The Real Issues Underlying the Dreamer Debate

american-878059_960_720-300x252 The Real Issues Underlying the Dreamer DebateThe problem with the “dreamer” debate is that it has little to do with children or their dreams.

Most of the “dreamer children” are now adults. On average, the 800,000 recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program who entered America illegally as minors—alone, or brought by parents or relatives—are about 24-years-old today. Their dreams are also nothing unique or special. They consist of a path toward U.S. citizenship, a goal shared by millions worldwide.

Put succinctly, the only difference between “dreamers” and the millions of other minors who entered America illegally over the last half-century is a bureaucratic one: At some point within the last five or so years “dreamers” filed a DACA application.

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Forgotten Considerations
This lackluster distinction notwithstanding, the DACA rescission debate has been framed in the imagination of many Americans as a highly emotional narrative. It evokes images of Elian Gonzalez-like children being torn at gunpoint from the arms of sorrowing relatives; aspiring high school and college students removed from dorms and classrooms; enterprising youngsters removed from jobs where they are esteemed by their co-workers. Supposedly, they are now to be deported by heartless ICE agents to a home country they barely knew and where they now lack roots and the loving support of family and friends.

While dishonest, this framing of the narrative is powerfully effective. An ocean of emotions drowns out anyone trying to focus attention on the tortured issue’s important elements. The organized crime role of “coyotes” and enablers who helped “dreamers” enter America illegally goes unaddressed. Forgotten is the fact that the parents of “dreamers” are just as likely to be undocumented, so families need not be broken up but can stay together as they return to their home country. The same goes for the unfairness, nay the injustice, in rewarding the dreamer parents’ scofflaw entry into the country, their cutting in line ahead of the millions of others who respect and obey the country’s sovereignty and immigration laws. Likewise, the anarchical behavior of President Obama himself who admitted he had no authority to implement a DACA-like executive measure granting administrative amnesty, and then did it.

Anyone raising such considerations is shouted down and denounced as lacking compassion. Ironically, the compassion toward the dreamers is not extended to the citizen realists who raise legitimate concerns about the nation’s future.

Using Young People as Pawns
Thus, the debate over DACA is not about children and dreams. It has turned these poor young people into hostages of a contrived narrative, using them as mere pawns in a bigger game—the charting of America’s course as a nation and the determining of what role government will continue to have.

In this broader struggle for America’s soul, liberals see DACA as an ideal battlefield. They have occupied the higher ground by wrapping themselves in the flag of fuzzy warm compassion. They have infused the issue with emotional hype, making rational debate impossible. This passionate framing of the narrative has divided conservatives. They are torn between Christian compassion and the need to uphold the rule of law. With the media as its willing partner, liberals see this conservative division as a win-win situation to be exploited.

A Debate Clouded by Emotion and Political Positioning
When policy becomes clouded with emotion and political positioning, it endangers the nation. The longer a solution is delayed by emotional stewing, the more difficult the problem will be to resolve. That is why the implications of DACA extend beyond immigration.

What Does Saint Thomas Say About Immigration?

When nations allow themselves to be run by emotions and feelings, they place themselves on the fast track to destruction. When feelings can be evoked to create “rights” for every individual who calls himself the victim of injustice, then nothing is sacred. When emotions control the granting of entitlements, then no budget can endure.

When feelings become the leading standard of judgment, they are easily turned against those who oppose these expressions of false compassion. There is no fury equal to that of those who attack the defenders of duty, virtue, and the rule of law. There is no greater tyranny than those whose passions are unleashed against God and reason.

How the DACA debacle will be resolved is still unclear. However, one thing is certain: Only a return to sound principles coupled with a practical wisdom in their implementation can provide just, quick, and compassionate solutions.

Maneuvering to a Better Battlefield and Victory
Since the ocean of emotions is a battlefield upon which conservatives cannot win, they should pivot to where they hold the advantage. This new battlefield must be based both on the rule of law and on principled compassion. Accordingly, it should be informed by the following principles and considerations:

1. It is the natural right of the State to regulate immigration into its territories in the interest of the common good of its citizens. It also has the duty to protect the nation’s best interests in the realms of defense, economy, health, culture, and social harmony and cohesion.

What does Saint Thomas Aquinas say about Marriage?

2. While every individual has a natural right to immigrate, this is not an absolute right enforceable against an established nation. From time immemorial, an immigrant’s admission into a host country has depended and continues to depend on the approval of that nation’s government. Government consent, freely given, is what distinguishes immigration from invasion.

3. The natural moral law obliges those who immigrate to respect the laws of the country in which they settle and to obey its government.

4. Illegal immigration is subversive of a nation’s common good and order since it disobeys just laws. It anarchically upends government policies, programs, and quotas implemented to regulate and order immigration prudently.

5. While there is much truth in Bismarck’s statement that “Politics is the art of the possible, the attainable—the art of the next best,” the first natural duty of officeholders in a representative democracy is to honor their campaign promises. In so doing, they keep faith with their constituents and build much-needed social trust in their pledged word as political leaders. This is a rule of honor, but it also guarantees their political base’s continued support.

6. Just as uninterrupted adverse possession (“squatters rights”) under common law can engender property rights over time (Montana’s time limit is five years, New Jersey is thirty), so also, analogously, an illegal immigrant’s long-tolerated illegal presence—even when due to the negligence or complicity of previous administrations—can gradually engender an equitable right to his continued stay. Thus, in deportation proceedings, it is wrong to treat all illegal immigrants equally. Clearly, one who has been in the country uninterruptedly for thirty years has a different standing than one who has only been here for three.

7. An immigrant’s assimilation of the country’s heritage and culture is essential in maintaining social cohesion and harmony.

8. Saint Thomas Aquinas defends this cultural assimilation and explains that since it takes time, citizenship should not be immediate but should be delayed.

9. Federal law cannot be ignored. The enacting and changing of immigration laws are the purview of Congress. The role of the Executive and Judicial branches of government is to uphold the law. All three branches should strive to collaborate harmoniously for the nation’s common good.

The immigration crisis involves situations that need to be analyzed with great care. Solving this issue entails moral and prudential judgments that are best made quietly, without a media circus. It should not be simplified and infused with emotion. Rather, it must be addressed wisely by government.

With this practical wisdom, both the legitimate rights of illegal immigrants and the common good of the nation can and should be harmonized in keeping with the principles of justice and charity. Failure to respect this balance can lead the country to chaos.

No one will contest that immigration policy should be just, ample, and equitable. It should be charitable and compassionate. Reasonable efforts should be employed to alleviate hardships and adapt to particular circumstances. However, the system should be fair for all by rewarding compliance and punishing subversion. It should inspire social trust through its solid grounding in legal and equitable principle and good policy.

The debate over DACA is not about children and dreams. It is about a bitterly divided America. It is about grave concerns that there will soon no longer be an America about which to dream. It is the struggle between one America that wants a return to order and the rule of law, and another that dismisses sovereignty, borders, and the very concept of a nation.

As seen on Crisis Magazine.

  • rocky63

    I AGREE 100% that federal law cannot be ignored. The role of the executive and judicial branches of the government is to uphold the law and, in my view, legislative branch, too, must uphold the law — the laws were enacted by that branch.

    • Marcelo Felix

      Rocky63, if you agree 100% that federal law cannot be ignored, are you willing to obey 100% any federal law? or just the laws that in your view are good? federally speaking our society will become cash less, you can’t deposit more than $100.00 in cash in the majority of the banks to another person, sooner it will be imposed, may be, federally speaking, the microchip, otherwise yu will not be able to pay for nothing, also, the law says you can smoke marihuana, I dont think is wise to be 100% complaint…

  • Goldbug

    Everyone, please write to President Trump against DACA. We already have plenty of homeless, hungry, ill-educated and desperate Americans. If he caves on this issue, he will be expected to cave on every issue. We cannot #MAGA if our social systems are overwhelmed, and all our tax dollars go to supporting hordes of invaders.

    • Chris

      Since you’re sending every back as a First Nation member please send me your house keys and address so I can take back what was stolen from me maga no mana make America native again send all immigrants home and thanks for coming

      • JLES

        So the Indian or the so called “First nation” can butcher each other again as they did before the Evil whities came to the America shores.

        • Chris

          Hey my tribe was peaceful farmers and when the people came and got sick we nursed them back to health and for our thanks we got what again??? We had no word for ownership we shared and wanted to share our lands and resources equally and until money was brought here guns and liquor what other things made this land so much greater we had peace and trading for centuries before they came so hear #MANA is a great thing for all

      • DRLJR

        Don’t buy into the lies of the “Progressives”. Just do some research on what the Pilgrims were involved in after a tribe attacked a tribe that were allied with the Pilgrims. It was not as peaceful as people pretend. Beware of romanticism.

        • Chris

          I am ojibawa and know my tribes history we were farmers and we lived in peace with our fellow five tribes

          • Algonquin and Iroquoian peoples were slaughtering each other before the European colonization. Iroquoian tribes especially practiced ritual torture and cannibalism. Read the first-hand accounts of the French and English who lived among them.

          • DRLJR

            You might be surprised at how violent native Americans actually were. Especially, with tribes that they were not aligned or allied with. “Progressives” and others have romanticized native American cultures to blame Europeans for much of what went on.

          • CHARLES S

            And you might be surprised at the torturous and disgusting (inhuman) things our military soldiers did to the (Indigenous/Native American)/women/ men and chlldren…. Take the time to get yourself educated about what our military men did to the Native American Indians—
            May I suggest you read “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee”…..
            After you read it, do us all a favor and get off “your soap box.”

          • DavidMacko

            War is hell, race war even more so.

          • DRLJR

            I see you don’t like when one points out facts you don’t like. I happen to know what the US military has done in the past – both the good and bad. Unlike, you I don’t have a “soap box” to get off since I am not on one. And consider your post

            “I am ojibawa and know my tribes history we were farmers and we lived in peace with our fellow five tribes”

            What was the interaction with the other native American tribes that were not part of your “fellow five tribes”? As I said beware of romanticism.

          • FinnShane

            The atrocities committed by soldiers were often caused by a breakdown of disciple; the atrocities committed by natives were part of their ethos and lifestyle. Furthermore there were many white advocates for fair treatment of natives, whereas captured enemies (both white and Indian) were often taken back to the village to be tortured to death by men, women AND children. Human sacrifice and torture was a feature in the belief system of many Indian cultures.

            May I suggest you read “Scalp Dance” by Thomas Goodrich for a balanced view on how bloody, terrible and very human the conflict was between imperfect people on all sides.
            After you read it, do us all a favor and get off “your soap box.”

          • CHARLES S

            YOU FIRST!

          • CRLH

            Let’s just say that human beings without a God base are savages whether natives here or migrants coming here. We are made to want to own, capture, kill, etc., but when we let God into our lives, these horrors disappear maybe not 100%, but we become more civilized and thoughtful. I just pray daily God will toss Satan again into his Hell so not only America but the world start healing.

          • CHARLES S

            Are you from the Lakota tribe?

          • leslie carver

            Seminole as well lived peacefully with the Spanish when they came.

      • yerfackingmammy

        We made the barren plain a fruitful vineyard so of course you want it “back” now.

        • Chris

          Yeah look at the beautiful trees ohh wait yeah well look at all the animals ohh yeah well atleast you got all that fresh drinking water ohh yeah no water either so great stewards of America what the hell you made so great you’ve raped the land off all it has to give we need a change to someone who can really make America the land great again but nice try #MANA

          • Eric

            You’ve been imbibing a lot of liberalism, man. Yes, America has polluted both water and air in the past, and yes there are still places in the nation where the ground or water is polluted — but if you don’t think things have radically changed since the early 1970’s, I think your bias is blinding you and you need to read or listen to some other sources other than lib MSM, 60 min, NPR or your local liberal college prof. I assure you you can do far worse — like, say China. Trees obviously can grow back. I’m not saying cut 2000 year old redwoods or ancient sequoia’s — but there’s millions of square miles in America, and probably billions of trees one could harvest, replant new ones in their place and not “rape” the land as you put it. Similar things can be said for water — which is no worse off today than it was under Obama or Bill Clinton.

            You’re so bitingly critical of America, what’s Mexico like? If you love liberalism so much, what was the Soviet Union like or what is China like today?

            As for “needing a change to someone who can really make America the land great again” why in the blazes would any American with a spine want to follow you or those of your mindset given your arrogant condescension to our country? Please – do us a favor and go (or go back) to wherever you think is so superior, morally, naturally and otherwise. Why would you want to live among people so stupid and “unclean” as you feel we are in the US? Christ said “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath” — is the same not true of the earth? I do not mean abuse, but simply use to better ourselves, our lives and those of our children. If you want to live in a tepee in untouched wilderness, go find yourself such a place and leave us alone; stop imposing your views on me and others.

          • Jose Lopez

            It doesn’t matter because sooner or later some other country would have come here and taken over because the outside world had already developed far ahead of this continent. As I see it some other government like China or Russia or some middle eastern country could have taken over and now where would the natives be? Maybe we should all be thankful that Christian whites came here first and made this country what it is instead of what it could have been, our system has done great things for all of us but now because of all this prosperity and security we are taking what God has given us for granted and now we are on our way to self destruction, this is self hatred.

      • fiftysevenchevy

        Go back & live in your Teepee Chris.!!!!!! You’re still here, aren’t you? You have many Reservations devoted to your people, don’t you? So Quit bitchin’ about the land that the whites stole from you. On your Reservations you have more freedoms & rights than most of the rest of us don’t have! Would you like me to send you some Cheese (with all your wine)? Get over it! We are ALL ONE Nation under God!

        • Chris

          I am in canada and I live on the reserve here and I am a Deacon alittle respect please my congregation here are both Europeans and First Nation and I have preached at some of your us reserves the land given was the worst the gov had to give them but I am done bitching you people dont understand you cant blame the children for the parents sin i am just saying if you keep pushing the clean slate idea then a full clean slate is the only true and right way dont half ass it finish it if you start it

          • tenbears2

            “…you cant blame the children for the parents sin…” That’s a 2 way street, Chris. My people did not come here until the turn of the century. We were not involved in any atrocities committed by people centuries ago….and I, for one, will not be blamed for it nor would I pay anyone restitution and you know, there are some that want that!

          • Marcelo Felix

            tenbears2 if you think he crimes of the father must be paid by their kids then GET THE HELL OUT OF MY COUNTRY!. Yes, half of the US was stolen from Mexico. Google it, yes, it was you great grand father. You inherit the fruits of the crime. Are you willing as a good Christian to compensate for that? NO?? ok, just please shut up a while not a single penny was asked you directly to support any of this, why you complain?

          • tenbears2

            I never said the crime of the father should be paid by their kids. Can’t you read? You’re probably an illegal alien! My grandparents weren’t in this country until the early 1900’s and they came in legally not like some others. I am not responsible for you or any other crybaby…so you can get out of MY country. And, don’t ever tell me to shut up, you liberal little turd! Why don’t you GFY!

          • fiftysevenchevy

            No Disrespect intended Chris.Sorry if you were offended. Was just stating some facts. I am 78 & Have Toured All of Alberta & some of B.C. with a band & met a lot of your Natives. Some quite bad & some very Good. Some did not like our band because we were Not a R&R band. We were a Bluegrass band. And in St. Paul, Alberta, some of your kind got VERY Arrogant with our band, just because they didn’t like our music.Was supposed to play there for a week. The next day we were on our way to Grand Prairie where we were nearly greeted with the Red Carpet. Again, some were natives. GOOD ONES! They did NOT want to see us leave. I learned a LOT about ALL of Canada while on tour, & learned that the Canadian Gov’t takes Good care of the Natives there! So it’s kind of intimidating when some Native Americans whine about the white man stealing their land! This land is OUR land we ALL want to live in peace, but we simply can Not afford to take in the whole world & support them. One BIG reason the U.S. is Twenty Trillions Dollars in Debt. That’s $20,000,000,000,000 !!!!!!

          • Rosalina Martin

            Our government treated the Natives terribly for the most part – I know that the priests who came to help really tried to make things right – however, we cannot change the past and that is sad – we can only go from here and it would be nice if the people of today would stop blaming and just start changing things for the better in their lives today. We cannot change the past but we can go forward and try to make things better for our children.

          • STEVIETEES

            This is 2018 not the 1600’s! Get over it!

      • Goldbug

        I would much rather see our resources go to making life better for our Native Americans. I live in a tiny little studio apartment; do you still want the keys? I was not among those who first came, and I didn’t take anything from you. By the same token, although some of our ancestors owned slaves, today’s blacks are not suffering from slavery.

        • zote7

          Send the keys. I got ur boat ticket. Racist!

          • Goldbug

            Sorry, but I was talking to Chris. Ninet years ago, I couldn’t even spell R A C I S T, but after eight years of Obozo the Clown, now I are none. Why don’t you Dhimmicrats come up with a new word with some meaning? Racist is so yesterday.

      • Pat Seruntine

        You originated from Asia, your ancestors were immigrants too…..from Alaska to south America, it is in history books, look it up.

        • CRLH

          Pat, before we had a Constitution and Bill of Rights, everyone was a MIGRANT and not an immigrant – that’s a big difference. Immigrants later under our laws had to apply and meld. Migrants now think they have rights but they don’t and lately over the last several years they think they own us and don’t have to be nice to us, learn our language, etc., etc. I am with Trump in that we allow only a certain number of real immigrants with skills come in; otherwise, no way, Jose.

          • Camille Sales

            So if you are Okay with a certain amount of real skilled immigrants to come in then might as well just leave the dreamers stay. They are skilled and educated and know our language. And yes they have rights as human beings that they are. And are you serious! Do you want them to bow to you? Is that how nice they should be? Immigration and religion is a very hard subject among do many. I agree with this post about immigration but not entirely. When all these people get deported they risk going to a country where they will be killed. That’s why they came here… because they were hungry and in danger.

          • STEVIETEES

            They can stay but they need to pay probation fees every month for their illegal entry crimes and their parents too! That is how Mexico and all the other countries these invaders are coming from will pay for the wall! $40.00/ month and NO PATH TO CITIZENSHIP! They must get in line like all the LEGAL immigrants who have been in line and obeying our laws! NO EXCEPTIONS!

          • Marcelo Felix

            Stevietees, if you think the crimes of the father must be paid by their kids, get the hell out of my country!. Yes, half of the US was stolen from Mexico. Google it, yes, it was you great grand father. You inherit the fruits of the crime. Are you willing as a good Christian to compensate for that? Illegal entry crimes… Please don’t be ignorant, many Dreamers are here because the parents came legally and were stuck because your legal paths are extremely bad designed and written. Please READ and stop spreading lies and creating satanic furor against something you don’t understand. Just think WWJD!! and please, please, shut up.

          • Marcelo Felix

            CRLH I am with you and Trump in this, allow certain immigrants, check them, create a merit base system.. etc. You cant just open the door. I do agree. But I believe the discussion here was for DACA, for the dreamers, kids that has nothing to do with the “crime” of the father or the “dreams” of the father to give them better life. And if you think he crimes of the father must be paid by the kids get the hell out of my country!. Yes, half of the US was stolen from Mexico. Google it, yes, it was you great grand father. You inherit the fruits of the crime. Are you willing as a good Christian to compensate for that?

          • jrj90620

            Imagine if Mexico kept that half.It would be an impoverished half.

      • zote7

        Yes ! Chris it is time they left!⛴

    • JustMeOtessa



      I email Pres Trump on a weekly basis…… and I call the White House to voice my opposition of DACA and I also call my senators and congressmen (daily) with this message: “I’m calling to express my anger and outrage that Amnesty supporting Democrats and Republican are going to try to pass both DACA and Comprehensive Amnesty for illegal aliens. Most Americans oppose Amnesty, and that is why Trump campaigned and won opposing Amnesty. I will be supporting GOP Primary challengers against any Republican in Congress supporting DACA or Comprehensive Amnesty!”
      This last line leaves them ‘thinking’ about their re-election chances….

      • Goldbug

        Thank you! Can you imagine the impact it would have if everyone did that?! I don’t know anyone who favors DACA. Legal immigrants.are against DACA and/or any kind of amnesty.

        • Jenna

          You must not know any democrats.

          • sweetsuzee

            Not a single one of my immigrant Democrat friends supports amnesty !!

          • Chris Whittle

            Good for them, all the Dems. I know (in a deep-blue state) support it, unfortunately.

        • Marcelo Felix

          No Goldbug, Legal immigrants are not against DACA, please!, please just do not spread more lies, I am a legal immigrant and no, we are not against DACA or any kind of amnesty. That is a lie, and please remember you will be judge when you die and in the second coming for the lies you spread and the damage you will cause in the future.

      • zote7

        I call daily in support of DACA, and so does my 10 children, 23 grand children, 35 cousins etc…

        • Jeanne Watkins Zeltner

          Good for you! Thanks

    • zote7

      You probably don’t know anyone that DACA is effecting. Furthermore, now that you do you won’t listen to them anyway.

    • Marcelo Felix

      Goldbug, I will try to answer with all due respect, but I have to be honest, it is difficult. You have plenty of homeless hungry, ill-educated and desperate Americans not because immigrants. Can we agree with this fact or do you need some stats and official data? Now a simple question, do you know how many immigrants can’t become residents after coming legally and were abandoned by their companies once they didn’t need you anymore or to avoid paying the immigration fees that every two or three years the sponsor has to pay -deducting this cost from their salary, btw- I believe is an honest question and I hope you can use google to find out.

  • Chris

    Sorry sir i cant not be part of your group i have supported you for many years and signed many petitions but two thing in this latest one disgust me one you blame kids for being brought to us by there parents so what a 5/6/8/12 even 16 year old is supposed to bring the Ten Commandments honour your mother and father and then you would rip them from any family our community they have ever known and second as a First Nation deacon I must remind you that your all immegrants all of you so why not kick everyone out and give us back the land stolen from us if you want to really do whats right and legal……what silence I thought so.. Its ok when the Europeans stole our land to make America great but not cool when kids brought by no will of there own want to try to make a home for themself real sir shame on your unchristian un catholic beliefs

    • Christopher Chambers

      Squatters rights Geronimo. You had your chance to throw us out, and look what happened. See the connection???

      • Chris

        Hey my tribe was peaceful farmers and when the people came and got sick we nursed them back to health and for our thanks we got what again??? We had no word for ownership we shared and wanted to share our lands and resources equally and until money was brought here guns and liquor what other things made this land so much greater we had peace and trading for centuries before they came so hear #MANA is a great thing for all

        • Maggie

          I understand and how you feel, but… there were many tribes that were warlike and fairly cruel to other tribes. There is the saying “to the victor belongs the spoils”.Name a place that was not fought for, invaded or overtaken by another. I know that there were wrongs done to the Native Americans but I think it may be time to move beyond all that and it doesn’t change the facts in this particular discussion. I think the Natives have been given many opportunities to help themselves and to prosper, and some tribes have done very well—others, not so much. Do you really think it would be good for your people if all of us Europeans picked up and left, taking all of our assets with us? Really?

        • Eileen McGee Young

          Native Americans may have been here first…….but white men came in and yes eventually conquered. But Native Americans were not “kicked out”. They still reside here and redeem all benefits of what America is today and then some. The illegals are a totally different story. They crossed over illegally. I don’t want them deported. But they came here on their own free will and if they wish to live here should get their citizenship, work and pay taxes like the rest of citizens.

        • DavidMacko

          What happened to your tribe is an example of what will happen to all of us and our descendants if we continue with our defacto open borders policy.

    • disqus_4uYZXBkH0W

      How about simply following the rule of law.

      Your tangent is not applicable here.

      The discussion is in reference to illegal immigration.

      Here is something for you, there is a saying, something about “turn about is fairplay.”

      So, what if we look at every other country in the world and compare and contrast their laws and policies with that of the U.S. and then tell us just how unfair the U.S. is being.

      Somehow, I think that you will that those other nations are being much less sympathetic than the U.S.

    • Carole Pagels

      You’re absolutely wrong! It was the parents fault to allow them to come here alone. They’re adults now and should go back and support their own country but if they do remain here, should not be allowed to bring all their relatives here too. If you miss them, fly home and see them…we have to do that too! We all know that Obama broke the law by allowing this sin to happen.

  • a fool

    “Truth shall sets us free!” John 8:32. We must spread the Truth! The problem is truly as you said, Mr. Horvat II. They are building their Political Voting blocks! Let us take it to the voting both and see if the Voters want this DACA while our very own children are suffering Illiteracy!


    The key is this issue is about illegal aliens and making excuse for their and their parents crimes. We tried 3 major amnesties over the last 40 years or so and all we got were more illegal aliens. All illegal aliens need to be expelled from the country as they are invaders.

  • CommonSenseAlGuy

    What would Jesus do? Kick them all out?

    • yerfackingmammy

      Adam and Eve were kicked out of Paradise, iinm.

      • CommonSenseAlGuy

        And that is relevant here? The same context applies?

    • autumnwind1

      Do you think He would congratulate them for breaking the law?

      • CommonSenseAlGuy

        No… but do you think he would kick them all out?

        • HCUA


          • CommonSenseAlGuy

            LOL… too much for you I guess. That’s OK.

        • fiftysevenchevy

          If I were Jesus, I would Kindly escort them back to their own country & warn them Not to come back Or you will be arrested!

        • longplay

          Render unto Ceasar that which is Caesar’s. His kingdom was not of this world.

        • Eric

          What moral obligation is the US under to allow unhindered immigration into itself? Those born in this nation are seeing their wages fall and are sinking deeper into debt to support non-citizens coming here to work for lower wages and ask for social welfare benefits which taxpayers here pay for — and future taxpayers pay for with interest when a significant portion of the funding is borrowed. It’s one thing to voluntarily give to others, but at what point is this theft? Would Jesus support thieves in their theft? What moral obligation do law-breakers have to repent of their sins _and_ make restitution for that which they’ve taken unlawfully?

          There’s another side to this. Democrats are politicians. Their #1 concern, just as Republicans, is getting re-elected. The #1 reason they support illegal immigration and the greatest possible number of legal immigrants — and amnesty for illegals already in the country — is they expect their future votes. Do you ever ask yourself what they’re going to do with that power? Do you think there’s no future downside to shaking hands with the devil?

          Dem’s want to impose a one-world socialist (or communist) government. Erasing the US’s border with other nations (above all Hispanics, who lean leftward in their politics) it simply the first step. Once they have that power what makes you think they will serve you any better than they have the older members of their “base”? Blacks were and are a key part of their base — and the Dem’s are all for an unlimited number of abortion mills in areas where they live to slaughter as many of their kids as possible. Working class, union-member whites were part of their base, but the Dem’s have chucked them overboard to support a globalist agenda that exports jobs to China & the Far East to push for a one-world economy; they’ve also switched to be adamantly against coal, oil and other industries among the few providing a decent wage to the working-class in the US — all to advance the Climate Change agenda which the liberal college-educated and the super-wealthy hold as part of their secular religion. Do you not think they will push the acceptance of sodomy on your children in public schools as they have for years pushed on all Hispanic nations in the Americas? Did you not see Obama in ’16 force all US public schools from kindergarten up through college & grad school allow boys (who “think” their girls) into girls’ bathrooms, lockerrooms _and_ showers under all circumstanes — whether it be after P.E. in school for any & all women’s sports teams? Do you want your daughter to shower with or undress & re-dress in front of one or more boys who (ah-hem, for the day) “think” they’re a girl? Do you know Hillary wanted to pursue all such policies and take them yet further. Do you honestly believe it’ll stop there?

          If you think you as an individual or Hispanics as a people will be treated any differently than any of the Dem’s previous base, you’re naive. And no, I do not believe Jesus would encourage naivete. He Himself said those of this world were ‘wiser’ (ie more cunning) in this age than the children of light. You and your people are being _used_, friend. You benefit the Dem cause, the secular (read: anti-religious and ultimately anti-Christian) cause for the moment. That will not always be the case. Just as the other groups who’ve come before you, the Dem’s will thrown you under the bus when the time of your use to them has passed — and in the meantime you will have helped them destroy not just American sovereignty, but the sovereignty of nations throughout the world. Their eyes are on a bigger prize — which may prove to be the reign of anti-Christ. They have many of his marks already: they hate the Catholic Church and her teachings and seek to destroy her from both within and without; they love death (abortion by the 100’s of millions); they love sins that cry out to God for vengeance (both abortion, the murder of the innocent, and sodomy); they’re deceitful and manipulative; they push for a one-world government answerable to no-one and certainly not based on God’s law nor the teachings of the Church nor any Christian belief; and they are relentless in their persistence. You know a tree by its fruit. Look carefully at theirs and the direction of their movement over multiple decades or a century or more in the US. Think carefully about what’s going on before taking a stand on this — because it’s far bigger than just Hispanics trying to find a better life for themselves and their families in a new country (an honorable goal – who could argue with it?).

          • CommonSenseAlGuy

            So you are saying that Jesus would kick them all out?

          • Eric

            Look, I can’t speak for Christ. I do know He’s infinitely just as well as infinitely charitable and merciful. Civil law matters, and should be upheld to the extent it doesn’t contradict God’s law; not allowing certain people into one’s nation is a prudential judgment that doesn’t violate God’s law. Civil law is intended to protect the entire nation, not just to make you or others feel good.

            If a person allows another to cut into a long line in front of him, he feels he’s done a good deed and the one allowed in front is happy — but what about the dozens or hundreds of other people who’ve waited their turn in line behind both?

          • CommonSenseAlGuy

            You may want to refer to the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard. I think it applies to your example/question.

          • traditional

            He would tell them to go and sin no more.

    • tenbears2

      Build that wall. Even Heaven has a gate!

    • He chased the money changers out of the temple, didn’t He? Or have you read that passage? The professional liberal agitators fighting to amnesty are worse.

      • CommonSenseAlGuy

        Of course I’ve read that… how is that relevant here?

        • DavidMacko

          After Adam and Eve sinned they were in a place where they had no right to be, i.e.

          The only time that Holy Scriptures records that our Lord became angry was when He went into His Father’s house, the temple, and found the moneychangers, the international bankers of His day, not only in a place where they had no right to be but actually desecrating it. Our Lord’s treatment of them very well describes what Jesus would do since He did it, in short order and with due diligence.

          • CommonSenseAlGuy

            God gave humans the right to inhabit the earth.

          • DavidMacko

            Not on other people’s property.

          • Francois Rouffet

            The Lord’s is the earth, the world and all its people. (Psalm). We are mere stewards, not owners.

          • DavidMacko

            True, but the commandment not to steal necessarily implies the existence of private property.

          • Francois Rouffet

            The broad accusation (over a large group of people) of stealing is of a grave nature. It will need to be factually substantiated. Are you able to do so?

          • traditional

            With people entering a country unlawfully, we are not talking about stealing – the crime would be invasion. God told the Israelites to build a wall around Jerusalem. Why? To protect against invasion!

            Every country in the world has borders and retains the sensible right to control who comes and goes in their country. And yes – illegal aliens who commit identity theft and who use America’s social programs that were paid for by citizens are definitely guilty of stealing. Enforcing the law is a way of showing mercy to citizens being taken advantage of by law-breakers.

          • Phil

            St. Thomas Aquinas has a very honest appraisal of “….a large group of people” as you say, and there must be far more restrictions placed on their immigration & growing communities in America.
            Just Google St. Thomas Aquinas on Islam.

          • CommonSenseAlGuy

            God said love your neighbor as yourself: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

          • traditional

            Yes, love your neighbor – by not invading his country, stealing his job, and plundering social programs that HE paid for! Illegal aliens show no regard for the American citizens they harm. Obeying the laws of the land is also another way one demonstrates obedience to God and love for our fellow man.

          • Phil

            Read St. Thomas Aquinas on Immigration.
            You got it backwards…………and seem to prefer false compassion.

          • CommonSenseAlGuy

            So you’re saying Christ would kick them all out?

          • Francois Rouffet

            Adam and Eve sinned, ie broke God’s law of obedience. By the same logic, Let all US citizens who break the law be kicked out of the US.

          • DavidMacko

            The United States government is not God but I suppose that exile could be made a punishment for serious crimes. After all it is less cruel than execution. However, we would have problems finding foreign governments which were willing to accept them.

          • Francois Rouffet

            Well exactly, the government is not God. Hence the highly debatable analogy with God’s Justice with Adam and Eve. To my mind, the matter in hand is to excert true justice with discernment to all human beings as creatures of the All Mighty. A huge moral weight is on the conscience of the conscience informed by God’s law, who will need to render to God account of every thought word and deed. I see relative compassion and mercy on a hardened US Citizen criminal on the one hand and then on the other hand , the outright casting out of another. I guess it is more easy to do so when our hearts and knowledge are far away from theirs.

          • traditional

            Nonsense – the punishment of deportation fits the crime of illegal trespassing. If you set foot on someone else’s property, the first thing you must do is leave. If you steal somebody’s wallet, you have to return the money – not leave the country! Come on, your argument is completely illogical.

  • yerfackingmammy

    Anytime a lawmaker uses poetic terms it’s a ruse.

  • Carole Porter

    Mostly agree with your writing…Dont like the name Dreamers..Dont like the arrogance
    Of illegals.And that is their names
    And for all their activists who rally
    Dishonestly for them .I am a Christian and
    Believe in our follow man and helping the unfortunate…but this
    Is too much…and It’s so laughable
    But sad Of groups using them as .. pauns…and them not understanding this…its a mess
    For sure..if the kids can’t be held
    Accountable the the parents who bought them be accountable
    I remember an Orlando Fla interviewing an illegal women..
    Who was pregnant on her 3rd child born in the USA . And just so happy
    About it..Thank you..

  • Slim

    What about MAPA…Make America Prehistoric Again?

  • Teagen2015

    If the liberal leaning CBO says it is going to cost 26 billion to fund amnesty everyone ought to listen. Except liberals who are just fine with using other people’s money to buy votes.

    • Eric

      Liberals are doing the same with this as with most other parts of their agenda: using others’ money to advance their own cause. They’re like parasites, living off other organisms, yet as an illness or cancer that slowly kills them.

      • Teagen2015

        Margaret Thatcher, when Prime Minister of England, summed it up nicely; “The problem with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”

        • Eric

          I’ve heard that before, though I didn’t know it came from PM Thatcher. Good quote!

          • Teagen2015

            A exacting quote.

  • pogo_patti

    I agree to most of what you have written. How ever I do agree, that if you have been here a long time and have not kept the law, we don’t want you as an immigrant or visitor! Don’t you think that President Trump has a hard time getting things done because those that have not walked the line have stirred up our country, faked papers to vote, and at this point, some of them act as though they have the right to use or take over on things in our country? I can’t tell you how much that has surprised me. When I used to travel a lot, I was careful to keep THEIR RULES because I was in THEIR COUNTRY! We used to love seeing immigrants come and read and learn so they could join our country. Now, they are here to live off of it without doing anything and some think they have the right to do this with our without the rules. Those, to me, are the ones who were ruining their own country and come here to do the same. I really am a woman with a good heart. I help people when I can without their asking after I have offered to help. But it is difficult to do this when I see them as immigrants and they are out in the streets running down my country and my President! And, the people who sell or take drugs is so thick in our population it is unbelievable. I have known people who gave their children drugs at age 3 years old! I am 81. I don’t understand this country’s politics any more and yet I have traveled enough to know there are those that are worse. It doesn’t make one feel good, safe or excepted. I do not even know what to do to help except to pray for God to help. Return to Order is a special book for me. I have read most of it and find myself going back to see what I can, should or shouldn’t do! It is a good thought out book and has great ideas but I am bumbled with the fact that it isn’t read enough. I think of you as a friend, John, and I go back to read to satisfy my self that these things happen in my country and even with a good, make sense book, people do not want to listen. How sad. How ungodly. How selfish can we get?

    • BillinJax

      God hears your prayers Pattti. You are doing exactly what is required of you. Believe it!
      Blessings to you and yours.

  • Jackie Ehret

    RETURN TO ORDER — are those not words of Wisdom, the Queen of virtues? Do we not witness the
    continual struggles in nation after nation, and now are being forced to witness what amounts to growing
    lawlessness in this, our own once-proud nation? Hatred paints all too many faces of both young and old —
    threats scream out of misshapen mouths, and property along with life are being threatened and destroyed.
    Yes, IT IS TIME TO RETURN TO ORDER, America, no matter your personal beefs or pre-planned
    shout-down attacks, paid for by unsavory plotters who watch from behind closed doors as their dupes do
    all the disgusting work, painting this shocked populace with ugly and formerly unknown (and unwanted!)
    raucous screaming and exceedingly foul language! Wake up, puppets, before you turn into someone
    your own ancestors would disparage! Try prayer instead; READ instead, and learn how to think on your
    own, intelligently — YES, VIRGINIA, there really ARE rules of law in a free country!

  • Louise

    I’m wondering about the parable over the workers who worked all day for an agreed upon wage and the ones who worked less hours yet got paid the same wages. Should it matter how many years immigrants have been in this country having a greater weight than those being here less years? I’m confused as to how Jesus would look at the immigration issue and decide what was “fair” or “right”. Any comments on this? (And I consider myself a conservative Republican.)

    • Rosalina Martin

      That is a whole different issue – workers being hired and paid by the employer LEGALLY is a different issue than people sneaking into our country (and knowing what they are doing was wrong) and staying. They were breaking the law for a longer time and should have to pay the price. No other country would put up with that. Look at Mexico’s immigration laws – China and any other country. Why do people from these countries think we should have laws so much less stringent than theirs?

  • traditional

    Excellent article. I agree with the author on all points except for one, regarding different treatment for illegals based on how long they’ve been here.

    The longer one has been illegally present in a country, the greater his guilt; he should not be treated with more sympathy due to the fact that he has been breaking our laws and getting away with it for a longer period of time. Will this make the upheaval of deportation greater for him, since he is more “established” here? Well of course, but that is his own fault. He gambled and continued breaking our laws for many years – that doesn’t make him more innocent; it makes him even more guilty. I don’t think the concept of “squatter’s laws” are applicable here, as they are invading someone else’s country, not just taking up residence on unclaimed property. It should also be remembered that they must have been breaking a lot of laws continuously over the period of time they were here, and must be held accountable for that. Committing fraud and/or identity theft for one year is wrong; committing it for 20 years is much worse.

    You also have to consider that you will get what you reward. If we are softer on people who break our laws and manage to get away with it for a longer period of time, we are just rewarding their deception, and we can only expect others to try even harder to do the same.

    • Rosalina Martin

      I agree on your point about the people who have been here for 30 years. . . . they are more guilty but just got away with it for a longer time, thus creating problems for their children and grandchildren. They do not have to be separated – they can all go back to their home country together. Everyone will be happy!

  • Dale McNamee

    And something else to be considered… The “DACA” people are here because their parents broke our immigration laws and brought them here… Thanks, they should not be rewarded with citizenship, which is where this argument is headed… And even if they were born here, they are still not legal since neither of their parents are citizens, native born or naturalized.

    And just because they are here doesn’t make for bringing “family members” ( actual or fake ) here either…

    Also, there are people who immigrated here legally and are going through the naturalization process… What about them ? I wonder if they feel stupid for following the law ?

    And what are they contributing to the country and culture ?

    Please read Mexico’s immigration laws… One of the many parts mentions that any immigrant should be able to add to the culture and economy ( they don’t give any assistance of any kind to immigrants and you better have job or other source of income )…

    And the immigration laws of of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras are the same…

    Then, there’s the issue of assimilation… Do they view themselves as Americans ?

  • What does “racist” even mean? It has become a liberal attack word when liberals don’t have any real argument. Countries have the right to control who comes and who doesn’t, and NO foreigner has the right to American citizenship. Period.

    • zote7

      That’s right gringo. Go back to where you came from.

      • Eric

        Uhm… Unlike your ‘Dreamers,’ he’s from here. He has a legal right to be here – they don’t.

        • zote7

          Says ur imposed Gringo system

          • Dale McNamee

            Which you seem to get the benefits of…

          • zote7

            Hell yeah why not! It’s are birth right!

          • Dale McNamee

            It’s “our”… I guess that you missed English class…

          • Eric

            I assume you mean “It’s our birthright”. You’re undermining your argument by poor grammar and more by self-contradiction (or hypocrisy): you condemn the system as “gringo” and then boast of your consent to it via the benefits it brings you.

          • Eric

            If you don’t like it’s “imposition,” you’re free to leave. No one’s forcing you to tolerate it.

            As for the government itself it’s imposed” in the same sense the Mexican government or that of any other Hispanic nation or any other nation in the world is “imposed”: it’s the established government of a particular nation. It has as much right to exist as they do.

          • zote7

            It may take us some time but we will change the face of the U.S.A. Soon

          • CHARLES S

            zote7—Mental defect!

      • CHARLES S

        First of all you moron, the very first ones here were the Native American Indians, you imbecile—-so GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM -EL Cabron.

        • zote7

          Natives of Mexico are native Americans. Plus I am also part Shawnee. I was born in Ohio.

      • Jose Lopez

        Where are you from zote 7and don’t say all your ancestors were from here?

  • HandmadebytheLord

    LISTEN TO THE POPE!! Scripture says to be good to the immigrant. The Pope says to “Be not afraid.”
    Don’t let fear of the unknown, fear of not having enough, fear of loss of jobs, supplies and land stop you from doing the right thing. Jesus,Mary and Joseph were immigrants. Don’t be the one to have to tell them that there is no more room in the Inn. Treat others as you would want to be treated, especially the refugees. “Love thy neighbor”, and your neighbor is everyone. God doesn’t have favorites as much as we would like to think so.”Whatever you do for the least of these, you do for Me.” St. Thomas is from a different time and different situation. What matters is what the Catholic Church is saying and doing NOW! ST. Thomas Aquinas would say today what every other saint in history would say. “Be obedient to the Pope. Have faith and believe that we have a big enough God to take care of all of us. Faith,Hope,Love,Mercy and Joy leads to miracles.
    No one should be writing anything that is contrary to the Pope’s teaching on anything concerning faith and morals. Please refer to the Catechism of the Catholic Church. “We have not been given a spirit of fear, but of confidence and joy.” “God’s laws are wisdom for the simple.”
    In the Unity of the Holy Spirit,
    (A US. made in America citizen)

    • Nathan

      The pope is in error. This is the same pope that told europe to be compassionate and take in all those “refugees” who are now murdering and raping their citizens. Child molestation, acid attacks, child abuse etc etc etc etc etc. This is a battle for the soul of America and right now we are being invaded so the democrats can stay in power and continue destroying the good ol US of A. (A US, made in America citizen)

      • Chris Whittle

        Catholic Charities should get out of the immigration/refugee business and help lawful persons in the diocese who truly need help.

  • Eric

    Are your arguments so weak you have to resort to name-calling? Won’t work here, friend. Put up or shut up: make a substantive argument or zip it.

  • Dale McNamee

    So says the real racist…

  • Goldbug

    How does the saying go .. “Eight years ago (before the Racist-in-Chief Obozo the Clown was elected, I couldn’t even spell R A C I S T, and now I are one.” LOL

  • DavidMacko

    The government and the overwhelming majority of people of the United States have no desire to separate families. Our iMMigration laws do not do so. You and everyone else who are separated from your families, unless you have committed murder, rape, robbery or other crimes and are now imprisoned, are totally free to go back to wherever you left the rest of your family. I am sure that many Americans will be very happy to assist you to do so.

  • Eric

    Relevance? If you’re a big enough boy (or girl) to throw flames on an English-speaking blog, don’t be shocked if you have your grammar mistakes pointed out to you — along with flaws in your argument. Grow up. You want grace shown to you, show more to others — including respecting their nation, it’s laws and culture. The world doesn’t owe you anything.

  • DavidMacko

    ¡No quiero volver a verte jamás en la vida! – ¡Vete a la mierda!

    For anyone else who would like to do this see


      No need, I’m fluent in Spanish—I’m a Mexican and I also do NOT support DACA.


    NUTCASE (zote7)

  • Marieoo

    These people are here illegally. They have had time to apply for citizenship and have not. Deport them and let them come to US legally. They are taking away jobs from Americans. The democrats just want them because they think these will be voters for them. They don’t care about the people.

  • Fred gimenez

    Regardless of the opinions based on legal considerations, one thing is very obvious to me: that the young DACA adults are hostages to a plan to comply with an unnecessry and capricious political promise to build that damned wall. The only correct way to settle the issues ŕlatung to DACA and the Wall, is to deal with each one separately and with no connection with each other — i.e., no hostages.

    • traditional

      It is not a “damned wall” to the American citizens whose loved ones have been raped and murdered by illegal aliens, and yes – some of the murderers were DACA recipients. We are not under any obligation whatsoever to reward those who have broken our laws. They should do the right thing and go back to their countries of origin.

    • Phil

      I’ve never known a radical, extremist, Godless liberal to deal fairly with any issues that oppose their evil agendas.

  • caligula

    Savage speaking an evil European tongue? Oh, the horrors!

  • An American Citizen

    When my present daughter-in-law wanted to marry my son, she had to go through the proper immigration channels, coming in from Canada. When my parents wanted to immigrate to America after WWII tore up their home country, they had to wait in line for approval by immigration. Who are these other illegals demanding more rights than was given to my daughter-in-law, and yes, to my legal immigrant parents?

  • Prolifedem6M

    Yesterday, the President allegedly used unfortunate language to state an obvious truth. It is not racist to say that the countries from which these Dreamers came leave a whole lot to be desired. (Not so succinct as the President’s statement.)
    These people have voted against their home countries with their feet. Some of them made dangerous trips northward on the roofs of train cars. Others got into small boats and braved the ocean.
    None of the Dreamers–not one–apparently aspires to return to their home countries. Doesn’t that say anything to Democrats at all about those countries?
    It is not racist to say that the countries, not the Dreamers, are indeed s***holes! The Dreamers and their parents have said so loud and clear by leaving and sneaking into our country. They may be beautiful places, but they don’t serve their people.
    What would happen if these American-educated young people returned home and dedicated themselves to transforming their countries into places whose citizens can live without fear, find meaningful work and make enough money to support their families?
    Would it be challenging to end their government’s exploitation of their people? Sure! Yet, by doing so, they would be doing a tremendous mitzvah for their own extended families that they left behind to come to America.

    • amtang2

      Ask any Marine who has been on Embassy Duty and that Marine will detail the ‘_hithole’ countries that exploit their citizens for the sake of the elites running them. You’ve hit the nail on the head Prolifedem6M! Semper Fi, AMTang2

      • Prolifedem6M

        Thanks. Seems ovvious to me, but not to Democrats determined to discredit our President.

  • sher

    I would like to add that by contacting Pres. Trump you are only ” preaching to the choir”. In order to make a difference you need to be contacting your Congressmen, both on the national and local levels, many of whom although of the same party as Trump are falling into that “fuzzy-thinking, liberal” attitude. My personal opinion is that any Congressmen who sides with illegals over the good of hard-working, tax-paying American citizens is essentially a traitor to the people he/she represents and they need to be told so. So please contact your Congressmen and you can find them here: and Thank you.

  • Bob Shoemaker

    But this is in fact a democrat created problem that was instated by obama and the fact is the majority of catholics are the ones that got obama elected. So yes this is your problem and catholics need to undue the damage they done by putting a muslim in office for 8 years and he couldn’t have been elected the second time without the catholics help. Why didn’t you speak up and stop obama’s mandate when he instated it?

  • Clint

    Our laws need to be obeyed by all. President Trump better not cave in. He’s in position where we put him because we believed what he said so i hope we weren’t lied to. What he said is exactly how we felt and we were on the same page. Hate to see the page turned badly. We’ve been lied to a long time and it’s time for a turn around. I have been praying that God would send us a saviour or judge as He did for Isreal after they confessed and humbled themselves as written in the book of Judges but may be latter than I think. So I say come Lord Jesus come.Problem is the antichrist is coming first so we have to put up with him first. The times are prime for satan to appear so he will appear to straighten this mess out and do his best to convince the whole world that he is Jesus so brothers and sisters if you don’t know the scriptures please pinch youself before you accept the antichrist and if you look the same and feel the pain that is not our Jesus

  • Corsica

    It’s interesting to note that the 800,000 “Dreamers” are mostly all from Mexico with smaller numbers from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The US allows about 1,000,000,000 legal immigrants every year from all the countries in the world with only a few hundred from Mexico and the rest. That means to give these “dreamers” amnesty means giving special treatment to a single ethnicity and that’s totally unacceptable. There are people (who are quite pissed off) now waiting to get in legally from all over the world, paying enormous fees and waiting years for approval and yet these illegals want special consideration immediately or else? I don’t think so. Meanwhile Mexico, an oil producing country, gets millions in economic aid (see from the US every year that’s supposed to help the people that are stampeding out of Mexico. Where is all that money?? Same with Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Nope, sorry dreamers, go back to your country and use your talents to make it a paradise.

  • noah2006

    Without enforcing laws regarding immigration, our country will eventually crash. We are within our rights to protect our borders and maintain security and I pray that President Trump keeps his promise to “build that wall” and doesn’t give into the demands of the liberals.

  • Raymond Davis

    Send them back no more free lunch.

  • 7818TD

    Our ethnic make-up is being diluted, look around you, these people overload our schools, our social services, expect us to pick up the bill. We need to begin, as our President has stated, “To Look Out for Number One”. Importing ignorance, for the sake of Democratic votes, damages one and all who are rightfully here, and have been here for Centuries.

  • disqus_4uYZXBkH0W

    No one forced you or your family to commit an illegal act. Don’t wish your family to be separated, join them in their legal home of residency.

    • zote7

      I suppose you call yourself a Christian. I bet you have no idea what NAFTA has done to ranch families in Mexico. U.S.A. foriegn policy funds cruel wars that displace and destroy people’s lives. U.S. tax dollars pay for the killing and maiming of millions around the world. Isreal is another U.S funded state that tortures and kills children everyday.

      • Nathan

        I call myself a christian. I know that NAFTA needs to be fixed because it unfairly goes against american workers and businesses. Its just like every other trade deal we’re in. With President Trump those days are over. If you hate israel and usa so much why do you stay? That goes for the rest of the illegals. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

      • disqus_4uYZXBkH0W

        What does my religion have to do the discussion – we’re discussing rule of law.

        Your comments further indicate that you clearly can not debate the issue at hand logically and unemotionally.

        You might also wish to educate yourself on U.S. foreign policy. Most of the policy documents may be found on line.

        It is painfully obvious that you don’t know what you are talking about.

        As an author and coauthor of many highly classified and unclassified documents at the tactical, operational and strategic levels in support of U.S. Federal civilian and military and at the foreign presidential, cabinet and senior military levels over a period almost 23 years of service to the citizens of this great nation and after being retired as a result of combat service related injuries I can confirm that your comments have no basis in truth.

        • zote7

          I from my own personal experience. My opinions are not formulated from books or articles. I lived on a ranch in Mexico. I have visited the occupied west Bank in Palestine. I have served in the U.S army.
          You are just regergitating what the government officially says is happening.

  • Paulene Perry Dougherty

    I think we can all agree that terrible wrongs, toward many people, have been committed in the past . The question now is whether America lying down under invasion by Islam, MS13 and those who spurn immigration laws will right those wrongs. I think not. Although I can see where some might think such an invasion is the just deserts America, particularly white America has coming ( a forced atonement for past sins) But ask yourselves how such an invasion would impact your community. If the soverign USA were no more, where would you be. Do you honestly beleive Islamic invaders will kill only white Christians and leave you alone ? Do you honestly beleive MS 13 s unchecked activities will not adversely impact you? Think about it, then decide if you really support invasion and overrun of America.

  • jack g.


    • Eric

      I agree with you on forgiveness for past offenses — Christ commands that. But where does He say nations should surrender their sovereignty to allow unlimited immigration? Do you believe Poland should allow in any Muslim that wants to come there, or any the E.U. wants to force into it? Would such not at some point threaten to unalterably change Polish society, and at some point cause the country to become majority Muslim with Sharia law in which the Poles themselves would live as prisoners in what was their parents’ nation?

      Hispanics are by-in-large nominally Catholic or perhaps Protestant or just worldly – and not Muslim. They are, however, leftward leaning in their politics. The Dem party is using them to grow that party’s own voting base in the US, after which the Dem’s will continue to advance all other aspects of their own agenda: abortion (forcing all US taxpayers to pay for the abortions of any woman in the US who wants one and can’t afford to pay for it on her own); contraception covered by all insurance (including that paid for by Catholic religious orders, diocese, schools, etc); homosexual marriage and the teaching in US public schools (in which the vast majority of US kids are educated) that sodomy is equally valid to heterosexual relations, and encouraging kids to experiment with all sexual relations outside of marriage so they can learn “who they are”; the weakening and finally elimination of US national sovereignty so that American citizens are taxed heavily and their money given through the UN to various 3rd world governments in the name of “Climate Change” avoidance or minimization — but really to subject all national governments world-wide into a single, all powerful global government based on secular liberal ideals oftentimes contrary to the gospel (see list of moral issues above as a starting point).

      What’s going on here is far bigger than a simple conflict over national boundaries or jobs or “xenophobia”/racism. There is racism against Hispanics (I’ve seen it, and recently) in the US, and that’s the motive of some — but it is not mine, nor is that the motive of all who oppose unlimited immigration or legalization of those currently in the US illegally.

      Look at the big picture of what’s going on and the people, parties and agendas that benefit by unlimited immigration. There’s something else going on here, and the real motives and ends are almost always cloaked in nice-sounding appeals to emotion and sentimentality.

      • Phil

        Excellent summing up Eric. Excellent.

  • Marion Quinton

    I am against DACA they should have never came in that way to start with. Now its time for them to leave.
    We can’t afford them. My hope is the President will send them all back along with the rest of the illegals.

  • Brabado

    Criminal Liberal Democrats are in essence, “the real Coyotes” in North America”, attempting to push Ilegal DACA holders our Legitimate Borders and violate the Law of the Land, while terning them into Liberal Voters LIFERS, so that Criminal Liberal Democrats can gain, and retain Power AWAY from the American People for ever, while grossly Raping the Future of our Generations, for pure political gain… That is what Liberal Democrat Thugs have to offer our Nation a/k/a No Future!!!
    Semper fi.

  • Carlos Fernando Padilla Rodríg

    Hey fellows!!
    I am positively sure that more than 80% of the American people is not aware that half of the US territory was stolen from Mexico.
    History is usual written by the winner, however documented facts proof this words of mine.
    Purity, decency and fairness are only a mask for great part of today’s world.
    As Christian’s, all human kind should be truthful, based on the conviction that all acts will have consequences, and that the good fruit only comes from a good three.
    We all (human kind) could only harvest what we planted.

    • Nathan

      Stolen? The spanish “stole it” from native indians correct? Mexico stole it correct? White europeans stole it right? So what does this mean? Give it back? You know that causes war right? Every country on this earth would be at war if “stolen land” was regained. Maybe turkey should give back constantinople. Obviously that isnt going to happen. Our land, our treasure and our laws. We have the right to do as we please with what God blessed us with.

  • Debbie

    I cannot believe that you call yourselves Catholics or Christians. The truth is simple. We do not know the hour, but we will need mercy and we will receive the mercy we give.

  • Gentillylace

    I am metaphorically torn. Yes, just laws need to be respected. But it is very difficult for people who do not have college degrees or US citizen relatives to legally immigrate to the US. Perhaps it should be easier to legally immigrate to the US. Also, since there are jobs that people born in the US are unlikely to do, I think that employers should radically improve job conditions and raise wages for those jobs, so that people born in the US would be more attracted to those jobs. Finally, the US government should encourage the governments of countries where many people immigrate to the US to significantly improve, so that fewer people will want to immigrate to the US in the first place. US taxpayers are going to pay through the nose in all of these scenarios, but I hope that it will be worth it.

  • CommonSenseAlGuy

    “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

    • Nathan

      Thou shalt let thy neighbor trespass on thy land and take what they wish. Oh wait thats not in the bible is it? Do you let your neighbors on your property? Give them money? Schooling? Food? I don’t hate anybody but i also don’t want my neighbors taking advantage of me. If your neighbors break the law you have every right as citizen and christian to use the law for justice againt the unlawful. Otherwise you have anarchy. Good fences make good neighbors.

      • CommonSenseAlGuy

        That’s the way to love your neighbor! Sigh…….. I hope that Christ does not use the measuring stick you use to judge others to judge you…. because it won’t be pretty.

        • Nathan

          Nowhere in my comment is a “judgement”. You never amswered my question. Do you let your neighbors on your property? Give them money? Schooling? Etc etc. We are a nation of laws. Its really simple. Our country is being taken advantage of and im sick of it. Im all for charity and being there for neighbors but if they break the law im no just going to sit back and watch it happen.

          • CommonSenseAlGuy

            You analogy is flawed. I do help my neighbors. Most DACA people are hard workers, paying taxes, and benefiting society. The notion that most of them are just here receiving charity and taking advantage of people is nonsense. And God’s law is above man’s law.

  • Glorybehere

    I worked for a NY attorney whose practice included immigration (prior to 1965 when law was changed by democrat administration under Lyndon Johnson). All immigrants were required to certify that they were healthy (no diseases) certify that they had clean records from the police department where they lived, and they had to provide a Sponsor in the U.S. that would agree to be responsible for all living expenses in the event the immigrant was unable to provide for himself here. I remember we represented a professor from Europe who came to teach at Columbia University and wished to remain here. One had to have a sponsor and never be a burden to our taxpayers.

  • Johann du Toit

    I think congress should address the issue of dreamers by passing an appropriate law. Given that they are illegal but have only known the United States as their home all their life, through no fault of their own, their position is unique. But no anarchy, flouting of laws or sanctuary cities. People who immigrate to a country should come through the front door. Otherwise the US will experience the chaos and violence we saw in Germany.

  • Gilbert W. Jackson

    I am not nor is my wife for the DACA,, We have kids and grand kids in Vietnam, we done the paper work and paid our money for them to come here and live in America, I was born in America, and was in Vietnam in time of war, I went back and re-married, we had to live behind two son and a daughter, all have very good jobs, and know some English, and our Grandkid are now studying English, we did the paper work 3 or 4 years ago and now still half to wait maybe anther 9 years be for they are able to come here, and yet the dam damocrats feel dory for all the other, that just walk in, I do not feel this is right, now when I see any of the baster on TV I turn off till their done with their dam sick lie, we need the wall bad, and need to deport all that walked into America, I here one lady with kids say she pay Tax’s and when to school and has good job, but she did not come here by law, how can she pay tax’s she has no SS card, no green care or any thing, that bullshit, she only pay tax on what she buy, it all so wrong, all this time way did she not do her paper work? and be come American, no time to de-port, and let them , then do the paper work and come here by law. it the only way, or stay our live, de=port now. way should you be here and bring more and our kids half to wait maybe anther nine years, it wrong, and if any one come here and dose not know English, and be come Americans, it wrong, know English or get out. I see so many Vietnam, and other that been here for years and can not spick English, it not right, time to study English or go home, IN America we spick English, I get so hear to set in America and be with people that do not spick English in front of me, it wrong. God Bless My President, I hope and pray he stop them and de-port them, let them come back by the way of the law,

  • jimof ct

    THIS ENTIRE MESS is rooted in the political expectation that the “illegal immigrants” will vote with the leftists (progressives) who no longer see “GOVERNMENT OF THE USA” as the “CONSTITUTION DEFINED IT AS BEING: –


    “PEOPLE” BEING “CITIZENS” requires the left to do all that it can to add citizens who will help them overcome all other aspects of the constraints on their power to control citizens rights protected by the CONSTITUTION OF THE USA FOR ITS “CITIZENS”!


    President Trump is absolutely justified in requiring serious border security legislation as minimum for allowing “dreamers” to legally stay in the USA. However, much more stringent compliance with immi9gration laws and very serious limitation on steps needed for applications for citizenship must be included for those who are relieved of the “illegal” label as compared to all other legal immigrants.

    Finally, a specific statement of the intention that no future “amnesty” from illegal immigration will be considered by Congress should also be included in this legislation!

  • Lucille m grookett

    My grandparents immigrated from France they came in from Normandy and applied for their green cards, as they waited for citizenship, our country is made up of immigrants who came to our great country the correct way, not by illigial means.
    Anyone knows that sneaking in without authority is wrong. I believe they should go back where they came from, and if they want to go the proper route, they should be given a chance, and should also be throughly investigated.

  • Robert

    John: I agree with everything you said. I would like to add that our demographics are against us. The average of the American worker is 42. Our country is getting older. As we age, we slow down and we are not as productive as we should be. In the next fifteen years, the remaining baby boomers will retire.
    According to former Reagan budget director, David Stockman, 105 million people will be on Social Security! Due to the declining birth rate, we will have to allow a significant amount of immigrants into the country. However, before we do so, we need to determine what skill sets our economy needs as we proceed into the 21st century. No one is discussing this! As the President has proposed, we need a merit based system. Regards and God Bless, Robert Calabro

  • naramino1

    too many people getting way off subject here! Deal with this issue at hand; not the entire history of America from 5 perspectives. Even here, emotions and childish name-calling taking over instead of reasonable debate.

  • preston

    Enough of the whining, get constructive and stop comparing what happened 200 years ago to the present. The whole world had a conquer mentality way of thinking back then. We have evolved as a species and will continue to do so if we don’t get caught up by the manipulation of the demo-commies trying to take over the world. If you want to live like they did (not me) back in those times then continue to support the democrats and they’ll lead you back to those wonder days.

  • Ovomit1

    …some of these DACA leeches are 40 years old – and any time the lying scum in government and it’s patsies use a number like 800,000 – you can bet it’s at least double that…deport them

  • Jose Lopez

    I can and still use correct English and so can many so called gringos.

  • Lady of the Valley

    America is a Country that is comprised up of universal nationalities, and this is absolutely beautiful. However the people from other Countries, by USA federal/governmental laws, are to enter this Country(USA) by respectfully following these laws and regulations. The process for which a person/family is able to move and reside here in North America has been developed for an important reason. These reasons are not only to keep The USA Citizens safe but also to make sure that the person/family are in unison to adhering to The USA laws/regulations to keep safe and sharing in the desire to help keep each other safe. We ALL are our brothers/sisters keepers! We are One Nation Under GOD!!! Let us ALL start LIVING it again! May God Bless us ALL Abundantly & Keep us ALL Extremely Safe Always!!!

  • Antonio

    many of you do not realize those who come through the system legally once they gain citizenship they bring their entire family line that means parents grandparents Aunts Uncles cousins anyone that they want to sponsor by law legally without any vetting and many of these new American citizens still will not revoke their homelands citizenship which gives them dual citizenship if they cannot swear their allegiance to America and America only they should be thrown out many of these new American citizens are from China or Russia or Islamic countries

  • Eric

    One person or family immigrating is one thing – millions immigrating and over time overrunning one or more states (eg CA) or altering the nation’s makeup is another.

    • Chris Whittle


  • Sean Shanahan

    The mercy of God is for all people do not hide behind shallow human laws.

    • Phil

      That’s a very ambiguous, wide brush painted, and dangerous statement there Sean. Are you sure you would like to leave it as is? Ok, then the Democrats of your state would like to send you some folks to live in your house with you and your children so you can be as merciful as you please. From what I understand, you will now have to adjust to the likes, dislikes, and lifestyles of certain sex abusers and rapists, those who have no desire to accept America’s Christian Principled founding, undocumented souls who believe in Islamic ‘Jihad’ as authentically practiced, those who ‘choose’ to live off YOUR entitlements, drug dealers, you name it, as you will be paying ALL the bills and bailing them out of jail on a regular schedule, etc. etc. etc.
      Don’t worry Sean……….I’m sure they are all wrapped up in ‘thanksgiving’ & ‘gratitude’ by now, and should present no problems for you and your family.
      Still believe in “Let all illegal and dangerous folks into America who want to come here WITHOUT ANY RESTRICTIONS WHAT-SO-EVER” Sean? After all, it’s ONLY about God’s Mercy.
      The truth is……………God’s Merciful and Just Sovereignty reigns over all.”
      Hope you find time to read St. Thomas Aquinas on Righteous and Just Immigration.

  • Michael Ray

    Every amnesty group should be asked, “Do you support legal protections for preborn babies?” If they answer no, then deem their opinion on amnesty null and void.

  • Chelle

    Is there a petition against DACA?

  • Marijane Ambrogi

    I believe that DACA is a farce! If I, an American citizen, do something illegal, I am punished for it. I am not given “AMNESTY”. Why do we provide more leniency towards ILLEGAL immigrants than we do for the average American citizen?

    • barbara

      I always felt the way you said it absolutely

  • Rich Logis

    DACA and Obama’s other Executive Order, DAPA (affirmed as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court two years ago), were/are ploys to turn pur-blue states infinitely blue.


  • traditional

    …and then they returned to their country of origin.

  • mister malted

    There is not an immigration problem, there is a labor problem. You cannot study the history of immigrationin this country without studying the history of labor. If there are 12 million illegal immigrants in
    this country it is because there are 12 million dirty and dangerous jobs that
    native born Americans will not do.
    It isno different from the nineteenth century when the dregs of Europe, perhaps your
    ancestors, the vast majority of them Catholic, came here to fill similar dirty jobs. They were not welcomed either and the nativist fear was that the Pope, indirectly, would take over the country. Most immigrants eventually could attain citizenship (there were exceptions) and they indeed moved into the fabric of
    the U.S.

    The lesson was learned by the power brokers. Today, by
    denying citizenship, i.e. by keeping such immigration illegal, the work gets
    done without any promise in return. We would
    do well to study our own history.

  • mhardin

    John always uses brevity and clarity to give a clear and succinct synopsis of the situation. He is spot on with this analysis.

  • Phil

    Read St. Thomas Aquinas on Islam and Immigration. Please.

  • CommonSenseAlGuy

    Amazing how many “Christians” lack the compassion of Christ these days. Sad!

    • jrj90620

      I give plenty of money to help poor people in their own countries.Seems like that may be a better idea than bringing millions more to California.It’s gotten way too crowded here,50% of children are on Medicaid,1/3 of the country’s welfare receivers are in California.There is a difference between charity and theft.When Democrats allow unlimited immigration and force me to pay for it,that’s stealing,not compassion.Christ taught that stealing is a sin.

  • Camille Sales

    Not racist just plain HATE

  • Martha Washington

    Yes. We have had this problem since 1492 when Europeans arrived and had their anchor babies here in the Americas.

  • jrj90620

    I don’t see much hope here.I’ve lived my whole life in California and think,if anything,what’s happening here is likely coming to your state.Dems have won the war and in the long run,it’s not good for our country.There are billions of poor in the world and most would like to immigrate to the U.S.Many millions will and they will be voting for the party that welcomes them and gives them favors.Dems,after they take Texas and Florida, will own the country.

  • L C Black

    I have friends who followed our immigration law and waited while others broke our laws to jump ahead of them. Part of following the immigration law is paying the fees that accompany all the paperwork. One spent thousands on lawyers to help with the intricacies of living and working here legally. Two, who came here on student visas, were told they had to return to their home countries and reapply to return with a path to citizenship. It was expensive for one to fly back to South America and the other to Central America, pay fees to their birth nation and more fees to the U.S. They did this with fear since they didn’t know if, or when, they would be allowed back in our country. It took years but they followed our laws – the kind of citizens we want.

    If Congress can ever come up with laws concerning the issue I hope the DACA Dreamers have to at least pay the same amount of money those who followed our laws had to pay.
    If they don’t make “Dreamers” pay what the legal immigrants did then the government should refund the money the law abiding people who are now citizens had to shell out for fees.
    Social justice types call the people who came here, or were brought here, illegally “Dreamers” but what do they call the people who went through the long expensive process, followed our laws and respected our country? Probably – Suckers!

    • George Kilgour

      That is what all those who followed the laws feel like – “suckers”!

      The truth which no one will stand up and reveal, especially the media outlets, is that those illegal immigrants know U.S. immigration law better than Customs and Boarder Patrol Agents, Law Enforcement, the Security Sector and Congress combined!

      The illegals pass on information as though it is “insider trading”. The word goes from mouth-to-mouth about what to say and what to report, and what not to say and what not to report. The illegals know the buzz words. They know that they can lie and do so, because they know that for the most part, the system is so overburdened because of lack of resources on the U.S. side, that the chances are that the illegals will be believed.

      I know this because I personally know Latinos who have for the most part followed the rules, but who have had others tell them what to say and how to act, etc.

      For those who believe that the illegals pay for their own way…wake up. The U.S. Government actually makes it EASY for aliens to get in WITHOUT paying their own way.

      Our own government has forms by which people can petition to have the immigration fees waived, because the petitioner claims that they do not make enough money to pay for the fees!

      Form I-912 – Request for Fee Waiver
      Form I-942 – Request for Reduced Fee

      Look it up for yourselves:

      Illegals get help from every agency under the sun. They know the places to go where U.S. and other residents and citizens will help them and not say a word. These people, organizations and agencies offer assistance of all kinds. Food, clothing, shelter, education, how to get drivers licenses. The illegals go from place to place, because the services are offered on different days, the illegals go from one county to the next closest county, and on Monday they get one thing, Tuesday they get another thing, Wednesday they stand in lines to get yet another thing.

      It happens and since the illegals only have to fill out forms, they do so with false information, and go to these places for as long as the agency or organization will keep passing these freebies out.

      When these people do work, it is under the table for cash. When they do manage to get legal work, or semi-legal work of some form, they do not report their entire incomes.

      The illegals do not understand our system. They foolishly believe that they can give a false report as to how much income they make. They do not report any cash which they receive. They also foolishly believe that no one will know what legitimate income they receive, so they may report their income, but not their spouses income.

      Illegals know the bottom line income limits for reporting purposes and to obtain benefits.
      They knowingly and purposefully under report so that they will continue to qualify for whatever it is that they can obtain.

      The only thing you have to do to find out for yourselves is to befriend someone from an illegal community, and sooner or later, when they have confidence in you, they will open up and tell you everything!

      Our own school systems do not help either! The people in the education sector believe that they have to school children and can not turn them away. The employees at schools are told that they can not, not accept ANY child. The school employees are told that they must accept ALL children. They are also forbidden from calling the authorities when adults show up at schools to enroll children into the schools. The adults arrive with mail from addresses where they do not live, claiming that the person whose address they claim to live at are relatives of theirs. The person who may legally live at the residence (or may not), only has to sign a form stating that the others and the child live at the address on the electric bill (for example), and the school accepts the child.

      When the school official asks for a SSN, the people remain silent or tell the officials that they “forgot” their SSN at home. The school officials are forbidden from pressing the issue, and the illegal children go to YOUR schools for FREE!

      FREE you ask??? How??? Easy…they are illegal, they do not pay taxes. They go free.

      Then as if that is not enough, they also know, again by word of mouth, that they can ask for free school meals. As a matter of fact, most kids get their main meals from the schools. The adults of course under report their income, and the schools give the children free meals.

      The funny thing is to see the kids days later. The kids show up to class with the latest tennis shoes, brand wear clothing, Apple Watches, etc. The adults show up initially in one car, then later you see the adults in a much different car, sometimes even three different cars. The women with so many rings and jewelry (does it matter it is is fake or not – after they have reported that they do not have income to give their children $5.00 dollars a day or a bit more for school meals?) and with Michael Kors handbags on their arms – a different one every month.

      How do I know this…because I have family who work in schools as teachers. The school employees are gagged and can not hint, say, indicate or report anything they know about illegals and can not turn them away.

      There is a couple of examples of how the illegals are not giving their fair share, not paying their way, and openly not doing so. In a land where rule of law is supposed to apply to everyone without passion or prejudice – there is an example of how we are all equal!

      I do not know of one honest, Christian individual who wishes anyone, to include illegals any harm. The issue is that these people do it legally, as anyone else would be required to do it.

      The U.S. Supreme Court needs to rule on what makes and American, an American for legal purposes. Until that happens, the argument will continue.

      The parents of these kids were illegal when they crossed the boarder. Some even came legally, but knowingly and premeditatedly over stayed their visas. These women knew what they were doing when they came to the U.S. to specifically have their children here. They have been told that the U.S. Constitution considers their children to be natural born citizens if their children are born here.

      Until this misinterpretation is formally cleared up and the politicians who enjoy the confusion are held to task for their purposes are held to task to have this defined without any further ambiguity, we will continue to have this to deal with also.

      Finally, it is absolutely laughable that there is no mandatory federal requirement for every legal U.S. Citizen to have a picture Identification Card.

      People claim that it is a burden. Really? If it is such a burden for the people of the United States, where almost everyone in the U.S. will tell you how good U.S. Citizens have it, and how poor those people who are entering the U.S. are, then why is it that they have such a National Identification card?

      Yes. The same people who you claim are so poor that they are forced to come to the U.S. for a better life and for better opportunities, those who are illegal here have National Identity Cards. These people have National Identity cards which have their personal information, an individual number such as our SSN, a PHOTOGRAPH – and…wait for it…A FINGER PRINT!!!

      If Americans in general believe that we are so much better off then the illegals coming here, then how is it even remotely an acceptable argument that it would place an undue burden on all U.S. Citizens to have a National Identification Card with a picture of the citizen on the ID.

      How is it that these so called poor people manage to drive, yet can not seem to produce a driver license?

      I find it all a bit of a convenient argument for 99.9 percent of U.S. Citizens.

      The federal government has now forbidden members of the general public from states who do not conform to federal law with regards to identification cards and driver licenses from entering any military base.

      It is long over due that a form of mandatory National Identification Card be instituted in the U.S. for proof of citizenship and it can be as easy as having a photograph placed on your Social Security Card.

      Ooops…there is your card to be used by all voting citizens as well!

      That will be at least an honest attempt to keep illegals and those not eligible to vote in U.S. elections from voting as well.

      • L C Black

        You covered it well. One friend, here on a student visa, tried to take advantage of the 80’s amnesty program so he wouldn’t have to return to his home country to restart the process…and to save money.
        He was told that since he came here legally he couldn’t be given amnesty. When he tried to understand it all he said, so if I had broken the law and come here illegally I could take advantage of the amnesty program but since I followed the law I’m to be penalized?
        The immigration officer said…well…yes. It’s only given to those who broke our laws and are here illegally.
        How does that make any sense whatsoever?

  • Vincenta

    We are either a nation of laws, or a land where anarchy prevails. Disrespect and subversion of a nation’s laws and the presentation of ones self to the benefits of that nation, as though those benefits were a guarantee, is playing the citizens of that nation as fools. Laws were broken as they enter, and continue to be broken with each crime committed. Just obtaining benefits, that ordinary citizens would have to pay for, in addition to the taxes they already pay, is a crime. Taking the jobs that citizens would fill, is a crime also. They come in as criminals, stay as criminals, bring diseases that this nation has put to rest, you guessed it, a crime. The worst part, is that the crime is against each individual citizen, and against themselves and their offspring as well.

  • Ignace Kullu

    There are times when president has to explore all the means to protect his country fellow, specially job , health and security for native. Every nation should understand that. an immigrant have many alternate for survival but native have one.

  • Jane A Quill

    This article clearly states the reason DACA should not be allowed!

  • Yarp

    So true, but how do we get people to THINK beyond their emotions?…And how do we convince those who disagree because they are liberals? They do not even listen.