Why Ladies and Gentlemen Are Forbidden on New York Trains

organic_society Why Ladies and Gentlemen Are Forbidden on New York Trains

Passengers, customers or whatever you want to call them are welcome to ride in the New York City transport system. Just don’t call them ladies or gentlemen. The city’s Metropolitan Transit Authority has outlawed the expression in yet another bizarre episode of the politically correct Culture War.

“Ladies and gentlemen” is not inclusive enough for the thought police patrolling the lines. Never mind that conductors have been doing this for a century. Never mind that the automatic announcement systems are programmed with the old courtesy formulas. Never mind that passengers might even like to be addressed in this manner.

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All this must be changed immediately on buses, trains and stations. The MTA has ruled that conductors must now use new formulas that scrap the traditional “Ladies and gentlemen” suggesting “passengers” or “riders” as replacements. Conductors will be monitored by management for compliance. They must even manually override the automatic systems until new recordings can be made. Thus has it been decreed, and let no one dare do the contrary.

The Little Things are the Culture

Some people might think these small changes are insignificant. Such things make no difference in our daily lives. However, things like this are indicative of what is wrong with America today. They change the culture because little things are the culture.

Whenever a revolution breaks out, there is always an attempt to change the little things. Curiously, revolutionaries always change the manner of addressing people. The French Revolution of 1789 quickly stripped people of their titles, however humble, and insisted that everyone be called “citizen.” The Russian Revolution in 1917 likewise made people equal by calling them “comrades.”

These were changes in the culture that indicated a shift in society’s way of understanding people. They were tiny alterations forced upon the people, and that promoted an ideological agenda. During these revolutions, the neutered terms of address signaled that everyone was completely equal in everything, including intelligence, ability and talents. Using “comrade” signaled to all that the person was part of the communist tyranny that leveled society and controlled all aspects of life.

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A Postmodern Diktat

Suppressing ladies and gentlemen has a particular postmodern overtone. “Citizen “and “comrade” at least identified people as something permanent. The new designation of “passenger” or “rider” resists a permanent condition and merely describes someone’s temporary state.

It fits well with the postmodern ambiguity that blurs all distinctions and hates all definitions. People are what they decide to be at the moment. People are encouraged to self-identify as what they perceive themselves to be. It is not a coincidence that the suppressed terms were changed because they were not inclusive of “transgendered” passengers who did not feel comfortable being defined by our God-given male-female binary categories.

The train authority diktat is postmodernity at its worst. It reduces people to mere simulacra (to use their term) in which everything becomes insubstantial forms or semblances of something.

The Meaning of Ladies and Gentlemen

That is what is wrong with suppressing ladies and gentlemen. It strips people of their dignity. It takes away from both women and men all that is distinguished, honored, or worthy of respect.

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When a woman was called a lady, it used to be a compliment. In accepting this title, the woman is held to the high standard of behaving like a lady that appreciates grace, modesty and beauty. It assumed a desire to be feminine and glory in those qualities that today are so neglected.

When a man was called a gentleman, it was also a compliment. It assumed a willingness to be held to high standards. Men were asked to overcome the more brutal part of their nature and display masculine gentleness that spoke of courtesy, consideration and protection—virtues that are now neglected.

When a group was addressed as ladies and gentlemen, it expressed a complementary and mutual respect between the two sexes. It had none of the class struggle overtones of feminist propaganda. Instead, it celebrated the differences between the two with ceremony and distinction.

This treatment is the fruit of Christian civilization. It was the Church that first recognized and elevated the dignity of men, but especially women who were so degraded in pagan lands and times. Christian morality created an atmosphere of charity, trust and respect that both harmonized and protected the sexes.

Return to Barbaric Ways

Thus, the seemingly-insignificant suppression of ladies and gentlemen on New York’s trains represents a giant step backward. It affirms that we need no longer behave like ladies and gentlemen but rather like whatever we want to be or happen to be at the moment.

We are free to revert to the barbaric ways of old. People are free to disrespect, harass and offend everyone equally bad. Other people become merely the instruments of our gratification.

The recent sexual harassment scandals should come as no surprise. They are the product of a rotten culture where people no longer treat those around them as ladies and gentlemen.

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  1. Unbelievable what a crazy mixed up world where we worry more about common courtesy after all we’re all one or the other even if you feel like the opposite instead of concerning ourselves with fixing real problems like abuse, hunger and homelessness!

    • nan: If common courtesy and terms of respect are not important, then we are not people, but only animals. What animals of the same species do to each other is not always pretty.

      • I see your point, but I also get what nan is saying. There are more pressing problems than transgenders’ sensitivities. Also, if a man identifies as a woman, why should he resent being called ‘lady’?

        Maybe because he’s more imbued with pride at being ‘transgender’ than at being a ‘woman’?

  2. Actually, it was only Communist Party members who were supposed to be addressed as “Comrade”. Non-members were only considered as mere “citizens”.

      • This contradiction presents no problem for the Marxist who uses the dialectic or pilpulist strategy of relentlessly playing opposites against each other to achieve a synthesis. The impossible objective of conformity can only be attempted through compulsion and leads inevitably to tyranny. The policy of imposed “equality” is a violation of natural law resulting in the destruction of quality–all of which is necessary to create a compliant society serving those whose policy is the manifestation of the “Will to Power.”

  3. So in the name of “inclusion” and “tolerance” the expression of ‘Ladies and gentlemen’ will not be included and tolerated.

    • Selective tolerance. ‘We tolerate whatever we like – the rest must be expunged from society.’

      My take on that is:

      Marvelous – how does that make you any different from any other intolerant a**hole?

    • Well put. Maybe we could have announcements refering to “Ladies and gentlemen, and whatever…” That should cover the rest. Why should we give up what we would like to be called because there may be someone present who is a “whatever”? Civility, please!

  4. It’s a shame that there are some who are so ignorant they can’t see that courtesy and respect for others is a cure for many of our ills.

      • You are right. Satan is attacking the family hard. Redefining marriage, gender, etc. This is the final battle because the family models the divine nature of the Triune God. For more, research Pope John Paul’s “Theology of the Body”

    • It’s strategic my friends! All part of the plan – or as HRC let slip two weeks ago, the “experiment.” I know the ‘experiment’ and it FAILED!

  5. When I hear “Ladies and Gentlemen” I hear an expectation to act like the names imply.. That formality is a reminder of civilized behavior. The world has gone nuts…

    • I do despise being call “Miss”, when I am clearly a married woman in my 50s. I’ve earned being called “Ma’am”, and certainly “Mrs.”. In an effort to try to charm me, all they do is disrespect where I’ve been, who I am, and the respect due an adult woman.

      • Yes, Ma’am, I’ve got a similar gripe. Mine’s about being referred to as ‘umpteen years YOUNG’. I’ve already told my kids that anyone who refers to me that way on a birthday will get cuffed ‘upside the head’. I’ve earned every one of my years and, more than a couple of times, I survived events that could have stopped me from aging any further. I’m 76 years OLD. I’ve seen everything that younger people have, and things that they’ll never see, because they weren’t born yet. Of course, someday they’ll see things that I never will, but I won’t give a damn – I’ll be dead.

        • Happy new year to you and your family, Mrs. Zerbe. God speed and best wishes. John Boyle. (Don’t mind the name posted, I’m posting from my wife’s facebook page. I don’t understand computers so I sometimes end up posting with her maiden name, but the thoughts are mine.)

  6. I always find it interesting when I read about some criminal in the paper, and the paper refers to the guy as ” the gentleman,” which he definitely was not.———–The police got into a firefight with a suspect, but, no-one was hurt, and they arrested the gentleman on suspicion of burglary and discharging a firearm within the city limits.

    • Sometimes in Virginia I hear “lady/gentleman” used to mean any older person (“That lady was threatening to kick that older, smaller lady over there down the courthouse steps…”, which is probably why some young people don’t like those words) but it always brings to mind the feudal usage.

      I took out a protective order to keep an 80-year-old pest away from my home, once. A young county employee referred to him as “the gentleman.” “His father was a coal miner!” just slipped out…yes, I know, not only sons of but actual present-time coal miners *can* *behave* like gentlemen. But the kid had just read documentation that this senile old man was…reacting to Flomax, actually, but he needed to stay at home.

  7. These bureaucratic morons who have nothing better to do than garbage like this don’t get it. The same people who are telling them to do this are the same people that will take their jobs away from them. This doesn’t make society better, it makes society more one dimensional. Must be another great idea from your illustrious democratic party. I wonder if the Boobsey twins – Schumer and Pelosi came up with this ????

    • The feminazis were replacing “ladies and gents” with “men and women” back in the 70s! But in the early Noughties there was a backlash.

      • This stuff goes back to Margaret Sanger in the 1920’s, who founded Planned Parenthood in an attempt to rid the US of Blacks. It’s in her treatise. She also promoted eugenics and actually influenced the Nazis. That’s what PP is all about, even to the present day. Has anyone noticed that all the things that are in contention are sexual? From the intimacy of a married man and woman comes their love, a child. Three distinct persons, one family.

  8. What we need to do is protect our kids, look at what they are being taught. Volunteer in our kids schools and get a real feel for which teacher holds to what train of thought. Even if you have no kids there, if you have a skill ask to put on a show or demonstration or volunteer to teach a skill, and go in there and address those kids “ladies and gentlemen.” In all honesty if we all would speak up and laugh at such announcements, I think more people would feel emboldened to resist such foolishness. If we would be brave enough to bring it up to another and ask their thoughts, we might realize they are not happy with the change either. Two likely things will become clear. A they are like you and staying usually quiet about the change (we need to stay in touch- I truly see Satan working behind the addition to technology) or B they are following the culture because they have nothing else to follow. We are all like sheep gone astray… we must have a pattern by which we follow. Are you following Christ or the world?

  9. John Horvat II: This article really gave me food for thought. I had not realized the degradation implied by the new rules. You are right addressing a group as ladies and gentlemen does imply a level of graceful behavior.. This is a good article.

  10. the signs of the times are evident by some of the gaudy and unattractive uniforms worn in high school,college and professional football and other sports.

    • Several generations influenced by what they see in comic books. Garish and childish ‘costumes’, which is what ‘uniforms’ have become.

  11. That is unsettling. “Passengers” is creepy. A reflection of manners that are disappearing.

    I commuted on MTA into NY until 2013 and noticed a gradual rudeness taking over (even for NY!). In addition to the abusive women ticket collectors – even the passengers have forgotten decency.

    I usually sat on an aisle seat. If a man sitting at the window had a train stop before mine – instead of politely getting up at the stop before (the way it was always done) – most men don’t even think of that now. They just gesture that while the train is moving, I should get up for their convenience.

    As a former flight attendant (and a southerner), it’s obvious to me that when any vehicle is moving, the chances of falling and injury are much higher – even on a slow-moving commuter train. When I would try to make light of it and ask the man if I may wait for the train to stop before getting up – the response is almost always with rudeness. My safety? Not an issue.

    I pity Millennial girls looking for love and happiness.

    I even considered contacting MTA. Maybe they would consider a policy notice. It is a safety issue. Now, I really doubt it!

    • Visited NY after ten years away – didn’t think it could get any worse. There is NOTHING appealing about the City now. Even theatre is corporate. Few small individual restaurants – mostly monotonous chains…the hotel where I stayed was supposed to be a fairly respectable brand was a disgusting fire hazard – breakfast served on papier mache plates and bowls…etc., and moslem owned, so forget about service to ‘dhimmis!’ and ‘infidels!’

    • Somebody’s claimed that that’s cultural appropriation! (I say it’s common courtesy–as long as Northerners remember that, if they’re looking at only one person while saying it, they’re saying “your whole family.”)

  12. Why can’t they just do what native New Yorkers do and say “Youse can get on board now!” These rules are not an attack on family, etc. just a new way to handle things

    • The totalitarian, NWO agenda abhors ‘humans’ and seeks to replace them with ‘citizen units’, programmed to accept and obey whatever Big Brother decrees.

  13. @@thegambo:disqus I agree with you wholeheartedly. This world is going to hell in a handbasket. What is wrong with people. Don’t they know that what the mind thinks the behaviour exhibits? People, especially those in authority need to be far more mindful of the overall implications of their choices because it affects the majority not just the complaining minority.

  14. It had to be a Fake ‘ Novus Ordo ” Catholic Church Mass ” ‘ !!! Pope Pius V, Promulgated The Pre-Vatican II Mass !!! Therefore, No One…. Future Popes or Councils Can EVER Change It !!!!!!!!!!! But Vatican II DID !!!!!! In fact, According to Canon Law, You Can NOT Even Hold Another Council, Until The Last Council Has Been Closed, First !!! Well, Vatican I Was Not Closed Yet, And They Breached Vatican I with Vatican II !!!!!!!!!!!! It Can NOT BE DONE !!! Therefore, Only The Council of Trent IS VALID !!!!!…………………… <3 <3 Amen <3 <3 !!! !

  15. Perhaps “Gentlepersons” or “Gentlepeople” should be used vice the harsher, less dignified “rider” or “passenger” (both of which have an underlying connotation similar to ‘cow’ or ‘cattle’)?

  16. Impersonalisation such as this undermines human society by treating people only as a particular class or category. This proposal should be opposed especially in a place like New York City.

  17. I see this as another communist/progressive attack on our society, seeking to replace “Sir” and “Madam” with “Comrade”, or “Tavarash”, or something of that sort.

  18. This is a great article. This is an attack on our country, we must fight this! Civilization exists because we are held to higher standards of idealistic virtue of ‘ladies and gentlemen’ as he says! If we are not ladies and gentlemen, what are we? Attacks on the natural order, basic definition of male and female come from those who hate God.

  19. Well isn’t this typical of the daft idea of trying to eradicate gender I bet they’re liberals jt’s got their daft notions written all over it Of course when you’ve spent the last decade trying to have as many genders as there are players in a ball game it’s not surprising they go dafter

  20. This sounds like overcrowded people looking for any possible pretext for a quarrel. In feudal England, noble and gentle behavior were the behavior of people who had more than adequate personal space! It’s hardly surprising that even the words for such behavior annoy overcrowded New Yorkers.

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