65 thoughts on “How Do You Stop Wildfires When Human Efforts Fail? A Lesson from the Peshtigo Fire Miracle

        • Woe…prayer is one answer…Is there anyone you would not pray for..regardless of sin, color, location, age, religion, money, job, etc.! I hope not!!!

    • On all of us, not just the homosexuals. Homosexually is result of us straight people using contraception. I am one of those who is the cause of their sickness… Don’t blame them… we must blame ourselves.

      • Mary why are you using contraception not just as a matter of religion condoms also give you cancer and the pill has been linked to hysteria

      • Not true. I never used any kind of drugs to avoid pregnancy…… it is our fault for not teaching our kids about the love of God and for letting the goverment educate our kids, for not fighting for our rights as Christians for not spending more time with them and with our bibles , for not praying enough for them for not being vigilant of the evildoers that are taking over our children’s minds and heart.

      • I am not a troll Thomas this has been my name from birth before any of these young folk hijacked it I kindly ask you to stop these accusations

    • perchance is that why this apocalyptic thing is happening time after time in that land?

      So many have turned from God.. and blasphemy is rampant there… they speak against Our Lord.. they say and do terrible things to the holiness of Our Blessed Mother…. do they truly think The Lord will not answer their diabolical doings???

      Yes He does…
      What we are witnessing there is truly apocalyptic.. as I watched those terrible mud slides
      destroying the properties of the very rich and famous… and their disbelief, it came to mind certain things I had heard those very people say and do…Did we forget Sodom and Gomorrah !

      God is God…

      man is what he/she is.. ‘to dust you shall return’

  1. Good forestry practices, the kind that rabid environmentalists resist, would go a long way to managing the problem.

    Stupid, sinful leaders make stupid mistakes and everyone suffers. Is it fair to ask for a miracle to mitigate the effects of stupidity in high places?

    • “Is it fair to ask for a miracle to mitigate the effects of stupidity in high places?”

      I’d think if you were one whose property or life was endangered, the answer’s yes — and not less so if you sought by your votes to minimize evil, stupidity, etc.

    • the entire west coast has a very bad forest problem. far too many trees! how are there homeless people living on the streets unable to afford a wooden coffee table or a car to drive, when there are literally HUNDREDS of trees? blows my MIND

      • why not ask those in that area – i.e. the very very wealthy millionaires…
        why dont they help the poor around them??

        It doesnt blow my mind.. .. it proves that greed is greed…..
        but God acts..

  2. Of course the History Channel would not dare touch this documented account.
    It might frighten their viewers as well as upset their media moguls.
    God is fake or, at least, is of no consequence as to what we choose to do — remember?

      • I am mocking those who will not look at the facts or the truth. I.E. the secular humanist TV channels and the secular humanist mainstream media. You see now?
        I was not saying that as though I was saying it.

  3. Our Pure and Holy Virgin Mother, Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Our Christ, is God’s true Servant who is ever ready to help those who seek Her favored intervention when in great need. She loves to help Her children. We should never be shy about calling on Her, no matter what our needs are. Her love for us is always pure and holy. Praise God for Mary, Most Holy.

  4. I can’t believe what I’m reading posted by “Christians”! All people are loved by God. You think your sins are any better than those of the people of California? What did Jesus say about the sins of those who died in that accident in the Bible? “Or those eighteen who died when the tower in Siloam fell on them–do you think they were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem?” (Luke 13:4). Read the Bible people. Don’t be a Pharisee! Maybe if we went to Church and did what we were supposed to do – mainly, pray for the people of CA – then just maybe they would be saved. So pray for the people of California. It’s what Jesus would do!

    • I agree with you about praying for the people of CA. Christ prayed for His enemies from the cross and commands us to pray for our enemies. Those in CA may be enemies or something less or far less than that – but we’re to pray for them regardless.

      Judging the relative evil of people’s sins, though, is a dangerous business. You criticize other bloggers for assuming CA’s sins are greater, yet seem to go to the opposite extreme and imply everyone’s sins are of equal gravity. It’s dangerous to assume their sins are greater — but also dangerous for you to imply everyone’s sins are equal. All sins are not of equal gravity, and it’s entirely possible various individuals’ culpability for sin isn’t equal, either. Why did God destroy Sodom & Gomorrah and not the entire world? Why did he destroy the world by flood at one time and not destroy all people on earth at any other time (yet)?

      LA is home to Hollywood which is responsible for spreading many grave evils in our society through entertainment. They have made huge profits for decades off of scandal. It’s also home to many liberals who are ardent supporters (and in not a few cases practitioners) of abortion, gay marriage and not a few other sins that “cry out to God for vengeance.” It’s entirely possible their sins _are_ more grave and their guilt greater than other people. I wouldn’t just assume that, but I certainly wouldn’t assume all peoples’ sins are equal or that they’re all equally culpable for them.

      • not only .. many of them work hard at destroying the careers of good men and women…
        .. and we all know it….
        just look at the filth coming out now….. !

      • Excellent response and certainly educational.
        May Our Lady of Good Hope protect the innocent and good people of California, and all it’s Holy places. Most especially the churches and communities that offer the Tridentine Mass, which is pleasing to God!!!

      • You are spot on Eric!! The reason the world is suffering is directly attributed to Sin and the rejection of Our Lord, Jesus Christ! I pray for all the souls who perished in these fires and now mudslides!! May God have mercy on us all!!

    • Perhaps they DO pray for them… however, it is still true–every word…. Just because you “love the sinner, hate the sin” doesn’t mean you don’t acknowledge the sin, call them out on the sinful behavior, and let them know that it is a contemptuous act….

  5. If California is Sodom and Gomora it’s our responsibility to pray for miracles to end it not run away from it. Fire consumes everything in it’s path you try to turn around and must extinguish the fire before it spreads in every corner of earth ending life as we know it, Armageddon. The Lord shall bring the truth for all of us. GHU JW

    • yes indeed to pray for it but also to act against evil at every turn.. Stand up and speak at every turn.. the way so many there are so vocal and aggressive against those who try to speak the Truth…

    • The whole nation is Sodom and Gomorrah–everywhere, people are committing serious sins and bringing down condemnation. Even those who consider themselves Christian are divorcing, contracepting, fornicating, etc. We all will suffer for sins, whether they be ours or others’.

  6. Is this the same devotion as Our Lady of Prompt Succor? Renamed because this generation doesn’t know the meaning of “succor”?

    • No, Our Lady of Good Help is a distinct devotion specific to the area near Green Bay, WI, where Our Lady appeared to Adele Brise.

  7. There’s a lot going on here. We have a sinful nature and not a holy one. After all we descend from Adam and Eve, the first humans to sin. It has been a struggle ever since for us to be holy as God is holy. So, yes, God is raining down his wrath upon us, using fire and then flooding, and all of the extremes that nature has to offer, in order to destroy evil. Not only that, but God does not hear the prayers of anybody who is in a state of sinfulness, which is most of us. Sorry to say, but true.

    Unless we are in a state of holiness, which is rare, God is distant and removed from our daily lives. So if he doesn’t hear our prayers because we are in a state of sinfulness, how can he answer them? God is holy and only responds when we too are holy. Ask yourself this question. Perhaps it’s time to become holy as Jesus is holy to save ourselves, our families, our communities and our world. But most importantly, so that God will hear our prayers if and when we pray. This is why Jesus commanded us specifically, “Be holy as I am holy.” He knew because he is God that we must be in a state of grace for God to hear our prayers.

    Unless this happens, fires and flooding, earthquakes and natural disasters, including all devastation will continue.

    Homosexuality is a great contributor to sinfulness, but we can’t exclude ourselves from the fact that we too, all of us, are also sinful. The point is….we must all become holy as God is holy in order to change and save ourselves.

    • I don’t consider myself holy, but I know that God in his grand mercy has both heard and answered many of my prayers. He has given me huge miracles and beautiful graces.

    • You wrote: “Unless we are in a state of holiness, which is rare, God is distant and
      removed from our daily lives. So if he doesn’t hear our prayers because
      we are in a state of sinfulness, how can he answer them?”

      I suppose it is true that God lends a ready ear to those who love and obey Him, and they can expect their prayers to be answered quickly as ling as those prayers are in accordance with God’s will.

      But as to the idea that God simply doesn’t hear our prayers when we are in a state of sinfulness, Louis de Montfort (‘The Secret of the Rosary’) had this to say:

      “I have just said that to say the Rosary to advantage one must be in a state of grace ‘or at least fully determined to give up mortal sin’; first of all because if it were true that God only heard the prayers of those in a state of grace it would follow that people in a state of mortal sin should not pray at all. This is an erroneous teaching which has been condemned by Holy Mother Church, because of course sinners need to pray far more than good people do. Were this horrible doctrine true it would then be useless and futile to tell a sinner to say all, or even part of his rosary, because it would never help him”

      So St.Louis seems to be saying that, even if in a state of mortal sin, it is useful and indeed all the more necessary to pray for ourselves and others, and God does hear these prayers, and not only hears, but listens to them. The only main requirement seems to be at least the sincere desire to give up sin. God bless to you all!

    • You are correct in saying we are sinful and not holy. God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to save us from our sins. I cannot be holy no matter how hard I try. Jesus died for my sins. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. God’s Grace saved me. God did something for us that we cannot do for ourselves. I can do nothing to earn my way to heaven. He sent His Son. His Son, Jesus Christ is holy. My faith in Jesus saves me. Yes, we should turn from sin and try to live holy lives but we fail miserably. I am thankful I can go to God in prayer thru my savior Jesus Christ and God sees me as holy. God does hear my prayers.

  8. God does not work miracles frivolously. There is always reason and purpose behind them. The miracle of the sun at Fatima, Portugal on October 13, 1917 was in the presence of 70,000 believers and scoffers alike. It was to give Gods visible approval of the devotion to His mother as the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The pope and hierarchy were given the command to consecrate Russia together, publicly, so the whole world would recognize her intercession with her Son. The period of world wide peace would be due to her intercession. Sadly, the popes for nearly a century have not obeyed this command from heaven, relying on human diplomacy with Satan’s minions on earth instead.
    This miracle prayed for by the Catholics surrounded by Protestant neighbors was also a clear sign of her powerful intercession. They had faith to move mountains to stay in that wooden church. How many converts to the true faith were made through this powerful witness of those faithful Catholics? Today, we too need to be that witness to the true faith to convert our neighbors, community and ultimately our country.

    • Dear Andie, thank you for saying what I wishes I had articulated.
      The Miracle of Our Lady of Good Help, certainly mirrors, what Our Lady of Rosary (Fatima’s) foretold of what has and will occur soon, not just in the USA, but throughout the whole world,
      As you stated The hierarchy of Church have NOT obeyed The Mother of God! She is still holding back Her Son’s hand, but not for much longer. Remember, She said the good would suffer along with the evil, if Russia was not converted. Is it already too late? Surly I think Russia will be used as God’s instrument of chastisement, as we have not prayed for that poor country’s Consecration, (she has spread her errors, “Marxism”, throughout the whole world” to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as She requested .
      And now we Catholic have experienced the near destruction of the Holy Catholic Church, as these same errors have entered the Bark of Peter, causing our punishment, for NOT keeping the FAITH inviolate.
      The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass of St. Pius V, (The Tridentine Mass) codified at the the Council of Trent, the Mass, offer in continuum, for 1700 years, has been removed from the Sacred Places, which have become desolate, and temples of the worship of man. All foretold of by the Queen of Heaven. (The True Mass: and the Holy Rosary of St. Dominic unchanged are our only defense now for what awaits mankind.
      Patricia Mary

  9. I think more than a few of the fires are set by low tech terrorists. Remember the “Greek fires” after the movie “The 300” came out? Our politicians and media were saying “Greek developers set the fires,” but Al Jazeera said Islamists set them in revenge for that movie.

  10. To A Clement, God’s greatest attribute is his ‘divine mercy’. He is ready to give his mercy to all who sincerely ask for it. You do not need to be perfectly holy for God to hear and answer prayer. Please look into the journal of St. Faustina who God spoke to many times asking her to share his great mercy so others would know. You will find great hope by reading her journal. Also look into the organization, ‘ America Needs Fatima’. You will be blessed. Please look into both of these. You will be blessed.

  11. While I am not Catholic, I do believe in the power of our Awesome God, His Son Jesus Christ and also the Holy Spirit and I believe that all things are possible as far as God is concerned. I have had my own small miracles showing me that God is with me as well. I believe the faith of those people in that community is what helped to create that miracle. God does reward those who truly believe in Him and His Son and the Holy Spirit.

  12. I for one do not believe that a God that loves us in spite of our sinful nature would send this kind of devastation, The nature of God is good, it’s not possible for God to be vengeful and punishing. We do these things to ourselves. When we commit sin, it’s a turning away from God. It’s putting barriers up between ourselves and God. When that happens, Satan’s power becomes stronger and God cannot work in the situation. Remember in the bible when Jesus was in the town where he could not perform miracles because of the lack of belief? Satan is the one who leads us with empty promises down the path that will lead to our demise. This is why we pray, “lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil”. If we want God’s intervention in our lives or our circumstances, we must pray fervently so that we are open to God’s working in our lives. Perhaps in CA, more of this is what’s really needed and we as Christians should be praying that they realize it.

    • It’s not a case of “God cannot”, but that God “will not”. Abiding by His gift of free will, He does not force us to do what is right, but gives us examples of virtue (the saints, the Holy Mother Mary, etc), to follow; He has also illustrated what will happen to us, should we follow the wrong path. Our refusal to respond well to His graces are what condemn us (and set a bad example for others).

  13. Archbishop Luigi Negri

    The church has bowed to Islam and the left
    January 11, 2018 2

    Erzbischof Negri, ein bestimmter Teil der Kirche will sich für ein Pöstchen mit dem „Säkularismus“ arrangieren.
    Archbishop Negri, a certain part of the church wants to arrange for a minister with the “secularism”.
    (Rome) “The Church has bowed to Islam and the Left.” Archbishop Luigi Negri said in an interview published on Tuesday. Negri was Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio and Titular Abbot of Pomposa until February 15, 2017. Shortly after he was 75 years of age, he was retired despite good health of Pope Francis. He is considered one of the outstanding representatives of the episcopate. Whether he was retired anyway or because of that, opinions differ. His retirement had been preceded by a dirty campaign of invisible opponents aimed at his premature departure from office. As one of the founders of the online daily La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana , Archbishop Negri created an important voice in the Catholic media. The interview was conducted by Pietro Senaldi and published by the daily Libero .

    What does not work in the church?
    Libero: What does not work in the church, Monsignor?

    Archbishop Negri: For two centuries, a deep antireligious tendency has been felt in the West, an expression of rationalism and secular enlightenment. This direction of thought, but also of action, appears as the predominant unity of thought, as Pope Francis also complained in the first moments of his pontificate. In the meantime man has gained an understanding of himself and his intellectual, moral, technical and scientific power as the sole standard of the world and created a society insensitive to the religious question.

    Libero: We stand at the beginning of the year and the Christian holidays have just come to an end: What do you wish for the faithful and the non-believers for 2018?

    Archbishop Negri: I wish that faith would once again permeate society and give the people of today the deeper meaning of their existence.

    Libero: Are you optimistic?

    Archbishop Negri: Not particularly because in the past few decades, despite the extraordinary magisterium of St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI, the Church has taken a direction that will make her capitulate to the expanding anti-Christian forces. It gives in to the prevailing mentality and is content to flee to a kind of reserve that has been forced upon many other religious and cultural minorities in recent centuries.

    Pope Francis as flag bearer of the mainstream ?
    Libero: Pope Francis has lamented unity thinking, but does not he sometimes seem to be the flag bearer?

    Archbishop Negri: Pope Francis is instrumentalized by prevailing thought, and his initial indictment loses its strength. Today, there is a tacit understanding between a particular Christianity and the secular society, to which the Church no longer seems to be in a position to say no, which, in my opinion, would be absolutely necessary.

    Libero: Should not one speak better of an attempt to catch society instead of agreement?

    Archbishop Negri: In order to catch a society like the one we live in, it is necessary to reach the world with an essential offer for all people of our time. Faith is not communicated through the media. So it’s not a problem of structures or organization. Faith is communicated through the testimony from heart to heart. This is an event of mercy and not a message for the main news.

    Do church representatives have problems bearing witness to Christ?
    Libero: Is there a problem of testifying to Christ among Church representatives?

    Archbishop Negri: What makes communication difficult is certainly not a lack of moral coherence: the Church has always recovered in its history from moral scandals.
    Today’s question is much more serious. The current incoherence affecting the Church is idealistic.
    One tends to engage with secularism in order to secure a place and make catholicity almost a folkloristic element that should not disturb the atheistic society any more.

    Libero: How can catholicity gain relevance and appeal to non-believers?

    Archbishop Negri : She has to get her hands dirty again and live in the world where people have problems and struggles, and she must not be afraid of conflict. As Jean Guitton, one of the most extraordinary Catholic figures, said, it is the faith that has to judge the world and not the other way round, as it is today. Catholicism has a great social vocation, rooted in the Eucharist and expressed in a new social community. Today, many lay people are praising the church authorities and church leaders, but treat them as a product of their large, global Magic Shop and take what they find useful.

    The immigration issue and Islam
    Libero: Why is Islam, unlike catholicity, not in crisis?

    Archbishop Negri: Unlike Christianity, which emphasizes man’s freedom and integrity so that he becomes God’s partner in faith, the person does not play a role in Islam. The Muslim only counts in the social and political context in which he lives. It is no accident that Islam is spreading among the weak, who need authority to feel protected. Another worrying aspect is his tendency to overthrow the values ​​of Western civilization, first and foremost the irrefutable distinction between politics and religion made by Pope Benedict XVI. repeatedly emphasized, and which seems to me one of the best aspects of our constitutions. In Islam, the religious authorities also appear as civil authorities, hold the judiciary in their hands and issue fatwas, which can also mean the death penalty. And all that without being able to see with clarity the foundations of this social authority. To make matters worse, there is the lack of a uniform interpretation of religious texts.

    Archbishop Luigi Negri, interview of the daily Libero
    Archbishop Luigi Negri, interview of the daily Libero
    Libero : What do you think about the immigration question?

    Archbishop Negri: The integration must be reasonable. You can not open the gates as if it were a festival and without taking human, cultural and economic costs into account. It’s like doing ideological training. I am Catholic and therefore I am in favor of accepting others. But this can not happen without measure, otherwise this leads to the crushing and destruction of our society. This is not the way Christian Europe has, over the centuries, integrated the new factors that have contributed to its wealth.

    Libero: So you do not agree with Bergoglio on this topic?

    Archbishop Negri: The Pope has the important and extraordinarily efficient function of taking away our fear of the other and allowing us to grasp the opening as a necessary dimension of the Christian life. At the same time, however, it is the task of the state institutions, as the great cardinal Biffi has taught us, to create the conditions that Christian civilization will not be forced into exile in-house.

    The message is not coming over
    Libero: But do you not think that this message is not clear?

    Archbishop Negri: The Church and the faithful must take their responsibility for the defense of Christ against manipulation. We must return to the struggle against the prevailing ideology of Benedict XVI. spoke.

    Libero: But there were also priests who put refugees in the manger.

    Archbishop Negri: To do that is a mistake and a false mystification. Even Cacciari 1) says the defense of the Nativity scene coincides with the defense of the authenticity of the Christian offer. The story of Jesus, born in Bethlehem from Mary, is real. So it is to be celebrated rather than a myth that is to be “contextualized” and manipulated as certain “intellectuals” do. The defense of Christmas by Pope Francis against his degeneracy in the name of a false respect for those who are not Christians, as is the case in kindergartens and in schools, where Christmas is no longer celebrated as a Christian feast, was terrific. For the past few weeks, it has almost seemed as if we are celebrating the feast of the migrant and not the birth of Christ.

    Libero: How is it that the Church is unable to defend Francis’s message against instrumentalization?

    Archbishop Negri: If Christendom is weak, she is unable to understand the words of the Pope. There is currently a distorted understanding of Catholic solidarity that only deals with the social problems that are to be solved promptly with the solutions dictated by the prevailing mentality, rather than those of our own identity. Only if one has a strong, own identity, one can open oneself to the next one. The church must turn back and become aware of its own identity.

    Common good mixed with wealth
    Libero: What use would the unity of thinking so much to insist on immigration?

    Archbishop Negri: Because it leads to unification, which is useful, for example, for the large, globalized economy, whose goals include reducing labor costs by creating a low-wage sector through immigrants.
    Cardinal Caffarra said the truth has become the opinion, the justice of the mood justice and the common good have become prosperous.

    Libero: Are you for the Ius soli ?

    Archbishop Negri: I am opposed to making it an undeniable value that we impose on the Christian world without proper discussion. Citizenship is a precious commodity for a society that is not easy to grant.

    Libero: What do you say to those who accuse Bergoglio of being a communist?

    Archbishop Negri: I reply that he is not a Communist. He is a South American and therefore, unlike us Europeans, we lean towards a more synodal and consensual leadership of the Church.

    “Do not two popes seem to them already enough?”
    Libero: Are you against communion for remarried divorcees?

    Archbishop Negri: It can not be granted automatically . I am against the confusion, which is why I would like a papal clarification. Christianity does not have to be integral in one direction or the other. Pope Benedict XVI. suggested that we create lively, active and winning lay people.

    Libero: Are you still convinced that he was forced to resign ?

    Archbishop Negri: Everything was written about it. I do not intend to promote the confusion. Ratzinger had his humble and very large presence. He presented the belief as a change of life that was unacceptable to the prevailing unity thinking. At its core, it is important to remember that Christianity is a life event, given by the grace of Christ and freely accepted by man. In the fifteen years of my episcopate, my purpose was solely to serve this constant awakening of the faith event in the heart of man and to accompany it on the path of deep identification in the mystery of the church and its mission.

    Libero: There is a rumor that Bergoglio will resign.

    Archbishop Negri: Do not two popes seem to you already enough?

    Translation: Giuseppe Nardi

  14. Beröm till MARY

    11 januari – Our Lady of Mariazell / Österrike Lourdes.
    Till dig jag vänder, O Jungfru Maria, till dig jag höja min bön och uppriktigt be dig om din nåd, jag kan göra Will ‘Gud och önskar alltid, överallt, i varje handling, det vill säga’ han vill. Snälla, O Holy Guds moder, rena mig i hjärtat, för att upplysa mig inåt och accendermi Helige Andens eld, för det kan följa din gudomliga Son i lager kors dagliga plikt att leva med ödmjukhet “och enkelhet ‘den min kallelse, utan gnäll, ingen frustration, inget förtroende, ingen sorg, någonsin.
    Amen. Ave Maria!https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-W4r3YsPaX9E/WldJpV6HFqI/AAAAAAABseI/dxu3bUX8NTcwK4ZCFsspX14joBeAWhaiACJoC/w716-h681-n-rw/000foto20g-520×624.jpg

  15. Spetälsk inställning visar att han var i grunden en mycket ödmjuk man.
    Innan han mötte Jesus, trodde han att behovet av Guds hjälp.
    Bön: “Om du vill kan du göra mig ren” – vittnar om den djupa ödmjukhet.
    Jesus kände medlidande för honom.
    Om vi kan känna igen niskość sin plats och behovet av Guds närvaro – Gud kommer att se våra böner och önskemål.
    “Om du vill” – dessa ord innehåller en stor tillit till Gud.
    Jag vet att ni alla, men jag vet också att du vet bättre vad som är bra för mig.
    Detta är i enlighet med din vilja, med vad du har förberett för mig.

    Szczęść Boże ks. Ryszardzie!;)

  16. For all of those who are totally side-tracked in a human discussion of judgment the main point of this entire article is being lost. I feel the point of all of this is, terrible things not only exist, but they can destroy everything in their paths. Evil and sin exist simply because God has created us all with free will. Our free will is most simply put as this. ( the ability to either choose or reject God’s love for us ) When God gave us free will it also means that we have another option, this option is sin. If we didn’t have this option we would be puppets, robots, instinctual animals. We are none of these things. We are beings both physical and spiritual who constantly have choice. If this choice is exercised daily in good and holy choices, great. Even if a person is good and holy, it doesn’t mean that the evil one will leave them alone, they will all the more be tempted. So occasionally even good people will make mistakes,so then what? We can repent, even while in the state of sin. We have help from God who made us as well as the angles and all the saints to help us in times of need al fueled by the power of The Holy Ghost. When we are in need, great or small any of these things can be help to us. This story shows us that first off in these times of need we must first acknowledge that we ourselves are helpless to stop something of this magnitude. Secondly that the consequences of bad things, bad management, bad timing, bad choices, sin in general will always leaves consequences. Whether we are in a state of sin or not let’s not loose sight that the people in this story put their own understandings a will aside and put their trust into the protection of Holy Mother Church. By doing this they showed first that they actually believed in God’s almighty ability to help them, no matter what. The fact that this fire burned so hot that even soaked in water the clothing on the priest’s back would immediately burst into flame unless returned into the water tells us of how intensely the fire was burning. Now stand a wooden chapel, a wooden school, a.. surrounded by a wooden fence, not to mention that even the grass remained green and un-scorched. This is what we call a none arguable miracle. The facts and witnesses are all in place. Why does God allow these types of thing to happen from time to time. It is simply to assure us that He can be trusted in faith. His power can be sought also through the intercession of the Blessed Mother or other saints. So sin and its effects can be present around us, in little or big ways. These effects may some days grow into massive destructive forces. But never loose focus on the facts that when human understandings and efforts do and will fail us more often then not. God is the refuge we should always be seeking. If we fail at times, go to confession, get back up. Try again. A saint is simple a sinner who got up more times then he fell. God is always willing to give us another try. Our sins are no better then the sins of our neighbor, just different but ours the same. When we finally do meet our judgment day, we will only be judged by the sins we did not confess. Be charitable toward others and forgive others sins. This way our judgments will be lessened against us. God bless us everyone. For the record. I have been to this place and I recommend anyone to go there. It was great healing for me that was much needed.

  17. Yes, absolutely, God is merciful and will forgive our sins, and hear our prayers, but only when we turn to Him in repentance for our sins, in obedience unto Him, and we do his will. To do otherwise, we are fooling ourselves to believe that God hears prayers when we are not in a state of grace. The bible tells us clearly “We know that God does not hear sinners; but if anyone is a worshipper of God, and does his will, him he hears.” (John 9:31). Not only that, but “The Lord is far from the wicked, but He hears the prayers of the righteous.” (Proverbs 15:29). Therefore, if God does not hear the prayers of sinners and even places Himself far away from the wicked, how can He answer those prayers? The evil one might answer the prayers of those who are in a state of sin, but not almighty God.

    God’s conditions are that we have to obey Him and do his will first, or at least make an honest attempt to do so, then he will hear our prayers. God wants us all 100% to Himself and so will not settle for less…


  18. Dear friends in Christ;
    There is no Salvation out side the Holy Catholic Church.
    We MUST pray for the conversion of Russia, and the rest of humanity.
    The Church founded by Our Blessed Savior, Jesus Christ, is the Only means by which the world can be changed, not in any manmade sect, but only that Christ gave to the world.
    The Sacred Sacraments, the Holy Sacrifice of Mass and Rosary. Will save the world. Nothing else.
    Patricia Mary

  19. Charity: Instruct the ignorant, correct error…etc. Read the Doctors, and Saints of the One Holy Catholic Church. And my DEAR friends, only those who are Catholic can truly call themselves Christian.
    Why? Because all other so-called Christian sects are founded by errant men of Sin. In disobedience to God’s commandants. Mankind: has a fallen nature, and needs all Spiritual Help it can get, to troth the enemies of God and man: The world, the flesh, and devil. That is why Christ came into the world, to save sinners, he establish His Church to give us the means of our salvation. To help keep us in Sanctifying grace. Scripture alone, doesn’t work, mostly because it is not up to man to decide what passage of Scripture, he or she may want to ignore. (Luther, Calvin King Henry VIII etc. After all the New testament, wasn’t written down until first century by the One True Church established by Jesus Christ, and codified completely by the Fourth Century. The Church and the Sacraments saw the early Christians through the perilous times of world persecution. Where the blood of the martyrs became the seeds of His infant Church. The Right Order of things came apart, beginning with the Modern Age, around the late 13th century with the advent of New Thought, ha,ha, (Renaissance )That ‘man is supreme’, sounds familiar, I will not serve: Adam and Eve listened to Satan. And by doing so unchained the monster of our vanity. Rejecting, Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. So, all the depravities in the world can be traced by in time and history to the arrogance of power hungry men and women who believe that they possess the Right of God! And for those proponents: Sister Faustina, Remember what Christ said. For those who are neither cold or hot but are clique warm I shall spit you out. It is very dangerous to assume, (Sin of Presumption ) that Jesus will forgive you anything. Because He is all merciful, but is also Justice itself. And He also said: the Sins against committed against the Holy Ghost cannot be forgiven. That would mean any who has rejected His True Church, which is Universally protected by The Holy Ghost (Spirit) Third person of the Holy Trinity. And that means all of us, Catholics and non Catholics. God is a Just, judge that is why Hell exist. Yes it is true that we are all sinners and culpable. However, Jesus Died and Rose from the dead to establish His One True Church the only means for mans (mankind’s) salvation. God help all of us, if we have rejected His Church and His teachings. That includes: priests, bishops, Cardinals, and Popes,
    and the laity.
    Patricia Mary

  20. This entire country turned it’s back on God a long time ago!! Abortion, So called “Gay Marriage ‘, Violence , Sexual depravity, Euthenasia, etc etc.. I’M SURPRISED THAT A BIGGER CHASTISEMENT HASN’T TAKEN US ALL OUT!! We are now living like in the days of NOAH!! ..BLESSED MOTHER OF FATIMA, PRAY FOR US ALL!

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