What is Planned Obsolescence?

Though often cited as inventing the concept of planned obsolescence, American industrial designer Brooks Stevens actually only popularized the term. The expression is generally understood to mean the practice of artificially shortening product lifecycle with … Continue reading

When Time Became Money

Author Douglas Rushkoff suggests that the idea that time is money came from different perceptions of looking at and measuring time. He makes the distinction between calendar-driven and machine-driven civilizations. He writes: “Thanks to the … Continue reading

An Official and “Unofficial” Presentation at Ghent U.

I have wondered how student groups would react to Return to Order. After all, the socio-economic concepts in the book are very conservative and traditional. And the modern myth is that students are neither conservative … Continue reading

The Real Subject Matter of Economics

Modern economics tends to reduce economic activity to formulae and equations. This is not the true subject matter of economics. Economic activities deal with human actions that are not predicable and thus cannot be reduced … Continue reading