This is the “Girlification” of the Boy Scouts

Boy_Scouts_BSA_Stamp-e1508020005180 This is the “Girlification” of the Boy Scouts

The iconic institution will now represent neither boys nor scouts.

Nobody is really fooled by the latest policy shift of the Boy Scouts of America that will allow membership of girls. The announcement was packaged as a way to provide “more options for parents” who want a single site providing activities for all their children. However, everyone knows the move is just one more surrender to a world gone mad.

It should be so easy to understand. Girls cannot be Boy Scouts because they are not boys. Call it something else but not Boy Scouts. The iconic institution will now represent neither boys nor scouts. Perhaps fantasy hunters would be a better name.

RTO-mini2 This is the “Girlification” of the Boy ScoutsFree Book: Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go


The move is one more step in a process begun five years ago, when the group agreed to accept openly homosexual youth members and adult volunteers. More recently, the rules were changed to include transgendered “boys,” who are really girls. Unsatisfied with these concessions, activists are now clamoring for allowing atheists into the organization.

The self-destruction of the Boy Scouts is sad since it represents the loss of American innocence. Not even boyhood is safe from the perverted agendas of the gender police.

A Time when A Boy Could be a Boy

There was a time when a boy could be a boy. He could play with toy soldiers. He would join neighborhood games and engage in unsupervised play. He could ride his bicycle far from home and sled down what seemed to be dangerous hills. If he lived in the country, he would explore forests, swim in ponds or fish in streams. He would assume boyish responsibilities, embark on boyish adventures and seek employment doing boyish jobs.

Being a boy was exhilarating and boisterous. Parents understood this and made every effort to prolong the chaste pleasures of boyhood, and to secure for all boys the right to be boys with other boys. At the same time, parents constantly prepared them to grow up and become men.

The Auxiliary Role of the Boy Scouts

For a long time, the Boy Scouts had an auxiliary role in helping many boys be boys with other boys. Most people associate the Scouts with teaching boys many skills associated with camping and outdoor activities that catered to their boisterous social nature.

Much more important however, the organization cultivated notions of character, honor and duty that especially attracted boys intent upon becoming gentlemen. The Scouts promoted a simple code of chivalrous behavior easily understood by boys. Indeed, this is found in the famous Scout’s oath:

“On my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; to help other people at all times, to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight.”

By this oath, the boy was taught to think in terms of duty to God, country, community and family. He also understood he had to duty to improve himself. From the very beginning, the organization was a school of moral formation and character building that promoted the natural virtues found in the Scout Law that teaches that the scout is to be “trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.”

Shift of Shame

All this changed with the recent policy shifts of the Boy Scouts. By shamelessly caving in to the culture, the BSA has dishonored its oath and its law by turning itself into a social laboratory for imposing equality upon everyone. No longer a school of moral formation, it will be one more institution that will based itself on the fad and fashion of the times. It will teach boys to give in to what others think, not stand firm on principle despite all odds.

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People mistakenly think modernizing organizations to keep up with the times will attract youth and increase membership. Indeed, the Boy Scouts claim the new rules will attract hundreds of thousands of girls. However, the sad truth is that a watered-down message attracts no one. The exuberance of youth is suited to the championing of great causes with strong messages. Membership number will continue to go down.

Worst of all, the policy shift breaks the innocence of countless youth by injecting the culture war and its brutal sexual revolution into the lives of young boys at a time when they are not equipped to deal these issues. It is cultural child abuse of the worst kind.

The Full Formation of Boys

Of course, the role of the Boy Scouts never was to be in charge of the complete formation of the boy. The family is the primary educator that must instill morals, restraint and affection to the boy. Nothing can replace the family in this important function.

The Church is yet another key element of the boy’s education since the Church introduces the supernatural virtues into the life of the boy that help him overcome disordered passions. The Church directs the boy to become a saint, a true and manly hero consumed with the love of God.

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Thus, today’s boys still have options—also adversely affected by the culture—to help them become gentlemen. However the corruption of the Boy Scouts represents one less place where boys can be boys with other boys. There is one less institution that holds honor and duty sacred in a relativized world. The “girlification” of the Boy Scouts impoverishes the social landscape of the boy at a time when social media and video games will fill the void.

There was a time when boys could be boys with other boys. Girls cannot be Boy Scouts because they are girls. It is not difficult to understand.

  • Pauline Kasper

    At least, give boys a chance to be boys together so they can enjoy the things normal boys can enjoy!

  • Dale McNamee

    Trail Life USA is a great alternative that is true to what the Scouts used to believe and do…

  • Dick Ellis

    Very bad decision! You have opened PANDORA’S BOX for trouble down the road that now you wont be able to control! TYPICAL LIBTARD ACTION to destroy the goodness with in these separate groups!

    • bobbylang

      Dick: The term “Libtard” is fantastic! It is self explanatory and remarkably apropos!! I’m gonna plagiarize it!!

      • 6chars

        Been in wide use for quite a number of years already.

  • Ed Watson

    With a good father as a scout leader boys will be boys, AND become men, gentlemen. God knows that is needed now.

  • Jenna

    I for one am glad girls can now join. I want my daughter to be able to learn survival skills like tying knots and starting a fire. I don’t think she would get that education if she joined girl scouts. Why should boys be the only ones to learn survival skills?

    • Jimmy

      Not true , girl scouts are taught to tie knots as well as survival skills (other than selling cookies) . I know this for a fact as a former eagle scout and dad of two girl scouts I teach the girls the same thing , maybe if you libtards would allow for former female soldiers to partiake in girl scout activities and leadership then you will experience the same but you want your girls in the scouts but don’t want woman with military experience to lead them and yet you want to fxxx up the boy scouts by insisting girls to be in the boys club , you have no idea the damage you are doing . But hey you always pick fights just for a because and not a cause.

    • Gloria Hensley

      Jenna, I taught girl scouts years ago (I’m now 70) and we learned those things. If they don’t now, it’s because they have been sissied down. We learned how to tie various knots, and build a fire. Sorry, you must be too young, or missed those areas.

    • Pauline Kasper

      When I was a Girl Scout, I learned to tie knots and start a fire! So, what is your hangup?

    • AdjunctGeorge

      Your daughter has been able to join for may years now. The venture crews are coed. I would never have become a scoutmaster if I had to have girls in the troop. It was difficult enough to keep the boys focused when the hormones started to rage. Most boys drop out of scouts and the joke is that they are smelling gasoline and perfume.

    • John S

      Jenna, I respect your opinion though my opinion is that boys need to be boys and girls, girls. There are many opportunities for boys and girls to participate in activities together, but there need to be others where they participate separately. Should a boy want to learn how to cook (I hope this doesn’t sound ‘sexist’) should he join the Girl Scouts because they offer a ‘cooking badge’ and the Boy Scouts don’t? As also pointed out by “George”, this would be a “logistics nightmare” trying to manage the boys who are just growing into puberty (as well as the girls who are probably already there because they mature earlier). How would they “buddy up” for sleeping arrangements? Would you want your daughter sleeping in a tent with a boy? (I wouldn’t want my son sleeping in a tent with a girl.) Think about this too — this is one place where fathers “stand up” and get involved in their son’s life — if fathers leave the scouts because of this the boys will loose another opportunity to have male role models and it would become another “burden” on mothers to run the boy scouts.

    • Billy

      Do you think the BSA has a monopoly on those skills? You can send her to Campfire or Outward Bound, just to name two that come to mind immediately. You can google other organizations that can do the same. As a totally frustrated Eagle Scout who has watched this destruction of the BSA, I can say without hesitation that this action to bring girls into this organization has destroyed it. I agree with many of the earlier posts that this is part of a much bigger scheme to destroy the fundamentals of our nation. Good luck with learning survival skills. You may need them someday….

    • L C Black

      My Granddaughter was in Girl Scouts & learned Knot Tying, Navigation, Outdoor First Aid & Outdoor Cooking. My Boy Scout Grandson learned Outdoor Cooking also since, whether you’re a boy or girl or one of the 50+ designations the self-proclaimed “elites” tell us there are, everyone needs to eat to survive.
      You might check out some websites to find out what girl Scouts teach. My granddaughter enjoyed her girl scouting experience, especially the camping. She made many girlfriends she still keeps up with even while at university.

      • longplay

        If the Girl Scouts are no longer teaching those thigs, it’s due to they themselves succumbing to the siren call of the left, spending their time instead teaching girls to be social justice warriors. People like Jenna supported such changes. And now those changes will be brought to the scouts as boys will be forced to become more like women than men. Jenna won’t have anywhere to go, then.

        Oh, and let’s let them all into the same latrine, too.

    • JoAnn Leichliter

      Certainly girls should learn those skills, but they should not do it at the expense of boys. If you are really serious about your daughter learning this stuff, find another way. I did, as a kid, without robbing my buddies who were boys of the chance for all male activity and bonding.

  • Dr_Derekblake

    Maybe when the girls arrive they can persuade them to change their gender to male. This desexualisation is everywhere, and it is not people being uncertain, it is governments and organisations that are pushing this.

  • Brian Mejias

    Since it stands to reason there can be no such thing as a female boy scout, let the girls join another organisation that stands for similar values. What ever became of the Girls Guides?

    • JoAnn Leichliter

      And the Girl Scouts…

  • psc

    Another point for the dark side.

  • Sgt. York

    This is the total ruination of the BSA as was trannies and gay Scout Leaders. This is the new Liberal way of turning men into wimps to satisfy the gays and Lizzie’s. Girls have the GSA so will boys be able to join them? If not then you will clearly see it’s to feminize boys so the oddballs in the GLTCD can feel equil whe they damn well know they are mental cases belonging in mental hospitals or instutions for the mentally ill.(we once had places for these cases). See the post by Dale Mc Namee this is the alternative to the old BSA.

    • Monica

      Please do not equate this action of the boy scouts to mental illness. It is clear you have no understanding of mental illness. Mental illness is a chemical in balance. It is a very serious illness causing much suffering to 1 in 4 people. Every improper decision made by an individual is not a result of mental illness. Please do everyone, especially those suffering with mental illness, the respect to learn the facts of the illness.

      • Sgt. York

        Look around you at the street people some Vets most all have some form of mental illness yet their out here running lose. You reall fell that’s good or should they be getting help? Most mental illness could be helped if there were places for them to get help as there once was.

        • The DemonRats shut down all the Mental Hospitals, way back in the 70’s or 80’s

      • Leonard Martinez

        Oh, puh-leeeee, Monica. Don’t take the Sarge so seriously. And don’t take yourself too seriously either. None of us are getting out of this place alive. Relax. Enjoy. Have fun. Ignore the little stuff that sticks in your craw. You’ll live longer and happier. God bless you.

      • Balthazar

        Demonic possession*;
        then again.. that is sort of what mental illness boils down to as well.

      • Zephaniah

        Mental illness is not always a chemical imbalance.

    • jea2comments

      I agree with you! It’s just another attack by the Left-wing liberals in order to destroy the youth of society…as if public school education were not enough.

    • Balthazar

      There is nothing gay about the abomination.

  • scarlette6

    The Boy Scouts are no longer what they were meant to be. Someone needs to start a new kind of boy scouts where it’s just for boys.

    • There are a number of alternnatives already in place.

      • richardroland76

        I hope so, this is disgraceful ! Sick !

      • BGW

        Hal and AdjunctGeorge are correct. Trial Life was ignited due to the BSA leadership at the very top accepting LGBT leaders. They are now what the Boy Scouts used to be at their founding in 1910. They are faith-based by nondenominational, and I expect will be growing even faster with this nonsensical decision one again from the BSA brass.
        The BSA is losing membership, though there are still many outstanding leaders and camps who will probably do their best to resist such undesirable change in an attempt to gain members and funds.

        But American Heritage Girls was begun o/a mid 1990s when the Founder discovered that the hiring process for a Girl Scout summer residential camp was connected to ads in a lesbian magazine, and her own daughter was shocked by a negative experience she had at that camp as a result. I spoke the Founder personally, after the GSA at a national conference voted to make God “optional” in the Pledge, not wanting to be sued by an atheist Scout as the BSA had been, I presumed. The AHG Founder fought for 4 years, trying to make changes to protect the girls, but National and THAT Council
        would show no signs of cooperation. That was why AHG began.

        THEN I researched further and learned that the GSA was growing weak on “sex ed,” where Bluebonnet GS Council in TX learned that their girls had rec’d a book at at Saturday event with no adults allowed. “It’s Perfectly Normal” includes pornographic cartoons showing every position for pansexuality. One Grandfather went on the radio and started a boycott of GS cookies. I was part of Stop Planned Parenthood org and was asked to inquire of my own GSA council in MA. The more the CEO talked, the deeper she dug herself, insulting such “southern religious bigots” or to that effect. It took several years for that Council to rid themselves of her when funding dropped. It eventually turned out that the hired CEO was a lesbian and lived with her lover in a nearby state. Being in MA, the Board needed to gather a lot of “other” negative facts
        before she either resigned or they found a way to rid themselves of her legally.

        I am NOT negative to the local GS troops and work with them whenever
        asked, b/c the local leaders I see are working hard and have nothing to do with PC postmodernism. When all of this transpired in our council, the women in my scouting family either stopped all donations or, as in my case, dropped membership, though I been a member for about 35 years since I was a 7 yr old Brownie. PLEASE look into American Heritage Girls, with their amazing programs for all ages 5 – 18 including such traditional skills as homemaking and crafts in addition to all the survival/camping skills that I used to teach as a Counselor in a 1960s residential camp. They are Christian based, nondenominational, VERY patriotic with red, white and blue uniforms. Also,
        AHG is for ONLY girls. Like Trail Life is ONLY for boys.

    • AdjunctGeorge

      A group has started but I don’t remember its name, unfortunately. Look for them to grow in the future.

      • AdjunctGeorge

        Trail Life USA will replace scouting. It just will not have the facilities that scouts have accumulated over the years.

    • richardroland76

      I agree 100% !

    • Zephaniah

      There is Trail Live USA, Federation of North American Explorers and a couple of other actual boy scout groups….(note lower case letters)….

  • Jenna

    Boys can still enjoy their “boyish” activities alongside girls. It’s wrong to separate them. Girls and boys play together at recess. They will eventually date each other when they’re older. Many girls have “boyish” interests. This should not be discouraged. Yes, it’s silly for girls to be in a group called “boy scouts.” Easy solution: just call it “scouts.”

    • tugger76

      @Jenna — Don’t look now, but you and your ilk are the problem with America, not President Trump.

    • Gloria Hensley

      Jenna, I’m afraid you miss the whole point of what is happening here. I’m sorry, pray for discernment and enlightenment and revelation.

    • Ed Love

      you obviously didn’t read the article. Go back and read it. People like you are the reason that the Boy Scouts have been on the decline for years. This is just the stake through the heart of what was once a great program to teaching boys how to become men. There is a reason the Girl Scouts is fighting this, too. They can see what this ‘blending ‘ is going to do to their program.

    • JoAnn Leichliter

      Boys and girls have ample opportunity–as your post actually confirms–without having to be exposed to one another in non-sibling situations 24/7. Virtually all of my interests, when I was growing up, were “boyish.” I found ample expression for them playing with my male friends, without destroying their scouting experience. Give it a rest, already.

    • Jenna Clemons

      Actually, there are numerous studies about the learning and developmental differences between males and females. One well known example to which I can point, and that Academia has long acknowledged, is the classroom. Male and female only classes and/or schools, provide environments that allow for greater academic achievement. Look it up, I’m sure these studies are easy to find. Of course there are times when mixed environments produce equitable learning experiences, but certain subjects are mastered far better when they’re not co-ed. Again, many studies show that men need male-specific developmental time. And women need female-specific bonding time. This whole societal mess we’re in is due in large part to the woe-fully erroneous idea that “equality” means “sameness”. IT DOESN”T! Men and women are different! And here’s the point that SO MANY people are absurdly, ignorantly denying – we are different AND equal!! Men posses certain strengths that women lack (or are limited in) and women posses certain strengths that men lack. In other words, the qualities that are inherent in men and the qualities inherent in women are totally complementary to each other and should be recognized and celebrated, rather than trying to feminize men and de-feminize women effectively neutering them both. By the way, the only Girl Scout Troop near me didn’t teach any outdoor activities – they sewed and made planters and things I had NO interest in, but there WERE other adventure clubs that did. I was always a tomboy, involved in sports, and yes, loved playing against boys (I only had brothers) and that’s just what makes me me….and makes any of us who we are…as unique individuals. In fact, if I was born today, my parents might have been pressured to label me transgender. I wanted to be exactly like my brothers, hated dresses and curls, and behaved like a boy. But, as in a VAST many cases, I eventually (after many years) grew out that and totally embrace my womanhood. I’ll never be a “girlie girl” but I am woman….hear me roar! 😉

    • Rocketop O’Shea

      Jenna, you’re quite the progressive thinker aren’t you? Did you ever think that perhaps girl’s don’t want to be part of the Boy Scouts, and did you ever consider that boy’s might not want to have girl’s in the Boy Scouts with them. Girl’s have a perfectly great organization of their own, namely the Girl Scouts of America. Maybe they should stick with them.

  • Teagen2015

    This should end the scouts completely. The liberal unisex mantra has to be stuffed. Not a formula for anything but big government. Everyone is the same, they all were unisex cloths and all the serfs are beholding to the socialist state. No what I want for my kids or what the scouts were all about.

  • Stella Ready

    Wrong is wrong. Boy Scouts (BOYS). Girl Scouts (GIRS). A boy needs to be a boy and do boy things. Girls should do the same – girls should do girl things. Love In Christ Stella Ready

  • messup

    Fabian Socialism: Definition, uses a democratic framework to achieve gradual conversion to socialism. This approach originated from the movement for utopian socialism(end of definition). Socialism is an economic (only) philosophy. But what is happening in “gender identity” cultural changes is both a POLITICAL and ECONOMIC philosophical societal change. As such, this movement towards “gender identity” now underway in Western nations, is communist in organization with one objective destroy the FAMILY. A democracy has three basic components: 1) Individual and their GOD; 2) Family, one man and ONE WOMAN procreating; lastly, 3) the first wo united into one cohesive COMMUNITY. This is the final “death blow” to the USA. Insidious, but apparent and accelerating (Boy Scouts is only one example). Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV Psalm 128. “Gender Identity” seeks to destroy RELIGION, too.

    • Gloria Hensley

      messup – You are so right! It’s all about the illuminati/comunists/socialists of the destruction of the United States of America as a democratic and family nation. Obama did his destruction part as a good and faithful robot of the darkness, now that the darkness has been introduced for what it is, what are the Christians and those who want to maintain “America” as a land of the free, going to do?

  • tugger76

    No more donations and no more cookies for me.

  • There are a number of faith-based scout groups that are an alternative tothe Boy Scouts of America.

  • Carmen Sepulveda

    Where are Americans in protest to this decision? I don’t understand why they aren’t loudly objecting and pulling their sons out of this organization? Wouldn’t doing so threaten that organization with collapse and cause them to not just rethink their decision but to reverse it? Have American’s become so apathetic or jaded that they’re not willing to do a simple thing like that?

  • florida1

    Parents you are CRAZY to hand your boys or girls over to orgs or even People with NO CHAPERONES who are ‘Straight’ and a Practicing Christian or Catholic. NO WAY would I let my kids spend hours alone with; priests, preachers, teachers, coaches with NO OTHER STRAIGHT morally sound people!! The overnight camp outs now??? I foresee rape, pregnancy , sodomizing, you name it!!! WAKE UP FOLKS…this stuff is straight from the devil!!

    • Gabby358

      You are right on the money!!

  • caligula

    “There was a time when a boy could be a boy. He could play with toy soldiers. He would join neighborhood games and engage in unsupervised play. He could ride his bicycle far from home and sled down what seemed to be dangerous hills. If he lived in the country, he would explore forests, swim in ponds or fish in streams.”

    I did the same, except toy guns instead of soldiers, as a girl.

  • Steve Marques

    As a former Boy Scout Troop Leader and Order of the Arrow Chapter Adviser, as well as the father of an Eagle Scout, this action will terminate my support of the BSA both financial and verbal. The United States of America is no longer a nation a “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” It is now a nation of the vocal minority, by the vocal minority, and for the vocal minority !!

  • KareemAbdul

    They are not calling it “Boy Scouts” but probably something along the lines of “Girl Guides” as from 100 years ago.

    BSA does not support Planned Parenhood, reason enough to dump Girl Scouts.

  • Defend our long trusted values

    One more move towards making a genderless society. I am sure the Boy Scouts will now have common bathrooms for boys and girls so that all are accepted equally. What a farce !!!!

  • jmb

    Have you forgotten there are the Girl Scouts?? Again, this reeks of a Soros/Marxist society!! You must keep reminding yourself that everything that is going on around us and in the world was started by and continues to come from him!!

  • bob breglio

    I bet they are goin to have to change the scout oath to: On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to the latest perverted fantasies, to ignore the scout law, to think only of myself and my pleasures, to keep myself physically weak, mentally dull and morally bankrupt.

  • Luis Caleia

    Ok, we know we have a formidable enemy destroying every semblance of normal boyhood..BUT…where are all the fathers in all this ????? Why are they not bringing down the house with loud and uncompromising protests ? Of the BSA thought they would face a truly hostile opposition to their latest sick policy you can be sure they would have thought twice…Strong fathers…..anyone out there ?

    • Richard Leskun

      Luis . I think the generation of men now aged in their 30 s and 40s have lost their manhood. We hear calls -even from our Canadian Prime minister to raise little boys as feminists. To him that literally means giving up manhood. It means , for instance ,accepting the abortion option for your own child – if your girlfriend wants it. I believe that the boomers ( my age) have screwed up the world with the sexual revolution of the 60’s. Boys have been emasculated and woman are sexually aggressive despite the fact that virtually all of the horrible consequences of that lifestyle fall to women and children. Bring back real men – not some feminist dream of the ideal man.

      • Luis Caleia

        I agree with a lot of what you say….Im loathe to point the finger at a particular generation…but….the Boomers sure had it toooo good for a long while and thats caused a lot of softness which has deeply affected them…hence the soft laws they helped to pass as legislators…their soft decisions as judges etc…it has affected every element of society…and, sadly, they have passed a lot of it to their sons who are now afraid of being real men….many are far more concerned about being falsely labelled a “misogynist”than they are to stand their ground and take a genuinely masculine stand, whether that’s at work, in college, or the home.

  • Dennis Vander Ven

    The joy of my 60+ years in Scouting has just been deflated.

  • richardroland76

    This is all about ” ALLOWING TRANSGENDERS INTO THE BOY SCOUTS” who are they kidding. They are no longer an honorable organization in my eyes. The need to change the name asap. Perhaps someone should start a new group called ” Male Scouts” !!

  • richardroland76


  • richardroland76

    Maybe the BOY SCOUTS should change their name to THE ANYTHING GOES SCOUTS !!

    • jea2comments

      It’s hard to believe parents would want or allow what the current Boy Scouts of America is now promoting. They Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization is obviously not living up to their name, and frankly those who are running the BSA organization are a big disappointment! Their reputation in my opinion has been greatly tarnished. I believe this is coming from the Left-wing liberals, who think that excluding other sexes from an exclusively all boys group or all girls group is sexist. They are craaaaaaaazy and should have no say about it. The Boy Scouts should have only boys and the Girl Scouts should have only girls –

  • John G. Null

    I started in the English Boy Scouts in Africa in the 50’s, continued when we returned to the USA. As a young man Scouting was the most stabilizing element in my life as both of my parents gave their lives over to alcohol and negative influences. When my son became of age he entered Cub Scouts and went on to become an Eagle Scout. I was with him all of the way as an active leader in boy Scouts. I am a Brotherhood Order of the Arrow, attained the rank of Life, have the award of merit and the Pelican award in scouting. It is an organization designed for the formation and right of passage into manhood. When they allowed the homosexual movement to bully the BSA and now here we have girls in the BOY SCOUTS, I am dismayed. We as a society are trying to please so many factions, and do it in the wrong way. We need to take a moral high ground and stand for what is “right” not what others foist their values on us.

  • bosunb2

    Years ago, our Troop had a gay asst scoutmaster who was found to allow boys to sleep naked with him and was arrested and went to prison. He’s most likely out now trying to get in the scouts again. Scouting now seems to be making decisions without regard to the safety and moral well being of our young boys. Where did these people come from?

  • JoAnn Leichliter

    Quite in line with the feminization of males and, indeed, the entire culture. Women are an overall majority in this society and dominate not only the medical profession (legal profession soon to follow), but the university student population as a whole. Nevertheless, women still insist on being treated as a protected class minority. Even women, ultimately, will be unhappy with the results.

  • Pete

    I am not American, but I am a Scout, and have been for over forty years. Twenty years ago, the same thing happened here – Boy Scouts were opened to girls. Many of us were very dubious about whether it would work, with similar comments to yours. I have to say, it does work, and generally, very well. It does not inhibit the boys, but it has stopped the sleazy and nasty-minded adults, and it has opened it up to much greater parental help and involvement. Don’t worry, the boys are still boys, and the Girl Scouts (we call them Guides) do their own girly things as a separate organisation as they always did. The girls that join the Boy Scouts do very well, challenging the boys to better behaviour (great for the leaders) and more effort in the activities. If they can’t hack it, they leave!

    • Richard Leskun

      Pete. I don’t think it is healthy for young boys to compete in this physical boyish activities with girls. Many girls at the age of 12 are much taller and stronger than boys. Boys somehow learn to accept being beaten by other boys but may never live down an incident where the girl is faster and can carry more firewood. It is a formula for a young fellow to believe he is not becoming a real man.

  • Patricia Moze

    Just have one question< why is this nescessary, sakes man it makes no sense, some things are how they are for a reason, boys have their thing and girls have theirs, so now we may see boys selling cookies door to door? Enough already, enough Okay

  • Sands Time

    Ridiculous! Then what is are the Girl Scouts?? The Girl Scouts should be able to do some if not all the same activities that the Boy Scouts do. This political correctness is out of control! I feel sorry for the Boy Scouts, but I understand, they are avoiding a law suit in the long run, had they refused the girl, that complained about not being able to join.

  • Leonard Martinez

    So can Boy Scouts join the Girl Scouts? After all, in America women are the new men.

  • Martin W Howser

    This is worse than the girlification of the Boy Scouts. Lenin would be proud. Marxism on the move, the destruction of sexual differences. This is really an another attack on the traditional family. Men and women are not the same in numerous ways. Allowing women into the Boy Scouts so the little darlings can get their Eagle rank undermines the masculinity of the boys.
    In real life there are many things men can do on a regular and continuing basis which women cannot do. One career field women have trouble qualifying in is that of a fire fighter. Handling ladders and other things that require significant upper body strength that almost all women simply do not have.
    On the other hand women can be wives and mothers, nurture children from birth and be the heart of the family. Men were not equipped to do these things certainly not as well as women.
    I could say much more as could the girl scouts about this stupid idea based on Marxism which one of its goals is to destroy the difference between the sexes thus opening up to the destruction of marriage.
    Its time to say no to the Boy Scouts due to this and the acceptance of active homosexual scout masters. This craziness must stop. It goes against nature and undermines God’s plan for both men and women.

  • Patricia March

    There has been a very unhealthy connection between Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood. Let us hope at least that this undermining of girl scouts will also undermine Planned Parenthood.

    • jea2comments

      It seems wherever we see big organizations- and big money- we see a connection with Planned Parenthood. Same applies to the NFL – I read that
      they too send or funnel money to Planned Parenthood. To me that’s just
      one more reason to BOYCOTT the NFL. Many people also don’t know it,
      but 0bama-care also funds Planned Parenthood. It’s actually illegal to force
      taxpayers to fund abortions on taxpayer dollars. Again…just another reason to
      get rid of 0bama-care!

  • jea2comments

    So tired of the libtards interfering and trying to force their sick agenda onto the Boy Scouts. The Girl Scouts already have their own group. Each group should have either all boys or all girls. No mixing the girls with the boys or vice-a-versa.

  • Balthazar

    And some how we in the church have allowed this to happen with altar boys…

  • john

    There is a reason and purpose to men/boy and women/girl groups; the necessary need to comfortably discuss topics specific to that gender. Some, in leadership positions, just do not get it.

  • Rocketop O’Shea

    When I was a boy scout so many years ago, I would not have wanted to be mixed in with girls. I know I would not have joined, and I would not have stayed. I liked just being a guy doing guy things with my buddies. It was about bonding and comradery and fellowship and having fun. Now even kids have to be pawns in the politics of their parents ways. What has gone wrong with this PC world? I don’t blame the Girl Scouts for being upset.

  • Wm Layer

    Girls come in, boys get out. The BSA is committing suicide, like lemmings led by corrupt executives they will go over the cliff into the sea.

  • Andi

    I was an assistant scout leader in a troop within our traditional Catholic parish 5-6 years ago. When the BSA leadership caved to the homosexual pressure to admit them as scout leaders, it disintegrated. We thought it was bad but within our group, it should not have made any difference. But there was nothing we could do to keep the boys motivated to continue on the path to eagle scout. They knew the organization was corrupted. To be an eagle scout lost its prestige and appeal.

  • DLL

    The LGBTQ movement and the Woman’s liberation movement are not trying to make constructive changes in American society they are trying to undermine it to destroy it ultimately.

  • Patrick Carriveau
  • Paul

    FNE Explorers a Catholic Faith youth program based on the values developed by Father Jacques Sevin using the Baden-Powell method has one stand alone program for boys and another for girls.

  • alan anderson

    I am the proud parent of two Eagle Scouts. If they were younger, I would yank them out of Scouts as fast as I could. Fortunately, we had a GREAT Scout leader and a troop that was based in a good Catholic church, so there was no nonsense about “iffy” leaders or “trans” Scouts. One of my sons texted me over the weekend to say how angry he was about this. My boys’ troop was an excellent one, embodying all the “boy stuff” that Mr. Horvat described in his article; it was an wonderful experience for them and they loved every minute of it. We are saddened beyond words that no more boys can experience Scouting as it was meant to be. Mrs. A.A.

  • bobbylang

    This is just one more example of the results of “Capitulation/Surrender” in the “Culture War” going on daily!
    The Pansy’s running the (pardon) “Boy Scouts” have given up on “Boyhood”, and it’s unique wonders and opportunities and have knelt to the “Political Correctness” of the Left, Marxist, “Critical Theorist”, of the “Feminist Movement” in a continuing effort to feminize men and boys!
    I must congratulate the tenacity of the left but I am disgusted at their lack of Morality, and Virtue and Ethic!

  • Donald Hennen

    Adolescent boys and girls in an organization that goes on campouts? What could possibly go wrong?

  • Jackie

    It seems many commentators do not know that the Girl Scouts began pushing abortion more than 30 years ago. They offered a merit badge for eleven-year-olds for memorizing the bus routes and directions to the nearest abortion clinics. The Girl Scouts fell off the moral cliff a long time ago. It just took the Boy Scouts a couple decades to catch up. So very sad.

  • Stanislav

    All of this poses an important question: where will boys turn, as time goes on, to be boys? And furthermore, where will the men come from? Maleness seems to be becoming a crime.