know now there was an infiltration of communists, homosexuals and masons in the Church and they will have to answer to Our Lord directly for these crimes as we see our hierarchy is not really willing to address this problem. Praying the Holy Rosary is the right thing to do as Our Blessed Mother has given it to us to ward off and defeat the greatest evils. I will pray for you so you can heal and be able to have peace in the midst of all of this. I would like to suggest attending a Tridentine Mass if you have one close by, or even if you have to drive a little. I once read how the amazing unfathomable Beauty and Order of this mass brings beauty and order inside our souls, and drives the chaos away. I have read how this beautiful mass has helped drug addicts and service men with PTSD really heal spiritually and help them drive away the darkness out of their souls. God Bless you, stay strong and never stop praying that Rosary.

      • Caroline Ritter

        Thank you very much for your compassion and concern. I am exceedingly grateful to be able to witness to the awesome power of the most holy rosary! I truly hope this whole situation remains in people’s prayers because the situation is dire. Thank you again!

      • Jeannie

        Is this a Catholic group? or are there just a group of Catholics that have been chatting here? I ask because I am no longer Catholic. I was born again in 1972 and baptized with the Holy Spirit and believe everything that has been said here about the spiritual benefits in the healing of our bodies. But I do not pray to Mary – only to God as directed in the Scriptures.

        • Andrew St-James

          Hi Jeannie, the rosary is actually from scripture: The angel Gabriel appears to Mary and hails her: Luke 1:28 “And coming to her, he said, “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you.” Luke 1:48 “For he has looked upon his handmaid’s lowliness; behold, from now on will all ages call me blessed.” Luke 1:41-42a “When Elizabeth heard Mary’s greeting, the infant leaped in her womb, and Elizabeth, filled with the holy Spirit, cried out in a loud voice and said, “Most blessed are you among women.
          Here is a book that documents this very well:

  • Pat

    Where do you get off, commenting on people’s weight? And assuming we’re not satisfying our spiritual hunger.
    It irritates me that you would start picking on those of us who were better looking than you but who have gained weight over the years. It’s mean spirited and I will be throwing out your book and getting you off my email. Lack of charity compounded with envy.

    • Andrew St-James

      Michael, this article was not written by John Horvat, but by an obesity researcher from Minnesota, who has spent years clinically researching the obesity crisis. This article is not part of A Return to Order, but attempts to link disorder to the obesity crisis

    • Pat, although I don’t know you, could I add two thoughts that might help you or other readers (in addition to Andrew St James’s point below).

      1. We all tend to slow down with age, and need to be mindful to eat less and exercise more–not just to look better, but because the fat deposited by “middle-aged spread” can harbor cancer.

      2. An e-friend (who blogged about “eldering” during her last years) reported that after being model-slim in youth, and recovering normal weight after several babies were born, at midlife she suddenly gained twenty or thirty extra pounds for no obvious reason, and couldn’t seem to lose the fat, whatever she did. Then after ten or fifteen years of being an otherwise healthy fat person, she lost the weight. She never did find an explanation, except that she ate sensibly and exercised for fitness all her life.

      *Most* fat people lack discipline and can benefit from considering “spiritual hunger.” Then there are the exceptions…

  • Katyy Zady

    Interesting to see someone angry about addressing the fat problem in the US on a spiritual level. Gluttony has always been a cardinal sin but only in this age would anyone get huffy over someone’s effort to address the major health crisis of our time in spiritual terms. That is how far we’ve fallen.

    • Ted Dastych

      Having battled obesity for 40+ years, I recently had a sleeve gastrectomy performed. I lost 60 lbs. but I am now fighting hunger pains. Being a medical doctor for 45+ years, I do not believe that obesity is as simple as Dr. Dave suggests. His degree is in ” nutrition”, but am not convinced of his expertise in the field of endocrinology.

      • MAD

        The use of fructose in all foods to preserve them is a big part of the problem. If possible, eat only fresh foods. My body turns fructose to fat even without overeating.

        • yefired2016

          HFCS is an enemy of mankind. True and real talk.

    • When obesity is caused by gluttony, a “huffy” reaction indicates that the truth hurts. However, not all obesity is caused by gluttony. There are people who work the daylights out of an ordinary diet, exercise, even medications program, and remain obese–the best they can do is to stop at 40-50 pounds overweight rather than just growing fatter until their hearts give out. When condemning gluttony, and restaurants that dump in extra fat to “add flavor” to sickly meat and stale veg, and watching TV “to relax” after a sedentary commute to a sedentary job, and other factors in obesity, it never hurts to admit that no one factor causes or cures *all* cases of obesity.

  • Schultz Schultzkopf

    Addiction to any substance including food is a result of spiritual bankruptcy. We gradually become desensitized to our spiritual needs because we drift away from maintaining our need for spiritual wholeness.. What is spirituality? It is an awareness and need for a relationship with a power greater than ourselves and anything greater in our universe or outside our universe. Many call this “higher power” to use a 12 step term, God. Failure to recognize this need makes us dependent on ourselves and we soon find that that process doesn’t work if we are seeking peace of mind, and wholeness. So we turn to what the media feeds us. Instant gratification be it food or a smart phone, TV, or sex, or drugs, possessions, material things, the list goes on. We continue this cycle of self-destruction until we find this spirituality or end up where we never intended to go. Or death.. We resist most things that are good for us in trade for what makes us feel good. Spiritual health is as important as mental or physical health, and is probably MORE important. Spiritual wholeness can make you a better, Christian, Jew, Muslim, etc. The more we grow spiritually the easier it is to become and maintain our health. Spiritual “awareness” makes us less self centered.

    • Leo

      I completely agree with your comment!

    • Darren

      Dear Schultz,

      You have it mostly right. Being spiritual is an important first step. Now, the second step is to find out which religion is true.

      In my spiritual journey, the Catholic faith is the only one that does not counterdict itself. It teaches truths that are amazing. What other faith can you receive God himself? Have a relationship with God as father and not a slave?

      I suggest reading some GK Chesterton. Start with Manalive or The Ball and the Cross.

      I’m currently reading What’s Wrong With the World. It’s a great read.

      God bless.

      • Schultz Schultzkopf

        Darren, I agree with your comment. The reason I didn’t take it to the next level is that truth is best administered in small doses. Thanks for your input.

        • yefired2016

          Schultz, I’m not sure if that’s your real name and I hope it’s just the character you’re portraying through the profile picture. Anyway, there aren’t any “religions” so to speak, there’s only ONE and only that ONE can technically be a Religion because a True Religion renders all other supposed ones counterfeits because as we’re well aware, the nephilim, demon, idol, self, and human worship belief systems of hinduism, buddhism, sikhism, jainism, cultural mythology, islam, shintoism, zoroastrianism etc…are all spin-offs of themselves and of ancient Babylonian “semiramis/isis” belief system. Does that ring a bell?
          There’s only one way to the Father and that’s Salvation through the Holy Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, instituted through the official original Church He Himself established, the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

          Please sign petitions online to help rescue, bring attention, justice, and care to the persecuted Church.

          • KareemAbdul

            And pray the Rosary daily! There is no better tool for Catholics.

            Be religious, and beware of “spiritual”. Remember, the devil, who has no body, is pure spirit (so are all the angels and demons, pure spirit).

            God bless

    • ihmhermit

      It was six men of Hindustan
      To learning much inclined,
      Who went to see the Elephant
      (Though all of them were blind)
      That each by observation
      Might satisfy the mind.

      The First approached the Elephant
      And happening to fall
      Against his broad and sturdy side
      At once began to bawl:
      “Bless me, it seems the Elephant
      Is very like a wall.”

      The Second, feeling of his tusk,
      Cried, “Ho! What have we here
      So very round and smooth and sharp?
      To me ’tis mighty clear
      This wonder of an Elephant
      Is very like a spear.”

      The Third approached the animal,
      And happening to take
      The squirming trunk within his hands,
      Then boldly up and spake:
      “I see,” quoth he, “the Elephant
      Is very like a snake.”

      The Fourth reached out an eager hand,
      And felt about the knee.
      “What most this wondrous beast is like
      Is mighty plain,” quoth he;
      “’Tis clear enough the Elephant
      Is very like a tree!”

      The Fifth, who chanced to touch the ear,
      Said: “E’en the blindest man
      Can tell what this resembles most;
      Deny the fact who can,
      This marvel of an Elephant
      Is very like a fan!”

      The Sixth no sooner had begun
      About the beast to grope,
      Than, seizing on the swinging tail
      That fell within his scope,
      “I see,” quoth he, “the Elephant
      Is very like a rope!”

      And so these men of Hindustan
      Disputed loud and long,
      Each in his own opinion
      Exceeding stiff and strong,
      Though each was partly in the right
      And all were in the wrong.”
      [Last verse omitted because It takes an unfair swipe at theology, thus suggesting itself also to be a blind man’s conjecture]

      The medical establishment, bought and driven by Big Pharma, definitely ignores the self-indulgent nature of our culture. Why try to return to order when lap bands and diet pills sell?

      The good Dr Bissonnette has identified a body part. But there are many other parts — not the least of which is that Americans are starving for real food. Agribiz has given us phony food grown in depleted soil and the FDA has approved untold thousands of chemicals designed to trick the palate into thinking a chemical fruit or veggie or meat product is as good as one produced on healthy soils and, in the case of animals, in humane living conditions.

      We won’t solve the obesity problem until we reject factory farming in all it’s hideous permutations.

      Factory farming is also a root cause of our illegal immigration problem, but I’ll try to stay on topic.

      • Schultz Schultzkopf

        Perhaps we can all take a swipe at completing the last verse.
        “This clever little poem has caught the attention of the throng,
        Yet its meaning though veiled makes it kind of long.
        It would be better served on a silver plate and all would get along,
        If instead of rhyme or reason, it ended in a song.””
        Anyone else care to emulate?

        • ihmhermit
      • Andrew St-James

        Interesting point, but the Good Dr Bissonnette may well have uncovered more than you think. Yes the food that is available to eat is not good, but the hunger eluded to in this article is that of the soul. The chips we eat and the soda we eat, we all know them to be bad but still eat them, and so in a true market society, simply buying the healthier foods would put the giant food corporations that make toxic food, out of business; the market would self correct. But what this article appears to convey, is that spiritual hunger is making us blind….as we see not the corruption created in our bodies by the food we eat, just as we do not see the corruption in our souls created by the impoverished spiritual food we consume.

        • Thomas L. Stafford

          That was part of the good Doctor’s intent. The result of hunger of the soul confronting the mind of instincts, desires, and logic is unpredictable without the strongest union of the soul, human spirit, and physical being with God. Blindness to the reality of the need for the union of soul, human spirit, physical being, and God being a component. Addiction, obsession, depression, and other psychological maladies all exhibit this condition. My personal experience and spiritual journey has convinced me that this is true.

        • ihmhermit

          Good point and in fact I agree, but we need to remember that are not disembodies spirits; we are body-soul composites. The article was about bodily obesity and as such overlooked a huge concern.

  • Michael Dowd

    Good stuff. Needed. Please keep it coming. Denial of self and belief in God is the key to joy in living.

  • Rev Alan Rosenau

    This aspect deserves to be treated, but it is very partial, while implying
    That it is

    somehow the only or crucial factor. Taking this position, the article would need to go many more pages. It tends to lecture, and to leave out
    perfectly important other considerations: as well as offering no personal examples. Some of the comments corroborate this suggestion for improvement and enhancement.

    • yefired2016

      But the comment sections provide an agreeable area for physical/dietary/medical reasons with personal examples of struggle. That feedback completes the whole point which the author tries to elaborate on. The author expects the reader to contribute their perspective on the issue from their own experiences and facts within that of the already stated big picture of spiritual reasoning. The big picture of spiritual reasoning is a higher, flawless reasoning that’s inclusive of and unlike any and all material ones. The highest it can get will be the absolute reason that God Himself can give.

  • KareemAbdul

    No mention of artificial sweeteners?

    A preponderance of these man made frankenfoods along with the heavy marketing of them have also coincided with an increase in obesity worldwide – along with a litany of other health complications.

    It’s no one thing, there are many causes:

    Sedentary lifestyle,
    Automated living and working
    Heretofore unseen quantities of sugar
    Artificial sweeteners
    Fast food
    Over availability of quantities of food
    Binge eating
    Binge drinking and alcohol

    Also, people often see little value in fasting.

    The dark one hates all humans perfectly, so he will use many avenues to debase ourselves and drive ourselves mad.

    God bless us all

    • kat richards

      You forgot the perpetual access to the internet.

      • KareemAbdul

        Don’t Sony Wii, mobile devices and Pokémon Go (or whatever it was called) address that?


    • TerryHyland

      I suspect that you have missed entirely the real point of this message. “Externals” are not the problem, but merely “symptoms” of the problem.

  • Cathie Mary

    You seldom see an over weight European or Asian, because food is expensive there.

    • yefired2016

      Cathie, perhaps that’s one reason but mainly because they don’t eat as much junk (artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, unfermented soy ingredients, hydrogenated fats/oils, and GMO among other things) because it’s rarely available there and with much scorn. Such vile things aren’t force fed as that’s the case in the US. If you shop at a regular grocery store in the U.S, you’ll see that it’s been occupying the vast majority of items but have been at a miraculous decline, praise be to God. Also, they regularly travel more on foot/bicycles…etc. and that’s what’s keeping them healthy besides sowing a happy unity within their communities. Athletics and such are part of their cultures and they take part in them on a regular basis for both Asian or European populations. In the US, instead of active participation in sports and other athletic activities, people tend to just spectate from afar and tend to enjoy them that way. Non Americans on average are more outdoorsy, seem happier on a personal level, and truly are even more happier if they’re true believers in Jesus…

      USA needs to stop glorifying itself and start learning the ways of Divine Holiness which also include modesty, discipline, good health, and physical exercise among other things.

      And I hope that would be the case for all who are called to His Kingdom in Jesus’ Name.

  • yefired2016

    The chemical reason which has to do with everyday life is as follows…
    Lots of obesity has to do with chemical poisons and toxins, being sprayed in the air by the lying n.w.o ‘NASA’ and so forth. This is not some “theory”, they actually admitted of spraying poisonous heavy metals in order to study the supposed “directions of the winds and atmospheric differences”. What they’re not telling you is that they have been maliciously spraying such things to control populations, to cause defects in human beings, how evil and vile! The evidence is online and even mainstream sources has confirmed that to be true. It’s n.w.o and they use it for other evil causes as well like conducting electromagnetic data for CERN.. May God rebuke them…

    There’s also other everyday factors such as chemical contaminants that are highly toxic called pthalates including PVC, Polycarbonate, BPA, SLS, SCS, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, and so forth. There’s other evil chemicals called PTFE and PFOA both/either of which are used in the making of the toxic teflon! Teflon overheats at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and breaks down into toxic fumes strong enough to kill birds and such, real talk! There’s evidence for it and it can get to around 350 degrees Fahrenheit within 17 seconds right away. Get rid of them and replace them with top quality stainless steel as a great start…There’s also earthenware, stoneware, carbon steel & cast iron (needs a tiny bit of maintenance against rust) etc…The solution is present but you have to research first and foremost.

    Don’t trust the lying “NASA” (or their other “space” partners) and what they have been promoting for the past half a century because the earth, unlike their fake CGI pictures, indoctrination, and movies, isn’t a blue spinning ball in space going around the highly “gravitational” heliocentric sun. The heliocentric model is a heresy and why haven’t you ever wondered why these so called “planets” (masses of matter) hadn’t already been engulfed by the sun’s supposed superior “gravity”?

    The evidence is present for this too and again, you must do a Biblical research for these things…


    Well I don’t know what others have to contribute to this but what I think about obesity is our foods being manufactured by people putting unhealthy ingredients in our foods to poison us. Like for instance the corrupt Mansanto putting pesticides in our foods by spraying them on the plants and allowing it to leash into the plants. They also have changed the plants by altering the good nutritional vitamins and infusing it with poisons and taking all the good nutrients out of the plant and replacing it with poisons. Another thing I may add is I do not buy any packaged foods or frozen packaged foods because of the unhealthy oils they purposely put in the foods and call it healthy. All Soybean oils, vegetable oils as well as Canola oils are unhealthy and will slowly poison you and your family members if you keep putting them in your food to cook with. I also learned something today, I quit buying Kellogs cereal and all other cereal because of the unhealthy oils and the GMO’s in our foods. But what I learned today about Kellogs is that everyone who purchases Kellogs cereals is supporting the lying left the democrats and their radical agenda to destroy us, you see I was not buying Kellogs because of what I just learned it was because of the GMO’s and the unhealthy oils and poisons that I did not want to consume. Another thing no one seems to know is about the sugar Splenda which was being made by a scientist, the problem is he wasn’t trying to make any kind of sweetener, he was trying to make a bug killer. But somehow some one must have tasted it and to their astonishment it tasted sweet, so do want to guess what they decided to do, well in my opinion they decided to call their bug killer Splenda, and if you are using it I would suggest you quit eating that bug killer called Splenda.

  • Chris Lilly

    Ancient and Medieval philosophy viewed the human being as a whole person consisting of an immaterial soul guiding a material body. The existence of a soul, the need for religion and belief in the divine went hand in hand. Modern philosophy denies the soul, splits the mind and body, then turns reduces all human knowledge to the level of scientific materialism. The modern human being is now trapped within a natural body and environment that he must find some way of coping with but has no means of overcoming. This is the dilemma produced by modern philosophy.

    • Jeannie

      We are a tri-part being. We are spirit (created in the imagine of God), we have a soul and live in a body. For our bodies to be healthy, our spirits must be healthy and vice a versa.

      • UkonFrancisBenSebastianMiko

        Our spiritual health does indeed have a major undeniable impact on our physical health. Yet, it is our soul that gives us, or any living creature life. A soul and spirit are two different things entirely. Angels have souls, but they are spirits, dogs have souls (though they do not live into the rest of eternity as do ours), and yet they are corporeal, not the soul but the creature itself. Humans are an entirely different creation with a soul that lives in a corporeal body until the body dies, then the soul lives on in either Heaven or Hell, and on the day of Judgment we will get our bodies back continuing our never-ending lives in the fate we have chosen for ourselves on the day of our deaths.
        Could I suggest you check out the YT channel: Sensus fidelium, especially for talks about spiritual warfare and growth, I think you’d be intrigued.