Tell Illinois Secretary of State: No Satanic “Christmas” Display


The Satanic Temple of Wisconsin and the Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity are mocking the coming of Christ with offensive “Christmas” trees at the National Railroad Museum’s “Festival of Trees,” in Ashwaubenon, Wisconsin. The Satanic display features a large snake at the base of the tree, a reference to the devil and the fall of man. It contains ornaments with Satanic pentagrams, inverted crosses, and pro-homosexual rainbows. A sign of the display reads “The Satanic Temple Wisconsin,” and features a half-goat, half-female devil with uncovered breasts. The display will be visible to visitors of all ages until December 31. According to reports:

“The tree belonging to the Satanic Temple was adorned with red lighting and beads, pentagrams, and various ornaments, with one reading, ‘Hail Santa,’ an apparent play off the phrase, ‘Hail Satan.’

“The Gender Diversity tree included pink and blue colored trans flags, and ornaments with sayings such as, ‘Protect Trans Kids.’ “

(Source: NYPost .com)

Satanism is the antithesis of religion, and should not be treated as one. No one should celebrate the Father of Lies. It blurs the lines of good and evil, and breaks the barriers of horror that society has for the devil. And promoting homosexual and “transgender” sin is a mockery of God’s order in creation, which he redeemed by His coming at Christmas

Above all, these public Satanic offenses are a direct mockery to Christ’s Nativity. We must oppose these attacks with opposition and prayer. Please sign our petition, urging the National Railroad Museum, urging it to remove all display promoting Satanism and homosexual sin.

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