Five Things to Thank God for on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has become a secular holiday. It is a time for family get-togethers, sports events and shopping trips. There is some, but not enough giving of thanks on Thanksgiving. Moreover, when gratitude is felt, it frequently remains just a feeling that is not directed toward a good and personal God.

Then too, when people thank God, it is usually for the material blessings of money, successes and achievements in life. We do well to thank God for these things. However, there are spiritual things for which few thank Him. He showers us with blessings that are unrecognized, forgotten and neglected. They deserve our gratitude.

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The terrible moral crisis in the Church and society only makes this special gratitude more necessary. Living the life of a Catholic is extremely difficult in our days. These spiritual gifts sustain us as we fight the terrible Culture War that rages in our nation. They fill us with hope for a future return to order.

Thus, there are five such things I will be thanking God for on Thanksgiving.

His Providence

I will be thanking God for His loving Providence. This year, He made me neither rich nor poor. He provided for me so that I might have no major wants and thus remain engaged in the fight for His cause. In the midst of all my struggles, I can say I sensed the presence of an ordering action found in the Creator and which is called Providence.

This Divine Providence did not only take care of my material wants. Above all, God provided for my spiritual needs as God supported me in all my efforts to oppose the evils of the day. Thus, it is that theologians define Divine Providence as “the plan conceived in the mind of God according to which he directs all creatures to their proper end.”

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I will thank God for always being there amid the trials of life to provide for me and direct me to my proper end which is to be ever closer to Him and work for His greater glory.

God_Holy_Ghost_Creator_Divine_Providence Five Things to Thank God for on Thanksgiving

I sensed the presence of an ordering action found in the Creator and which is called Providence – “the plan conceived in the mind of God according to which he directs all creatures to their proper end.”

Sublime Things

I will be thanking God for putting sublime things in my path. He protected me from the gaudy or extravagant spectacles that could have entertained me and catered to my worst passions. There were neither cruise ships nor casinos in my path with their frenetically intemperate distractions that lead individuals and societies into vice and decadence.

Instead, God put in my path those sublime things of transcendent excellence that cause souls to be overawed by their magnificence. Sublime things provoke what Edmund Burke rightly calls “the strongest emotion which the mind is capable of feeling.”

Throughout history, this is represented by extraordinary panoramas, works of art, music, liturgy, ideas, or heroic feats that have been called sublime. These things captivate souls and speed them in their quest towards plenitude.

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Thus, God gives me those very accessible and sublimely beautiful things that reflect Him. He provided me with spectacular sunsets and marvelous scene of nature. I was awed by beautiful music and uplifting manifestations of the arts. He allowed me to pray in magnificent churches and attend heavenly liturgies.

These things sustain me in the fight against a corrupting society. They provide me with images of what a truly Christian society might be. They strengthen me in the fight for Him.

I will thank God this Thanksgiving for providing me with these moments of awe. They did not happen all the time, but at those moments in the fight when I needed them.

Plinio_Correa_de_Oliveira_Man_of_Faith_and_Action_in_prayer Five Things to Thank God for on Thanksgiving

I will thank God for giving me all those special people that fill the ranks of those who fight for Him. I will thank him for my own calling to be part of this great struggle.

Special People

I will thank God for giving me special people who help me overcome my insufficiency in the face of the today’s crisis. They allowed me to see that I am not alone in the battles for the future of our nation.

God also provides society with leaders and models. He provides and calls forth what sociologists call “representative characters” who perceive the ideals, principles, and qualities that are desired and admired by society and translate them into concrete programs of life and culture. I will thank God for those above me that give me direction, counsel and support.

There are so many blessings found in the Catholic family that bind us together in charity and support. There are also those less able and fortunate that God puts in our path so that we might practice charity, patience and leadership.

All this is so contrary to the individualism of our days. Remnants of this social framework provide the elements for a more efficient and virtuous fight against a culture that seeks to destroy all Christian bonds. I will thank God for giving me all those special people that fill the ranks of those who fight for Him. I will thank him for my own calling to be part of this great struggle.


I will thank God for all the crosses that He has sent me. The greatest cross is living in a world that does not acknowledge Him as King and worthy of all praise and adoration. I know these sufferings are given to me for my good so that they may serve to unite me more to God and Holy Mother Church.

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By dying to self, I can show my love for Him who died for me. By accepting the Way of the Cross, I can embrace the path to imitate Christ, who took His mission to its final consequences and was obedient unto death. I can be comforted by the fact that the Cross is the way to reform society. It is the sublime perfume of the Cross’ self-denial that gives value, meaning, and beauty to all things human.

Praying_to_Our_Lady_and_the_Sacred_Heart_of_Jesus Five Things to Thank God for on Thanksgiving

I will thank God for this great mother. She is the means by which all can be accomplished, and victory obtained, as promised at Fatima.

Thus, on this Thanksgiving, I will thank God for the honor and privilege of carrying these crosses in union with Him.

His Mother

Finally, I will thank God for the Mother He gave us. Without this great gift, everything would be impossible. The Blessed Mother is the source of our strength and confidence.

We are favored by the maternal affection of a mother who intensely desires our good and the good of society incomparably more than we do. Amidst setbacks and defeat, she rallies to our assistance. We need only to be among those who have “fled to her protection, implored her help and sought her intercession.” She leaves no one “unaided.”

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On this Thanksgiving, I will thank God for this great mother. She is the means by which all can be accomplished, and victory obtained, as promised at Fatima.

Thus, while life in these corrupting and violent times is difficult to navigate, there is much to be thankful for. We are truly blessed to be sustained by God in the fight for our nation’s future. May we make this Thanksgiving different and thank God for the spiritual things that few thank Him for.


21 thoughts on “Five Things to Thank God for on Thanksgiving

  1. Yes there is so much to thank God for each and every day, especially on this day of family and thanksgivings. Oh God help us all to Soldier on to be living examples of the love of Jesus to all those around us and especially to those who are difficult to love.

  2. Yes I thank God for keeping me a practicing Christiane. Trying to show a good example of His teaching. Searching to apply His wishes in our society (brotherhood) and our church (unity of the Christians). And thank you Mr. Horvat for your work and good recommendation.

    • Because in the twitter age that is already too long.

      One can also be thankful for all those things without belonging to one particular church but seeing that all religions and spirituals paths, practice right lead to God. Different cultures need different approaches to the goal.

  3. Dear John, I thank God that there are still truly men (in every sense of the word) of God who love the Lord your God with their whole heart, soul and mind and are brave enough to fight for Him, that there are still men that will lead the rest of us in this holy battle against evil. God bless you and your family and those that help you!

  4. I have to be reminded from time to time of these wonderful gifts that God has blessed me with. Your words are just so beautiful and I thank you for them!

  5. Thank you God for your love and grace. Give me the strength and determination to follow your teachings and proclaim your word.
    Thank you for the Holy Spirit who guides me in my day to day decisions. To God with all your glory…Amen

  6. As one who has much enjoyed being part of the cruise industry in a small way for several years, I can attest that travel via cruising has brought licit joy to many people….with onboard Masses
    too! 🙂

  7. Thank-you John. We need to thank God for this gift that we call life. We should do this every day. I believe that God has bestowed great gifts to our country because he has chosen us to lead this troubled world. There is only one way to lead and that is by example! No one is perfect. We need to reintroduce the American people to the Constitution. After the bible, this is the second greatest document ever written by mankind. We need to obey the constitution, limited government with clearly defined powers. We preach the Gospel, now its time to live the Gospel.
    There are two things that are tearing our country apart; class envy and the welfare state. Class envy in my opinion is the worst of the seven deadly sins. It is nothing more than the old strategy of divide and conquer. Throughout history, totalitarians and authoritarians used class envy to divide and conquer. We will not be divided and conquered, we will once again unite as one country under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
    The second issue is the welfare state which has become unaffordable. Making any person dependent on government is not compassion, it is cruel. Making any person dependent on government destroys the human spirit! We have witnessed this for over 50 years. The welfare state must be phased out as quickly as possible. We should not forget that we have taken on too much debt. The interest on the Federal debt is now 264 billion dollars. We as well as other nations need to sit down and discuss debt reduction.
    We have the right President to bring this about. God Bless and Happy thanksgiving. Robert Calabro.

  8. Beautifully said. God is to be put first in anything and everything we do in our lives. I am utmost thankful for God’s love and kindness each day, and his most wonderful son Jesus Christ my savior. Wishing everyone a blessed thankful day.

  9. Thank God for sending His Son Jesus, who Created and sustains this universe, this planet and all the life on it. Jesus, who paid the price for my sins I could never pay, nor anyone else who has ever lived could pay. Jesus is the center of all life and creation. He even gives us the power to draw breath. Praise His Magnificent and Holy name. All thanks giving is centered in Jesus.

  10. I thank God for Thanksgiving itself. A truly American idea. No other nation set aside a day to thank God until America did. A simple holiday that doesn’t take a lot of preparation. A day for families to gather and celebrate family.
    Yes, there are the endless football games and increasingly, the day has been appropriated as Black Friday’s Eve. Nevertheless, the essential idea reamins and I am thankful for it.

  11. We all need to thank God daily for His Mercy and Forgiveness manifested through Jesus and through the good people in our lives especially those who “interfered” with our lives and “offended” us to tell us when we were wrong and that we needed to come back to God. Let’s praise God with all out hearts for Jesus’ and these other people’s holy and loving “offensive interference”!!!

    One of those who greatly “interfered” and “offended” with the Truth in Love was late Plinio Correa de Oliveira who, if I’m not mistaken, appears in the first picture in this article. I strongly encourage all of you to read his books, especially: “Revolution and Counter-Revolution”. Thanks forever and ever to God for His Tough Love Lessons!!! Higher Love !!! Real Love!!!

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