Protest Amazon Cartoon Which Portrays Lucifer as Hero

Amazon Prime, which has a video streaming service, has just released a cartoon series about Hell, where devils and sinners are the victims of “heartless” angels. “Hazbin Hotel,” a musical comedy, was released on January 18, 2024. Its opening trailer portrays Lucifer as good to mankind, while angels are oppressive tyrants. If this were not bad enough, reports on the series indicate that it is is replete with profanity, violence, and immorality of every type. According to reports:

“Amazon Prime prompted backlash on social media for rolling out a trailer for a new animated series that suggests the angels of God are ‘heartless’ while sympathetically portraying demons, Lucifer and his mythological lover Lilith…

“The trailer for ‘Hazbin Hotel,’… describes Lucifer as ‘a dreamer with fantastical ideas for all of creation…

“The show’s protagonist, Charlie Morningstar, the offspring of Lilith and ‘princess of Hell,’ attempts to rehabilitate demons so they can return to Heaven…”
(Source: ChristianPost .com)

Other reports say the following:

  • Angels are portrayed as frightening tyrants who rule over the devils in Hell, and are depicted as unjust murderers of devils
  • Lilith, an apocryphal figure from Jewish folklore, is depicted as the wife of Lucifer, who rejects obedience to Adam
  • Lucifer and Lilith are portrayed as good figures who bring “free will” to humanity, and their eternal punishment is depicted as unjust
  • Charlie Morningstar, Lucifer’s and Lilith’s bi-sexual “daughter,” is a compassionate “princess of Hell,” who fights against Heaven in trying to redeem damned souls.

Besides this flawed plot, the show itself is replete with immorality of the worst type. I cannot name it all, but here is an idea:

  • Unnatural vice, like homosexual sin, is treated as normal, and prostitution and impurity are part of the series’ plot
  • Sexual behavior of every type are referenced and joked about (including rape, prostitution, pornography, and bestiality)
  • Verbal profanity and sexual words lace the entire series. Reports indicate that the initial 30-minute episode contained 44 profanities — more than one profanity a minute
  • Violence, blood, deaths and cannibalism appear throughout

This series is a blasphemous lie. It makes evil appear good, and good seem evil. It is a perverse and unjust twisting of God’s beautiful order, and pushes the dangerous lie that devils and damned souls are caring and compassionate. This is a serious danger to children, as well, who may be attracted to the series as to any regular cartoon, and swallow the deception that demons and sin are normal and acceptable. Above all else, this is a serious offense against God, who condemns the blurring of lines between right and wrong, virtue and vice.

Please sign our petition , demanding that Amazon cancel this perverse and blasphemous series.

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To: Amazon,

I protest against your series "Hazbin Hotel" which portrays Angels and God's justice as wicked while painting the Devil and sinners as caring and open-minded figures.

This is a mockery of God’s order and creation, and attempts to reverse the roles of Good and Evil. It does so by unjustly juxtaposing a cold sense of perfection and virtue against a lively and "compassionate" portrayal of sinfulness.

This series is also laced with profanity, graphic immorality and violence.

Above all, it is a serious offense against God by misrepresenting Good, and attempting to destroy the barriers of horror that society has for the devil and sin.

I urge you to pull this series at once.

Stop promoting evil!