Offensive attack against Christian morality February 2nd, 2017

Gunpowder & Sky's film The Little Hours is a harsh attack against Christian morality and religious figures.

The film contains:

  • a troupe of 3 nuns who “drop more expletives than Hail Marys”
  • scenes of nuns“getting drunk off of sacramental wine” and abusing the Sacrament of Confession
  • a violent “party-girl” nun who uses foul language and violence and assaults a handyman
  • an alcoholic and impure priest who sins with the Mother Superior

We cannot stand for this! Good and truth can only flourish where virtue is promoted...not ridiculed! Add your name to the petition urging Gunpowder & Sky to pull this offensive film.


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Current Signatures: 20,839
Signature Goal: 25,000
20,839 Signatures

Signature Goal: 25,000