Nightmare of Nudity Honored on National Mall

national-mall-300x197 Nightmare of Nudity Honored on National Mall

Nightmare of Nudity Honored on National Mall

As statues of historic figures are being defaced and removed, it was only a matter of time before we could expect the same politically-correct tyranny to impose its own statues upon the public.

That time has come. While anticipated, no one could imagine something so indecent as what is being proposed for one of the most important public spaces in America. The new statue represents no American hero and has no historical significance. Like so many modern artistic representations, this statue is disconnected with anything local. It promotes no positive values.

It is blatantly obscene.

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A Shocking Figure Four Stories High

Who would have thought that we would see publicly displayed the naked figure of a woman that towers four-stories high? More shocking is its intended destination. Pending approval from the National Park Service, the colossal statue will be on the National Mall, for four months, facing the White House. With 25 million people visiting the Mall each year, few places can compare in public exposure.

Nightmare of Nudity Honored on National Mall

Ironically, should any Mall visitors present themselves like this sculpture they might well be arrested for violating the District’s public indecency law. The same people who claim Christians impose their morality upon others will force a massive display of immorality upon the passing public. They will further expose countless innocent children to indecency all in the name of “art” and “women’s equality.”

Not About Art or Women’s Equality

Activists linked to the porno-sculpture resist the claim that the figure is yet another exploitive depiction of a woman. Instead, they say the 45-foot-tall female nude will be an opportunity to “start a conversation about violence against women.”

The “artist,” Marco Cochrane contends that figure callously standing exposed allows viewers to imagine a world where women can be safe and live without fear. It is supposed to be humanizing and not sexualizing.

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?

Liberal media are repeating this mantra-like explanation in anticipation of its November 11 installation. It is as if the indecent sculpture is suddenly made decent by the sculptor’s cynical statement.

Mainstreaming Burning Man

Of course, no amount of words can change the indecency of the work. This move is not about art or social commentary. It is about a revolution of transforming America into a society where there is no notion of right or wrong; decent or indecent. Indeed, the massive porno-sculpture is even called “R-Evolution.” The work’s subversive nature is further exposed by the fact that it was created for the counter-cultural Burning Man festival in 2015.

Please urge the National Park Service to reject the proposal for the “R-Evolution” statue

Burning Man is an annual Woodstock-like event outside Reno, Nev., which gathers together a fringe-fest of liberal groups, individuals and causes. It is an event where everything goes—nudity, drugs and promiscuity. What began as a laid-back powwow of cultural misfits has now evolved into a sophisticated spiritual retreat with a veritable who’s who of Silicon Valley executives flying in on their private jets to attend the desert festival. The culmination of the event is the burning of a giant man figure as a symbolic gesture (or catharsis) of renewal and tension release.

Cochrane’s massive sculpture that was also featured at Burning Man will now be the centerpiece of the annual “Catharsis on the Mall” in November. The festival has been called Washington’s “Burning Man.” After the November installation, weekend, organizers will extend the statue’s stay by having volunteers keep watch over it around the clock for four months.

What does Saint Thomas Aquinas say about Marriage?

Removing the Barriers of Shame and Modesty

The significance of this shameful installation cannot be underestimated. Burning Man is no longer in the remote desert but in the heart of the nation’s capital. It is exposing millions of visitors to an indecent spectacle that is unavoidable.

Such “art” exhibits have the purpose of removing yet one more barrier of shame and modesty that should protect society from moral decay. Moreover, the Catharsis on the Mall group is holding the Mall hostage by making it off limits to those who still strive to avoid the near occasion of mortal sin. Finally, the four-story porno-sculpture sullies the reputation of America by projecting an image of a shameless nation to visitors and tourists.

A Path to Moral Destruction

Despite the sculptor’s nonsensical pronouncements, everyone knows this work will not advance the cause of women. Wherever nudism has prevailed, it has always led to the degradation of women and the end of civilization. The Church teaches that displays like these represent the degeneration of human dignity. In a society, in which human life is so disregarded, measures should be taken to enhance human dignity not destroy it in the public square.

It is also known that one grave sin leads to yet others. As can be seen in the Burning Man festival, the sin of nudism is linked to other degraded actions that have turned the event into a postmodern Woodstock in which everything is allowed.

We are reminded of ancient Rome, in which secret festivals called Bacchanalia were first held for three days of the year. Later these celebrations became public and were held as often as five times a month. These festivals were so notorious for their orgies that the Roman Senate mostly banned them in 186 BC.

Nightmare of Nudity Honored on National Mall

Today there is no Roman Senate to stop such outrages. Silent are the lawmakers who should safeguard the public good and the dignity of the public square. More ominous is the silence of those in the Church who are responsible for the care of souls. They say nothing in the face of this public scandal that cries out for condemnation—a forbidden word in today’s dictatorship of relativism.

Grassroots petitions have circulated, but we are sadly in times when Christians have no voice. Our times reflect a general state of sin and disorder in souls, which is a great offense against God. We are reminded of the message of Our Lady of Fatima who spoke of a great chastisement should mankind fail to stop offending God. She also spoke of sins of impurity that send many to a different burning man festival, one that burns for all eternity.

  • Peter Dennis

    This is – and I can say this without hesitation or doubt – one of the single DUMBEST things I’ve ever seen anyone get all up-in-arms about in Washington, D.C. The human female form is God’s masterpiece. This beautiful sculpture captures the beauty of the female form in all its glory. There is nothing lewd about this piece. There is nothing pornographic about this piece. It is no more obscene than Michelangelo’s “David”. If you look at this sculpture and get all hot-and-bothered, I don’t know what to tell you, other than you may be a pervert in the extreme and should seek help.

    • DLL

      Beauty is to be preserved as it is a perspective of holiness. The female form and the male one as well was designed by God to be Holy Beautiful. Perversion destroys all sense of holiness and reduces what was meant to be Holy beautiful to something ugly in the lowest sense of a least common denominator.

      • Max Brasseal

        Asking kindly: Are your feelings towards this piece of nude art the same as your feelings towards Michelangelo’s (nude) Statue of David. Why or why not? And, do you think the author of this article would feel the same?

        • DLL

          I don’t compare pieces of art as art is subjective and unique. The detail of Michelangelo’s work is that of a master craftsman and David was a youth at the time who had killed Goliath. The Pieta is another masterpiece of his and Moses. These are moving pieces of art so their themes are as great as the art itself. The proposed artwork of a giant nude woman facing a Masonic piece of art such as the Washington Monument because the artist views it as a Phallic symbol,may not be an accurate interpretation of as to why the monument exists at all. The theme of the artwork fails because premise for its theme is possibly very wrong. Women’s rights issues and this statue are controversial,subjective,sensational and at times emotionally irrational as is the abortion issue because scientifically life cannot begin without conception. The conceived sense for the reason for the art to stand facing the monument is purely a sensational protest of sorts and I don’t think it is an effective one so the author I believe would agree with me.

        • DLL

          Suppose a loincloth was on the statue of David originally instead of an exposed penis wouldn’t the art still be a masterpiece? I think it would! Wouldnt you?

          • makutsi

            But obviously there isn’t any loincloth on it, and it is still great art, don’t you think?

          • DLL

            Why just reference to a statue of a young King David. Look instead of all the exceptional art of a crucified King on a cross with only a loincloth on. A worthy subject to pray and reflect upon.

          • makutsi

            Without a doubt. However, depicting Jesus on the cross without a loincloth would probably hurt the sensitivity of many a Christian. I myself would find it offensive, and hard to meditate in front of. Whereas David, or just a beautiful woman figure can be totally naked and great art at the same time.

          • DLL

            The same artist of the David statue did a nude Christ on a cross. Very artistic! The huge nude woman is no comparison to those classic pieces of art and simply can not be compared.

          • Mike

            No, that would be silly.

        • RubbLe1

          Michelangelo’s nude “David” is an affront to the Biblical and Hebrew person David. He is portrayed as a non-circumcised god. Why? Because Michelangelo’s message is the glorification of helenistic thought, that man is the measure of all things. So, while wonderful and skilled creation, i cringe at its message. #thinkbiblically

    • proudmomoffive

      When the culture has been overly sexualized in every way, a statue like this is not a good idea. In an age when pornography is a pandemic that is destroying lives and families and marriages, people are talking about fueling the fire of this vice with this statue. In the age when Harvey Weistein is the talk of the nation for his treatment and abuse of women as sexual objects, people are talking about erecting a naked woman statue 4 stories high. The statue clearly implies that the only thing important about a woman is her body parts, which can be exploited. The statue will reduce women to sexual objects by making a very big statement. It is not dumb Peter Dennis, to denounce the indecency of the statue, you fail to acknowledge that decency is a virtue and a moral value that help people value their own human dignity, and you fail to acknowledge that pornography has reached endemic levels in our society, even 12 year olds are exposed to it in a regular basis through their phones. Your comment only reflects the fact that unfortunately many have been totally desensitized towards pornography and the tail of evils it brings with it, the have been “normalized” by the culture of death. But we will fight this and other evils, until God comes to straighten everything out through chastisement. We well deserve it.

    • gss

      like comment except pervert remark.

    • Bob Shoemaker

      Did God not give Adam and Eve clothing to cover them up?

    • Alexa Schultz

      Apparently, all Peter, here, thinks with is his. Either that or he has a concerning problem with blindness, lying and/or his perception.

  • Jessica Snow

    “Wherever nudism has prevailed, it has always led to the degradation of women and the end of civilization.” Please fact-check your Genesis. Wherever nudity has held shame, sin has prevailed. Before Adam and Eve ate from the tree of Knowledge, they were naked and shameless. After eating from the tree they realized their nudity and covered it in shame– that was when God punished them with the burden of sin. Before using the bible as a tool to renounce nudity, make sure that you understand your timeline. Perhaps it is articles like this– condemning and not Christlike– that has taken the voice of Christianity. Your words come from a place of impurity… beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    • PZim

      Luckily we no longer go off the Old Testament.

      • Jessica Snow

        How does one pick and choose which words from the Book reflect God? If you truly are a follower of Christ, would he react in this same way?

        • Angela Ellis

          Thank goodness I don’t have to make that kind of choice from a book full of misgivings.

          • DLL

            The Bible is the only book that claims to be Holy because it is considered to be the inspired word of God. Misgiving is perhaps a lack of one giving God proper thanksgiving. Choice? What are you truly thankful for,a giving,a receiving or a bitterness about some self perceived sort of a misgiving?

      • Adrian Dent

        Oh, good, because those pesky Ten Commandments come from the Old Testament.
        As does much scripture foretelling the coming of Christ.

      • DLL

        No longer go off just get it on! Dig it!

        • RubbLe1

          Love has legitimate reason to be angry at that which is not love, but rather destroys.

    • Black Swan

      The Genesis timeline was that Adam and Eve committed the original sin first, eating from the Tree of Knowledge, and only then covered their nudity out of shame. Their shame was among the consequences of sin, not the cause of it. We still live in that fallen world, so we’re stuck with those same consequences until our Lord returns.

      I wonder what the reaction would be if a four-story statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel holding the infant Jesus were proposed for that same location? The thunderous chorus of liberal righteous indignation would likely shake down the wrath, so maybe it’s just as well nothing of the sort will ever be even considered. But such a statue would also be a sign of women’s empowerment, because Mary was the ultimate liberated woman of her time, active and not passive, outspoken and not silent. And all that while modestly dressed and fully co-operating with the will of God!

      Let Rio keep their huge statue of Jesus; we can’t even put a manger scene at Christmas without offending someone, and the courts are set to tell the statehouses to take down the Ten Commandments. If we want to fight back, I agree with the author that we have to push back against this kind of “art” taking over our public spaces. I have signed the petition for that reason.

  • PZim

    The author sounds like a snowflake. John get a grip on yourself.

    • Shpilkus

      I’m not sure snowflake is the right term, but there is certainly some serious issues of sexual frustration running around in his head.

  • David

    The stupidity of this is staggering. It is a beautiful metal mesh sculpture. Nothing vulgar or obscene about it. The nightmare of nudity? That’s so sick it’s staggering. Christianity has become a joke and now causes more damage than good.

    • Shpilkus

      There is a reason that churches are empty on Sundays. The sculpture is one of the most magnificent works of art I have seen in a longtime. Just imagine if that sculpture could be shared with society and US citizens could get over their giggling over mesh boobies.

      • proudmomoffive

        The reason churches are empty is because man has rejected God and walks to his own demise and destruction. Many people walk spiritually blind like in Sodom and Gomorra. Like Ruth Graham said once: If God does not punish this generation, He owes Sodom and Gomorra an apology. But out of the ashes of lost souls that reject God, the Church is slowly making a comeback with the Tridentine Mass. These churches are filled to the brim, especially with millennials and young couples and a ton of vocations to the priesthood and consecrated life, who love the true beauty and orthodoxy of the Church. Not that you would know, you live in a total different environment, but the Church is making a comeback, Our Lord will not abandon His bride, He promised He will be with us always until the end of time, which is very near.

        • Shpilkus

          ….and then we are getting off the subject off a mesh sculpture of a woman.

        • Shpilkus

          I think the reason the churches are empty on Sundays is that people were starting to realize they were buying into something they could only get rewarded for once thy were dead. Bring us your money every week, and once you die, you will get you reward.

  • Raynefyre Grace

    She is a symbol of equal rights. There is nothing pornographic about this brilliant sculpture. This article is a demonstration of pure ignorance and misogyny. You can support this project through the crowdfunding campaign:–3

    • Alexa Schultz

      It never ceases to surprise me how many of you fake “feminists” are stupid enough to fall for the lies of perverted misogynists. You just keep on believing what they tell you, ok? I mean, it’s not like they would be trying to deceive you for their own selfish, disgusting reasons, right? Let me set you pathetic fools straight, if you want the equality and respect you say you do, you need to wisen the hell up, learn the facts, and get honest with yourself. You aren’t EVER going to get these kinds of things by displaying/exploiting/using yours or other’s naked female body parts. No female ever has. If you disagree, then how about you explain why most men don’t use their naked bodies to get things? The reason why is because they aren’t complete morons! They know better. They use their MENTAL ABILITIES not their bodies to get ahead. If the end is truly near, thank God. It’s time. There are way too many mindless parents, role models, activists, etc. like these running around causing issues for others and destroying our children’s future.

  • Shpilkus

    I have seen this sculpture up close. It’s a beautiful large sculpture made of mesh metal and lit from the inside with LED lighting. Aside from from the shape of a female body, there is not enough detail on this to offend even the most sensitive in our society.
    The stupidity of the writer to get offended over this, further exposes how unsophisticated Americans can be over simple art. Maybe the sensitive writer of this article can suggest putting duct tape X’s over the mesh nipples of this sculpture to protect the vulnerable in our country.

  • 1946vet

    She should have yoga pants and a bra. If she faces the White House, it could frustrate Dear Leader as he can’t just reach out and grab her naked body.

  • emikoala

    God made me beautiful. The body he gave me is not shameful, indecent, or pornographic. Anyone who thinks it is is projecting their own shameful, indecent, and pornographic thoughts onto me. I will not feel shame for another’s pornographic thoughts. I will not take responsibility for another’s indecent thoughts.

    • DLL

      There is a big difference between having pornographic thoughts about women or simply seeing a woman’s nude body as an art form in its natural beauty,this is true of the way a mans nude form is viewed as well.

    • proudmomoffive

      Would you walk completely nude in the busiest street of where you live, at an hour you know it is most populated with people? Would you feel confident to let your children (if you have) see a statue like this, or a totally naked woman, like in the nude beaches?

  • Michael Lundquist

    The indecency here is your rejection of the basic human form. You are just discussing and less than human if you can’t accept and love humanities form. John Horvat II your views are blatantly obscene.

    • DLL

      A legitimate educated opinion is not obscene. Nudity is not the issue it is the theme of the art created to express so called woman’s rights that is the issue. Is this art getting across the intended point of view or isn’t it. John Hovat has a legitimate question here. Do you think the Washington monument is a phallic symbol? It is a Masonic symbol so who knows. Why should a huge nude female statue face it?

      • Michael Lundquist

        You call this an educated opinion? The entire article can be picked apart, but just look at the Burning Man part. He has no clue and has not bothered to learn, what Burning Man is about. If he actually talked to and interacted with Burners he would find them to be better people that most Christians (who seem to want to hate more than love) Also if it’s not about nudity then why call it porno? What do you mean “so called women rights?”

        • DLL

          Your burners website is for burners that relate to other burners. From what I read there personally I could not be a burner. Enjoy and be a burner,what ever rocks your saddle ride on. You judge Christians as haters? Do you do the same for those of other religions? No! Why? They don’t turn the other cheek as they fight back with law suits. They won’t reason with you! Ask the artist of the exhibit what they mean by woman’s rights not me. They have a giant women facing the Washington Monument nude as an exhibit not me! Porn? You use the term! I said Hugh Hefner made a living exploiting a woman’s nudity. He contributed to representing women as sex objects so if that is what you are referring to as porn than I agree with you. Principled,disciplined Christians that believe in A-Holy-God will never make sense to those who refuse to believe as such. But to hate those who oppose Christians is un Christian. Believe as a burner and I will think as a Christian. We simply see life differently.

          • Michael Lundquist

            You are incorrect that you couldn’t be one. Look up the 10 principles. (no, really do it, you’ll be surprised) One is “radical inclusion”, YOU are welcome and I’ve had great times with hard core republican Christians at Burning Man. I judge any religious group that hates another group of humans as wrong.(don’t you?) Note I said “most hate”, because if you actually act like Jesus(and not pick one or two old testament passages as your world view) then you are a wonderful person, no question. Thing is, I see a very small percentage of people like that (but for sure some) Do you think John here is being a good Christian by writing this kind of thing or is he just profiting off the hate? “porn” was not my word, but again John’s. A subjective term but obviously wouldn’t be on the Mall if it was the common view. (and note, no beef with you. BIG beef with John and I still find his world view abhorrent and not much different than the jihadist assholes of the world, same problem different religion)

          • DLL

            I am not from the west but I will take another look at your Burning Man site. I grew up in the Hippie Culture. They turned out to be full of themselves mostly considering themselves to be mystical intellectuals where in the end anything goes. It was the beginning of our now extensive drug culture. I work in a medical er environment and 20 year old DOA victims from drug overdoses is hard to witness to. Loose moral principles lead to an unprincipled life of personal self abuses that can become lethal. Drug use starts as a communal thing but in the end it becomes a personal hell. To adhere to strong moral virtues is not a bad thing. Everybody discriminates between their own choices as to what is right or wrong. The poor results of poor choices become consequences for those so called liberated choices. Standing up for Christ is to take a stand for loving ones neighbor as one would love themselves. Not a bad thing. This website is opinion be it the author of this article,me or you. Testing the waters so to speak is a swim with others. No one wants to see the other drown so we can all swim safely together and return to shore refreshed. Peace! I am a time and place marker in the world so a world view is a bit beyond me but a personal point of view is not. As a matter of fact we live by the way we believe and think for better or worse. We die? The world won’t think much about it as it is a listing as an obituary for a few days.

          • Michael Lundquist

            Please do. Because the message of peace, love, helping each other, etc. is very very much a Burning Man thing. Part of why I and others are speaking up is that it’s hard to watch something you love be so badly misrepresented. (How many people have you stoned to death recently? None? That’s weird, I heard you people do that) I think we’d all be fine with a researched and educated opinion if this was even close to that. That kind of Hippie stuff does exist in Burning Man culture…just like it does in Christianity. But the cool part about “radical inclusion” is that a LOT of other kinds of people are part of it too. As for drugs, yes they are there but it’s not everyone and not much worse than any concert. Alcohol is over used in my view but I don’t think that’s just Burning Man. The positive thing you might not see is that it’s not the kind of drugs that kill or harm(generally). I suspect if you compared a random sampling of other Americans you’d find a lot more opioid abuse. I’m out, but thank you and I really do hope you and anyone else take a deeper look at the Burning Man culture because you will find the good parts of your personal views mirrored in many ways.

          • DLL

            We are what we believe.

  • Stephen Tower

    First, we bring incredible works of art to DC. Next, we bring full communism and the abolition of private propeety! Embrace the future, comrade! Hand over that toothbrush!

  • delighted_curmudgeon

    Please consider Michelangelo’s David.

  • jjtrinva

    You really need to get a hobby. To spend your time sparking “outrage” over this piece of Art is just silly. I’ll be there celebrating with my entire family!

  • spookymotion

    There’s a whole lot of [citation needed] here. Care to back up your assertions at all? Or just going to write as if what you’re saying is indisputable fact?

  • Dawn Lamonica

    This statue is no more indecent than a naked Barbie doll, which most adults and children have seen. Me thinks John Horvat doth protest too much.

  • Ron Russell

    The display of R-Evolution is less detailed in nature than many sculptures that you see in art history books, and in museums. Is the Venus De Milo statue obscene? No, it’s a piece of art that represents the beauty of the female form. The interpretation of art is highly individualistic and I don’t discount the fact that you don’t like this piece of art being shown in this particular setting, but I really question your motivation and reasoning behind the opposition. Based on your last paragraph I can only infer that you are a religious “believer” who hates anything that doesn’t fit into your own view of what is “right and proper” as defined by the Bible and the echo chamber of your supporters.

    Me, I’ve donated to get the piece there and fully support the ideals and intentions of the Catharsis on the Mall organizers. Including displaying this piece of art.

  • John Humpty

    Thank you for reminding me how important it is for great works of art like this to get exposure beyong burning man. The author of this article clearly needs to be exposed to other cultures and types of people. This type of ignorance has no place in society. I will gladly donate money to help bring this to the DC mall.–3

  • Kenny Reff

    The “perversion” is actually your view that a nude woman is obscene. God created us as creatures of beauty. He did not clothe us. Look no further than Michelangelo’s David. You might consider more love and less judgment.

    • proudmomoffive

      “God created us as creatures of beauty. He did not clothe us.” You are totally wrong: “For the man and his wife the LORD God made
      leather garments, with which he clothed them” Gen 3,21. After man and woman chose to sin and disobey God, they lost their innocence, they became shameful and corrupted. The only way to regain this innocence is by living the Commandments, living by the will of God. The great majority of people here and else where are declared atheists or non-religious, thus rejecting the call of God to live by His Commandments. We are leaving in the age of sin and corruption, this statue is totally indecent and will only aggravate the pandemic of pornography and the objectification of women.

  • Jesse Light

    Stop trying to push your misguided quasi-morals onto others. Spend the time instead trying to see what most others see and that is the beauty in the world that is all around us. Are we to hide flowers because they are sexual organs of the plants they are a part of? Were you not born from two people having sex? Are you so ashamed of your body that you can not stand to see even a incomplete representation of the female form? I think if it were up to you all women would wear burkas, but wait I think that is an Islamic tradition and not Christian…is there a difference anymore? Sadly sometimes I don’t think so…GET A LIFE!

    • DLL

      Modesty may give more power and dignity to women than that afforded them by such as Hugh Hefner who made the woman’s nude form work for him as he became very rich exploiting, by having the actual sex with especially young women,as well as their much graphically,depicted-nudity for his PlayBOY magazine. He is an American Icon? Yeah! Right! Define get a life! Hefner I suppose is that life’s icon for you.

      • Jesse Light

        Who said anything about Hugh Hefner? Do you even know anything about Burning Man or what it really represents? This article grossly misrepresents the entire event. This is a country founded by people leaving an oppressive regime in the form of Imperial England for freedom of religion and expression. Freedom of religion and expression is what Burning Man actual represents. Why are so many so eager to run back into a Theocracy/Autocracy form of government and limit our collective experience to that of the most stringent ideal? Sounds like one step away from Sharia law to me.

        • DLL

          If you say so!

          • Jesse Light

            I have been to Burning Man for the last 19 years and many regional events in that time. I go year after year for the community that we have created. I for one volunteer my time to the Temple that we create. This Temple is visited by most, if not all faiths, from around the world and is considered by all to be the soul of Burning Man. Have you ever been to Burning Man or any of its regional events? Do you have any real experience to base your assessment on, or do you just read heavily christian biased articles and base all of your comments on that? How would you like it if I started to belittle your events and your church based on me never having gone? I bet the people at your church are great people when you give them a chance and not judge them based on little to no first hand knowledge. I think if you gave the Burning Man culture half a chance to show you what they are really about you might just recant some of your statements. Check out Burners without Borders for some of the great work that we do around the globe to help others. This organization was created during Katrina to help many flood victims in Mississippi. Since then they have traveled to Chile after the major earthquake there to help rebuild. They volunteer all of their to time help those in need.

          • DLL

            Burning man is one going to hell or one in hell on earth to me I know nothing of this burning man devotion you have,I never heard of it. Why are you so quick to condemn those that Worship God as Holy? Admittedly that is my devotion but I have not mentioned anything about God in my comments here. The Statue is a giant nude set to face the Washington monument because the artist of the Nude Statue thinks the monument is a phallic symbol so what does the art represent in regard to women’s rights? I fail to see the point the artist is attempting to make so the point of the Art facing an assumed phallic symbol makes no sense in my opinion. Why shouldn’t men feel offended by such art. Today to express opinion seems to be a horrendous thing. No one is wrong when everyone is right,so both get trophies for expressing opposing opinion? No! Yes!

  • Eric Feris

    John Horvat, this statue going up on the National Mall is a beautiful thing. Your claim of “indecency” rings hollow. Your “shock” is hypocritical. What is indecent and shameful is your pushing of ancient mythology designed solely to invoke fear and to exert control over people.

    I see R-Evolution as being about freedom — freedom from the influence of haters like you, freedom from the willful ignorance that is slowing human progress, freedom from abuse and oppression at the hands of people like you and of a system that no longer works. This sculpture looks boldly to the future, visualizing positive change. She stands naked and unafraid, in spite of you. Yes, there is a great transformation coming; indeed it is already in the works. And as it progresses, the hateful philosophy you espouse will fall by the wayside. Humanity has no space for your nonsense. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • DLL

      Suppose the statue depicted a woman having a child with a doctor and a nurse delivering the child,with a happy husband witnessing this most beautiful occurrence,wouldn’t that be greater? That statue would celebrate birth! No actual living woman would stand immodestly nude gladly facing the Washington monument because it represents a phallic symbol,that I know of. Either type of statue depicting sexual intimacy is not right when it exploits a woman’s intimately personal human moments. No one stands nude in public unafraid they usually are meant to stand there humiliated and very afraid! It is a form of terrorism usually for women,resulting in rape. That is what nasty people do. Today more than ever!

      • Eric Feris

        If you feel another art piece is the way to go, then I would encourage you to create one!

        And… LOL… I can assure you there are plenty of actual living women (men, too!) who would stand nude, unafraid, on the Mall. Your suggestion to the contrary is just silly. There is nothing sexual about this sculpture. If that is all you see, if you cannot see past mere nakedness, then you would do well to re-evaluate how you view people.

        • DLL

          Today men and women don’t exist anymore as one is whatever they want to think they are as we are living in our own self assigned fantasy land,one where reality is subjective and relative. So lol,ha ha ha!

  • No Body

    IT’S A JOKE! Jeez, isn’t it obvious?!

  • Emily hancock

    Please explain to me why this is offensive, but the boy scouts of America’s statue on the white house lawns isn’t offensive. It’s seen by the same crowd. It depicts 3 figures. A scout, a woman, and a man. Both the scout and the woman are fully clothed. But the guy is naked. Why is he naked? Why not get upset by that?

    • DLL

      Really! I never heard about that statue representation but I admit it is strange as you have described it. Back to the idea of the giant nude statue facing the phalic symbol called the Washington monument. What if the giant nude statue was a 97 year old woman, would many of the commenters here not think that as beautiful as the similar idea of a giant young nude woman being depicted?

  • amorpheous

    Wow, this is the dumbest website I’ve seen in a long time. The losers that run this joke must be real freaks. I’m not planning to return to order anything here, especially their books.

  • Hatfield

    Well, it’s about time somebody stood up for justice and decency. Speaking of which, isn’t America so much better off since John Ashcroft spent $8,000 to cover up the Spirit of Justice statue in the Great Hall in 2002? How dare Lady Justice scandalize innocent Americans with her bare, supple, uncovered aluminum titty. The presence of Justice is the greatest travesty ever to occur in the Department of Justice and thank God John Ashcroft spent was brave enough to cover her up. His courageous actions are such a wonderful metaphor on so many levels. And can you imagine what might arise if somebody like Mike Pence saw a bare, metal breast?

    So, here we are 15 years later. I have no idea what they’ve been doing in the meantime, but thankfully conservatives have finally resumed their war on w̶o̶m̶e̶n̶ the female form by standing, uh, firm in the face of this nipple-free wire mesh metal sculpture. Well done! America can really see what you stand for.

    • DLL

      Liberal used to mean generosity in spirit now it means something opposite of what it used to be. Don’t think conservative or liberal,Republican or Democrat,secular or religious,just think and do not be brainwashed by forever opposing forces. Good and evil is universal as it affects all human beings,it is not purely subjective or relative in value.

  • Sophia Josephine Keene Michala

    Perhaps we should have fine biblical scriptures chiseled onto public stone sculptures such as…”She lusted after their male consorts, whose sexual organs were like those of donkeys, and whose ejaculation was like that of horses.” Or perhaps…”And when she had brought them unto him to eat, he took hold of her, and said unto her, Come lie with me, my sister. And she answered him, Nay, my brother, do not force me; for no such thing ought to be done in Israel: do not thou this folly. And I, whither shall I cause my shame to go? and as for thee, thou shalt be as one of the fools in Israel. Now therefore, I pray thee, speak unto the king; for he will not withhold me from thee. Howbeit he would not hearken unto her voice: but, being stronger than she, forced her, and lay with her. “- Bible : 2 Samuel (13) : 11 – 14.

  • Lucas Jushinski

    Our nation is bombing women and children around the world through our unending wars and the author is concerned about a wire mesh statue of a women being offensive. That’s absolutely ludicrous. Be offended about something important like why we can’t stop killing poor people in non christen countries or the fact that we have innocent people locked up on a Cuban island without the right to due process. The author is a perfect example of what’s wrong in our country.

    • DLL

      The authors comments are inspired by the fact that to him God is Holy and worthy of our praise as In Christ God can become known. To him there is a difference between what is Holy and unholy. There is nothing wrong with holding to the laws of a Holy God,a God of Love. As Jesus taught only God is good.

      • Michael Lundquist

        Respectfully you are wrong on this too (in my view). IT IS NOT A CHURCH! It’s the public mall that belongs to every american. Your holy is not my holy. The very fact that you are allowed to have your religion means everyone else is allowed too as well. Regardless of other elements of this art, the religions view of this must be to support it or If you disagree with that then you are not interested in America’s founding principles. Any other view I can think of seems hypocritical to me. (looking around at the owners of this site I think they would prefer a Taliban run country, they sure say the same things.)

        • DLL

          America was founded by Masons and Masonic Law and Washington DC is designed by Masons and it is full of Masonic symbolism as is our printed money. I am not a Mason and never will be. I am a born American and always will be American. The US GOVERNMENT is not Holy and never will be. Civil law is not Holy either and never will be. God is Holy and God always will be Holy. I am subject to Divine Law because it is over and above all civil law as presented by founding fathers of any country. Divine law is of God and only God is Holy! All human rights are defined by Holy Law because Holy Law is the firm foundation on which all excellently designed civil law is based. Civil law applies to all citizens in any country as law that must be obeyed by force of government control. Divine law must be obeyed as well but Christians are Christian because they obey those laws by choice because they know God’s laws are Holy. Those that do not think God Holy disobey God. Those that do not respect civil law either do time in jail. You are right your Holy is not my Holy because you choose not to agree that God is Holy. So be it,as beyond being obedient to civil law which is mandatory,you believe you are your own God as you believe your self to be God. It is your own self mandated belief system is the self styled one that you believe in. I don’t know you you are not my idea of God you are like me a finite human being destined to live out life over a period of years. After that happens we cease to exist on earth. That’s it. If you can think about eternity at all a All Holy God would be present there as this same Holy God is present on earth for those who believe in God. We were all designed by God to use this finite life to discover Holiness which means wholeness for each and every human spirit. That is what real freedom is. Truth is as Jesus prayed in the Lords Prayer that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Heaven is total obedience to God. In obeying God we love God and one another. When we hate God we must then defend ourselves from each other because it is God that helps us to overcome hostility because God is without sin and merciful and human beings are not so as in preferring to sin they are naturally defensive,hostile and militant.

  • Brigid Mccormick

    Nudity does not empower women. Clothes do.

  • Michelle And-Joe Shahid

    The most sublime and beautiful form of the incredible dignity of woman is a representation of the Blessed Virgin. Anything less is … less. period.

  • gss

    Need to see what the statue would look like. Show photo. Will Greek, Roman statues be banned?

  • patriot2015

    Another typical dumb ass liberal stunt, these clowns should all be put away. They are a menace to AMERICA .

  • disqus_A7ZiD14I8W

    America needs a complete turn around in its morals. The new mentality will destroy our nation and many souls. Catholics need to pray, do penance and listen to Our Lady’s warnings

  • Edward Bennett


  • Richard B.

    Richard B.
    Thank you to John Horvat for the courage to confront un-necessary exploitation being made in the name of political correctness known as women’s liberation . Notions of IN-appropriate public display have vanished.

  • Bob Shoemaker

    God gave both Adam and Eve clothing for a reason and just because there are other “nude” statues that people see doesn’t make it right or acceptable to have made “nude” statues in the first place.

  • Gloria Gaytan

    Well said Peter Dennis! I clicked on a link to see the statue and there is nothing pornographic about it!
    It is a statue of a naked woman, how can that be obscene? The statue is not doing anything lewd. I am also offended you say the Church says nudity is a sin. How can it be possible the male and female bodies created by God be obscene?. Art that degrades sex or nudity is a sin, but there is nothing wrong with art that is merely showing a nude man or woman!

  • Joe Right

    The statue is OBSCENE. No child should have to see such a monstrosity when visiting Washington, D.C. Period.

  • Daniel Amare

    Today Gen. Kelly WH Chief of staff was saying religion is not sacred anymore was astounded. Among other similar comments, how is that different from dictator Obama saying “America is no longer a Christian nation rising to say it as if all Obamas effort to campeign for the highest office just to say that. As long as the American people any number of them still go to Church the Cross still shines and reflect those Americans in the heavens gate so long one man still prays trying to reach the Lord so long the Founding Fathers photo frame looks at Obama a fool for eight years so long the Framers miraculous documents the Constitution of the U.S. & the Decleration of independence are followed or violated so long Abrham Lincon’s Bible collects dust or not America remains to be a Christian nation no nude statue in any form will set ground with sacred monument’s representing all those that sacrificed to make this nation the greatest where “HE WHO MADE THE WORLD STILL GOVRNS IT” on Lincoln memorial we allow evil to infiltrate any more. We must not allow it. The naked demon must be extinguished. GHU JW

  • Alexa Schultz

    Just look at the filthy pig who designed the ugly piece of trash…
    Anyone who thinks that guy actually cares about the empowerment of women, and is qualified to educate others on that topic, is so mentally-disabled/challenged/incapacitated/incompetent
    that they are a danger to themselves and to society. These individuals cannot think logically or rationally and should not be allowed to have a say in any decision-making.

    • DLL

      The fact that a statue of a woman facing the Washington DC Monument NUDE is bad enough because the Monument is considered a phallic symbol but it must be a huge graphic NUDE at that. Thanks for the link to this guys website. Now I’ve seen it! He should take the statue and place it over Hugh Hefner’s gravesite instead. Both he and dear departed Hugh objectify Women to the extreme so they are all body to be seen with no minds at all. That Impression displayed in that location in Washington DC is supposed to humiliate President Trump but it does a much better job humiliating all women as second class sex slaves. No love for any woman expressed there! Women should really be the ones protesting this display. Bring your power saws use them on this instead of a crucifix as I saw a topless woman doing to a crucifix on You Tube recently. There was a true mindless display of pure idiocy and an expression of self hate by some women for especially themselves. A truly horrible move by that woman,as she actually degraded any legitimate protest that any woman has because to publicly do such a thing topless,degrades by making women look ugly instead of beautiful,as God created them to be in both body and MIND!

      • Alexa Schultz

        I couldn’t agree more!

  • Alexa Schultz

    The burning man festival and now this r-evolution piece of trash? Wow, you supporters are some real cutting-edge, intelligent, classy, dignified, “empowered”, and respectable people. To those of you I am referring to, being you were given the short-stick, mentally, that was a sarcastic comment.You should be horrified and embarassed but, obviously, your feeble little minds don’t have the ability to think logically, which is why you lack discernment skills and a typical reaction to an idea as stupid as this sculpture. It is sad that rather than get your head checked, you are announcing to anyone who will give you a moment of their time, how you have no sound judgement whatsoever. Oh, and whoever came up with the names for the above-mentioned devil’s festival and the objectifying sculpure really went all out, didn’t they? Wow. The names may not be creative, appealing, or interesting, but they certainly are fitting! After all, as promised in the Bible, burn these objectifying men will. This will be well-deserved. They live a life in which they harm others and/or support/assist those who do, whether out of a simple, unjustified hatred for all women or self-invited demonic-possession, they deserve to be tossed into the fires of hell, as promised, and never, ever escape the agony of it. This is when we claim victory. No more objectification, degradation, lies/deception, misogyny, or American-invented stupidity.

  • TinyViolet

    This is — and I can say this without hesitation or doubt — one of the single DUMBEST things I’ve ever seen people support. This statue is ageist and sexist. OF COURSE it’s a female nude and OF COURSE it shows a younger woman. Perhaps if it were a series of smaller sculptures of stages of womanhood or manhood it *might* have some redeeming quality. As for the statue of David?? A beautiful homage to a boy on the cusp of manhood, stepping up in bravery to defend his people. AND on display in a museum where people can CHOOSE to go see it — not being foisted on persons who are visiting the D.C. Mall. You can be assured that several of these commentators are being urged/PAID to troll for dissenting opinions and post insulting counter-opinions. If these ideas carried true merit, they would hold their own in the court of public opinion.

  • Viki63

    The statue depicts a young female form. It doesn’t seem obscene to me, but neither is it something that should be 4 stories high and out in public. Nudity is not something that should be forced on the public, as people have different degrees of comfort with it, and parents may not want their children exposed to this. It is inconsiderate, at very least.

  • Justice for Jesus

    A donation to… has just been made to support ensuring this statue of feminine power and dignity stands in defiance of the mysogeny currently in the White House. It’s critical for those of us in the faith who do not swallow every demonizing damnation fed to us by self-righteous men terrified of losing their privilaged place in society to support efforts like these. Thank you for the heads up. I will pray for God to move in your heart.

  • RubbLe1

    The worship of sex in the form of a 45′ tall nude female is outrageous. It is a dangerous step into setting up a culture of death ruled by witchcraft.

  • RubbLe1

    Update- and an unmasking of the pagan nature of this statue. Notice between the asterisks. At bottom of this page–3 they have a post from 18 hours ago that reads “We have some disappointing news to share. The National Park Service sent us a letter tonight retracting their previously-issued variance, and denying us a permit to install R-Evolution anywhere on the National Mall. We are evaluating our options including a legal challenge, however we no longer expect R-Evolution to be installed for Catharsis. The NPS’s letter *****did approve our other planned activities, including the Temple and prayer wheel burn ceremony,***** Abraxas Dragon and Solar Beatz mutant vehicle stages, Water Temple Pyramid, and dozens of other artworks and offerings. We’re stunned by this 11th-hour reversal by the Park Service. The inconvenience and disappointment to you, our community, distresses us greatly. Please continue to check in as we learn more about our potential options. Rest assured that the donated funds will remain untouched until further notice.”

  • Mike

    Wow this author is a real puritanical douche. Reminds me of those preachers who rail against gays and then get caught having sex at a public restroom with some strange man. Check his computer for kiddie porn. There’s more obscene art in Rome as pointed out by other commentators.