The Macabre Dance of the Skeletons Out of the Closet

skull-2807482_960_720-223x300 The Macabre Dance of the Skeletons Out of the Closet

“Out of a musty closet suddenly appears a macabre dance of skeletons representing wicked deeds of the past.”

There is a certain point when a normal house becomes haunted.

It is hard to say exactly when the change occurs, but when it does, things become strange and eerie. From the outside, the house seems to lose its air of respectability, and people sense something foreboding inside. They hear creaking noises. They claim to see strange things.

The house seems touched by the sinister. An atmosphere of dark mystery appears to envelop it. Evil seems to lurk inside. People wonder if a wicked deed from the past has not come back to haunt the present.

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Although the building may still be structurally sound, no one wants to live in it. Once the haunted label sticks in minds, the home is written off. It is unmarketable.

When a Decadent Society Becomes Haunted

When a society becomes decadent, it can take on the appearance of a haunted house. At some point, personages and institutions that seemed normal before, even acclaimed, now look dark and eerie. Immoral acts long tolerated, celebrated even by the culture, now give off a horrible moral stench.

This can be seen in the recent exposés of high profile men, alleging sexual harassment and abuse in years or decades past.

Why is this news? Everyone knows the sexual revolution of the sixties ushered in a morally rotten culture. The sins of Hollywood stars and jet-set elites were never secrets but grist for the tabloid mills, and the reason for their multi-million success. In fact, these celebrities were acclaimed because many Americans saw their depraved behavior as the incarnation of their own sinful desires.

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There is something different about this flood of scandals though. What is new about this “Weinsteinization” of all things rotten is that suddenly the house seems haunted. Its air of normalcy is gone. Its flashy veneer of success is being stripped away. Suspicions and dark mysteries now fill the public mind.

This Offensive’s Radical and Hypocritical Aspects

This revelation of dark mysteries is like a horror movie. Out of a musty closet suddenly appears a macabre dance of skeletons representing wicked deeds of the past. It is a ghastly spectacle that both shocks and mesmerizes. Each new accusation adds to the moral depravity now laid bare.

There is something even more bizarre about this whole scene. The sins themselves, the offenses against God, the violation of His moral law are not seen as a problem. The only problem is the domineering and forceful manner in which they were perpetrated. The unacceptable crime is the existence of an oppressor and an oppressed person. In itself, violating God’s law is not a problem as long as it is consensual.

Haters of Christian morals in the media are the loudest to denounce the immoral romps of those in their own ranks, but only when performed oppressively.

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Hypocritically, there is no call for an end to the promiscuous culture that is the infernal music to which these skeletons dance. There is no call for moral conversion. The shrill demand is for a more liberated promiscuity, for immorality that is freer, more egalitarian, more consensual. The whole debate is framed as a male dominance narrative favoring a liberal agenda.

The Destructions of Institutions

The principal goal of the left’s new offensive in the Culture Wars is not to bring the accused to justice. In fact, many of these deeds are so long past that they are now beyond the law’s reach. More importantly, it is not the creation of a virtuous society, since no one is attacking the tabloid promiscuity culture—the hotbed of these moral pathologies.

The Left’s goal is instead to emasculate society. It wants to create a climate of intimidation, visceral fear among men in high positions. In this fevered context the smallest act or comment, true or false, can be media-judged and presented to the mobs as one more skeleton joining the macabre dance.

The very proliferation of accusations—so many of them curiously uninvestigated for decades—is a crucial element of this offensive. The cascade, the deluge of accusations helps build a climate of tension and alarm in which no one feels safe. This apprehension is especially acute in those who know they have not followed God’s commandments, and today, after fifty years of sexual revolution, they are legion.

This offensive must be seen as an effort to root out every last remnant of “patriarchy,” labeled as oppressive. The indefensible putrefaction of the present culture pervades all structures and institutions of society, business and culture. Thus, this offensive tars everything traditional as oppressive. In a haunted house, all things are turned creepy—even the un-creepy.


8 thoughts on “The Macabre Dance of the Skeletons Out of the Closet

  1. What a great article! So true. I am a young 30. But I absolutely hate and cannot believe our current culture. I see our country vastly approaching nihilism. (not to mention being void of all government). What is more uncanny to me is that no one dares have a conversation about their differences… yet that is exactly what we need. Maybe that would be a great new website to have. A forum for intelligent conversation about the differing points of view with zero tolerance for name calling and harassment. Good old fashion iron sharpens iron is what is truly needed, and not some crazy psych babble. Come let us reason together!

    • You can make every web site that way by ignoring those who call names, and calmly asking questions that require actual thought to answer. Unfortunately, people rarely answer, but at least maybe they actually think, and maybe they even stop adding to the noise of hateful vitriol.

  2. Thank you. Very well written article. Very distressing. It is painful to know but is better than been unaware. I attach myself to continued prayer and hope

  3. Wonderful article. I pray for the return of U.S. to organic Christian society. I thank the author for work in genuine interests for everybody around the world.

  4. The rot has really set in alright! To see just how bad it is, go to it is run by a Catholic Walid Shoebat who was a terrorist in Israel, then found God and was a non Catholic but then discovered the true faith and became a Catholic. He lived in Bethlehem and then later came to America and then to Jesus. Because of his diverse background he is very accurate in his predictions and has unlocked bible prophecy in a way like no other. Also see YouTube Walid Shoebat on Prophecy. Warning though his web site is not for the faint hearted as it really tells it like it is! Come Lord Jesus Come!

  5. The two most disgusting (yet still forgivable) sins are shedding of innocent blood and violation of the law of chastity. Sexual assault has been described as a murder that is incomplete, so it combines these two utterly reprehensible sins into something much worse. One way to repent of violating the laws of chastity is to care for the children whose bodies are created by promiscuity, and to take responsibility for failing to give them a family where mother and father honor their marital vows with complete fidelity. Why else was it a greater sin for David’s son Amnon to send Tamar away from him with hatred after forcibly laying with her, than to take responsibility for his actions and their consequences (as did Shechem the son of Hamor after he took Israel’s daughter, Dinah and defiled her by laying with her)?

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