July 15th, 2020

Radical activists are attacking a prominent statue of king Saint Louis, dating back to 1906. These want to remove the statue from its home in St. Louis Missouri, in addition to erasing the city's name altogether.

Rioters and politicians alike have already toppled statues of prominent figures like Christopher Columbus and Saint Junipero Serra.

Now, protesters and rioters are calling for the destruction of the saintly king of France. This chivalrous ruler valiantly fought for persecuted Christians in the Holy Land and humbly served his people by personally listening to their troubles.

Saint Louis is a symbol of virtue, chivalry and honor. These are qualities that we should aspire to, and that wicked men hate. That is why we must fight to keep this prominent symbol in our country.

Please sign our petition to Mayor Lynda Krewson, urging her to keep the history of St. Louis intact.


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Current Signatures: 11,223
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11,223 Signatures

Signature Goal: 20,000